Successful attorney Larry Crowne was a beautiful, clever and persistent. This combination of a woman is rare and has become proverbial as impossible. However, it is worth noting that with the personal affairs she was in no hurry and loved the independence. However, nothing human is alien to her was, and vent their intimate needs, it is easy to find, as it was the highest-paid employee in his office, but for the money you could buy a lot of oh so. Her friends of the opposite sex on the sly sighed, as anyone close she is not to go and no one to give preference. She was "a cat that walks by itself." The rapid rise of her career, many attributed to the relations with the head, but as it turned out, this was due to her professional qualities. She put her head directly Peter womb to choose between a bed or work. He was forced to choose the latter, as later did not regret having learned her relationship with a male polom.Seychas Larry Crowne was assigned to do a kind of Henry Ost custody. The case, which has been condemned by the East, looked simple and irrefutable. All supporting evidence and testimony of witnesses. Although after watching the case, Larry has identified a couple of circumstances over which it was possible to cause porabotat.Interes Henry Ost was dictated by business considerations only, ie money. To her head turned some customers who wanted to speed up the output remains at "Will". Naturally, all it confirmed by a large amount. Head referred the case to Larry and he added a rather large bonus, she now had to opravdat.Komnata meeting was gray, clean and surprisingly tidy. The guard closed the door, leaving the Crown alone Ost, who was sitting at the table. Larry put the briefcase with the papers on the table in front of Henry and strength. He looked about forty years. "Straw, smart, attractive," - said it is for the most mentally sebya.Takzhe she smiled to herself, met a man appraising glance. What is the effect it produces on men she knew, and noting these views are always fun introducing them to her attempts obvorozhit.- Good afternoon, Mr. Oates. I am a lawyer. My name is Larry Crowne - presented zhenschina.- Welcome - calmly replied Henry. - How I have the honor of your visit Larry smiled again, while remaining outwardly quite calm?. She decided to play along with such a courteous approach to him. After letting a little languid in voice, she continued: - I was asked to help you quickly leave these penaty.- And who is the mediator of this? - Strangely enough, Henry also calmed down. At least vneshne.- Alas! The name of the customer is unknown to me, - admitted Larry, that really corresponded pravde.- Then let's leave this temu.- Why? - Asked ona.- you as a lawyer should be aware that any services oplachivayutsya.- But pay no vy.- course. If I wanted to pay for your services, they would long ago sdelal.- I quite expensive I see the lawyer. And that flatters me. But what you dear zhenschina.- Thank you for kompliment.- I have long been with a woman. I also priyatno.- And yet, let us define. My goal is to help you get out of here. The reasons for this are. Procedural issues are easily solved. Are not you tired of being here - Without more information, we close temu.- It may be a mistake on your storony.Genrih suddenly he leaned back in his chair and smiled unleashed Crumb. I do not like repetition and walking around. We have said at each other all that hoteli.Takoy tone slightly touched Larry, and she bit sharply otvetila.- you is not slutty rol.- Maybe - continued in the same manner Henry. - But it's for me to decide. You are not affected. And if you want to continue this topic, you will learn a lot more about it. So listen to my advice. Leave this thing here and more are not prihodite.- This threat - Preduprezhdenie.- What -? The fact that at the sight of you I want to have the devochku.- It's for me to decide - Larry smiled, repeating the words Genriha.Tot leaned forward leaning his elbows on the table and propped her hands chin If you are here still appear, then decide you do not already have. Just do me a blowjob and cum in her rosy trusiki.Lari also leaned forward, repeating the position of Henry. Now they sat opposite each other and led their poedinok.- I do not wear pink underwear - defiantly said Lari.Genrih stood with his hands on his knees. You could take it as a defeat, but he calmly skazal.- You have been warned. Call the guards - and if someone had turned off. Henry had a laid-back look that said he was here to do more nechego.Nekotoroe time Larry was staring at him and thinking that in fact did not achieve the result, got up from the table. She wordlessly took the bag, opened the door and left the room. The guard immediately went into the middle. The woman did not stop, he went to the door and sat in his car and went to the office.

