Still has its charm in zapadnobelorusskoy village in potato harvesting season. You wake up usually not very hot, but the blinding ray of sunlight which, breaking through the heavy yellow ripe plums in a well-washed window, leans to your eyes, like an arrow to the aforesaid figure. Only instead of the alarm - warning light sleepy eyes, which did not relieve the push of a button. And though it's Sunday, and as much as you can indulge in erotic dreams, nothing can be done, the act of awakening took place.
However, the awakening of the act took place five years ago. As I went to the seventh grade, my mother to attach an acquaintance in section acrobatics. In order to tear away from Maupassant and Boccaccio, secretly read with a flashlight under the covers. Smart aunt advised her to send my early awakened sexuality physical Exercise. Oh, and boring this thing repeatedly fulfill jars randaty and other items, so do not need in your life. I began to walk around the gym instead of running to the movies. I remember "Romeo and Juliet" Zeffirelli, sweet film tear. Ten times I viewed, first furtively wiping away a tear, and then looking at the sobbing sympathetic audience. But always look awaited sex scenes, remember, at dawn, when it was urgent to Whiting ride to Mantua. "That bird was ..." Romeo, hugging Olivia Hussey, lying naked on her stomach and slid deliriously camera with a smooth back on the buttocks covered with soft shoots, and then languidly going into bends his slender legs. I do not know to whom I was more in love: to Romeo in Juliet or in love, but this scene excited me every time. And now the window zazyvno tweets something feathered probably lark. And next to me snorting Romeo potential, that is my classmate Yuri, styanuvshy on almost all heavy quilt. He lays his nose to the wall, showing me huddling mop of straw-colored hair and shoulder in a sweaty T-shirt. Nega spreads throughout the body by the thought that at any moment I can touch, and even cuddle up, feeling sleepy all the warmth of his body.
From acrobatic me expelled for truancy, and in order not to upset the mother, I immediately asked for in the next section of the classic struggle. Ancient authors at the time I had not yet read it, but intuitively drawn to the classics. There I quickly made friends with a boy, I do not remember the name, he worked for a year and it was a real nA wrestling tights. Soon I pulled it on "Romeo and Juliet"But he fidgeted and for some reason did not cry. I was disappointed, but otherwise he impressed me. He had an open face with a small nose, svetlopepelnye short hair, he was as lean as I do. Because of the same weight class coach we usually put in a pair. Once this exercise was: I had to bend down, taking the body of the partner is not on the shoulder, not the back. At the same time with one hand I seized him by the neck, the other - under the groin. Then run around. My right hand made instead of grabbing a smooth sliding motion on knitting crotch, then I tensed and jerked it raised. It was hard, but it's nice. Then the coach gave the team change. And then I remembered with horror that I spetstriko instead of the usual T-shirt and shorts, and under them elastikovye melting. I was ashamed of his plebeian uniforms and presented as his hand will be confused in my crumpled shorts. But the boy bent down swiftly and deftly shouldered me, ran around, so I was sweating from fear uronennym. In the locker room showers it was, but I'm usually dressed and ran away, leaving the shower at home. Not that I'm in a hurry, I just felt awkward standing naked next to the older children, who play each other muscles, swearing, boasting of his exploits with "heifers". I was afraid that I will push on the slippery floor, or that it was just too scary, laugh at my not too athletic body, or, worst of all, all of a sudden I get up ... In the last day, we came into the locker room, people have I disagreed. He quickly undressed and went into the shower, called me. I protested, they say, even towels did not take, really like something home. "Heck, even a back rub nobody, - he said plaintively, and then somehow alive, as if suddenly found, he added - and I have a huge towel, terry, enough for two".
Yuri stirred in his sleep and threw me on the leg. His legs were muscular, tanned and hairless, like the boy. Only much broader shoulders and narrower hips torso when it seemed to me the ideal, although he was not engaged in sports and physical education at the Institute ignored, like everyone else. Classmates liked him, though he never showed preference. Interestingly, he was fucking? Before "potatoes" we close never talked, he is from the other group. For the year of study chatting in the smoking room a couple of times about the lectures, the teachers, about anything. Here we lived together accidentally. She went to the village council, where we brought a bus out of town and where distributed in huts, woman Ganulya and simply said:
- I EIGHTH getyh dvoh hlapchukou prygozhyh uzyala b.
- But Chamuel dzyauchat not take? - Laughingly I asked the foreman.
