The summer day was cool. Working shift ended at lunch, so I one way - home. But I go home somehow did not want my mother to go to the trailer to the country again. Terribly hungry, so I went to the pizzeria.
Call me, my friend.

- Hello, Alena - I yelled into the phone's girlfriend - let's see! Painfully I missed you! How do you? I have so much news that everything on the phone and will not tell!

- And you do not need me to tell them over the phone - I said - I'm sitting here in the cafe "Martini", so fly to me! And I'm still alive I order a beer.

- Good, now I get out! I will be in ten or fifteen minutes.

I cheered! My friend's name was Dasha, I have not seen it a hundred years. She pokurtizanit lover, just recently arrived from Turkey, rested with her lover. Eh, why me rich men are not glued?
Going to the bar, I ordered two glasses of fresh beer and a salad of squid. Now Dashko sit, gossip about women's affairs.
A friend not long in coming and soon drew at the entrance. She had a great mood, probably her lover good charge! All tanned, rested!

- Well, tell me, how are things in Turkey - sipping a beer, I ask her.

- But how! Cool! It is a pity that you did not go with us! My lover has a friend, who, incidentally, not a bad guy, bored with us. Not even a whore is not removed. But if you had been with us, you will be very well looked.

- Yes, you. You know, I'm the mother will not let go. I even zagranki not.

- And in vain - fluff hair, Dasha said, - it's time to chhat on my mother's advice. That's when you have the last time was a man?

What should I answer her? I have a vicious circle. In the evening I sit at home because the guy does not have, and Man is not, as in the evening sitting at home.

Sex really was not a hundred years! I do not think masturbation. It regularly. But what is sex - do not ask. Once, and not with anyone.

- Oh, you have no time, - Dasha laughed - well, that would now not sat with me and have sex with a man better. - Look, look, the guy at the next table sit-misses. Let's not give bored, and get acquainted. They look, and held her in bed.
Dasha was insane type. For her sleep - as two fingers. Sex - is a charge as well as it should. Well, if the sex was with her husband or boyfriend, and after she fucks with anyone. And do not blush.

Dasha went to a stranger, who spotted. It seems that he, too, was bored. At the sight of that beauty sat down next to him at table, he suddenly came to life and began to smile. His face was clear club glasses, and his hair combed back. Outwardly he was the same age as our.

In less than five minutes, they were on the handle to my table. I sat there all this time alone and watched the doves chirping. Of course, he does not need to Dasha, except to sleep and forget. But I would he happy to spread her legs! From such a thought in her panties became wet. I even for a moment imagined he fucks me from behind and I moan and catch orgasms.

They sat down at the table, so happy and unpredictable. Beer has long been over, and the proposals for further action and has not been reported.
The guy was friendly, his name was Dima. It was a measure of calm and balanced. During the conversation, he somehow did not immediately notice that the glasses are empty, and when he noticed that suggested not to fill them, and more.

- Girls-veselushka, but let's take a steam bath in the bathhouse - Dima suggested, rubbing his hands - so what, it's summer and the heat, but a good time spend.
We Dashko obviously did not expect such a turn. Girlfriend something he woos me, Dima and offers both warm up! But, on the other hand the one to go with a stranger scary, suddenly some maniac.

Dasha We looked at each other and understood each other without words. We do not mind to spend time in the sauna, especially if we are treated. Dima has promised us that the bathhouse is not bad, as his friend owns the whole complex of the pair. In general, we decided that we were going to the bath.

Out on the track, we quickly caught the taxi. Dima has long been on the phone with a friend and he promised that to our arrival bath warmed.

- Girls, what we drink, - asked our new friend, turning to the first seat - offer champagne!

- What fool drinks champagne in the bath, - was indignant Dasha - I suggest to buy beer with shrimp.

