Tamara - normal 17 year old girl with character. She is a beautiful brunette with long brown hair and big blue eyes. She always knew how to stand up for themselves, ie. E brisk girl. Her friend called Ira Tait (many of its so-called, his name was not really like) to the disco club, Tait agreed. The club had a lot of people, all drunk, danced. Tom went to the bar, asked for a cocktail, Tom whirled and poured her drink on the guy who came close to it. She was about to open his mouth to yell at the guy, but he was ahead of her shouting "You Th blind? Careful on turns". Tom is usual in such cases is always the answer, but she saw him just speechless and stood like a statue. In front of her stood a very handsome guy 20 years old, with dark hair, chocolate eyes, inflated body. Tait realized that she was staring at him like a fool in a few seconds, he said softly " sorry" and hastily left him. Theta mood deteriorated and she found her friend said she was going home. Coming out of the club Tom noticed this guy poured a cocktail. He looked at her as an enemy of the people, at least so it seemed to Tom. She went home, having a little she saw 3 guys, similar Gopnik. Though it was not a cowardly girl, but now she's really scared. She decided to hide behind a tree and wait for these guys will not go away. She waited five minutes when suddenly the rear came a pleasant male voice "To get lost?" Tom fear even a little jump. She turned and met his eyes, his gaze. The boy smiled slightly and Tom told him that she was afraid to pass by those guys on that guy told her "Do not worry, I can get you to spend" Tom said that the three of them suddenly they cripple it and it will be because of it. But the man took her by the hand and led.

The boys immediately noticed them, and one said to Max " Lend your girl one nochenku" All three of neighing horses. Max replied through clenched teeth " Mozht ask another? " Another thug answered " Nehochesh himself to give, so we'll take it" He zamohnulsya at Maxim, but Max beat him with his fist he did a trajectory to the rogues of the nose, the nose is cracked and everyone understood that the nose is broken. Guys, all three came down on the guy, Tom Max pushed slightly to the side, she closed her eyes with fear, expecting that they strongly beat the guy and get to it. She opened her eyes and saw that Max turntable stopped making in the face last guy who was still standing on their feet, but it was not long. While these ghouls on the ground writhing in pain, Max took Tom's hand and they went to her house. On the way, Max asked her name, she replied, "Theta" Max smiled and asked, "Are you a foreigner?" Tom smiled and said that no, in fact it is Tamara, but she did not like the name, and it is more preferred when it is called theta. Max introduced. So they met. When they reached the house Tata Max asked her phone number she called him. Two weeks passed, Tom was looking for a job to earn some money in the summer. She phoned that found in the newspaper. It required a maid in a rich house. On the call the woman said, and invited Tom to himself as if for an interview. Tom went to the specified address. The house, seen Tamara was really nice and big. Tom rang the doorbell, she opened a beautiful woman of 45. Elena Vitalevna liked Tom, she was kind, intelligent woman who is drunk tea and Tom recruited. EV said that the old housekeeper quit and gone,. This house belongs to the son of EV, and she lives with her husband and young daughter in the village, and the son here, but he's out of town. Tom worked in this house for 3 days, and she liked the work. EV asked Tom to cook dinner, t. To. Today comes her son. It was evening, it was about 8 pm when the door opened and the words "Mom I'm home" he went ... Max.

Tom at this time stood at the table with a plate, she dropped her hands and asking for forgiveness from EV began to collect the pieces. Max first came to my mother and kissed her, and then helped Tom pick up the pieces. EV said "Meet my son is Tamara" Max said that they knew and when they sat down at the table, he told my mother about their acquaintance. The next day, EV went to the village and said Tome "I leave it to you. You keep an eye on him" She smiled and said, Max "She's a housekeeper, not a nanny" Max kissed her mother and she left. And Tom was afraid to be alone, because she had already fallen in love with him. So it took a few days, come, Tom was about to leave home and went into the room of Max, to say that he was leaving. She knocked on the door and entered. Max was in the same jeans, t. To. Was going to take a shower. Tom immediately blushed again and stared at him. She even forgot for a moment what came. Finally, she said that her workday ended and she went home. Max slowly began to approach her, and Tom retreated backward until she came back to the door. Max came very close, Tom blushed even more and looked up at him. Max leaned over and kissed Tait. She clumsily responded to the kiss. Kiss has grown from tender to passionate. Max put his arm around Tom's waist, and she wrapped around his neck. Max Tait took up and carried her to kissing her bed. He laid her gently, and he went on, continuing to kiss her. Soon they got rid of the clothes, of course Tom was afraid the first time. Through groans Tait told Max that she is still a virgin. Max kissed her and said, "Trust me, and do not be afraid" Tom relaxed, and Max continued to caress her. Tom was already so excited that she could not wait any longer. She moaned "I can not do it anymore" Max and abruptly entered vnee. At first it was painful, but bearable, and a few minutes later Tom could not hold back his emotions, she moaned, writhing beneath him, and then came the moment when they were at the top of ... bliss. Then they lay and talked for a long time. A year later they were married and now are waiting for the first-born!


Going to the beach, Nikolai Vick advised to take a swimsuit, just in case. When they reached the shore, the people turned out to be not so much - couples, groups of lay on the golden sand, quite freely. The sun beat down significantly, but swimming is small, the water was still chilly. Nikolai specially chosen place several side from the nearest group of family, mom, dad, toddler age of four and grandmother, they were thirty meters. On the other hand - people were very far away.

Expanding litter, Nicholas undressed and looked at Vic. That was, frankly myalas, looking around uncertainly. She was wearing a light dress on the straps, and the very black thong - fabric front triangle and rear three strings, personified paradoxical thesis: the whole women's fashion - it is a struggle of hygiene, environment and ethics, with the desire of women to walk naked.

Vick continued hesitantly stagnate.

- Do not worry you, uncomfortable, put on your swimsuit and lie, sunbathe, think of the problem.

- Well, somehow, I like to be, but that's beside the ...

Just then he rolled the ball to him, which played tot. Nicholas threw the ball back.

- Every once, then put on your swimsuit, and then I will soon get tired and go home - more than a few hours, he could not stay in bed on the beach, boredom overcame. - Look, already look askance at you, you attract attention, came to the beach dressed and standing. Maybe a pervert? - He joked, stretching out on a bed.

- You are able to encourage you, - muttered with obvious relief and Vic got a swimsuit out of the bag. A minute later uzhu lying next to her yellow bikini.

Soon Nikolai bored, he swam a little, sprinkled on Vick water spray to tan evenly, poglazeli around Vick untied the ribbon on the neck, not to leave traces, in a word remade all the affairs, and openly began to languish.

Briefly dispelled his boredom arrival of another family, wife, obviously shrew, her husband - henpecked and daughter about twelve, thirteen. While they are arranged and fitted, shrew, in a low voice, sawed hubby for something, he stoically silent. After looking through sunglasses daughter, Nicholas sighed - no boobs or pussy and ass with a fist. Valya tired, he walked away to smoke a thicket of willows that grew nearby. He returned to the torn, with a thickness of a match, a sprig. Stripped away all the leaves left at the end of a few small leaves to get something like a brush.

