I say: - Debauchery your cool!
They, of course, lying bitch!
No: just even all whores
I used to consider for the people!
They're women at
Gulnut not accustomed to joking!
Any woman for Roma
Always fresh, as the sounds of thunder!
I am still ready to forgive them in the world
If only they were even!
Men - not the gifts of heaven,
(I do not exclude myself)
All potebiteli those charms,
What heaven has sent as a gift!
Any woman - a goddess!
(Only because I have a vagina ...)
And as if we did not fight the nose,
Without them, we would have lived terrible!
And so anytime, anywhere
I sing songs about the pussy!


Oh, that's so sad? - so long ago
I did not drink fresh wine,
The wine that pours out of the slots
From all of us in the world ripe!
I would like a bitch again,
To my sadness to the dogs stopped,
To drink and drink and not get drunk,
That heart was singing blue bird!
I Want hymen not fucked,
A joy to become stronger,
To the young living juice
I helped the youth to return!
Vulgarity and I'll throw
Give this girl chudscho,
Do not defile Yunny fervor
I'm romantic, sweet!
I'm not a rapist, to take
Hope Yunna grace
As a traveler, I cling to the stream,
I do not want to sacrifice!