Otvyan friend! Apostasy as a fruit of the tree of mołgoi fertilize the flesh that under your feet, passing my body.
I do not want you and do not like at all!
And not even so, my speck that the middle of the mighty trunk.
Is not lowered to such meanness, that would be me again in his arms with you.
You Square and turned aside in their thoughts.
Let indulges you debauch the worm that came out of the grave and sucked passionate fellow, once ...
You leave me alone!
Do not verbosity - all said ... You got it! without embellishment, and I ... one sitting, suffering in his eye, and without you - not to regret ... Now more than ever, even though he was before only to ignore flattery -zhelanie play on honesty, suffering and sorrow, what would only benefit for yourself to get that impression has only been used to boast to anyone with whom to show off - to show prowess?
But, look in the mirror shard ... - you will see that from you and there is nothing to take: wrinkles - aging all comes closer, bald patches on the head and abdomen, and hips ... temyshtsy tumbled through the gum already.
? So who is a friend Why are you looking back - not relations -shower meetings of yore ... you gain peace? ! ... But I'm sorry -New: You! only dream ...
I'm tired of dirty fag -igrushkoy be a toy in your rukah.Ya man! and pride - not mite in my dusheI FUCK I'm not, not a prostitute, pimp il woman; not a sinner, a bum or a villain ... Fuck you fuck! I'm not a slacker, but there is no need for the palaces, the ... BELIEVE!
I lived alone and live as before without you, and without love for drugim.No, and now? Whether you will wait for death? Probably yes! and I will odin.Pustoy jug was filled with passion and life poured into him spolna.A you? I do not understand: where is the happiness ...
IT in me! and in the joy of it.
I went to bed. Well ... you really ostavaysyaodin, il with someone drugim.Schitay for happiness! No ... I do not schastya.Ya be like before - unsociable.
I - one, no sorrow and grief to me the joy of the spirit ... blessed life and not scurry, not idle talk ear -I only with him joy and comfort.
Farewell! Do not bother, I look -prosit and call.
I want one ... I want to stay and, in vain, do not have time to steal.