Entering the room, I saw the son of his mother. Spreading legs and exposing the coated strip hair beautiful vagina - she held both hands inserted into the anus huge carrot. Based on that part that was outside, she is deeply planted in the thick root its lush calling his flesh and pale pink color ass. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open and wet tongue touched the delicate upper lip of a woman. Spread out half-bent legs overlooking the full labia large female vagina, gleaming with moisture, excited, pink - or rather red - with naked clitoris, half open like a rosebud vaginal folds. Pubic hair to create beautiful exciting triangle genital slit. Massive breasts with large nipples sticking up gently heaving in time with the movements of soft beautiful female belly. Next to the bed lay in disarray massive curly candles, rolling pin, a loaf of sausage konch¸noy condom put on it, a banana, an empty bottle of beer. Sergei realized assignment of subjects to the mother's bed, and a member of his immediately nalilsya blood, pulling pants in the groin area. Sergei seized a desire, a member of the tense to the limit, and in a way my mother saw her beloved son opened his eyes.
...Mom sucked his cock for several minutes. He was ready to cum in this great warm mouth. Several times he held back the pressure of the sperm. She sucked the head, swallowing ALL (!!!!) a member in his mouth - by the throat, choking even the head of the penis of his adult son a few times. Sergei held her head, stroking her hair, touched his ears, then drew her hair behind her ears the mother's head to his penis and pulling her head to this process. Natalia loved to suck the peasants. She liked to bring them to orgasm, then savor the taste of semen, wiping her mouth on the surface of his tongue, then swallow - sometimes even drink - so many sperm were some men. The semen was flowing into her mouth, and remained after the pleasures of the vagina, leaking out of your ass ...
... Mother lying on the bed, her head on the pillow, and Sergei moved his hard penis in her mouth. Member entered completely. Passed the mouth, tongue touched, rested in his throat, and then the head was part of the throat further. Son fucked mom in the mouth for quite some time. Movement became more profound. They then slowed down, then accelerated - Member flew into the flesh of the mouth and stuck in her throat, palate, or tongue in cheek. Several times my mother took the penis of the cheek. When he took out a member of her mouth, she licked his testicles, groin, kissed the trunk of the penis. Sergei liked when Mom lips compressed into a ring, sucking dick while licking his tongue, took a deep in the mouth and throat pushed his head. He could not believe that his mother - adult serious and solid woman, head of the department in a large firm, strong, intelligent and decent, today's so give him, sucking his cock, and even not a bit did not resist when he was unceremoniously crushed all its soft space. For the first time he's free, so long and so plenty of crushed women's breasts, buttocks and vagina. And now here he was feeding his mother's penis, shoving it into her warm and tender mouth. And then he shall give her sperm. Let him try the taste of semen son. This large fleshy lollipop mother clearly loved. The muscles of the mouth is a little tired of sucking movements. Sergei increasingly moved himself a member of the mother's warm mouth, inserting it on the eggs in the throat. Member tensed, head suffused with blood pressure in the penis has become critical, and ...
SEMEN mother gushed in the esophagus at the time when a member went deep into the throat. Tremors member muscles threw large portion of sperm in the mother's throat, she swallowed the thick liquid, surprised her number. Son literally filled my mouth with his sperm mother. Depends on my head at this moment are strung on a member, came to a standstill. Now it served only large mouth soft and warm spermopri¸mnika. The role of the vagina, taking the man's body and bringing him to orgasm.
... Hand of mother's vagina pretty freely gone in, but met resistance at the beginning of the labia. Sergei felt uterine protrusion, grabbed his two fingers. Mom at the same time closed her eyes and began to move her hips slightly towards the fingers clumsy son. He began to move his hand, touching the wall, his fingers pushing the uterus. Mom let out a sweet moan. Inside her body matured huge wave of pleasure. All erogenous centers deteriorated. The vagina has become the center of the universe. Son fucked mother shoved his hand into the vagina. Today it falls so low that it is difficult to even imagine. It is not torn and remained undeveloped even her big soft ass with elastic ringlet anus.
Rear mom passage tightly grabbed Sergei member. Lush buttocks gently swaying to the beat of shock, tapering at the touch of men's thighs. Son stroked hemisphere large soft juicy female ass, squeezed them and enjoyed the warmth of the mother straight intestine. Each push of forward Mom abruptly pushed his hips back - towards the penis. She obviously liked anal sex. Elastic soft ass surely covers the penis, and when the member reached the stop - mum relaxes the muscles of the rectum, a member fell into the soft flesh of parental innards. "Mom, this is my friend - Andrew. I'll say about it. He also wants to buy you a ...". Natasha looked in confusion at the boys, trying to figure out what they want from it. What she says Sergey during sex it is, of course, I remember, but takes it a game of imagination. Now she was trying to figure out how to behave. On the one hand, Sergey friend - a boy outside. Andrew, Cute and sporty boy from Sergei class. Broad-shouldered. Tall.
