It was last summer. I at that time was 28 years old. One day, on Friday, a neighbor came to me and asked for help to fill up the old barn. Oleg was 21, his hands were on the ground, his head too - in short, normal kid. His father bought a plot on the lake with a house and two old sheds. The house was still so-so, and the rest had to be demolished to edrene hair dryer. In general, after work I took his wife and children to the station, sent them to his mother, went to the godfather, and we went to pose as Conan-destroyers. At about eight in the evening we discussed half of the roof. We sat down for dinner (my wife and wife brought the godfather). Drunk on sotochku, and not just the father of Oleg and his younger sister Alena arrived. The father did not stay long, he said he and his wife fly to Novosibirsk for two weeks, and sister left with Oleg. He was not happy to dump "happiness", to put it mildly.
- Dad, I'm not going to follow her, I was all day at work! It is somewhere to dump a walk, and I'm her midnight to look ?!
- Oleg! It's your sister! We have no one to leave her. It will help you here. And one in the apartment I did not leave! You know her character!
- What she can help me in my 14 years ?!
Then I put my 5 cents Alain:
- Olezhenka, well, I promise I'm not going to get you! I'll cook and clean, and home'll come at nine o'clock! I promise! Well to me there most of the apartment to do in this heat ?!
- So! On the beach one does not go, listen to me without hysteria! Clear?
Because of it there is little that depended Oleg agreed. After working for an hour or more, until it got dark, we went home, promising Oleg tomorrow morning to come.
The next day we dismantled the shed and Allen served as the mistress of the house: feeding us and simultaneously restore order in the house of Oleg bachelor. We finished at seven o'clock, power no longer exists, and the heat under 38 degrees the day has finished. Alain ran away to walk, and to Oleg was his girl Vika. We went to my godfather, drink, fried kebab and sat and talked. At eleven-thirty the night came a furious Oleg:
- Guys! Help it find a lost fool!
We took a flashlight and went, not really worrying about Alain, because in her behavior had already understood that the girl, to put it mildly, is optional. During the explanations it became clear that Oleg Vika searched for it with nine-thirty, then Vic has arranged Oleg hysterical and went home, saying that even if it is worn with this youngster himself. In short, we found it on a friend's birthday party at the other end of the village. What she expressed Oleg, I omit, but I will say honestly that he has promised to do with it, like a manual for professionals Gestapo ... In the end, the last sentence, which I heard was:
- You're really lucky, today I have not the strength to deal with you. We'll talk tomorrow...
On Sunday, the sound of incessant bickering Oleg furious and resentful Alena, we successfully carried the barn "to pieces and half." In the evening, it's got a good wash. After the first bottle Oleg beginning enter:
- ... I was looking for her bitch midnight, because of this shit with Vika, tired as a dog, and it is here and snorts at me! ...
Then he called Allen and began the educational process:
- No, well, you tell me how to punish you? Well, not in the corner of the same place! Age-it is not the same!
- Oleg, I agree, that was not right. Sorry. But it did not happen anything wrong!
She was standing near a barbecue festering in a short tight T-shirt and shorts, and bobbing coquettishly. Long brown hair swayed in time with the rocking. Trying to smooth the conflict, she looked at his brother, his head bowed low, and long eyelashes blinked. Huge brown eyes reflected the glow of the fire ... In general, when I saw this spectacle, just quietly ohrenel. Two days later I took her as a child, and now, whether under the influence of alcohol consumed, whether inspired by a picture I wanted her as a woman. I get turned on her little chiselled figure with perfectly formed small breasts, round ass and long thin legs, is absolutely correct form. Judging by the look godfather, I was not alone in his thoughts. And in the eyes of Oleg I read simple uncontrolled lust.
- Ah, nothing happened ?! You do not understand where and with whom shlyaeshsya unknown what do you do to midnight, and I because of you and Vika had a row in the trash! You fuck it with someone, but we'll have to look ?!
Alena face immediately took red with embarrassment, but the harm and the lack of experience with drunken peasants (which, as we know, it is better not to argue) does not allow her to just keep quiet:
- Who do I want with that and fuck! I, by the way, already two months not a girl! And if there is nobody to fuck you - so go into the bushes with myself!
Blurted it all in one breath, she realized that the three men zvezdanula superfluous and blushed to the state of the tomato. All this was said with such an expression, I just admired. As I tried to convince myself that it is the child that she is my daughter to do, it is the sister of Oleg and the like, damn did not help - I wanted her! But Oleg after her tirade simply blown away! He very calmly smiled and said:
- I really am going to go into the bushes, but not himself, and with you! The more that you do not have a girl ... And you already EVERYWHERE "nedevochka"?
On the one hand I wanted to end their dispute, especially since the consequences of yet another ill-considered phrase on her part were absolutely clear, on the other hand I could not help thinking that I want her to do the same.
Kum proposed a toast to "hushed up and drove." All poured vodka, and Alain, a weak protestovanie brother, opened a bottle of beer. Koum said softly in my ear:
- If it is something else I blurt out - I'll put her cancer, and she will surely be "everywhere nedevochka" ...
