Ordinary dreams of ordinary secretary.
Melancholy stretched long autumn evenings. Phone was silent for a long time. At the heart empty and cold. One consolation - work. Only here, she felt human warmth and slowly thawed, it would be again in the evenings alone.
The white walls of the cozy office, through the open door to hear the voice of employees. Working vanity ...
Low velvet voice on the phone asked the chief cook coffee and submit it to the office. She put the phone down gently shaking hands with excitement. While preparing coffee, listening to the loud sound of his heart, ready to break out of his chest. "My dear, sweet. I'm afraid of you and I love."
She came in with a tray in the room. He did not even turn around, his fingers quickly ran through the computer keyboard. Broad shoulders, covered with expensive suit shrugged slightly. She carefully set the tray on the table ... and quietly walked up behind him.
She tried hardly to breathe, afraid to give his excitement. Has her fingers through his hair, touched her neck. The warmth of his skin caressed her hands. She looked at his powerful neck and licked her with desire and awe hot lips. I touched them to the neck and the familiar smell of his body pleasantly tickled the nostrils, bringing to mind. He raised his hand and pressed her hand to her cheek. She has a sense of excess is about ready to be screwed tears. "It is so good to me, so sweet". He got up and headed for the door as if to leave. She blocked his path, blocking the door body. He came so close that she could feel his breath on my face. He reached past her and turned the key in the lock. His mouth powerfully grabbed her lips and tongue penetrated deep into her castle onslaught parted white pearl gatekeepers. She tickled him with the tip of his tongue. Startled, he grabbed her in his arms and strongly pressed to his body. Hot current ran through two bodies, combining them in a single burst.
He took her hand in his hand and placed it on his thigh. Her hand slid down his body until she felt through the fabric as a huge volcano wakes up, hardening in her palm. She felt the warm skin of his hands and the hot blood of the flesh under the trousers. He rubbed slowly and strongly pressed her palm of his hand and forcing his fingers to slide even lower, until she felt a neat tight balls. He stroked her neck with his free hand, shoulder blade, she replied breathlessly slightly flex back. "I want you, I want to see this volcano awoke in me, filling me with hot lava". Her panties were wet for a long time already, the body and the lower abdomen, everything ached and groaned silently. Sweet heat wandered throughout the body, forcing tremble and shiver swept by a wave of desire. An involuntary moan escaped from his lips, as she squeezed his head in the most hardened to the limit of the volcano. She freed his hands and pulled off his jacket, undid the buttons on his shirt, just sat down and touched his lips to the golden nuts. From her hot kiss he was quite firm and plump. She licked her finger and rubbed them the other nipple.
He picked it up and turned to his back. She felt like a volcano pressed against her ass. His hands stroked her breasts and shuddered from unexpected touches and hardened her nipples. From crazy sweet torment she was ready to faint. She tilted her head back and his mouth captured her earlobe. She could hear him breathing deeply moved. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her skirt upward, his hands slipped on nylon, tight-fitting her feet. He launched a nylon arm and felt the hair smooth soft striped footpath runs into the bottom. It is in response to strongly arched her back and pressed her tighter to his thighs. He pulled off her tights and ran his fingers along the moist and tender folds that covered the entrance to the cave.
He nudged her into peržd and she felt under the hands of a cold table, grabbed the edges. Hot Volcano plunged into it, filling the sweet body trembling. He began to move slowly in it, and it wanted this madness never end. Suddenly, her body pierced sweet sudarga, lips cracked involuntary hundred and at the same moment, he took a deep tug and stood, filling it with hot lava.