Frankly I never thought that one day someone will tell it, but many years after the event that something inside is terribly itchy ...
It was a long time ago in the city of XXX, I was in the 9th grade of high school, and quite frankly was an outstanding student.
I was particularly attracted to the sciences, this fact has contributed a lot to my close and frequent communication with our math teacher. It would be a lonely man in his early 50, with some strange aversion to women ... Okay, enough preamble, once he was preparing our school team to the Olympiad in mathematics. We worked every day for a few hours, my head is already humming of brainteasers. In the evening of the next day to say that I went to his home tomorrow, he will work out with me alone, because He lays it on my own hopes for the Olympics. The next day, after two hours of grueling training, he suggested that exercise and work in his garden. I will not list what we were doing there, the main thing that after work we went into the shower.
Shower him to the manner of the suburban street. High School invited me to bathe together, since little water, and it is necessary to economize. While one would lather -second clean, and vice versa. I was a little uncomfortable to undress in front of a teacher, but I apparently did not hesitate. Figure he was good without abdomen, proper body balance. Most of all I was surprised completely bald shaved pubis, which made his big cock looked like something childish, but very sexy. I missed it the first, spoke disapprovingly about my lush vegetation in the groin. He said it was not hygienic and should shave. I stepped into the shower and began to lather, he almost immediately took my washcloth, saying he rubs my back and my hands slipped a safety razor. "On sbrey their forest". Probably, if I had balked, then nothing would have happened next, but I used to listen to him and began clumsily to free his pubis from the thickets.
He, meanwhile, quite gently soaped me, and that bothered me the most - paying special attention to my ass. I must say that the young man I was then completely corrupt, the word homosexuality had not never heard, and I had not occurred to him about the possibility of sex with a man.
Finished soaping my back, he turned me around to face him and meticulously examined my work. Selected razor and holding my dick almost immediately gets up carefully Welcome my crotch. Rinse with running water and soap my hair. Sam got into the shower. A wet, he silently handed me a washcloth and soap. I knew I had to wash his back. When I soaped his back, and even with a sinking paced the teacher's buttocks, he turned to me torso, but the hand of the sponge is not reached. I froze in disbelief. "Let's keep that stopped?" I began to rub his chest and arms.
"Member of the hands wash, washcloth -Hard". It sounded like an order. Terribly blushing, without looking up, I began to lather his risen member. Whether he was circumcised, or the constant masturbation, but the head of his cock was completely bare. "Egg wash is good: and the ass, that's when you skhalyavil back we!" It said it was a tone he usually reprimanding Losers. So I hand Tereblya his balls and move forward - to the anus. To do this I had to bend down, I felt a hand on his shoulder.
Dasha events developed so rapidly that I have not been able to make sense of them, just following his orders. "On knees!" Before my face sticking out his erection. "Did you know that urine is useful? No? Now you know - mouth open !!!". Poor comprehending what was happening, fearing his rough shout, I opened my mouth.
In spite of everything that happened before, I could not have imagined that almost immediately it starts to piss. "I always want to piss when I'm in the shower, do not close your mouth !!!". I did not swallow his urine, she ran down my chest spattered face. I'm not afraid of him, but there was an overwhelming desire to obey him: That his act almost instantly made me his slave. "Lick!" I forced gulped, awkwardly clasp his penis with his lips. "No shit do not know how, do not rock the boat, I myself". Taking my head in his hands, he was rude jerks began to fuck me, almost in my throat. I started vomiting spasms, so strong, that I began to escape from the grip of his. "Okay, slut, you yourself wanted it". Nothing I did not like, pissed at first, then almost strangled his eldoy. "CANCER !!!" Frankly I not immediately understand where does the crayfish, but received a blow in the stomach involuntarily bent. He roughly turned me into his ass. It was very painful, though he would have rubbed his penis with soap. For five minutes he tore up my ass.
I stood in the classic pose of crustaceans, having rested his hands on the floor. Finally, I felt that he had finished. "Not listening to your thank you, whore!" "Thank you", I could barely squeeze out of yourself. "You can thank him, put your shit, let mouth, mouth". Again I found myself with his cock in his mouth. This time, I tried my best, so that he again did not fuck my head. "Well, young man, how would I call you now male name you obviously do not deserve: Okay, brush up, legs and ass to shaved, I'll be right back". For twenty minutes I licked the wound, washed and shaved the mentioned places. He was not, I did not dare go out of the shower without his permission, besides he took my clothes. He came back with some girlish panties. "On Ira forgotten, and can specifically do you leave? I said that you'll do tomorrow: And you go, I'll tell her that just". I started on my knees to beg not to say anything or anyone, Ira was his niece and my classmate, and admit I liked very much. "Okay, I'm kidding, she threw them in the laundry: Let's go into the house, the whore, the other clothes is not for you". Fortunately, I was limited to a simple home licking his balls while he was watching TV. Timidly said that I must go home. "Yes you are right". "I beg you in school, I do not call a girl". "Okay, baby, run back home, tomorrow will come to school in these shorts, I'll check"
To be continued

Hello, Stan!
You say that calling me gay since the only times one would dare even the small fry of "walking together"... You say that all my doubts and thoughts about that first, blue meeting - no more than cramps my mind ... But you forgot that it was repeated in my life, and repeat two more times !! ! And every time I had a choice of action !!! And I could not give up every time ...

Army ... Personally, I have this word does not cause negative emotions; It may be because my service proceeded slowly and steadily? However, do you remember my army pictures I sent you? Heh !!! And still, somehow unnoticed commercials, whether that lasted my soldier's life ... Well, almost imperceptibly - the same colonel snarled profile near the car, the same steering-wheel in his hands and the road in front of the eyes, and some simple entertainment free time ... But everything changed in those last six months, when "my" Colonel was transferred to the county, and I fell to haul it "minor" upstart ...
Yes, no doubt, he was very handsome, handsome male beauty is that from which not only women dizzy, but both men dissatisfaction appears ... Harmony and at the same time, a contrast ... regular features, sensual lips - and icy gaze, muscular arms - and fine musical fingers, strong legs - and perfect feet, and a voice - a velvety but firm ... and he was the one still frame - made in its 28 so meteoric career (his sent to China with some super-duper job, and he eventually "crossed the" through the next rank, and became a lieutenant colonel, he held the post of colonel in the Office), rising to truly their own, without the protection, with the most lowlands, it is very, very ... how shall I put it more precisely? ... Did not like something, all these fat, boring and stupid hogs sitting in a general's uniform in warm armchairs ... Well, of course, he was smart enough not to make public his thoughts on the matter, and his office was fairly smooth. But .. "mere mortals" Vladislav Ivanovich - Vlad - was not shy, and often on the road "divided" with me your observations and ideas (by the way, very funny ...)))
Our life together with him (well, you, Stan, of course, realize that we were forced to spend a lot of time together ... well, in a way, that is) started pretty cool - gazed at it, whether that to me? More and more silent, rarely asked questions, yes ... I threw the order even if it seemed that he was trying "pin down" me ... But then all quickly returned to normal; it turned out that he, too, likes to Bulgakov, and we often argue, arguing his vision of the theme wizard ... But I would not write about it ... One summer he went with the inspection test of the district ... And that's where it happened. ..
