- I'm so tired - said Ilya half-whisper. - I so want to caress ... Do not you deny me the pleasure I looked at him. Long hair, radiant smile, eyes that reflected the sun. Ilya ... Hands, palm, which he looks at it thoughtfully, as if trying to find some hitherto unknown life line, the folds on the chest. He breathed softly into my shoulder. "What a quiet relaxing evening" - I thought. I looked at him and saw a blind desire in his eyes. Ilya ... By the coffin of life will not forget this insinuating voice, the parted lips. I could no longer endure. I glared at my lips as though something nedogovorit mouth of Elijah. My arms wrapped around his body relaxed. When I moved away from his face, Ilya sighed, waving ladonyu.Ya not in a hurry with a question: "What do you want me to do with you?"I began to unbutton the buttons on his shirt. What meal was read in his eyes! He wanted ... But our desires fully coincide: I myself could not wait more to cling to the warm his body, kissing him in the corner of his mouth ... Hurry! That attack these buttons so hard to unbutton. I studied brush Ilya hands, with all its veins and veins that once dangled lifelessly from the bed vniz.Ya closer to Ilya and kissed him just below the neck, putting his hand to his chin. Relive, he responded to the kiss - in the shoulder. Why did not he kiss me on the lips now? He ran his hand over my shoulder and said - come on ... I lay on her back and pulled her Ilya. I grabbed one arm around his waist and the other stroked his hair. And this little moist scent of his hair so vozbuzhdal.- Hush, hush ... - Ilya purred, touching his hand shirinki.I here ... I felt something warm in my hand. It was him, of course. I stroked his rukoy.- More please .. - asked Ilya.Ya holila and caressed him and Ilya only lightly twitching convulsions of love. And he stood on the bed, and turned away, walked to the window. He looked at the lack of understanding menya.- Well, come to me, - with bitterness in his voice said on.- No, you came to mne.On. We stood at the window and watched the evening city, shrouded in darkness with slight admixture of some northern tumana.- Let's go for a walk - I suggested.