Here is the number! Of course, I thought about this before, sometimes even want to try, but not yet on the same day, and even the three of us! Houses I insert myself in the ass candle, bottle and so masturbated. A Member? I think it hurts?
Sasha member ran into my anus and moved forward, but somewhere beyond and above. At this point, Kolya began to cum in my mouth.
- Swallow! All swallow! You do like it. You are the best sosalka! - He murmured in ecstasy, and I really swallow and I loved it. Finally, my mouth is free, and all gathered at my ass, which tried unsuccessfully to enter Sasha. Showered with tips:
- Tanya, relax!
- Put her first finger.
- Wet dick, dry it will not fit.
It was a true observation. I was told to slaver Sasha member, then he licked his finger and tried to insert it into my anus. Finger quite easily got inside. For example, a member of the now ...
Wet dick went easier. Here in me head, that's even deeper ...
- Hush hush! It hurts, pull! - He stopped me and went back. Then slowly forward again. And so gradually entered into me completely, his crotch pressed against me. I reached up from below and touch: Yes, exactly, it's all in me, that his testicles between my legs. Sasha began to move, it really fucked me, not even fucked, fucked in the ass very young naked slut in front of two friends.
Lesch again shoved in my mouth now had two members in me in the mouth and in the ass! I again rubbed her clitoris with your finger, bringing yourself to the next orgasm. Sasha strongly grabbed my half ass and began to cum right into me. I finished almost simultaneously with him and collapsed in exhaustion on the ground. More from me now it was impossible to achieve, I was completely satisfied, I got what she wanted. Nick and Alex, of course, also like my ass, but I was so hurt that they spared me.
It was time to gather back, before leaving I gave only her shoes and was forced to go naked, dressed only allowed at the camp.
- Did you like it?
- Highly!
- You want to have a toy? - I nodded.
- Then we'll call you Tanka-Toy. No, better to Tanya-Toy.
- Toy, the evening came to our room, more play.
Chamber have quadruple, so apart from them to me would be more fun, and Dima, and their neighbor. Well, fine, but in the ass today, I will not give them more let heal.
After hanging up, I cautiously crept to the boys in the ward. I have been waiting and immediately began to undress and grope. Especially I am trying to Dima, who was not with us during the day.
- Tan, posos¸sh me? - He asked bluntly. The boys, of course, everything he had been told about me. Interestingly, only to him or half the camp knows?
- Suck. - And clung to him.
They put me on the bed and Dima stood above me so that his cock was in front of the mouth. I grabbed his lips one more new member for the fourth today. Nick and Alex jerked off, staring at us, Sasha, meanwhile, touched my pussy and suddenly I was extremely pleased: he licked my lips and clitoris language. I twitched and moaned with pleasure, Dimka from it all there and then finished in my mouth, and I'm already accustomed to swallow his cum.
I begged to lick me still, Dima said he polizhet me if I'm in this to tell what happened today on the shore with me.
- I shared with the guys, and we swam ... I was completely naked ... I was their plaything. Then I sucked everyone in turn - I was ashamed to tell it, but at the same time and very pleasant. And Dima really licking my pussy. So he pulled away from me and asked:
- So what is next?
- Then I put the cancer ... Oh, lick, do not stop! Oo-oo-oo ... And Sasha fucked me in the ass. Ltd!!!
Here I am, all arched and finished. Guys really piqued my confused story. They were on the verge of orgasm.
I was told to kneel down and open your mouth, and the children stood in a circle and each in turn fed me my sperm. They jerked off and I prepend open mouth for the one who kills.
Now I have started a new life, almost every night I came to see my children. During the day we too often retreated to a secluded place. My Ass soon completely stopped hurting after the first time, and I agreed to try again. Especially the boys got hold of Vaseline.
In the evening I, as usual, came to him and undressed.
- Tan, now we fuck.
- In the ass?
- Well, if you want, you can and pussy. Only in the pussy you're not you give.
I obediently got cancer on the bed, and the boys crowded behind. Immediately I felt someone lubricated finger at between the buttocks, and then inside. Finger walk easily, it was even pleasant. Here Nick fell in behind me and began to gently push his penis into me. The rest kept me, so I do not twitching. Past, again by ... Oh, do not be hit in the pussy ... Well, now exactly in the ass!
- Painfully?
- Nah, but you are there still careful! Do not rush ... - I gradually got used to his cock.
- Wow! I put it!
He really put in and started to fuck me. The remaining enthusiastically looked at us and continued to keep me. Grease has done its job: I was a little hurt, I even started to have fun.
- Come quickly, we also want.
