I was friends with a girl. We went everywhere together, walked. Only she had a small flaw. She loved that everything was her decision, and she loved ordering. Then one day about this strongly argued and she turned away went home. I have walked a bit, thought it over and decided to still be reconciled. With these thoughts and I went to her.
Natasha opened the door and looked at me questioningly. I immediately began haltingly ask for forgiveness and promised not to argue with her. She turned and walked into the room, rustling the long colorful skirt. I regarded it as an invitation and walked her into the room, closing the door.
She stood in the middle of the room, and her chest heaving and often as I knew her, she was in a rage. I was able to convince her it was probably easier to break through the wall of the head than to convince her. But finally she took pity, almost. - So you're my slushati and without too many questions? - She said and I said it - now check - with these words, she lifted her skirt and put his leg fitted by a dark stocking - On your knees and kiss! - She ordered. I knelt down and told her and kissed her foot, but immediately heard from the top - and that's all ?! Tongue active! - I obeyed and started language polizyvat her leg, holding for stocking. Then I looked up. She stood and smiled. - That's not all. I'm still not convinced. - She went to the closet and pulled out a rope .....! - I will bind your hands and proceed to another test. - I started to mumble something that should not be linked, and why it should be, it immediately cut me - So what are your assurances! You're just scared! On hold - and he threw me into something that was lying on the chair.
I caught and spread. It was her skirt and I automatically put it to himself, as if trying on. She laughed and cried - if you do not wear, and let not tie the hands of, I believe that we do not know more. I'm doomed vsdohnul agreed. Only she wanted me to be completely changed. So I had to pull the stockings. Skirt pulled with difficulty and with its help. It was to my knees very tightly stretched across my legs, I could barely peredvigatsya. Finally, she was wearing a bra and pulled something like golf Lycra. Without giving me time to recover, Natasha has got my hands behind his back and began to bind them tightly twisting the wrist. And as I thought about the fact that it is certainly is not worth poddavatsya, it was too late - she tightened the knot and my hands were tightly tied behind. But this is not over. Another rope is beginning to link elbows and then I began to bristle - Yes, you stand to attention! Is it so much tied? - I said that there is no confusion, and she continued her work. Then she began to swing the rope my body. And on the shoulders and torso, while I was not firmly connected, but the hands are fastened to the body.
She stood in front of me and critically examined his creation. She went and hugged whispering - well, say for me what you like. - And I said yes, and do not lie. I start for some reason like to be bound by Natasha. She turned and started to push me - Come to my room. I have not yet finished, and my aunt could return. She was oh so popular with the boys dressed, but still related. - And she raised her eyes innocently. - I hope you do not leave me to his aunt? - I asked - well, it depends on you - and she laughed.
The room she was again told to kneel down and turned his back to me.
He ran his hands over her ass and ducked. The skirt is tight, obtyagivaya her soft spot. - Well, now kiss sdes cute - I heard her voice. I leaned forward and not keep his balance just slammed his face into her ass. She turned and laughed - well, you even do not want to kiss - with feigned insult Natasha said. She helped me up and told me to sit on the bed. She sat down next to my feet and began to swing the rope my ankles.
- Why do you bind my feet - I was worried - What do you do? What I want and what I do - she replied while continuing to communicate. - Every time you're not going to carry out my wishes, I will increasingly enmesh you and you can not stop! - Linking the ankles, she set to her knees. And how much I begged her not to, in response, she only just laughed. Finished bind legs, Natasha threw them on the bed - a rest for now - with a grin cooed. Thus it deprived me of the possibility to engines. She slowly lifted her long skirt and I could not help admiring her slim figure. Turning to me, she said - Do not peek! - And approaching his own skirt wrapped my head. I screamed in panic through the material - take off! I choke, I find it hard to breathe. - But she was not going to do that. - Do not choke. And it's not for long. - And indeed my head was wrapped long. I just felt like the bed next to me and settled skirt was lifted from my head. She stood over me on her lap and looked down at me. All my clothes except for black silk panties she could take off. She bent down so that her breasts touch my face - you want to take a closer look? - I certainly had nothing against his lips and stared at her breasts. But she did not give long Savoury - Now poznakomsya with his queen and crouched down so that my head was between her legs, and her lips touched her panties. - Stop! - I mumbled, and the answer was - it means you do not want! You have not yet realized that I still will achieve his. - She moved forward and sat right on my face. So she sat for almost a minute, and I squirmed as he could. Stood up she asked - Well, how? Who is willing to do that'll have? - Gasping, I nodded in agreement - but still a lesson not hurt - she smiled and sat back down on the face. So she did several times, and finally sat down again as before - And now signs with the Queen and the active language! - I had povinovatsya and my tongue started polizyvat her silk panties.
She obviously enjoyed my helplessness and enjoyed it as I could. Fully enjoy, Natasha got off me and stood beside the bed.
She ran her fingers along the edge of her panties, and thought, took them off. Holding in her hand, she sat down next to me and spoke thoughtfully - You still bristle and you deserve a little more punishment. Open your mouth! - And she held out her hand with shorts. I slowed to fulfill her order - You want my ass again to have on your face? Liked? - I immediately opened his mouth and she firmly shoved the gag in my mouth. I felt like a gentle silk fills my mouth until completely occupied the entire space. Language has been pressed, and I would probably could not have pushed the gag. But this was not enough to Natasha. She pulled my head stockings and tape tightly wrapped his mouth, and I just had to sit quietly, so as not to give her reason to come up with more punishment. To test their creation, she pinched me painfully. I wanted to scream, but only made a faint sound. Natasha rasmeyalas and went to the closet to dress. It was also torture. Try to observe the woman changing her clothes and be indifferent, and even related ....
Now she was in a mini skirt and blouse. Admired in the mirror, she came to me - Well, what sprawled? Get up and jump into the living room! - It helped me to my feet and slapped on a soft place. I like something small jumps doprygat to the living room, where she gestured to me on the sofa. I am pleased to doprygat him and flopped down on it. On the contrary there was a section with large mirror and I could see what she did to me. I saw myself in women's clothing, enveloped in ropes and gagged. Natasha stood in front of me, I watch and burst out laughing. - Oh silly! - Through laughter she said - allowed to dress in women's clothes and I a weak woman to bind you hand and foot. And now you're helpless. - She bent ... and continued - I would have to suffer like you should be, but alas. I'm going with her friends to a party. - She sat on my lap and purred in his ear - What do you think, what I'm trying so hard? - There was a pause, and she said - my aunt so alone and she loves bound and dressed guys ..... - I knew where she was going, and shook his head, because he could not make a sound. - Do not worry. You do not even like it - and she laughed again. She stroked my cheek, covered with a stocking. Getting up she brought a blanket that lay on the table and dragged me to it. Turning on his stomach, I bent my legs and started primatyvat to the body, and for one to the table. Soon I could not do to engines, only to turn his head. - Well, now you really will wait aunt - her voice heard. - Tomorrow may come and save you, and you tell me what did you do all. - And I am prepared for the inevitable.