"And here's your pair" - She said, pointing to a woman standing on her knees and lick my shoe a new friend. "Well, all that will be enough place!" she commanded, and dutifully retired woman on her knees and hands in the room and lay down on the mat, curled up. The new name was my friend Tanya, and her strange friend-servant Katya. Kate was, you might say naked: her chest was wrapped in rope, braided behind her back, around his neck a dog collar and waist was a belt, to which was attached a rope passed through crotch. two falloimmitator was attached at the waist.
I became acquainted with Tanya at a party, where she was drunk after a couple of glasses of wine talk. It turned out that she fuck in their 30 years last time at the prom and she is not alien leysbiyskie inclinations and small oddities. Now it became clear what she was saying. She told me that she had a friend with similar inclinations, which has the same problem. He works with the men in the office secretary, but no one gives, but today decided that it is necessary - now or never. Beautiful woman with a curvy shape - of course I agreed.
"Take off your clothes, whether at home. I hope you will be late for a long time here" - She said, throwing off his cloak. She looked great in evening dress. "We come into the room. Met on the best" - And we went into a large room. "Yeah, well, the money she apparently dofiga" - I thought. We sat down on the sofa. "Kitty, kitty come to me, my dear" I said my new friend and the woman who was lying on the rug near the wall, got up on my knees and crawled over to us. All this time, she looked at the floor. For the first time, in the hallway I could not see it well, but now with a good light she looked beautiful. Even more beautiful than my girlfriend. Beautiful figure, tight stomach and chest - a dream! "Well, it is expensive Glory" - "pussycat" I looked up looked at my friend, then looked at me, obsmotrela top down and turned to Tanya. "Like?" - She asked, "Yes" - She replied quietly kitty. Beautiful face, eyes, and at the same time without clothes - I started not intentionally excited. "Go prepare him a bath. And we still talk" - Tanya smiled as Kate could not contain the excitement and joy, she got up and ran to the bathroom and from there came the sound of water. "So, my dear, that you met. She liked you, my pussycat?" - She asked and smiled - her hand was stroking between my legs, "I see you happy".
"Well, then you will live with it. Entertain her when I'm at work, sometimes will entertain and me together. I would like to, you know diversity, sometimes in our everyday life of women". Her hand was rastignula my pants and slipped into his pants. "Today I am tired, so you get to know for the best, but tomorrow night I'll try out. Undress and go and wash up!". I took off my shirt, my pants were unbuttoned and my friend sticking out of them as a number. During this whole procedure, my friend looked at me eagerly. And here I am completely naked. "Kiss Goodnight and Go" - she said. I walked over and reached out to her to kiss her, but she pulled away - "Silly, between his legs!". I knelt down, he picked up the hem of her dress and ducked under it. In the dark, in the stroking thigh touch I made it to the coveted corner - and kissed her several times and licked. Tanya moaned and kept her thighs. "Well done!" she said when I emerged from under her, slapped me on the ass "Go!".
I went to the door to the bathroom, you can hear the rustling of water and shampoo smells. I opened the door, kitty stood hunched and stir in the water bath. The entire bathroom was hefty, and she had a bath designed for two. Black rope on it, which was held in the crotch was just between the labia beautifully highlighting them. Her pubis was clean-shaven. I came up from behind and kissed the left and right of her lips. She shivered and trembled. "Oh, you are here. Do not hurry so. Climbs into the tub" - Her voice was quiet and pleasant, and trembling with excitement. She took advantage of my two hands as something very fragile and kept it until I got into the bath. It is lodging in the edge of the tub so I could see her completely. "As she is beautiful" - I thought. "You will not climb with me?" - I asked. "I do everything you say, everything, everything" - Her eyes fell down. "No, look at me and I wanted to do myself. Good?" She nodded with a smile and stood behind me took the shampoo, wet the hair and began to lather them. After that, she just crawled back into the bathroom, took a washcloth and began to rub the body, her breasts rested on my back, her nipples were hard and nice about rubbing my back. The bathroom smelled shampoo. She lathered me everything but dignity, then I said that I turned picked up the soap and began to lather my cock. Strange, but it was still "dressed" in rope. "Why do not you undress? I mean, the rope is not removed?"- I asked. "I had never rented, even when I wash, or walk down the street - they are always with me, they do not interfere, and give pleasure". I would argue, the more she liked it. Then she began to wash me warm shower. Having dealt with the water we started drying off - she wiped me and I her. When I wiped her she moaned - I carefully wiped her between the legs. "We will sleep with you on the mat?" - I said, I honestly do not want sorrow. "No, not today. I have a room, strangely enough" - She smiled.