- Duc letas byli uzho, hopits. Uves hour yes ix boys zalyatsalisya Duc dzvyaryma nochy stukali yes - she smiled slyly. - Boys spakayneyshyya. And you dzevak, Mikola, yes syabe byary. Nyahay May lads yes tvaih in gostsi hodzyats.
So we got to Yuri in ganulinu hut. Grandma cooked for us "hall"While she lived in the bedroom.
- Firanki karunkavyya - grandmother once showed the white curtains - hatsya ruki ab ix not vytsiraytse.
- Goodness, Grandma, - Yura said softly, happily glancing at the TV - I of telebachanne you pratsue?
- A yak Ms Well! Truncated yak at Goradze. - Ganulya smiled smugly chipped mouth. - Glyadzitse, boys, tolki not spalitse. I s tsygaretami the yard tsi in porch. And truncated here for you kepska Budza nya!
Yuri looked askance at a modest sofa:
- And sleep where?
- And at a time razvarushym lozhak - and she deftly opened the sofa bed, and then a bed and clean linen provided one, albeit large, quilt.
- Pillows at least two - turned to me and whispered in confusion Yuri.
Oh, naive village Belarusian! Put a blanket under one of the two guys eighteen short years! In the order of things. Well, there was her extra blankets.
- Rukamoynik yablynyay pad, while in laznyu nyadzelyu uzho poydzetse, bachyli, kal club? - Blurted Ganulya winked and jumped out with a bucket, probably a cow to milk.
I paused for a minute and, stepping carefully on the slippery tiles, went to the shower. He stood back, washing away soaped head. I do not know what to do. He began to unscrew the valves in the next booth, I breathed in the icy water, I jumped, and then he called:
- Well, come here, you're there for a long time allowance with these cranes. He grabbed my arm and engaged under a thick stream.
- Give me your hand - and he squeezed my hand shampoo from a tube.
I got out of the shower and turned away and began to lather his head. Suddenly, he came from the side and ran his fingers through my hair.
- We sweat on the mats so that you must immediately wash.
He removed my hands from the sacred process of washing the head and began pleasantly massaged. I closed my eyes and leaned on the edge of the partition. Then I felt his fingers in his ears. Seeing nothing and hearing, I felt the world only through his breath and touch, soft and sure. Soon I felt a hand on her neck, she drew me into the shower, where the pleasant, warm jet weaving with his hot hands, washed foam. Then I got soaped sponge and wet the eyes smile.
- Now You work you, - he said, turning his back and stared at the wall with both hands ....
Yuri turned on his stomach, and his face boils down to my shoulder. In the room are two rustic fly flies, performing mating dance with the inspirational buzz and arrogantly oblivious tape, suspended from the lampshade. When they land on Yurkino cheek, I blow off their gently. He does not wake up. Let him sleep, today is Sunday, by the way, is Bath.
Sponge quickly slid up his back and then gently down to the invisible boundary beyond which I was afraid to lower my eyes. I tried to force pressure on the washcloth, rather than showing a man's strength, as trying to distract himself from the unknown state of internal tension, above all fear of his eyes reveal the external voltage. In a moment I felt that I was losing control, and began frantically sort out thoughts distracting images. Nurse - my salvation, always laughing, help! "Who forehead you fell, and grow up, will be back in the fall". And on his shoulder blade birthmark trehkopeechnuyu with a coin, and a lot less too less. How do you want to reach out a hand ... And then wherever in training ... Oh, it seems, came ... And if it is now turn? My cheeks burned. Crafty nurse betrayed me.
Sleeping Yurkina hand already on my stomach. Let it had fallen below, I'm ready. God, she falls, I am cold. It can be seen much in his erotic dreams. Already concerned, you need to quickly jump out of bed. Another's hot hand in my groin. The hand of my classmate, favorite college girls. Yes, I still have four years to learn them! Stand up! I can not stand. He seems to be stroked. I am still in a dream?
- Thank you, now it's my turn, - he turns. I was gone. But what is it? He, too. I want to give a washcloth, but his hand is holding mine ... Oh, what a sweet tingling. I'm afraid to raise his eyes. It compresses all five fingers ... painfully. And what do I stand with this stupid washcloth? With his free hand I touch the nipple, the breast stroke. Sponge dropped out of another, and I touched the first time ... In this one recollection I have all the strains, as it was then. But then slammed the door in his dressing room, voices were heard.