You know, these inspection trips! We lived in a garrison the hotel, quite good rooms with TV and audio, it is tasty fed, watered a lot and he got all the things mentioned only in passing! Well, I like "a person close to the emperor"Also did not stay away !!! In the evening of the third day, he shoved all the toadies that come to call at "a small, narrow range, table" (You could see how they tremble when he greedily smiled and said sternly that he must "analyze the state of the inspected object"...))) And closed in the room ...
Of course, I went to him ... Turn on the radio, find your favorite station - "Maximum"... It was stuffy and too late, I decided to rinse and go to bed ... Hey, Stan, and I'm just now suddenly thought - let me because the water has destroyed ...)))! Each time this happens to me, next to the water was flowing !!! ... Well, I turned on the water in the shower, undressed and began to bask in the thin, elastic streams ... And somehow by itself, the hand began gently stroking his naked body, briefly stopping and massaging the neck, shoulders, touching the nipples suddenly once hardened, stomach ... right hand I slowly stroked his vospryanuvshy member of the weasel, gently squeezed the head, buried his fingers in the hair on the scrotum ... squeeze a little liquid soap on her hand, I gently began massaging member, moving the skin on the head up- down. sweet heat wave flowed from the groin to the chest, there was something indescribably beautiful in this affection. Hand gliding on the trunk, face and chest beating drops of warm water, and bliss in his eyes darkened. Somehow remembered the sensation of the first meeting of the blue, and I began to finger grope small hole of my ass ... body instantly responded to the caress, and now I easily ducked into the coveted hole. The muscles involuntarily clenched tightly clasping his finger, but then a tough first grip weakened. And then I suddenly unbearably, painfully, I wanted to be near me, here under these same jets, Vlad stood, and that it was not my hand stroked, and he, his perfect body, caressing me! I slowly began to "expand" hole - press down slightly to the side, a little deeper, I try a circular motion - and felt that not just gradually getting used to have tried, albeit almost forgotten, but again consciously understood feelings, and that my body requires more effective continuation! I started more intensively to twist a finger in his anus ... that turned them there for two ... so I try to shove them deep ... And all this time I kept stroking his rampant cock. And before his eyes swam scene with Vlad, otvyaznyh one another! Not surprisingly, a few moments later, I had finished powerfully, spilling more viscous semen jets.
Spolosnuvshis, I came out of the shower, rolled up in a towel and sat down to smoke before going to sleep ... My body is still in a state of bliss, a little buzzing in my head, fingers twitching, intense buzzing in the anus ... And at that moment there was a knock at the Door. Who else is there? - I thought irritably, and went to open it. And standing in the doorway, Vlad! I downright choked with smoke! He entered the room, clicked the door lock.
- You smoke? - I thought it sounded like something unfriendly.
I suddenly remembered his dreams in his heart, was confused and did not find anything better than to tell him ...
- I'm sorry, Comrade Colonel.
- Forgive - somehow mercifully he said, and sat down. - Give me a cigarette and.
I readily handed him a pack. He knocked the click of a cigarette and inhaled, vprischur looking at me.
- Fingering, means Denisov? - Poluutverditelno he said.
I looked at him dumbfounded, not knowing how to respond, and I felt that with paint filled the face and neck.
- Come here, soldier! - The command was given.
I reluctantly approached and stopped in front of his chair. My face was crimson from the stress and shame. Vlad reached out and abruptly pulled off my thighs towel. I twitched, and his hand darted to hide behind.
- Attention !!! - Vlad shouted, and I instinctively in charter stretched in front of him. - Well, horo-o-osh! - He drawled, eyeing me. He slid a look at my body, stopping appreciatively on the chest, shoulders, abdomen and groin. And I stood in front of him, looked askance, and for some reason could not move ... I saw his Adam's apple jerked his pupils narrowed, and when his eyes he came on my cock. Vlad reached out and pointing at it again with some satisfaction said ...
- Jerks! We'll have to take action ... STRICT!
He stood up, his hand was on my shoulder, and then he abruptly dug his lips in my mouth! I felt his tongue ... goes inside, felt a slight alcohol taste on his lips and a pleasant aroma from the hair. I tried to escape, but Vlad tightly pressed me to her, not allowing escape. My cock started, and I felt a wave of excitement rolled again flashed pictures of recent dreams in the shower head. Vlad pulled away from me, his eyes darted down, and then right and looked coldly into his eyes.
- Have you nakazaaat - drawl, he said, and began pulling the strap of the belt. I looked at him, not knowing what was going to happen. Vlad vacated belt, unzipped and a precise movement took off his pants. My eyes opened it is already sticking tool. Yes! There was something to show! Long and thick quivering trunk entwined with wreaths, ended with a purple, slightly ajar, throbbing head and bottom tightened to the body, hung large eggs male. Member and scrotum were clean-shaven, and it gave the whole appearance of Vlad such attractive force that I could only helplessly watch this wealth. And, apparently, in my gaze so clearly I could read admiration and desire to have the miracle that Vlad said, still cool looking me in the eye ...
- I see, you know you deserve punishment.
I nodded. I have realized that some began an exciting game in which I have to play the main role, and prepared to play this role until the end!
- Turn around and lean his hands on the bed, - a voice said Vlad. I obeyed. - Here! So. Decayed back! Well done! Spread your ass! Well! - The team followed one after another, and I was doing them all!
Vlad came closer, his hands fell on my body, and it ached in sweet anticipation. I truly feline movement arched his back, offering herself. And my commander did not wait - sharp push he overcame the resistance of the anus, and burst into a burning my insides. I wait a bit, making it possible to get used to new sensations, and then all moved sharply forward and inward to the very end! With a groan escaped my lips - despite my willingness to penetration of its members was hurt.
- Shut up! - Like a whip. - Shut up, sssuka !!!
I bit my lip. Vlad drives the his penis rapidly and brutally, it is not just fucked, it seemed to me that he wants to break me. At that moment I felt like a partridge, impaled on a spit. A movement inside me became more and more rapid, the commander of the egg splashed on my ass, he gasped, digging her nails into my back, and continued to furiously thrust his dick into my burning ass! I guess I got used to this size and this pace, because at some point I realized that I do not like it, and became podmahivat in time with the movements of Vlad. I wanted to be the semen was inside of me, so he shot a withering fountain ... And these feelings were so strong, sharp and exciting that I myself could not stand more than a sweet torture and richly finished ... And at the same moment, Vlad twitched more than usual, I could not resist and fell on the bed, and the body of Vlad collapsed on me and it's over, growled, bit into my shoulder ... simultaneous feeling of supreme bliss and wild pain slashed me, and my cry for a moment mingled with his groan ...
... He pulled his gun from me and lay back ... Just turning my head, I looked at his face - on the upper lip shone with perspiration, misty bliss eyes, quivering nostrils ... It was exciting and mesmerizing ...
- Thank you, Dennis, you're cool, it felt so good, - said Vlad and gently touched the bite marks on my shoulder. - I'm sorry, - he added, and patted me on the back.
