In a typical Moscow family, wife collects husband on a business trip, not so long, only 2 days, but it will be enough this time to change his faithful husband, what she had said, and in the absence of a good time with your lover. Although her husband is very nice, and very good-looking in bed, she could not refuse further sexual life with their partners, such as it is. He, in turn, thinks that his wife was an angel, and can not just take her husband to change, resorting to casual sex. Although he is good beetle, he said that he was leaving for his work matters, and he plans to spend time with a cute charming girl in her country house.
But he went out the door, his wife had already grabbed up the phone to call the type with whom she recently carousing.
- What kind of nonsense are you n¸s¸sh that you can not think of any excuse for his beloved little wife. Say, for example, that you have to go to work in another city, for example, to search for new suppliers, you're just doing this and the nature of their professional activity.
- Something very primitive sentence, to leave the house. ... Yes, what you say about the party in the 800 packages every Tuesday, well, that we will discuss specifically during the meeting.
-Idiot that you talking nonsense.
- I observe the rules of secrecy, and now his wife came out of the bathroom.
- And now it is where?
- Released to a neighbor, Come hell with it, you will not mind if I'm already an hour with you.
-No, not at all, and even, on the contrary, we will have the opportunity to engage each other immediately. See my hero.
And I hung up.
And he had already prepared it for the arrival of his wife, how he would poison her stories about the expansion of partnerships, the release of their store on the big arena, and that for the next two days, it is a kind of circumstances would have to leave her.
He was able to inspire confidence in his wife, telling all available. My wife just said: "If required by your job, then nothing can be done"
Lastly, my husband said: "You can invite your friends and show our country house"
-You know, I probably will.
-Only only that, you will do better tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow will come to my brother and his newly-wife to spend a honeymoon, so they probably do not want to interfere.
-Of course. Then we will come tomorrow afternoon and by the evening we will be gone.
After 2 minutes, the husband left the apartment, leaving his wife as much as 2 days.
How do I hand it to his trip, his wife thought, we're just going to my lover to go there. In addition, he proposed to go to the country, but instead we will be friends together to enjoy life and enjoy sex. So we agreed to meet at the park at 16:00, now twenty, it would be necessary to call him on the mobile.
-Cute circumstances add up the most favorable manner, drove up to me, and we now go to the country.
-Now I'll have you.
After 7 minutes, he was in her apartment.
-As you look great today, and by the way, is now some idiot almost knocked, she raced along the street happy. Any divorced. The hell with it. Come ma'am, carriage awaits.
They went out of the house got into the car and drove to the luxurious suburban villa. Huge plot of land of 2 hectares with a wonderful home with all the amenities waiting for them.
Walking up to the house, they first decided to swim in the pool and, among other things, to make love.
Throwing off all my clothes, they approached each other, and about 3 minutes kissed each other on the lips, occasionally glancing eyes. Then he wrapped his arms around her tender ass, lifted her in his arms and jumped into the water. Leaning it against the wall of the basin, and began frantically kissing her chest, she closed her eyes and just enjoyed his kisses.
When he lifted it and put on the floor the pool so that was convenient to fondle her excited pussy. Her husband never did it although she herself rarely licked his penis does not return for the same, so now she was excited as when any before. Therefore, at the moment she could do almost anything. He went up to her and wanted to continue, but she could not stand idly by and decided to take matters into their own hands. And he reached for his excited member. She grabbed his hand, presented it to his lips, and shoved it in there.
It was the most deep blowjob, she only did in his life. She simply enjoyed the presence of his cock in my mouth. Well, he has also experienced such pleasure as his wife did not trouble themselves so busy with her husband, and gave herself entirely, her lovers, her tongue polishing the surface of their members. And so both of them had a desire to do more soon prolonged sex. He stopped her, and as it should be the man he turned and placed in position, his back and tilting it forward. Without wasting a minute for free, he shoved his body into her vagina and began to make a reciprocating motion back, forward, and she just moaned and cried out: "¨sch¸" and occasionally "faster" or "sui on the eggs."
What he did, what caused the small claps on her ass. During this time he held her ass, and she caressed her breasts with his hands. He wanted to change the position, and he pulled it out of his excited phallus. She turned to him, she wanted to again and again to lick his manhood. But he was ahead of her, she joined to the place in which it fucked, leaning his lips and began to lick thoroughly. But not too long, because I had to fuck in a different position than he at once took up, he picked her up and put it on his penis and began to raise and lower it. She or what not to do but only to have fun, because her partner did almost everything himself: put in a position at some point in position and undertook to kiss her. But then he pulled it out.
-Baby think of something else.
And razl¸gshis on the floor, he waited to see what she would do.
It seemed that they were little more fucked, sat down to his dick and start sit up and sit down on it.
