Chapter 1. Friends.
Arina and Alina had known each other since first grade. School also finished together, after studying in different schools were married one year, and remained best friends continued to be friends families. At thirty years old Arina was pretty attractive woman with a third the size of breasts, without excess Zhirkov, with buttocks shaped like a guitar. In bed with the husband living together Germany for eleven years Arina experienced everything from full blowjob ending in anal sex, and from everything that it moved she felt ogromno¸ pleasure. In the absence of her husband she could masturbate for hours, watching a porn video. Mentally she wanted another man, and more than once it seemed possible, but strict upbringing prevailed. Only with Alina and her husband Alex she can discuss all the details of their sex life, and without any hesitation interested in their sexual relations. From the second the size of breasts, shapely figure and a very beautiful legs Alina constantly attracted attention around her men. Unlike Arina she is thirty years old has already experienced the joy of group sex, although it could not accept a sperm during blowjob and anal sex can feel after a long training, and preferably under shefe.

Chapter 2. neighbor.

It happened one day when Alina and Alex came to visit Arina and German. The neighbors, who for the second month was on a business trip, Oleg lived. It was a rather tall young man of twenty-four years old, very sociable, and not surprisingly, Alina and Alex quickly established a good relationship with him. He did not hesitate to tell all the details of his intimate life with his wife Tatiana - low, but a slender blonde, with whom they lived for three years with no limits in sex. At the feast, which began about nine in the evening, he was invited and Oleg. During the conversation, and dancing time passed and not much about the morning Alina, drinking enough, went to bed. After half an hour of strength left and Alex. Seeing this thing, Oleg invited Arina and her husband to her, and they went away, taking with him a bottle of vodka not dopit. As soon as Alex lay down, he felt his wife's hand slid down his chest, and began to go down to the place where between the legs, even in sleep position was carefully shaved his penis. As soon as he gained sufficient rigidity Alina, like rider, he jumped on her husband, throwing off the blanket and entering all eighteen centimeters in their wet cunt with lust. Voluptuous moan broke the silence of the room, Alina jumped out on a limb like a cowboy on a horse, but Alex held back its zeal, holding both hands on his chest sticking out, and groped already hard nipples and began to massage them vigorously between your thumb and forefinger. Beyond that Alex drew his wife to him and began to kiss and lick her breasts, nipples, and the iris around them. Even more loud groan illuminated the room and Alina, fell on his back, carried away for a partner. Alex sat up, crossed his legs wife on his shoulders and continued to kiss the swollen breasts, rammed the bosom of his wife as a member with such force that his shaven eggs with spanking hit it anus wife, from which pleasure only grew, and the groans of the Lady became louder. Life-giving water flowed from the vagina, soaking not only the female perineum, and buttocks. Alcohol was doing its job. In one of the aftershocks member he jumped out of the vagina and easily broke into the moistened anus. Completely different, but no less voluptuous sensation swept genitals Alina. She bent, groaned of pleasure, and with a force pulled her husband to her, so that the member entered her sweet ass for the most eggs. To fill empty at this point Alex suggested using the vagina, bought them a couple of years ago, faloimmitator what his wife immediately agreed. Through the small intestine wall, he felt the dildo massages the perineum wife, and for one and the upper part of his penis. Effort moans wife Alex realized that the enjoyment of sex is just beginning, alcohol did not let him finish, and was a member of a number. Suddenly Alina faloimmitator pulled out of the vagina with the words:
- This rubber does not suit me, I want the same, but of the living! - And I turned to her husband with a proposal to invite Oleg. The time was coming to three, Alina, throwing a robe, she ran out into the corridor. Five minutes later, she appeared on the verge of a sleepy, but the alert Oleg. Alex was lying on the bed, masturbating, legs outstretched. Alina quickly took off her robe, helped undress and Oleg took his dick, gently carried away behind him on the bed. Unlike Alex, shaved crotch Oleg was not a member of it was a little thicker and longer than a couple of centimeters. Alina lay down next to her husband, legs wide apart, her completely shaved wet pussy, the moment made an impression on Oleg, and he is not waiting for an invitation, easily inserted his penis into the bosom bursting with Alina. The quiet, but istomny, cry wife forced Alex to stop masturbating, and switch to the next couple of copulating. He pressed his lips to the nipple right breast with one hand, he began to massage the left breast, and the other went to the place where a foreign member of the attacked previously belonged only to his cave. Alex felt swollen clit wife, her lips, a member, and for the eggs and Oleg, and it all began to feel soft, caressing movements. Alina and Oleg at the same time issued a sweet moan. Oleg took Alina member and asked to take it into his mouth, Alina immediately complied with the request, kneeling, than immediately took advantage of Alex, he was attached to the back of his wife. Oleg groaned!
- What's that, and she knows how to suck - Alex thought attacking his wife from behind - sorry, just to finish in the mouth does not allow. Alina member Oleg courting the same program, for which it is usually to gratify her husband, but not quite all her work. Member of Oleg really was more than Alex, but much softer, and due to not shaved pubic hair and then they got Alina in her mouth, but despite this, Aline tried licking the head, trunk and eggs. Particular pleasure Oleg received when Alina did sucking motion while massaging the tongue by a member of the head, and his right hand eggs, pulling the index finger and stroking anus Oleg.
The next moment, Alina has lagged behind Oleg member and, after putting her husband in the back, sat on his penis, pressing her breasts to the chest of her husband, and caved in, put her clitoris in the shaved pubis Alex, thereby lifting and opening his anus for Oleg, a member of which was richly Alina lubricated with saliva and was ready to once again plunge into the warm, expiring love juices, flesh. Oleg put his penis into the vagina, gently push the member Alex and smooth, but sharp movement brought him into the vagina Alina already occupied. Alina growled with pleasure, and her husband started to move a member, then getting into the rhythm of Oleg, no. She felt the two members moved into her vagina to kill each other, from the mouth of it came only voluptuous moans, but it was a strange feeling that something is missing, and her hand instinctively reached out to the anus, and the ring finger, feeling a small hole , slipped into it at the same time with a sweet groan Alina. Alex asked Oleg to take out his gun from the vagina of his wife and replace the finger Alina, full-wield in her anus. And now I do not moan and scream filled the space of the room. Members of the men began to move with such speed that Alina went to roar. Alex, through the thin wall of the vagina, felt in the anus of his wife wielding member of Oleg, and it only hastened the onset of orgasm. Alina screamed, twitched convulsively, and a minute later went limp on the chest of her husband. A thin trickle of sperm began to flow out of the vagina by the penis and the balls of her husband. Alex ... also came, took out a member from the womb of his wife, crawled out from under her. By giving a little breath, Oleg continued to batter the anus Alina that for the next forty minutes, three more orgasm. And Alex lying watching all this action, and only when he saw glistened member of Oleg and Alina from the anus for sexual lips flowed his sperm, I realized that for today the program is executed.
Oleg returned to her about five and making sure that Herman and Arina continued to sleep as if nothing had happened, I lay down on a nearby bed and fell asleep.

Chapter 3. Tatiana.

After that night, Alex and Alina More than once there were Oleg, but one day came to visit her husband Tatiana. With his height of about one meter and sixty-thin figure it rather resembled a girl. Breast size is clearly not the first claimed to get on a magazine cover, but it was beautiful and stood upright. Oleg had warned that Tatiana knows everything about his relationship with Alina and Alex from his letters to her, and she also expressed a desire to participate in the pleasures of the night. Noting the arrival of Tatiana, Alina and her husband retired to him to roll out of bed, and Tatiana, removing dishes, began to prepare for a meeting with new friends. They entered the room when Alex was lying naked on the couch including a porn video and Alina finished in a robe lay a double bed. At Tanya was wearing black stockings with lace, guipure black panties and bra, and all of this is easily visible through the chiffon gown. Alina, turning off the lights, took off her robe, lay on the bed and invited guests to the location. Oleg, undressed quickly dived onto the bed to Aline, and their bodies intertwined, and his lips closed in a deep kiss. And Tatiana, slowly coming to the couch, where, already with a standing member, reclined Alex became slowly untie the robe. Alex jumped moment, Tatiana took his arms and, having laid her on the sofa, he continued to deliver on its coat. Oleg already in all its member attacked Alinino vagina when Alex, on which stood a few feet from their bed pull-out couch, gently kissing, undressing Tatiana graduated, leaving her in her stocking feet. After passing through the mouth, chest, stomach, Alex's lips descended to where already pouring out the nectar of desire, swollen small purple flower bud Tatiana. Unlike Alina, Tanya crotch was not clean-shaven, but a thin strip of light hair, get down on the pubis to the clitoris, is almost nowhere to be seen. Alex eagerly clung to his mouth Tatiana's clitoris, suck it into itself, circling language. Tanya bent, issuing synchronously with the adjacent pair pleasure moan. Language Alex finished the study of the anus, labia, and the entrance to the vagina Tanya, passed the baton to his weary desire member who broke into the grease-lubricated pussy easily. Oleg and Alina already finished and relaxing, watching Alex Tatiana satisfaction. Going into Tatiana, Alex said to himself that her vagina is much tighter vagina of his wife, but is also flexible and less hot, from what he had to stop and take out his penis. Tatiana immediately got up, took a member of Alex's mouth, placing him on his back, she got on all fours, turning her ass to the staring couple and began to suck him, purring and meowing. Alina, have long been excited, seeing the rounded shape of the pelvis and the brilliant Tatiana labia, moved from the bed to the couch, and immediately stuck to him with his mouth. A member who was watching all this, Oleg instantly stood up, and he, without hesitation, sent him to the bosom of Alina. Groans pairs merged with groans coming from the TV screen, which at this point from two Negroes had finished burning brunette. Alex and Tatiana finished simultaneously after Tanya sat down on a member Alex, taking it in himself on the most eggs, which at this point has already licked and caressed his tongue Alina. sperm trickle ran down the crotch of Alex. Noticing this Alina tensed, he tightened vagina, and feel as a member of Oleg, twitching in convulsions, poured out another portion of sperm, exhausted rapid orgasm. Tired of the way Tatiana, refused further continuation of orgies and Alex took off her stockings, hugging, lay nearby, and watched as the Alina, in the next bed, on all fours, sucking Oleg, one hand fingering her clit while the other massaged his balls. Oleg finished her face, and then a couple more minutes watched porn, and went to sleep.
Alex woke up in the morning by the rising pleasure from the fact that it was completely standing member in her mouth Thani, who with one hand crumpling his chest, while the other served his balls and anus. Suddenly on the bed next to Alex heard moaning orgasm Oleg and, turning his head, he saw a similar picture, and this is discharged Tatiana in her mouth.
Alex Alina more than once entertained with Tatiana and Oleg, but it ended as quickly as it began: One day, while having sex with his wife, Oleg, without thinking, told her that Alina sucks better than it in resulting in contacts with neighbors has been given up, and in a week Tatyana month leave ended, and they went with Oleg.
How were frank Alina and Alex with Arina and Germany on their intimate relationships, but they were not told about the relationship with Oleg and Tatiana, although somehow, talking to Alex, Arina admitted that German is sure that Alina fucked Oleg.

Chapter 4. Sea.