Vick just lying on her stomach. Nicholas, indulging, began to drive his makeshift brush on her back.

- So good - she purred - but what is it?

- Exclusive service of the beach, especially for sunbathing beauties. Since, except you do not have one beautiful women, it is only you.

She laughed softly, and holding hands bodice leotard rolled onto her back.

He began to stroke her belly brush, clavicles, the half-chest. Continuing to indulge in it without thought a couple of times entered under a sprig of cups swimsuit. Then he turned his attention to the hips and protruding pubis mound.

Vick lay relaxed, not moving, not responding to his overtures. He grew bolder, more time spent on the border of panties and then thrust his brush under the gum melts, caressing her. Brush slid down on the pubis, between the legs. Nikolai pressed her a little, and Vic is perfectly understood his little legs apart. She was excited, opened her lips, breathed deeply. He turned a twig, and began to stroke on a twig protruding through the thin fabric, sponges. She began to breathe more often.

Nicholas looked around and was stunned. That's what it means to not follow the enemy! Vixen with hubby were busy themselves, and their daughter, apparently having escaped from them, is the closest to Nicholas with Vika. Closer, but also higher. She lay legs to the sun and pretended to read, and we actually watched the games with a sprig, opening her mouth in surprise. Nikolai pretended not to notice her keen interest, especially in his sunglasses, it was not difficult.

Vic displeasure moved, and he returned to the interrupted caresses. At first he just stroked her, arousing more and more, so that it became a moan, and then began gently tapping a sprig in her clitoris. Now Vick struggled squeezed his mouth to no moans escaped outside.

Glancing back, Nicholas saw that no one except the girls to them no one is watching. He broke a twig in half, the benefit it has been quite long, and has become the subject of more tangible wag Vikin sponge. That, she could not hold back, she covered her mouth with a fist hand. Nicholas accelerated motion, and Vic had finished crushing straw mat with his left hand.

- Well, the reward you still earned by Diana, - wait for it to calm down and relax, said Nicholas, - anything.

- No, I do not think so - still gasping for breath, she said, - you had to own hands ... and not a twig.

Vick was lying relaxed breath. One cup bra slid down, revealing a nipple. He did not correct, he liked to look at the disheveled orgasm Vick. He glanced at the girl - she buried her flushed face in a book.

After lying a little more, he began to climb.

- I Go, iskupnus, cool necessary, and it will soon melt tear on this deck. And by the way, you have five minutes lying on one bare-chested, still jealous shrew ... - he took off his glasses and threw them on the coverings.

- Oh you! He could not say before! - Vic knocked his leg fist in mock anger, adjusting bra.

Cold water returned it melts decent view. Returning to Vick, Nikolai locked eyes with the girl. She looked at him with wide eyes. Nicholas winked at her, she was embarrassed, blushed and stared at the book.

Vick also bathed, comic penyaya him for that because of it she has to get into the cold water.

Having dried, they have to go home.

- You know, - said Nikolai, touching the car, but for us that girl spying. He pretends that the book reads, and she stared at us with wide eyes.

He did not look at Vick, concentrating on the road. Before it is necessary to drive on asphalt rather bumpy dirt road.

- And you continued to do it, knowing that she looks! - Vic jabbed his fist into his shoulder. - Do you know someone, after that - the most natural pervert! That's strange because she looked at me. I have thought - why would it? And you?

However, it is much indignation in her tone is not heard.

- I thought that Diana for this and sent you to the beach - to show you. Show people what you're liberated, and therefore did not break. I thought that everything was going as part of its mission.

- Tell me - are not liberated, and depraved, - judging by the tone, it is with some dismay expected him to respond.

- Well, a little bit, and depraved, but it's not bad - I like it. And you know what, girl? - He put his hand on her thigh, and slid under the dress. - What was on the beach, it has brought me. Can we turn in the woods, and betray the debauchery together? - He held a finger over her lips, caressing them through her panties.

- Sounds interesting, - she said playfully, makes no attempt to stop his caresses, - especially with debauchery, even more interesting.

Nicholas turned to her, to kiss, and then the car got into a good hole and jumped significantly on a hummock. Under the bottom of something skrezhetnulo, and the sound of the engine changed immediately.

- Fuck! - Nicholas stopped and went out to see what had happened. - Looks like defense crushed, and nothing else - he was back behind the wheel and started the engine again. - Now I abandoned you home, and he'll come in garages on the overpass.

- That long?

- At least an hour, if you're lucky. Today is Sunday, people engaged in machinery, most likely, will have to wait. And really - a couple of hours. So you can safely sit down at the computer, it is still the same Diana will write.

- Okay, then I shall cut then hash. You call as you go home.

- Well, - about going into the woods, he no longer remembered.

All the cases turned on for fifteen minutes, but had to wait for about two hours until the free rack.

- You're already going, well, let's faster now such talk - voice Vicki vibrated with excitement when he called her. - This will tell, for crying out loud, just!

- Imagine that it is now? - She blurted out to him from the doorway, hastening to share the news. And she began while he was washing his hands.

- I sat down to write to Diana on the beach. I remembered about the girl, and somehow start. I wanted, in general. I took the beads, beads and began to write.

- It's like writing with beads, something I do not understand.

- Do not interrupt, I told you about the necklace, remember as I suggested Diana?

- You just said she caressed herself and beads, as well as about that word.

- Well, in general, - Vic embarrassed, I have a jade beads ...

Nicholas remembered them well, although they have not Vick wore. Short, tyazhelenkie beads in a centimeter in diameter.

- Remembered? - She continued to see him nod - they unbutton and tuck there. Then one pull out. Here I am and wrote. I'll write a couple of lines, pull beads, and so on ... It's not important. In short, when I ...

- What all? Wrote?

- Well, and I wrote, and ... finished. What's not clear? In general, I roll on the floor, resting on my shirt only home, and then the doorbell. I'm in the eye - and there mom! Lord, I went a little crazy! I rushed to clean up everything. Shorts put inside, hurry! Horror! She is calling for the third time, the window is open - he knows that someone is home.

I opened, and she with the package, and I that do not take the phone, why so long did not open? I told her - something about the water in the kitchen, they say, the water roared, I have not heard. A sink is dry, I even did not open the water there as came, but. Thank God, she did not notice ...

- So you directly with beads inside it met?

- What kind of fantasy, what beads? You what? I pulled them long ago, do not distract! Word of the mother in the bag and pulls trousers, which we had seen recently. I liked them, would like to see, but the store was closed. Today, she bought them back if possible.

He pulls out and says, supposedly compete. And I stand like a fool and not know what to do, just fell into a stupor. Trusov is on me there. As the cold water washed over!

She looks at me, he does not understand what happened to me. Strange you some said, and even shorts inside saw. He asks what's wrong. I have nothing to lose, take the pants and go to the bathroom. Found in the wash panties, I had to wear. Can you imagine? What is she thinking about me now?