In the womb of his office is located in the chair opposite the desk, his legs effectively nogu.- He did not want to accept our offer, - reported ona.- Hell - angry, Peter. - It is pleasant to sit there - I understand that he does not want to play temnuyu.- What do you mean -? He wants the names of our clients and they are prompted for their concern him sudboy.- He is there really crazy. Okay. I will try to settle the matter, and you do next, to probe and prepare vse.- He really strannyy.Piter looked at Larry. But she got up and, disregarding the interest of the womb, he came out of his office. Now she herself would like to learn more about this Genrihe.Kak Strangely enough information was not enough. Although he had a suspect in several cases related to the opening of all possible systems, but the evidence was not there. However, these things were far from over he fell into the hands of the law, and that all alarmed. Security services were trying to get to the causes, but were fiasko.Sama in itself remains a figure has been contradictory. In different circumstances, he performed in a variety of guises. It could not be attributed to a particular group, and many ... avoided discussion of his party guests, attempting to change the subject, or the next day otshutitsya.Na womb handed Larry paket.- Give this it Ostu.- I hope this will be enough - I hope so too, - he grunted in response. - And Bring his consent. We have a very neobhodimo.- If only he would not ...- No "ifs", - said sharply, Peter, and calmed down, he said: - If I understand correctly, there lies something very big ... and opasnoe.- to become better acquainted with his works, and you can believe it, - said Larry and left kabinet.Posle revelation head, something beginning to disturb her. What is the secret thoughts, picked up a little something, something does not add up. Larry thought it breathed heat, and she vspotela.Vyezzhaya the parking lot, she decided to go home and change. Slow down near the next traffic light, she noticed a store lingerie and on impulse, parked near nego.Rassmatrivaya proposed product, it drew attention to one set of pink muslin. Elegant, comfortable, emphasizing ... She took it and went into the fitting room. Looking in the mirror the figure in this underwear, Larry could not decide he likes it or not. After several minutes of hesitation, she decided that she would take it, and will not to call home, but will remain in it. In the evening, she finally decides that to him delat.Prinyav decision, she felt confident. After paying for your purchase, Larry returned to the car and headed to jail.

This time East met her at the table, putting his hands on him, and with a slight smile on his lips. The same spark was reflected in his eyes. Larry confidently took place in front of nego.- Good afternoon, East, - she greeted with muzhchinoy.- Good, - he said. - Still I decided to come - I am not easily intimidated - Larry replied, also smiling in the reply I am pleased and sad at the same time - said Henry, and saw a woman in the eyes of the unspoken question, said: - I wanted to protect you, but you did not listen. And glad that you are very beautiful zhenschina.Ost suddenly closed his eyes and put his hand to his forehead. Larry suddenly splashed a wave of heat, cold and change of gradually increasing warmth. She mentally thrashed, trying to determine what happens to a man and with her, but did not find the answer. Henry finally took the same position, as if there was no such change with nim.- So you want me to report at this time? - Asked on.Zhenschina took out an envelope portfolio and silently handed it to Ost. He carefully picked it up and took out a folded paper. After reading its contents, he put it back and returned it to Larry. She hid it back in portfel.- Interesting news, - said Henry after a pause. - Probably have to agree with your predlozheniem.- As you can see, we are trying only to help you ... and keep our obeschaniya.- Then I'll have to keep his - he looked at Larry. - Fan the hair - he suddenly asked ee.Zhenschina hesitated a few seconds, a little surprised. Deciding that nothing serious, undid the clasp, and a wave of hair falling on her shoulders. In addition, she tilted her head slightly, so that the hair swayed and straightened sami.- Come to me - as calmly said Genrih.Ostavayas unaware of his intentions, Larry got up and walked around the table. She stopped near the man, who continued to sit on stule.