I was silent, looking at him. I was embarrassed and at the same time a feeling of bliss is increasingly embraced me ... warm state of relaxation ... peace ... happiness ... I reached out and stroked his chest ...
- Nothing ... It was a pleasant punishment ...
Vlad did not leave that night in his room, he stayed with me and gave me all those unearthly affection that I have learned with Mihalich, but has already managed to forget ... After that night our meetings continued, and ended only with the end of my life .. . with Vlad we corresponded until now, but have not met even once since ...

Goodbye, Stan, write to me ...)))

Ordinary dreams of ordinary secretary.
Melancholy stretched long autumn evenings. Phone was silent for a long time. At the heart empty and cold. One consolation - work. Only here, she felt human warmth and slowly thawed, it would be again in the evenings alone.
The white walls of the cozy office, through the open door to hear the voice of employees. Working vanity ...
Low velvet voice on the phone asked the chief cook coffee and submit it to the office. She put the phone down gently shaking hands with excitement. While preparing coffee, listening to the loud sound of his heart, ready to break out of his chest. "My dear, sweet. I'm afraid of you and I love."
She came in with a tray in the room. He did not even turn around, his fingers quickly ran through the computer keyboard. Broad shoulders, covered with expensive suit shrugged slightly. She carefully set the tray on the table ... and quietly walked up behind him.
She tried hardly to breathe, afraid to give his excitement. Has her fingers through his hair, touched her neck. The warmth of his skin caressed her hands. She looked at his powerful neck and licked her with desire and awe hot lips. I touched them to the neck and the familiar smell of his body pleasantly tickled the nostrils, bringing to mind. He raised his hand and pressed her hand to her cheek. She has a sense of excess is about ready to be screwed tears. "It is so good to me, so sweet". He got up and headed for the door as if to leave. She blocked his path, blocking the door body. He came so close that she could feel his breath on my face. He reached past her and turned the key in the lock. His mouth powerfully grabbed her lips and tongue penetrated deep into her castle onslaught parted white pearl gatekeepers. She tickled him with the tip of his tongue. Startled, he grabbed her in his arms and strongly pressed to his body. Hot current ran through two bodies, combining them in a single burst.
He took her hand in his hand and placed it on his thigh. Her hand slid down his body until she felt through the fabric as a huge volcano wakes up, hardening in her palm. She felt the warm skin of his hands and the hot blood of the flesh under the trousers. He rubbed slowly and strongly pressed her palm of his hand and forcing his fingers to slide even lower, until she felt a neat tight balls. He stroked her neck with his free hand, shoulder blade, she replied breathlessly slightly flex back. "I want you, I want to see this volcano awoke in me, filling me with hot lava". Her panties were wet for a long time already, the body and the lower abdomen, everything ached and groaned silently. Sweet heat wandered throughout the body, forcing tremble and shiver swept by a wave of desire. An involuntary moan escaped from his lips, as she squeezed his head in the most hardened to the limit of the volcano. She freed his hands and pulled off his jacket, undid the buttons on his shirt, just sat down and touched his lips to the golden nuts. From her hot kiss he was quite firm and plump. She licked her finger and rubbed them the other nipple.
He picked it up and turned to his back. She felt like a volcano pressed against her ass. His hands stroked her breasts and shuddered from unexpected touches and hardened her nipples. From crazy sweet torment she was ready to faint. She tilted her head back and his mouth captured her earlobe. She could hear him breathing deeply moved. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her skirt upward, his hands slipped on nylon, tight-fitting her feet. He launched a nylon arm and felt the hair smooth soft striped footpath runs into the bottom. It is in response to strongly arched her back and pressed her tighter to his thighs. He pulled off her tights and ran his fingers along the moist and tender folds that covered the entrance to the cave.
He nudged her into perd and she felt under the hands of a cold table, grabbed the edges. Hot Volcano plunged into it, filling the sweet body trembling. He began to move slowly in it, and it wanted this madness never end. Suddenly, her body pierced sweet sudarga, lips cracked involuntary hundred and at the same moment, he took a deep tug and stood, filling it with hot lava.
One morning in the country, after "yesterday" I woke up with a terrible headache. And to somehow airing decided to walk through the holiday village. It was quite hot and I went in some batches. So I walked for a while until you wanted to smoke, and see just standing at the fence guy 28 years old and smokes. I approach say
"Treat cigarette".
"What is difficult?" She asks.
"Yeah, I went through yesterday"
"Well, wait a bear today" and I went into the house.
Looking after him, I called him to himself "sailor" because he was in a vest, which reached almost to his knees. The house seemed someone else was sailor with someone talking, and then I heard: "Give it here"Then appeared sailor with a cigarette in his hand.
"Come for a visit - sober"
From such a proposal to abandon the sin in my state and I say:
"With pleasure, only now finished his air".
We smoked and went to the house, there is probably too well recently walked, in the middle of the room stood a table laden with all kinds of drinks and snacks. At the table on a large reclining couch unfolded another guy totally naked and lying on the thighs towel hiding his dignity. This guy I named "athlete"As he was well inflated. In the next room apparently someone else slept. The athlete looked at my drunken eyes and just nodded toward the table. The sailor asked me why and I told to pour the vodka, he poured me and myself, we had a drink in my head immediately became nice and calm. The sailor went into the next room. All this time the athlete looked at me without stopping, then asked:
"Well, I feel better?"
"More is not until the end, but it is much better".
"So it is necessary to eat, come over here" he said, looking at me with misty eyes.
I went. "eat" he said, and pulled off his towel. I could not help saying "Wow"Because under the towel she turned out to be a hefty dick hanging down between his legs. This thing even really wanted to eat, and I'm just excited. I did not plead himself, he stood in front of a sofa on his knees and picked up this healthy toy. A little stroking it, I opened my mouth and swallowed head Athlete issued light groan. I started to lick his penis, from what this thing is beginning to wake up and become a little more. At this time I heard "Wow" - A sailor returned to the room. Alien presence in the room I was not scared, just excited even more and I sucked a cock and started to drive on his lips up and down, helping hand. Member Athlete became more and more, and no longer fits in my mouth, it seemed that not only pumped bodybuilder biceps. I heard that the sailor poured and drank more vodka portion, and a portion by the sound was solid. Then the sailor came from the side and began to look at what is happening, while his hand reached for the crotch and he began to crumple vest through his penis. Athlete at the time became a little moan and move her hips toward my mouth. I relish sucking, licking, swallow this term, which has protruded like a stick. The sailor still standing beside him and rubbed his dick through the vest. To encourage him to take action, I lifted my ass and got on all fours, arching his back, while continuing to fondle a member of the Athlete. Sailor saw my actions immediately knew what to do. He came up behind me and started to pull off my swimming trunks, which are already so disturbed my nature to excite. Taking off my swimming trunks, sailor began to stroke my ass with one hand, while the second was looking for something on the table. Then I felt something cool and slippery slithered down my hole, sailor apparently picked up some oil. He began to smooth out oil between my buttocks, then I felt the hole and began to push through a finger there. Under the influence of oil entered his finger gently into me, it makes me with even greater bliss Athlete sucked dick and he groaned even more. Move your little finger in me sailor pulled his vest, under which there was nothing, and rubbed his penis in my hole. Nadab and his cock just slipped into my ass without interference over the lubricated track. From the bliss of my penis began to roll out a drop of sperm. That was great. Member of the sailor was small and went in my ass without any problems, but a great pleasure.