I guess he has a big ... On the other hand, it loses? Sergey probably told his friend. Boy it decent. It will be silent. And why is such a good boy and little son mother not to give? Let them try a real woman, not his flat skinny girls who squeeze a roller coaster after school. The maximum that can be their friends - so suck it. Natasha is sucked instead of joining. Thinking quickly, she said: "Undress. I'll put the coffee. Take off your clothes, I'll be back". With these words, Natasha went into the kitchen. Rapidly clicking the button of the kettle, she put her hand into her panties ... The vagina becomes wet with desire, the clitoris immediately hit in the arm and: Once. two. three. Aaaaaaaaa orgasm !!! She took his hand. He sat down and closed her eyes from the sweet languor that has engulfed the whole body. Anticipation depraved intoxicating evening Natalia. She confidently walked into the room.
The boys were sitting on the couch and watched the porno magazines. Shirts and trousers. Natasha went to Andrew and the village nearby.
The boys stood on either side of Natasha. Squatting, she held them erect penis in his hands, alternately turning his head and taking in the mouth, swallowing and licking tongue, these magnificent penises. Every penis is licking tongue, sucked, I took deep into her mouth and licked again, suck and swallow. Penises were covered with saliva and bright. Boys came close to the woman's head, and she could suck two stuck in on both sides of the head men's penises. And then swallowing them one by one into his mouth, the second member of the massaging palm. The stockings, fishnet panties, covering only the hairy triangle of the pubis in front and strip receding into the crease between the large lush buttocks from behind, bra, pull off his chest and propped massive chest with protruding forward nipples and big red halos nipple Natasha in his 40 years looked super sexy . Her big and wet mouth with a massive skillful tongue and soft sch¸chkami for which Natalia so confidently thrust her dildos her son and his friend, took their toll. The boys were ready to meet this dissolute woman .... Her vagina and rectum were groaning under the expectation of persistent hard penises.
... Sergei member densely penetrated into the rear passage mother, squeezing the penis of his friend there. Mom felt the strain of his anus, felt these two muscular penis in his ass. Unusual feeling - two boys, one of whom is your son, take you into the anus as the most licentious and cheap whore. Boys, thanks to his youth, energy and almost constant potential, for several hours continuously fucked, fucked, fuck this woman in all imaginable and unimaginable holes. They have already finished her mouth once finished in the vagina, now here were willing to fill her ass with sperm. They alternately flushed to push their members into the heart of a large and soft ass intelligent adult woman. Woman with sighing and groaning, moving toward treacherous ass double onslaught of young stallions with large solid and hardy members. She liked to feel stretched over two male member of one of the elastic rubber popochkoy. Sergey actively began to massage the anus, jerks entering into the anus. Activated and Andrew. His cock nalilsya blood of the son of the woman in the ass fuck his mother, along with another boy, that is with him - with Andrew.
Not to be outdone by a friend, Andrew, too, began to push dick in the ass Natasha. Sometimes they both belonged to her, sometimes one by one. Sergey due to a more favorable position on top stronger and sharper entered in the ass, helping himself with his hands - attracting massive thighs to her mother. Mom and she is actively moved backwards towards his massive penis. Sergey feverishly and eagerly stroking my mother's soft buttocks, right hand - first left buttock. Then right. Two hands - down them down and unfolded her hands to the mother's buttocks. Penis from this becomes a big and solid, and the sperm was ready to fire into the bosom of mother's backside. Finally, he pulled ahead and ... Holding back the flow of sperm, he took a member of the extended backside mother. "suck" - He said, and put it in his mother's face bloodshot member. Having to hand wipe member Natalya swallowed the penis of his son. Suck it for three minutes, Natasha felt that his son is about to finish, took a deep deep in the mouth penis son - put her head into the soft throat mother. And after a second sperm gushed into her throat. Andrei crawled out from under Mom and already fell in behind with his anal passage in your erect penis. The rubber is soft and wet ass woman grabbed the boy's penis.