"Now I will tell you the rules. The mistress of the room and into the hallway walk only on his knees. Walk naked, I have a collar, I hope you'll like it for you. You probably will be more important than me, but while I'm going to tell all - listen to me. Stand on knees, went to my room" - And she sat down on the rubber sheet. Head she pushed open the door, the room was quiet and dark. "Mistress sleeps. Quiet, do not make a noise. Hold the rope" - She said, and gently spread her legs. I grabbed the rope teeth in the place where it touched her beautiful labia. My lips have merged with her nose ran into the anus, "Strangely enough, it smells so good" - I thought. We crept into her room. We moved silently she sometimes stopped, or omitted that would listen, felts that I would once again tightly pressed to her lips. We passed a room and the hostess came into the room Katie. I let the rope out of his mouth, she got turned on a table lamp. The room was not as big as the mistress room, but it was cozy. "Here, your collar. Come, I will wear it" - she said. I approached her, she put me on the neck collar. It was a bit odd - a collar was attached strip of skin with ring on the end. The bar fell on my chest and stomach, and in the ring she put my cock in place of eggs. She pulled the strip, I leaned and felt like very excited. "He did not shoot when you're here. Come to me" - Every time you try to straighten the strip pulled my cock up. I crawled on my knees to her tongue pulled the rope from her vagina, and pressed it to his lips. She was ready - wet, hot and a little tense. "Behind Come" - She got up on my knees put the chest on the floor - I could not wait any longer. He came up to her and stroked her ass dick introduced as deeply as possible. I lay down on her chest and stroked started pushing, to strip from the collar member rubbed her anus so she quickly finished. However, she softly moaning and twirling hips. I was in full swing. Turning her I put her legs on his shoulders and continued to enter into it, now slowly, letting her enjoy. Her face glowed, her eyes were closed and humid. Chest heaving with tremors, my hands were on them, and she opened her eyes. After a few minutes, she grabbed a strip of pulled to itself -"Do not stop! I finish this hour!" my dick with eggs canvas so pressed her vagina, that I could hardly take out his cock for another push, and she held my stripes. The fight did not last long - I tensed and took her by the hips deep into it and finished - by sperm in the vagina bumps ... Kate arched and also finished. There was a quiet "ah-ah-ah"Even for a moment I continued mild tremors so we can enjoy each other. I lay down on the bed she came and kissed me, straightened the rope in his crotch, "Sleep road". She lay down between my legs head, took my fallen member in her mouth and licked it without taking it to sleep.
I woke up on what someone did me a blowjob. Kate smiled and I finished it in her mouth, she licked her lips licked my penis and said it was time to wake the owner. Rising to his knees, we went into the room. Tanya slept on his back under the sheet outstretched legs. Her breasts like two rocks stand out beautifully. "What should I do?" - I asked, "I think you'd better treat her between her legs, and I'll take care of the breast"- With these words she quietly began removing the sheet from her body baring the chest. "Climb under the sheets!" - She said, smiling. I lifted the sheet edge and crawled under it, moving closer to her crotch, I kissed his feet Thani. Katya at that time began to kiss mistress nipples. Loboc Thani was shaved, but pricked. After kissing and licking his crotch, I fell to the labia - Tanya began to stir and awaken. "Good morning, mistress. Time to wake up" - Said Katya, and I put my tongue in the vagina Thani. "D-e-do-oo-obroe morning"With difficulty she said, heard the upcoming excitement in her voice. I'm stuck, and stuck out his tongue mimicking limb movements and twisted them in circles when stuck in the full depth. Tanya did not last long, feeling it caress the two and quickly finished. From it poured. Kate understood everything when the hostess tensed and froze, uttering a soft moan, scooted me lifted the sheet and said, "Drink it all, not to wet the bed". I fell to the vagina - eagerly began to suck all that flowed from her mistress lick. Tanya loved it - she ruffled my hair and whispered "Good for you, good boy". When finished with the caresses were three of us went to the bathroom. Tanya stood in the middle of the bath, and Katya - she was back, I washed her front. Particular attention I paid her nipples and crotch without washing their hands washcloth. When we were almost finished with the hostess said - "I shaved". Kate took a razor and handed it to me. I licked the crotch - and where licked razor wire, thus shaved her pubic area and around the labia. Then we wiped her thin towels dry. Said Tanya Tanya - "Go there heating"And I "Come on I'll dress"She went into the room where slept in the closet, and we fled on his knees behind her. I ran and I thought what a class hostess ass, I wanted to fuck her in all holes. Tanya opened the closet got a belt for stockings, socks - all in black, blue dress to the knee and a nice cut on his chest. "Dress up!" - She commanded, "Or do you like me naked?". "Yes, you're gorgeous naked, your ass is simply mesmerizing!", My penis has long stood and fought in convulsions. She sat on the bed, spread her legs and straightened one - I put on her stockings, then she got me to put on the belt. When I was buttoning the lips accidentally touched her crotch. She was delighted. Dressed dress without panties and bra.