"That's what I want!" Suddenly I heard a woman's voice next.
I turned my head and saw that from the next room came the sleepy girl completely naked.
"A-AA, Lyusya, come, join us!" The athlete said holding my head in place.
Sailor seems not even pay to Lyuska nor any attention and continued to move in my ass. "Well if so, then I have nothing to worry about" I thought, and continued to drive the head by a member of the Athlete. Lyuska came and sat on the sofa next to the Athlete, spread her legs and began to stroke her slit.
"Help the girl" The athlete said and pulled his cock out of my mouth, moved, and in its place crept Lyuska, flipped through my leg, and held up to my mouth a hole. Now I began to lick Lyuska, and one finger to drive her in the vagina. Lyuska lay on her back and moaned, and Athlete crept higher and started to drive its healthy member of her lips. At this time the sailor still worked in my ass. This new sense of excited me to the limit, I became a frenzy Lyuska licking clit and fingers to drive in her hole. Lyuska moaned, arched, one hand stroking my hair, and the other supporting member of the Athlete in my mouth. Sailor back clasping my hands behind me began to peck at a breakneck pace. I put in the vagina still Lyuska two fingers and she moaned even more and became very quickly pull the pelvis towards my tongue and fingers. At this time the sailor groaned, thrust his cock deeper and finished me in the ass. On this Lyuska groan acted as a signal, and it is finely trembled in ecstasy. I have been very difficult to restrain. Then athlete said:
"Now paste it!"
I got up, turned Lyuska, threw her legs on the couch and spread them apart. I am no longer able to hold back and lay down on her flushed put his dick in her hole. Athlete at this time, too, stood up, came up to us from behind, and began to throw out his dick to my ass and sailor lay near us, and put his limp member to Lyuska lips, she immediately began to suck. Athlete meanwhile took aim and began to press his cock on my hole behind. It seems that the sailor's good to practice my ass, dick Athlete pretty easily penetrated me. I thought that my ass inflated twice, but it gave me great pleasure. I could no longer contain himself and began to finish in Lyuska, cum like never in my life did not finish !!! Lyuska also moaned and twitched beneath me in ecstasy. At this time, and athlete also released my ass jet of sperm, thus so deeply ambushed his cock, that it seemed as if he pulled up to the throat.
Then we lay exhausted on the couch for a long time. Finally I got up and somehow put on his swimming trunks, drank a glass of beer and went to the river to cool your body a little.
Once in the country. I was left alone, parents have left the city for a week. We left food and money. Getting up early in the morning, I decided to take a dip in the lake which was nearby. On the way, I went to Anton, the two of fun. As we walked to the lake, Anton told me about his recent, sexual adventures. Our cottage had a lot of girls, and with them he entertained. I wanted something different, more serious.
On the lake there is a small beach, where we went. The beach is almost no one there, just us alone sunbathing unknown girl. We undressed, plunged into the water and came out to sunbathe. And I did not take his eyes from the girl of his, it was just my type. The blonde with green eyes and a graceful figure. We lie down and were about to leave, but I decided to stay, especially since I had nowhere to hurry. Anton went, and I continued to stare at her. Suddenly, she caught my eye, she saw that I was looking at her. I wanted to meet the girl, but at that moment I was so shy, he was afraid to look at it again. I was lying with his head down, looking straight into the sand. I waited for what would happen next, and reasoned exciting ... I can leave or come meet you, but on May weakness was that I could not even leave. Suddenly I saw in front of someone's feet. It was feet. She immediately asked if I want her to meet you, and said that she noticed that I look at her, thinking that she liked me, and she was not mistaken. I told her that I wanted to meet you. (Further conversations are not interested.) I learned that her cottage near the lake around, like mine, only the other way, her name is Anna and her 17 years. I reached it to her house, we exchanged in pairs, long kisses, and I went home. In the evening I went for a walk even more, there was one, it was possible to walk day and night. I went to the shop, where my friends used to sit, and asked them to go for a swim. All refused, citing the fact that it was getting dark, and I decided to go alone, he hoped to meet Anna there, she said that she could come. For the evening was surprisingly warm, could be seen on the horizon of a beautiful sunset, a romantic setting for sex, I thought. When I went to the beach, and Anya was lying as if she knew I was coming. We talked a bit, I wanted to know her better. I got something to tell her, she listened attentively and at the same time treated me as if undressing eyes. Actually, I was afraid of her, she was older than me for three years, and sexual experience I have had enough. Anya stopped me and kissed me on the lips, then she moved to the neck and chest. And then my cock stiffened, I always rises when I kiss a girl. She descended lower and lower, finally got to my swimming trunks and began to shoot them slowly. Anya lowered melting dokalen and began to suck my cock. I relaxed, and stroking her head, I was fine. She pulled out of his mouth my cock and began to pass his lips over my body. We swapped.
Now she was lying, and I entered his penis into her squeak. Anya moaning softly when I was engaged to her rhythmic movements. Then she pulled out of the bag some grease, gave it to me and asked what I would have smeared anus, so I did, and then began to introduce his penis in there. I did it for the first time, so a little afraid that I would do something wrong. When I pressed into it, I was hurt, then Anya suggested to me that I enter slowly. After I had fully entered into it, so that my balls rested on her labia, he stopped for a moment and began to come out of it. Ring anus impacted my cock. It was not forgotten sensations. While I was engaged in her ass, Anya moaned gently, stirring me these sounds. And unable to hold back any longer, I was violently ended and collapsed on the sand beside her. This did not end, on the contrary, everything is just beginning.
To be continued...
Sleep flees from warm hands
Gentle fingers caressed whiskey
A behind the scenes of the White Nights
Everyone who does not sleep, the nightingale sings
Thin fingers fell on the chest
Hair tangled, want to fly away
And touch my flesh
What would flamed flames of passion
Tart juices recent love
Their kiss you try
Hardness of desire in me revived
Scarlet lips prisoner captured
Red rose bud wet
Lips not keep, born moan
Finely and nervously trembling eyelashes
Somewhere wanders lost look
White nights and my nightingale
No, do not go away from you to me now
Let my body carries the plane
My heart sings with nightingales
I always wanted to play with several men in the game, in that they offer themselves to me. Be them completely, their thing.
And so I had the case. I was in another city, and there came across on nerimetny club, on which was written "Restaurant for wealthy men". Well, if a wealthy man, perhaps they need a beautiful, available women. I opened the door a man, stared at me, not knowing what I need from him. Finally understanding, and naturally very surprised by this, I opened the door and invited me to enter.
Having me in a room with mirrors one he left. Door closed on the lock of course, that such a curious girl as I did not go where it is not necessary. It took half an hour, and no one came for me. I decided to look around: mirror, mirror, mirror. As in the interrogation room ... I imagined that I was on the other side looking man that it was not one or two, and four. That so many men at the same time I wanted to fuck.
