-Today Ritka wanted to come, - said Sveta, - she has some sort of conversation.
-Something happened? - Olga sweet stretched on the couch.
-I do not know. She said nothing. She said only that will go. He wants to talk.
Girlfriends sitting at home and Olga watched on a video player new film, taken from one of my classmates. Despite the fact that the yard was May and the heat was incredible, so dropping the uniforms, they were in their underwear. Olga lay on the couch and sipped from a bottle of cold Coke, and Sveta sat beside him in the chair, too, drank Coca-Cola and sometimes leering glances at Olga.
The hall rang the bell. Olga, throwing a light robe, went to open. Behind the door was a sad Ritka. Olga let her in and closed the door. Ritka walked into the room and stopped when she saw scantily clad Svetka.
-It's hot, - explained she asks, as if nothing had happened.
After school Ritka has already come home, because on it instead of the form was easy sarafanchik of thin fabric. Olga automatically noted that in addition to the narrow panties nothing underneath. In Ritka was almost girlish figure, with a little ass and narrow hips. Her sharp little breasts slightly bulged through the fabric. Her pretty face has attracted the attention of almost all the boys in the class. Ritka with the same kind of lost sat on the couch, and Olga, dropping the robe, settled nearby.
-Well, what you got wrong? - Asked Sveta.
-I was invited to visit Kolka - said Ritka and blushed.
Kolka was considered a first lover in their class. For some girls have fallen victim to it. Now in love with him Ritka. Their romance has long been no secret to anyone. Together they walked, went to the movies, but to visit her, he has not invited.
-Well, what of it? What a tragedy?
-There's no one else will be.
-A romantic evening for two! - Sveta grinned.
-Yes - Ritka almost cried.
-You can really tell? - Olga embraced Ritka shoulders.
-I'm still a girl - Ritka wept.
-Well, that's good. That prepodnesesh him:
-Nothing good! You know, because of what he threw Inga ?!
-Can not be! - Olga struck guess.
-Maybe you can! It it also invited to visit, and she began to show off, such as "I am a girl, not yet a while ..." And he says: "I hate virgins. No one was not needed and I also do not need".
-Well, spit on it! - Advised she asks.
-I love him! - Ritka sobbed.
-Yes - Olga tried to calm Ritka - poser. Some do not know how to save it, others do not know how to lose: Want anecdote? - Friend nodded.
-In medical school the teacher asks a student to transfer the female genital organs. Well, it lists, and he asks: "You have not forgotten anything?" "No", - He speaks, - "I have not forgotten". "A hymen?" "And this is not an organ. This is a temporary phenomenon".
-And how did you met with Ivan?
-Well, kissing, hugging:
-And yet? Nothing else was? - Ritka blushed.
-Do not be afraid, everything on your own. And undress, hot well - Ritka stood up, pulled the sundress over her head and stayed in some tight shorts. Olga admired her breasts. They were miniature solid nipples, but almost ideal form. She wanted to touch or kiss them, but she restrained herself, afraid to scare Ritka. Ritka sat back down on the sofa.
-We caress each other:
-How? Tell me, I wonder the same.
-Well - Ritka blushed with embarrassment and excitement - hands. I took in his mouth:
Sveta slipped from his chair and sat on the floor at the feet Ritkinyh. She began to ask, and Ritka began to tell the details of her relationship with Ivan. This aroused her and, without realizing, she began to stroke his chest and pinch the nipple. Gradually, the conversation shifted to more and more intimate memories and friends more and more agitated talking about their sexual experiences. Suddenly Olga said:
-I can not do it anymore! If I do not finish it, I will be bad - and put his hand between her legs became very quickly pull the clitoris.
-But let us, who is faster - Sveta cried and also ran a hand in the pants.
