I lost my virginity at 15 years ... After sex with Alena Rybin neighbor below, I changed radically. The memories of the first time were always in my head. Before having sex with her, I was just a lean fellow in shabby clothes, horoshistom, won Olympiad in mathematics. After sex, everything changed. On the money saved, I bought a very expensive multi-colored denim suit and shoes.
I went to the gym, swayed for several hours a day, regardless of the muscles. And, of course, very much like sex. I tried many times to meet with Allen, but no one opened. And after some time, they all moved, I do not know where. Two months after the elevator was not me at all to find out. I'm already a month went to the 11th grade, but not the least bit concerned about the study, and all to look at classmates. On my computer were almost exclusively pictures naked and half-naked retiring Anna Semenovich and Jeanne Friske.
On the girls I looked only at beautiful, with a large percentage of the naked body. But still most of my attention took the girl from a parallel class Vika Alekseeva. In October, it happened to me and quite an unusual story, although it could end tragically.
Vika Alekseeva was round excellent student, but the math has never let me ahead: she had a penchant for Russian language. However, the lessons do not interfere with her to flirt with all the guys, so it was very beautiful. It could be seen constantly kissing some guy, but an ongoing relationship, it will not start. Before sex with Alena we were friends, but then she met with the other. However, the first week I just went crazy. She never dressed vulgar. She was wearing a sweater and a skirt that covered, but emphasizes the chest and ass.
Slender legs could be seen only by a few centimeters between the skirt and boots. But there was something in it just drove crazy kids. However, it is not considered that flirting is not always safe.
These two months I was constantly at loggerheads with Igor and Kolyanom - two thugs in our class. They also were not virgins. Although this is no surprise, since they are all day somewhere wandered. They were down and out criminals and were registered by the police.
Igor was generally suspended sentence for causing moderate damage to health. Teachers have long They stopped paying attention to them. I swore to them constantly, but then became something similar to them. We even began to communicate normally, but one thing almost embroil us again. They are constantly stuck to Vick Alekseeva, and I could only watch and angry. The most offensive, that Vick is also beginning to reciprocate. If she knew better than those of goats, she nizachto would not do.
The day began as usual. Lessons were in the second shift, so I was sitting at home in the morning. By noon, I received a call from the post office and was told that the parcel arrived. It had wheels with porn, but no one knew, because the premise did not write anything. In it were the films "Young-green", "Sex on the TV show" and "Young Sportwoman". All of these films I watched before going to school. I should not have done it! A member in the pants was like a wound, and imagination too dispersed. And then there's as luck in gym Ksenia Morozova caught on the hook for the strap, on which hang the volleyball net.
In the fool! As a result, she fell out tit, all pootkryvali mouths and neighing, and I broke the fantasy again. And after school I still had to be on duty, that is to wash the board and the floor in the classroom. After duty I got angry and institutions.
I walked past the male locker room and heard a light laugh. Locker room was opened. It sucked Igor and Vic, Nick hugged her waist. I already gritted teeth. But then a strange matter. Igor Vick tried to push his hand under the sweater, and Nick all under her skirt. Wick snapped and walked away. She asked:
- Are you quite ofigeli?
Igor and Nick said:
- A Th, we zadolbalis licking. Maybe you already razdvinesh feet?
- And then we can get.
Here Vic first opened her mouth, angry and wanted to say something, but then I was frightened and went to the locker room. But Igor took her hand and firmly twisted behind her back. Vick tried to scream, but Koljan shut her mouth. Zalomannaya hand did not allow Vick to move. Kolyan, closing her mouth, tilted her head, Vick ducked, and then dropped it on the bench. He began pulling off her sweater. Vick shook her head and legs jerk, but Koljan held tight.