- time to get down to business - once again said to her, Henry. He leaned back in his chair, and set before her nogi.Lari introduced as a member enters into her mouth, and it swept a wave of desire, the body to diminish nervous languor, zasverbelo between the legs. She squatted down and her hands themselves unbuttoned his fly on his trousers remained. In addition to trouser pants had yet to move until she got to his instrument. He was lethargic, and hand picked Larry and straightened it, deftly wrapped around his fingers. The woman's face close to the head. The smell of manhood aroused her. She opened her mouth and gently put her lips soft head. Larry looked at Henry, not looking up from his zanyatiya.- Well done, girl, - he praised. - You're making progress - and the hand of a man lay down on her golovu.Ot this praise it felt good, and she began to vigorously and diligently handle members remain. Eagerly sucking head to himself, releasing her and slipping on her lips, fingers flexing, a member of the trunk, she felt like the poured, becomes hard and grows in size. Seeing such a reaction to it and petting it, Larry was got bigger and bigger. She caressed the tongue and lips all tools, from the base to a small mouth at the top of the head. Her eyes occasionally turned to Henry, and he encouraged ee.- Clever ... good girl ... diligent ... - said the man in his ochered.Ruka slid behind the lapel of the jacket and touched her breasts. Even through the fabric bodice Larry felt a warm palm. Chest nalilas became bursting bodice. Hard nipples rubbing against the fabric, delivering additional vozbuzhdenie.- See how well you ... - he continued to encourage Henry. - Do you like it ... From the rhythmic shrugging chest wave languor rolled down and exploded bottom orgasm. Larry moaned. Her body tensed, splashing out the accumulated energy. She almost bit tool muzhchiny.Kogda orgasm a little sleep, GEL with emotion even stronger start to lick stvol.- Come on, come on, a little ostalas.Zhenschina start strongly and rhythmically exciting member of the hand. She felt tense Henry on the eve of his orgazma.- Now, the girl, now - a choked voice said from the strain of the East. - Right you in rotik.Lari obediently opened his mouth wide and accelerated pace. Finally, a white trickle escaped from the head and hit her in the sky. Slimy liquid began to flow down into the throat and Larry instinctively swallowed. Although previously she never did, she liked it. The feeling of a sperm and its specific taste and the memory of a recent orgasm rocked her again. She closed her eyes. When a new batch of sperm hit her in the mouth, it caught up with the second orgasm. He was so strong that she nearly fell to the floor, but Henry did not let her hand fall. sperm droplets fall on her face, but she felt an all-consuming wave udovolstviya.- You're doing great - endorsed Henry, seeing as Larry licking the last drop of his instrument. - I promise you often have such a pleasure. And now Show me your pink trusiki.Zhenschina stood in front of him to his full height and obediently pulled up tight skirt. Finally appeared panties drenched secretions from her vaginy.- How rapidly - Henry surprised .... - Take them and obotris.Lari did not recognize herself. When this was that she was going on about the men? Usually, she led the party, forcing others to adapt. And then she wanted to listen to this man expect from him affection. Like a schoolgirl, crazy in love with her malchishku.Styanuv panties, she wiped her face, and then the crotch. She watched as Henry was watching her, and enjoy it. Larry crumpled pants and hid them in his briefcase. She remained with naked ass in front of Henry. She wanted to better her rassmotrel.Ost, in turn, put its economy, and buttoned bryuki.- Tell me, baby, now you will delat.Na This time Larry is not jarred treatment. Straightened her skirt, she sat on his seat, pulled out of the portfolio documents and handed them Genrihu.- This document appointing me your lawyer and the corresponding petition for early release. You have to sign them. - Together with the papers she put on the table in front of Ost and ruchku.Prosmotrev paper, Henry took a pen and a flourish of their podpisal.- It's time to get out - he commented their actions. - You got me has got so much that I want to treat you to all the fun dyrochki.Ot Larry grinned. She imagined by this strong man, sprawled on the bed, touching it with his body, feeling his instrument in itself ...- Calm down, cat - Henry held out her documents. - You'll have time yet ...- Now I'll come to the office and then go to management. I think that even this week you will be on svobode.- Act - approved Henry.