Ritka, watching girlfriend frantically pat ourselves too, could not resist and began to massage the clitoris. Olga finished first. She groaned, jerked several times and exhausted leaned back on the couch. Then came the turn of Svetka. She fell back on the mat and arched moaned loudly. Last finished Ritka. Widely legs apart, she stiffened for a few seconds, holding my breath, and then also quietly relaxed. A few minutes later all were in complete relaxation. Then Ritka said:
-Will you help me?
-What? - Olga and Sveta both looked at her.
-Well - Ritka sat with downcast eyes - to get rid of: Sveta said that you have a member of:
Olga reproachfully looked at Svetka. She shrugged, saying casually blurted. Olga did not know what to say, is very much the situation was unusual.
-It hurts - she said that at least say something.
-You're not dead - quietly replied Ritka.
-And if you Kolka does not work?
-So what? Anyway, sooner or later someone will tear. So better to you than the unknown with someone who knows where.
Olga looked at Svetka, asking for advice. The situation was unusual, and she was afraid to make a decision. Sveta shrugged, saying he wants - her case. A few seconds dlisya their silent dialogue. Ritka followed their gaze, trying to guess what the girlfriend decided. Olga got up from the couch and walked over to the table and pulled out from the bottom of a box of treasure, a large rubber penis. She returned to Ritka and again sat down. Ritka took the dick out of her hands.
-Mommy, how big. More than that and Vani. He will not go down there.
-In the mouth it is? - Sveta said grinning.
-Included, - he said Ritka trying lips head.
-Then and there will.
-You need to relax and be excited, then it will not hurt so much, - said Olga and deferred member of the side.
Olga Ritka embraced by the shoulders and ran her finger over her nipple. Ritka stiffened.
-Relax. Do not be afraid. We will not eat. Here look.
She has got her hands behind her back and lifted her bra. Then he stood up and took off her panties. Sveta immediately followed suit. Olga sat back down next to Ritka and put her hand on his chest.
Ritka nodded and shyly squeezed Olga's breasts. She was on the verge of a shock. Whether it is now close to a guy, she would know what to do, but the two girls were petting her vnovinku. Sveta ... pulled over her panties and Ritka had to get up to let her take them off. She sat tightly clenched legs. Sveta started kissing her knees, rising higher and Olga leaned his lips to her hard nipples. A few minutes Ritka could not bring himself to accept the caresses. Finally, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and friends immediately felt as the tension of her body disappeared. Sveta was able to breed her tightly clenched legs and her lips slid on Ritkinomu thigh. Olga Ritka laid on his back and dug his lips in her chest, and she asks, sitting between his legs already licked smooth Ritkinu crack. Ritka did not know what to do. She then tried to cover up by the insatiable Olga's lips, on the contrary, pressed it to his chest, then suddenly found Olga's chest and began to knead it, then tried to reach between his legs, where rapid Svetkin tab brings it to a frenzy. Orgasm crested like a wave. Ritka, losing control of himself, bends toward affection. She could no longer hold back and herself wondering suddenly screamed with emotion. Such a strong orgasm she had never before. When released cramps and body relaxed, she opened her eyes. Between her feet she saw the smiling face Svetkin. Sveta appetizing licking lips. Ritka looked at her breasts. The nipples were purple and badly swollen. She touched them with your fingers and then pull away the hand. The nipples were like wood and unbearably lomili. Heart pounding in his chest. It seemed to her that she could not even move.
-It was great - commented she asks, - Well, even just once?
And, without waiting for the consent of Ritkinogo, he licked her tight clit. Ritka wanted to protest that can not, but the excitement is already overwhelmed her and she just breathed heavily and often. Now caress changed. They are not as frantic as the first time. Olga tenderly held his tongue over bumps around the nipples and breasts, barely touching the nipples themselves, and the language is now Svetkin caressed not only the clitoris but also traveled on the lips, sometimes penetrating between the buttocks and vagina. Ritka noticed that she asks suddenly stopped licking her and froze, clutching his fingers in her leg. She opened her eyes and saw that Sveta ends. Then her tongue continued its work.
