In the past, his story "A visit to the ex-girlfriend" I said I changed my girlfriend with my ex-girlfriend Olga. They sent me a few emails asking to continue, and tell what happened next in our relationship with it. And now, I'm doing this request. If you have had a similar history and you want to share them or you have any comments and suggestions please write to [email protected] I will be happy letters.

After the story, when I in such an unusual way seduced Olga, it took several months. In place of the winter came spring, and then summer. Girls in the street began wearing much less clothing on the body area and the guys have become closer look to see off their tanned legs. Not spared this mood and me. After the event somehow subsided, and I was thinking that finally got rid of the craving for change and Bizarre.
One day I was sitting with friends in a cafe and sipped beer. Past us an endless stream of people moving stream, and from time to time among them slipped some kind of stunning girl in tank top and shorts, more similar to the panty, they were so narrow. At the same time my cock react appropriately in shorts a way that it is not surprising at all. Suddenly I remembered who they remind me - of course, Olga, she is constantly in the summer walks around the house in this outfit. By the way, the street is in such a frivolous garb does not allow himself to go ever. I unwittingly became mentally scroll through the memories of how she looks great in this dress, how cool narrow little white shorts suitable for tanned legs. When these memories my cock felt cramped in shorts, but my head began to spin a variety of fantasy about Oli. I remembered how we had fun last time, and realized that once again madly want Olu. And I want to do so, to be put before a choice: yes or no, and does not give time for reflection. The last time I got it just great.
I started to think how to do it. It was necessary to find out whether it is at home, and whether the parents' home. I gave a friend a mobile phone and asked him to call Ole and ask her mother. While each dialed the number I thought how suddenly put her in front of goal.
- She said that the mother is not present, - Igor tale.
- Thank you - I said.
Everything went pretty well. It remains to find out if she had guests at this time, but on reflection, I realized that it's so easy to find and impossible to have a chance.
He finished his beer, I said goodbye to friends and went toward the unknown.
Finally, I have her entrance. Heart deafening pounding in the chest and very dry throat. It seems to me that my reared under clothing dick seen all around when I was here. Consciousness is noted in passing, as it were, and to me it is indifferent. Only in this state of extreme excitement, I could come up with such an option, which is now going to tell you. In a normal, calm state, I would not even occurred to him that, and even if it's - I would have found a thousand, a million reasons why it is not necessary to do so. When the decision came into my head, I almost fainted, he gushed wild excitement. A member in shorts was just painful, so hard, he rushed out. In this state, I instantly slipped a few flights of stairs that separated me from the door Olya's apartment. I took a deep breath and listened: on the stairs was quiet.
Then I quickly pulled off his shirt, then took off his shorts and panties and finally stuffed it all in a package that I had with him. Then he straightened up and rang the doorbell. The tip member leaned into something cold and I looked down - he was buried in the door trim, and when I pulled away from her - left her slippery trace of grease projections. Why consciousness clearly noted this fact - I do not know. Behind the door, the sound of footsteps, and then there was her voice:
- Who's there?
- This I learned? - I replied.
After a pause, he heard the noise of the lock is unlocked and the door swung open.
This was followed by a silent scene, which viewers behave differently. When I saw Olga in seductive topic and something vaguely reminiscent of shorts, but more certainly panties fell into a state of near-stupor. Olga when she saw in front of him completely naked young man for the first time made the move, trying to close the door. But after going a few centimeters and she stopped the movement of the door - she recognized me. In place of her fright came embarrassed, and she immediately began to blush. She slid my eyes, chaste pretending not to notice the huge and bloated my penis and stopped on the face:
- You ... you .. what .. - she faltered.
- Hello Olga, - a hoarse voice I asked - allowed to enter.
- Of course, of course, faster - she said. In her voice could be heard clearly notes an upcoming panic.
- Faster, and the neighbors will see - with growing dismay she said.
I bent down, he picked up the bag with his clothes and stepped inside. Olya noisily slammed the door.
- Are you completely crazy? - Evil she said.
- Olya Calm, calm down - I said.
- I just want you I made a blowjob right there in the hallway, and I'm gone.
- Are you out of your mind - I have a friend in the room sitting. - Get dressed and go faster - she whispered.
- Here take in her mouth, and I will go - I said. The piquancy of the situation has got me even more. You do not want your girlfriend found out about me?
- You're crazy, crazy - she repeated. But she stole a glance at my swinging member.
I saw that her eyes began to appear that shine, I've already seen. I am seen before we had had sex for the first time. I realized that it's the excitement and the desire for it. Then I took the initiative in their hands.
- Olya, shout girlfriend that you're busy with a couple of minutes and then we'll go to the kitchen.
Olga shouted something to her friend, and we moved into the kitchen.
I began at the table and sat on a stool Olu. Taking the left hand member I brought the crown to her lips. At this point, the girl looked so confused that I could not resist and said:
- Do not be afraid Olenka, everything will be fine.
Then I started to drive a member of the head in her mouth and slowly immerse it in her mouth. Her lips glistened with grease, which was abundantly covered head of the penis. Therefore, the term is easily slipped into her mouth, and she began to suck. From pleasure I let out a low moan and Olya up from frightened members said:
- Hush, hush - hear.
Olina lips tightly wrapped around the penis and tongue began to tickle her inside. She remembered as the fastest make me come! I took her head in his hands and began to direct its movements. From her soft lips and tongue I started to feel dizzy and make noise in the ears. I felt a growing excitement from within and from somewhere the tide rises, which consumes me whole. Member began to throb and Olga felt it. She released a member of his mouth and at that moment I began to finish. ... The first jet hit her on the cheek and flooded the ear, the second hit in the left eye. I closed my eyes and groaned. Before his eyes danced a spark, and ringing in the ears. Finally, the last drop of semen has fallen down somewhere, and I opened my eyes. Olya sat on a stool, and a drop of sperm dripping from her chin, nose and dripped onto her top and shorts, leaving them wet spots. One of her eyes and ears were plastered with sperm and she began to wipe his hands eye, causing even more smeared her face. I took her top and turned up, revealing nothing of any protected breasts. She pressed it to his face and began to wipe his sperm. I pulled out of the bag clothes and pulled her panties, T-shirt and shorts. While I was engaged Olga tried to clean up, and it almost succeeded.
- Thank you, Olga - I said.
- You're crazy, surprise, but at the same time, she said softly. - You know - it was very good too, I did not expect.
- I am very happy, Olenka - well, go to her friend, and she was tired of waiting - I said.
- Okay, I'll take you - Olya said.
We walked into the hallway, and she opened the door. In parting, I looked back and saw that Olga is slightly crazed views, and does not see that her hair ear glisten sperm droplet and the whole topic and shorts in the wet spot. I wanted to tell her about it, but then changed his mind and left it to its fate.
- While Olga, goodbye - I said.
- Goodbye - she said, and closed the door.

I still have a few stories from our relationship with it, and I can tell them if someone is interested. E-mail me, and I am pleased to describe them in new stories.

April 2003.