What happened to her, Larry could not understand. Everything remains as usual that's just the attitude to Henry evoked mixed feelings. How is it that she went to such contact with him? She condemned herself for it. This results in even greater contempt for men, especially those who can not afford a free life. And subconsciously it doused by a wave of fun memories of proisshedshem.Ustroit parole really was quite simple and re-visit in the prison is not required. Although she could not tell Larry, I want it or not she. And so it came easy: it just does not appear tam.Uladiv all cases, it is reported to the Peter, relying received remuneration and decided to forget about the incident. She saw to it that the East was set free and took another delom.Odnako a week later she was awakened by a phone call. By incorporating a nightlight, Larry looked briefly at his watch and swore to himself, was the second hour of the night. She grabbed the phone and threw it into irritated nee- Yes! At the other end of the telephone line muffled his voice vaguely familiar Hello, baby! Larry hit like an electric shock. Even through the noise interference she recognized the voice of Henry Osta.- very time - sarcastically she said trubku.- When able, beauty - delicate chuckle slipped into the man's voice. - You do not want me vstretit.- And why should I have to look for a meeting - not we talk about? - To feel the surprise in his voice sobesednika.- I had done its job. You got parole. What else does? Especially at two o'clock in the night - Oh! What indignation! It seemed to me that in the last meeting, we had a nice vremya.Lari felt the blood wave passed vniz.- What was then passed, - cut zhenschina.- I do not kazhetsya.- It's your problemy.- Here, you're a girl wrong. Now it's your problem, how can I deliver better udovolstvie.Vdrug Larry realized that it was close to the truth. With indignation, there was a growing feeling that she must surrender to this man: all without a trace. But she did not want poddavatsya.- pleasure to themselves, - she snapped trubku.- And ostentation how much is left. You'll have to trim my lawyer ...- Now I'm not your the lawyer was mistaken. You're my lawyer ... and my little girl. And will you do anything to please mne.Zhenschine tired of this stupid conversation. It was time to his prekraschat.- What do you want - now come down and meet me near doma.- Fuck you ... - Larry hung up in their hearts and fell on podushku.Ona lay a couple of minutes, experiencing the audacity with which the East with it talked. Fool that caught and was in prison ... He even dares her to indicate what to do ... and treated like some cheap whore loony. Anger boiled in it and could not find the exit. Now she will express all his face. Close up slap in the face and once again went to jail. Jumping out of bed, Larry threw only a cloak over his pajamas and rushed to vyhod.Vozle house was empty. After looking around, woman decided that it was another bad joke and wanted to return to the apartment where the bend appeared the car and stopped at doma.Polnaya determined to finish the job she ran to the car and pulled the front door, but before she could she open his mouth as her East oborval.- Zatknis.Lari if choked. She stood and stared as Henry got out of the car, went up to her rudely took her arm and led her to the entrance doma.- Now we rising to thee, and thou shalt be obedient devochkoy.Zhenschina could not answer anything. The words just stuck in my throat, a lump of steel, and push it just Henry walked side by side with him. Also, she obediently allowed themselves to enter in lift.- On what floor we? - The man asked. Larry pressed the button of his etazha.Oni entered the apartment and began to examine the East interer.- bad, - he assessed the situation. - Now let's go to our My spalnyu.- - could squeeze out Lari.- Our, Lapushka, our - gently corrected her, Henry. - That's where I Poimena you with all facilities in all dyrochki.- No, - said Larry weakly, still trying to resist, but went into the bedroom, leading the Genriha.- I love - man finally let Larry, took off his cloak and I threw it on the floor. She stood aloof in the middle of the room, looking at Henry. This time, he was dressed elegantly, suit sitting on it, emphasizing its male figure. It was a big contrast to the man she had seen in tyurme.- ... Take off your coat. Show me your pizhamu.Zhenschina silently dropped the cloak from his shoulders, picked up his hands, put it on the headboard. Now it was only pajamas, silk light blue pajamas, in which she felt comfortable. The man, meanwhile, had to withdraw pidzhak.- And now undress menya.Genrih looked into her eyes. Without looking up from that gaze, Larry came up to him and began to unbutton rubashku.- This is better - it approved the action Genrih.Ona unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it down, exposing the man's chest, so close ... Do not resist, Larry porevela hand on this chest, feeling his palm, curly hair and stiffened muscles. Then her hands slid down, dissolved belt, lowered his pants ... pants ... Now her eyes opened his dignity ... She remembered with pleasure how she did the last time a blowjob. The hand itself stretched to the penis, and began his exciting. The second fell on the testicles, lightly massaging them. Lips pressed to the head, smearing it with his absorbing moisture and flavor. His mouth opened and took a hot body and a familiar scent that her so excited. The body tingled from the excited blood suffused his chest and pulled down, her nipples tightened. Larry began to vigorously initiate tool Henry, then drawing it into itself, then licking the head. Head of a woman went back and forth. Free pajamas swayed in time with the movements, nice tickling kozhu.Nakonets Larry looked up at Ost, not letting his lips chlen.