In the summer cafe was not crowded. People were going home, autumn comes and the evening became cool enough. Sergei looked at his watch.
- No, do not come, do not come ...
He thought about it, but for some reason, looked at the girls have fun laughing at the next table. Yesterday, he met a beautiful girl, she appointed a meeting, and it ...
At a table in front of the girls laughed loudly.
- Perhaps a student, went to college, - Sergey thought. Then he stood up and walked over to a stranger.
- Can you at the light? Do not banish?
- Why, you are welcome, - said a pleasant kind of blonde.
- Sit down, - added full ruddy beauty.
Sergei sat down beside him and asked.
- Students?
- Students, students ... - once through clenched teeth said the third girl of Asian appearance.
- Perhaps it is their elder, - Sergey thought.
- Did not come ? - I asked smiling plump.
- How do you ... Yes, but it does not matter, it does not matter
- Do not worry ... you are so blonde stood up and straightened her skirt, slightly pulling her to her knees. Sergei saw nice legs which seemed edge fishnet stockings.
- All women - play, understand, - she said. You just do not fall into its game. Would you like a cigarette ?
- I do not smoke...
- And women too, like, no, no, - said Asian and girls laughed. Conversation ensued and they were oblivious to the cold evening sat for about an hour.
- Listen, it's late, may continue to have, - I have proposed that the blonde named Julie.
- Yes, you do not hesitate, we charge a separate two-bedroom apartment in the center. There are even phone - fatty Masha smiled.
- But I'm not ashamed ... Why do not you go ...
- Well, that's great ... you hope today no one is waiting? - Oddly I asked Asian Gulya.
- No parents in the country, left for a week to myself, enjoy yourself as much as you want. Sergei was glad "the continuation of the banquet". Is depression with these taratolkami tomorrow call her - he thought.
They stopped the car and pretty quickly got home.
- Sit at home. Sergey, like homemade wine? Gul poured wine glass and handed it to the guy.
- Thank you, I will not refuse.
Sergei was examining the apartment. Plain panel treshka, only one bathroom for some reason it was closed. Girls something chirping in the kitchen preparing a snack. Sergei sat down on the sofa, sipped wine and dizzy.
- It is necessary to tie with alcohol ..., - the last thing he had to think.
Sergei woke in the morning. In some dark room, body ache and headache. He wanted to get up but could not. Something did not give him move hand or foot. He wanted to raise his head, but it did not work.
- Paralyzed or something, - flashed through his mind. But he immediately dropped these stupid thoughts, and tried to have stronger twitch. Nothing.
Then the lights came on, and he saw that the top of his head wearing something like a plastic pot for small children and the review is limited to a radius of the seat.
- That's what the hell - he thought. Who me so?
-Uh-uh somebody ... Help me, - he said.
- We can help you, help you, - he recognized the voice of Guli. She leaned over him and said with malice. How are you feeling ?
- Release me silly ... What you done to me?
- Released, but not now ... Babbling leaned closer and whispered.
- Baby you got. We have been looking for the boy himself in the room. And you went as well as possible. Lie down and do not twitch. You firmly prikovan.I long time, well, if you rebel ....
Gul took in his hand the eggs and much Sergei passed them ..
-A ! Let creature Sergei shouted.
- For the creature otvetish..proshipela Gul, released and continued. We have you chained to a special bed. His one friend we built carpenter. You can with their physical needs without getting out of the crib, arms and legs, and torso encased in steel bracelets, and so you are less looked around on the head of you ... Well, something like a chamber pot. You are now our ... our three years. That's how much we have left to learn, and we will use your best. Soon you will meet with your close by Ms. She stood up and Sergei whined softly.
- I got some Shalashovka like a moron. He tried for a long time to twitch, scream but nothing helped. Again, the lights came on, and he saw three girls already.
- Here he is our hero! - Masha bent over nim.Uti-pusi - prosyusyukala it. Gulya and Julia stood by and smiled.
- Girls, let's introduce it with our pussies. Mary lifted her skirt and sat on the pot, which covered the head of Sergei.
Sergei saw a white panties. Behind them strip ran in the ass girls. She was almost at the guy's nose. Maria stood up and took off her panties and suddenly sat down again on the pot. Now his eyes stood up huge unshaven pussy and ass girl. Strange, but the pot had covered his head made it possible for all to see, the light did not disappear completely. Mary shifted in the pot and suddenly dip. The girls laughed, and laughed the hostess herself urine. Sergei began to choke feces girls, and he had perforce to make two or three sips of nasty urine.
- And now, lick, lick my kisulya - ordered Masha, and you'll get a portion of shit on his face. The girls laughed again and Sergey was forced to lick the girl crotch dryness.
- Here, quickly realizes bastard. Mary got up, pulled on her pants and unzipped his fly guy.
- A-ah, so we are also excited ... She took a cock and literally straddled the still captive. Girl raped him for a long time, then forced back to lick the entire crotch and ass.
- Listen to me, said Gul. Now we're going to class, do not try to scream and escape, - it is useless. The room is a good sound insulation. Better to relax and get used to it. My advice to you.
The girls quickly pulled off Sergei pants and put him in diapers for adults.
- And this is not to wake up, get used to them, - said Julia. Then the girl rubbed gasket face Sergei and left. Only now he realized how hard prikovan.On still pulled and fell silent, because I realized that all attempts are useless.
Students did not return, and Sergey wanted to drink. Just then he saw a thin tube, hanging near the mouth. He clung to his lips and began to suck for her. It was the iced tea. Sergei realized much to drink that you have to pee in a diaper. He had long suffered, but suffered and relieved. Soon there was a sound opening ... the castle and came into the room Julia. (**** **** Continuation of the author)