"Lo hesitantly reached for the fluid on her legs, apparently to touch her very much, she clung to me thin little arms and clutched tighter to him. I realized that it was time to explore its lush bosom. I placed a pillow under her neck, so Lola could see everything he wants ... I parted legs and put them on my neck ..."
To me still comes this gentle image. It was great to do 18 year old girl from a woman! Before meeting her, I just pyalil street girls in the smoke-filled porches. Well, who would have thought that she would be a virgin ?! I remember seeing it for the very first time ... when she was loading bag in the high of the truck, a gust of wind lifted her skirt to the level of the nape, revealing a delicious ass, panties, shorts veiled with pink ruffles. I felt a terrible itch in his pants. My dick was telling me ... "This is the place where I should be, seven days a week!" I fell in love at first sight in her ass! As for her face and entire body - an angel in the flesh. That evening, I asked drugana (who knows all the girls in his house) about this Spillikins. In that response, I got ... "Bitch! She moved here just last week, and has already made all the boys chasing her! I have this annoying woman! Bitch ass turns, but does not give anyone!" According to him I knew that he, too, she refused.
Three days passed, a terrible itch does not pass, the local heifers and no longer wanted. "If only just to see her without clothes, and better and feel, of course ..." The roof gradually slid from the usual place, and I decided to shatter a little at a nearby bar, remove the girl, who is ready for everything, if only to treat a glass of water. But none of the girls did not help, I tore them as Sidorov goats, but the hole seemed to me cold and nasty. I am for the night with a terrible hatred fuck four heifers, but the itching did not pass, but only intensified. Out of desperation, I got drunk, woke up at home with a terrible headache, I decided to go to her, because she is, after all, just a girl, like all! But it was much easier to think than to act!
I waited a long time outside her door, and lo, it came out! Even more beautiful than it was last time ... a light silk blouse gently fell on her whipped complete, but very firm breasts (this is the first place I looked), a skirt made of light material fluttered at her feet. As soon as she came down the stairs, I noticed that her stockings. "Ooh ..."- Buzzed in my pants. Plucking up courage, I went to her side, but could not catch up, it was necessary to speed up the pace. "It is strange - I thought - why it goes in the direction of the landfill? " In any case, I began to go so that she did not see or hear. She wrapped him in the most remote place in a landfill. I decided to wait, I heard loud cries and rushed to the other side. She lay there, hugging the stone, and wept. I always hated the woman's tears, but it seemed so bitter that I did not stay, ran up to her, grabbed her shoulders, pressed her to him. To my compunction she did not resist, but only stronger pressed to his chest. I felt her tender body was shaking, it was necessary to do something.
- Come on, do you want a cup of tea and warm.
- And you .. you .. who?
- Anton, I have decided that you now can not hurt companion.
- I - Lola ... you are far away you live?
- Do not worry, we quickly arrive.
I caught a taxi, and we instantly got to my house, where I live alone. When we arrived, I still really like her, but did not solicit. I made her a bath with relaxing oils and foam, gave a large towel and a soft bathrobe. Patiently waiting while she takes a bath, I made tea. And then I went to take a shower, drying room, she suddenly became ...
- Anton, how to use ... A-ah-ah! - She jumped back, turned away and leaned against the wall - I'm sorry, I do not know, I .. I ...
- Yes, everything is fine.
Suddenly I heard her giggle.
- What's so funny?
- Why did he hang you, oh, do not answer, I .. I .. so just ask, do not answer that ...
- What??? - I like lightning pierced - you - a virgin ?!
But she turned and ran into the other room. Entering, I saw that Lola is sitting in a corner, hugging his knees to his chin, his eyes looked so frightened that I was taken aback. I felt like a beast, if I raped her.
- Come on, I'll put you to sleep.
I ceased to hope that Lola will be mine, but when I hid it, she suddenly whispered ... "caress me". It sounded so strong that I immediately obeyed. Do not turn off the light, I slowly undid her gown and freed her from it. Before me lay a beautiful girl with a very well-groomed body. Her legs were half-bent and crossed, so that has not let me into the most sweet and wonderful place her calf. Hands were stretched, and those with slow I started kissing and licking her every finger. It seemed to me that she stopped breathing, but when gently podgadil her breasts, she strongly arched back. Chest Lola was so supple that it seemed that held her, she crunched. I kissed her eyes, her forehead, she, like, fell asleep again, and I watched as her chest slowly rising and falling. Large pea nipples were so seductive, and I eagerly dug in their lips, so that Luo published the most agonizing and languid moan that I've ever heard. From this moan my hot dick could not resist, and I finished it on his knees from sweet convulsions, I hugged her legs. And every time I feel a pulsation in the term, I strongly trembled and clung tightly to Lola.
- What? All right? Oh, it's on my feet ???
- You ... You that, never saw porn?
- No ... I grew up with my grandmother in the village ...
Lo hesitantly reached for the fluid on her legs, apparently to touch her very much, she clung to me thin little arms and clutched tighter to him. I realized that it was time to explore its lush bosom. I placed a pillow under her neck, so Lola could see everything he wants. I parted legs and put them on my neck. I kissed every centimeter ... is biting clitoris, just licked it, then gently kissed her lips, then drew them into my mouth. Her juices seemed to me incredibly tasty. Luo shook ... "Come to me, most probably ...". Responsible moment has arrived ...
(Notes from the diary of Lola)
"When he lay down on me, I felt the weight of his strong beautiful body. For the first time in my life I longed for a man, wanted to feel it in yourself. His huge cock rested against my lips, and for a while Anton was lying motionless. Then he began to lick and nibble my ears ... I heard, how often he was breathing, I again strongly bent back ... all the beating in me, fear and passion boiled and hold for a minute. He slowly, but very surely sinking into me. Every millimeter brought me pain, and joy at the same time ..."
...I realized that it is very painful, so that sharply until it was impossible to move, then that's what has taken ...
- Lo, my dear, in your hair some fly!
- A? Wh-wh-what?
She sat up and completely forgot about the pain, while I, I ... gently took her by the hair, so that she could not twitch, and quickly introduced the term in virgin vagina to the hymen. Lo cried, tensed and tried to free herself from under me, but to no avail.
- Hush, my girl, you're so smart, my beauty, sweetheart, now it will take place, I promise you, my darling ...
These words calmed her pretty quickly Lolochka and I pushed a little harder. We both felt the torn hymen, it made her cry again. Infiltrating into it all the way, I did not move for a moment, all whispering to her gentle words. Later, she began to move her hips, I caught her movement and moving faster, easily slipping into her narrow vagina. She moaned into my rhythm. And suddenly strongly she clung to me, put her feet, vagina greatly reduced - she began to cum, while she screamed loudly and struggled, but I did not stop for a second. She started for the last time ...
- What was it? What happened with me?
- You're finished, and this is not the last time, I promise ...
For a long time I could not speak, her vagina so sweet decreased, I began to finish, abundant squirting in her his sperm, which in a moment began to flow out of it, leaving a huge wet mark on the sheet that morning reminded us of the great moments in our lives .