When Alia became pregnant at age 15, parents kicked her out of the house. Then there was a brief marriage to an employee of the city administration, who, knowing that the girl, in general, nowhere to go, he married her in order to make it an ornament apartments, and do all his desires.
After the birth of her daughter Ira's husband, tried to restrain allochkinoy during pregnancy, immediately ceased to be a loving husband and turned into a domestic tyrant. Alia was in the position of servant and sex slave in one person. My husband could not forgive her that she gave birth to another man. But especially hard he hated it when it was discovered that she can not have children. Therefore, he never missed a chance to humiliate his wife.
When Ira grew up, the husband began to make Alia daughter take their marital bed and raped his wife in front of the girls. First, he made her take a suck his dick, and as his body was almost six centimeters thick, it is difficult to placed in the mouth by Alla. Move a few minutes his phallus in his mouth, and his wife enjoyed her resignation, he crossed to the other "procedures". Sometimes he used her vagina, in this case, Alia had to get up on all fours on lying on a blanket Ira, and he entered her from behind. But mostly he preferred to fuck Alia into the anus, because it caused her great pain especially. Having laid his wife on his side, he is tagged onto her behind and plunges the phallus in her delicate ass. Ira, at his request, was nearby and watched as her mother writhing as he skewer her over and over again to your body.
All this seemed to him a little, and he was put in the house mistresses. 3nakomya them with his wife, he would say:
- Sveta, meet! This is my little slut. It fulfills all my desires. If you want, she'll polizhet? Well, slut, show me what you can do!
The woman smiled lasciviously, sat down in a chair and raised her skirt. Alia was arranged on the floor between her husband's mistress legs and pushing a narrow strip of panties, she started working tongue. The woman immediately the factory and finished, after which Alia had to get up in the middle of the room and masturbate using a dildo thick. Then her husband forced her to look at his intercourse with his mistress. He never finished his passion into the vagina, and, having called his wife, forced her to take him in the mouth and swallow his semen.
It ended all unexpectedly: my husband was in a car accident and died. Widowed twenty Allochka not too grieved: she got rid of humiliation, and in addition it has got all the property of the husband and a bank account that she would not have to work until the end of his days.
Soon Ira went to school. Alia was glad the first successes of the daughter. However, it drew attention to the fact that Ira is not interested in a girl's game. She prefers to wear short hair, dressed in trousers and a shirt, and almost no makeup. In many perceived it as a school boy.
When Ira was fourteen, her mother noticed that for some time the girl surreptitiously watching her - looks, how it goes, says, preparing. Ira did not take her eyes off the long legs mother. Alia is embarrassing, but somehow she did not dare to start a conversation about it.
At 29 years old Alia looked very sexy. Her black hair, large gray eyes, full lips attracted the glances of men. Elastic ass, small waist and chest nearly a quarter the size of that little skryvalo low-cut dress, forced all members within a hundred meters make a stand.
Alia could afford to buy the most expensive underwear and the most expensive cosmetics. She always went to the fitness club and swimming pool. It has almost no men. The late husband long repulsed her desire for male intimacy. Sometimes she used the services of the boys on a call. But most of all she loved to masturbate, which in a secret, she thought, the cabinet drawer there were all sorts of devices - artificial members of different sizes, vibroshariki for priests, butt-plugs and so on. Alia experimented with all this, as a rule, at night in bed or in the shower, not knowing that the IRA has long been spying on her.
Once Alia came home too early, I went into her bedroom and saw her daughter, completely naked, sitting on her bed fucks herself with dildo. The girl was lying with his eyes closed and drives a dildo. Alia wanted to rush forward, to take away the daughter enjoyment tool, but then heard her whisper interrupted:
- Mom, I love you so much! Fuck me, please ... Still, my dear!
Ah, well ... Now I finish ... Ah-ah-ah ... Now!
girl's body arched, and Ira, the last time filling his bosom dildo, cum, opened her eyes and saw his mother. Alla silently walked up to her and took her cock. Ira looked at her and said nothing.