It took six months. It is summer.
And then came the day when, finally realized a long-standing friends of the dream - to go to the sea with a tent with an overnight stay. Located near rosehip bushes on the bank so that their place was only visible from the sea, friends, swim, have begun to use brought back vodka and beer and eating freshly cooked kebabs. Darkness came as quickly as alcohol intoxication, quite strongly. Suddenly Alina offered to take a dip, it supported Arina, and all four went to the sea. The water was about 20 degrees counterclockwise 25 degrees outside, in short - it was warm, and the moonlight let well enough to see within a few meters. Approaching the shore, Arina said that he wants to swim naked, and with one flick of the wrist pulled off her bra leotard throwing ¸go ashore. Her breasts fell out, as if they were freed from centuries of imprisonment, and while Alex Herman watched this show. Alina followed the example of a friend who, the second flick pulled off his trunks and jumped into the sea. Alex did not have time to recover, as his wife, when he was already completely naked, pulled off his trunks and pulled him into the water. Herman also laid bare and joined bathing. Alex Alina splashed and frolicked and did not immediately drew attention to the fact that their neighbors in three meters of them already in full make love right in the water. Member Alex immediately took a fighting stance, and even helped this Alinina hand, rubbing his scrotum. Their eyes were lined on copulating next couple, and decided not to miss the opportunity to have sex, watching as it is done live, not on TV, Alex went behind Aline, one hand taking her chest and the other down to her crotch, where thumb felt already swollen clit wife, who immediately is slightly arched, and his right hand took a member of her husband and sent it to himself, uttering a groan of pleasure. Arina and German, of course, heard him and realized that they are being watched, but to stop there was no meaning. Arina, hugging husband arms about his neck, and legs encircling his buttocks, went to sit down on his cock, moaning slightly, and sea water gave only sexual act ... More unusual. Of course, Ala and Alex could not see what was happening at that time under water Herman and Arina, although their eyes were constantly fixed on the copulating couple, but all were clear enough, and it is only their even more exciting. A similar situation was and the neighbors, but alcohol was doing his job, resulting in finish or who have failed and the pair are not saying a word out of the water to the shore, and taking the shot before bathing things, went to the tent where the fire was burning. The girls went up, and their breasts swayed in unison, causing an erection in men are not subsided. Approaching the tent, Arina friends offered to arrange a viewing sexual acts with each other, and called on the prime minister. Excess free space in a tent was not, therefore, Alina and Alex had to get right next to "scene", And road lamp could not provide adequate coverage, although attached around the action of a big sexuality.
Arina lay on her back, her chest slowly blurred on the sides, and dark-pink nipples stood and waited, and when they begin to please. Trim the strip of gray pubic hair down to where has long been swollen bud of desire, and where language German lapped with this attempted petals labia Arina, slightly salty from sea water, juice of love. Arina not loud moaning, watching through slightly parted eye on their neighbors, who at that time masturbated contemplating going "performance". She first saw from the sidelines as the delicate female fingers plucked clean-shaven labia and swollen clit she had never seen a live shaved cock and balls, which massaged the hands of Alex, she saw it the really, not on video, and the thought Arina I burst into violent orgasm. Herman member even managed to get in the womb of his wife, he stood as the count and all shone on the separated greasing, and now it was his turn to get their portion of pleasure. Arina He put on all fours facing masturbating friends, and he fell in behind. Arinin breasts swayed in time with the movements Guerin member, her face was a foot from the flowing juices Alininoy vulva, and her eyes devoured this magnificent bud. Alex from such a spectacle excited to the limit, and he realized that if he did not stop - it will end, stop masturbating.
Herman also all watched for the first time, from one species Alininoy shaved pussy, he almost did not finish and took the penis from the vagina Arina.
He turned to his wife and the person sitting on the floor of the tent, bowed her head to his penis. Arina was left standing on all fours, but now in front of Alina and Alex turned her beautiful buttocks, between which, in all its beauty, and bloomed flower expire juices pleasure. She began to suck dick Herman, her breasts gently swayed, right arm crumpling eggs her husband, and left fingered the petals of the flower itself. Suddenly Herman paused for a moment, one after another powerful jet of sperm filled my mouth Arina, she did not have time to swallow so many, besides myself at this point to get an orgasm, causing quite a growl. Alina and Alex noticed is to reduce Arinin anus and increase the rate of stroking the clitoris. Brilliant sperm trickle streamed on Guerin trunk and eggs, Arina licked continuing to hum.
- What did you like? - He asked, without looking back, Arina - Now it's your turn.
In response, she heard the distinctive sound came from Alex and Alina, and felt unnerved member Herman suddenly began to take a fighting stance. Turning around, she saw a shocking picture: Alex sat on the floor outstretched leg, leaning on his left hand, he squeezed his chest wife with his right hand, which, back sitting to him, just wide open legs very gracefully moving on his cock, squeezing his hand left breast. Arinin eye itself down to the place where the wet and shining in the twilight member nasazhivalas shaved and swollen with excitement Alinina pussy. Arina, turned to the picture face, still standing on his knees, and, as if hypnotized, held out her hand to the eggs Alex stroked them, and purple lips Alina, and after that, like a cobra sharp movement and fell to the clitoris Alina, which immediately issued a moan. Before Herman opened a wonderful picture - Arinina crotch and copulating couple. He, too, knelt and drove his cock in the vulva Arina. Herman could not be seen because of the wife of the head that occurs at the point of contact Alex member Alininogo Arinin vagina and mouth, but he represented both Alinina pussy slips on wet member and Arinin tongue licks the juices of love with him and Alex eggs. In fact, the way it was.
Herman saw began to increase the tempo of frictions Alininyh heard a groan rising Alex felt the tremor characteristic Arinin body and approaching orgasm, and without hesitation, is dead in Arina. All finished and exhausted at the same time lay down all together covered with a blanket. When he came to after a few minutes, a couple began to discuss what happened, and share opinions. Alina and Alex thanked for Arina "help"As well Herman seen them for "performance"He also offered to meet and even when be, but in a relaxing ambiance, for example in their home. He was supported by Arina. Alex and Alina said yes then and wished each other good night, everyone went to sleep.

Chapter 5. Arina

Since that trip last week, but to meet friends so and failed. Passing by Alex decided to stop by a friend to meet the request to see Herman broken computer. The door opened Arina thrown over his naked body robe. Alex realized that stands out on the coat through the fabric swollen nipples and the lack of a similar release from the gum panties. Herman was not at home, but Alex offered to see the computer without it. Arina are reluctant but agreed. Entering the room, Alex realized why - the bed it was not removed. Arina apologized for the mess and went to make coffee. In the room the TV worked, Alex went to the computer, which stood next to the bed, and turned it on. He noted that in a VCR cassette is inserted and scanned the room in search of a distance. His eyes fell on the bed where from under the blankets was visible control. Alex took the blanket edge and lifted him to take control and froze in confusion. Close with remote control lying vibrator. He understood why the outlines of Arina nipples stood out so well through the coat fabric - before he came she was masturbating and was very excited. At this point, the room went Arina, her eyes darting between the vibrator and Alex, she realized that Alex guessed everything. To defuse the situation, Alex decided to turn on the VCR, that Arina is trying to say, but not in time, from the TV came the sounds of sexual intercourse, and the screen is quite pretty blonde rode on, the impressive sizes, a member of his partner.
- What are you doing here? - Alex asked with a smile. Arina, too, smiled and blushed slightly.
-The what, do not you understand? - She replied.
-So I prevented? -
-So. -
-Or maybe not ? -
-In the sense of ? -
-I can help. You know, I love watching porn, especially each other in fact we have already seen. -
-But it will not be fair to our spouses, because we agreed to meet together. -
-And we'll hold a secret rehearsal - with these words, Alex went to Arina, his arm around her waist and pulled her close.
His thigh ... Arina felt Alex's dick began to grow and harden, and at that moment something zasverbelo between her legs. Unopposed, Alex went on the offensive. It is even harder pressed to her Arina, and their lips entwined in a hot kiss. Familiar shiver ran through the body of Arina, she felt, as it became wet, and her hand slipped on his pants Alex between her legs. Alex, still kissing Arinin mouth, felt the belt of her robe, and with a force pulled his robe fell open and rattling on the naked body, slid to the floor. Arinina hand, meanwhile, has already penetrated into his pants and Alex full masturbate his penis.
- Maybe you undress? - Arina offered.
- Maybe razdenesh? - Alex suggested.
Arina, without hesitation, took his hand out of his pants, took off with Alex's shirt, undid the belt, the top button and zipper pants, knelt down and slowly pulled her pants with shorts. Crimson expiring grease and hard as a member of the stake Alex was right in front of Arinin face. She gasped even opened her eyes from the picture. Her right hand and his mouth began to handle the instrument Alex, and the left is automatically down to where to have swollen labia hanging droplets of love juice. From this excitation Arina had enough time to spend a few fingers on the swollen clit and she is exhausted orgasm. Alex kept struggling, but Arinin orgasm forced to discharge him in her mouth. Arina swallowed all the sperm Alex licked his cock and shaved balls, got up from his knees and kissed Alex pulled him onto the bed. She lay on her back, and Alex, the sounds of porn coming from the TV, tongue caressed her breasts, that, he went down the belly into the open and wet flower desires, brought him the index and middle fingers, and began to carefully examine Arinin vagina while caressing his tongue on her clit. Arina slightly bent, gave a little moan. Vagina Arina was almost the same as that of the Alina.
-Take a vibrator - almost inaudibly she whispered.
Alex fulfilled her request, he turned the dial to the figure 1, the vibrator buzzed and Alex plunged it into the bosom of Arina. The second orgasm came in half a minute, Arina has not restrained herself, she moaned with pleasure, curved vibrator to meet Alex and language. This situation quickly led member Alex in working condition, he lay down on the vibrator Arina replacing them. Finally accomplished his old dream, he has this slender body, kissing the breasts, his cock will examine this juicy pussy! Alex went on to have Arina, for forty minutes, they tried all the basic poses. Most of all he liked to swing Arinin breasts, which he enjoyed watching standing in front of the mirror when her fucked "cancer".
-And to us it is time to finish, - with these words Aaleks
Arina put on the right side, put the included full-power vibrator in Arina, her saliva profusely smeared his penis and put it to the anus. He knew that Arina Herman often combined vaginal and anal sex, and it did not expect opposition from Arina. Feeling the head of the penis with your anus, Arina understood everything, and easy motion filed ass at a meeting of members, its most relaxed. Gently Alex began to introduce a member in Arinin ass. Member easily entered into the anus, as he expected, Arinina ass has no time took a man's flesh and was well designed. Alex introduced a member of the most eggs, Arina arched, as if nasazhivayas him, and from her lips broke moan of pleasure. Alex was also good, his penis was in a dense and tender belly Arinin ass through the wall of the vagina he felt a vibrator, which is now a pleasure and he, vibrating under his term. Alex planted his right hand under his partner and, clutching her chest began to knead it, pull the swollen nipple. His left hand at the same time was already Arina between the legs, where playful fingers rubbed crotch and excited clitoris. Arina moaned even louder. In unison with the moaning, with increasing amplitude, and began to move Arinin pelvis. Alex began to help Arina, frictions were already rabid when he felt Arinin body tensed, she herself took a deep breath, and with a groan passing a scream beginning to finish, squeezing the anus. From these actions, Alex felt the orgasm began to crest the waves one after another, and the jet of sperm watered rectum Arina. It seemed that this would never end, but when he had finished, the partners stopped Arina asked to get out of her vibrator. Alex slowly took it out of Arina, turned and laid aside his partner embraced and kissed her behind the ear. Member Alex gradually began to wane, and a couple of minutes easily released from fertilized with sperm anus Arina. Coming to themselves, they lay about fifteen minutes, gently caressing each other, and then together went to the bathroom to take such a position after the procedure is done. Over a cup, had time to become cold, coffee Arina and Alex agreed not to talk about their rehearsals to their spouses, because they really did not fair to them. But vse-taki computer Alex repaired, and quickly:

