I was sitting at his workplace, and looked out the window. Summer is over, outside atrocious weather and sleepy. And it does not feel like work. And it is necessary because of how quickly I pass an order, the premium depends on my part, but my money was urgently needed to repair the machine. I reached out, took one last look out the window and started to work. A knock at the door. Damn, but this is still not enough, the reception tonight I do not intend to conduct, it is necessary to dump the.
-Voydite-, I said, and went into the office Face. I swore, and since the face Faces ran dissatisfied shadow, I realized that I swore out loud.
-Indecent so meets a beautiful girl. You were not taught good manners -, pouted Lika.
I must say that she was a girl and the truth krasivaya- long slender legs, slim waist, elastic ass, grown in the gym, happy appetizing breasts, small but well shaped and proportional to her figure, pretty face, huge green eyes and red-gold hair. In principle, the dream of every guy, if not one BUT Lika was beautiful, but terribly commercialism, cynical, and maybe not the worst quality for a certain kind of girls, weak on the front. With it, you can have fun, have fun, she was ready for any experiments, and the number of people did not matter to her.
She loved to fuck. It is a vulgar little word she always made use of. And I was ready to do it day and night. At first she was very attracted to guys who were with her not znakomy- beautiful and accessible, daring combination. Someone fond of it seriously, trying to take care of it, maybe even fall in love, but then faced with the problem, resolve that he was not in silah- she was with him to a certain momenta- until he gave her aroused and sexual pleasure, as soon as it disappears without warning she jumped into bed to another, often to some other of the same guy. That was her nature. She needed only sex.
And recently it came up with a new zabavu- chose the company of young people, and start each process in turn. How would the poor man did not resist, knowing that contact with it, it will become an object of ridicule, and it is still his throw, long defense, he could not keep, and somewhere up to the third day of our acquaintance she had already firmly holding it in his claws, and more precisely between the legs.
So it was with my friends. For what some two months she had to go to bed each, and broke at the same time more than one pair.
I stayed in this company last who resisted it longer all- I just let her know that saving does not intend it. Because I have a girl, I love it and would not trade it for the Face. Of course, Lika me excited, I was a normal guy, but I'm too treasured relationship with Lena, and knew that she was knowledgeable of fun Faces not ever forgive me. And so I had to Leakey most coveted trophy. She did not attempt to cast me to pick up. Clearly today it has decided to continue.
-And what do you want in my office during business hours - I do not hide the fact that it annoys me and just gave it to understand it.
-What are you so once boiled, bunny, I have come to you to visit, to make a company, you also probably bored ... - she again playfully pouted and looked at me. Create kompaniyu- is fuck with me at work stole- only such a meaning, it has invested in this phrase.
-You know perfectly well that I do not change my mind, I do not need and leave me alone! - I began to lose his temper. As time went on, the work did not move and she only took up my time.
-Well ... well Pupsik be nicer to me, I came specifically to you, drop everything, dressed seductively for you and came to visit ... do not repulse me - she
He said this in a tone like a child who hurt without giving a toy, even the eyes suspiciously bright. And she was dressed really very seductively short straight skirt with a slit on the side, which were showing on the rubber stockings thin transparent blouse, which made it possible to see that there are no clothes on, and the jacket casually thrown over his shoulder. And, of course, the studs. She loved high heels, because it was convenient for them to expose her ass to fuck.
Thanks heels, buttocks is slightly higher and it was convenient to tear her standing cancer. Remembering this detail, I felt a wave of excitement. Hell, only this is not yet enough, if it is noticed, it will not go away at all.
-I have work, I was running out dates, I'm with you only lose time, go away and let me work normally.
-I'll leave as soon as make sure that you are really indifferent to me and the droplets do not want me.
With that, she walked to the door, turned the key and put the jacket on the chair.
-What do you want, Face? I have no time to spend on your time - I had already started to lose his temper.
-Well, patience, bunny, soon you will understand everything.
She came up to me and hug beguiled. I pushed her away and almost shouted:
-I do not want you, you are disgusting to me, I love Lena, leave me alone and go away!
She did not seem to listen. Smiling, she went to another table, which stood just a meter away from me, and sat on it, his legs dangling.
-What are you nervous, bunny, do you say that because you do not know to give up anything. All your friends have been happy with me, no one wished one to resist you. And today, I decided to change it. We conclude sdelku- if you are within an hour you can still resist and do not want me to have sex with me right on this table, then I'll leave you alone once and for all. You have my word.
-I hope you'll keep the promise, because I'm not going to give you.
-Well let's see, let's see ...
She just sat on the table and leaned on his hands, with legs apart. Between shapely thighs flashed a thin white strip of cloth. She saw that my eyes are on her underwear and grunted. I began to understand what it is seeking, and decided to fight back. Pretending that I absolutely do not care what she wears, and what she did here, I sat down and tried to get to work.
