Once in the country. I was left alone, parents have left the city for a week. We left food and money. Getting up early in the morning, I decided to take a dip in the lake which was nearby. On the way, I went to Anton, the two of fun. As we walked to the lake, Anton told me about his recent, sexual adventures. Our cottage had a lot of girls, and with them he entertained. I wanted something different, more serious.
On the lake there is a small beach, where we went. The beach is almost no one there, just us alone sunbathing unknown girl. We undressed, plunged into the water and came out to sunbathe. And I did not take his eyes from the girl of his, it was just my type. The blonde with green eyes and a graceful figure. We lie down and were about to leave, but I decided to stay, especially since I had nowhere to hurry. Anton went, and I continued to stare at her. Suddenly, she caught my eye, she saw that I was looking at her. I wanted to meet the girl, but at that moment I was so shy, he was afraid to look at it again. I was lying with his head down, looking straight into the sand. I waited for what would happen next, and reasoned exciting ... I can leave or come meet you, but on May weakness was that I could not even leave. Suddenly I saw in front of someone's feet. It was feet. She immediately asked if I want her to meet you, and said that she noticed that I look at her, thinking that she liked me, and she was not mistaken. I told her that I wanted to meet you. (Further conversations are not interested.) I learned that her cottage near the lake around, like mine, only the other way, her name is Anna and her 17 years. I reached it to her house, we exchanged in pairs, long kisses, and I went home. In the evening I went for a walk even more, there was one, it was possible to walk day and night. I went to the shop, where my friends used to sit, and asked them to go for a swim. All refused, citing the fact that it was getting dark, and I decided to go alone, he hoped to meet Anna there, she said that she could come. For the evening was surprisingly warm, could be seen on the horizon of a beautiful sunset, a romantic setting for sex, I thought. When I went to the beach, and Anya was lying as if she knew I was coming. We talked a bit, I wanted to know her better. I got something to tell her, she listened attentively and at the same time treated me as if undressing eyes. Actually, I was afraid of her, she was older than me for three years, and sexual experience I have had enough. Anya stopped me and kissed me on the lips, then she moved to the neck and chest. And then my cock stiffened, I always rises when I kiss a girl. She descended lower and lower, finally got to my swimming trunks and began to shoot them slowly. Anya lowered melting dokalen and began to suck my cock. I relaxed, and stroking her head, I was fine. She pulled out of his mouth my cock and began to pass his lips over my body. We swapped.
Now she was lying, and I entered his penis into her squeak. Anya moaning softly when I was engaged to her rhythmic movements. Then she pulled out of the bag some grease, gave it to me and asked what I would have smeared anus, so I did, and then began to introduce his penis in there. I did it for the first time, so a little afraid that I would do something wrong. When I pressed into it, I was hurt, then Anya suggested to me that I enter slowly. After I had fully entered into it, so that my balls rested on her labia, he stopped for a moment and began to come out of it. Ring anus impacted my cock. It was not forgotten sensations. While I was engaged in her ass, Anya moaned gently, stirring me these sounds. And unable to hold back any longer, I was violently ended and collapsed on the sand beside her. This did not end, on the contrary, everything is just beginning.
To be continued...