Chapter 6. Alina

It took another three days and already Alina, running past, I decided to visit her best friend. Alina was about to leave when the door opened Arina.
- Hey, why are you so long to open? - Alina asked.
- Yes, I just - just crawled to the bathroom, come. - Said Arina.
Slamming the door behind her, Alina went to the apartment. Arina stood in one robe, which rapidly absorbs water from her skin, becoming wet. A wet cloth robe began to appear Arinin nipples breasts and curvy buttocks hemisphere. She returned to the bathroom, and Alina went into the room, sat on the bed and waited for Arina finished wash. Ten minutes later, Alina heard that her friend is calling from the bathroom. Opening the door, she saw lying in the water Arina.
-Come and have a chat, and then I'm bored here alone. -
Alina went and sat on the washing machine. Chatted for about ten minutes, Arina started to shave legs, sat on the rear edge of the bath. After finishing with the feet, it is widely spread her legs and began to lather pubis and the perineum. The sight of such a picture Alina inside something gasped. Arina took a razor and began to shave off her hair gently around the hair strip of pubic, ending with the pubis, she began to shave the crotch. Alina felt between her legs appeared tingling, and her pussy began to moisten.
-And you, still, on the bald shave? - Suddenly she asked Arina, without interrupting business.
-Yes. Accustomed already on another can not, do not shave for three days, and already uncomfortable feeling, and like her husband when bald and Gorny. - Alina answered, and
I felt the steel to soak her panties.
When finished with the perineum, Arina, has started soaping washcloth, and after that, kneeling, began to wash herself.
-The back rub? - Jokingly asked Alina.
-With pleasure. - Arina said quite seriously, handing her a washcloth.
-Now, just I get undressed, as I have already mated. - with these
words Alina took off her blouse and skirt, staying in shorts. She took the washcloth and began to rub his back, was standing on all fours, Arina. She wiped Arina shoulders, spine down to the waist, ... lathered her hips and, without even noticing, he has moved to the buttocks. Arina arched, giving to meet Alininoy hand his ass, crotch opened it, and when the sponge was held on sexual lips, the familiar wave of excitement swept through the body Arina. By chance her eyes fell on her panties Alina, who were soaking wet, and the excitation of juice droplets stood out through the fabric. Arina guessed that Alina was very excited, she felt her body trembled and his breathing quickened. Alina realized that excited to such an extent that the output of this can be only one. Rinsed his hand from the foam, it is not saying a word, took off her panties, she climbed into the bath to Arina, which is already up to fours on his knees, took a shower and began to wash Arina jets of water, helping to free hand wash foam from her body. Palm Alina slowly slipped from Arinin shoulder at her breasts and fingers, grasped and began to twirl, swollen nipple, now Arina felt an uncontrollable desire. Alina She hugged her waist, pulled her and their lips entwined in a passionate kiss, and her hands, as if on cue, fell into each other's crotch. Their hearts are blocked at a breakneck pace, and they both began to moan with pleasure growing. Alina looked up from Arinin mouth and clung to the nipple of her right breast. She gently took in tongue iris around the nipple, and after that began to suck him while massaging his right hand left breast Arina and left pulling her labia and clitoris. A wave of bliss came at Arina's body, her moans increased, and began to move the pelvis to meet Alininoy hand. After finishing with the breast, lips Alininy become lower and lower sink, and after passing through the navel and a thin strip of hair in the pubic area, stopped on the clitoris. Alina gently touched her tongue to the swollen clitoris Arina and felt she shivered and leaned slightly toward Alininomu mouth. Alina, licking purple flower, put two fingers and put them in Arina. Gentle movements she began to examine the oozing pussy while caressing tongue clitoris Arinin. Arina was in seventh heaven, she reached out, picked up from the shelf container for a toothbrush, and gave it to Aline. Pencil was about two centimeters in diameter, and a length of about twenty. Alina took out the vagina your fingers and dipping into it a pencil case, began to make the rotational-translational motion, still sucking Arinin clitoris. More minutes Arina could not stand one by one her steel cover a wave of orgasm, her moans turned into a cry, she began to move with increasing amplitude towards the cupboards, her breasts rolled in unison movements of the body, and the cave of pleasure slightly opened, spewing juices of love on the pencil case and Alininu hand. A minute later Alina lay propped on his feet and leaned on the back of the bath wall, filing crotch towards Arinin tongue and lips that are already full, courted Alininu vulva. She asked Arina turn on the shower at full capacity and to direct a jet of water to your clitoris. Arina girlfriend complied with the request, inserting, at the same time, a pencil case from the toothbrush into her vagina. Now Alininy moans filled the bathroom. She writhed, crumpling his chest, nasazhivayas in the pencil case, and a minute later Arina felt a quiver in ecstasy body of Alina, and from her lips broke moan orgasm:
When he came to, ten minutes later, a friend smiled at each other, got out of the bath, and vytershis towel, began to dress.
Feeling overwhelmed in their souls to each other, because each of them it was the first lesbian experience, and I think, quite successful:

