Home come in time. It was not yet his wife. "Probably delayed after the concert. They are usually in a narrow range and a cup of tea (meaning good wine or tonic liqueur), arranged listening novelties in the music world. Creative personality is essential chat in a relaxed atmosphere. After all, there are emerging new long-term plans".These Reflections have several uspokoili.Zhena came after midnight, happy and elated. I was already in bed. "Darling, I experienced such a feeling that I would like to share them with you. You dont mind?" I agreed. Wife, getting ready for bed, all he made easily. I did not notice, as it has turned out to be next to me. I held her close. She trembled from unbridled desire. I gently stopped her rush: "You promised to share with me your feelings?"-I Today and listened to great music experienced from it, do not believe it, this orgasm. Did such things happen? Is the music to such an extent able to influence human? -Better Would be if you tell all in order. Then only I can answer your questions. So, I am ready to plunge into the whirlpool of your feelings and emotsiy.Ona gratefully clung even tighter to me. Frozen for some time to gather his thoughts and began to pour out my feelings a waterfall: -So, after the concert, I and my colleagues in our group stayed in the common room. One of them brought a rare musical recordings. And second, he picked up a bottle of vintage rum. First drank a glass, thus noting the good performance at the concert and simultaneously adjusting my upcoming audition. They saw my impatience, but, nevertheless, in no hurry to put the cassette. "Woman, as well as wine, must infuse a certain time. Do not rush. You have to ripen to perception of this music"- He instructed me brought a cassette. Of course, I did not agree, arguing that music can take and without such preparation. But they were relentless. So I had no choice but to submit to their will. Although we are not wasted. We did get an interesting, informative talk, which I had set up a corresponding perception of music. My heart was easy and relaxed. I have not experienced anything like it. So, the conversation and did not notice "drained" all the rum. By the time I really relaxed and was exclusively dominated by surging oschuscheniy.V that moment turned the tape recorder, and sounded charming instrumental melody. These records have to listen to me for the first time. Music terrific! I threw it in the heat and cold. The whole body is completely was dominated by sounding melodies. Then, as I remember, I was invited to the dance. But I just identified "the corner" his consciousness. In fact, he continued to enjoy a swim in the sea-sounding melodii. And in this "bathing" you harmoniously to help navigate your dance partner - I gently put my frazu.-Yes, I remember all the words, which sounded perfectly in time with the music played. I'd rather they voiced in the first person, in order to avoid any distortion was. He has an amazing perception of sounding melodies. He talked a lot and bezumolku, but he did it so subtly and unobtrusively, like playing a musical instrument. His words are not distracted, and kept me at a certain musical wave and excites my inner state. I was for him a kind of orchestra, which he skillfully directed. Words and music, eventually led me to such a state that I involuntarily experienced a state akin to real orgasm. "You do not just listen, your body emits the music itself", -obvorozhitelno Whispered in my ear, my partner. "I think I will be able to calculate the evolution of the situation, which hit my wife - I thought involuntarily. - At the moment, he firmly pressed it to her. And in a unique rhythmic music of his increased arousal naturally infected her. And she, clasping his neck, his body leaned into him. Consciousness is not fixed movements of his hands on her figure: all occurred at the level of sensations. Therefore, the body of his wife obediently responded to the rhythmic movements of the partner. He, mastered all the new territories of her body. She was irresistibly light up longing. And his hand slid down her already naked thighs:" "Your body emits not only music. Your soul is perfectly tuned to the musical wave. You're at the mercy of insatiable passion. And you do not want to stop there wish. You no longer enough just slushat.Muzyka in the whole range of feelings, is in you and excites all your internal state"- His last phrase overflowed me surging feelings. I do not know how it happened, but from my mouth involuntarily blurted out: "Yes Yes! I want it to be entered into me. Do not torment me, help me!" "And he "helped", Fixing his manhood into her vagina expiring juices of love"- I continued my inner monologue. "Ltd!!! How beautiful and easy! I feel the melody is already within you. Incredibly, I give myself entirely to her!" "Still, with such a head of him it looked quite natural"- Struggling to maintain his cool exterior, I continued to track developments. "Then there was the emotional explosion so powerful that force is completely left me". Further, your dance partner in a whisper announced that "lady changes Cavaliers"- Aloud, in the tone of her monologue, I put Ya-Yeah, that's right. But first, he said the words, the meaning of which I was not quite clear, but they are very much caressed my ears. "Maestro, do not rush me, I'm on the verge of explosion .. All !!! My fountain of love filled the woman! Its part of the concert, and I played in full!" He successfully "I played" an office, and I'm with him his emotional ardor exhausted with a vengeance. Therefore, his words "changing Cavaliers" apprehended without much enthusiasm. I simply was not ready for a new upswing. Excited and relaxed, I sat down on the sofa with a sense of complete detachment. Inside, everything was burning. She closed her eyes, hoping at least for a while "disconnect". But my ears continued to capture the stunning new melodies of a musical composition. The body of the