Now I need my nonexistent men to prove that I'm a real female, which can satisfy all of them ... As luck would have it in the room there was nothing but my happiness at the window there was a small basket ... anything can there as if someone specially laid back everything that I dreamed potorogat and poispolzovat. Oh, my God, everything is new !!!
Dressing up the stockings and panties (panties is it because one of the bars and a couple of lace, which absolutely nothing to cover, on the contrary, invite), I have small breasts, but uprugaya..nichego in this pile of rags I have not found a suitable, had to throw man's shirt that hid only my hips.
A separate heap lying vibrators ... Oh my God ..
I quickly began to excite yourself ... grease quickly flowed out of my pussy ... and here it is mne..bozhe as hoped, that someone saw it all.
"Bravo! Bravo! - For a first-grader is not bad". I turned on golos..v door stood two men, who all eyes staring at me. imagine: "Before their eyes, I sat devushka..mezhdu legs sticking vibrator in her hands wandered over his chest". "God !!"I was ready to sink into the ground.
"You're coming with us"He said the man, in a voice not terpyashim objections. "You yourself come, you no zval..nauchit you can give up a lot ... too late now, at last, and take this vibrator".
Obeying the man, I went after him, had to take out a toy ... but oh how not like.
We walked in the next koridoru..dveri, doors, signs on them "1 class". "2 class".
"Young people, where are you taking me? This is the school?"- I asked.
"Yes, school. For women who will serve our customers"- He told me that he was on the cute. "You, as I can see, have not virgin, so go directly to the second class".
When I asked how many total students are now in the second, he said three.
The atmosphere in the classroom was still-ta !! One big bed and vse..pusto.
"Get down!", -prikazal I am a man,"And wait for teachers". Time passed very slowly, finally he went. Yes imennno it, I wanted it at first sight. It happens that a man of such a vicious look.
"Good afternoon! My name is Maxim, I'll be your coach for cocksucking. I think that time will not wait, look at what you can do"
I took in her mouth his cock slowly began to drive on his tongue ... and then I heard laughter Maxim.
"What are you, who is it does blow, why so soon into his mouth and tease?" And he began to teach me.
At first I just licked his balls, and then had a chance to touch the breast of his penis, and then accidentally touch his lips, I saw how it gets it (oh how pleasant it was that kind of power over him).
Then I began to slowly lick his bridle, and finally took his unit in his mouth. Secretly I was excited myself, my movements were faster and faster. No..on ordered me to stop. "Now hold it between her breasts, and about his up and down, and when he will naverzhu take it in your mouth". So I did as he walked between my breasts, I quietly from him touched her nipples (I was not allowed to initiate itself, for each excitation yourself without permission were to punish me). Member easily entered my mouth, and also went down easily.
Max stopped me again, surely he does not want to finish a thought flashed in my head (probably not). Now you'll have to make a blow two men at the same time, the first lesson is over, he pinched my breast and gone, but in less than 5 minutes, he returned with another man, which I liked a lot less. But this is the second lesson, expect to continue.
This summer my Relatives, finally decided to leave the former Soviet republic and moved to my city. The apartment they bought not far from me, and as I was with them always in good otosheniya, I was often at their guest.
One of the reasons was their daughter and then my second cousin-Do, then, there still is some what-if's sister, then, whether niece Olga. In general, the complex degree of kinship. Last time I saw her two years ago, when I was their guest, she was thirteen. Now, therefore fifteen.
This young lady had a wonderful figure, pretty face and a heck of a start stervochki character, however, is quite moderate stervochki that only added to her charm in my eyes.
As I said, I was often at them. When I came in the evening, we used to play cards all four of us, we are with her parents drank a beer, then I Olga went to her room, where she had a computer, and or just sitting in the internet or I taught her the basics of web design. Education was the official reason for them to come home when Irina and Oleg, Olga's parents were at work.
In one of the coldest days of May, I left early from work and on the way home came to him to show Olka some new programmulinu.
Her parents were at work, and she wrote some essay, which she gladly and postponed. I put that thing on her computer, boasted new features, then she went into the kitchen to make tea, and I stayed at the computer.
After reading the new jokes, I'm out of curiosity began to look through the list of sites and that it went the last time, and to his surprise found there Femdom sites directions. Then I specifically started to dig it in the cache of the browser to search the subject of recent review her pictures. There were pictures of a girl sitting on the face of men, the girls ride them, and even a couple of pictures with a girl sitting on a portable toilet which is man.
I was, to put it mildly, surprised her by such interests. Climb on her drive, I found a catalog with great selection on the same topic. My doubts were finally dispelled - no one will be so carefully select images and sort them by topic, if he is not interested in this.
Here are my researches were interrupted Olka, which brought the tea. I quickly moved to the jokes page, as if they were reading the whole time. She sat in her chair at the computer, and I sat next to a small chair. She began to show me what she had done with prshlogo times, and I sat next to her and could think about was that I had only just learned about it. I must say that the apartment was quite cold, and she was sitting in a jacket, but in a short skirt and some pantyhose, even without socks, and all the while trying to hide his feet. But if one leg is to buckle under him, the second remained on the floor. She was shivering and Olka my feet all the time. I climbed down from his chair, he sat on the floor at her feet and took her foot in his hands and began to knead it lightly to warm.
She obviously liked it, and a moment later, she moved over again and gave me the other foot. I sat beside her on the floor in front of my eyes was her wonderful legs, mini skirt open almost the entire length, and hands I massaged her foot. it was too much for me. I bent lower and began to warm her foot with his breath. She did not oppose this, but instead leaned back in his chair and murmured:
- Wow .... I feel just like a queen!
- I am glad to give to you pleasure, Your Majesty! - I said jokingly.
She continued to sit all well, and I slowly began to kiss her fingers on his feet. Seeing that she did not mind, I began to shower kisses on the whole foot. Then I began to lick her fingers covered with tights. Looking at Olka, I saw that she leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes in pleasure. Then I stopped and lay down on the floor face up. My face was close to her feet. I saw that she opened her eyes and looks at me. Olka then lifted a leg and looked at me. I did not move. Then she put her foot on my face. I began to kiss and lick her foot from the bottom, but she continued to sit in the chair. Then she got up from the chair and put it on my other foot, I too began to kiss. Olka stood and looked on, as I do.
Below me opening a wonderful view of her legs in thin flesh-colored stockings. Somewhere in the vastness of the sky began skirt, and really quite high guessed pretty ass.
I do not know what would be the end of it this time, but then there was the sound of a key in the lock - returned Irina and Oleg. Olka sat in the chair, and I sat on a chair beside him. Irina looked into the room and said that after half an hour to dinner. Oleg asked how Olkina success, I replied that, as always, perfectly, and he went to change clothes. We Olka went to the kitchen to cook Irina to interfere and wait for dinner. Olka held as usual, as if nothing had happened, but once she looked at me and winked.
After supper, I said goodbye to the Ira and Oleg, and looked into the room Olkina. She sat in her chair. Seeing me, she showed me the sign to close the door, and when I did she held out her leg, which I kissed, kneeling. Then he handed me another, which I also kissed. Then, hearing a noise in the hallway, I loudly said goodbye to her and left.