We heard excited shouts and sounds, but then he interrupted her, saying, "Now finish"
And she hurried off usizhennoe place. She immediately grabbed his penis as a microphone handle and waited for warm sperm will break loose, like lava from a volcano to catch her mouth, and as it should, then lick the remains on the penis.
There was the first release of sperm, which is almost all appeared in her mouth, while the second jet gushed and fell on her neck and chest, then she herself experienced an orgasm.
Now, we should take up a different kind of sex is called anal, and with the words road, popolzuyutsya me in the ass, put it next to a condom lying sat her ass on his cock. At first she felt a little trouble, because his cock Horny took a decent amount, but a few seconds later the discomfort was gone and she was just glad the presence of his penis in my anus. After 3 minutes, it is by combining two of her beautiful tits popped member in the gap between them, and at the same time it tried to lick it.
But this occupation he, for some reason did not like, and he decided to again better to fuck her in her pussy Horny. At this time, it just felt like a king, his position was at the top, and he fucked her with all the strength in her peretrahat only for today pussy. She screams were just outrageous, and he know himself, he continued. Then he stopped again, pulled out a member, finished second time on the surface of her body before the sexual orifice. A couple of times where he kissed and fucked, small kisses his lips began to move up the chest, neck to his lips. Then whispered in her ear that everything was fine, I splashed into the pool.
The whole rest of the night, they do not touch each other, then calmly went to ... sleep on one bed as a husband, his wife asleep, turning his head, from each other.
In the morning, as soon as they woke up, she said that tonight should leave the house because of her husband's brother will come in the morning with his young wife for a honeymoon.
- Oh, and your husband where you're his case at the time of our meeting.
- Yes, he went on a business trip for 2 days.
- Suspicious similarities are.
- What?
- I told my wife that I was going on a business trip for 2 days, your husband told you the same thing.
- What do you want to say that my husband is now your wife.
- Quite possible. As soon as I came out, she called him and invited him to her, and as I told her naplel that I was away on business, came up with the same excuse for it, just in 2 days, I'll have to come back, and as brothers soon perhaps he'll naplel in order to spend tomorrow here with my wife, so you should call his brother and find out whether he really will come here.
- Oh, he nit, he still dares me to change.
- But you is cheating on him with me, and what he is worse.
-In fact, I thought he was a decent family man.
- Nothing, my wife thinks the same thing.
She picked up the phone and called his brother.
- Listen, you definitely come to us tomorrow to the country with his wife.
- What makes you think that we have come, we are now on a honeymoon in France.
- And, so yes, okay, then is, I can then somehow explain.
- Well, what he said.
-Yes, it seems your prediction begins to slowly come true.
-Then we'll have to move back home to you, and spend a day with you, he said.
- Interestingly, they are thinking about what we guessed you.
- I did that. Okay, let's not argue. By the way, and he knows that you are now in the country.
- Yes, he offered himself to show my friends our cottage.
- All clear.
-What exactly.
- If he decides to test you, you call on the phone, one of your friends, and you are certainly not what they did not warn you. So immediately telephoned their friends and warn them, I hope they will not be given, but the worst thing would be if he had called them.
- Vryatli, I said that we will go during the day and that night leave.
In the same time, she dialed phone friends and asked them if her husband would call and ask where you are now, to say that in the country.
Fortunately, her husband did not think to ring up friends.
- It's all done, you can now do another, and do something that did not do yesterday.
- I'm in the shower, and then it will be necessary to start breakfast. You also did not hurt to do it, but then I came up with a fun thing for dessert.
After the shower, they went into the kitchen.
- Can I warm up a pizza.
- It is a suitable food for a romantic encounter.
- The pizza was just lovely, it's time to move on to dessert.
And untying the ribbon on her robe, he put it on the table.
He took from the shelf a jar of cream and began spraying it on the surface of her chest.
- You will like the birthday cake for a dear guest, 'he said.
The final stage in the cake was strawberry, which he decorated her pussy, putting her just the right place.
He started slowly and gently touched his lips to her nipples, licking with cream, and then only began to lick the surrounding end zone.
When all the cream has been thoroughly licked, he grabbed a bottle of champagne, and instead, to use a glass, he poured it into the hollow between her mouth-watering balls. After drinking champagne with her delicate body, he decided to have a snack, good at what was cooked strawberry that looked so good on her pussy surface.
- Oh, yes, yes, I have no words, she cried, fuck me, so as soon as possible.
He unbuttoned his bathrobe and threw it on the floor.
Then he brought his own penis to vagina, but before you put him there, he decided for fun, could move the head member on it for thrills. She could no longer tolerate, and commanded: "stick it, so deep, so as much as possible"
His gun, which he did not fuck a girl came into it.
