Svetlana as usual did a blow job in the headmistress's office. In her 32 years we would have already become a head teacher of the school and not the teacher of mathematics, because it works, and blessed the lesbian for 10 years. So she licked pussy headmistress decided to come off and to ask:
- sorry Countess magician I ask for an increase in salary.
- What stopped you bitch, but I'll keep only due to the fact that the communication language you work well. Let's go on
Failing Svetlana continued.
Coming out of the office directress teacher went to his own. There was no longer certain because lessons have ended 20 minutes ago. Svetlana gathered brush up (highlight headmistress was smeared all over his face), but as soon as she got to class Plotok flew Sinichkina Lena from 8b class.
- Svetlana, you are still here and I forgot to handle: oh and quite often lose something in your mouth.
She went without permission to matematichka and the palm of his right under the lower lip. Slowly he raised it to his nose and sniffed (ponila it what it is). Lena took it and licked her fingers with secretions and then came over and began to lick the face Svetlana.
- wh-what are you doing - slightly recovering himself said teacher
- if you can not awake to resist this and do not know the whole school
And Svetlana surrendered, it is fully complied.
Lena sat on the teacher's desk lifted her skirt and pulled her panties. The teacher immediately realized that is required of her and pressed her lips to the girl's bosom and so hard working language of that that in no time the teacher had finished in the mouth.
- thank you - ochuhavshis said the girl and ran out of the classroom.
"Well now it must be pleasing" Svetlana thought and become boring to go home.
- you will not believe that now happened to me: - Reaching home Lenka rushed to his brother 14letnimu
She told him everything, and they agreed to go to her tomorrow.
Svetlana came home and lay down on the sofa. Something like undressing matematichka took the vibrator and began to enter it in the pussy. After 3 minutes of waking up to her ran a huge cable. When he finished Svetlana took the vibrator and handed it to the dog's mouth. He quickly began to lick toy. He is throwing it on the floor matematichka headed for the kitchen then a snack. But when she got up she felt a violent blow from behind and fell to the Cullen, turned around she saw her own dog karapkaetsya on it.
- NO, NO - she began to struggle, but he realized that if he continued the claws will tear it - OH MY GOD OH WHY ALL WANT TO
I THEIR UBLAZHAAAAAA: - at this point the dog entered her
He fucked her without stopping, Svetlana has even started to groan with delight. Filled the insides hostess dog went to sleep.
Ochtnulas Svetlana only at 5 o'clock in the morning, a little bite, she went to work.
Lena and Sasha (brother), as usual went to school in the yards.
- hey kids do not help move something? - They shouted what that woman
- Of course - said Lena
They approached the car from which a woman took kakuito karobka.
- Now take - she gave her children and she took it and went somewhere else to show the way to children.
All entered the apartment and the woman landed pamoshnikov and between them put the box out and catfish
- let's see what's there - offered the county
- let's
They started to open the box and saw in it a plurality of vibrators. Lenya took one and put to his mouth, they laughed about, and suddenly a woman came in and photographed them.
- here, and consume
- what you want from us - scared county
- so much so nothing undress
Children without question took off all his clothes
- and now fuck his girlfriend
Sasha tried to hide her smile but it had not turned out badly. He walked over and put her in her sistritse treschenu. A woman taking pictures of everything.
- that's fine now run to the school - the stranger said this after Sasha had finished.
Mathematics teacher was going to go home after the working day as someone knocked on the door.
- Svetlana - it was a county
- What do you want Sinichkina?
- like what? Fuck you certainly
Svetlana did not resist
- well let's just quickly
- excellent. Sasha !!!
- what else ?! Sasha
- my brother, he would help me
Sasha went and went without a word to the woman. He took off his pants with shorts and sat down on a chair. Svetlana immediately knew what to do, and kneeling down to work. Meanwhile, Lena took her obslyumachev pointer and put into anal matematichki. Less than 3 minutes Sasha rapidly finished in the mouth and his place has replaced Lena, and he took the pointer. Swallowing semen Svetlana started a new job for a few minutes and felt that the pointer was replaced by something thicker. It was Sasha again he was full of energy. We finished it all together.
Sasha and Lena fucked his teacher until after 2 years it has not withdrawn the two of them fucking each other and threatened to show the tape to parents. Then Svetlana and glad enough but that's another story.