When I got home, I turned on the computer and find your favorite picture, where the guy sitting on the floor, leaning on his hands behind him, I am a girl sat on his face, I sent her Olka by e-mail. In the morning, check the mail, I found the answer from her. It consisted of one word: "Want!".
Nina went to the station just in time: the train went through 5 minutes. Very sexy conductor checked her ticket. Nina himself noted that the second conductor, as her colleague, had a sign on his chest with the same name. Husband and wife. A pity - a very nice guy.
Her compartment was, oddly enough, is free: the train was formed in her city, so that the companions were to appear later - at the other stations. I wonder who will get it in the fellow travelers .. If I could not some deranged blind grandmother with grandchildren! Well, now you can enjoy the solitude.
It was almost completely dark when the first companion entered the compartment. It was a man in his forties. Fit, nice to look at. He took the top shelf above the shelf and Nina immediately ordering a wire two cups of tea, began to treat Nina tea with chocolate and all kinds of bikes. Alexander Petrovich as he introduced himself, I went on a business trip. His work has been associated with a lot of travel, constant travel.
Half an hour later, Nina has fun laughing at his stories of life, totally enchanted charming storyteller.
The street was dark, lit only by the dim compartment light the top of the lamp. The man's eyes glittered mysteriously in the dark.
- Oh, I forgot: my mum in the road gave absolutely awesome jam! - Nina cried and jumped up and picked up the shelf and began to pull out of the box for the luggage bag of groceries, which she gathered in the mother road. Suddenly the train jerked, Nina, do not stay on his feet, swayed, and immediately turned on his knees Alexander Petrovich. She wanted to immediately jump to apologize, but strong hands held her in his arms. One hand companion immediately felt left nipple of her breast, so tempting to allocate a silk sundress, worn by almost naked body. Excited skillful fingers, nipples stiffened, rose slightly. Nina has not tried to escape from the clutches of Alexander Petrovich. She softened in his hands, starting a little moan of pleasure. Here he had both hands caressed her nipples, separated from his fingers with a thin silk sundress. Alexander Petrovich pulled sundress straps so that the release of her breasts and Nina turned her head and now her mouth busy passionate kiss his hot lips. Alexander Petrovich stood up, turned the lock, that no stranger could not enter the compartment. Nina stood. He eagerly embraced her, covering her face with passionate kisses, shoulders, bare breasts. When he started to drive his tongue around her nipples, gently biting them, Nina moaned, unable to restrain himself. Soon sundress fell easily to her feet, revealing her companion's body in some small panties, not really hid her charms. She is trembling with excitement hands unbuttoned shirt Alexander Petrovich, he helped her, eagerly tearing off her clothes. His body was fit and strong, making it more exciting Nina.
Hard deploying it to his back, he ran his hands under her panties, stroking her greedy ass. With his right hand he held over her pubis, and began to caress the clitoris. Nina felt that excitement her panties already soaked, soaked stands out from the moisture of the vagina. She had dreamed that a member, the size of which she has managed to assess entered her vagina. However, a man in no hurry. He slowly pulled off her panties, Nina turned to face the shelf, forcing to kneel. Her round ass was completely at the disposal of Alexander Petrovich. He stroked her, caressed, inserted into the vagina first one finger, then two at once, thrusting them into her deeper and deeper. Hand Nina fumbled his huge cock. She began to stroke him, not looking back, only to touch enjoying its hardness. She was about to enter his penis into the vagina itself, but Alexander Petrovich stopped her. He turned to face him, Nina. She stood in front of him on his knees, contemplating the member in front of him. She knew what to do. Lightly lick the head member, Nina ran her tongue around the head. Partner gasped. He obviously liked her actions. Nina began to lick his cock, licking up and down the trunk, she returned again and again to the head, plunging it into his mouth. The hand she stroked his balls, caressing finger crotch. penis deeper and deeper buried in her mouth, she felt a delicious creaminess of its members, introducing it to itself almost to the throat. Hands Alexander Petrovich lay on her head, guiding its actions. A little more and he would have finished right in her mouth, but Alexander Petrovich suddenly pulled out a member of her mouth and turned her back to her ass.
Nina lay chest on the bottom shelf of the compartment, Aleksandr Petrovich sat opposite, stroking her vagina at first, then one of his finger entered her in the ass. It was a strange, exciting feeling. He introduced a member of her vagina and began to introduce him deeper and deeper .. Nina could not restrain cries. She just had to hope that because of the noise of the wheels in the adjacent compartment of her screams can not be heard. He furiously fucked and fucked her. Breast rubbed on the shelf, that aroused even stronger partner's finger was in her ass, and included a member of it for the most eggs. Again, when it seemed she was about to finish, it took from her his penis. Nina almost howled in frustration. The feeling of loss was unbearable. She madly wanted him back inside her. But a member of her wet lubrication suddenly began to slowly go ... into the anus. In the hole, which until then caressed his finger. Nina was too excited to resist such an action. She was ready to give ground, make everything he wants for him. First, she felt pain. But even this pain was exciting, sweet. Wet member easily entered her ass and the pain soon gave way to a sharp pleasure. It is more and more stretched her ass, she howled from Pleasure Island. Member has been the most eggs in her ass. It was madness and happiness at the same time. She was SO nice to belong to a man. Suddenly he groaned, entering into it very deeply, stopped and hot wave flowed into it, and he trembled in the throes of orgasm, not restraining their cries. Nina, too, could not hold back. Alexander Petrovich entered her vagina with two fingers. She came, her vagina was reduced convulsively, clenching his fingers, pouring on them moisture.
Trying to drown out his screams, she pulled the pillow to the face, covering his mouth with it.
Exhausted violent orgasm, they fell to sleep. Waking up the next morning, she still felt in his ass that big, hard cock. Rather, the fact that he was there yesterday. It was a nice feeling. Outside the window flashed trees and telephone poles. Dawns. Memories of yesterday's incident woke her completely. Nina held her finger on her nipple, he tensed in response. She liked to sleep naked. On the train it is usually confused the need to sleep dressed. But this time, she decided not to hesitate and got under the sheets in the buff. Nina already being fingered her nipple, feeling the exhilaration spreads throughout the body. Her other hand held by a clean-shaven pubis, clitoris touched, held a finger around it. Cleator replied, slightly increased. Thumb entered into the vagina slightly moistened returned to the clitoris and began with light circular movements to massage it. With these actions, Nina always remove excess stress, thus achieving orgasm. But this time it was not enough. Do not bring themselves to the end, she got up and looked at the sleeping upstairs Alexander Petrovich. He was asleep, lying on his side, facing her. Nina put her hand under the sheets. Under the tights she found the term, which immediately began to harden and grow. Nina left hand caressed her right nipple, ... while the right hand stroking dick companion. He was already hard and big as he was yesterday in her ass. Suddenly Alexander Petrovich stirred and sat up, throwing off the sheets off his leotard and go down, releasing his cock out. He moved up closer to Nina, to the member was just before her face. Nina took the cock in her mouth and began to gently suck.
