Do you believe in the virgin birth? Before, I did not believe, but now ...
She was 27, she had a four year old son, and she was a girl. But all in order.
This happened in 1995, quite heavy, post-perestroika. Then everyone rushed all want faster and earn more, everyone wanted to start their own businesses, but few succeed. People have lost the apartment, bursting financial bubbles, circle racket, anarchy, unemployment ... But I digress. My friend also had his business. He was the boss, because the money was his, and I - the brains and communication. We traded paper for offices and all kinds of stationery, I was manager of purchasing and sales at the same time, and along with the driver, that is, the goods were transported to customers. For these purposes, buddy-boss bought me a brand new "Gazelle" - then still a rarity, they have just started to produce.
I was returning home from the last delivery. It was a warm sunny summer evening. I went around the ring (at the time of his reconstructed and there were severe traffic jams), but I had to travel quite a bit - from the ruble to Volokolamke not shove the same across the city. I lived then in Mitino, and goods brought into the office on Rublevskoe highway. First ehalos fine, but then began a cork. A kilometer all became clear - in the left lane and the car broke down all her go round. "What a kid! - I thought. - Could not roll back to the sidelines. "
However, when I pulled up closer, I make sure that it is not at all a goat, and the goat. The fragile girl walked around "izhachka" -kabluchka open the hood and did not seem to know what to do. She was in her short little jeans and blouse, which opened drawn slim tummy and small elastic breast, not covered with a bra, she shone through it. I would kind of give her 20-22 years, although it turned out that she was already 27. Circling emergency "Izsak" I'm staring at the girl, the driver, and the rear has sounded impatient whistles.
She also looked at me with huge enormous eyes gray, and then waved me to stop. I took a left and stood in front of her. The girl went up to the cockpit.
- My car broke down, you do not drag me to the curb? I know how to ride on the rope!
I got out of the cab, pulled the rope and joined our vehicles. She kept staring at me, I even felt uncomfortable. Interestingly, it too embarrassing? After all, I looked at her with no less interest. Dragged by the wayside, "Izsak" I got out of the car, unhooked the rope and said:
- Let's see what your iron horse.
Check the spark plug, the fuel supply. Spark - Elephant kills, gasoline flowing river, the engine is still warm. Why did not he come? She hesitantly hesitated, then he asked:
- And you could not drag me home?
- Where do you live? - I asked, even though it did not matter. Beautiful girl I'm ready to be towed to the end of the world.
- Not far from here, in Krasnogorsk. Just ... - she hesitated. - Only I can not pay.
- We will understand.
- I can - she blushed and lowered her eyes, - you drink tea.
Clearly, she wants to pay in kind. Well, I do not mind, it's the right move.
She was a small one-room apartment. When we entered, she said:
- You sit here, I for Pavlik in kindergarten run over. It's fast, garden won the windows. I still kettle on, you watch, okay?
Amazing carelessness. Leaving an unknown man alone in his apartment ... Although steal something from it is nothing special - an old furniture, black-and-white TV, little dishes, all cup with a broken handle. But then, bad luck, we'll be at Pavlik is ... tea? Kettle whistled and interrupted my thoughts on a gas stove.
Then I come back and Masha with Pavlik. Yes, her name was Mary. But Pavlik - a funny little boy, four years old, very much like her mother. It seems that the Pope had - a pilot test or a polar explorer. At least during the absence of Masha, the traces of stay in the house another adult males were found me. She left Pavlik in the kitchen with me.
- Stay here, I am now.
She closed the door to the room, I could hear what she was saying to someone on the phone.
- And you make me ride on his gluzovike? - Said Pavlik.
- We will see.
- And my mother has gluzovik Tose. Only the ma-and-scarlet.
- I know. And you what car?
- Race, "Phelan". Right now, the show - he ran into the room.
They went together with Masha. Pavlik showed me a small machine, Masha said to him:
- Pavlik now on you will come Aunt Lena, you pobudesh her, she will feed you, and will include "Good night, kids." And then I'll come after you. Good?
- Holos!