Obviously, my behavior was part of her plan, and she decided to go on, not paying attention to me. Sitting comfortably on the desk, she began to unbutton her blouse. Peripheral vision I saw it, but pretended not to notice anything. In the meantime, she unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her breasts. Elastic, with a sharp little pink nipples, she would fit in the palm of my hand ... damn, I'm starting to get excited, it just was not enough ... and I started with twice the effort to read the report.
She sat at the table with an expression as if there was one, and something thoughtful. As if waking up, she smiled at me and licked his finger, began to drive them on the papilla. Picking up from below the chest with both hands, she began to crease them gently, not forgetting a little pinch themselves for her nipples, her lips broke moan. I felt a growing excitement and moved closer to the table so that she was not seen.
Finished caress his chest, she took off her blouse. In daylight, her chest was even more impressive than under clothing. Smooth hemisphere bold pink nipples, a small mole on the left chest ... and wanted to reach out and touch ...
She again began to caress his chest, her hands glided over the body, she leaned back slightly, leaning on one hand, and the other fell on his chest on his tummy, gently stroked the navel and went back to his chest. She easily jumped from the table and stretched his hand to the zipper on yubke- one movement, and the skirt was lying at his feet. White panties barely covered her flesh on his legs were thin lace stockings and black high heels.
She looked amazing. Satisfied ... my eyes, she sat back down on the table, legs spread slightly. Leaning on one arm, she leaned back and crossed her desk, more open space between the legs. Continuing to rely on the arm, the other she began stroking himself through the fabric. As she threw one leg on the table, and the other hanging off the table, I could see everything.
She noticed my glance and casually teased a nail strip of cloth, for a moment, opened his own flesh. Continuing to look into my eyes, she began to rub her crotch by swiping your finger up and almost touching the belly, then down, falling almost to a small chocolate holes. Rolling his eyes with excitement, she languidly moaning and sighing. Under my gaze on the strip panties began to emerge wet spot, she's definitely a taste and more excited by the minute.
Again issuing exciting moan, she pushed the striped panties to the side and showed his flesh. Oh, this show was not for the faint of heart ... pink, alluring cave, framed by gentle, soft labia, and topped by a protruding hump clitoris, already moistened and ready to accept a member of ... which, by the way, was already on full alert and rested pants.
Licking his finger, she began to drive them on the delicate skin, first on a sponge, just taking his skin to the side, as if opening the hole, then on the other. As if being played, finger slipped inside, but she was emitting a moan of pleasure, cleaned out his finger, drawing out the pleasure.
She continued to caress herself with one hand, he crushes the delicate folds and rubbed her clitoris in a circular motion, bred fingers labia and introducing the tip inward, just cranked it and pulled again. Then she climbed with both feet on the table and sat down on his haunches, legs spread wide apart. Now both hands were free, and she continued to fondle himself with both hands.
I'm not pretending to try to work, because my risen member did not give even the eyes look away from her pussy. Not hiding interest, I watched what she would do next.
And in the meantime the fingers of one hand spread the folds of skin, and put a finger of the other hand into. With her lips again flew moan. She began to move his finger inside, catching the rhythm at the same time introduced a finger and rubbing her clit. After some time, her movements became more rapid, it is no longer holding back, moaning and podmahivala hips, fingers on the clitoris moved faster. She ran a hand over her pussy, to remove excess moisture and to increase the frictional force, and again began to rub her clit. Her face reflected a wild pleasure, she caught my eye and spreads her legs even wider, so I could see better, while being raised further.
Suddenly, she abruptly pulled back, almost fell on his back and lifted her hips slightly. He pulled his finger out of the vagina, she scooped them a little grease, which almost ran to her desk, and gently began to introduce it into the tight ring. Carefully, as if coaxing a hole to take a finger, she gently massaged the ring, then began to sink into the phalanx. For a moment, transfixed, she languidly sighed and put his finger deeper, then abruptly pulled out again with the force drove it into the hole, moaning loudly.
Clasping hands under her bottom, she started to sit down on the finger, as though the bottom was a member, but did not stop rubbing the clitoris with your fingers of the other hand. She found a single rhythm, in which the moving average finger of one hand in her ass, middle and index finger of the other hand into her vagina and the thumb of the same hand on the clitoris. Both her hands made jerky movements inside, while his thumb gently massage the clitoris, sending the body cramps dazzling pleasure.
For the first time she spoke passionately whispered:
-Come on ... I see that you want me, come to me, take me on the table, fuck me, so that in the ears ringing ... I'm all yours ... - in confirmation of these words is even more pushes her hips, allowing the fingers as much as possible to dive inside . These movements said that she longed to feel a member. I was ready to finish right in the pants, her words have worked harder on my the already excited to the limit body.