- Yeah ... And then what? What did she say to you?

- Yes, there were such trousers were wonderful, we discussed them. But a couple of times she looked at me soooo apparently something understood. Here. And I then I go into the bedroom, and on the screen - the letter I wrote. Well, she was not in the bedroom. I almost burned me!

- Almost does not count. I think it will cost, - Nikolay Bedov embraced his friend, hugging her. She clung to him, burying her face in his chest. Suddenly he roused.

- As I stand it. Well you probably want to have? I managed to make a hodgepodge, no matter what. Come on, I'll feed you.

While he ate, Vic cooking dinner, then sat him at the table. After a pause, looking like he is.

- You know, by Diana today was nothing, - she said sadly, - just a little message that he would write to me later in the evening.

- Waiting for what the punishment for it is you come up with? This, of course, the problem is, after the beads ... What else can you think of? - It's a little teased her.

- What are you latched on to beads? I told you.

- You just mentioned that caressed herself and beads and other gadgets, without details. And if, and something told me it always looks at you so - that, you know, there is, in general ... And so on. How do you use beads with Diana, I heard only today. And by the way, you unbutton them, and then insert into a hole, and there is a metal clasp, you will not scratch?

- Oh! And I know and did not think, but like no, everything is fine as long as it was. And what can be done, it is not clean, then they crumble.

- We need to look, and can have an idea. But, if you remove the locks, they can not be worn.

- There's no need, - Vic waved - I wear them, and I will not. I in them as my aunt looked.

After lunch, or early dinner to call Nicholas engaged beads, and Vick sat in the kitchen watching the telly. Every hour, it checks to see if there is no message from Diana. About eight, she went back into the bedroom, and then Nicholas heard her gently closed the door.

Clearly, the message came - he thought. He again took up the beads, both ends of the smooth steel, providing Vick with beads. Suddenly he wanted very much to take her immediately.

You can go to the bedroom? She's probably already ready, flashed the thought, but made no attempt to even stand. Once she closed the door, then, he wants to be one. Let. He took down a book, lay down comfortably on the couch.

Vick was released only after twenty minutes. Thoughtful and naked, in black sandals with heels. At the sight of her desire again reminded about it myself. He stood up to meet her, pointedly adjusting swellable member.

- Diana told me how I should be punished - Wick lowered her head. - I still have to do with you. Will you watch?

- Only to watch?

- If you want, you can at any time to do with me what you will, she wrote, but I'll still have to do everything to the end, even then. And you'll be a spectator, you agree? - Vic was silent, she added. - Diana said you like it ...

- Okay, - Nikolay tried to hug her and draw to itself, but Vick escaped.

- Do not hurry - and went into the bedroom.

She returned, carrying two pieces of paper, A4, and two handles. I went into the kitchen. One sheet with pen placed on the table, the second - in the opposite corner, on the floor. Kitchen have been rather big, between the sheets turned four, five steps.

Expanding sheets with handles, again briefly went into the bedroom. When I came back, he saw between her legs swinging converted them beads.

Looking at Nicholas, she bent over the table and began to write something on paper. Write three lines, Vick slipped on the floor and crawled on all fours to the sheet on the floor. Beads sticking out of its hole, swaying, clapping her on the lips. After writing three lines on the floor, on all fours, she again returned to the table and picked up a pen.

- Stop, you have to fill a two sheet completely? - Vic nodded. - Then wait a second. He went into the bedroom and returned with a blanket. I spread it on the floor. - It is better so, and then erase the knees while you're crawling.

It is well considered what was written on the sheet. All three lines contain the exact same phrase: "I shall always accurately perform tasks of Diana."

- Now you can go on - a blanket lying on the floor rolled in two layers.

Representation, which organized the Diana, excited him. Standing against the wall and watching Vika, he absorbed everything - it poses, the seductive curves of a naked body, sticking erect nipples, her breasts change shape when Vick crawling or standing. Of particular poignancy, the painting gave deliberate submission girl, and of course, beads. Excitation just yet overwhelmed him.

Nicholas at first simply stroking cock through shorts, but that it was not enough. Then he undressed and began to gently podrachivat member looking at the Vic. Vick was very excited. He could see it perfectly. Her silk glistened with moisture, her mouth was slightly open, she was breathing deeply, sometimes it vslipyvala.

Nicholas decided to exercise their right - to do whatever he wants.

- Crawl here, - a hoarse voice he ordered.

She stopped in front of him on his knees.

- Lick it.

Vic diligently earned the tongue, licking the head with the moisture came. With great difficulty, Nicholas interrupted her, with regret, removing member.

- You can continue to write.

Vick sobbed and crawled back to the table. Both sheets have already been inscribed with slightly more than half.

After three lines, Nicholas called her again. Vic crawled into his lap and sat up, opening her mouth in advance. Nicholas held several times a member of her face, leaving a wet strip on the forehead and cheeks girl. She moaned, meekly allowing him to do with it whatever he wants. From the moment of acuteness of his breath.

- Pull out of the beads themselves! Slow! One by one!

Vick sat on his lap, ran her hands between her legs. She shivered a little. Each bead her excitement, and before the strong, markedly increased. Finally, the beads were released. She paused for a moment, breathing heavily. Then, apparently obeying some unaccountable impulse, I handed Nicholas beads holding them open palm.

His overwhelmed!

- Come to me, a toy!

He bent down to help her up. The wet beads fell to the floor. Nikolai almost threw it on the table, turning his back to her, and, with pleasure, abruptly entered her, hard to stop! Vic screamed with delight. He took it quickly, roughly, but it only fueled her stronger and stronger. She struggled under him, experiencing the strongest orgasm!

Soon he came, flooding favorite hole, sperm. Both exhausted, fell on the table. Long lay panting.

Nikolay stirred, releasing Vick.

- You just, just ... I have no words! You have no idea how much I love you!

- I love you too! - She whispered in response. - This we have never been! I do not even know what it can be like! I also really love you!

To be continued...

Continued: The unexpected discovery. Part 2
Once in the middle of last June 2013, the first time I give the man a half months have passed. Transgressed the line because of which there is no return, I learned to live with this new idea, the idea that I was fucked. I experienced that night, forever changed me. Conflicting feelings overwhelmed me: on the one hand - I could not believe that I still it decided, on the other - somewhere in my town lived a man who raped me, and I liked it, despite all the confusion of the meetings and small size of the first member of my lover. Losing virginity and realized the seriousness of this event, I was frightened in earnest. For a while I even thought that I would never podpuschu to him a man, severing all relations with Andrew and delete your account from the site, where I met him. But a month has passed and I began to overcome the desire again.