This rubber - otherwise how would she climbed two healthy erect penis together? Natasha has long dreamed of such a tension here. I dreamed and waited ... and feared. I dreamed when thrust her ass first simple clerical pen itself into the anus, then - when the handle length was not enough and the handle is no longer satisfied Natasha's fevered consciousness - it was replaced by a long taper candle. A candle is conveniently included in the ass and could not cause any trouble - it was soft, and the sudden change of the angle of entry into the anal canal or bent or broke. Then the spark became a little bit. Under the cone, cylindrical large diameter spherical, curly - in the form of spirals, firs, animal figures and fairy-tale characters. Or just 5-10-15-20 or more elongated like colored pencils candles. Once in the garden - Natalia could not have tolerated - and right in the garden - tearing a large cucumber, stuffed it into the anus and began frantically to move them in my ass, looking at the young elastic body of his son - a schoolboy and protruding through the melting polueregirovanny member. Then - on the veranda - it is used in such a way the whole basket with cucumbers. Now that his son was not at home, she watches herself wanker medium sized zucchini - in pussy and cucumber - a long and pupyrchatoy - into the anus. Sometimes it was the carrot - unlike solid cucumber and candles - she firmly massaged the insides and did not break, and mercilessly raped inside. Toys, candles, vegetables ... I live an elastic member. Natalia has long been a curiosity and a sinking heart, looked at the horses from the neighboring farm, which stands just after her house in the 200 meters About ten horses in the farm haunted Natalie.
Natalia, finally dared to touch the place where the horse had a penis. Tubercle 20 cm in length protruding from the belly of the animal. When you touch a woman's hand dark horse head crawled forward. And pretty fast and very far. After several minutes of massage hands beauties dick about 50 cm long and thick with the average diameter of a loaf of smoked sausage sticking out of the horse almost parallel to the floor. Natasha sat down and kissed the side of this instance. The horse began to move happily. He liked such affection. Having lips and tongue along the entire length of the horse dick Natasha was at the head. Without delay, she took it in her mouth wide open and slammed his lips after he ran into his throat. Hot and spicy-smelling elastic head horse members filled the woman's mouth. Natalia dexterous and the business began to suck this big piece of animal flesh.
Natalia first dog was a dog of her friends who had left his dog for a week with Natalia. That has not applied the possibility to suck on three - four times in this lovely animal, abundantly watered it with sperm.
To make fun of my mother.
Tying mother to the bench - the bench under the hands tied and his legs tied to the legs - Sergei took the belt. Most soft ass mother caused his animal desire to break it into a thousand pieces. Waving his belt Sergey slammed on the buttocks mother. The pain she screamed and uncomfortably on the bench. "Aaaaaaa. You're it! I also hurt!" Before she could finish, a second blow - even stronger and sharper - hlystnul buttocks, shaking their flesh and leaving a second bright red stripes. "Sergei! You are crazy! I also hurt!" - Loud and almost crying screaming mother. "Be patient! She asks! Take that!" and blow again. Then the second, third, fourth. Strips of tender flesh hatched women. When they became too much, Sergei poured ass salty solution. On my mother's face were tears.
Flog own mother had very few people on the pussy. After attaching the legs Natasha so conveniently and easily whip the vagina belt and whip, Sergei gladly held up the belt. My mother closed her eyes and braced for impact. A blow to the delicate skin of the vagina - biting and strong caused a cry of pain. "No more need to make fun of me. Sergei, son. I'll do anything, just do not hurt so much. I'm your mother." - She pleaded. But the hand of a sadistic son climbed up again. Nnaa! Labia flatten on impact. Drops of water flew from the blow to the side. Labia bloodshot and napuhli. And her mother's face streamed with tears, but Sergey continued execution. This time he lashed the inner thigh, leaving a wide thigh greased red stripes. Then, on the other thigh and again on pussy !!! And again on the left thigh, then on the pussy, then on the right thigh. Mom ¸rzal and spun from the pain and humiliation. Causing fifty punches and making sexual mother gap in the swollen lump of red, Sergei at the time stopped beating. His attention fell on a massive big mother's breast. And why not pohlestat on it?
Filling the hot water enema, Sergei put a plastic tip into the anus and the mother pulled the enema. Hot water jet filled the anal passage and burned inside. Natasha felt like a huge glowing rod be inserted into her ass.
Labia Natalia were hung as a Christmas garland with colored zazhimkami. Laced in tight rope right breast suffused with blood and started to turn blue .... Sergei left breast has been kneaded for half an hour with both hands, turning it into a chop.
Fearing a repeat flogging, Natalia opened her mouth, and when urine stream began to flow out of the penis son, my mother began to swallow it. Wearing a plastic vibrator to drill and moving the handle to punch mode, Sergei put a plastic tip of the device to a mother's ravaged pussy.