- Laznyu uzho pratapili - not an old woman ringing voice announced Ganulya, throwing open the door. - Dzen kind, ustavaytse, kali ranitsoypoydzetse, people do not Budza Bhagat. Truncated paehali on krimash paehaushy Buu Duc garelki Tamaki scored, yak svinnya grazi, Duc Serca i skhapila. Yes, the house is not davezli, skanau on the high road. - Ganulya approached the Icons, tying a handkerchief, and crossed herself. - Do kastsel sennya paedu. You Well, peuna, dancing?
- So, Grandma.
- Well, nyahay sabe, maladyya Well ... - and I flew out just as suddenly.
Yurkino hands were already on the blanket, eyes open.
Someone forgot things, and voice, and have not penetrated into the shower, silent. I peered into the locker room - no one. After closing the door tightly, he took the soap and began to slowly drive them under the armpits. Without a word, he gently touched my wrist, took a piece of white slippery and quickly lathered washcloth. I turned to the misted window, waiting for the touch of the sponge, but felt the flexible fingers, vigorously massaging the neck and shoulders. And yet, what was his name?
Looking thoughtfully out the window and squinting in the sun, he asked:
- A shampoo you brought?
- And even pumice.
- And I have a whole terry sheet.
- Let's not go for breakfast, Ganulya not be offended if we drink a mug of sour fasting. Have you been somewhere cookies? Yuri carefully climbed over me to a padded backpack, which immediately fell bags, packs, cans.
- Mother of all concerned that the food here would be bad. Look, anything can natolkala.
We quickly washed up, had breakfast, stuffed bag of bath and personal belongings out into the street. The grass has shone traces of night frosts, but the sun has warmed. Passing by the ruins of the castle, we slowed down because Yuri became deliriously talk about magnate family, which owned these lands in the seventeenth century. He went to the cracked wall and gently ran his hand over the ancient masonry. He had long fingers with surprisingly well-groomed nails. And when he had time to follow up with them after daily digging in the ground?
The fingers disappeared, and in a moment of burning sponge with the speed traveled along the spine. His free hand rested on my waist. A soft sponge is already walking on the buttocks. Languor, shame and even some unknown feeling washed over me, I relaxed and could barely stand.
As there was no bath. As soon as we undressed, Yuri pulled me to the steam room. About broom we forgot what he regretted noisy, then briskly stepped on a bucket of water on a hot stove and stretched out on the wide plank rung. I climbed up a notch higher, sat down and began to look curiously not visible earlier part of his body. It was smooth and elastic. He put his head in his hands and seemed to be asleep. Small droplets acted on his tanned skin. I will soon be softened by heat, moisture flowed over his forehead, filling his eyes, his hair burned. I pulled the leg, but there was nowhere to set foot. Then I carefully placed one foot between his outstretched legs, barely touching, and the other reached for the floor. There was a sigh.
I felt his nervous breathing in time with the movement washcloths. Half-turned, bad knowing what I'm doing, he extended his hand to the searing gun muzzle and stroked his hard shaft. He groaned.
I opened the door and stepped out into the cool. He doused himself a basin of water and quickly soaped. At this point, the steam room door opened, and Yuri staggered walked choose basin.
- It is strange that no one our.
- Census of all yesterday's sleep. And here is where the local population?
- And FAIR at Pastavah - Yuri chuckled, then went to the door to the dressing room and threw an iron hook.
- Why have you locked up?
- And I do not like surprises - and he looked at only by open window. Then he began to splash the water from the basin.
- Do not spray at me coldly.
In response, he laughed and threw the whole basin at my feet.
- Lie down on the bench, I'll wash you, as it should - he said tone zapravskogo bath attendant.
I obediently lay down on his stomach. He doused me out of the basin, soaped harsh natural bast and began my back. Then the thighs, strong jerks in the legs. I could only succumb to the charm of the strength of his hand. In urban bath, I was rarely, only when the house turned off the water. And I never did not wash, however, almost never ... But suddenly pierced thought: I turn over, because the ready ...
I sat down and put his other hand under the velvet hemisphere. Before my eyes were throbbing swollen and blue under the tender skin, blood vessels, and I spent on them language. the boy's fingers plunged into my hair and lifted my head a little, and was part of his body in the mouth. She moved smoothly. Soon this strange feeling supplemented even more surprising, taste and sound. He wheezed and his body beaten uncontrollable shivering. Again the door slammed in the locker room, and we went into the shower.