For those who are unfamiliar with my previous stories, I will briefly describe yourself. I was born a boy, but a child feel like a girl, for which I have always taken and because of my girly looks. Pretty face with big expressive eyes and sensual lips, smooth and delicate skin, long, girlishly slender legs, knees and hips seductively rounded, a little segment between the legs and, of course, soft, feminine curvy ass. At first, I was very shy of their femininity, because of which constantly took me by the representative of the fairer sex, hoping that as they grow older it will pass. But hope did not come true. For 13 years, I felt myself to that same attention from men. But most of all I am afraid that this attention I was pleasantly care. So I became aware of myself as a girl, with appropriate sexual desires, because of which I have, after all, and has appeared on Andrei member. This was my first step into the role of women in sex, followed by six weeks followed by a second ...

With Misha we met on this site long before I lost my virginity. He read my stories, which I published here under different pseudonyms, and decided to write to me. He is older than me for 22 years and, like me, lives in St. Petersburg. He and Andrew, and middle, as well as Andrew, has long wanted to try a girl like me. During our long association in "my world" on webcam, share photo and correspondence, we have already agreed to meet at his apartment, but each time before the meeting is not reached - and he and I could not decide on this new for us to experience. Michael certainly did not know that I am a virgin and I thought, judging by my stories that I'm a whore with a lot of experience. I did not dissuade him.

Sex with Andrei everything changed - I have nothing more to lose, and therefore, when the desire intimacy with a man again began to possess me, we pretty quickly agree with Misha about the meeting. He invited me to her at night, when his wife was not at home. It was the end of August, my mother was in the country, and I took her car without difficulty. Two hours in a hot foam bath, unhurried charges ... I wore red stockings in a large grid, lacy red panties and her short pink dress. Top wore jeans, a sweater and sneakers to run to the car. Waiting in the morning, I went out and sat in the car, drove off for a couple of quarters. Pausing, I took off my sneakers, jeans and a sweater, wore high-heeled shoes and a wig and in this way went out on a date. Navigator has led me straight to the yard to the house ... Mechain

Stop the car in the yard near the first entrance, I gave myself up, straightened my hair and clothes, and went out of the car and walked to the entrance. I was lucky - in the courtyard was deserted, and having reached the front, I realized that I was lucky twice - Apartment Michael was here, and so I did not have to go to their revealing outfits night "butterflies" across the yard. Dialing on the intercom number Misha's apartment, which was located on the ground floor, I heard a man's voice:

- Who?

- Katya - I said softly, and heard beeping open the electronic lock, entered the entrance.

Sensing the growing excitement, I slowly climbed to the first floor and has appeared in front of his door, which immediately opened.

In real life Michael liked me more than in the photos. He ran at me an appraising look and stepped aside with a smile, inviting enter. And I went. The door closed behind me, and I was in the apartment of my reader, who was sure that I experienced a whore and who invited me to her just for that. And I knew him - who can come on a first date night the man was a fucking in costume - just a whore. It is not strange, but I did not feel any fear or strong emotion, she surprised her courage. I saw that and liked Misha knew very well that he fuck me. From the side it might seem really likely that I experienced slut, but in fact - today it was going to happen for the second time in my life.

We went to his kitchen, where reigned pleasant shade. Night lamp softly lit kitchen table on which Misha, at my request, put a cup of hot tea. We sat across from each other. I drank tea, and he treated me with great interest.

- Quick access? - He said, extinguishing a cigarette on the ashtray.

- Yes, there is almost no cars, - I replied with a smile, and slid from his chair fell to her knees. Misha stood up and lowered, sports pants, pulled out his penis, at the sight of which I felt growing excitement - cock was a good size - not that Andrei. Gently encircling his fingers and trying not to think about what I'm doing, I just gently touched his lips big dark red head. Michael shook his hips slightly and I saw the corner of my eye as my schchka round, stretched inside plunged into my mouth member.

Michael immediately took the initiative in their hands. Slightly changing the angle of penetration, he again shook his hips and I felt the head of his cock rested in my throat. Faced with resistance, Michael increased the pressure, taking me by the head with both hands. In my eyes welled up with tears, breathing became difficult, but Michael did not loosened his grip, continuing to push through his cock in my throat. At home, I have practiced quite successfully in the technique of deep blowjob with my dildo, and, therefore, not surprised when my throat gave way to persistent "guest", with the result that Mishin dick entirely "driven" into my mouth. I heard on top of a rumbling satisfaction. Michael paused, enjoying the depth of penetration, and then again rocked her hips forward ... back ... And again: forward ... back ... forward ... back ... Member have easily penetrated my throat with the characteristic squish. At some point I suddenly realized himself kneeling in front of one of his readers, who boldly fucked me in the mouth in the kitchen of his apartment. And I loved it ...

Misha very dispersed and have absolutely no qualms about openly wielded his cock in my mouth, changing the angle and depth of penetration, alternating fast and slow rhythm. Periodically, he took out a member of my mouth to him spank me on the lips, cheeks, and then again to shove deep into the throat. I fully reconciled with what is happening, completely surrendering to his will. Suddenly, Mike, took me by the shoulders, lifted from his knees. Releasing a member from his mouth, I obediently stood up, looking questioningly at him. Hugged me around the waist, Misha drew me to him and suddenly kissed her lips. To this I was not ready. The kiss lasted ten seconds, during this time Misha openly groped my thighs and ass. I did not resist ...

- Let's go to bed - he whispered, taking my hand.

A minute later, I was lying on his back with legs bent and divorced in hand down. Michael leaned over me, his cock pristraivaya as revealed to my hole. Easy push, and now - after my wet mouth dick strained Michael came into my ass. I unwittingly embarrassed By Misha excited eyes, feeling his cock sinking into me deeper and deeper. Misha even before the meeting warned that it would be to fuck me without a condom, so I felt well in himself his hot cock gentle stenochku my anus. Unable though as that I influence the process, I completely surrendered into the hands of Michael, who became a flourish to fuck me, leaning his weight. Very soon I felt the approach of orgasm quickly. Unable though as that of his delay, I came under heavy sweeping shocks and hot breath of my lover. Continuing to wield his cock in me, Misha did not even notice, as I silently groaned and arched beneath him, pouring himself some tummy sperm streams.

Orgasm get faster and therefore not as intense the sensations. Excitation asleep, and I wanted to go home. I realized herself lying on her back, with her legs spread, for a man to fuck me. At some point, Misha got up on his hands and I took advantage of the freedom gingerly climbed out from under him, gently slid his excited member.

- I have to go - I responded to his puzzled look.

Even before the end of not believing in the fact that Misha will allow me to leave so I straightened myself on stockings, panties and dress, and flew out into the corridor, where a quick goodbye left the apartment.

Near the entrance I met what the young couple, and passed by them, I finally did was in his car. Departed from Misha's home, I again wore jeans, a sweater and sneakers, took off the wig and went home, feeling a slight sense of embarrassment from the fact that so cost Misha ...

Write, my dear readers - I know what you think) I'll try to answer all)

Light looked back. There was no one around. She quickly walked down the dark alley, knocking heels on the pavement. Wind developed a white curls and flying off into the distance, carried the pleasant smell of perfume and balms. Fluffy lashes framing beautiful green eyes, often clapping. Light sped along dark streets, constantly looking back and eating plump red lips. Doll face distorted with fear every time in the alleys could see the shadow.