I agreed with Dashko and already looking forward to how we properly warm up. On the way we stopped at a supermarket, we scored two beers and a snack pack. I noticed, as Dima at the box office took a pack of condoms. I think today will be a good sex!
Arriving at the bathhouse, we are on the threshold given sheets and rubber flip-flops. We Dashko have not been in a sauna, so we were just delighted. The room smelled of fresh wood, oil, and comfortable sofa seating, a comfortable rest.
After drinking some beer, Dima suggested a steam room. I took in the steam beer, because I could not relax. Dressed in white and shook the sheets, the three of us sat on the wooden benches. Dima wrapped the sheet around his waist and sat, legs apart. In the slot between the legs of the penis could be seen with an open head. He did not hesitate us, on the contrary, wanted to and we relaxed. I sipped beer and finally, I prettier.

- Girls, I see you are well, - said Dima, took my glass of beer, and drank a little watered them on hot stones. They hissed and steam immediately feel the aroma of hops. Dima sat between us and grabbed both her waist. Then he lowered his hands on our feet and fingers burst into our recording. First he stroked the clitoris, and then began to play sexual sponges. He hinted that all undressed, and we agreed with pleasure. We Dashko have not seen each other naked, so a little bit embarrassed. But we did not give Dima embarrassed and offered to continue on a leather couch.

- Girls, caress each other - he suggested Dima took Dasha's hand and brought his to my nipples. I immediately excited, although I could not think that I have so Dasha gets. She sat down close to me and kissed my nipples. They immediately stood up and began to tense. Dima lost time in vain, and took advantage of the fact that my legs were apart. He knelt down, spread them a little more tongue and leaned against my vagina. My body is curved slightly with delight, the skin became covered with small "ants" and moans grew louder. Dasha liked how I moan, and she began to passionately kiss me. Kisses it great, strong, and her tongue was playing in my mouth.

- Girls, let me fuck you, and then I'll watch as you caress each other - Dima suggested and put the two of us with cancer.
Member, he was still in the steam room, so the first thing Dima wore a condom. He fucked me alternately, the girlfriend, we kayfovat, but we would rather caress each other. Dima was very perevozbuzhd¸n and quickly finished. Without removing the condom, he sat down in front of us and lit a cigarette.

Dasha boldly put me on his back, spread her knees and looked at my crotch. First, she put her finger in my pussy and began moving them exciting. Then he shoved two, then three, I moaned with pleasure and excite their persistent brown nipples. Dasha on all fours and began to lick my pussy. It was so great, she did it professionally and I got the impression that she was doing a lot of times. She wanted me, so I tried hard to satisfy. I screamed with delight, and Dima have rested had the desire to have sex again. Since Dasha was on all fours, Dima decided to fuck her from behind. Breaking into her womb, the first time Dasha groaned. Dima for the second time decided to have sex longer and harder, and harder than he had it, the faster Dasha licking my pussy. I was melting with pleasure and felt that orgasm is not far off. But in order to complete, Dasha had to lick very quickly, so I begged her not to stop.

- Dasha, come quickly, I'll finish - I begged and Dasha obediently fulfill my requests.

My clitoris if numb, walked on it a chill, and I began to finish. The body frantically betrayed my strong orgasm screams were very loud that they probably heard administrator.

After the orgasm I particularly relaxed. I sipped beer and Dasha Dima continued to light. Dasha sat down on his knees and jumped on a limb like a goat. Dima perfectly relaxed, lightly patting the buttocks Dasha. During sex Dasha massaging her clit, as she is no other way to get an orgasm. And now her hands are resting, and carefully worked on the imminent orgasm. Dasha came, while she squeezed and roared, it was evident that she was very good. They Dima finished almost simultaneously, then the two smoked.

- Girls, you like it? - Slightly narrowed, Dima asked.

He knew it was our first time. In fact, he loved a threesome, and if the girls in the more potrahivat each other, then they have no price at all.
We Dashko said nothing, just crossed eyes and winked at one another. In fact I liked lesbian sex, because in parallel with masculine femininity manifests the quality of pleasure partner. Rarely a man can so skillfully lick, how does a girl. If we meet with her the next time, but now I have her lick. Of course, the first time I have this can not happen, but I will try to meet his girlfriend. Oh, how I want to kiss her pussy, lick her wet hole and bring to orgasm!
From that day, I discovered a new horizon of lesbianism. I think that Dasha I did not fail, and we will not only meet more often to discuss, but also to have sex. I think that her lover would not mind our meetings!