She caressed his tongue, reintroducing in the mouth and rhythmically moving his head up and down, plunging ever deeper into a member in his mouth. Alexander Petrovich gently pushed her away from him and jumped down from the top shelf, fell in behind her, pulling her hands nipples of her breasts. Nina groaned and began to rub her ass on his hard cock, which immediately went into her vagina. Nina enjoying the fullness in the vagina. Having laid it on its side on a shelf, Aleksandr Petrovich went next, moving from strength to strength. A little later, Nina, trembling, already writhing in orgasm. Alexander Petrovich took out a member and began to finish, too, pouring cum right on her thigh. Tired, sleepy, they immediately and disconnected, not even bothering to close the compartment, or at least cover yourself with sheets.
Nina woke up from a strange feeling that someone was looking at her. Opening her eyes, she saw in front of a young soldier. It seems, demobilization, went home. Fly guy was unbuttoned, he looked at her naked figure and masturbated. Nina village. She reached for the boy and took his penis in her mouth began to suck, hands caressing him from below. First Startled, he immediately calmed down and just have fun. Then he sat down, Nina sat down in front of him and continued to fondle his penis mouth. Alexander Petrovich, too, was awake and sitting in front of a new companion, stroking Nina's ass. He enjoyed watching the Nina caress cock and introduced to her ass finger. Pulling her finger, he introduced her dick in the ass, from what at first Nina gasped in pain and immediately groaned with acute pleasure. The guy whose cock is sucked in this time, with surprise and pleasure to watch, as a member of Alexander Petrovich enters her ass.
- You ever tried anal sex? - Asked Alexander Petrovich.
- No
- So, it's time to try. Look, her ass is waiting for you!
Alexander Petrovich put on a shelf, attracted Nina, placing it on his thigh. Nina introduced his penis into the vagina itself, substituting the ass guy.
- What's your name? - She asked him huskily
- Misha.
- Come on, Michael!
Misha fell in behind and began to slowly introduce his cock in her ass. Nina helped him. Already stretched by another big cock, her ass easily accepted member of Misha. Nina began to move, both members went to her deeper and deeper penetrating inside. Alexander Petrovich at this time squeezed her breasts and groping hands Misha her vagina, he was very pleased to know that his partner fuck right in the ass and pussy. Soon, Michael broke down and violently ended, after removing the penis and sperm pouring it directly on the hole. Sitting on a shelf on the contrary, he continued to observe them. Alexander Petrovich took out a member of the vagina Nina 'Nina dropped so that cock was between her breasts, caressing him with them, and when the head came out between the breasts, she caught her mouth, trying to lick. Sperm start to pour it directly on the face, she caught her lips and swallowing.
"Cool was the road" - She thought, stepping out of the car. Through the window she waved Alexander Petrovich and Misha.
-Today Ritka wanted to come, - said Sveta, - she has some sort of conversation.
-Something happened? - Olga sweet stretched on the couch.
-I do not know. She said nothing. She said only that will go. He wants to talk.
Girlfriends sitting at home and Olga watched on a video player new film, taken from one of my classmates. Despite the fact that the yard was May and the heat was incredible, so dropping the uniforms, they were in their underwear. Olga lay on the couch and sipped from a bottle of cold Coke, and Sveta sat beside him in the chair, too, drank Coca-Cola and sometimes leering glances at Olga.
The hall rang the bell. Olga, throwing a light robe, went to open. Behind the door was a sad Ritka. Olga let her in and closed the door. Ritka walked into the room and stopped when she saw scantily clad Svetka.
-It's hot, - explained she asks, as if nothing had happened.
After school Ritka has already come home, because on it instead of the form was easy sarafanchik of thin fabric. Olga automatically noted that in addition to the narrow panties nothing underneath. In Ritka was almost girlish figure, with a little ass and narrow hips. Her sharp little breasts slightly bulged through the fabric. Her pretty face has attracted the attention of almost all the boys in the class. Ritka with the same kind of lost sat on the couch, and Olga, dropping the robe, settled nearby.
-Well, what you got wrong? - Asked Sveta.
-I was invited to visit Kolka - said Ritka and blushed.
Kolka was considered a first lover in their class. For some girls have fallen victim to it. Now in love with him Ritka. Their romance has long been no secret to anyone. Together they walked, went to the movies, but to visit her, he has not invited.
-Well, what of it? What a tragedy?
-There's no one else will be.
-A romantic evening for two! - Sveta grinned.
-Yes - Ritka almost cried.
-You can really tell? - Olga embraced Ritka shoulders.
-I'm still a girl - Ritka wept.
-Well, that's good. That prepodnesesh him:
-Nothing good! You know, because of what he threw Inga ?!
-Can not be! - Olga struck guess.
-Maybe you can! It it also invited to visit, and she began to show off, such as "I am a girl, not yet a while ..." And he says: "I hate virgins. No one was not needed and I also do not need".
-Well, spit on it! - Advised she asks.
-I love him! - Ritka sobbed.
-Yes - Olga tried to calm Ritka - poser. Some do not know how to save it, others do not know how to lose: Want anecdote? - Friend nodded.
-In medical school the teacher asks a student to transfer the female genital organs. Well, it lists, and he asks: "You have not forgotten anything?" "No", - He speaks, - "I have not forgotten". "A hymen?" "And this is not an organ. This is a temporary phenomenon".
-And how did you met with Ivan?
-Well, kissing, hugging:
-And yet? Nothing else was? - Ritka blushed.
-Do not be afraid, everything on your own. And undress, hot well - Ritka stood up, pulled the sundress over her head and stayed in some tight shorts. Olga admired her breasts. They were miniature solid nipples, but almost ideal form. She wanted to touch or kiss them, but she restrained herself, afraid to scare Ritka. Ritka sat back down on the sofa.
-We caress each other:
-How? Tell me, I wonder the same.
-Well - Ritka blushed with embarrassment and excitement - hands. I took in his mouth:
Sveta slipped from his chair and sat on the floor at the feet Ritkinyh. She began to ask, and Ritka began to tell the details of her relationship with Ivan. This aroused her and, without realizing, she began to stroke his chest and pinch the nipple. Gradually, the conversation shifted to more and more intimate memories and friends more and more agitated talking about their sexual experiences. Suddenly Olga said:
-I can not do it anymore! If I do not finish it, I will be bad - and put his hand between her legs became very quickly pull the clitoris.
-But let us, who is faster - Sveta cried and also ran a hand in the pants.
Ritka, watching girlfriend frantically pat ourselves too, could not resist and began to massage the clitoris. Olga finished first. She groaned, jerked several times and exhausted leaned back on the couch. Then came the turn of Svetka. She fell back on the mat and arched moaned loudly. Last finished Ritka. Widely legs apart, she stiffened for a few seconds, holding my breath, and then also quietly relaxed. A few minutes later all were in complete relaxation. Then Ritka said:
-Will you help me?
-What? - Olga and Sveta both looked at her.
-Well - Ritka sat with downcast eyes - to get rid of: Sveta said that you have a member of:
Olga reproachfully looked at Svetka. She shrugged, saying casually blurted. Olga did not know what to say, is very much the situation was unusual.
-It hurts - she said that at least say something.
-You're not dead - quietly replied Ritka.
-And if you Kolka does not work?