Here, at the beginning of the street lights lit up. Light added step. The car is rapidly approaching. She turned and saw a car burning checker cab. She turned and put his right hand to the side.

The car braked sharply and stood right next to Amy. Front glass parted foreign cars and in the cabin lights came on.
- Where are you, beautiful?

The light looked nice man 45ti years. On tanned hands adorned with huge tattoos. Shaved head man reflected light from a flashlight.
- In Krasnodar, please. Two thousand enough?
- It is.

The man grinned and pulled the door unlock button. She opened the door and sat in the back seat. She opened her purse and pulled out the phone.
- Alo

Hello, Marisha.

I'm in a taxi.

Yes, Mark had an argument ...

Oh no ... he wanted to rape me ..

Well, what am I? I grabbed a jacket, bag and into a taxi.

No. Did not have time.

By roditelyam- in Krasnodar.

Yes, I have to be better. I should not have moved at all to him.

Of course he was drunk. Tomorrow will again be zvonit- apologize.

You tell the university that I got sick. Well, Marisha?

Thank you dear. OK, bye. We call each other tomorrow. Kisses.

Light put the phone in your bag and looked out the window. The street was impenetrable night. Clouds obscured the moon and stars. She buttoned leather jacket and her hair tangled by the wind. The taxi driver and then glanced in the rearview mirror. He smiled slyly and winked, but she only blushed and turned away.
- As zovut- then you, beauty?
- Sveta...
- You have a very beautiful name. I-Igor.
- Very nice ... you will not tell me what time it is?
- Podskazhu- a quarter to eleven.
- Thank you.
- You got something wrong?
- Sorry, I do not want to talk about it.
- I got it. Hence to Krasnodar far ... Can still talk?
- Good. What did you want to talk?
- Well, for example, why a girl so late walking through the dark streets of Novorossiysk?
- I told you, I do not want to talk about it.

About half an hour in the car was silent, and suddenly a deep voice taxi driver broke the silence:
- Two thousand to Krasnodar enough. Naquin pyatisotke.
- I have only two thousand ...

He babbled confusedly girl. Suddenly the car stopped. unlock the door.
- I'm on the second ...

He said the taxi driver and left. Light looked around. They stood on the sidelines in the public fields. Lantern light does not reach them. Normal road was about five kilometers. Light turn on the lamp, and lit interior. Suddenly out of the darkness appeared Igor. He headed straight to the door light. The girl was frightened and moved to the middle of the seat. The man opened the door and looked at the light.
- For two thousand I can bring you only to here. Get out.
- Let the rest I give to you in Krasnodar?
- No, dear! Either the money now, or get out! Although there is no ... There is another way ...
- What?
- I fuck you right here ...
- Are you sick? Crazy!

Light tried to get out, but Igor grabbed her arm and pulled him sharply. The fragile girl immediately fell out of the car and cried. The man gave her a resounding slap in the face and grabbed her face. Igor has stuck to the girl's lips. Light resisted. She beat and tried to push the man. Igor not looking up from her lips, I put the lights on his feet and one hand clutched at her hair. She roared and grabbed with both hands in the man's arm, scratching her long nails.
- Look here, bitch, be a good girl or I will bind you, fuck, cut off your hair and throw naked in Krasnodar!

From eyes big tears flowed girl. She continued to struggle and scream. The man slammed the door Light on his head, and she lost consciousness. From her nose flowed a thin trickle of blood. Igor took the girl with all the clothes and tied her hands behind her back with a rope, which he took from the trunk. He put the girl in the back seat and began to look at her. Pretty neat chest third the size of a small papillae heaving with each breath, Amy. Flat tummy passed a small gladkovybrity lobochek. The man pushed the girl's legs and touched his lips. He spread them apart and touched the clitoris. The girl shrugged. Her pussy was completely dry. Igor stroked her pussy, and his cock stood up. Sports pants taut like a sail. The man took off his shirt and lay down on top of the light. From the gravity of the girl he woke up. Hands hurt peredavlivala rope and the weight of two people. Light screamed, but the man raised himself over her and rested one hand into the seat, kissed her. With the other hand he squeezed and squeezed her chest hurt. She tried spinning, but immediately received a slap. Finally Light tired and stopped moving. Igor stroked and kissed her breasts and pussy became treacherously wet.
- You see a girl you like!

The man began to kiss her tummy, and then bent at the knees and spread her legs. Light again began to twitch. Igor pressed his lips to the oozing pussy and moved his tongue there. Because of his head she was unable to move his legs and began to sob. Man licking pussy and stroked the girl's chest. Gradually light began to relax, and moves closer to the mouth of Igor. The man gently sucking and biting his lips, playing with the clitoris and pushes into the language. She was breathing heavily and moaning. Igor put in the pussy one finger and smiled.
- Girl play the virgin. Hmm, nice. Do not be afraid. It will not hurt. Just do not twitch.

Igor took off his pants and underwear. Light was frightened when he saw a huge male member. He was 22 centimeters in length and 3 in diameter. Igor Framed penis to the wet pussy and lightly pressed. The head went a little pussy. Light closed her eyes and exhaled. Igor took her hips and waited until she relaxed, drove a member of the full length. Light writhed in pain and cried. The man put her legs on his shoulders and slightly raised, began to move. He quickly fucked pussy girl, picking up more speed. Light switched on sweet moans and began to move her ass to the beat Igor. Suddenly, the girl went on a pleasant shiver, she screamed and wriggled under the onslaught of the men had finished. She squeezed the vagina, and this man snarled and, leaning his body on the girl's legs began to fuck her with mad skolostyu. The driver drummed his dick in a fragile girl.

His muscular arms painfully squeezed his chest. The man arched his back and roared. The girl's vagina Shots jet of hot cum. Girl vygnunalas and once finished. Light fell exhausted on the seat. From above, we shall take out not a member, Igor was lying. Soon, when the man rested, he turned the girl on her stomach and her legs buckled under her belly. Igor out of the car and beating her around, opened the door in the face of Svetlana. He leaned his penis to her lips girl, but her face twisted with displeasure, and she turned away. Igor grabbed her face and turned to the penis.
- Listen here, blyadina, if you do not want pictures, you fucking where I hit the internet then be obedient slut.

The girl sobbed and opened her mouth. Dirty from the taxi driver and sperm from a member of her blood directly located on the tongue.
- To clean his tongue. And do not you dare to bite, and then I'll knock your teeth!

She became a member of the purifying the language. The taste of blood and salty semen did not like the light, and it almost puked several times. Suddenly the cock began to pulsate and grow in size. The man began to push through the body into the throat of a girl, and that had to swallow. Igor began to slowly and deeply fucking mouth Amy. He grabbed her by the hair and began to stick her head in the penis. Light did not scream. She barely had time to grab the air when the taxi driver it is allowed. The speed and depth of immersion increased. With each push of the Light could smell the man's pubes. We can not say that he did not like it. Rather, quite the contrary. Suddenly, Igor put his dick almost the entire length, and threw back his head, growled, and finished the Light in the mouth. In the mouth, Amy was no room, so she had to swallow. A few drops ran from the corner of the mouth of the girl. Igor pulled out a member, and she lapped up with him the last drops.

