Hey. My name is Denis. I am a student, I'm 15 years old. I live vdovolno happy family, because my father was the director of commercial firms. My mother does not work, because we have enough money, that makes a father. My parents were still quite young: 35 years old mother and father 40 and very nice. That's how my parents have sex, I vidil several times, but they do not know about it.
I want to say that I very much like my mother and the beauty and character in other respects. Basically, I'm with her provodzhu longer than his father, because he was all day at work and come late at night. I do not know whether satisfied in bed mother's father, but she often likes to masturbate. This was her occupation I secretly watch almost chetiri years and all the time in this masturbates, even finish is up to 4 times. Basically it mastrubiruet bath. We in the bath under the ceiling has small window and I was there when my mother is almost always spying. My mother simply delightful body. I really like when she undressed. And when she mastrubiruet I would like she is within easy reach and caress her, but for now it is impossible. I do not even know what she would say whenever I uidela her spying? A month ago, when my father was in komandyrovki have spoiled the TV and my mother brought Uncle Peter - the husband of my mother's older sister, we fix it, since he is well versed in this. To tell the truth I never Uncle Pete did not like, frankly I thought his old man as he already was 53 years old. And he in his life did not try to make friends with me, I preferred to stay away from him. Uncle Peter to repair the TV prishol after working somewhere at 9pm and fixed the TV for about a half hour. Mom as usual start to treat Uncle Peter, on the table, put a liter of vodka (uncle was fond of a drink). At first I wondered why so many vodka because my mother is drinking very little, she gets drunk very quickly. Admission delayed.
It was late, I wanted to sleep and went to his room leaving talk mom and Uncle Peter, which my mother said was just as well stay the night in a long time since we dobiratsya to him, and to us it is closer to work. Mom peredzvonila his sister - Aunt Vale and warned her about it.
I woke up around 12 am, so how much wanted to use the toilet. After I went on their need to the bathroom, I decided to go to the kitchen to ask, why do they still do not go to sleep. When I went to the door of the kitchen I saw that from what just zakamyanel. My mother, almost naked (she was wearing only panties) was on her knees in front of Uncle Petya who was sitting on a stool and sucked his penis great big. Uncle Peter, apparently with pleasure, tipped back his head and muttered something. From a liter of vodka they drank almost nothing left. Apparently they were quite drunk. Because my mother staggered sideways and esle-Uncle Peter would not hold it with both hands behind his head probably would have fallen on the floor. I did not know what to do. I wanted to go, but decided to look to the end. How would you like to okazatsya while in place of Uncle Petit - this nasty old men, to her mother's lips caressed my cock and that I baldel, not him. After a few minutes of my observations uncle jerked in convulsions and from my mother's mouth start rolling sperm, which she must have not had time to swallow. I heard Uncle Peter said: "Oh, my dear Helen I love you, you gave me such a naslozhdenie that my cow never succeeded". Under the cow, he probably meant his wife, and the mother's sister. In turn, my mother barely going over the language said: "Come on ... uh, honey into the bedroom, I'll uh ... you still do not get such a pleasure when we uh .. now Fuck". I was shocked. I did not know whether the mother acted as on alcohol, if she really loves potrahatsya, although doing this other than I and dad it is not with anyone caught.
They started to climb, but my mother could not stand up, but Uncle Peter, too, was still quite drunk, but it is not so swayed like a mother. I quickly hid, I did not have to be seen and decided to see what would happen next. Prior to the bedroom from the kitchen they walked for about twenty minutes, these were drunk. Uncle Peter barely dragged his mother and after she lyagla on the bed began to pull off her panties. It is at this time much laughed. Uncle said that it was quiet as it can wake me up, but she said that I was fast asleep. When she was completely naked Uncle section in its entirety, and he climbed up on the mother. I nearly broke down and not rushed, that would be all over, but I was wondering what would happen next. And then my uncle introduced his penis between my legs and my mother began to engines, but I think it turned out he is not very good because of that LP Tago was very drunk. Mom fell asleep sometime after two minutes of these movements, and Uncle Peter worked somewhere else four minutes, then with a sigh stretched out his cock, pulled his hand several times and finished my mother's belly, lie down near the mother and immediately zahropel.
Honestly, I do watch them in the kitchen and the bedroom he had finished three times. I do not zanl what to do. As the story itself in this situation ?. And I had a cunning plan. First, I decided to sleep until they do some photos to have at least some evidence of all that had happened to me. I took a few pictures and then went into the bathroom, took my father's Gillette and went into the bedroom. I first came in and decided to check whether the mother is sleeping and Uncle Peter. I started at the top of his voice to call them, but in return they have heard only drunken babbling. Then I touched the mother, but there was no response. Then I started to climb with your hands on my mother's body, my dream came true, I touched all of my mother's charms. I began to masturbate and somewhere for half a minute had finished my mother's face. Then I took a bath brought razor and started shaving my mother crotch between the legs. When all shaven, then the machine in hand vklal uncle Petit to mom thought it. Then he took a little glue and poured uncle between his legs, that though it is revenge for what he did to my mother. When I did svoei evil plans, I decided that the sin is not vospolzovatsya imagine a situation and not to fuck his mom. I took off his pants, climbed on the mother, stuck his cock in her pussy mom and began to move like Uncle Pete. It was the first case in life, when my cock was in the women's n ... de. I finished quickly. Then he went into the kitchen, I picked up a piece of smoked sausage and put my mother in her n ... do, and went to sleep.
When I woke up early, the mother and Uncle Peter has lunch and mother all the time grumbled that she did not expect such odes uncle Petit. When I entered this grumbling stopped and I never knew what it was she was unhappy, so she fucked with his uncle, or the fact that as if he shaved it all between his legs, and put a piece of sausage. I went with a view as if I had not seen anything and calmly sat down to breakfast. They also did not submit any kind. Uncle Peter had breakfast and went to work, and my mother said that she was ill and went to bed, and I'm in school.
Now I do not know if my mother is to admit that I have seen and I have the evidence (pictures) and that I have not told my dad she has to fuck with me when I want to or not. To be honest I was a little afraid to start a conversation about it, because I do not know what could be the reaction.
Much to ask if anyone had a similar situation to email me and share experiences. I believe that it is better at this age potrahatsya with someone her than what that whore from the street from Cator can be picked up any infection. my address [email protected]
I am waiting for your letters.