-So what? Anyway, sooner or later someone will tear. So better to you than the unknown with someone who knows where.
Olga looked at Svetka, asking for advice. The situation was unusual, and she was afraid to make a decision. Sveta shrugged, saying he wants - her case. A few seconds dlisya their silent dialogue. Ritka followed their gaze, trying to guess what the girlfriend decided. Olga got up from the couch and walked over to the table and pulled out from the bottom of a box of treasure, a large rubber penis. She returned to Ritka and again sat down. Ritka took the dick out of her hands.
-Mommy, how big. More than that and Vani. He will not go down there.
-In the mouth it is? - Sveta said grinning.
-Included, - he said Ritka trying lips head.
-Then and there will.
-You need to relax and be excited, then it will not hurt so much, - said Olga and deferred member of the side.
Olga Ritka embraced by the shoulders and ran her finger over her nipple. Ritka stiffened.
-Relax. Do not be afraid. We will not eat. Here look.
She has got her hands behind her back and lifted her bra. Then he stood up and took off her panties. Sveta immediately followed suit. Olga sat back down next to Ritka and put her hand on his chest.
Ritka nodded and shyly squeezed Olga's breasts. She was on the verge of a shock. Whether it is now close to a guy, she would know what to do, but the two girls were petting her vnovinku. Sveta ... pulled over her panties and Ritka had to get up to let her take them off. She sat tightly clenched legs. Sveta started kissing her knees, rising higher and Olga leaned his lips to her hard nipples. A few minutes Ritka could not bring himself to accept the caresses. Finally, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and friends immediately felt as the tension of her body disappeared. Sveta was able to breed her tightly clenched legs and her lips slid on Ritkinomu thigh. Olga Ritka laid on his back and dug his lips in her chest, and she asks, sitting between his legs already licked smooth Ritkinu crack. Ritka did not know what to do. She then tried to cover up by the insatiable Olga's lips, on the contrary, pressed it to his chest, then suddenly found Olga's chest and began to knead it, then tried to reach between his legs, where rapid Svetkin tab brings it to a frenzy. Orgasm crested like a wave. Ritka, losing control of himself, bends toward affection. She could no longer hold back and herself wondering suddenly screamed with emotion. Such a strong orgasm she had never before. When released cramps and body relaxed, she opened her eyes. Between her feet she saw the smiling face Svetkin. Sveta appetizing licking lips. Ritka looked at her breasts. The nipples were purple and badly swollen. She touched them with your fingers and then pull away the hand. The nipples were like wood and unbearably lomili. Heart pounding in his chest. It seemed to her that she could not even move.
-It was great - commented she asks, - Well, even just once?
And, without waiting for the consent of Ritkinogo, he licked her tight clit. Ritka wanted to protest that can not, but the excitement is already overwhelmed her and she just breathed heavily and often. Now caress changed. They are not as frantic as the first time. Olga tenderly held his tongue over bumps around the nipples and breasts, barely touching the nipples themselves, and the language is now Svetkin caressed not only the clitoris but also traveled on the lips, sometimes penetrating between the buttocks and vagina. Ritka noticed that she asks suddenly stopped licking her and froze, clutching his fingers in her leg. She opened her eyes and saw that Sveta ends. Then her tongue continued its work.
Then Ritka could not remember how many times she had finished. Time for it to stop. All she could feel - it caresses her friends. After another orgasm, she suddenly burst into tears. Sveta released her, sat down and said:
- It seems she is ready.

When Ritka could catch his breath, Olga sat on the couch and Ritka stood in front of her, lay her breast to her knees and put her arms around her waist. She buried her face in her legs. She wanted to appear calm, but Olga felt like she was a little tremble in fear. To calm her Olga began to gently stroke her shoulders and back. Meanwhile, she asks, I got behind Ritka. In her hand was a brilliant vaseline on dildo. Ritka standing legs apart. Her clean-shaven lips parted and slightly swollen. They shone from abundant lubrication. Sveta slowly ran member end from her pubis to the anus. Ritka stiffened, and half of her little ass tightly clenched. Sveta took her cock and stroked Ritka ass.
-Do not be afraid.
Ritka relaxed and even stopped shaking. Sveta stroked her legs, buttocks and back. Olga has also become gentle movements to stroke her shoulders, neck and head. Ritka beginning excited again. Her breathing became deeper, she bent, opening itself Svetkin caresses. Sveta got to her clit and now her finger quickly ran back and forth, bringing Ritka to a new orgasm. Svetkin tongue quickly licked Ritkinu ass. Finally Ritka moaned and writhed in Olga's arms.
Now it is the turn of the chief. She asks again took cock and strongly pressed him to Ritkinoy cunt. Sponges slightly parted, letting a member inside. Ritka stiffened when he touched her virgin walls. Sveta felt it and stopped. She moved closer and took Ritka for the ass, put her underbelly in the base member.
-Cry, if it hurts. So it will be easier.
With one hand she held a member at the entrance to the vagina. Ritka struggling hugged Olga, and Olga continued to stroke her back and shoulders to calm a little. Seeing that Sveta is ready to proceed to action, she said her friend. She asks again Ritka patted on the ass, and, taking her firmly, pressed on a member. He slipped inside and Ritka raised his head, suddenly cried out:
-Oh! Oh! Oh!
Member was a little too big for her and she instinctively tried to pull away, but did not let Svetka member slip out of her vagina stretched virgin.
-Already all? - Ritka looked at Olga's eyes filled with tears.
She felt she asks member took his hands and opened her entrance.
-Not yet, - said Sveta, - will have to be patient, not to hurt afterwards.
-You'd better hold it, - she said Olga.
Olga stronger Ritkiny grabbed his arms and held her, and she asks, not waiting for her to come to his senses, abruptly stabbed again and became a member abruptly move them from different angles spreading to shreds residues Ritkinoy virginity. On each shot, Ritka tried to free himself from the grip of Olga and loudly shouted:
- Oh, it hurts !!! Oh, do not !!! Oh, can not any more !!! Enough !!!
She asks, holding it a few seconds, let go and slowly pulled out a member of her cunt. Olga let Ritka exhausted and she sank to the floor. She held his hand between her legs and wept. Finally, she calmed down a bit, took her hand and held his fingers to his eyes. They were divorced blood.
-Now I was not a girl? - She asked, sobbing and pointing fingers Olga.
-Probably not, - said Sveta considering member - let's see. Lie down.
Ritka lay down on the couch and spread her legs hesitantly. Olga and Sveta settled between her legs and curiously began to consider it. Olga gently parted her lips, which have been coated with a mixture of blood, saliva Svetkina lubrication. No doubt was left: to virginity Ritka parted. In place of its pristine walls were just bloody rags.
-Thank you - Ritka blushed.
-That's not all.
-Not all? And what else? - In the eyes of fear Ritka reappeared.
-Several times can still be a little painful.
-I have it.
-When you meet?
-A week later.
-Here, take it. Work out - Sveta handed her a member.
-And now - he commanded Olga - a march in the shower.
While Ritka splashing in the shower, girlfriend stretched side by side on the couch.
- Wow - Olga muttered in response to his thoughts, - come to mind as such ideas.
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