Everything just fell into place: and this playful brawl because of the book, and embarrassment of touching the soft velvety skin, and the understanding that, in principle, sooner or later it had to happen. Natasha stood pressed against the wall, hiding his hands jammed in the back of the book. I held her naked elbows, clinging to it, and is not trying to take away the unfortunate book. She looked at me with her green eyes, and as if I had never seen them. Naughty, do not have children, and kako even vicious glance it just fascinated me.
I knew what to do. I wanted to do it. A long time ago I wanted. I bent down and touched his lips Natashkiny lips. It was not even a kiss. Just a touch. But her lips parted to meet and then I gently cupped their own. Soft warm, they dutifully echoed the gentle caress, then escaped themselves passionately caressed. I've already let Natashkiny elbows and hands taking her face reveled in sweet kisses. And she did not remain in debt, and every kiss her back podhl¸styval me and I could not stop.
Her hands touched my waist. At first hesitant, but as the kisses became hotter, girl smelela. Here are her palms slipped under the shirt, touched my skin crawled up the back. Natasha clung tighter to me. Through the thin fabric, I felt a gentle elastic chest. I slid her hands on bare shoulders, gently put his hand on the tight ass. Hugged her, giving the girl to feel how strong my desire. She momentarily looked up from my lips, put her arms around my neck and then slapped my mouth with a kiss. I grabbed the elastic tighter buttocks and grabbed her into his arms. Natasha did not lose her tightly clasped me with his strong thighs. She was a petite woman, and not heavy, also a passion of mine gave me extra strength. I stepped to the unmade sofa and sat on it for a Woman dropping into his lap. Without saying a word Natasha pulled off my shirt and undershirt. The touch of her hands to my bare-chested was inexpressibly pleasing. Sweet shiver ran over the body, when the thin fingers touched my nipples, squeezed his chest.
My hands moved with taut buttocks to the waist. I pulled up an easy T-shirt. House Natasha almost never wore a bra and her small breasts young so seductively swaying under the thin clothes, and sometimes I was hard to look away from the protruding nipples through clothes. Now I have seen these little pink tops strong young breasts and could not believe that it's finally happened. But Natasha did not let me admire them. It knocked me on my back and again took possession of her lips my. She apparently liked to kiss, but I did not mind. In addition to her passion kisses added heady sensation of touch her naked breasts hard on my chest and close contact with my girl's pubes poured force tearing out by nature. Apparently the girl was also nice to feel the elastic bulge in my pants, because I felt like she was quietly beginning to rub his crotch on her. I caressed the tender skin of her back is still not daring to get under her sports pants, but Natasha herself all predetermined. She suddenly looked up from my lips and leaned forward breasts hanging over my face. Now I can enjoy plenty of these charming mounds. I kissed, licked, nibbled the delicate skin with hard tops nipples. I have seen, I felt from my caresses they became more and more dense. She gently rocked from side to side giving me the opportunity to devote equal attention to each of their delicious roundness. At the same time, do not hesitate, I snuck under Natashkiny "sweat pants" and I did enjoyed the elastic buttocks and then slipping his fingers on the hollow between them veiled by a thin strip of panties. This, as it were random, stroking, seems like a girl, because every time when my finger found himself in the hollow she involuntarily raised her ass letting my finger to get even lower, to the most coveted goal, but I pulled back and start all over again.
It was time to take the initiative in their hands and I turned in one motion crushing under her frail girlish body. Natasha did not resist. She was quite zahoroshelo and it is completely at the mercy of their feelings. I started a her hands behind her head and continued torturing her tender breast. Apparently it was her erogenous zone because it started up in earnest and soon I heard her first moan and steel nipples just stone. But I was not going to be limited to this. My lips began to descend below giving way to my hands. I oglazhivaet tight mounds occasionally accidentally touching intense peaks, and at that moment she arched chest up and quietly moaned. I tried everything below. Now, plenty played enough with tender breasts, I was with the same lust wanted to get to the most intimate. A little extra attention to the navel and gentle twitch from my caresses belly I slowly but firmly pulled bother me "sweat pants" down the road from freeing Natasha and thin and quite unnecessary now panties. In the nose hit a tart, but such an alluring aroma raspal¸nnoy female flesh. I saw a narrow sch¸lku with pink entrance framed by short, dark-brown hair. Without thinking, I bent and slowly ran his tongue from the bottom up, on the wet slit pausing for a moment at the very top. I gently parted the flaps and fingers gently cupped the top lips where hid the delicate folds sensitive pea. Apparently I have reached the goal: Natasha gasped and clutched my head with his hands moved up the pelvis. I gently sucked the sensitive folds, pushing the tongue, then circling elastic clitoris. Two fingers, I cautiously, not deeply immersed in the wet womb: Girl in full flowed.
