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Then one of them decided to join the already ebuschimsya.
- Well, that bitch can pososesh me? - He asked his hairy huische substituting for her gentle mouth.
- Yes suck just do not hurt more - said my wife.
And his fat dick disappeared in her mouth. And at this moment that he fucked her in pussy I finished so hard that sperm surpluses began to flow from her pizdyulki.
Then she fucked in the ass and the other in the pussy and mouth. And in turn, while three holes. And they saw me ...
I will not continue further in detail, in short, I sucked them they flogged me in the ass finishing one point my wife and I licked.
Cum in me in the ass and mouth.
My wife and I sucked at the same time in any of them but this time we fucked and fucked. Wife has gradually become to have fun and start to finish.
I was excited and ended when my Anya pearls in a point and I at this moment taking in your ass someone's dick and a member of the ass of my wife passed my mouth and the sperm starts to flow down my throat.
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