Chapter 7. Birthday

A couple of weeks Alina and Alex were invited to Arinin birthday. Sabantuy planned to celebrate in the sauna at the dacha stepfather Arina only four. When friends come to the country, Mark, was the name of his stepfather Arina, Boost has a sauna, and welcomed visitors at the entrance. After giving instructions on behavior in the sauna, Mark congratulated Arina, quickly going, and left - he had a week-long trip on the company's affairs. Friends had set the table with a meal brought. Half an hour later, everything was ready, but before they were to sit down at the table to warm up. Everyone began to undress together. Left in his underpants and bras, the girls began to get out of their packages swimwear.
- You Th? Your swimwear from the heat razlezutsya, - said Alex, and the words - in shorts not steamed! - He took off his swimming trunks, and first pulled into the steam room.
-But he's right. - He supported his German, and following the example of Alex, too, ran into the steam room.
-So what do we do? - Said Alina - A Suddenly really swimsuit deteriorate, and this in fact is my favorite.
-Let's not take a chance, and we are naked not see each other! - With these words Arina undid the clasp of her bra and took it off. As if from centuries of imprisonment for a meeting Aline-extracting two beautiful breasts, and she could not help remembering the scene in the bathroom.
-Perhaps you're right. - Alina said, and pulled off his swimming trunks, and after that, and bra.
Hand in hand they went to the steam room, which is already full to whip broom, Alex and German.
-The girls ordered? - Giggled, going, girls.
-Wow! - See the following picture, Alex dropped.
-Uh-huh! - Herman said.
-Not th, and Hugo, and Ogogo! - Interrupted their Alina.
-What a cold beer is not captured? - Alex retorted, continuing hlystat Herman broom.
A minute later Arina correct position, and all four of us were sipping friends "Three Bears" He is sitting on the top shelf.
When finished with the beer, the girls lay on their stomachs on the shelf next to each other, but in different directions, and the guys succumb to the park, and taking on the broom in each hand, began their ohazhivat
back, buttocks and legs of their "patients". After a few minutes, according to German team, the girls simultaneously rolled onto his back. Before the eyes of the men had the very beautiful picture of nude female bodies, which flowed water droplets.
When finished with the pair, friends showered in the shower and turning in bed sheets, sat at the table to congratulate Arina birthday. Half an hour had drunk a bottle of vodka and six bottles of beer, and then all again went to the steam room, but waving brooms forces was not, and friends, have fun chatting and baiting jokes, as always, on the sexual theme, just sitting on the shelf, driving sweat .
Half an hour later the alcohol already in full possession conscious friends, no one was covered with sheets, and especially no one was surprised when, sitting next to Alex Alina, she leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. Alex is situated back, legs apart slightly, and thus opened the access to its Alininoy hand, as always, shaved balls. His cock instantly stiffened. He noted that Alininomu followed suit and Arina, but she was on her knees on the floor between the feet of Herman. By instituting Alex, Alina stopped sucking cock rose and sat down on his face to Alex, purring with pleasure. Alex Member burst into bursting Alininu cave, and she jumped on it as a rider.
Her breasts swayed in the face of Alex, who caught the tongue and lips and licked her nipples. Arina again followed the example of Alina and Alex was able to observe how Herman catches mouth nipples Arinin breasts. He remembered how watching them in the mirror when Arina fucked at her home in "Doggie"-poze. From this his cock stiffened even more, but the end is not yet wanted. The space of the room was filled with moans of voluptuous women ... and squelching wet vaginas.
Suddenly Alina stopped, kissed Alex and said:
-ARINC, Gerken lend for a couple of minutes, I was on the limit and want to try to finish on two guys at once, and I'll then Alex:
Arina, without hesitation, climbed down from the German member and Alina took her place, Alex stood up from behind and gently introduced his penis into the anus Aline, pre-moistened with saliva. Arina sat down on the couch so that the German head was between her legs, and her lips clung to his lips Alina. Herman picked up in the palm of his chest Alina and kissed them. Alina groaned, slowly at first, and after that everything began to move faster and faster on the members of the men who were trying to drive his stick deep in Alina. Alex felt his cock through the thin partition rubs against the hard cock of Herman, Herman, too, I felt a member of Alex, but the most pleasant was Aline, she felt both of those terms in the Statement, it seemed they were ready to break all the crotch, but it did not hurt, it was unspeakably pleasant and Alina did not restrain himself.
-Oh, boys! Oh how good! Try not to finish, and then ARINC will not experience such a pleasure! I'm coming! A..a..a ..!
Alina roughly finished, Alex took a member of her priests, quickly got off the German and abruptly pulled Arina back to the couch, offering to sit down at her husband. Arina, without a word, as a docile lamb, run the command Alina. Her cave was greatly moistened, and a member of the German smoothly plunged into it for the most eggs. Arina bent, exposing his ass under the "hit". Alina took Alex's cock, brought to a Arinin anus, and sent it into the hole. Arina issued languid moan, and even more bent as if to nasazhivayas member Alex. Members Alex and Herman met again. Arina began to move gently and clutched in his mouth Herman lips. Alina, meanwhile, took a cucumber from the table, put yourself in the vagina, sat on the floor between his legs and Alex Hermann and raising his head began masturbating cucumber, watch as two members of the attacking Arinin crotch. Arina first time in my life took a just two members, there is, of course, they used a vibrator with German instead of the second term, but living it is better than artificial. Waves of pleasure filled the crotch and abdomen Arina, and out of his chest came the groans of pleasure.
-True cool ARINC? - Alina's voice was heard.
-Yes-ah! I was on the limit-ee! Oh boys, what you have is a good thing! I feel so good with them-oh-oh! I think I'm coming-oo-oo-oo!
Arina began to move faster, threw back his head back, and Alex Hermann also increased friction, and cucumber quickly began to move into the vagina Alina. Arina had finished. Two tight jet of sperm shot almost simultaneously a member of the men filling out Arinin vagina and rectum. It was so much that she began to flow out the trunks of men. Seeing this picture, Alina faster wound up cucumber, and a second wave of orgasm enveloped her body. Almost all finished at the same time. Arina slumped on Germany, and Alex, removing a member from her anus, sat on the floor next to his wife.
Ten minutes later, all four took a shower, sharing vivid impressions: ..
P.S. This story could go on, but I'm afraid it would have been very long, because these people are still friendly families without any claims against each other:
"And here's your pair" - She said, pointing to a woman standing on her knees and lick my shoe a new friend. "Well, all that will be enough place!" she commanded, and dutifully retired woman on her knees and hands in the room and lay down on the mat, curled up. The new name was my friend Tanya, and her strange friend-servant Katya. Kate was, you might say naked: her chest was wrapped in rope, braided behind her back, around his neck a dog collar and waist was a belt, to which was attached a rope passed through crotch. two falloimmitator was attached at the waist.
I became acquainted with Tanya at a party, where she was drunk after a couple of glasses of wine talk. It turned out that she fuck in their 30 years last time at the prom and she is not alien leysbiyskie inclinations and small oddities. Now it became clear what she was saying. She told me that she had a friend with similar inclinations, which has the same problem. He works with the men in the office secretary, but no one gives, but today decided that it is necessary - now or never. Beautiful woman with a curvy shape - of course I agreed.
"Take off your clothes, whether at home. I hope you will be late for a long time here" - She said, throwing off his cloak. She looked great in evening dress. "We come into the room. Met on the best" - And we went into a large room. "Yeah, well, the money she apparently dofiga" - I thought. We sat down on the sofa. "Kitty, kitty come to me, my dear" I said my new friend and the woman who was lying on the rug near the wall, got up on my knees and crawled over to us. All this time, she looked at the floor. For the first time, in the hallway I could not see it well, but now with a good light she looked beautiful. Even more beautiful than my girlfriend. Beautiful figure, tight stomach and chest - a dream! "Well, it is expensive Glory" - "pussycat" I looked up looked at my friend, then looked at me, obsmotrela top down and turned to Tanya. "Like?" - She asked, "Yes" - She replied quietly kitty. Beautiful face, eyes, and at the same time without clothes - I started not intentionally excited. "Go prepare him a bath. And we still talk" - Tanya smiled as Kate could not contain the excitement and joy, she got up and ran to the bathroom and from there came the sound of water. "So, my dear, that you met. She liked you, my pussycat?" - She asked and smiled - her hand was stroking between my legs, "I see you happy".
"Well, then you will live with it. Entertain her when I'm at work, sometimes will entertain and me together. I would like to, you know diversity, sometimes in our everyday life of women". Her hand was rastignula my pants and slipped into his pants. "Today I am tired, so you get to know for the best, but tomorrow night I'll try out. Undress and go and wash up!". I took off my shirt, my pants were unbuttoned and my friend sticking out of them as a number. During this whole procedure, my friend looked at me eagerly. And here I am completely naked. "Kiss Goodnight and Go" - she said. I walked over and reached out to her to kiss her, but she pulled away - "Silly, between his legs!". I knelt down, he picked up the hem of her dress and ducked under it. In the dark, in the stroking thigh touch I made it to the coveted corner - and kissed her several times and licked. Tanya moaned and kept her thighs. "Well done!" she said when I emerged from under her, slapped me on the ass "Go!".
I went to the door to the bathroom, you can hear the rustling of water and shampoo smells. I opened the door, kitty stood hunched and stir in the water bath. The entire bathroom was hefty, and she had a bath designed for two. Black rope on it, which was held in the crotch was just between the labia beautifully highlighting them. Her pubis was clean-shaven. I came up from behind and kissed the left and right of her lips. She shivered and trembled. "Oh, you are here. Do not hurry so. Climbs into the tub" - Her voice was quiet and pleasant, and trembling with excitement. She took advantage of my two hands as something very fragile and kept it until I got into the bath. It is lodging in the edge of the tub so I could see her completely. "As she is beautiful" - I thought. "You will not climb with me?" - I asked. "I do everything you say, everything, everything" - Her eyes fell down. "No, look at me and I wanted to do myself. Good?" She nodded with a smile and stood behind me took the shampoo, wet the hair and began to lather them. After that, she just crawled back into the bathroom, took a washcloth and began to rub the body, her breasts rested on my back, her nipples were hard and nice about rubbing my back. The bathroom smelled shampoo. She lathered me everything but dignity, then I said that I turned picked up the soap and began to lather my cock. Strange, but it was still "dressed" in rope. "Why do not you undress? I mean, the rope is not removed?"- I asked. "I had never rented, even when I wash, or walk down the street - they are always with me, they do not interfere, and give pleasure". I would argue, the more she liked it. Then she began to wash me warm shower. Having dealt with the water we started drying off - she wiped me and I her. When I wiped her she moaned - I carefully wiped her between the legs. "We will sleep with you on the mat?" - I said, I honestly do not want sorrow. "No, not today. I have a room, strangely enough" - She smiled.
"Now I will tell you the rules. The mistress of the room and into the hallway walk only on his knees. Walk naked, I have a collar, I hope you'll like it for you. You probably will be more important than me, but while I'm going to tell all - listen to me. Stand on knees, went to my room" - And she sat down on the rubber sheet. Head she pushed open the door, the room was quiet and dark. "Mistress sleeps. Quiet, do not make a noise. Hold the rope" - She said, and gently spread her legs. I grabbed the rope teeth in the place where it touched her beautiful labia. My lips have merged with her nose ran into the anus, "Strangely enough, it smells so good" - I thought. We crept into her room. We moved silently she sometimes stopped, or omitted that would listen, felts that I would once again tightly pressed to her lips. We passed a room and the hostess came into the room Katie. I let the rope out of his mouth, she got turned on a table lamp. The room was not as big as the mistress room, but it was cozy. "Here, your collar. Come, I will wear it" - she said. I approached her, she put me on the neck collar. It was a bit odd - a collar was attached strip of skin with ring on the end. The bar fell on my chest and stomach, and in the ring she put my cock in place of eggs. She pulled the strip, I leaned and felt like very excited. "He did not shoot when you're here. Come to me" - Every time you try to straighten the strip pulled my cock up. I crawled on my knees to her tongue pulled the rope from her vagina, and pressed it to his lips. She was ready - wet, hot and a little tense. "Behind Come" - She got up on my knees put the chest on the floor - I could not wait any longer. He came up to her and stroked her ass dick introduced as deeply as possible. I lay down on her chest and stroked started pushing, to strip from the collar member rubbed her anus so she quickly finished. However, she softly moaning and twirling hips. I was in full swing. Turning her I put her legs on his shoulders and continued to enter into it, now slowly, letting her enjoy. Her face glowed, her eyes were closed and humid. Chest heaving with tremors, my hands were on them, and she opened her eyes. After a few minutes, she grabbed a strip of pulled to itself -"Do not stop! I finish this hour!" my dick with eggs canvas so pressed her vagina, that I could hardly take out his cock for another push, and she held my stripes. The fight did not last long - I tensed and took her by the hips deep into it and finished - by sperm in the vagina bumps ... Kate arched and also finished. There was a quiet "ah-ah-ah"Even for a moment I continued mild tremors so we can enjoy each other. I lay down on the bed she came and kissed me, straightened the rope in his crotch, "Sleep road". She lay down between my legs head, took my fallen member in her mouth and licked it without taking it to sleep.
I woke up on what someone did me a blowjob. Kate smiled and I finished it in her mouth, she licked her lips licked my penis and said it was time to wake the owner. Rising to his knees, we went into the room. Tanya slept on his back under the sheet outstretched legs. Her breasts like two rocks stand out beautifully. "What should I do?" - I asked, "I think you'd better treat her between her legs, and I'll take care of the breast"- With these words she quietly began removing the sheet from her body baring the chest. "Climb under the sheets!" - She said, smiling. I lifted the sheet edge and crawled under it, moving closer to her crotch, I kissed his feet Thani. Katya at that time began to kiss mistress nipples. Loboc Thani was shaved, but pricked. After kissing and licking his crotch, I fell to the labia - Tanya began to stir and awaken. "Good morning, mistress. Time to wake up" - Said Katya, and I put my tongue in the vagina Thani. "D-e-do-oo-obroe morning"With difficulty she said, heard the upcoming excitement in her voice. I'm stuck, and stuck out his tongue mimicking limb movements and twisted them in circles when stuck in the full depth. Tanya did not last long, feeling it caress the two and quickly finished. From it poured. Kate understood everything when the hostess tensed and froze, uttering a soft moan, scooted me lifted the sheet and said, "Drink it all, not to wet the bed". I fell to the vagina - eagerly began to suck all that flowed from her mistress lick. Tanya loved it - she ruffled my hair and whispered "Good for you, good boy". When finished with the caresses were three of us went to the bathroom. Tanya stood in the middle of the bath, and Katya - she was back, I washed her front. Particular attention I paid her nipples and crotch without washing their hands washcloth. When we were almost finished with the hostess said - "I shaved". Kate took a razor and handed it to me. I licked the crotch - and where licked razor wire, thus shaved her pubic area and around the labia. Then we wiped her thin towels dry. Said Tanya Tanya - "Go there heating"And I "Come on I'll dress"She went into the room where slept in the closet, and we fled on his knees behind her. I ran and I thought what a class hostess ass, I wanted to fuck her in all holes. Tanya opened the closet got a belt for stockings, socks - all in black, blue dress to the knee and a nice cut on his chest. "Dress up!" - She commanded, "Or do you like me naked?". "Yes, you're gorgeous naked, your ass is simply mesmerizing!", My penis has long stood and fought in convulsions. She sat on the bed, spread her legs and straightened one - I put on her stockings, then she got me to put on the belt. When I was buttoning the lips accidentally touched her crotch. She was delighted. Dressed dress without panties and bra.
When Tanya and Katya had breakfast we stood by and waited until the hostess eat. When a meal was finished, Kate brought her purse, and kissing his feet shod Tanya in her shoes. Then Kate took my cock and tinker head socks on both shoes on, they began to shine. "Well, all I've got!" - Tanya said, "She's all yours"- She said to me, pointing to Kate. Katya again kissed the hostess shoes and Tanya left.
Kitty turned his back to me, his hand over his crotch took my penis and put into itself. I took her by the waist on began to enter. She rubbed her pubis sometimes touching my penis. So we fuck in the hallway - I came into the vagina, all that flowed from it she rubbed on her pubis and abdomen. "Come wash" - she said. Kish washed me and said - "You need to shave" - But I took my penis and began slowly and with pleasure to shave. After that, I looked like a boy.
After a delicious breakfast we tumbled all day - watched porn, tried everything. That day I learned a lot of interesting things about the interests of housewives and customs of this house. Late in the evening came the hostess. dinner and a bottle of wine was prepared for her arrival.
In the hallway, we sat down at the feet of the mistress - I got right, Kate - left - sat down on the toe shoes and started rubbing the genitals of a sock, while kissing the hip through the stockings. The hostess smiled, somewhere in a minute Kate stopped moving and pulled back a little, about the shoe that she was rubbing her wet - it seems she had finished. "I'm tired. Take me on the bed and undress" Tanya said to me. I stood up and took her in his arms bore the bed, while I was carrying her she kept one hand on his neck, the other for my cock. When I brought it she took off her dress and left in stockings and a belt. "Hmm, you shaved. Well not bad, not bad" 'she said patting my hardened cock and balls. "Well dinner" - Said Tanya - I poured the wine, and very little to eat. "Kish! Prepare him to sleep, he will be with me" - She said Katya. From these words and prospects I was excited to the limit. Kate took my penis and began to lick it carefully so that I almost did not finish - but she would not let me do it.
Tanya undressed and went into the shower while I worked. After returning from the shower she commanded "Place kitty, he is my". Kish had gone into the room and in the evening I have not seen her. Tanya stroked my penis and said, "What are you wet, wet, and I". She took off her robe, and I saw her beautiful freshly shaven crotch. Lick it was a pleasure. The hostess was lying on his back and moaning. When she had finished her hands dug into my hair and pressed her face tight vagina. "It's time for your friend" Tanya said, and smiled. I'm just waiting for this - our petrified member, I was stuck in it, and racing began. We changed the position of the top and bottom, on its side. She came a couple of times, and I could hardly restrain uzhu. "I have another hole, it's all yours"I could not believe his ears. I was attached to her backside and began to gently penetrate it. Taut and, apparently, not developed the anus did their job - I very quickly finished it. Then I realized that my strength was gone, and the landlady too tired. "Everyone will sleep. Are you with me. Lie down between his legs, and there sleep" - And he was asleep within seconds. I lay down between her legs licked her lips and fell asleep.
Hello Sergey.
I read through your letter. I live in the city of Voronezh. And where are you? Write me more about myself. You must be a nudist? The fact is that I really want to become a nudist, but have no idea how to do it, and where to find these people. I love to be naked, especially when they can spy on me. Hola, I have never bathed, though this much I want, but this is not possible yet. You wrote that now is not the girl you have and why you wrote to me, write how old you are, and that to me only 12, maybe you're thinking that I'm older.
Hello Sergey.
Have read your letter very long, I would have failed, it is hard on the keyboard to enter letters, I still do not know much computer we bought it recently, and Dad taught me a little work on it. Well, tell us about yourself. I love to walk up late with friends, we sit in the yard and hang out, but it is only in the summer, because the mother allows me to walk just before nightfall. I love to watch cartoon Sailor Moon, if you are so you know, I even write it on the video recorder, my Dad for this special cartridge purchases. I love cats, I have a cat and the cat Marquis Manya, I like to watch them when they play with each other. I love to knit, recently tied himself hat and scarf, her mother liked. The music I love Russian, often listen to Russian radio, especially like Malikov, I Balde from him. At school, I do not like all the boys some stupid, only one thing on his mind. I have a very good friend of Light, we had often together and share different secrets, she has a friend Vadim, they've even made love, if it does not lie, it seems to me lying. And I have no boyfriend, because I was too brisk, and it seems to me that they are afraid of me, even though everyone says that I even very personal, and all the time to me flirting. You wrote that there are about nudists and even photos on the Internet, please come to me, if possible, and write if you know how I hide in a computer different files, but I'm afraid that my father suddenly finds out what I correspond, then I cover.
Waiting for an answer. Are you really interested. Irina.
Hello Sergey.
That's just woken up, and right behind the computer, Mom and Dad gone, and all day they will not be, and the weather we have now is not, the rain and very wet. How do I delete messages I know I always do, but would like to save them somewhere. You wrote that there are about nudists, send me the address, I may be able to see them, and then Dad put a password on the internet and allows to use it only when he is at home, and in the mail I can work. My father works in the company, it also has computers there, and my mother also worked with him. Tell me about his sister, and then you're talking about it does not write anything, I wonder. You sent me some text, but some question marks instead of text, like this: ??????? ??? ????.
Write. Irina.
Hello Sergey.
I get all your letters. Very interesting, especially about his sister, very emotional letter. But I do not understand why you live differently, it is that you do not own sister, or parents do not want you to be together. Links I received, but so far I can not see them, write that there is a picture, it will be possible if they suddenly see the Pope, and then I can only climb on the Internet, if it is at home. And what do you want me to send a photo, there's naked picture or not?
I have so far everything is normal. Write. Irina.
Hello Sergey.
And I did not understand the first line, it's probably for the Ukrainian, and what you wrote there. Dad did not see your letters, because I read both of them at once stirayu.A why you did not send the photo that you have a week is, it came from, and write something else. Irina.
Hello Sergey.
I received your letter with a photo. I even shiver went there TEENS my age and all of them look, I imagined myself in their place, but my dream is probably never sbuditsya. And you do not know how to join the nudists, and be sure whether it is necessary to the parents, and then I heard that only with parents, please write. And what I tell about myself? Write to me and I'll tell you.
Hello Sergey.
I have read your letter and photos received, very much, but do you have photos of men, too, would like to see (just do not think about me, something bad). I do not even understand that while they bathed naked and not ashamed of each other and even with my parents, I can not imagine how, together with the Pope swim naked, it seems to me that it goes into something more probably. Maybe this is not decent to ask you, but if you can answer that you're engaged to a woman with love and when it was the first time you loved it or not, when do you think it is better to start with. And how do I know about nudists in Voronezh, there are with us or not? It is a pity that my parents are not nudists. Well, until all write about what you want me to write to you and I did not come up. Irina.

