We walked once in kafe.Otmechali I think 7 noyabrya.Ya was with my wife, her sister was with her husband and three friends with their muzhikami.Nu as it should be drunk again, drank dva.Potantsevali.Muzyka was alive and so all ordered slow dancing as all were navesele.Ya noticed TEENS from neighboring communication stolika.Kogda she danced her ass so cool that my member stood up and rested in shirinku.Da and not clever one, I uveren.Ya sat at a table, I drank vodka and could not take my eyes off this gorgeous popki.akkuratnye buns, which are so like mash, but also in order better to stick between our nih.Chasa three women were already pretty drunk, especially my zhena.I then her sister invited me to dance We are dancing close to each other and I decided to see how she will keep, if I allow myself a little bit to it popristavat.moi hands slid below the waist and grabbed her buttocks and pressed it to her belly sebe.Ona put her in my risen member. and nichego.Ni disturbances or threatening litsa.Tolko gasped and clung even more, and with one hand grabbed me by the end of and squeezed it."I want you"she whispered to me uho.Ya ofigel honest from such neozhidannosti.Ya did not know that it can me hotet.Devka she simpotichnaya, figuristaya.poluchshe my budet.No then the music stopped and we like nothing had happened back at the stoliki.Opyat played fast music and freer space left one with a chic zadnitsey.Ya missed a couple of stacks decided to go to smoke on the street, looking for a breath of fresh vozduhom.poka cigarettes, the ladies began to fall asleep from sitting vypitogo.Vobschem a sleepy chicken.
I go out into the street and see one on e¸.Sidit perilke and drinking vodka from gorla.Ya asked her what it is she alone and vodka from the bottle lakaet.A it back (too drunk):"I holodno.Muzh skunk drunk and fell asleep and I m¸rznu".Well Here I am without any ulterior motives came up to her and hugged and said,"That's better?"She turned back to me and began to rub his ass on my dick Opa Wow, dumayu.A it is!:" And you better?"I silently grabbed her arm and dragged her to the toilet, the benefit of the people were already drunk and have no one paid vnimaniya.My locked themselves in the toilet and there she just pounced on me.I want you, she moaned when I freed her breasts from kofty.Lifchika her not bylo.Ya biting her nipples, and she undid my belt and molniyu.Nakonets she coped with it and my fool stumbled into her ruki.Ona immediately fell down and began to suck me as a member, I will never sosali.Ah not you mad bitch say, while her husband was asleep, you're then aspirated as I suppose he never sucked? And she began to make it even faster and yarostnee.Takogo blowjob I have not yet bylo.Ya zastonal.I Then I pulled out a member of her every rta.Ona offended at me.
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