- Do you really imagine that love to me? - Alla said softly. - Yes, Mama, - the girl said.
- And why do not you meet with some boy?
- I can not stand them!
- But ... in fact you can get acquainted with some girl and love her?
- It was. I met Natasha month from the 10B. Then she was transferred to another school. Never mind. I love and will love only you, Mom!
- But this is wrong. That's incest! You do not have to think about it!
Irina sat up on the bed, took her mother's hand and said:
- Mom, I love you very much. If you ottolknesh me, do not let me be with you, then I swallow tablets or shall open his veins.
Alla anxiously looked at her daughter, saw her as if for the first time. Ira did not cover their nakedness. Her body was almost perfect. Il inherited from the mother's narrow waist, wide hips, and beautiful breasts, which are now in need of a second size bra. Alia wanted to put his hand between her daughter down and caress her there. The woman's panties was wet, and she realized that she no longer needed men. Ira pulled her by the hand, and Alia obediently lay down next to her daughter. Hand girl penetrated under the skirt mother, Alla involuntarily squeezed his legs, but Ira, clinging to her whole body, both hands spread her knees.
- Ira, my girl ... Please do not! - Alia whispered, knowing that she would have to give way. Ira pulled down her panties, unbuttoned her white blouse. One girl's hand caressed the full mother's breast, and the second persistently explored the wet crotch. From the excitation Alia completely lost his head, and she began to tear off his clothes. Left completely naked, the woman realized that nowhere to retreat. She was lying in bed with his daughter, and make love to her. The shame has disappeared. All bans have failed.
From the first seconds of Allah I realized that Ira has taken an active role, and gladly obeyed her. After half an hour caresses and kisses, from whom Allochka swam before his eyes, Ira jumped out of bed, she went out briefly and came back shortly. Alla saw that her daughter strapped to his belt light pink strap almost fifteen centimeters in length and about three in thickness. In his hand was a girl with a jar of gel. Alla realized that her daughter carefully prepared. While not objecting and not thinking about the resistance, Alia ... lay on his back, Ira climbed on top of her and abruptly entered her. Alia screamed in pain. He hesitated a few seconds, Ira cautiously beginning to move in the vagina threesome mother. Several motions - and Alia had finished, nails scratched the back of his daughter. Ira pulled out a strap from the vagina and sat on Alla chest, put a member into her mouth. Alia with pleasure sucking dick, licking it with their lubrication.
Then Ira's mother forced to lie on his stomach and began to lubricate her anus gel. Alia involuntarily shuddered when irochkin finger delved into her ass. As it was unlike humiliating copulation with her husband! While Ira was preparing his ass mom to take the strap, Alia managed to finish twice. Finally, Irina went to her, put his head strap to the anus ringlet partner and press down firmly. Alia was hurt, but not as a member of a powerful husband. To help her daughter, Alla began podmahivat, nasazhivayas on the strap. Soon the head was already inside. Ira stopped giving my mother used to, then again began to advance into the member popochki Alla. A woman moaning in pain and pleasure, asked her daughter not to stop ... When a member entered into it to its full length, Alia had finished again almost lost consciousness.
- You okay, Mom? - Asked Ira.
- Yes, beloved, - he whispered back Alia. - Do what you want with me ... Fuck me, please! After all, I'm yours, all yours ...
Ira began to move, Alia podmahivala her, trying not to miss a single centimeter strap. Looking like a mother winds, enjoying the sweet pain in his ass, Ira finished, pressed against her back and squeezing her breasts. Half an hour later, completely exhausted, Ira, without removing the strap from Alla simply undid the straps and got out of bed. Alla fondly looking at her, realizing that the old life is over.
- Mama - Ira hesitantly. - What did you say to me ... You said "I'm yours"... It's true?
- Yes it's true. I'm yours. I'll be your slave, if you want.
Ira hugged his mother and kissed her on the lips, repeating that he would love her always and never give up. Alia began to cry, but also smiled through her tears because she knew - they found each other, and it's really good.