After a beer Alena went to sleep again the instinct of self-preservation, and she began to get his brother:
- Well, you're drunk!
Oleg just that and waited. He silently stood up, took his sister by the hand, and went to the house, shouting to us already on the threshold of the house:
- Guys! I have ten minutes. Now this beauty put into place and go out. Strung until skewer, Wait vmazh.
- Dovyebyvalas, - I said.
For what we drank and godfather.
A few minutes from the house there was a muffled cry of Alena, and there was silence.
- It seems that Oleg did put her bainki - godfather said.
- It has long been time. And then teases everyone here, they do not sing, so words, - I replied. - Let's put the skewers on the grill, and then Oleg is now released.
However, he did not appear within five minutes, or ten. I could not resist and followed him into the house. Going to the back room, I was dumbfounded: Alain was completely naked. She stood with cancer across the seat so that your feet outweighed by one arm, and his head - in the other. Her elbows were strapped with tape to the knees, so that the only provision that it could take - standing cancer, or just lie. His mouth was tight elastic bandage will draw. Alain was ... me ass, which, incidentally, recently raped, according to the redness and the remnants of the cream and sperm. Oleg stood beside her and quietly said something. I noticed they did not, although I'm not stalking.
"This is even better," - I thought, and quietly stepped closer, but from the comfort of a dark corridor.
-... because she ran into you - I heard - and now I'm paying the price. you teasing me What the hell?
Alain answered mumbled something.
- Something you somehow vaguely talking about! - Mockingly said Oleg. - In short, I'll take off the bandage Wait, but you do not yell. Agreed?
Allen nodded in response. Oleg unwound the bandage, and I heard a noisy sigh.
- Fool! I almost choked! My nose is stuffed up, and so!
- One crooked word - and I'll roll up again. Clear?
- Yes, understood, I will not, - said Alain, and added quietly, - untie me, please, and then I feel so very uncomfortable to stand, already numb everything.
- And who told you that it was over ?! Butt I tried, left two more holes! What are you, my dear, "fly - so fly to fuck - so to fuck .."! - Oleg sold.
- Well, you can, at least for a couple of minutes to untie! I promise that I will behave well!
Oleg thought and said:
- If you do not fight, I can not link you do. But then you yourself will take the posture that I speak, and to expose the hole, which I wanted. And the bed I'll tie that had no desire to run.
After a moment's thought Allen once said resignedly:
- What's the difference, anyway fuck like you want, because no better linked. And run away? ... Where? In the yard of your friends are sitting, I did not jump them naked ?!
Oleg cut Scotch tore it from the body. Alain cried out and said:
- You can request one?
- What?
- Do not fuck me anymore in the ass. It hurts.
- And that much pain?
- At first it was so painful that I cried, and then a little bit used to it. But now it hurts.
- I will not promise, but I'll try your point today is not to tear, - said Oleg with some sadism in his voice.
- Why are you so rude?
- No shit myself! I have it all and pihatelnye breathing, and she told me there lectures about good manners reading! - He began to wind up again.
- Sorry, I did not want! Sorry! - Hunted and dismay in his voice Alain wailed.
Oleg grinned cheerfully:
- That's right, bitch! I'll now explain in full, who is the boss! Night is long, I have the day off tomorrow ... So go ahead, suction and embedding went on skewers, and then I will continue with you.
She hesitated knelt down and took his cock in her mouth, from a petting done quickly took firing position. But the blow, did not last long, about three minutes. Oleg finished her straight in the mouth, clutching her by the hair to him and not letting escape. I during this time he almost did not finish.
Alain got up, wiped her face and began to dress.
When she began to pull her panties, Oleg it straightened sharply:
- Do not wear! Odenesh only shorts and my shirt, but I'll fasten it forbid! Let them look at you in all its glory.
- Do not! - She exclaimed Alain and blushed. And then he added. - Even though you tell them anyway. Do whatever you want...
At that time I quietly walked out of the house, and saw the godfather dozharil kebab and went home. Lighting a cigarette, I sat down on a bench, and then there was Alain home. Not very confident, pushed by her brother, she went down the steps and looked straight into my eyes, not looking up. The shirt was completely unbuttoned, and with the slightest breeze could see her small breasts. Without taking his eyes from me, she gently sat on the bench opposite. She played on the cheeks blush. I broke down and asked her:
- Why are you looking at me defiantly looking at?
Approached Oleg mockingly said:
- And she wants you too ... - he made a meaningful pause, - to bring to a state where you do not keep ... By the way, where's your godfather go?
- I do not know, I went home, I guess.
- Where have you been? - Oleg asked.
There was a silence. In the eyes of Alena flashed fear that I have seen, though on her mind and body movements, and so it was clear that he had just done to her. I decided to see her reaction and said:
- What are you frightened? Nothing terrible has happened. Well, your brother tied and fucked in the ass, then you suck at it and promised to execute all his orders. And in a shirt unbuttoned, he made you go out ...
Alain blushed, but the look is not averted:
- All of you have seen?
- Yes - I looked into her eyes.