Clearly, we have time - up to nine. Well, okay. Came Auntie Lena. I sat in the kitchen and did not see it, only heard them speak with Masha. Mary said that she had to drive off, Pavlik is no one to leave, I'm Lena seems to feel my presence and tried to peek into the kitchen, but she could not. Then she left and led to a boy.
- Do you want coffee? - Said Masha - I'm a good cook coffee.
Of course, I would. When Mary got out from the top shelf coffee grinder through the armholes of her blouse was visible to her chest, a small, attractive, resilient, divine breast. I could hardly restrain master this goddess right there. Masha conjured over the Turks, three times raised the foam, mix the maple stick, cinnamon and salt. Her flowing light brown hair hung down almost to his waist, out of them peeped fragile shoulders. God, what are you the driver? You - TV broadcaster, administrative assistant, do not know who else is there? For Centerfolds sprout too small, but you do not. You are divinely beautiful. How many men have you had? Twenty, forty-one hundred? Though what does it matter, now you - mine.
I walked up behind her and put his arms around, trying as ba inadvertently touch hands to chest. She turned her head towards me. Huge gray eyes shone with affection and tenderness.
- Wait a little bit. Let's have a coffee. Oh!
Pena crossed the edge of the Turks and ran to the white surface of the plate. But anyway, the drink has a divine. Or because it was preparing a goddess?
Then we went into the room and sat down on the sofa. Mary, as if by accident, undid the top buttons of her blouse. I took her by the arm and pulled her to him. And again, those eyes! Huge, gray. And in them - a little bit of confusion, some timid, almost frightened.
- You're beautiful! - I said, dropping his lips to hers.
Then I unbuttoned the remaining buttons of her blouse. So slow. Very slowly he stroked elastic breast, looking away toward the tissue. Then her lips cling to the papillae - right, left, back right, left again. Then he kissed the elastic tummy, descending lower, while unbuttoning his jeans. She raised her ass to make it easier to remove them. Panties she held her hand, all right, let's leave them for later. Typically, a woman really starts when it begins to caress through her panties. Continuing to kiss the tummy, with one hand, I stroked her breasts and the other - a hip, rising up to the crotch.
Touching fabric panties between the legs, I felt that it is dry. Masha has not started up. And I was already on edge, my jeans might just burst. I lifted her ass to lift the pants.
- Wait, - she said. - I'm scared.
- What are you afraid, Masha, darling? You're just a goddess, I want you! All will be well, now I will caress you, nobody caressed. And then we ... However, I'm very excited, first time, can not get ...
- And the second, too, - she said bitterly.
What did she mean? To doubt my abilities? Excitation of slightly subsided. Now you can kiss the most cherished. Again, I pulled down her panties, sliding her lips over her stomach. It still lifted slightly pelvis, helping to eliminate this barrier, as it turned out, not the last. Blonde pubic hairs covered cherished crack. Suprapubic scar - a trace of cesarean section. I kissed the scar, kissed ... hairs, spread their language, making his way to the lips. My hands caressed the meantime the thigh, the breast, the language I drove back and forth along the slits.
Mary was making quiet sobs and sighs that excites me. Finally, I could smell the secretion and language at the same time felt a sweet, both sweet and salty flavor. Now you can push the lips and tongue to wade deeper. It was all very narrow, even the language barely wriggle. Thumb I started to stimulate the clitoris and tongue often-often deepen and drag. Masha pushes her ass back and forth, her breathing quickened. I quickened my movements of the tongue, and very quickly vibrating finger pressing a little clit and making rotational movement. Masha screamed and seems to be finished, because it is no longer move her ass a bit limp.
But this can not be said of my body, he was eager to fight, it's time to let him go free. I continued to stroke the genitals with one hand machinery, so as not to have passed her excitement, the second hand unbuttoned his pants himself, releasing boyfriend free. Obviously, Masha too narrow gap, so all intercourse for it was very painful, so she resisted at first. I lifted and bent her knees slightly dotted them.
- So it will be easier - I said Masha, and her boyfriend warned - look, do not finish quickly!