So, it looks like I have today vyebut all turns ... Maybe suck the rest? I opened my mouth and reached for the nearest term. Dimka gladly gave it to me in the mouth. At this time, right in my ass cumshot Nicholas. Taking out his slippery dick, he's pretty muttered:
- She's there so narrow! Full kicks!
He was replaced by Lesch and suspiciously easily stepped inside. I realized that my anus has been developed by its predecessor, and it will be easier. To get even more fun, I began to play with his hand clitoris. I sucked Dima, I fucked in the ass, to Nicholas twisted my nipples - I was happy!
Lesch very soon finished: prevozbuzhdenie affected and unusual situation.
To open my ass Sasha was selected, but it was ahead of Dima:
- Wait, let me, and I in her mouth and did not finish Now fuck. You did it have on the banks fucked.
- Come on, just a quick and easy! - Dimka and I plunged into my anus. He is the third today. It did not work to get rid blow job ... My poor ass ... While there is nothing wrong, they fucked me long ... not bad if so many sperm in the ass? After all, more and Sasha then surely finish me ... I again want dick in my mouth ... I now also finish it, right now! Yes...
These thoughts flashed randomly in my head, that's someone else's dick rested on the lips. It's Kolya! It is certainly in my poop! No, this is too much! Although, for some reason too?
- Open your mouth - I shook my head ....
- Open! Suck it, clean, because you feel like it! - Prosekli guys already that I like when I was humiliated. I opened my mouth and let him fully to himself, moving language. Nothing, not so disgusting ... and how delightful a shame!
- And me too! - It is Lesch. I lick his penis, no longer resisting. From all this I immediately came, at the same time I finished in the ass and Dima.
I rested, I felt good, but still remained Sasha. He turned me on my back and lifted my feet to the head itself. On the back I have not fucked, is something new. Gouging for the evening ass easily let him in, but the fourth act to thirteen girls - it's still a lot, I was already painful and unpleasant. To numb the pain, I again began to rub her clit, and others asked to suck my nipples. Fortunately Sasha also ended rather quickly.
When I crept back to his room, sperm flowed out of my hole and trickled over the bare leg. I was not wearing panties, she was in a skirt and shirt. To get rid of the sperm, I went to the bathroom on the toilet, and there issued from himself all that I could. Then he dobrela to his bed and slept like a log.
Generally we do not sleep enough, all five of these our nightly games. Yes, once I was asleep in bed at Dimka. We fell asleep we are all, I accidentally woke up just before the ascent and rushed to him. Can you imagine what would happen if I was caught naked in the morning sleeping in a bed in the ward boys? Girls from my chamber also began to notice that I was always somewhere to go away and guessed that to the boys.
But change has rolled to an end, soon had to return to the city. I was happy and scared that Sasha and Dima lived near me and went to a nearby school. I wanted something to stop after the camp at the time of their fun.
That's the last days, the last outing on the river. Bathed as always naked, then fucked. Today the guys take turns long kiss me on the lips. Then knocked to the ground and began to tickle. Two held, and two tickled my heels, soles, toes on the feet ... I squeal and squirm. From laughter and screaming, I could not stand it and describe in front of them.
- See, she pissed!
- Tanya, pee in front of us, we want to see.
Here it is, a new humiliation. I sat down and spread her knees. Urine zazhurchal between my legs. Sasha caught his finger and brought his last drop of my lips. I understood everything and licked. All laughed.
- And let obossym our toy? Together? A? She will like it!
I knew that soon we will all leave here at home, we can not hesitate and finally to experience more and it is. I obediently lay on her back and spread her arms. And this is the first fragrant hot jet hit me in the chest and passed through the nipples, neck, hand ... The second came in the stomach for a long time to beat the navel, then sprinkled pubis, legs ... More - more. Here I have already written on the cheeks, lips ... I closed my eyes, curled, pulled his legs to his stomach and spread them. Here am I pissing pussy and ass. It was delicious! I am delighted opened her mouth ... The last jet filled my hair and mouth. Swallow me, of course it could not. Moreover, I almost threw up.
I is a pitiful sight: wet, naked, pissing up and down the little girl lies on the beach and laughing over her four boys. But I was happy, I got something to strive for, I am fully satisfied.
The guys picked me by the arms and legs, swung and thrown into the river. And then he jumped me themselves into the water and began to rub and wash me. Still, they are good, good! And I seem to them like me ... I guess I'm even a favorite toy.
The next day, the buses take us home.
- You are the best. Neither girl is not capable of this - the guys told me good-bye.
It was sad, but our adventures were not over. In the city, we continued our game, someday I'll write about it. Or maybe not.