Oleg somehow spun around, muttered something and stumbled badly enough, went into the house. So we looked at each other for about two minutes. All this time, her eyes flashed sparks, or thought, in short, "I observed some dvizhnyak". Then she slowly stood up, walked around a brazier and sat on my lap, giving sight to the BBQ. I was silent. She abruptly turned his head toward me, and looking me in the eye and asked:
- Uncle Sasha, do you like me?
I wanted, so I asked that she told herself:
- What exactly do you mean?
Blushing, she began to clarify:
- I am beautifull?
- Yes very.
Again was a pause.
- And you do not want to ... I want to ... ... with me ...- finally entangled in words, she paused, took a deep breath and blurted out hurriedly. - You want to do to me what he did brother? Tell me I did everything right? How long will I still hurt? And if you try again in the ass, it hurts more and I get used to it? You do not disdain brother after me ... with me ...- she paused again and stopped, staring into the fire.
Her body beat willies. I am not without interest watched the nervousness, I was amused. She did not know where to put hands and constantly twisted little twig in half a minute away in tatters. I finally decided to stop the torture and said:
- I understand you wanted to ask, I want you as a woman? Yes, I do, you look tempting - there is in my heart there was a very low whisper, and I continued my mind. - Before you now answer my question, I ask you to think for one minute, and then give the answer. Alain, you just fucked in the ass and slapped in the mouth. Are you sure you want me to do with you today is the same? And possibly more.
- Uncle Sasha, and you ... and you'll be able to fuck me, but not in the ass? ... And I'll be a long time for it to suck!
I have this phrase so amused that I could not resist and began to laugh heartily.
- I'm a complete idiot, huh? - Alain asked.
And I was struck by how different her pleading tone in his voice, from ambition, which was in the early evening.
- No, you're not stupid, just inexperienced you still - I put her head on his shoulder and hugged, shaking immediately stopped - okay minutes gone. I am sure that you want?
- No ass?
- Without.
She was silent for a long time, then got up, took me by the arm and pulled him into the house. When we went into the dark room she whispered fervently:
- I'm very obedient girl, do not make me hurt especially. Good?
Unable to restrain myself, I said:
- Torment will not, but I will fuck - be patient.
I tore off her shirt and wanted to pull off shorts jerk, but she inexplicably slipped, fell on her knees and unzipped my pants ...
In myself, I came about three o'clock in the morning. All that was between midnight and three o'clock in the details I can not remember even now. I remember passages: Behold I fuck her from behind ... little round ass in my hands, I thrust the cock into her vagina is very tight, warm ... Next Frame: I'm on it on ... her legs on my shoulders. .. burning eyes ... she whispers something to me ... The gentle breaks - stunning blowjobs ... gentle tongue ... damp sponge ... I thought I "fall off the end of the end." Alena went to sleep, and I went home. Arriving home, I passed out.
The next morning, I was drawn back to Alain, though I knew it was wrong, but to do with him could not. I came to him around noon. In the courtyard sitting Oleg and Aliona lila at him with a hose cold water. All this was accompanied by cries of Oleg, from the series "Drinking should be less ...". Seeing me, Alain greeted me on you. Turning off the water, it slowly went to the kitchen garden. I admired her. She changed gait, posture ... It was the insanely beautiful little seductress men. Noticing my opinion, Oleg said:
- I understand you're her Proper yesterday in every hole?
- Not at all, but we will work out pretty sex ...
- Yes, I've wanted to apologize to her in the morning, but it soon as I opened my mouth, closed his hand and said: "Then ...". I understand that she was waiting for you, such as when all offended at all apologize ... Yes, yesterday I nachudil ...- he turned to the vegetable garden and cried, - Alain!
Alain meekly approached and began beside him, but watched, smiling gently at me.
- Hey, Alyona, you must excuse me for yesterday ... What I got it ... In general, I was drunk ... I'm sorry, and ask for what you want - he grinned.
- First - you would never do this to me; the second - you're never not tell anyone about last night, and the third - a big thank you to me yesterday did.
Ohrenevshy Oleg dropped his jaw on the floor. I just grabbed his hands, so he pretended that everything is as it should be. At this time, Allen continued:
- If you have not fucked in the ass, it would be me uncle Sasha fucked for real. So what is the pain that you caused me, it was more than offset by the continuation of fun night.
- Well, you fucking give ... - Oleg dumbfounded sat on the bench. - How long are you going to have fun with it?
- Well, if Uncle Sasha do not mind, every day for two weeks ... We do not all have tried ...
And she smiled slyly.
It was two weeks of absolute bliss! The girl studied by leaps and bounds! A week later even I learned to tolerate in silence when I fuck her in the ass. By the end of the second week - even poohivala.
A complete all quite banal. Her parents took home, and in those rare moments when she fell to Oleg, we agreed not to meet again, because the two to each other strongly attached, and nothing good is not over.
On Valentine's Day I Oleg secretly handed a note from her:
"I'm very grateful to you! You got me taught me to behave in bed with a man. I recently changed your 20-year-old guy. Sorry. Then I realized that I should not lie down for all, as compared to you - they are vulgar and amateurs! I'm going to grow, to grow up, remember you, and look for a real man like you. I love the whole. Your little girl. P.S. Do not answer the note. I love "again.
That's it ...