My name is Ira, and I am not a fright, quite the contrary. Who knows me close, my name is Irene still-mole. I confess that I have a birthmark on the inside of the genital lips. Such a small, dark hair, dotted fabric is maddening for girls and boys, when I trust them.
So, in our institute's group I was a boy Serge, who became my "husband"As we called it. In the autumn of his birthday, and Sergei persuaded "relatives" do not pay attention to us, and they seem to agree. We nataschili wine. Presents were probably bags. They sat down at the table, the mother of Sergei tried to fame was that eat after obschagovskoy hunger. Olga, as she was called, sat down with us, almost by force causing eat one thing after another. Soon the whole tension of relatives held. Olga has smoked in the kitchen with the girls, vysprashivaya with whom her son "lives"They showed me, and that, and let me take care of: "Do not drink, do not smoke ... " In fact, she's a great woman, looks much younger than his years, well, just the same age as ours and some of the girls that smear and younger. I already call her Olga, adding some wine in secret hoping to spend the night with them. Her son, Sergei, did not do anything for that, even if his mother spoke to guys left. No! He liked it more than the wine. And Olga Ivanovna had already begun to send the children home, taking care of our honor. I helped her clean the dishes, the windows have long been dark. Olga bad stand on her feet, but volunteered to accompany me, to put on a taxi.
I was so, and that, while it is:
-Ira, daughter. Come on, I'll walk you. Sergei daddy ready, sleep.
-At the bus stop, as it should be at this time, traffic will not wait. Olga stubbornly waiting "wheelbarrow". Here arrives "Gigue"In the cabin two guys:
-Girls, let's go, go.
I'm angry, I realized that Seryozha does not work, and the guys went nowhere. He jumped into the back seat.
-Go! What ?!
Olga is very beautiful woman, and on the face and figure "cool". Boys and name it:
- A friend, well, what are you ?! Go!
Olga looked at them, to me, sat on the front seat, slammed the door.
- Irina, you where?
One can see me personally decided to hold up to the bed. I laughed:
- Wolf lane two.
Olga realized this is serious, and the guys have guessed. Go!
The one next to me, started to get acquainted with his arms around my shoulders. I do not mind, let them! Olga began to rock, I see asleep, nodding, does not notice that the ride, where and why we go. The one behind the wheel, Nicholas, Nick, so gently puts his hand on the shimmering nylon Olga's knee. She is sleeping. I see that hand rustled deeper, lifting up her skirt. Like Olga woke up, but did not understand anything, not even her skirt pulled down. Nick at that time switches the speed, by removing the hand. But my "beau" tells jokes, I'm not asking me, I know them or not, at the same time, with the tacit consent of my trying to find out what is under my coat.
- Well, Sasha is not a shame! - I am trying to attract the attention of Olga, laughing, allowing compress themselves above the knee.
I notice that Nick Olga doing such, his hand stroking his leg in a dark stocking, sometimes between the legs, and sometimes higher. And she had already slept capitally. Men offered to go to them. I agreed and Olga, knowing full well that will be, but this could not assume ...
In the small room we were waiting for two more guys. One of my probably age "green" really, Mike. Another, Sergei, probably after the army, he would like and the owner of the "hut". The room terribly small, a sofa, a table, two chairs, and more there, if they wanted to, not instead of nothing, nothing but us. Immediately there was a place, we were asked to remove the coat back in the hallway, and I noticed how the door there. Well, everyone, I think - have arrived!
Wine and music, however, was, and so-ee-Playa Company. We drank, Olga came to little. Guys can be seen, spotted our age difference, so two of them, Nick and "my" Sasha, Olga quickly switched on, hoping that it will be easier with it. I sit at the table, looking at what is happening in front of me on the couch. Trying not to think about the bad, but at the same time raised, looking like a little Olga fighting off the boys. Those trying to gently touch her big breasts and white stocking the leg above.