Finally, unable to cope with the surging desire, Natasha pulled my head up and slapped wet lips a passionate kiss. I felt it slowly pulls off my clothes remnants of releasing stagnant my flesh. It was great to feel like lowered my pants she slid her fingers warm for tension member, as if checking to see if he is ready to work. Apparently satisfied with his condition, she slid her hands on the buttocks and thighs filed toward my riser. Of course I could enter into it at once, but accustomed to over many years of family life to restrain myself, I'm in no hurry. At first, I just gently touched the entrance to the head girl's sanctuary, he slid along the barrel pressed against his scrotum to the heart. Natasha eagerly trying to catch him, stronger squeezing my buttocks. Grasp the back of the couch, I towered over her in contact with her just down there, and happily watched the writhing her body trying to merge more with mine. I myself was no less excited, but I could not afford, that would be our first intercourse with her was over my defeat. I firmly decided that will bring her to orgasm. Especially because during the marriage I have learned to restrain their impulses and renew sweet moments before the explosion. Natasha's mother was, though strastonoy woman, but to ignite it, and especially lead to the finish, required some effort.
I cautiously entered the head in the bosom of the expiring and froze. Natasha moved forward, but I pulled away.
- Do not hurry, dear, take your time ... So ... a little bit ... and a little bit more.
Slowly, slowly I got into it, holding it as he could gust. Half went into it, I began to gently move sometimes entirely leaving the hot womb. When she had grown accustomed to such a shallow dive, I suddenly one movement entered her until the end, as a whole, and froze. Neozhidaya this Natasha moaned a long, arching his body towards me. Now I'm in no hurry to leave. It is close to its elastic vagina I knew felt that if we now go out, I can not help it ... and finish. So I just gently shaking his hips, then straining, then relaxing his instrument, as if getting used to envelop his wet-hot ring.
Arriving from a first wave of bliss, I began to move. Slowly, slowly, I came out of Natasha and re-entered until it stops. By alternating deep and shallow penetration, I felt that now I can hold out for a long time. I would like "perehotel" a blast and now just enjoyed. And Natasha has not restrained itself. Her movements became sharper and sometimes I even do not move, and she literally skewer themselves on my count. I knew that no amount of persuasion will not help and is now just waiting for the girl to explode. And this moment has come. Natasha suddenly stiffened, leaning up several times sobbed convulsively childish hand over hand as though he would comfortably take on me, and then a prolonged groan. I felt several times her flushed vagina squeezed my phallus and breathed in the hot wave.
Do not convey the feeling of elation, victory and unspeakable tenderness, when a woman was adjusted to ecstasy and you realize that you can still. Natasha seemed suddenly went limp, I leaned over, began to shower her face with kisses lungs carefully by slightly moving it. From these movements several times she shuddered all over. Now her hands are clutched me tightly, passionately and gently stroked delivering it even more fun.
I gingerly stepped out of it and lay down beside him. My excitement had passed, but I never would now continue to act the girl did not have to have been at rest. Natasha put her head on his shoulder and said nothing. Her hand gently stroked my chest. I knew where she was looking and did not try to hide behind. Gradually, her hand came down and soon I felt a light touch thin fingers to his cock. From this, he started and seemed to increase even more. I took a deep breath of bliss overflowing me. A deft fingers began to explore vengeance inherited their wealth. They stroked the trunk, gently squeezing the scrotum, down even lower, chosen to himself the anus and then I involuntarily lifted the pelvis, buttocks straining, feeling the muscles of the driving pleasure. Grasping the phallus in the ring fingers repeatedly slid up and down on it. And then Natasha lowered her head below my chest. I even caught his breath in the knowledge that she was going to give me. I still doubted until her lips tortured my nipples, but when they went down to the navel, I stopped being afraid to scare unexpected happiness. Finally, I felt the soft lips touched the swollen head, then fell back again, and clung. Taut tongue licked his purple pommel of my spear, and it disappeared in the damp depths Natashkiny mouth. Short blond hair could not hide from me the fact that she got up from my penis. She gently sucked the head, nimble tongue slid along the elastic stem, plucking them pommel in the sensitive area, and then suddenly laying his soft lips, and sank into his marvelous mouth. I could not long tolerate those delicious torture. My hips moved slightly toward the gentle caresses and soon I felt the approach of orgasm. My hands lay themselves on Natasha's head and felt the softness of her silky brown hair, I moved slightly cock in her and exploded! That was something! Such bliss I experienced three times, four in a lifetime. All the senses sharpened to the limit, my whole body turned into one continuous nerve, ears were ringing, and sperm powerful as it seemed to me, pushes struggled from fossilized phallus filled her mouth and the girl. But Natasha did not think to escape. Apparently, it is this and sought, and I suddenly felt like it was the swallow me rend the moisture and this awareness filled me with even greater enthusiasm.
- This is for you, in gratitude for what you have done for me, - said Natasha, after my euphoria was over, and she carefully licked weakening member. - I'm still anybody so I did not finish like you.
Warm swollen lips wrapped around my mouth and I said a grateful kiss on the putting back all the tenderness he was capable.
By listening to the sensations I felt that do not feel any remorse, contrary happiness literally covered me. And from what I had to suffer. Even though it sounds cynical, but Natasha, in fact, I was not a blood relative. his wife's daughter from his first marriage, and besides, by all standards of age, she was just a woman, but I'm a man.
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