Hello Igor.
I correspond with a girl, she was 16 years old and from Novosibirsk, she likes joking and writes very funny. I also wrote some photographer with 10 years of experience in Moscow, looking for young girls for photos, I asked him and what he was doing pictures but he never answered. Much has been written just stupid things and I did not respond to the letter theirs, washed once, because I'm not the same as writing in Advertisement I so foolishly written, and to correspond with you interestno you soft. Well, what else to tell you I do not know, you write what I write and I will talk and write something else interestnoe. Irina.
Hello Sergey.
I came running out of the school and immediately read your letters, thank God though the pope was not at home. My first time talking to a man on this subject, even a little bit embarrassed, even though the Internet, everything is somehow unusual. You write that can begin to meet with the guys, but that's like we have all the guys some debility, build from a known one, I think that I, together with some of them at once disgusted some in 12 years. This is a grown man, I would like to try, the main thing that he was gentle and considerate, because they have some experience in this, but it seems to me not really, because how to find it and how to make sure that he understood that I want more and I do not want to until the present, but only to caress each other, I often dream about it when I fall asleep. You even wrote that a young girl should know your body, sometimes I caress myself and I love it, especially the fox tail, but still very fond of bathing shower when I suggested to a friend. It is a pity that you live so far away, I think I would agree today to try it with you this is probably so interesting and enjoyable, that's why sex in humans occupies such an important place in my life, and my parents to sihpor engaged in this often means sex is not bored. You wrote that now suffer from a lack of girls, is that if you try it then always much want to have sex does not even have the patience? And so, too, whether or not the girls? And how is it expressed?
Photos received at the first man but apparently very small, and the second man with children and all naked and not ashamed of each other, is that his children? All the same, but I think that I might not be so with the Pope that we were naked together can not even imagine now ... with strange men I probably would not shy. And why they do not is because they're probably seeing naked women and they themselves naked in public, I like when I was very excited when I saw kto-to naked and even if only a naked man saw it seems to me too me is excited because it would very interesting and unusual. Well, that is all, and I hope I'm not very attracted to me even uncomfortable that I have written such a letter. Irina.
Hello Sergey.
Read all your letters, to be honest, not all understood, it seems to me that perhaps I understand it is still too early, something too difficult. You wrote a lot about ononizm, is that when he himself excited? And you do it like it or not, and how does this happen?
Sergei, what do you mean by more candid photographs of men is when they excited it, and that you have such photos? To be honest it's interesting to see these I have not seen, only heard that it is now much more.
We sometimes spend evenings in the school, where we organize discos, sometimes even drink wine somewhere in a secluded place that the teacher would not have seen, they are constantly looking out for us. From the music I love and Shevchuk Kincheva and jazz probably not, if it is of course played by the wind instruments, I understand. And still write you would like to make love with a girl who is much younger than you, such as my age, if she knows anything yet, and a figure which has not yet been in adults and it is not interesting?
Write. Irina.
Hello Sergey.
I congratulate you happy birthday, I wish you happiness in your life, and what would you as quickly as possible found a girl and you have lived a long and happy life. As for the photos of men, then of course I want to see these pictures, especially when they have this thing very much. You even wrote that there are photos where men with each other and more with the children, that they make love? I can not believe that these are necessarily come if you have such. And the fact that I do not understand everything about sex it is, in principle, and in general it is clear, you're probably just a little bit difficult to write.
Write. Your Irina.
Hello Sergey.
For a long time it was not possible to write to you, since Dad all the time sitting at a computer, writes a report on the work. I'm just shocked by the photos that you sent, I have not seen in detail, even I thought that he was a little different in men that he covered with skin and not so great is that he is? Especially I liked the picture where the man holding it in your hand. When the photos looked a long time to get over it, I really wanted to see it for real, it's probably as much fun, but do not know it is a pity that you live so far away, and I will be adult men are not interested. Would you like to meet with me on this?
Write. Irina.
My name is Ira, and I am not a fright, quite the contrary. Who knows me close, my name is Irene still-mole. I confess that I have a birthmark on the inside of the genital lips. Such a small, dark hair, dotted fabric is maddening for girls and boys, when I trust them.
So, in our institute's group I was a boy Serge, who became my "husband"As we called it. In the autumn of his birthday, and Sergei persuaded "relatives" do not pay attention to us, and they seem to agree. We nataschili wine. Presents were probably bags. They sat down at the table, the mother of Sergei tried to fame was that eat after obschagovskoy hunger. Olga, as she was called, sat down with us, almost by force causing eat one thing after another. Soon the whole tension of relatives held. Olga has smoked in the kitchen with the girls, vysprashivaya with whom her son "lives"They showed me, and that, and let me take care of: "Do not drink, do not smoke ... " In fact, she's a great woman, looks much younger than his years, well, just the same age as ours and some of the girls that smear and younger. I already call her Olga, adding some wine in secret hoping to spend the night with them. Her son, Sergei, did not do anything for that, even if his mother spoke to guys left. No! He liked it more than the wine. And Olga Ivanovna had already begun to send the children home, taking care of our honor. I helped her clean the dishes, the windows have long been dark. Olga bad stand on her feet, but volunteered to accompany me, to put on a taxi.
I was so, and that, while it is:
-Ira, daughter. Come on, I'll walk you. Sergei daddy ready, sleep.
-At the bus stop, as it should be at this time, traffic will not wait. Olga stubbornly waiting "wheelbarrow". Here arrives "Gigue"In the cabin two guys:
-Girls, let's go, go.
I'm angry, I realized that Seryozha does not work, and the guys went nowhere. He jumped into the back seat.
-Go! What ?!
Olga is very beautiful woman, and on the face and figure "cool". Boys and name it:
- A friend, well, what are you ?! Go!
Olga looked at them, to me, sat on the front seat, slammed the door.
- Irina, you where?
One can see me personally decided to hold up to the bed. I laughed:
- Wolf lane two.
Olga realized this is serious, and the guys have guessed. Go!
The one next to me, started to get acquainted with his arms around my shoulders. I do not mind, let them! Olga began to rock, I see asleep, nodding, does not notice that the ride, where and why we go. The one behind the wheel, Nicholas, Nick, so gently puts his hand on the shimmering nylon Olga's knee. She is sleeping. I see that hand rustled deeper, lifting up her skirt. Like Olga woke up, but did not understand anything, not even her skirt pulled down. Nick at that time switches the speed, by removing the hand. But my "beau" tells jokes, I'm not asking me, I know them or not, at the same time, with the tacit consent of my trying to find out what is under my coat.
- Well, Sasha is not a shame! - I am trying to attract the attention of Olga, laughing, allowing compress themselves above the knee.
I notice that Nick Olga doing such, his hand stroking his leg in a dark stocking, sometimes between the legs, and sometimes higher. And she had already slept capitally. Men offered to go to them. I agreed and Olga, knowing full well that will be, but this could not assume ...
In the small room we were waiting for two more guys. One of my probably age "green" really, Mike. Another, Sergei, probably after the army, he would like and the owner of the "hut". The room terribly small, a sofa, a table, two chairs, and more there, if they wanted to, not instead of nothing, nothing but us. Immediately there was a place, we were asked to remove the coat back in the hallway, and I noticed how the door there. Well, everyone, I think - have arrived!
Wine and music, however, was, and so-ee-Playa Company. We drank, Olga came to little. Guys can be seen, spotted our age difference, so two of them, Nick and "my" Sasha, Olga quickly switched on, hoping that it will be easier with it. I sit at the table, looking at what is happening in front of me on the couch. Trying not to think about the bad, but at the same time raised, looking like a little Olga fighting off the boys. Those trying to gently touch her big breasts and white stocking the leg above.
- You that she undress? - I just asked Sergei, coming from behind, stroking his shoulders, dropping his hands to his chest.
- Of course - trying to buy time, nodding to Olga - only a little later, okay?
- Well, good - generously leaves me "green" Misha, as he was already out of his chair Iron-on transfer my thighs, just nylon rustling.
Olga begins to think what's going on, mad eyes looking around. She tried to escape, screaming.
Men inspired quite convincingly that it is not necessary to do so, to the same and useless. Olga tried not to look at me, turned away face, hiding his eyes.
- Well, okay, let's get undressed, Irishka! - Has already offered me.
I stood on a chair, trying the music take off her clothes, so "asked", Looked at the hands of boys, clutching his chest, Olga, they were raised under the bra balls, elastic and fall off in the belly blouse unbuttoned, as if to initiate a repeated all their movements. Fingers Nick pulled her panties in the crotch, penetrating into them. Sergei in the help, holding her knees. I was not watching, and I rented a bra staying in pantyhose and panties. All but "green" Olga busy. Bear, all sitting as quickly rummage my half-naked body. Nipples on my breasts sharp rise like rockets.
Here with Olga flew towards her panties, she moaned. Bear kisses me on the shoulder, abdomen, sucking nipples, I even pressed her hips in horror from the idea that it will now be the same ?!
That's right, I flew Holguin bra, big nipples pulling bulky chest side. Mishka apparently liked their volume, and he threw me. Guys Olga surrounded on all sides. I'm just behind them could see part of what is happening. Sergei unbuttoned his pants. I see that Olga like and not against it, to make him a blowjob. Nick already lays on her couch legs, lying down between them. As soon as this thing they took, the other guys looked at me, we came closer, touching, pulled nylon stockings with panties. Olga lies on his back, legs bent at the knees, hips and buttocks elastic working under Nick. Olga holds the hands of the member Sergei, though he and his back to me, but a great mind is not necessary to understand how deeply Olga takes a cock in her mouth. Sometimes a flash of her inflated cheeks, but she tries to hide her face behind Sergei feet. They, along with Nick, massage naked chest. Sergei quickly emptied seen, well it made him a blowjob. Taking off his pants and waving his drooping, wet member, he approached me. I, on the tights at the ankles, the music, shook her hips, looking like Olga wipes his mouth, turns away from me. A teddy bear has climbed up to me, well, right in the very ...
- Wait, you, - Sergey stopped - not so interesting. Through tights I took off my panties and pantyhose pulled over, forced to bend down .... Ripped at the crotch seam exposing everything from the pubis to the ass. I am standing "cancer" on the chair.
- Come on, kiss - Sasha laughs, putting it all bears. I see the side of it interests and Olga turned her head. A teddy bear, a fool, was offended, and went away, unbuttoning his pants to Olga. That loud smacking, took his penis in her mouth. Sasha, without hesitation, ran his tongue from the bottom up on all my holes and put me on the floor by the table. Sergei took the vacant chair, poured wine. Sasha bends me to his knees, trying to get in my way. I almost fell off the high heels, high stiletto boots on, hold for Sergey.
-Yes, still, you! Tear! - I shouted at Sasha. Crouching and relaxing, she tucked his penis, he pulled me with force.
I, of course, cried out, and we went. The place was small, and my face still dangled behind the knees Sergei, who, after drinking wine, pats me on the shoulder and massaging breasts swinging, then milks like a goat, is bursting at the sides, pull the nipple.
I definitely have zahoroshelo. I rest in his thigh, his fingertips touching a fallen member, and then frankly exciting, then the head, then the testicles. I noticed that "green" Bear goes on top instead of Olga Nick, a member of the gleaming saliva, trembling, hiding between the legs. Olga seems to be embarrassed in front of my age, she looks at me sideways, and directing podmahivaya Mishka. He grabbed like mad, Olga breasts, holding them both for machine jerked on it, quite clumsily, and quickly. They could hear the funny zahlyupala Holguin :. Nick was standing next to me, looked at me, slapping the back of Sasha, then what to do with Sergei and offered his cock.
-Come on, Irina, hug.
I took the tired, tired out members, adhering to the fingers, with Olga smell, put it in his mouth, I tried, quite uncomfortable in that position. Even Sasha behind harder and harder pulls my hips. It seems as though now through the mouth will a member Nick. It seems to realize stood behind the glass. He offered us a drink and Olga Ivanovna. I saw, however, is already sitting member Sergei, who had by then become stronger. Olga tried to gather her clothes, but she broke up with her sitting in her stocking feet on a small circlet, and Bear and Sasha had fun with it, putting her on her knees on the couch.
Gone with Olga "round", Shot down their first fervor, but this was not the end. Someone complained that we were both wet. At this time, Olga and knelt beside him. Only my face at her backside, and her head my. One of the guys was part of me took out and gave Olga in her mouth, and then entered, and her next to me, and now it was my turn to take a cock in her mouth. And so, who is faster "will end". Indeed, we were wet, there vytresh? Yes, and really did not have time. Us "asked" caress each other. I immediately collapsed under Olga, his feet high. She dared touched my lips torn between tights. Guys reined my feet, admiring how Olga chooses me from moisture. It makes it clumsily, running his tongue over the surface, then there I myself opened, his fingers stretched pisenku. Olga got over from the vagina to the clitoris, then back, then sucking and sucking the moisture, then took out her tongue. I was stunned, and orgasm came immediately. I do not pretend I cried, hugging her her head. Then, thanks to caress her "flower"Swollen, oozing. Olga constrained, strained, but when I'm licked, and took in his mouth "cherry" her clitoris, caressing him as the male member, Olga opened stronger, giving me to absorb it all and everything in it.
Men looking for our "love"Themselves extremely excited. Olga and I stayed on the couch. I, like a snake to dodge, not holding back and not controlling themselves already. While I fuck, trying in any position to reach Olga, then caressing her breasts, then touch the swollen clit. That was all! I licked, grabbed his lips rubbing genitals, entering the language, together with a dick in her sweet cunt licking the "bud" after the act. Olga is not shy - lovely! After a short break and drinking, the whole thing was resumed. Guys wanted more, more and more. I showed them, all went into the role, but it is not clear, but what I can myself and fuck, fuck me yet. The boys were stunned when I walked hand in Olgino vagina while touching her tongue sexual sponges. Then, weary members got up to our asses. I took it easy, she knew how to give, not to be hurt. But Olga and they had trouble. It is, of course, allowed, wanting to experience something new, but I could not relax, but tormented themselves, and in fact an adult woman - should be able to. I sprained her buttocks, caressing tongue hole anus, tongue introduced deeper, soaking, stretching the anus, massaging. Her first was in the life of Sasha, he followed me instructed head, pushing deeper. I'm not feeling sorry for Olga, in every possible way to help her and to him. That head disappeared, I slightly pulled it back, without removing, wet flesh vacated, and then Sasha enters deeper. Finally, they adjusted. And I sat on Sergei top, rocking out on a limb, he immediately helped Olga, standing side by side. After Sasha, Olga did not like excuses, Bear stood behind introducing the penis between the buttocks wet, he got there, though, and did not come out, sliding on the opponent's lubrication.
Nick bent my Serezhkin member pristraivayas me in the ass. I loved it when the two members in me rub together through a thin, soft barriers according. But all this beauty would not be such if it were not near Olga Ivanovna. Olenka!
I woke up in the morning, in his entrance, not even dawn. Why and how was at his home, at "relatives"I do not remember, there lived in a hostel. We see quite "left". Lie down, I went to Olga Ivanovna. She behaved as if it was not with me, and nothing happened. I just chuckled to himself, and the more we have not met. It's a pity!
The summer day was cool. Working shift ended at lunch, so I one way - home. But I go home somehow did not want my mother to go to the trailer to the country again. Terribly hungry, so I went to the pizzeria.
Call me, my friend.