- You that she undress? - I just asked Sergei, coming from behind, stroking his shoulders, dropping his hands to his chest.
- Of course - trying to buy time, nodding to Olga - only a little later, okay?
- Well, good - generously leaves me "green" Misha, as he was already out of his chair Iron-on transfer my thighs, just nylon rustling.
Olga begins to think what's going on, mad eyes looking around. She tried to escape, screaming.
Men inspired quite convincingly that it is not necessary to do so, to the same and useless. Olga tried not to look at me, turned away face, hiding his eyes.
- Well, okay, let's get undressed, Irishka! - Has already offered me.
I stood on a chair, trying the music take off her clothes, so "asked", Looked at the hands of boys, clutching his chest, Olga, they were raised under the bra balls, elastic and fall off in the belly blouse unbuttoned, as if to initiate a repeated all their movements. Fingers Nick pulled her panties in the crotch, penetrating into them. Sergei in the help, holding her knees. I was not watching, and I rented a bra staying in pantyhose and panties. All but "green" Olga busy. Bear, all sitting as quickly rummage my half-naked body. Nipples on my breasts sharp rise like rockets.
Here with Olga flew towards her panties, she moaned. Bear kisses me on the shoulder, abdomen, sucking nipples, I even pressed her hips in horror from the idea that it will now be the same ?!
That's right, I flew Holguin bra, big nipples pulling bulky chest side. Mishka apparently liked their volume, and he threw me. Guys Olga surrounded on all sides. I'm just behind them could see part of what is happening. Sergei unbuttoned his pants. I see that Olga like and not against it, to make him a blowjob. Nick already lays on her couch legs, lying down between them. As soon as this thing they took, the other guys looked at me, we came closer, touching, pulled nylon stockings with panties. Olga lies on his back, legs bent at the knees, hips and buttocks elastic working under Nick. Olga holds the hands of the member Sergei, though he and his back to me, but a great mind is not necessary to understand how deeply Olga takes a cock in her mouth. Sometimes a flash of her inflated cheeks, but she tries to hide her face behind Sergei feet. They, along with Nick, massage naked chest. Sergei quickly emptied seen, well it made him a blowjob. Taking off his pants and waving his drooping, wet member, he approached me. I, on the tights at the ankles, the music, shook her hips, looking like Olga wipes his mouth, turns away from me. A teddy bear has climbed up to me, well, right in the very ...
- Wait, you, - Sergey stopped - not so interesting. Through tights I took off my panties and pantyhose pulled over, forced to bend down .... Ripped at the crotch seam exposing everything from the pubis to the ass. I am standing "cancer" on the chair.
- Come on, kiss - Sasha laughs, putting it all bears. I see the side of it interests and Olga turned her head. A teddy bear, a fool, was offended, and went away, unbuttoning his pants to Olga. That loud smacking, took his penis in her mouth. Sasha, without hesitation, ran his tongue from the bottom up on all my holes and put me on the floor by the table. Sergei took the vacant chair, poured wine. Sasha bends me to his knees, trying to get in my way. I almost fell off the high heels, high stiletto boots on, hold for Sergey.
-Yes, still, you! Tear! - I shouted at Sasha. Crouching and relaxing, she tucked his penis, he pulled me with force.
I, of course, cried out, and we went. The place was small, and my face still dangled behind the knees Sergei, who, after drinking wine, pats me on the shoulder and massaging breasts swinging, then milks like a goat, is bursting at the sides, pull the nipple.
I definitely have zahoroshelo. I rest in his thigh, his fingertips touching a fallen member, and then frankly exciting, then the head, then the testicles. I noticed that "green" Bear goes on top instead of Olga Nick, a member of the gleaming saliva, trembling, hiding between the legs. Olga seems to be embarrassed in front of my age, she looks at me sideways, and directing podmahivaya Mishka. He grabbed like mad, Olga breasts, holding them both for machine jerked on it, quite clumsily, and quickly. They could hear the funny zahlyupala Holguin :. Nick was standing next to me, looked at me, slapping the back of Sasha, then what to do with Sergei and offered his cock.
