Luda looked around, her eyes did not change after she saw a lot of tools and instruments of torture. As before, she was determined. Her eyes burned with bold brilliance. It's obvious that she is ready for the most severe tests. Marina looked at her with fear and, at the same time, with respect. Person of handcuffs hands were clasped behind his back. She was dressed in letnee6 easy dress and white shoes. March went up to her, and gazing into her eyes, spoke:
- Frau Savostina, I have long been waiting for the case to meet you
- One hundred years you could not see - the evil Luda said.
- In vain you are rude to me, the girl - said with a smile nemka- because for this you can pay.
- I'm not afraid, you're a fascist bitch
- In vain you so Frau Savostina, really nothing - Luda continued to smile.
Shulke, what then quietly asked Martha, went to Luda and undid her handcuffs. She rubbed her hands, wrists, and looked again. After that, it unexpectedly struck Shulke in the face with his hand. Do not expect such palachessa fell to the floor on his back.
- I'll kill you bastard - Luda shouted and rushed toward Martha.
Marina and Lena did not understand what happened, but somehow elusive movement in March evaded Luda and she abruptly collapsed on the floor froze. It came a Shulke, jumped to the girl and wrapped her hands behind her back, pinned to the floor with his knee. Luda has issued a heavy long sigh, and tried to regain his breath.
- No need to be so nervous, my dear young lady - again with a smile, said Martha, rubbing his right hand.
Marina and Lena, were simply stunned by everything going on, especially amazed agility and Education Martha. Martha said something Shulke and she raised her, did not resist girl and led her to a pole, standing in the middle of the room. Luda She tied back to the post, hands behind the back post, and both legs by the ankles pulled to the post.
- Well, calm down, Frau Savostina? - He said with the same smile of March.
- Bay, torture me thing, not like a whore !!!! lybsya - I yelled Luda
- Well, you, Frau Savostina, you got me so many times offended, although I will not say bad and words - in March continued to smile.
- And we have decided to punish abuse - continued in March, as a mocking smile - for such insults can get hundreds of batons on the soles.
- I spit on your punishment !!! - Shouted Lyuda- you bitch and beast !!!! And as for spitting ??? - The girl spat on Martha's uniform, not once in the face.
- You that, in this pioneer detachments learn - maintaining a smile asked the German - you are all as one spits, and behind it, I think, a hundred rods ass.
- Come on, pig fascist, I'm ready !!!!! - Said with a smile Savostina, ive her eyes determination appeared again.
- You are in such a hurry - continued to March - we have a lot of time, I still check your stamina.
Martha said that the Shulke and she came out of the camera in the corridor. March of last in the chamber and approached the frightened women. Those looked at her. Luda could not see what was happening in this corner of the cell. March girls patted her cheeks and went to Luda.
- But for the fact that you raised her hand to the German officer in charge will have to seriously - she said to the girl.
- Yes I spit on you - with a grin said Savostina
- Let's see - smiled March.
The room ran Shulke and stretched to attention, something reported March.
- Someone was not delivered to the office - quietly transferred Marina Lena.
Martha stood looking at Luda, then he walked over to a table in the corner cameras and sat behind him gave what that order.
Shulke stretched and clicking heels, nodded and left the chamber.
- Punishing will - said Lena
- Whom! ?? - In response to quietly screamed Marina.
- Do not we calm down
The girls fell silent March sat at the table, staring at the wall, on which hung instruments of torture.
After 15 minutes, the room went two guard and brought five women and one girl, age 14. They were placed along the wall, facing the wall. Hands behind your head, feet shoulder width apart. Went Shulke and Basil. Germany's put on the table in front of Marta, which is paper. Martha got up, said something to the guards, and those clicking heels left.
- Well, make a slip, swirls dirty - Marta said, passing along the wall facing the prisoners - we will educate.
- What is the name - German asked, poking his stick, which was in her arms, the girl in the back.
- Katya Zhukova - the girl said softly.
March came to the table and pulled out a stack of one leaf.
- Come to me, Katya - she called the girl.
The girl approached. March lifted her chin with his cane and looked into his eyes.
- Stealing?
- No, you, Frau officer, never slandered me - the girl began to cry.
- It is good that it is not stealing, and who slandered? - He said in March.