When Tanya and Katya had breakfast we stood by and waited until the hostess eat. When a meal was finished, Kate brought her purse, and kissing his feet shod Tanya in her shoes. Then Kate took my cock and tinker head socks on both shoes on, they began to shine. "Well, all I've got!" - Tanya said, "She's all yours"- She said to me, pointing to Kate. Katya again kissed the hostess shoes and Tanya left.
Kitty turned his back to me, his hand over his crotch took my penis and put into itself. I took her by the waist on began to enter. She rubbed her pubis sometimes touching my penis. So we fuck in the hallway - I came into the vagina, all that flowed from it she rubbed on her pubis and abdomen. "Come wash" - she said. Kish washed me and said - "You need to shave" - But I took my penis and began slowly and with pleasure to shave. After that, I looked like a boy.
After a delicious breakfast we tumbled all day - watched porn, tried everything. That day I learned a lot of interesting things about the interests of housewives and customs of this house. Late in the evening came the hostess. dinner and a bottle of wine was prepared for her arrival.
In the hallway, we sat down at the feet of the mistress - I got right, Kate - left - sat down on the toe shoes and started rubbing the genitals of a sock, while kissing the hip through the stockings. The hostess smiled, somewhere in a minute Kate stopped moving and pulled back a little, about the shoe that she was rubbing her wet - it seems she had finished. "I'm tired. Take me on the bed and undress" Tanya said to me. I stood up and took her in his arms bore the bed, while I was carrying her she kept one hand on his neck, the other for my cock. When I brought it she took off her dress and left in stockings and a belt. "Hmm, you shaved. Well not bad, not bad" 'she said patting my hardened cock and balls. "Well dinner" - Said Tanya - I poured the wine, and very little to eat. "Kish! Prepare him to sleep, he will be with me" - She said Katya. From these words and prospects I was excited to the limit. Kate took my penis and began to lick it carefully so that I almost did not finish - but she would not let me do it.
Tanya undressed and went into the shower while I worked. After returning from the shower she commanded "Place kitty, he is my". Kish had gone into the room and in the evening I have not seen her. Tanya stroked my penis and said, "What are you wet, wet, and I". She took off her robe, and I saw her beautiful freshly shaven crotch. Lick it was a pleasure. The hostess was lying on his back and moaning. When she had finished her hands dug into my hair and pressed her face tight vagina. "It's time for your friend" Tanya said, and smiled. I'm just waiting for this - our petrified member, I was stuck in it, and racing began. We changed the position of the top and bottom, on its side. She came a couple of times, and I could hardly restrain uzhu. "I have another hole, it's all yours"I could not believe his ears. I was attached to her backside and began to gently penetrate it. Taut and, apparently, not developed the anus did their job - I very quickly finished it. Then I realized that my strength was gone, and the landlady too tired. "Everyone will sleep. Are you with me. Lie down between his legs, and there sleep" - And he was asleep within seconds. I lay down between her legs licked her lips and fell asleep.