She listened to his voice ... His deep, velvety voice charmed her, plunging into the sticky, painful bliss ... He said: "Imagine that I'm around, you're on my knees, I slowly unbutton your robe ... I take the fingers of the left nipple, hold it between your fingers ... then I pick up his lips, sucking and licking ..."
She began to breathe more often leaned back in his chair and closed her eyes ... she began to stroke his chest and squeezed the nipple between his fingers ... How she wanted him! She wanted his hands, his eyes, his lips ... his cock ... Her cheeks glowed, it was very hot, her body ran a small sweet shudder ... He said: "Now Wet your finger in his mouth and put it on your clitoris, begin to gently stroke his ... fondle himself, pussy ..."
She heard the knocks on him, and in a hoarse voice that he, too, caressing herself and it excited her even more. She said: "I take into the hands of your big hard cock, stroking, gently squeeze the testicles ... then lick the head, taking in her mouth the entire trunk and begin to move, clutching his bottom lip and tongue licking ..." Her fingers stroked her wet pussy, gently fluttering on the clitoris and plunging into the depths ... But what she wanted more! She wildly wanted to feel his cock!
He said: "I spend my tongue over your lips sex ... and then on the clitoris, gently but firmly ... closer to your pussy and begin to drive on her head member - up and down ..." She was panting, excitement grew, she went crazy with wild desire ... She said: "I want you to me turned his back to her, put the cancer and abruptly entered into me at full length up to the eggs and began sharply to peck my pussy harder and faster ..." And in response I heard muffled: "Yes ... Yes, pussy! ..."
He said: "I'll have you wildly in your pussy, keeping your waist and your breasts will be rocking to the beat of my shock ..." She moaned: "I can not take it anymore..." She heard his loud sensual moan and a stifled cry: "I'm coming! Oh, yes, I'm coming! ..." And it flooded waves of bliss, rising from the womb and grabbing her body to your fingertips ..." Such acute pleasure she experienced ever before.