The girl pointed to a complete black-haired woman, 40 years old, standing against the wall.
- She, Frau officer, she steals damn gypsy and dumped on me - the girl said with certainty in his voice.
- Ah, even so - with a smile, she continued in March - well, that's too bad.
- Basil - said Marta - her on the bench - and pointed his cane at the gypsy.
The woman fell to her knees, wrapped her arms around the legs and at the beginning of the Germans lament.
- Pretty, gold, mine, I did not steal, I saw how a small bag kidnapped your officer, I told the truth, darling, why? - Begged the woman.
Basil and Shulke approached the gypsy raised her from the floor and dragged him to the bench. Bench was exactly the same as in the upper chamber. Within minutes, a gypsy woman lying on her obgazhžnnaya, undressed and tied.
- Well, Kate, because you say that the gypsy's lying? - March turned to the girl.
- Yes, yes - Kate said quickly.
- Take the whip and punish her for it - continued to March.
Girl, extremely quickly agreed, and took the whip from the hands Shulke approached the gypsy.
- How can you? - Screaming woman - you little bitch, you thief !!!
The last words ringing drowned out the sound of whips buttocks hit the woman and her cry. Katya, a rare frenzy smacked gypsy. She beat on the back, buttocks and thighs. Woman screaming, shouting curses against girls and pleas addressed, Martha. After about five minutes, when the whole back buttocks and thighs of women covered with the multitude of red, swollen ... bands, Martha stopped the execution.
- So you're telling the truth - she leaned over the face of the howling women.
- Yes dear, yes, rodnenky - lamenting woman.
- Basil, ask-ka you, but through the heel - said in March, with a smile.
It is, as usual went to the victim's feet, sniffed them and nodded Basil. The executioner took a rubber stick and began to peel heavily gypsy heels. Woman loud screaming and writhing as she allowed the shop. Every five strokes, Martha Basil stopped and turned to the woman with the issue. She's lying or not. Gypsy replied that does not lie, and do not deserve a bit. After 25 strokes the woman untied and she slid to the floor. She got on her knees and sobbed, rubbing his hands to smack back and broken heel.
- And now there Katyusha - March pointed with his cane on the bench.
Kate began to shout and hang back, but Shulke with Basil, laid it on the bench for a few minutes, and tied completely naked. March said that the Shulke and she took a rubber stick and began to beat Katya's feet after they sniffed and patted German. The girl squealed like a pig.
Lena and Marina, watching everything that happens from the corner. Already accustomed to such scenes, they are not so sensitive to respond, as the first time. And tied to a post Luda, frowned at each stroke, looking for hapless victims. After fifteen punches that caused by Katya Shulke heels March went up to the girl and asked:
- So who stole the bag from the officer?
- It is she - bellowed Katya ,, looking at the gypsy.
- Bullshit you snake - screamed a gypsy.
March Shulke nodded and continued execution. A few minutes later, Kate admitted that she stole a bag and the bag in the attic of her house. March gave instructions to search the attic, and she took a thin bamboo stick and pour unfortunate thief 50 strong blows to the soles of the feet. Girl, dip, twice lost consciousness, but it brought to life and beat on. Katya's feet were completely covered with thin purple scars. In two places the thin skin below the heel broke and on the soles of thin streams of blood flowed.
After the beating, Martha sat down and looked the paper the other women. The girl was untied and placed on the floor, she was almost unconscious. With the rest of March ordered as follows, she told Alexei call and gave him one of the women. After receiving the order, the young woman executioner tied to wooden goats, add to her 50 lashes on the back and buttocks. Then in March he ordered her to pour another 30 lashes on the soles that Alex immediately fulfilled. Another, lean high, red-haired girl, Basil inflicted 100 lashes on the buttocks with rods 25 and stick on the soles of his feet. The third involved Shulke. It was a slender, beautiful holžnaya woman with beautiful feet. Martha ordered to tie her to the machine of torture for the feet, which she loved to be punished, and licking her feet told Shulke pour miserable 75 strokes with a bamboo stick on the soles. The very same gypsy hanging by the feet of the big toes, beat her heels and feet short leather whip. The room was filled with the sounds of blows, cries of four severely battered women and their prayers and lamentations. 40 minutes later, all five accidents lay in a semiconscious state on the floor of the chamber.