- Hello, Alena - I yelled into the phone's girlfriend - let's see! Painfully I missed you! How do you? I have so much news that everything on the phone and will not tell!

- And you do not need me to tell them over the phone - I said - I'm sitting here in the cafe "Martini", so fly to me! And I'm still alive I order a beer.

- Good, now I get out! I will be in ten or fifteen minutes.

I cheered! My friend's name was Dasha, I have not seen it a hundred years. She pokurtizanit lover, just recently arrived from Turkey, rested with her lover. Eh, why me rich men are not glued?
Going to the bar, I ordered two glasses of fresh beer and a salad of squid. Now Dashko sit, gossip about women's affairs.
A friend not long in coming and soon drew at the entrance. She had a great mood, probably her lover good charge! All tanned, rested!

- Well, tell me, how are things in Turkey - sipping a beer, I ask her.

- But how! Cool! It is a pity that you did not go with us! My lover has a friend, who, incidentally, not a bad guy, bored with us. Not even a whore is not removed. But if you had been with us, you will be very well looked.

- Yes, you. You know, I'm the mother will not let go. I even zagranki not.

- And in vain - fluff hair, Dasha said, - it's time to chhat on my mother's advice. That's when you have the last time was a man?

What should I answer her? I have a vicious circle. In the evening I sit at home because the guy does not have, and Man is not, as in the evening sitting at home.

Sex really was not a hundred years! I do not think masturbation. It regularly. But what is sex - do not ask. Once, and not with anyone.

- Oh, you have no time, - Dasha laughed - well, that would now not sat with me and have sex with a man better. - Look, look, the guy at the next table sit-misses. Let's not give bored, and get acquainted. They look, and held her in bed.
Dasha was insane type. For her sleep - as two fingers. Sex - is a charge as well as it should. Well, if the sex was with her husband or boyfriend, and after she fucks with anyone. And do not blush.

Dasha went to a stranger, who spotted. It seems that he, too, was bored. At the sight of that beauty sat down next to him at table, he suddenly came to life and began to smile. His face was clear club glasses, and his hair combed back. Outwardly he was the same age as our.

In less than five minutes, they were on the handle to my table. I sat there all this time alone and watched the doves chirping. Of course, he does not need to Dasha, except to sleep and forget. But I would he happy to spread her legs! From such a thought in her panties became wet. I even for a moment imagined he fucks me from behind and I moan and catch orgasms.

They sat down at the table, so happy and unpredictable. Beer has long been over, and the proposals for further action and has not been reported.
The guy was friendly, his name was Dima. It was a measure of calm and balanced. During the conversation, he somehow did not immediately notice that the glasses are empty, and when he noticed that suggested not to fill them, and more.

- Girls-veselushka, but let's take a steam bath in the bathhouse - Dima suggested, rubbing his hands - so what, it's summer and the heat, but a good time spend.
We Dashko obviously did not expect such a turn. Girlfriend something he woos me, Dima and offers both warm up! But, on the other hand the one to go with a stranger scary, suddenly some maniac.

Dasha We looked at each other and understood each other without words. We do not mind to spend time in the sauna, especially if we are treated. Dima has promised us that the bathhouse is not bad, as his friend owns the whole complex of the pair. In general, we decided that we were going to the bath.

Out on the track, we quickly caught the taxi. Dima has long been on the phone with a friend and he promised that to our arrival bath warmed.

- Girls, what we drink, - asked our new friend, turning to the first seat - offer champagne!

- What fool drinks champagne in the bath, - was indignant Dasha - I suggest to buy beer with shrimp.

I agreed with Dashko and already looking forward to how we properly warm up. On the way we stopped at a supermarket, we scored two beers and a snack pack. I noticed, as Dima at the box office took a pack of condoms. I think today will be a good sex!
Arriving at the bathhouse, we are on the threshold given sheets and rubber flip-flops. We Dashko have not been in a sauna, so we were just delighted. The room smelled of fresh wood, oil, and comfortable sofa seating, a comfortable rest.
After drinking some beer, Dima suggested a steam room. I took in the steam beer, because I could not relax. Dressed in white and shook the sheets, the three of us sat on the wooden benches. Dima wrapped the sheet around his waist and sat, legs apart. In the slot between the legs of the penis could be seen with an open head. He did not hesitate us, on the contrary, wanted to and we relaxed. I sipped beer and finally, I prettier.

- Girls, I see you are well, - said Dima, took my glass of beer, and drank a little watered them on hot stones. They hissed and steam immediately feel the aroma of hops. Dima sat between us and grabbed both her waist. Then he lowered his hands on our feet and fingers burst into our recording. First he stroked the clitoris, and then began to play sexual sponges. He hinted that all undressed, and we agreed with pleasure. We Dashko have not seen each other naked, so a little bit embarrassed. But we did not give Dima embarrassed and offered to continue on a leather couch.

- Girls, caress each other - he suggested Dima took Dasha's hand and brought his to my nipples. I immediately excited, although I could not think that I have so Dasha gets. She sat down close to me and kissed my nipples. They immediately stood up and began to tense. Dima lost time in vain, and took advantage of the fact that my legs were apart. He knelt down, spread them a little more tongue and leaned against my vagina. My body is curved slightly with delight, the skin became covered with small "ants" and moans grew louder. Dasha liked how I moan, and she began to passionately kiss me. Kisses it great, strong, and her tongue was playing in my mouth.

- Girls, let me fuck you, and then I'll watch as you caress each other - Dima suggested and put the two of us with cancer.
Member, he was still in the steam room, so the first thing Dima wore a condom. He fucked me alternately, the girlfriend, we kayfovat, but we would rather caress each other. Dima was very perevozbuzhd¸n and quickly finished. Without removing the condom, he sat down in front of us and lit a cigarette.

Dasha boldly put me on his back, spread her knees and looked at my crotch. First, she put her finger in my pussy and began moving them exciting. Then he shoved two, then three, I moaned with pleasure and excite their persistent brown nipples. Dasha on all fours and began to lick my pussy. It was so great, she did it professionally and I got the impression that she was doing a lot of times. She wanted me, so I tried hard to satisfy. I screamed with delight, and Dima have rested had the desire to have sex again. Since Dasha was on all fours, Dima decided to fuck her from behind. Breaking into her womb, the first time Dasha groaned. Dima for the second time decided to have sex longer and harder, and harder than he had it, the faster Dasha licking my pussy. I was melting with pleasure and felt that orgasm is not far off. But in order to complete, Dasha had to lick very quickly, so I begged her not to stop.

- Dasha, come quickly, I'll finish - I begged and Dasha obediently fulfill my requests.

My clitoris if numb, walked on it a chill, and I began to finish. The body frantically betrayed my strong orgasm screams were very loud that they probably heard administrator.

After the orgasm I particularly relaxed. I sipped beer and Dasha Dima continued to light. Dasha sat down on his knees and jumped on a limb like a goat. Dima perfectly relaxed, lightly patting the buttocks Dasha. During sex Dasha massaging her clit, as she is no other way to get an orgasm. And now her hands are resting, and carefully worked on the imminent orgasm. Dasha came, while she squeezed and roared, it was evident that she was very good. They Dima finished almost simultaneously, then the two smoked.

- Girls, you like it? - Slightly narrowed, Dima asked.

He knew it was our first time. In fact, he loved a threesome, and if the girls in the more potrahivat each other, then they have no price at all.
We Dashko said nothing, just crossed eyes and winked at one another. In fact I liked lesbian sex, because in parallel with masculine femininity manifests the quality of pleasure partner. Rarely a man can so skillfully lick, how does a girl. If we meet with her the next time, but now I have her lick. Of course, the first time I have this can not happen, but I will try to meet his girlfriend. Oh, how I want to kiss her pussy, lick her wet hole and bring to orgasm!
From that day, I discovered a new horizon of lesbianism. I think that Dasha I did not fail, and we will not only meet more often to discuss, but also to have sex. I think that her lover would not mind our meetings!
... After a shower, we had a few drinks. The guys took me into the next room, where there was a large bed. Laying on your back, they surrounded me - the two were on the sides, gently exploring my body, and then kissing her lips and neck. Nick sat in his legs, gently stroking my thigh. He leaned over and kissed my crotch. I moaned with excitement ... Then, he began to shower kisses on the inside of the thighs very close to pussy ... I wanted to send it to the language where it is necessary, but he resisted. Finally, I felt a light, moist touch to my clit. I moaned and my ass began to move towards his tongue. Kohl stroked me faster, and his friends are persistently squeezed my nipples and kissed her lips. I was wildly excited by their touching and fondling. The guys were ready, a few minutes before their members supple dangling in my hands, and now I have two big wanker tense batons. My orgasm was close ... Nick quickly moved his tongue around the clitoris, I tensed and froze ...

Yes ... Another moment and the body covered with a wave of orgasm ... I'm all writhing in the strong hands of the guys ... Thoughts clouded, his head was spinning ... But I was not given time to recover almost immediately I felt like a member of the great Colin persistently sneaks in my pussy ... he went right over the entire length, and slowly began to move her hips and strongly pushing my ass to bed ... two other members were already in front of my face and asks in her mouth. Turning now to one, now the other I was sucking their big, hard head ... The rhythm grew, Kohl pecked my pussy hard, squeezing the breasts tightly. After a few minutes of hard fucking he stopped and began to erupt right in my sweaty pussy. When he left his place immediately took another stud. They put me on the bed so that my head was hanging off the edge. One of the guys began to introduce his penis in my mouth ,, while the other worked on my pussy ...

