I want to make a reservation (which I in Fig author, if I will not have reservations, and slips ochepyatok) was not going to mow underneath Leo Tolstoy, although writing a trilogy "Childhood. Adolescence. Youth". And this is not a trilogy about early years Vovochki, but about the tricks of his dissolute popes.
"Physics lesson at school. Teacher:
- Children, that is the easiest on the ground?
No one knows, one Vovochka pulls his hand. The teacher suspects that Little Johnny blurted something indecent, but do nothing.
-Speak, Little Johnny.
-X ...!
-Because it rises by thought.
-Okay. And what is the most difficult in the world, children?
Little Johnny pulls a hand, everyone is silent, the teacher there is nothing left.
- Well, tell me.
-X ...!
-Why again ?!
-Because if he fell, no force it will not lift.
-Okay. Kids, here's another question ... And you, Little Johnny, shut up, you tell me and so all of physics reduced to s ...!"
This anecdote is the best talking about the school's Vovochki. If you read about his childhood, remember that his father was a rare womanizer who only thought about how to plant someone. And its harmful genes are transferred apparently Vovochke. He, too, was thinking about something when pigweed Ivanna bent down, dropping the chalk. But so far only I thought, though often expressed thoughts aloud. This is about his statements pigweed Ivanna once and called his father Vovochki school. It would be better if she did not. Although, who knows, maybe she liked it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
So, Vovochki father came to the school, found pigweed Ivan, they greeted each other
-I do not even know where to start. A delicate topic.
-Yes, you do not tushuytes, pigweed Ivanna. Cut plain truth.
-That's it, you are actually in the topic he said. The fact that your son is often a harmless word from trying to identify something erotic, perhaps even pornographic, shorter obscene. For example, the plain truth. Little Johnny immediately begins to capture the attention of the class is the word of the uterus. Or, the main part of the sentence. Little Johnny with a smile begins to repeat the word, members, Members, Members. Again: monomials, binomials, polynomials, arthropods. In addition, the girls repeatedly complained that Little Johnny is trying to retire with them (though at a time, rather than all at once), and, alone, trying to pinch for breast and buttocks. And one girl, speaking for her, he almost climbed into cowards. She just noticed it, although it is very dreamy. And what he writes essays! It's a continuous corruption. For example, "Masha and Dubrovsky fuck through the hollow". Come on, this class is like a storage room to store class property. There are notebooks on the shelves, I'll fetch Vovochkinu and show what he writes.
Pigweed Ivanna climbed onto the ladder, pulled a notebook from the shelf and began to descend. Vovochki father, Alex, not allowing her to go down on the floor, climbed hand under her skirt, pushed aside panties, stuck his finger into her cunt and wiggled them vigorously several times. The woman gasped in surprise and blushed, but the notebook is not released. Alex took her notebook and threw a pile on the table and unzipped his jeans and pulled out the device and brought him back pigweed Ivanna, allowing it to go down to the floor, but pinning a woman to the ladder. The teacher was panting, flushed even more, but she was docile in the strong arms of men.
-What are you doing?
-Let's move on to you. I tear you a sort of goat.
At this time, the door to the classroom opened. Lesch and teacher froze.
-Pigweed Ivanna, Where are you?
Some people like the class, and when libertines thought that the danger had passed, Nadezhda went to the pantry, the director of the school. In her hand was a bag, the contents of which will soon get to know present.
-Hello, I am a member of the parent committee ...
-Yes, I see that you are a member. And, Mary, I'm glad that you fuck!
Nadezhda moved closer, put her hand between the bodies and felt nature Leschi.
-Oh, let me talk to you, too, as with the members of the parent committee. I'm just going to close the door to the classroom to talk to you wishing not to have tumbled down the shaft here.
Director of the closed class and asked the pigweed Ivanna:
-What you gave me not even once, though I repeatedly asked? I remember that in your closet should be sleeping, you're after a hike because it left here. I took it when the tea Inspector Fleece poila. Then freezing it, poor man.
-And what are you, gay?
-No, I'm bisexual, and now you and you will see for yourself.
-And that, Nadezhda, we are already on you?
-Once we're all fucked here, in another not. I - Nadya, she - Masha. You- ?
-I like cunning.
They found a sleeping bag, spread it on a table in the classroom. Headmistress Lesha helped undress Masha and put it on top of the sleeping bag.
-And I, with your permission (or without it), sit, watch, I love this thing.
Lesch, an experienced seducer, Masha first kiss on the lips, and his hands roamed over her body, caressing his chest, abdomen, thighs.
-Something you long, my dear, planted it more deeply, please.
Alex Nagy made a little shifted in his seat impatiently, then performed her request. Masha screamed, then headmistress came up and covered her mouth with a kiss. Poterzav teacher for a few minutes, Alex forced her to finish, and finished himself. Headmistress stood up from his chair, stripped to the waist and below the village, is widely parted thighs.
-I am pleased with what he saw. But your Vovochka terrible bully, and I'm not completely satisfied. Make nice to me, I pray, be a gentleman.
She stood up, took Lesha's arm and pulled him toward himself. When he came closer, she sat down again and, placing his hand on the man's shoulder, gave him to understand that knelt. When he sang it, Nadia pressed his head to her neatly shaved, sweet pussy, and whispered:
-And kiss me everywhere, I'm already an adult.
Alex earned a language. Headmistress soon arched and moaned. She checked Leshina readiness, his cock hardened.
She lay chest on the table and stuck her ass. Alex entered her easily. The battle was merciless, soon lye headmistress was wet juices.
Nadia pulled from his bag a towel, and gave them podterlas wipe another. Then out of the bag were removed panties with dildo that headmistress put on yourself.
-Well, Masha, now you're mine.
She sat down on a chair, and Masha sat at his large friend. The two women began to move, moaning and kissing each other. Alex ... I excited by lesbian games. Barely waiting until Masha finish, he took her to Nadi knees, put a towel between her legs, threw the sleeping bag on the floor, put the cancer Nadia and stabbed her. To drive his cock in her short time, he forced her to come, and he discharged it.
Men and women put themselves in order.
-Thank you very much, Alex.
-Yes, Alex, thank you very much for the fact that you took time to address the issue of the education of his son. We, for our part, will do everything in our power. And you continue to try to give us a little time. Well, at least once every two weeks or once a month, at the worst. But it is better not to lean, and a full-fledged such juicy end, here today.
They laughed and went, pleased with each other. That is how come some of depraved parents some hooligans students resolve the problem with the school. What can be learned from their crumb-son, who came to his father, a vile, dirty daddy? Only rowing, rowing and rowing again! But everywhere there is such lewd headmistress and pliable such great ladies! Or I'm wrong? And you ... he knows.