The man wiped his mouth with a finger sperm girl and stuck his finger in her mouth. Light it thoroughly sucked and looked beseechingly at his tormentor. Igor again walked around the car and slammed the Light on the protruding ass. A small hole anus twitched. The man brought his face to him and touched his tongue. She wagged booty, but the sound is not filed. The man grabbed with both hands the Light of the ass, and sat down. He became eager to lick and kiss ass poking to language.

She moved booty to the beat of the abuser, trying harder to spread on the language. She moaned softly and bites his lip. When the anus parted, the man spat at him, and brought his finger back. She let out a moan passionate and moved her ass nasazhivayas finger stronger. Igor began to move a finger. Suddenly he knelt down and offered the crown to the hole risen member. Light relaxed ass waiting for wonderful sensations. Igor greatly moved member, and he went in the ass to the middle. She screamed in pain. The man began to push the member further. Here, when the member was completely inside, Igor began to move quickly. The pain gradually began to develop into a pleasure, and the light began to moan and podmahivat ass. The man quickly began to chisel point of the girl.

He is a jerk, without ceasing to fuck girl, put her on her knees and grabbed his chest. He hurt squeezed and twisted the nipples, put Amy on the neck aspirated, and she screamed loudly in pain and pleasure. After half an hour so fucked man grabbed Light's hair and arched became very quickly peck sweet ass. With one hand, he furiously masturbate clitoris girl. Soon they both finished. Igor pulled a dirty cock and spat at another open hole girls. Igor pulled the girl's face to the penis, and she again had to scrape it from the sperm and their own shit. The man patted on the head with the Light, due for submission. He again put her cancer and her legs wide apart. A trickle of sperm dripping ass Amy at her pussy. Igor smeared semen on pussy and offered her fist.
- And this is for you, because in the beginning resisted.

Igor greatly moved with his fist, and he barely entered the pussy. Light squealed and thrashed. Igor grabbed her ass and continued to thrust his fist. After a few minutes of torment fist is still entered in the pussy. The man began to move them in the light, and she continued to scream and cry. Hand sign half. Wet hot vaginal wall enveloped the man's hand. He quickly fucked Woman hand. Soon after that, roughly finished, he lost consciousness. The man pulled out a hand and wiped her dress a girl that was lying under the seat. Pussy and ass beaten severely gouging.

The girl woke up on the sidelines. There were light. She was lying on the blanket and was covered with his clothes. Ass and pussy ached terribly, but in the cat something else and cut. She barely opened her legs and touched the pussy. Because she had something stuck. She tugged at it, and the cat fell out of the bill. Light dressed vvzyala bag and checked that everything was in place. The purse also all zlapoluchnye were two thousand. Nearby lay unglued checker cab. Light walked toward the highway. "Yeah ... it turns out I'm a slut, you can fuck for a thousand dollars ... "

Beach on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus is different from, say, the Riga seaside. In this I am personally convinced, having got to relatives in the once brotherly country, the name of which you say now about very much, not only for recreation.
But then, almost fifteen years ago it was different. People rode and rode and blednotelyh northerners were more often than indigenous zhiteley..nu in general I went to the beach one day and:
...I struggled and took a run, almost falling to his knees in the pebbles, he began to slide down the rocky hillside, constantly cursing.
"Well, I still listen to the relatives and put on sandals"- The idea would not fly out of my head. Yes, really, good, otherwise I would have long fought off all the feet.
At first I saw nothing, but then, obeying some instinct, turned his head to the side. A few steps from me stood a girl in pink swimsuit closed.
"Coming ..."- I thought. For nearly a week I go and such a miracle has ever seen.
Acquainted with it, I found out that her name is Natasha. She was 14 years old.
Natasha was low slender brunette, her hair was arranged in a hair under the name "page"- This hairstyle was very popular in those years. But the vyrazitelnoe- eye. The huge blue eyes. Who looked at the world with a kind of childlike wonder and curiosity.
I talk to her do not really have time. I came her parents and was forced to say goodbye to her.
A few days later, I, having washed in a beach shower, about to leave. Already out of the rocky structure and moved along its long gray, peeling walls, suddenly remembered that in all probability leave comb directly next to the changing room. Perhaps she simply fell out. I went back and took the comb, honey went along the wall, when suddenly:
In the shower suddenly Natasha entered. She was holding a towel and imported plastic bag, obviously with amenities. I stopped in confusion. If I walk along the walls: she will notice a shadow, and then all of which scream propalo- good. Or something else. I had nowhere to go, so I had to lean against the wall and waited. It took a minute tri- I started to get tired to stand and began to think that it would not be a bad seat. I sighed and sank down. Behind the wall rustled water.
"Well, she is now clean, - and I'll have to hang around and wait!"
Girls wash long I knew from experience. The older sister how to do the bathroom, so an hour passed before she would deign to get out. Well, in general I was sitting, staring at the wall, and suddenly: Well, I will once again admire incoherently, begin to describe in detail:
Natasha blissfully stretched in the warm jets. Her wet dark hair clung to his shoulders. Hands stretched to the sky, opened my very smooth, without the slightest suspicion of vegetation armpits. Swimsuit it does get wet, and now through a nylon cloth shone dark spots nipples. Gentle girl's breasts and trembled. Suddenly Natasha one easy motion pulled the straps with tanned shoulders.
All this time I was sitting in my ambush, swallowing saliva from lust, and at this point has lost elementary breathing. In short, all my "I" It applied to the eyes, eagerly looked at the girl to wash under the shower.
Natasha pulled the swimsuit to the hips, revealing his chest swelling with nipples, a nice flat tummy, which darkened so tempting navel. Her skin and gleaming from sunburn.
Suddenly, my hand reached for the sandwiched tight swimming trunks pisyun. So he rushed out. Before I could pull the gum melts, as a member of popped. He stood in all its glory. A similar erection I have never seen in my entire life thirteen.
Palm, I tried to lower it down to the testicles. Member did not listen.
-Well you give, man, - I thought, and gently stroked it. Then I looked again into the hole. Natasha still undressed until the end. Now she played her young tits. That squeezed them, caressed her fingers tight nipples, shaking all over as the sultry mulatto somewhere on Karaibskih Islands.
I chut slightly lowered melting. Pisyun pointed straight up. The testicles to the touch were very hard, the skin on them taut as a drum. Touch again his farm, I felt the whole gamut of emotions. There was the desire and a little bit of shame, and the joy of what my share went to such magnificence. Suddenly I so wanted to be completely naked in the shower with her!
God, Natasha wrote! Golden stream running down her thighs, running down to the ankles and feet. Under the golden girl formed a puddle, which is mixed with muddy soapy water and disappeared in the hole of the ladder. Natasha wrote a long time, almost three whole minutes!"Looks like a long restrained!"- I thought. To think, I thought, but what happened then led me into a state of the wildest ecstasy.
I already did not realize anything. Hand struggled walked the entire length of my penis. The head was discovered so much about the foreskin had not even guess. Testicles were shaking with excitement. I was breathing intermittently, but nevertheless, found the strength to spy Natasha.
She struggled Drach yourself. Her pussy was wet from water not tlko. But from her half-childish vozbuzheniya.Mezhdu lower jaw stuck out some rose petal.
She pinched and stroked her clitoris, it swells more and more and finally became like a small penis.
We finished at the same pace. She-loud cry, I - choking on the need to hold back. My sperm flooded and the wall in front of which I was squatting now for half an hour, and a palm, and knees, even spattered poluspuschennye melting.
Well, Natasha, having caved in and finally otklyachila ass, suddenly jerked and struggled stuck her stomach and thighs disclosed directly toward me.
Pussy, covered with dark hair, swollen, twisted like a sponge, disappearing into the folds of pink tongue klitora.Velikolepie that I remember for a long time.
My first thought was that they just settled down in our bed, but after a moment I dismissed it. As rightly noticed Aunt Luda, children can enter at any time. So they're in the same place where for the first time. Skirting the barn, I fell on my knees and stuck his nose out of the corner. They were here.