Just a little bit - and I wanted to throw myself at her and drove her to a member of the most eggs, which is already a painful buzzing. But at the last moment I remembered that this is what she seeks. But resist too long I could not, I had to finish. So I decided to relieve his condition. I stood up, leaned over the table and unbuttoned his pants, pulled them up to his knees. She continued to fondle himself and was watching me. Without hesitation, I pulled out a member and began poddrachivat his hand. With her lips she fell off a groan. Its incredibly exciting spectacle as I can caress. I started to drive a hand up and down, just pushing the foreskin, spat on his hand and moistening member as follows, I began to pull vigorously.
She was already at the limit.
Seeing that I was not going to approach it and in a way decide overstimulation problem, it has accelerated the pace of the hands and start with the power to drive a finger underneath. The intensity of the movements to the beat of her buttocks knocked together on the table, she moaned loudly in anticipation of an orgasm. A little startled, she start screaming pinch the clitoris, still rotate your fingers inside the vagina. She was ready to finish. I continued to caress member, anticipating sharp sight.
Continuing to wield a finger in the ass, she raises her thighs force, simultaneously sinking deeper finger into the anus and the vagina stringing fingers of the other hand. Feeling that orgasm is near, she abruptly got up on the table and sat back on his haunches, still leaving the hips wide apart. Without stopping the movement of hands, she began to force to rub the clitoris, alternating sharp movements up and down in a circular. Her face reflected gamma chuvstv- eager smiles on faces to a lustful it with great pleasure watching the way I Drach her masturbation and that he himself excites her to the limit.
And this is the first convulsion ran down her face.
It just slowed down a finger on the clitoris, squeeze the leg muscles, stronger than apart in their hand, and began to violently finish. Her body shook in spasms of pleasure, she then pressed his hand to the clitoris, then introduced a finger inside, then put her hand back on the clitoris and uncontrolled burst of pleasure kept her legs together, reinforcing the feeling and finger inside her ass was moving like a piston, then disappearing completely in the depths of the anus, then appearing again.
Gradually, it screams began to subside, she came to herself, slowing movement of the arms. Taking your finger from the ass, she licked it, then licked the other fingers, which had been in its moisture, and continued to gently stroke twitching flesh, which continued to throb, as if to show how powerful had an orgasm.
And I was on the limit, eggs drove, they were as if on fire, I felt the gathering orgasm and accelerated movement of the hands. His forehead was covered with sweat, I frantically changed hands, so as not to slow down the tempo and began a throaty moan.
I do not know how it happened, but at that moment I felt that is about to end, Lika jumped me and ducked under his hand, took the dick in your mouth. Frenzied pleasure pierced me and made to cry out in a rush. Push it had no power, and do not want to do it, to be honest. I wanted to finish. And she, like the feeling that I will not resist, settled back in front of me and started to suck.
Oh ... it sucked ... smacking with pleasure, she fully immersed cock in her mouth so that I could feel the head rests on the throat. She swallowing dick like a fakir in the circus arena, as deep as I could, pushing his lips to my hairy crotch and touching the chin to the testicles. Then she pulled out a member of his mouth and began to suck the head, slightly pushing the foreskin of the tongue, while rhythmically leading with one hand up and down, and the other stroking his testicles ... and casually touching a finger to my anus. From this contact, I shuddered as electric shock, to which it was a pleasure.
I began to move by inertia pelvis, plunging member deeper into her mouth and trying to keep her finger again touched my anus. She pulled out a member of his mouth, poslyunyavil finger while taking dick in his mouth again, introduced a finger in my anus. From feeling finger in his anus, I twitched, deeply immersing dick in her mouth and began to flow violently. I pierced a spasm of pleasure, I was screaming with pleasure, and she swallowed every drop, continued to massage the anus and sucking dick at the same time urging me to come to a deeper dip the barrel in his mouth.
When acute wave of pleasure subsided, I looked down. She continued to diligently sucking, smacking his lips, played with eggs and pretty squinting, looking me in the eye. Defiantly slowly pulled out a member of the mouth, it is not taking his eyes, licked a member of the tongue up and down, and touched the testicles, head and kissed goodbye to squeezing member in his hand, he stood up. Slow gait she walked over to the table, straightened her panties, which were all that time on it, only slightly shifted to the side, wore a skirt and began buttoning her blouse. I like coming to his senses, he began to frantically pull on pants and trousers.
For a while we were silent, yet dressed.
Then she came up to me and held his finger on my lips, as if kissing:
-Neither you nor I have lost in this dispute. I got what I wanted, but you still did not give in ... I'll leave you alone. Chao.
And gently swinging her hips, she left the room, leaving me with a feeling of incompleteness, as if I had lost something really standing ...