Then Ritka could not remember how many times she had finished. Time for it to stop. All she could feel - it caresses her friends. After another orgasm, she suddenly burst into tears. Sveta released her, sat down and said:
- It seems she is ready.

When Ritka could catch his breath, Olga sat on the couch and Ritka stood in front of her, lay her breast to her knees and put her arms around her waist. She buried her face in her legs. She wanted to appear calm, but Olga felt like she was a little tremble in fear. To calm her Olga began to gently stroke her shoulders and back. Meanwhile, she asks, I got behind Ritka. In her hand was a brilliant vaseline on dildo. Ritka standing legs apart. Her clean-shaven lips parted and slightly swollen. They shone from abundant lubrication. Sveta slowly ran member end from her pubis to the anus. Ritka stiffened, and half of her little ass tightly clenched. Sveta took her cock and stroked Ritka ass.
-Do not be afraid.
Ritka relaxed and even stopped shaking. Sveta stroked her legs, buttocks and back. Olga has also become gentle movements to stroke her shoulders, neck and head. Ritka beginning excited again. Her breathing became deeper, she bent, opening itself Svetkin caresses. Sveta got to her clit and now her finger quickly ran back and forth, bringing Ritka to a new orgasm. Svetkin tongue quickly licked Ritkinu ass. Finally Ritka moaned and writhed in Olga's arms.
Now it is the turn of the chief. She asks again took cock and strongly pressed him to Ritkinoy cunt. Sponges slightly parted, letting a member inside. Ritka stiffened when he touched her virgin walls. Sveta felt it and stopped. She moved closer and took Ritka for the ass, put her underbelly in the base member.
-Cry, if it hurts. So it will be easier.
With one hand she held a member at the entrance to the vagina. Ritka struggling hugged Olga, and Olga continued to stroke her back and shoulders to calm a little. Seeing that Sveta is ready to proceed to action, she said her friend. She asks again Ritka patted on the ass, and, taking her firmly, pressed on a member. He slipped inside and Ritka raised his head, suddenly cried out:
-Oh! Oh! Oh!
Member was a little too big for her and she instinctively tried to pull away, but did not let Svetka member slip out of her vagina stretched virgin.
-Already all? - Ritka looked at Olga's eyes filled with tears.
She felt she asks member took his hands and opened her entrance.
-Not yet, - said Sveta, - will have to be patient, not to hurt afterwards.
-You'd better hold it, - she said Olga.
Olga stronger Ritkiny grabbed his arms and held her, and she asks, not waiting for her to come to his senses, abruptly stabbed again and became a member abruptly move them from different angles spreading to shreds residues Ritkinoy virginity. On each shot, Ritka tried to free himself from the grip of Olga and loudly shouted:
- Oh, it hurts !!! Oh, do not !!! Oh, can not any more !!! Enough !!!
She asks, holding it a few seconds, let go and slowly pulled out a member of her cunt. Olga let Ritka exhausted and she sank to the floor. She held his hand between her legs and wept. Finally, she calmed down a bit, took her hand and held his fingers to his eyes. They were divorced blood.
-Now I was not a girl? - She asked, sobbing and pointing fingers Olga.
-Probably not, - said Sveta considering member - let's see. Lie down.
Ritka lay down on the couch and spread her legs hesitantly. Olga and Sveta settled between her legs and curiously began to consider it. Olga gently parted her lips, which have been coated with a mixture of blood, saliva Svetkina lubrication. No doubt was left: to virginity Ritka parted. In place of its pristine walls were just bloody rags.
-Thank you - Ritka blushed.
-That's not all.
-Not all? And what else? - In the eyes of fear Ritka reappeared.
-Several times can still be a little painful.
-I have it.
-When you meet?
-A week later.
-Here, take it. Work out - Sveta handed her a member.
-And now - he commanded Olga - a march in the shower.
While Ritka splashing in the shower, girlfriend stretched side by side on the couch.
- Wow - Olga muttered in response to his thoughts, - come to mind as such ideas.