Finally she waited that long-awaited moment, after that foreplay cream.
- More, more, more deeply inserted and faster.
It is inserted at the most 20 cm of nowhere his handsome, but her and that was not enough. Previous her lover had a weapon in 25 cm. And therefore satisfy her like no one else.
He pulled the gun out of her, at the same moment she climbed down from the table and rushed sucking it, that was now inside her. She loved scary lick cum from dick, and just suck it like a lollipop.
Performing this operation, it was not until the end satisfied and wanted more sex.
To do this, he had to lie on the floor to take up these cases there.
She sat on his dignity, and one might think that he did not fuck her, and she him.
Prolonged sex in this position did not work, because it's time for the men's release outside products.
She held up his hands and caught a jet of sperm in order to smear her body and lick his hand.
It's time to go back to the other pair of apostate.
As expected, an hour later he was at it.
- Imagine, so missed you, that slowly to you, almost hit by a car. Yes, even the driver, some idiot. Let's not talk about this. Well you shoved her husband.
- Yes, he went a little over an hour ago.
- I figured out how we will spend 2 days together. Tomorrow it will be necessary perekantovatsya you, and the next day, we go to my cottage.
- And why not tomorrow.
- Tomorrow there will be my wife, I asked her to show our newly rebuilt cottage her friends.
- Are you sure that the day after tomorrow it will not be there.
- Of course, as I naplel her that the next day there, at my invitation to come to my brother and his young wife on their honeymoon. So I have everything under control in advance. Therefore, before we go there, we have to have a little fun. Do you want me as well.
- And you still can doubt this.
- Maybe zaym¸msya this immediately.
- Let's go into the room. Here on this wide bed, comfortable sex.
They immediately took off his clothes and lay down on the bed, stroking each other in different parts of the body.
- If you want, I caressed your pussy.
- You know, my husband is so often does, that it has ceased to excite me.
- Do you often make him a blowjob.
- No, he did not even ask me about it, well, that I have nothing more to do a lick of his 20 centimeter "sausage" Well you though, can I receive this honor.
- Do not.
- Why, because the peasants like it a lot.
- Count up, my situation is identical to yours, my faithful wife so passionately doing this once a week, completely ceased to bring me. So it's time to ... ..
Did not finish until the end of the phrase, it just slipped her dildo inside. At that time, they were lying on their sides, and it is a gallant, gave her a place at the top, turning in bed in a certain way. Silently they enjoyed sex, making a smooth movement, without raising or lowering the rate. This would not slow nor fast. It was quite a long sex, but they did not dare to change the position or do anal.
After they experienced orgasm, and they were a few minutes staring at the ceiling. Then he began to kiss on the lips, because besides the fact that they both liked the sex, could not refuse the kiss, giving them a lot of attention.
He loved the beauty of the female body, not just boobs, ass and smooth pussy.
Therefore, looking up from her lips, he began to kiss her neck, stomach, gradually going down, lower and lower, caressing her thigh, and then your knees. Then she turned her stomach down, began ... prodelyvat the same procedure, but from the bottom up, getting to the neck only from the back side. When you have finished these steps, he began to stroke her back.
She has in life or when such was not, so having sex smoothly swims in banal affection. Before she liked to engage first classic in several positions, then gradually move on to the anal, but now everything was different, and she liked it less.
She initiated the desire to roll over and just hug him with the words: "Dear all just great, you showed me another side of relationships between individuals of the opposite sex. She was so happy, no matter how when life.
Rest of the day they spent together, but no sex.
In the morning they both had such a feeling that they should be together. Therefore, they no longer had to hide his sympathy, and foreign people, to pretend that they are absolutely not interested in each other.
Therefore, by mutual agreement, it was decided to go on a summer residence or as planned, but the day before.
He has already been pre-prepared speech, she looked about like this: "I met a friend, and I intend to spend the rest of her life"
But their great surprise was that when they came into the house and proceeded to the kitchen, found on the floor in an excited state, it is his faithful husband, which it believed it until now, and he his wife.
They immediately jumped up, put on a bathrobe and a few seconds in silence, with it all.
First it started "faithful husband": "Do you think you have caught, but I guess even in the morning, something is not clear, but still such coincidences, 2 days on a business trip for the expansion of partner relations.
- What we see unexpectedly, but still we've come for us to say that we will be together, and you are there to decide for themselves.
Our condition for a woman goes to the house of the man. That is, I'm with my girlfriend going to live at home, where he lived, and you go to him, referring to his wife.
- There is.
The newly-formed pair left for their homes and began to live as they lived, but seeing every day in front of the other partners. The only difference is that after the evening with numerous kisses the woman does not change his new chosen one, and he told her too. As for the other couple, they still lie to each other and spend a wonderful time at a distance from the other "princes and princesses"