When something special for the former, I mastered the technique of deep blowjob, but the guy who fucked me in the mouth now, a little bit shy to shove his cock deep. I put my hands on his ass and slowly began to cuddle, its a big dick deeper and deeper went into my throat, man groaned, willing to bet that nothing like it has not yet been tried. The rhythm grew, passions ran high, saliva squelched and dripping face on the floor ... "Toljan, go and fuck her in the pussy" - I heard the voice from below, it was not necessary to persuade Anatol long, he put the cancer and I planted a well-oiled bolt deeply me. The guy who so graciously gave way, pushed his penis in my mouth for the most eggs, tears streamed from his eyes, but I only stronger pressed her lips to his pubis.
"In the ass fuck?" - Asked Tolia. I was just mumbling. He took that as a positive response and stuck his thumb in my ass. Shreds not calculate the force with a growl pulled at me, unable to properly stretch my anus.

- "Well Vova, you're the only one left," - he said the guy who fucked my mouth. "Come and kill her" - he added under the general laughter. Vova was short but thick cock and I liked it suck. Kneeling, I rhythmically moved his head, by reaching my ass, Vova put first one and then the second finger in my ass. Then he told me to turn around and place your fingers took his dick ... But as soon as his head parted my anus, he immediately terminated. How can young people quickly end up, I thought, I was not able to hold on. I decided the most complete, then what they started and the standing doggy style stuffed his ass with two fingers fiddling with her clit, a minute later, I had finished. Well, not much as I should.

This time the break was much longer. We sweat in the sauna, they drank champagne, filled the jacuzzi, just relaxed and chatted. About an hour later, the presence of a naked woman was the effect on the guys - they began to be excited and to pester me. I decided to play in the inaccessible girl and rejected their affection. This game did not last long, after 10 minutes I was eager to grips with Tolay in the corner Jacuzzi. He got out of the water, I asked him to sit on the edge and spread her legs. In front of me opened a tempting view - fat cock, shaved balls and anus point. I started to lick his ass, he groaned and jerked himself, eggs rose and fell in time to the front of my face. Men smeared my point, ready for adventure. The first went to Kohl he gently moved his head into my ass, expanding tight anus. I felt his crotch touched my buttocks. The rhythm speeds up and all the eggs have become a characteristic sound slap on the pussy ... Vova full fucked me in the mouth ... It seemed that I lost consciousness ... "We'll whore in all holes fuck" - said to someone, I picked up arms and carried on the sofa.

There I straddled Vovinam fat cock, behind someone firmly grabbed my waist and put his head in my anus ... a slight movement, and he was on the inside ... I heard a member of the Shred, Nick stood up on the sofa and ran his dick in my mouth (well that he took the gum:) ... I have never felt such bliss, they fucked me in a furious pace ... Tolia finished in a condom in the ass ... Vova pulled out a member of the cat and sent it to my ass raztrahannuyu. Sitting face to him, I tried to help, his penis was very thick and it came tight, but soon my hole and got used to it. I mechanically Colin sucked big dick, stretching both his palms buttocks ... a few minutes later ... Vova had finished and Nick put me on the sofa, stood over me and began to fuck me tightly in his throat ... I fingered the clitoris, but another orgasm did not expect ... and finally the last man left off, covering the sperm on my face and chest ...

I was exhausted, I brought a change of clothes out of the car, dressed and without a word ran. I thought I'd be a lousy feel after that, but oddly enough, on the contrary, this experience has given me strength and confidence. Kohl wrote to me and then, but the second meeting was not there, but the guys opened zhti lewd whore in me, for which I am grateful.

Continued: Site of the former. Part 1
Cafe ... a small, cozy little home ... The smell of fresh bread rolls, fruit salad ... soft music ...
We sit a little away from the majority of visitors. AT " booth" ... This table, all with a long tablecloth. You're in front of me. Behind our backs " screen" of walls with vibrant colors, lush greenery alive, no flowers on them, just green leaves, which we hide from prying neighbors, do not attract attention to us from the common room ....
We just came here to relax, chat, gossip, pootkrovennichat as we love to do ... We ordered a martini, I love him like a red wine ... it is on the table on a large wine glasses on an elegant thin stem, transparent, slightly thickish liquid, slightly burning throat .... the glass on Maslinka, nasazhannyh on skewers .... We chatted about everything, about what to buy pogode- refreshed in the spring .. the work - which have long been of little interest .... about funny situations in our lives ... we're talking about anything ... just not for us ... I know that today I'll tell you a very important thing for me ... I have decided .... I'm nervous, I say quickly , get off ... you asks me ... "ah, yes, there is something about the shoes". I blithely smile on your comment " fly in the clouds". I look at your face, on your so sweet and dear to my face ....
Eyes that always all notice, from which I can never hide something ....
Lips that attract this smile, open, sometimes a little puzzled, but always gentle and affectionate ...
I listen to your voice ....
NOT WORDS ... golos- this pleasant, throaty voice ... Just so you get " my girl" Just so you can say, " lustful bitch" I remember it and look at you ...
You offer a toast ... "For us, of course for us, for women, for women's love, friendship"... We laugh, loud, fun ... The neighbors of the common room looking back at us ... interesting .... We smile at them defiantly raise their glasses and saying, "FOR US" Under the quiet clink of glasses eaten contents .. Of course, not all, half ... I put the glass on the table, look at your hand, that's it, next .... very close, I want to touch it ... . here and now ... and do not care what they all look! I do not care, I want .... I just look at you without a word, and look in his eyes almost pleading " Allow me, now!".. I can not wait for an answer. you look at me closely, carefully, you try to understand the confusion ... that's what I see out there .... I just put my hand on your hand ... just .... It seemed to me that this whole vechnost- touch you like that .... slowly cover your hand with his, almost with a groan .. this is like a movie in slow shooting .... so I decided to do it here ... ... raise my hand slowly stretch it over the table ... Now she moves on the checkered tablecloth to your fingers .... Now as for your manicured nails ... now gently stroking your fingers ... wrist ... I I cover you completely ... you look at me, in silence, in the eyes a warning " see" But you do not clean up his hand ... I'm a little touch of your fingers your stroking and soothing ... you all will be well ...
I pull Maslinka of glass, for skewer, it's all shiny on the martini ... I quickly send it in her mouth without removing from skewers lips ... just play with it, look at you ... I suck it in your mouth, pull over skewer, spend it on your lips, mouth open again and ride it in their own language .... all the time I look at you without stopping ... you know everything ... everything ... I'm telling you I want you mouthed .... In your eyes the question " here? Now? You're crazy!" I did not even smile ... I WANT YOU WANT ...
I take your hand and get down under the table ... it just pushes you to the chair ... That's so close ... "Tablecloth all hide" I'm your hand along the edge of your skirt .... Up, up a bit ... all you can stop now .... very .... only cost to remove your hand from under my hand .. You can not do this .. .. your breathing becomes loud, frequent ... and now, and your hand has touched your thighs under the gum black stockings .... I am .... arm above the place where I always want to lick you, you jerk, kiss, crush, bite ... on your shaved pussy! here it is ... God! You're already there ... wet your hand I dipped into the warmth of your thighs ... put your hand on the smooth, without a single hair pubis, low moan ... and hand deeper and deeper ... and now sponges, wet, slippery ... you just took his feet and they opened the meeting greedy hands ... you slipped out of his chair, not much ... That's right, right ... I jam on your hand and your fingers so easy slip into heat hungry vagina .. . Just two fingers ... I send them to you to stop, pull them back, I put her finger again with you .. you begin to sway slightly in his chair, your gaze wanders, I look at you ... to pull out your back, wet a finger on you, in your zhopku him, slowly, lazily ... you bleary eyes look at me ... I'm talking lips " itself, you yourself " your hand in response starts to go to you, I fuck you in zpdnitsu. We then dive together in you, Rides your hole like a piston, alternately entering and leaving you ... and the people around, someone walking down the hall, some dancing, some laughs, and we here in this booth ... I fuck you finger for all to see .... and they are not even aware of it ... you start to moan louder, we can hear, but you do not care ... I'm too ... I'm stronger press on your anus, stretching your fingers .... breathe loudly, you excite me, I can see how you feel, I feel you ... I want you ... our lips parted, in one of the desires of the other spectacle of it all. ... suddenly your breath becomes discontinuous, inconsistent and a loud, I read lips " HERE IT IS!" I tuck in to squish "girl" fingers ... and you cum on my hand ... you groan and I can not stop without removing the hand bend and kiss you on the lips for a moment ..... all is lost for us .... cafes, noise, music ... Just you and me! our feelings, our feelings .... I reluctantly tear myself from your lips ... to raise your eyes ... and look into your eyes, which are still visible echoes of orgasm, I whisper to you " I love you ... I love you so much".....
I must begin my story with a description of: I, the twentieth year old girl, a little plump, with bloodshot breasts second size, and big round booty, has always been, and probably will be concerned about, but as you probably seem strange, this story about how raped me ... OH, a high school student named Tom, and the reason is this: I have always loved to watch, because it is. I had a good draw, and moreover observe krasivenkimi boys, and then I drew it was he, blonde, green, bright eyes under bushy eyelashes and pouting lips, just like the girl) figure beautiful, fine, I will not say that drisch, it is the word It does not fit ... it was as though turned from marble, all such subtle and pure white ...

So, I began to paint his portrait, and not just with the portrait and nudity in a very erotic posture ... and when I pencil O lines of his figure, I suddenly realized that it is very similar ... though it rough, but he was like a gay ... I have it for some reason excited, especially when I imagined how his best friend fuck it ... and because I was no longer a virgin, then wildly masturbate on this subject, presenting them ... and then washed over a huge inspiration to me, and I drew the two of them, they ... you know) and it turned out like ... just amazing ) I decided to send my picture "masterpiece" my best friend, she was in shock, but she liked it ... if I only knew that her younger brother will send out the picture on the entire network ...

The next day I came in a pretty school, all this is on the rise, climb the stairs to the empty second floor and meet him ... heart pounding like mad, but looking into his eyes, I froze ... they burned so angrily that just We were ready to burn me! I looked at him fearfully tried to pass, but he blocked my way and said: "Now I will not hold you to disassembly, the school all the same. In the evening, you come to this address, and just try to disobey, to kill." He handed me a piece of paper with the address, and ran downstairs. I eerily frightened ran to class, all lessons were sweating hands, I got two deuces from the fact that I could not concentrate, and that's a long-awaited last call, and I rushed home.
The note was specified more time and I'm trembling at the knees barely washed up as a (much sweating with excitement and fear), and went to him ...
Knock on the door, opened it ... it was great, if not a man at all ... perfect ... and it was with wet hair after a shower with a towel tied to the hips ... in his small cubes dripping drops of water, I instantly got wet and did not notice as we have a couple of minutes just staring at him ... his words were like a bolt from the blue" It came after a bitch" I shivered, he grabbed me by the hair and dragged into the room threw on the sofa, I stood up and looked at him, he just glowed, his cheeks red, his chest heaving up often, and it's puffing ...

"I know it was you drew the picture of where we are with Denis (his friend) to do that. How's that might come to mind ??? You think I'm fag some ??" Next was a solid mat, I lowered her head and cried softly, I felt very ashamed ...
Then he came up to me, yanked her hair lifted my face and whispered: "You know, you to believe, I will do something. That is to say teach you a lesson. Take off your clothes, quickly!" I was mesmerized, sobbing began to undress, and nothing was left bare without realizing again sat on the sofa, he again pulled me by the hair with his putting on his knees, spit in my face, and threw aside the towel ... looked at me his huge erect penis! He was 20 centimeters! I was ecstatic, but it quickly passed, or rather right then when Artem pressed his cock to his lips and saying, "Get a bitch" I plunged it into his throat, and then the gag reflex, the tears from his eyes, and a wild desire to air, which does not reach the stomach. path. He sighed and began to tear my throat hurt from retching was sick, tears flowed. After a short penalty he picked me up (which I did not expect at him, and my physique), and carried her into the bathroom and there, put me to resist and aching in the shower, and tied my hands behind my back with a rope which is ...

To be continued ...