- Here you are again a good girl, - he said affectionately. - Let's Climb on the bed - it is slightly removed the woman and went to bed. He sat on the edge, with his legs apart and thereby inviting Larry to continue begun delo.- course good, - she said, unbuttoning his shirt pajamas. That freely slid down her body and arms. Now she stood before him naked half. Chest defiantly wore a brown nipples that looked at Henry. His chest Larry was neither small nor large. She gracefully silhouetted against her body, not sagged down their polushariyami.Uvidev that Henry appreciated her breasts, a woman sat down in front of him on his knees and leaned back in his body. She enthusiastically enjoyed by this act, licking it from the bottom to the head, absorbing almost entirely his tongue and teasing. Hands helped her in this work, raising the already hard and hot trunk. Henry put his hands on her head and helped light pressure to absorb the sweet flesh has for her. All bins are now being subordinated to the simple act of delight. Her body was burning languor, wanted to put his hands down and pull at her clitoris, which required laski.- Come lie a look at the back, - said Henry and pulled the woman to the bed. She barely looked up from his work. She obeyed his arms, licking her lips provocatively tongue. Sprawled on his back, he allowed Larry to pull off his pajama pants and is now lying in front of a man completely naked, indecent showing her body and private parts. No embarrassment, no shame she felt. She wanted only to surrender to this man, to be taken to them, give him a treat and the most forgotten in ekstaze.Slovno answering her thoughts, Henry stood over her and went gently into the bosom of the substituted. Larry only moaned softly from the long-awaited happiness and body confidence. The man began to slowly move into it, causing a new wave of excitement and languor. These movements rise and fall Lari, rocking on the waves of delight. And each time it was all over, pulling out of her stony.- Come on girl, pokrichi - encouraged her Henry and Larry really screamed. Wildly and lingeringly ... and at this time it twisted voltage wave, which forced almost to bend the arc under the man's body on the coming orgasm. She writhed in ecstasy, and Henry continued his rhythmic movements without letting it rest, and after the first orgasm of her covered the second ... third ... fourth ... From excess of feeling disconnected Larry, and when woke up, and lay a man with legs and body, who went back and forth in ney.- Well? - I asked Genrih.- It memorably - purred ona.- What you will not forget - exactly - man confirmed. - And still to come there will be many such momentov.- sure - agreed Larry, wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to his lips. His tongue burst into her mouth and explored all the corners of her mouth. The woman is completely dissolved and suppressed by Henry. She felt that it becomes part of it, that he could no longer without byt.Muzhchina came out of it. Looking around the "battlefield" in the form of her bosom, she commented: - Nahlyupali many ...- For you do not mind, - Larry laughed, realizing that he sees it vydeleniya.- We still have a number of the program. Are you in the ass you prefer - with or without a cream - I do not like to have to get used to popku.- girl. Bring cream and bystro.Lari jumped out of bed and ran into the bath. Quickly finding the right jar and ran back again. She does not give herself to anyone in the ass, but Henry was just the opposite. She is ready to fulfill his every whim and at the same time benefit from it udovolstvie.- we'll oprihoduem now, "virgin", - laughing man, putting Larry on the bed on all fours. She obediently bent under his arm, exposing his ass to him. Henry paid a layer of cream on her anus, smeared his body. - It should be a little bit patient and all will be well, - he continued uteshat.On it was attached to it. Larry felt his head rested in the ring anusa.- Relax - ordered her to Henry, and as soon as the slack felt strongly pressed. Larry initially thought her break, and cried. However, a thick, hard and hot continued to enter the nee.- No! - She tried to jerk from etogo.- Stand - Henry shout, nailing it in place. On the woman's eyes filled with tears, but she stood there and suffered. We started moving. It was almost as familiar in the performance, but suffered a new sensation that has penetrated through bol.- Now you will be fine - hang it, Henry. He grabbed her around the waist and helped his dvizheniyam.Lari dutifully stood and felt the flesh in itself. These movements ... ... friction inside the remains of orgasm and arousal again wound up her overshadowing the pain. Anus if adapted to the penis and slid over it without any unpleasant oschuscheniy.Posle some time intercourse in the ass already caused only pleasant sensations. Larry began to moan again. She again was good and she was enjoying the way it is taken. With this man it really was different. So fast and so silno.- Are you afraid, - said Henry. - And it is worth a try, as we have already started to roll nravitsya.Snova wave of lust. Larry not just moaned and cried out in special moments. Now, she did not hesitate to shout .... She splashed herself in these cries, helping excitation reach her even more. She had not even realized how it covered the next orgasm, only a prolonged howl, all arched. Had she got it from such relations? But the movement Henry continued to torment her, and she re-floated on the waves of the sea vozbuzhdeniya.Uzhe at the limit of consciousness, she noticed that Henry finished it right in the ass. Then they were exhausted by on the bed, and she got a job as a girl on his shoulder, throwing his leg over leg, hand on his body, his thigh pushes the pussy, the body is closely pressed against him ... Forgotten covered bins, and she fell asleep happy in his arms.

