The school year began with a deuce in physical education. Our new teacher, it seemed to me, I just hated. I forgot another form of employment, and it is a scandal and forced us to wash all the after school sports hall. My friend, of course otmazatsya, inventing a story about a sick grandmother, to which he urgently needs to go, but I had to go to the gym after school.
My mood was terrible. All my friends went to some girl in the apartment. I was told to celebrate the birthday. But I wanted to get in there with other intentions. It is only on such holidays the girls get drunk and make it possible to do with them whatever you like. And since my sexual experience was too small, I was always attracted to such holidays. Dreaming about it, I went into the room and saw a bucket of water and mop and erotic thoughts disappeared immediately. I sat down on the bench and began to think how to hang from the case. The idea came to show the old voucher to the dentist. And I went to look for her. Not finding it in the staff room, I proceeded to the coaching. The door was closed, but I still tapped. The door opened Olga Leonidovna.
I was just dumbfounded. Now she was not similar to that which is evil Sportwoman a couple of hours ago I plucked at his anger. She stood in front of me and stared, not at all afraid of the word "passionate look". Through her almost transparent topic could be seen protruding slightly swollen nipples. From such a sight I ran over the body shivers, my dick took the firing position and was ready to literally rip his pants to jeans.
- Come! - She ordered.
I could not contradict it and went. She closed the door and asked me:
- Well, what are you going to be corrected?
- But as? - Slightly trembling voice I said.
- I know! - She said, and knelt down in front of me.
It dramatically lowered my jeans, shorts, and here is my completely busy fire-breathing dragon was on the loose. I did not believe what was happening, but damn it was in reality. I felt her own warm hands grabbed my cock and began to take it in your mouth, with much smacking, like a hungry wolf eats his prey. His hot and tender tongue, she caressed my penis, and I felt like approaching orgasm. Easy holding and stroking my testicles, she became completely swallow my unit, making quiet passionate postanyvaniya. Lowering his hands on her head and took her soft silky hair, I got a little to help her, increasing the speed of its movement. It is not confused, but on the contrary, it has become harder to beat a person on my belly to give me even deeper into her mouth. Feeling that everything is going to end, she quickly took off her top and sat down so that my penis was in front of her mouth. Strongly clenching his, Olga L. took him back and forth in anticipation of an orgasm. And so my fierce volcano lava spurted. Cum poured huge amounts of her mouth, then began to flow down over her nipples, and now the entire stomach was splattered with juice of love. She began to lick every last drop from my cock, gently stroking his head. I, as it seemed to me, was just devastated courage and said:
- Olga L.! It was just extraordinary!
- Wait a minute! Do you think that's all!
She took me by the hand, led him to a chair and planted. I sat and watched as she slowly took off his shorts. Left in shorts, she began stroking his nipples, causing me to the new actions. And then it all started again ...