... After a shower, we had a few drinks. The guys took me into the next room, where there was a large bed. Laying on your back, they surrounded me - the two were on the sides, gently exploring my body, and then kissing her lips and neck. Nick sat in his legs, gently stroking my thigh. He leaned over and kissed my crotch. I moaned with excitement ... Then, he began to shower kisses on the inside of the thighs very close to pussy ... I wanted to send it to the language where it is necessary, but he resisted. Finally, I felt a light, moist touch to my clit. I moaned and my ass began to move towards his tongue. Kohl stroked me faster, and his friends are persistently squeezed my nipples and kissed her lips. I was wildly excited by their touching and fondling. The guys were ready, a few minutes before their members supple dangling in my hands, and now I have two big wanker tense batons. My orgasm was close ... Nick quickly moved his tongue around the clitoris, I tensed and froze ...

Yes ... Another moment and the body covered with a wave of orgasm ... I'm all writhing in the strong hands of the guys ... Thoughts clouded, his head was spinning ... But I was not given time to recover almost immediately I felt like a member of the great Colin persistently sneaks in my pussy ... he went right over the entire length, and slowly began to move her hips and strongly pushing my ass to bed ... two other members were already in front of my face and asks in her mouth. Turning now to one, now the other I was sucking their big, hard head ... The rhythm grew, Kohl pecked my pussy hard, squeezing the breasts tightly. After a few minutes of hard fucking he stopped and began to erupt right in my sweaty pussy. When he left his place immediately took another stud. They put me on the bed so that my head was hanging off the edge. One of the guys began to introduce his penis in my mouth ,, while the other worked on my pussy ...

When something special for the former, I mastered the technique of deep blowjob, but the guy who fucked me in the mouth now, a little bit shy to shove his cock deep. I put my hands on his ass and slowly began to cuddle, its a big dick deeper and deeper went into my throat, man groaned, willing to bet that nothing like it has not yet been tried. The rhythm grew, passions ran high, saliva squelched and dripping face on the floor ... "Toljan, go and fuck her in the pussy" - I heard the voice from below, it was not necessary to persuade Anatol long, he put the cancer and I planted a well-oiled bolt deeply me. The guy who so graciously gave way, pushed his penis in my mouth for the most eggs, tears streamed from his eyes, but I only stronger pressed her lips to his pubis.
"In the ass fuck?" - Asked Tolia. I was just mumbling. He took that as a positive response and stuck his thumb in my ass. Shreds not calculate the force with a growl pulled at me, unable to properly stretch my anus.

- "Well Vova, you're the only one left," - he said the guy who fucked my mouth. "Come and kill her" - he added under the general laughter. Vova was short but thick cock and I liked it suck. Kneeling, I rhythmically moved his head, by reaching my ass, Vova put first one and then the second finger in my ass. Then he told me to turn around and place your fingers took his dick ... But as soon as his head parted my anus, he immediately terminated. How can young people quickly end up, I thought, I was not able to hold on. I decided the most complete, then what they started and the standing doggy style stuffed his ass with two fingers fiddling with her clit, a minute later, I had finished. Well, not much as I should.

This time the break was much longer. We sweat in the sauna, they drank champagne, filled the jacuzzi, just relaxed and chatted. About an hour later, the presence of a naked woman was the effect on the guys - they began to be excited and to pester me. I decided to play in the inaccessible girl and rejected their affection. This game did not last long, after 10 minutes I was eager to grips with Tolay in the corner Jacuzzi. He got out of the water, I asked him to sit on the edge and spread her legs. In front of me opened a tempting view - fat cock, shaved balls and anus point. I started to lick his ass, he groaned and jerked himself, eggs rose and fell in time to the front of my face. Men smeared my point, ready for adventure. The first went to Kohl he gently moved his head into my ass, expanding tight anus. I felt his crotch touched my buttocks. The rhythm speeds up and all the eggs have become a characteristic sound slap on the pussy ... Vova full fucked me in the mouth ... It seemed that I lost consciousness ... "We'll whore in all holes fuck" - said to someone, I picked up arms and carried on the sofa.

There I straddled Vovinam fat cock, behind someone firmly grabbed my waist and put his head in my anus ... a slight movement, and he was on the inside ... I heard a member of the Shred, Nick stood up on the sofa and ran his dick in my mouth (well that he took the gum:) ... I have never felt such bliss, they fucked me in a furious pace ... Tolia finished in a condom in the ass ... Vova pulled out a member of the cat and sent it to my ass raztrahannuyu. Sitting face to him, I tried to help, his penis was very thick and it came tight, but soon my hole and got used to it. I mechanically Colin sucked big dick, stretching both his palms buttocks ... a few minutes later ... Vova had finished and Nick put me on the sofa, stood over me and began to fuck me tightly in his throat ... I fingered the clitoris, but another orgasm did not expect ... and finally the last man left off, covering the sperm on my face and chest ...

I was exhausted, I brought a change of clothes out of the car, dressed and without a word ran. I thought I'd be a lousy feel after that, but oddly enough, on the contrary, this experience has given me strength and confidence. Kohl wrote to me and then, but the second meeting was not there, but the guys opened zhti lewd whore in me, for which I am grateful.

Continued: Site of the former. Part 1