One morning in the country, after "yesterday" I woke up with a terrible headache. And to somehow airing decided to walk through the holiday village. It was quite hot and I went in some batches. So I walked for a while until you wanted to smoke, and see just standing at the fence guy 28 years old and smokes. I approach say
"Treat cigarette".
"What is difficult?" She asks.
"Yeah, I went through yesterday"
"Well, wait a bear today" and I went into the house.
Looking after him, I called him to himself "sailor" because he was in a vest, which reached almost to his knees. The house seemed someone else was sailor with someone talking, and then I heard: "Give it here"Then appeared sailor with a cigarette in his hand.
"Come for a visit - sober"
From such a proposal to abandon the sin in my state and I say:
"With pleasure, only now finished his air".
We smoked and went to the house, there is probably too well recently walked, in the middle of the room stood a table laden with all kinds of drinks and snacks. At the table on a large reclining couch unfolded another guy totally naked and lying on the thighs towel hiding his dignity. This guy I named "athlete"As he was well inflated. In the next room apparently someone else slept. The athlete looked at my drunken eyes and just nodded toward the table. The sailor asked me why and I told to pour the vodka, he poured me and myself, we had a drink in my head immediately became nice and calm. The sailor went into the next room. All this time the athlete looked at me without stopping, then asked:
"Well, I feel better?"
"More is not until the end, but it is much better".
"So it is necessary to eat, come over here" he said, looking at me with misty eyes.
I went. "eat" he said, and pulled off his towel. I could not help saying "Wow"Because under the towel she turned out to be a hefty dick hanging down between his legs. This thing even really wanted to eat, and I'm just excited. I did not plead himself, he stood in front of a sofa on his knees and picked up this healthy toy. A little stroking it, I opened my mouth and swallowed head Athlete issued light groan. I started to lick his penis, from what this thing is beginning to wake up and become a little more. At this time I heard "Wow" - A sailor returned to the room. Alien presence in the room I was not scared, just excited even more and I sucked a cock and started to drive on his lips up and down, helping hand. Member Athlete became more and more, and no longer fits in my mouth, it seemed that not only pumped bodybuilder biceps. I heard that the sailor poured and drank more vodka portion, and a portion by the sound was solid. Then the sailor came from the side and began to look at what is happening, while his hand reached for the crotch and he began to crumple vest through his penis. Athlete at the time became a little moan and move her hips toward my mouth. I relish sucking, licking, swallow this term, which has protruded like a stick. The sailor still standing beside him and rubbed his dick through the vest. To encourage him to take action, I lifted my ass and got on all fours, arching his back, while continuing to fondle a member of the Athlete. Sailor saw my actions immediately knew what to do. He came up behind me and started to pull off my swimming trunks, which are already so disturbed my nature to excite. Taking off my swimming trunks, sailor began to stroke my ass with one hand, while the second was looking for something on the table. Then I felt something cool and slippery slithered down my hole, sailor apparently picked up some oil. He began to smooth out oil between my buttocks, then I felt the hole and began to push through a finger there. Under the influence of oil entered his finger gently into me, it makes me with even greater bliss Athlete sucked dick and he groaned even more. Move your little finger in me sailor pulled his vest, under which there was nothing, and rubbed his penis in my hole. Nadab and his cock just slipped into my ass without interference over the lubricated track. From the bliss of my penis began to roll out a drop of sperm. That was great. Member of the sailor was small and went in my ass without any problems, but a great pleasure.
"That's what I want!" Suddenly I heard a woman's voice next.
I turned my head and saw that from the next room came the sleepy girl completely naked.
"A-AA, Lyusya, come, join us!" The athlete said holding my head in place.
Sailor seems not even pay to Lyuska nor any attention and continued to move in my ass. "Well if so, then I have nothing to worry about" I thought, and continued to drive the head by a member of the Athlete. Lyuska came and sat on the sofa next to the Athlete, spread her legs and began to stroke her slit.
"Help the girl" The athlete said and pulled his cock out of my mouth, moved, and in its place crept Lyuska, flipped through my leg, and held up to my mouth a hole. Now I began to lick Lyuska, and one finger to drive her in the vagina. Lyuska lay on her back and moaned, and Athlete crept higher and started to drive its healthy member of her lips. At this time the sailor still worked in my ass. This new sense of excited me to the limit, I became a frenzy Lyuska licking clit and fingers to drive in her hole. Lyuska moaned, arched, one hand stroking my hair, and the other supporting member of the Athlete in my mouth. Sailor back clasping my hands behind me began to peck at a breakneck pace. I put in the vagina still Lyuska two fingers and she moaned even more and became very quickly pull the pelvis towards my tongue and fingers. At this time the sailor groaned, thrust his cock deeper and finished me in the ass. On this Lyuska groan acted as a signal, and it is finely trembled in ecstasy. I have been very difficult to restrain. Then athlete said:
"Now paste it!"
I got up, turned Lyuska, threw her legs on the couch and spread them apart. I am no longer able to hold back and lay down on her flushed put his dick in her hole. Athlete at this time, too, stood up, came up to us from behind, and began to throw out his dick to my ass and sailor lay near us, and put his limp member to Lyuska lips, she immediately began to suck. Athlete meanwhile took aim and began to press his cock on my hole behind. It seems that the sailor's good to practice my ass, dick Athlete pretty easily penetrated me. I thought that my ass inflated twice, but it gave me great pleasure. I could no longer contain himself and began to finish in Lyuska, cum like never in my life did not finish !!! Lyuska also moaned and twitched beneath me in ecstasy. At this time, and athlete also released my ass jet of sperm, thus so deeply ambushed his cock, that it seemed as if he pulled up to the throat.
Then we lay exhausted on the couch for a long time. Finally I got up and somehow put on his swimming trunks, drank a glass of beer and went to the river to cool your body a little.