Oleg and mother kissing again. At present, passionately, hugging each other. Of Oleg hands slipped from the waist to the mother's ass, buttocks Fingered through dress. I was surprised - Mom as if this had not noticed. I kiss finally ended. Mom with a blush told him something in his cheek. He listened without interrupting led hands on her hips. Then they kissed again. Mom readily prepend lips, closed her eyes and did not pay attention, as Oleg, tightly pressed, rubbing the groin of her pubis. I do not know how much they stood for and how it would have ended if they were not enough for the table. Aunt Luda loudly called my mother. Mom, frightened, as if they have caught, pushed Oleg.

- To hell with them! - He tried again to draw her to him.

- No, you! They're coming here!

- I do not want to let you go!

- We'll have to Oleg. I'm married.

- So what? We are well together?

- No. Tomorrow my husband will come.

- Then today?

- It's too late. Now I'll go to bed with children.

- When children fall asleep.

Mom took a pause for reflection.

- Good. If I can.

They split up to come back together. Mom went by the shortest route, and Oleg looked after her, corrected member in his pants and walked toward me. Despite our agreement, to face them here, I did not want to, but because quickly pulled back. At the table, the feast ended.

- Where have you been? - The population at me Ritka and Bear, Irkoy.

- Where, where ... the toilet walked. It can be seen eating something. Or the local wine so affected.

I had the sense not to say that I have learned. They'll then also will be secured, and such a crowd in the bushes certainly will give themselves. No, I better one. In an extreme case Ritka if she did not fall asleep. That tomorrow can be and someone else to take, but today is not, do not.

While the women were removed, I prepared everything to implement his plan. Rather, I just opened the window to the end of our room, right between my bed and Ritkinoy. Not much, but only so as not to crack or night latches squeak cracked frame. No one even noticed. When everything calmed down, I lay listening to snore Ritka and he was most afraid of falling asleep. It would be so hurt ... because ... well, just even tear his hair in all places. Hardly imagining how I wake up in the morning and realize that it all happened without me, I realized that hair pulling is not a figure of speech, but a true reality. So I struggled with sleep, mentally sending signals to mum "Time !!!" and fearing that she would not fall asleep by herself.

Rustle near her bed made me freeze. Despite the darkness, I squinted as he could, watching her from beneath her lashes. Mom got up, threw on a robe, quietly, barefoot she came up to us and stared at me and Ritka. I cringed, trying to breathe. Mom turned around and walked to the door. Hearing it closed behind her, she jumped up, throwing a blanket and ran to the window. He threw open the frame, crawled over the sill and jumped into the grass. If only my mother Oleg not led anywhere else! I took the usual position of the corner and looked out. Mom came up to stand against a wall Oleg. Without pausing, she grabbed his arm and pulled him toward me. I froze. Another second and they stumble right at me.

- Wait! - Oleg stopped her when to me was literally two steps. - Where are you going?

I crouched even lower. How fortunate that we have the hostess - old age grandmother. Would a normal economic man - would have long ago mowed the weeds bush behind which I am hiding.

- Let's step back away! - Mom demanded. - Suddenly someone will see?

- No one will see. - Oleg soothed her. - Yes, and we will hear them before!

He turned both hands to her face and kissed her. My mother clung to him answering. I took a deep breath - all, they will not go further.

Convinced that his mother calmed down, Oleg moved his hands on her buttocks. Then he stepped back a little and one by one unbuttoned her coat, starting from the bottom somehow.

- Olezhek may not need? - My mother's weak voice was barely audible.

Bathrobe swung open, showing Oleg and me under him mom has her bra and panties. And it is not simple, and clearly-parade weekend. Oleg Hands stroked her mother's back, ass and thighs. Mom shifted from foot to foot, breathing haltingly. Her hands lowered along the body, hung limply, letting it all. From Oleg unbuttoned her bra slipped chest, large, well-defined white, untanned skin and stared at him large protruding nipples. Mom sighed intermittently. Oleg sat down, catching the nipple with his lips, calling it her one more long sigh:

- Ole-e-er ...

Mama's panties came down. Her knees tightened, preventing this, but then went back. From under her panties, too, it seemed untanned body and a dark spot cropped pubes.

... No need to Ole-e-er ... -

She repeated this several times, while in turn raising the legs and letting him take off panties at all. Oleg took the opportunity not only to save it from them, but also to arrange her legs as wide as possible. And then I sat down, picked up and buried his face between her mother's legs.

- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ... - I heard.

Mom arched forward, leaning on the wall of the blades.

- A-ah-ah-ah ... Olezhek ... What are you doing ... Oh-oh-oh ...

Hands Oleg were somewhere in the same place, and his tongue. Mom's hips twitching to the beat of her breath. I looked at it from a distance of one and a half meters, and desperately wanted to masturbate.

Oleg stood up, unbuttoning his pants. Mom continued to stand, shaking his hips, as if Oleg's language is still here. Member tumbled out, touching her hips and head jerking lasciviously up. Oleg stepped forward, crouched, leaned to her mother, and slowly straightened.

- Ole-ee-er ... in-and-a-ADO ... - she managed to say as his rod was part of it.

I watched as she stood on tiptoe, trying to postpone that moment and realized that finish his pants. Oleg caught her under the knees, leaving the draw backs to the wall and hang worn on the penis.

- Do you like? - He breathed huskily in her ear.

- Yes-ah-ah-ah ...

Oleg fucked mother lifting up her legs high. I'm from the bottom, even in the light of the moon was clearly visible as a member moves between the swollen lips, surrounded by sticky hairs from moisture. On top, above the entrance, a greatly enlarged clitoris touched a moving barrel. Mom moaned through clenched teeth, trying to keep quiet. I realized that she had finished, only when she sucked in her breath and paused for a few seconds. Oleg stopped, waiting until stop convulsive shudder worn on a woman member. Then he lowered her to the ground and lay on top. Mama sighs resumed. Oleg again kept her legs raised and quick jerks drove in hlyupayuschee sheath member. The second orgasm mom found a lot faster than the first. Perhaps he was stronger, she bent over so that he almost threw himself with Oleg. He also approached the finish line.