-Come on, Irina, hug.
I took the tired, tired out members, adhering to the fingers, with Olga smell, put it in his mouth, I tried, quite uncomfortable in that position. Even Sasha behind harder and harder pulls my hips. It seems as though now through the mouth will a member Nick. It seems to realize stood behind the glass. He offered us a drink and Olga Ivanovna. I saw, however, is already sitting member Sergei, who had by then become stronger. Olga tried to gather her clothes, but she broke up with her sitting in her stocking feet on a small circlet, and Bear and Sasha had fun with it, putting her on her knees on the couch.
Gone with Olga "round", Shot down their first fervor, but this was not the end. Someone complained that we were both wet. At this time, Olga and knelt beside him. Only my face at her backside, and her head my. One of the guys was part of me took out and gave Olga in her mouth, and then entered, and her next to me, and now it was my turn to take a cock in her mouth. And so, who is faster "will end". Indeed, we were wet, there vytresh? Yes, and really did not have time. Us "asked" caress each other. I immediately collapsed under Olga, his feet high. She dared touched my lips torn between tights. Guys reined my feet, admiring how Olga chooses me from moisture. It makes it clumsily, running his tongue over the surface, then there I myself opened, his fingers stretched pisenku. Olga got over from the vagina to the clitoris, then back, then sucking and sucking the moisture, then took out her tongue. I was stunned, and orgasm came immediately. I do not pretend I cried, hugging her her head. Then, thanks to caress her "flower"Swollen, oozing. Olga constrained, strained, but when I'm licked, and took in his mouth "cherry" her clitoris, caressing him as the male member, Olga opened stronger, giving me to absorb it all and everything in it.
Men looking for our "love"Themselves extremely excited. Olga and I stayed on the couch. I, like a snake to dodge, not holding back and not controlling themselves already. While I fuck, trying in any position to reach Olga, then caressing her breasts, then touch the swollen clit. That was all! I licked, grabbed his lips rubbing genitals, entering the language, together with a dick in her sweet cunt licking the "bud" after the act. Olga is not shy - lovely! After a short break and drinking, the whole thing was resumed. Guys wanted more, more and more. I showed them, all went into the role, but it is not clear, but what I can myself and fuck, fuck me yet. The boys were stunned when I walked hand in Olgino vagina while touching her tongue sexual sponges. Then, weary members got up to our asses. I took it easy, she knew how to give, not to be hurt. But Olga and they had trouble. It is, of course, allowed, wanting to experience something new, but I could not relax, but tormented themselves, and in fact an adult woman - should be able to. I sprained her buttocks, caressing tongue hole anus, tongue introduced deeper, soaking, stretching the anus, massaging. Her first was in the life of Sasha, he followed me instructed head, pushing deeper. I'm not feeling sorry for Olga, in every possible way to help her and to him. That head disappeared, I slightly pulled it back, without removing, wet flesh vacated, and then Sasha enters deeper. Finally, they adjusted. And I sat on Sergei top, rocking out on a limb, he immediately helped Olga, standing side by side. After Sasha, Olga did not like excuses, Bear stood behind introducing the penis between the buttocks wet, he got there, though, and did not come out, sliding on the opponent's lubrication.
Nick bent my Serezhkin member pristraivayas me in the ass. I loved it when the two members in me rub together through a thin, soft barriers according. But all this beauty would not be such if it were not near Olga Ivanovna. Olenka!
I woke up in the morning, in his entrance, not even dawn. Why and how was at his home, at "relatives"I do not remember, there lived in a hostel. We see quite "left". Lie down, I went to Olga Ivanovna. She behaved as if it was not with me, and nothing happened. I just chuckled to himself, and the more we have not met. It's a pity!