I often have this idea, sometimes I dreamed about it, watched some movies .. about sex between guys .. I'm not gay and I am very attracted to women, but sometimes there is a desire to meet with the young man .. not in sensory terms, but only for gay sex .. I'm not attracted. they are interested in, more lasting love relationship .. and I was attracted to a meeting with the same as I do, straight people who would like to diversify your sexual experience. these thoughts running through my head during periods of sexual abstinence and forced themselves disappeared after having sex or masturbation. moreover, after the desire to meet with the representatives of their sex fell away completely and there is now only the next abstinence.
I made several attempts to get acquainted through the Internet, but young people are distracted and my messages disappear after the proposal really meet. I think this happened because of their complexes, and maybe after a sexual release they also lost the desire. one way or another for several years, I have not found any young man. I wish it was the young, not a grown man. 18-20 Years, accurate and probably innocent .. ..
Years passed, and occasionally there is a desire remained unfulfilled. Then one day I decided to once again advertise on the Internet and suddenly it responded. I wrote a letter to a young man like me who had no such experience, and not wishing to become gay. photograph was attached to the letter. We agreed to meet at my house and here at 16.00 the doorbell rang, and he entered the apartment. To tell the truth lost all desire for sex, and there was some awkwardness, and I noticed that the same feelings experienced he is. He undressed, and we went into the room, sat down on the sofa and I offered to see the photos. They were young men, making love in various poses. I noticed that it was pleasant to my new friend, and I asked him to undress. He is not particularly resisting it, I took off the entire lower part of the garment. And then I saw that he was already excited. I stroked his scrotum and saw that it's nice and he's not shy about it. Then I began to gently massage his penis, then undressed himself. He also removed the remaining clothes lay on his side and I turned to him jack lips touched his penis. My penis was in front of his face, and he did the same. I took the head in his mouth and the first taste of his penis. Slightly salty and exciting smell. I was greatly wound up and I started massaging his lips hard dick swallowing it, almost sticking out. During this time he played with my penis and both of us were pleased. I sometimes caressed his scrotum, and a few minutes later we are so excited that finished each other's mouth almost simultaneously. Brackish sperm splattered in my mouth after I felt that he stood in suspense. Excitation was so strong that I eagerly swallowed all that resulted from it. After I had finished, came the fatigue. We were jack and looking members who have just been with us in the mouth. I had no desire to repeat it, but I'm not sorry that it happened. After thirty minutes of rest, we have agreed to call and he left.
The next day in the apartment the phone rang and I opened the door, saw a couple of guys. Only during the call, I thought that made an appointment with another young man. He seemed a little weird, and I did not expect that it will come. He said that he was not sure whether he would really love to me, and offered to just meet. Of course, I did not expect the appearance of a few guests, which surprised me, but not to be rude, I invited them to enter. After all, in the end, he could just be afraid to meet so to a stranger, and therefore for the first time, he said not expecting to have sex, I decided to just sit with their company. We walked into the room, I shut the door and all that was then, of course, it is not in my plans. One of the young people came up to me and unzipped his pants in front of which stuck excited penis. Centimeters 18. I understand what he wants and, despite the surprise, I othlynuvshee excitement caused to approach him, and leaned in to take advantage of his mouth. I began to suck it with great pleasure. Almost immediately after that, I felt that the guy coming up behind me, unbuttoning my pants. He pretty quickly pulled them down with shorts and smeared my ass is not clear where to get the cream, and without hesitation, he ran into his cock. Excitation was so strong that I am not that resisted this, no, I liked it, I wanted to fuck me in the ass. He entered me. Feel the male member inside - it was the first time in my life. He began to move back and forth delivering Me a lot of fun. He fucked me. Not making love, and it is fucked. At that time I was fascinated by the oral pleasure, but drew attention to the third guy Fingering looking at us. The guy who I sucked suddenly stiffened and spurted from his sperm that filled my mouth. I swallowed it and licked all that is left out on a limb. At this point came the third man, the one who was masturbating and giving me a member, I finished right on his face. I closed my eyes and felt his warm semen dripping on me. The guy who finished in my mouth is located on the sofa. While standing in front of me I do obkonchalsya face of a young man, and in the ass for more than five minutes I fucked another kid. I was so excited that he was ready to surrender to them completely. I began to lick the dripped-off sperm to egg the guy standing in front of me, I licked, sucked his dick relax. I licked him, and he was indifferent to it. And suddenly I noticed as he began to change. He once again excited. His scrotum tightened, and the eggs began to seem smaller. I was very excited, and I began to lick their language. And suddenly, breaking the normal rhythm of the guy behind crashed into me with great force and I felt I was filled with his sperm. I felt like she splashes out of it straight into me. I moaned, he relaxed and slowly pulled out his penis. He lay down on the sofa and fell asleep almost immediately. he was replaced by a friend that I was doing blowjob. He does not need any lubrication. my whole ass was in the sperm that flowed from me and dripped to the floor. he put me and started pushing. My friend enjoyed the front of my mouth, and that the back of my ass. I can not longer hold back his power began to masturbate and quickly finished. Immediately lost all desire someone to suck and fuck. However, in the inside I had two members, and the guys felt my mood change, took the lead. One fucked me from behind and another in front fucked. That's fucked, because I have not sucked or licked - I did not want. Then I received another portion of sperm in the ass and a little after that portion of sperm in her mouth. They withdrew, I lay down on the sofa and, exhausted, fell asleep. When I woke up the guys were gone. And on their visit resembled only almost dried semen on the floor, on the face, the pope and thighs.