Morning flooded Larry golden glow of the sun and the joyful feeling of satisfaction. For a long time it is not to give so selflessly. And she had never had finished there a lot. She thought that the stories of these orgasms just fiction, but now she barely departed from nih.Zhenschina leaned against the prostrate body of the man, feeling every cell of the body touches, delight because he belonged to him. The strange thing is that she wanted to still belong to him. Giving all that she had, the whole itself ...- woke up, - said Henry, patting her on the scheke.- Yep - almost purred ona.- Satisfied pussy - man smiled and pulled her to him. Larry leaned forward, their lips met and merged in a kiss. - And you did not want to ...- Who knew it would be so horosho.- I had promised. And you did not believe ...- now believe - Larry enjoyed stroking his hand over her naked body. The chest rested against him, feeling pleasant uprugost.- As I always have to believe, my girl, - said didactically Genrih.- Uchtu for the future, - she smiled, gently rubbing it on a telo.- Always bear in mind that - he agreed. - Though now you can not forget and sama.- Yes? - Playfully said ona.- not yet calmed down -? With you it nevozmozhno.- Pravilno.On knocked her onto her back, leaned his body. Larry obligingly parted legs and sprawled on the bed, putting himself under the man. Henry was not slow to take advantage of this and immediately went into the vagina. Larry was already excited so that free men took the body. He held her with his body, and began to go strong movements in her womb. Warmth spread through the body of a woman. It is dissolved in the onset and absorb the pleasure of every cell. Larry closed her eyes and gave herself up to the will of Henry. She closed her eyes and quietly moaning from each lifting chuvstvennosti.Mnogo time was not necessary. A few minutes later Larry already bent in a paroxysm of delight. Cry burst from her throat and fueled orgasm. She ends violently dolgo.Kogda and she opened her eyes, recovering from pleasure, Henry stood over her, and stir up your body by hand. Larry guessed that he wants to achieve orgasm and pour his seed on it. She did not mind, and only povyrazitelnee took the position that the man was more convenient. Henry stiffened, and white liquid flew out and hit her head on his chest and belly, scorching its warmth on her skin. Larry gripped special delight, because she was so dissolute and available. She smeared the liquid on his body, and Henry smiled, inviting it to continue to Larry deystvie.Vyliv their juices, Henry lay near nee.- Is not it time for us to gather? - I asked on.- ready lain here all den.- Unless you do not have to work? - I surprised Genrih.- We must go to the boss, and then the owner is interested in a new business - admitted Lari.- Then, a girl, you have to gather. And what about the owner ... - he paused, looking into her eyes. - You have now only one hozyain.- And who - I. 'Well, Sir, - Larry smiled, picking up the game Henry. But he was absolutely serious, and continued to stare it in the eye a bad treatment. So from now on and to contact mne.- Seriously - Is not that right? - Asked in turn, man, and Larry felt that it was almost true. However, she tried vosprotivitsya.- You do not mania velichiya.- Maybe - smiled in turn, Henry. - But my pussy is not aware nadobno.Lari was at a loss: the game or reality - Go, wash, - a man slapped her bare zadu.Lari got out of bed and went to take a shower?. Diligently, vymyvshis, she returned to the room. While she dressed and led myself up, Henry had also bathe and gather. So the two of them went down to the first floor, and went to work ulitsu.- Go - said goodbye to her, Henry. - Be ready tomorrow night. I'll pick toboy.- Good - Larry threw at him and went to the garage for his car.