Going down on top of Masha, I again saw the huge gray eyes. Funk was not in them, it was tense expectation. I kissed her lips and pointed head of the penis to the coveted hole. There was enough moisture, but to squeeze into my friend did not want to. I crawled to her divine, intoxicating smelling pussy, lick and a little poslyunyavil vagina, try again. With the effort failed to advance into the head, it is at once both the girth of the cam. It is necessary to stop and think about work, about debt, about something else, or finish.
Having looked at Masha, she said that she was a little wrinkled forehead, and his eyes, gorgeous gray eyes closed. I firmly imposed a member until the end - Masha gasped lightly - and earned: back and forth, back and forth. My Goddess opened her eyes and huge gray eyes was a joy and a pleasure. It is a little bent and touched his hand to my hip, as if the pressure of setting the rhythm. Through the parted lips she says quietly:
- More more…
A few minutes later she rolled her eyes, one hand, who asked me to pace, grabbed by the balls, and almost shouted:
- All!
I barely had time to pull his body out to blow away from the place that can not be irrigated with this fluid. My head was in front of the divine breast. I immediately fell to her lips. When we have acquired the ability to think and to say the words, she said:
- Get up, you have faded bedspread.
We got up from the couch, and it turned out that the blanket is not only the traces of my sperm, but ... blood. And the friend my blood.
- Do you monthly? - I was surprised.
- I lost my virginity.
I was speechless, but silently touched her scar above the pubis.
- But what is it? I could even think that Pavlik is your adopted son, but is it?
- Come on, you have to wash. Well, hot water yesterday included.
We bathed in the shower, caressing each other, she stroked my penis and testicles, I was excited and asked her to give back. She turned backwards and slightly bent. With its lower jaws dripping and not just because my kid there was slippery, warm and pleasant. Then we drank tea in the kitchen itself, and I listened to the story of the Machine.
- Pavlik gave birth to me. More precisely he endured. I grew meek and youth I did not care either boys or girls. After the ninth grade, I was in a camp. There we lived in a four-bed wards. Girls from my chamber engaged in masturbation, but I'm not excited, on the contrary, I tried to turn away, cover the head, so as not to see or hear anything. And they have some sort of hose adapted for this, and I want it to stick, but I did not give. One says: "You have to acquaint with a bit, he know how thick!".
And the boys with me for many staring, but I must have been a kind of terrible, no one dared to approach. At school, I also did not allow the passage of the guys, but I'm all otshivala. They did not like, and in general, instinct in me was still asleep, I just did not want it. After graduation two guys wanted to rape me. But when I was one of the Congress on the balls, and the second said, "Well it hard to get, let's go fuck Verka better." But first he said nothing. At the Institute, I also eschewed the guys, and the Faculty of Economics, then there almost alone the girls studied. Guys little girl for them squabbled among themselves.
And in the fourth year to have one guy in love, freshman. I decided, well, okay, even younger than three years, but loves. I decided that if he is serious - let. After all, once the necessary innocence to lose, not to go girl-century play the virgin. And when we came to sex - a man too inexperienced - I initiate it failed, put his gun to the hole, and fired. And after so embarrassed that more had not stood up. With this guy we are no longer met, but I have something horrible, I flew. I thought, thought, decided to give birth.
And then my mother was alive, says daughter give birth, and a grandson, I did not see. At the end of the term I have found some kind of pathology, and did Caesarean. Maybe pinned decided, in consultation and so all whispering and giggling: the Immaculate Conception. And then I also had no luck. One would like to have sex with me, too, could not, and even insulted, "You, - he says - frigid slut!". Cool, huh? And the other went to bed, told him everything, so I'm still telling you, he is close to and masturbates. I kicked him, Go, say, stop and get out to the toilet. And when you see, well, I think fate brought us together: you and only you.
She looked at me with huge enormous eyes, gray, enormous eyes divine. It was simply impossible to not kiss, long and eagerly.
- We'll meet again? - I asked.
- No. This moment, this happiness, this will not be. You are for me - my first mysterious man, my hero, my playboy. I'm dreaming, I will remember, but I do not want to become a holiday during the week. After all, you have a family, right? To me you do not leave. Even if he is gone, anyway, the holiday will be no more.
At nine led Pavlik. I said goodbye to his mother and left. But the memory remained so ever and huge gray eyes divine.