soul were not at odds with each other: the body does not need anything else was, and the soul again began to quickly fill with fresh energy. I did not think that sounded musical composition can be so fast to restore my inner potential. Soon the body and lit up. Opening his eyes, .. I gasped. I was witness to such erotic spectacle, which just lost the gift of speech. Second, my colleague, dancing alone, just "He entered into the image". I have always, of course, knew that erotic dancing excite the imagination. But that by such a spectacle I had to re "lose one's head"This is too much. So, what I saw, "completely" overturned all my previous ideas about the impact of these dances at the viewer. From dancer could not tear his eyes admiring. What sort of fatigue !!! In me again all grown rougher. He felt a timely change in my condition, suddenly grabbed me and with such passion spun in a whirlwind of dance, I just, for a moment, lost control over them. Before the eyes of all mixed up. I was involuntarily under the magical influence of rhythmic dance. But such feelings anyone could deduce from equilibrium, just not me. Already in the beginning of the next moment improvizirovat.Ne noticed as she "He entered into the image". My emotional intensity reached the highest limit. My partner ... and this time caught the most opportune moment to bring in new elements dance. He picked me up, off the floor, and began to shake. I lost my orientation. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around the neck of the partner, and feet - his hips, tightly clinging to it with your whole body. The next moment it seemed to me that the music began again to enter into me. According shivered. Before the eyes of all "floated". I lost consciousness". "Still, in a different way and could not be in a similar situation. Moreover, she was ready to repeat their sensations, harmonious and natural, without interruption to the point of exhaustion. And without hesitation, she repeated. All her life she had dreamed of such a "ease" in feelings"- Still keeping calm exterior, I thought, but at heart there was some reason unexplained anxiety. My hearing became lively again to capture the story of my wife: "And there is still more frequent rhythmic beats from below, to give deep inside menya.Emotsii again crowded my mind. Then, like a snake, I began to squirm and eager to jump in his arms. He could not stand my swagger and sat me down on the curbstone, unleashed a flurry of passionate head, why re all mixed up in the mind. True, "the corner of the ear" I could still catch phrase of its first partner: "Bravo, maestro! I admire the dance!" "So, and I, too,"- Involuntarily I thought. And this feeling completely overwhelmed me, surging feelings. Our bodies are simultaneously detonated so emotional outburst that their uncontrolled screaming were ready to shake the entire globe: I am even now, when I tell you about it, sneaking genuine shiver. Condition amazing !!! The sensation is so acute that the impression that between us was an intimate connection, so everything really happened. Nothing like that before it was not with me. And here I experienced a real orgasm! Moreover, twice. And that's a fact". I somehow embarrassed her priznanie.-thee that upset my words? I can see? Or something not said? -Ogorchilo That this dance you danced with mnoyu.Ne not saying a word, we both fell silent. Each of us is immersed in a world of their own feelings. "Why such a strange heaviness in my soul? Is jealousy "awoke"? What actually happened in the intricate maze of our souls? Why is it so hard inside so sound alarm notes? -What Are you thinking? - Breaking the silence, he asked his wife."What did she say? How to make a decision to balance our inner harmony could be restored?" And I opened it faces some private dushi.Zhena first listened quietly. Soon, her eyes became very serious. Then she, like shriveled. And when I finished my story, suddenly I asked: Why did not you say that my feeling is so vivid and sharp, eventually, I experienced through the intimacy at the physiological level -Why? After all, you really experienced a great state of mind, without first preparing to enter into an intimate relationship with any of them. All your senses have been associated exclusively with the music. That's what you just now realized what really happened. And the words are useless. Scope feeling has always been a mystery to humans. But be that as it may, we are seriously damaged his own harmonious aura otnosheniy.Ya-I knew it. Will we be able to restore the sound of our joint music Love? -If Both of this very zahotim.Zhena paused, as if weighing every word. Then a whisper: -At me a really strong impression songs, heard the night before. But our love with you tune incomparable. I really want it to dance with you "harmony Waltz" in heaven, accompanied by our music Lyubvi.Pover, I was very upset that his sensual impulse I inadvertently threw "to the wrong address". Today our stories personally I take it as a serious warning. If we can be with you, at least partially restore the sound harmony of our souls, I will be immensely schastliva.I I "invited" his wife to dance together "harmonious halves". Our impulse was joint, natural and desirable. Therefore, we were able to simultaneously "hear" "harmony Waltz"But in a completely different musical accompaniment. I got the impression that a brass band played for us personally, which were assembled the best musicians from all over the world. We wondered about the nature of our joint experiences, whether it was the intimacy, or spiritual. At this time the mind "rested". The main thing is that in our souls sounded full range of sensations, and the world of universal harmony flashed multicolored paints so that together we want to take off into the sky and the whole world is our favorite dance a waltz. Our feeling is more than "blocked" all previous experience. The wife was subdued me unconditionally, and I - it.