I'll tell you a few stories that have happened to me in my youth, and that changed my life.
The first story.
It was a long time ago. I was still a kid of fourteen.
Our family had a little - I, my older brother and our mother. We lived quietly in a small, but very cozy two-bedroom apartment. The windows looked out on a quiet, green street, and at night, when the trees swayed in the wind, on the walls of our room with his brother appeared weird and wonderful patterns, which changed its bizarre shape. The glare of lanterns lit mine and my brother's body, and at night when I could not sleep, I quietly looked on the wall, my brother, just in the dark window.
I would also like to talk about your brother. His name was Paul. He was then seventeen years old and, like all students who graduate from the school, dreamed of a new and adult life. We with the brother had a strange relationship. It is not that we used much in love with each other, most likely it's just not manifested in the forms of relationships that usually exist between the brothers. Nov. knew that I had a brother, and I can always rely on him. Our relationship in spite of everything were soft. We lived with his brother in the same room. Our beds were stacked on against. And as happens with all the teenagers we were secrets about which we have not spoken of any other, and neither one another, although guessed. Pasha Life only gets to his feet, there was no relationship of which he was very proud and which I greatly envied. In my dreams I imagined how I would hold her like will be removed from her body and how clothes will shove his cock into her wet flesh. From this my cock swell, it becomes firm and hard, tedious egg hurt, and only masturbation could help me in the same minute. I jerked off anytime, anywhere. I masturbate constantly. I knew that Pasha did not shrink from it, but it was just my guess. Normally, our studies occurred in masturbation alone. Only whitish spots on the black family calico shorts my brother betrayed him onanist, the same as I do. In the bath, when we undressed and his pants, turned inside fell to the floor, I asked him with a smile on his lips:
-Pash, what kind of spots are on your pants, huh?
Look better on svoi- he said, and pulled me with my little family, twisted and slipped me a tray.
And I was jealous of the big and thick cock my brother. In the morning, waking up and getting to school, I looked at him riser. Through the little family could see that his penis was 20 centimeters, and it caused me to worry: When and I will have a?
I tugged at his penis, and he measured the line hoping that he grew up in the time that has passed, but somehow it's not growing. The brother with malice looked at me in the morning and instead of embarrassment just more demonstrated its beauty and more inflames me, thereby causing sometimes lower in the morning straight into the toilet.
That evening we went to bed, and that bothered me. I dreamed strange dreams. As if someone chasing me, catches me, he pulls my clothes, coming down to the ground and tries to shove his huge cock my mouth.
I woke up in the night, my forehead was wet with sweat. And then I heard a creaking easy. Slightly so faintly. What? He looked at Paul, - the darkness is not quite pitch, lights from the street through the window shone a bit - and he is shaking like a blanket. I thought it might, it seemed to me. I looked carefully - it is. Both his hands - under the blanket, and it shakes.
Masturbate Pasha. Well I thought, brother caught. In the outside, it began to play, what is the new sensation appeared unusual, some nice and sweet languor began to flood my body with from the bottom, starting from the groin, and rise higher and higher :. I look, I mean, his brother, and his head ringing beginning.
And I wanted to go to him, get under his blanket. I liked it do much more, almost from the cradle. Here, I decided to grow bolder. In one jump I was in his bed, he even knew it did not, only grumbled:
-Why do not you sleep some, e-my ?:
And I did not stop there. Where courage come from? Hand her, as if by accident, I just - and touched his penis. I feel - it is a stake. I think, whether it would be! He puts his hand into his pants and grabbed. Fedka twitched:
-What are you doing this?
Well, I think, it is time to openly say:
-Fed - say - you masturbate, I have seen. Do you want me to you himself?
-You do not fool davay- he replied, while his voice was not as severe, and it gave me hope for the continuation.
And then my hand-does not clean. I come to drive back and forth, up and down. His cock was like a big mushroom. Thick head did not allow the skin to tighten and I had to drive only on the trunk.
Tight pants would not let me turn around, movements were fettered, and Paschke broke in earnest. Snorting and fidgeting, moving backwards in time with my movements of the hand. What would have been more comfortable I sat on his chest, with his back to his face, he pulled back the covers and pulled off his black calico pants. It presented itself in front of me the whole economy brother. Big dick with a thick purple head trembling with impatience, and eggs in a saggy scrotum bouncing to the beat of my movements. And then hands the brother began to slide down my back, and rise higher and higher. And then he sent a force of my head to his penis. What are you doing? 'I asked.
Let's take it in your mouth, please: .- whispered Pasha.
I do not know where it came from the courage in me. I reached her lips to his cock and started licking the head.
Paul puffed. I began to suck the head, nothing in his mouth to me does not fit, with me as well, was good. Suck, suck, suck I razosh¸lsya, just like a locomotive: Fedor stood up:
-Vasek without smacking: Mother hears.
-Okay, - I say - good for you?
This spurred me even more. I'm really rather tired, but forced himself to still work. Pasha, too much sweating. Feet became fabricate. Curry - it will spread them, compresses:
To see, from this it is better to do more. I feel he is breathing loudly, began to twitch, so I mouth even harder earned. More sensitive, and he almost shouts:
-Vasya, weather is good: Take your breath: What are you: Oops:
Well, you know, in my mouth then poured semen on scientific and in nashenski - just spusch¸nka. Warm such viscous: I mouth-then pulled his penis, so it darling, in the face me shoot, dodge mug, it is - in the neck, chest, end and edge to it in sight. Pasha moaning, I was already afraid:
-Pash - whisper - do not groan so, the mother would not be heard.
Here in fact, the movie what! That he petitioned me, I am his. Finally Paul otspuskalsya, and I ran to the bathroom, to the sink. As a glance at myself in the mirror - the whole face is bathed in a cream like. Already snot hanging and dropped only because of its density. I come to wash hard. A water-the cold! Spusch¸nku only glue turns, but damn is not washed off, the dog. God forbid, the mother to the toilet will arise:
I - enough soap, let your face soap: I remember More soap gets into the eyes.
In short ...- namuchalsya I did. Mother, thank God, did not come out. Otmylsya like, going back, Paul and all the same lies as lying - no blankets, no panties black their family. Member's still the same thick with bare head drooped and glitters. Asleep, or what? He approached me and went right at him. He hugged me with his hands - not sleeping. He spoke with me:
- Very tired?
- There are small - I say.
- I do strongly napachkal?
- There is little, - I answered.
His strong hands slid over me. He stroked my back. Then lower and lower. From this it spilled over my body heat. I was never as happy and relaxed.
We just lay there in silence. Saying there was nothing and do not need. Everything was clear. So it took about an hour. Pasha stood up. He scratched his balls and pulled on the head skin.
He bent down and picked up the panties, straightened them and began to push through his legs in the leg.
Wearing shorts Pasha went to bed, I lay down on his side, and he hugged me back. It is not quite so late, I looked at the clock when returning from the corridor - five hours. In short asleep.
Among the night somewhere again I woke up. It was clear not to sleep somewhere. Why I wake up? Yes, from the Pasha, from someone else? Hands squeezes me in a dream, and his cock in my ass rests. Probably Anka, his girlfriend, he dreams: And to me nothing nice. I let ass something special to turn to his standing member feel better. He probably woke up, too, and maybe not sleep for a long time:
- Vasya, - he says - I let you go?
- Where? - I did not understand.
- Well :, ass.
Somehow I had not expected this, I was not ready. Yes, there is nothing.
- Come on - I say.
Paschke got out of bed. The street lamps light rays I could see his body. Briefs were protruded, and his cock stuck up and while trembling. Podrachivaya Paul, asked me to get out of bed. I did not know. What to do next. I do not see how this will happen, and what I should do.
I got out of bed. Pasha squatted down in front of me and began to pull the pants. What will he - he said, and stroked my cock. Paul stood up and began to pull off his pants. Did he somehow awkward and nervous. After removing the pants, he stood in front of me. There was a heavy pause. After thinking a moment, he turned me around and pushed to the back of the bed. Lean and nagnis- quietly he told me. His hand stroked a member, and I besprikaslovno fulfilled his requests.
Vasek, if it is a bit painful, you have patience. But not only the food, and the fact that mother-we say? Oh, and if you do not force, then tell me, I'm not going.
I tolerate - say - let.
He began to get a job. He sat down a bit, trying to straighten: Not a bit of it. He has more experience in itself-in this case there was no, not speaking about me, kid. Return here :, feel rested his prick into my hole and began crawling.
The pain I felt.
It hurts, - I whisper to him.
He stepped back, spat on his hand, and a member of the moistened - again. Like, more climbed. Ahn, all are the same, it was hard. Ass something at the time I was very small, children, and eld¸nka him - a godsend for any commands! In general, so and so, and syak spun-spun, and he did, poor, not really shove. And then my little minds boyish suggested:
- Pasha, and if grease?
- It is possible, but how?
- Face cream. Those that fatter ..
- Let's try.
He squeezed the cream on the penis, on the hand and began his rasterat my point each and its members .. Gone, gone, gone! Slippery a member of dry no match, and my ass, see, has expanded over time.
His head slipped quickly through something and Pasha stopped. Then he stuck his sharp push me all his dick for the most eggs, so much so that they slapped on my own, and I jumped up and for a while hung on his penis. He leaned on me all body, and whispered:
-That's it. And you were afraid! You Vasek narrow and nutri you so warm :.
Ask - whether I was hurt? It does not hurt as much as scary. Still, such a stick! However, I do not think it hurt me there gras-spleen sorts. And he, you see, has gone so well: he has achieved what he wanted, already trembling trembling petty. He hands me the shrink onto his chest, then - by the neck, behind the stomach. For a long time he had me e: al-something! Or so it seemed to me that then? In short, I have become pokryakivat. He then held out his hand, took my fingers and well pipirku her masturbate. I just became easier. A Fedka ever stronger pushes. A member of his squelching in my ass. I Feel Pasha on the way. Oh, he groaned something! It was really very loud.
I've just realized that the finish will be in me. I imagined then how will drip spuschenka out of my ass.
-Pasha! You just do not end in me - I said.
-Denmark only thing that could squeeze out Paschke.
A voice-he has both shivering! He abruptly pulled out a member, and spusch¸nka whipped my ass, but on the thighs. E-mine!
Pasha staggered over to the bed and sat down. His cock was red and glistening. And I am standing on my legs and buttocks dripping sperm.
-Wait 'said brother - now I'll wipe.
He pulled some rag, wiped his cock, and then walked over to me, sat down and began to rub me.
We did not lay down fully clothed. My brother embraced me and with his free hand stroking my back and stomach.
Fall asleep we have somewhere in the morning.
And he barely dawn, and slammed the door behind her mother jumped up, his cock again stood stake and waving them began to wipe the floor from the night of adventure trails.
Then he took me into the bathroom and began to wash. From his touch my penis began to rise and Pasha became podrachivat me faster and faster. A strong push from me flew jet of sperm, and I groaned. Pasha quickly took up his penis and after a few minutes, too, finished :.
Here's a story number one.
Hair splashed on the clean white sheets. Fiery red, very charm and sensuality - like their owner, is now experiencing some of the most vibrant and juicy minutes in my life.
-What's, Ah ...
All red, the girl seems to be added in the paint even more - had only my finger to touch the clitoris, and my tongue to make more active as A, as I call it unofficially, all trembled like a butterfly, by issuing a new batch of sweet sounds:
Feeling quick discharge of a girl again return to the place of your finger, trusting business already less active language, common, unhurried rhythm causing a noticeable sigh of frustration.
Red-haired beauty opened her green eyes. Not fully aware of what is happening, as if deprived of a favorite toy, just to think of experienced in the last moments of her life is still very young. Virgin, that You take from it?
-What?. What are you…
-Vspomnil Here something. - I raised her on her sweet bosom, licking his lips like a cat, and breathing with nothing compared the smell of fresh, still virgin pussy. - What do you rejects me. In my time. How to ignore me at work, and not only. In my time…
-How Do, drove me crazy. - The fingers of his left hand gripped the nipple to the breast, while the right has once again started to dance on the pussy, painful, so occasionally touching the clitoris, to the beat of asking questions, the pulverizing L, on the contrary, throwing it from the peak of pleasure - down. In the realm of dissatisfaction, and only ignite more excitement. - In my time.
-No!. I did not mean ... - And again the frustration and pulling itchy abdomen. Only increase.
It is still fun. Highly.

After a rough, wet tongue on her pussy, do not forget about the left arm and nipple for him, I again and again annoying girlfriend, tugging and tweaking it, extracting sounds from her very soul, like a radio station in ancient. Working with your fingers, but do not forget about the ingenuity, and have some experience - a little to the left, to the right, listening to the sounds of the iridescent beauty and native voice.
I looked up at her eyes. Sensual, coral sponge will bite, cute nose is going to folds, then relaxed as the mouth, as well as the entire face - crimson from embarrassment and surging, but such indecent, and at the same time an incredibly sweet, treats. Even came into view under the spill on the sheet flame-red hair flame, ears gained steadily red. Green eyes opened beauties, meeting with my - and killed on the spot. Just as it has been in my life, and more recently. Devil!
Roth is completely covered pussy. Hands - now free as the wind, enveloped breast girl, having been engaged in delicate berries nipples. And here is his Majesty, the clitoris.
And further.
Oh-oh, yes ...
That's my girl.
My hand met her, taking as no one did not take her life. Light fingers. Soft skin. Love sweat. Giving my girl.

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