Someone knocked. Yuri went to the door and threw the hook. - A geta garadzkiya - drawling man rasped, eyeing us and pulled over a child of six years. I stood up slowly, domylsya himself. Then gently rubbed his back to Yuri, the business view, deliberately showing the peasant that we are in a hurry and are not located in his hungover effusions. He looked intently, with a clear desire to strike up a conversation. But after a few minutes we were smoking in the changing room, wrapped in a terry sheet ... it visibly closer together. Soon the window to show our odnokursnichki, and we began to get dressed.
I agreed to go after a bath to the guys on the preference. Yuri is not a player, he said he would go to the neighboring village to look there the church. In the evening he returned with a bottle "Bialowieza". Then - in a dance club. He did not miss one and each time with a new lady. And when he famously picked buxom zavklubom (nickname among students in six sizes), almost all stopped dancing and applause in the general laughter, his eyes fixed on a pair of dazzling. Blushing matron proudly upholding the honor of the rural intelligentsia, and along with a wig, she worked her hips rhythmically, dancing, presumably, tango, although sound of rock music. Free Wig hand it sometimes, to the beat of your inner motive, powerfully pressed to not weak breasts too small for her beau, and while Yuri kept a straight face. With flashes of burning passion on sharp turns. Out dance happy tear in six sizes, colored ink splashes of color in repetition blog, and its grateful kniksene, smoothly passing in drunken reverence. At eleven it was over, but flushed students clearly did not intend to break up, making plans for the night adventures. On the porch, we smoked, Yuri staggered put his hand on my shoulder:
- Come home early tomorrow to serfdom.
I was not drunk, but decided to play along. And hugged his waist, led stumbling through the dark village street.
His arms wrapped around my torso. He listened: no one has. And without taking his head awkwardly he tried to kiss me. Nose prevented. I first guessed, lowered his head, and our lips hungrily dug into each other, and the water gushing down his cheek. He took me to a nearby cabin and sat in front of me on his heels. He began stroking my ankles, then calves ...
- And you know how to do massage? - I asked Yuri, when we had gone to bed.
- Do you want? - That snapped it seemed to me a double meaning.
I silently turned over on his stomach and put his hands behind his head, listening to the old woman snore in the next room. After a pause, he pulled back the covers and sat on top of me, his knees clenched my thighs. I instantly felt the blood rush to the site of contact and felt the hot breath of the rider. Slowly and hesitantly, he began to knead the muscles of the shoulder. Soon his hands were frozen, and the breath came close to my ear. I sat up and caught his lips burning tongue.
I stood there with my eyes closed on the rubber mat, feeling his lips, first the feet, then the drumstick, thigh and ... finally ... He gently nibbled and it is even more exciting.
Yuri helped me turn over. Kissing his cauterized the neck, the arms, the chest, the abdomen. And suddenly I found myself in it at the very root, and audacious long his fingers clutched my wrist, as if I wanted to escape. Jerk - and the dim lantern light outside the window flashed before the eyes of the contour of his hips, and then I felt his lips rests something impatient and hot.
Then he stood up, turned and hand sent my gun at a target. Oh, how delightful it was entering into the world of bliss and trembling. My hands eagerly clasped the body, with which I have felt like one. The boy moaned, but the sound, erupting in ecstasy I probably drowned out his groans. Hand skolznuvshaya on his stomach, felt the throbbing moisture.
Yuri went next, pulled me to him and kissed her deeply and fervently, and then leaned all the weight on my back. I felt a persistent tremors, pain, tensed, gradually relaxed, and ... it seemed like a state of weightlessness. After some time he was frantically biting my shoulder, but I felt no pain. Only bliss.
When I got out of the shower, he wrapped my neck with a towel. It was so good. And it was a happy feeling that now I'm not the only one, and not one. What I have a friend with whom I will not part.
Yuri went to the courtyard to smoke. And I saw a black branch with black plums on a pale yellow background lantern and listened to the whisper of the wind rips the autumn dry leaves. I guess I was happy at that moment. But with disturbing rustle of leaves already crawled the fear of loss. Is this inevitable? And I squeezed the pillow. And subconsciously, I choked it boring ...
And then it dawned on me: the boy a name was Yura! Only the more I've never met.
He came back, his boots creaking, and struck a match, bringing a trembling flame to my face, mused:
- I wonder what eyes will you look at me tomorrow?
.. Burned fingers dropped the dying flame extinguished match, and I felt the bitter taste of tobacco on his delicate lips. Then he curled up like a child and buried his head under my arm. And hugging the shoulders of the big baby, I realized that he asked me to pick up delicate as the swinging lantern in the wind, our future.