He pulled off the sweater, and Vic was in a black bra. Remove the bra there is no difficulty. When the bra was on the floor, Vickie became visible chest. I almost brought it to mind. Tits were similar to Alena boobs were not only huge, but just big, but still firm and elastic. Kolyan grinned. Igor just in case pulled off her boots, because they have high heels. Kolyan one hand clamped Vicki's mouth, and Igor with one hand wringing Vicki's hand. They remain clutched their hands and pulled her skirt down. Vick tried to resist. She lay in his shorts.
Her ass was very appetizing. I'm in no hurry to do anything. Kolyan took the elastic band of her panties and yanked down. Cowards, too, were on the floor. Vic lowed, she did not believe in all this. She was completely naked. They turned her on her back and spread her legs. Her pubis was seen very clearly. He was completely shaved, slightly pinkish color. Sexual lips slightly bristled. My cock instantly rose. Igor put his hand in her pussy. He began to feel slightly penetrate, and then stuck with the power to get two fingers. Vika from her eyes welled with tears. Kolyan also stuck two fingers in her anus.
Now she just lashed out tears. Kohl and Igor undid the straps and dropped his pants. Never have I seen a more comical spectacle !!! A member of Kolya was small, no more than 13 centimeters. Igor was also a member of a healthy 16-year-old boy: almost 25 centimeters. I ofigel. Vika's eyes widened. Igor smiled and drove his club into her vagina. Kolyan hissed, jerked his hand away from your mouth, from the bitten fingers bled. Vick started yelling, but Kolya force kicked her in the face, under the eyes.
Igor Vick took the waist and began to fuck her very hard. He fucked her frantic pace, a member came in and entered into her vagina. She moaned. A few minutes later, Igor finished and grinned. This smile does not bode well. He turned her on her side and pulled her leg. They both went into it: Kohl's pussy, Igor with his huge cock in the ass. Vic screamed painfully loud and scary. I wondered how it vahtersha not heard. She screamed, no one came. Then Koljan distracted, wanted to clamp her mouth, but he changed his mind: he thought that no one heard.
They began to fuck her together, my cock became wet. Vic yelled, but calmed down after a few minutes. They fucked her at least a quarter of an hour, then stopped. I was surprised they had not yet finished. They brought the contrast to the members of her mouth. Her legs lay at an odd angle on the bench. Her wet pussy gleamed. I broke down and went to the locker room.
Igor and Nick turned sharply.
- You Th doing here?
- On duty.
- You Th, saw it all?
- Uh-huh.
The two of them together hesitated, looked and asked:
- With us you will be?
I was dumbfounded. Vic pleadingly looked at me and moaned weakly. I felt sorry for her. A member said to me completely different. Vick was incredibly sexy, I like it. I changed the two months. So I nodded and dropped his pants. Her eyes went out. I approached her, gently turned and whispered: "Do not be afraid." I put the term in her womb and slowly began to fuck her, stroking her stomach. She took me with her thighs, it seems, she began to have fun, but not like this. Kohl and Igor stood there and jerked off. I went in and was a member of it.
I put his fingers in her ass ... but she jerked. The anus was all swollen. From pussy, however, did not appear bloodless. So she is not virgin? This idea excited me even more and I began vigorously to drive a stake through its hole. After a while my cock was warm. I quickly pulled out a member and held to her mouth. Kohl and Igor too quickly and put it on your own. From our members simultaneously spurted sperm, and very abundant, I could not stop. Wick choked, Kolya took her hair, opened his mouth and forced to swallow. She swallowed and swallowed. Her face was white liquid. We ended.
Kohl and Igor, without a word, got up, got dressed and left the locker room. I pulled on jeans and sat on the bench. Vick got up slowly, barely dressed and leaving, said one word: "Bastards."
On the way home, I realized that in fact is an accomplice rape. All night I could not sleep. The next day I was approached by Vick.
- Are you afraid?
I nodded as I realized what it was about.
- Do not worry, I will not give up. And after school we'll go to the toilet.
I looked at her in surprise. She smiled. I felt a weakness in the legs and tension in the penis. Well, not everything ends badly in life.