- It is possible to me ... - prompted my mother felt it.

After that, they have a while and were kissing. Then Oleg still pulled out of it and got his farm. I glared at my mother's arranged between the legs, where between sponges disclosed shamelessly gaping vagina, from which a thin stream flowed sperm.

Oleg helped my mother to get up and get dressed. Mom swayed.

- Come tomorrow? - he asked.

- Tomorrow is my husband at home ... - sorry Mom said.

- He will sleep.

- And if you wake up? And now I'm so ... - she demonstrated instantly soaked panties.

- Do you want me to ask the men, they were again summoned to fishing? I know them from childhood, they will not give up.
- No, thanks. I'm still a decent woman. Once I stumbled - and that's enough. - She giggled.

- Well, at least you enjoy it?

- As if you had not noticed. With my husband I have long felt this. Priel all. And then the sea, the stars, the young boy ...

- Then maybe repeat somehow?

- I do not know ... maybe. Okay, Oleg went away. And that's true, you never know what ... the children wake up.

As soon as they had gone a few steps, I got a bullet through the window and climbed into his seat. Heart booze so that seemed to break out of his chest. I just saw my mother fucked! And not with his father! And all this in front of my nose! Most of all I wanted to be on the site of Oleg. So she just moaned and writhed beneath me. But this was a big problem, even in theory, let alone in practice ... The door creaked mom came. Subsided, tossing, something sadly sighed and calmed down. Following fell asleep myself.

If not Ritka sleep, my mother would after a sleepless night prodryhli before lunch. However, I had to get up as usual, eat breakfast and go to the beach. Today I went there willingly, remembering about the fact that Aunt Luda promised to Igor. They Oleg, by the way, were already there. Mom greeted with both, no highlighting of Oleg. He also behaved as usual. Aunt Luda pointedly glanced at Igor and turned away. I expected that at the first opportunity, Oleg boast that won our argument, but for some reason he was silent. By choosing the time when there was no one there, I asked myself, pretending to know nothing:

- Well, what have you obtained?

- It turns out ...

- How successful?

He looked at me:

- Yes, everything is already, Fed. All. Tonight happened.

- And what did you say something?

- Well-at ... - He hesitated. - Suddenly you my word not to believe?

- I Believe. I, frankly, have seen ...

- A-ah ... then something seemed to me that in the bushes on the corner there was someone ...

- Well yes.

- Fed, come yet will not tell anyone? - Suddenly he suggested.

- Why? - I was surprised, though he, too, would not mind is quiet.

- You know, I would like once again to her ... or two. A condition of the girls put a ... well, you know yourself. Fed, you're a man, you must understand me.

- I see. - I remembered his fortune at a time when he fucked my mother. - I myself would like to be in your place.

He stared at me:

- It's your mother !?

- I know ... That's the difficulty. And so it is - Ritka me too dear sister, what? Banging away. But my mother is probably unrealistic.

It is evident regret in my voice has been through the roof. Oleg looked at me, I thought ...

- What the Fed, it is her wish?

- Yes, I now look at it calmly I can not ... like to introduce you ...

- Okay, I'll try to help you. I've got an idea ...

- Talk to her? - I asked skeptically.

- I'll suicide or what? No more ... And you talk to her then he will. If you stay alive.

In the future, in spite of all my efforts, he never admitted that in mind. Then came Bear and I behind him.

Bear also started with a question about the progress of their activities. As for himself, Oleg vaguely expressed "Soon already," Igor, in his words, too, until there was nothing new. I dragged the bear in the water, where aside from the extra ears told about the plans of his mother.

- We have to see this! - He was hoisted.

- We'll make it. Tell me, the girls will talk?

- There is probably a little utihnuv, he scratched his head. - The fewer people - the less chance of bedrooms.

In this, I agreed with him.

Aunt Luda under the constant supervision of our carefree sunbathing. Oleg splashed with my mom, and Ritka Irkoy. But Igor somewhere zapropastilsya. I pushed Misha, Val belly up:

- Igor left. Look for her. A better - immediately went there.

We went up and slowly, avoiding lying here and there the body, headed deep into the shore. Nobody paid any attention to the wandering along the beach boys. Stay away, he turned around Bear:

- Look, the Fed!

Aunt Luda lazily floating along the coast, approaching the edge of the beach and not get out of the water, no was not going to unfold. We ducked, rushed run.

- All! - I flopped on his stomach in the familiar stone Bear. - Do not be noisy!

I lay down beside him and we poked their heads over a cliff. Below I sat Igor and throwing pebbles into the water.

Aunt Luda went silent. Igor noticed her only five paces.

- Has come! - He gasped, hugging her.

- Wait wait! - She wriggled out of his hands. - We agreed to just talk.

- I do not believe! - Bear angrily whispered.

I agreed, and, perhaps, Igor with him. Just do not go to talk in secret from everyone in a secluded place.

- Well, sit down and talk. - He agreed suspiciously easy, seating her next to him.

- Igor, do you even know who to contact? - After a long silence, she began the first. - Do you know how old I am?

- Yes, I do not care. - He put his arm around her and smiled. - I am sure you are not fit in the mother. You did it wanted to say now?

Aunt Luda's face became clear that, yes, about that.

- Does not matter. I am a married woman, her husband had not changed. What are you hoping for?

Today Aunt Luda was sober, sane, and I thought that the chances of Igor's health declined.

- What hope? - He asked. - For example, the fact that your husband has long tired and you want to bring into your life is something new.

Igor, stroking her collarbone, deftly shook off her bra strap.

- Stop! - Aunt Luda back into place.

Igor again a slight movement threw the strap to the right place. It is again restored the status quo. This was repeated two more times until she gave up:

- Well, if you do without it you can not, let it remain so.

In response, another strap left his place:

- Then it's here ... The people, as you know, you have now the whole breast is visible. - He said in Provocation without the support of a bra. - Beautiful. You should not hide it, the more there is no one but us. Let's spit on prejudice, eh?

Without waiting for objections he deftly pulled back zipper. Bra fell into her lap. Instinctively Aunt Luda covered her breasts with her hands. Igor gently but firmly removed them and replaced with his own.

- Igor, what are you doing? Enough! - In the voice of Aunt Luda definitely lacked perseverance.

Igor fingers massaged the breasts, touching in front of increasing nipples.

- What? - He asked innocently. - Do you hate?

- No, but ... You can not so ... I can not ...

- Do not need! - Agreed Igor gently squeezing her breasts. - I'll do it myself.

He reached out to her lips. Aunt Luda allowed to kiss her. Igor felt her hand and put yourself in the heat. Then they pulled back a little, giving her freedom and allowing us to see the girth of a member of the women's hand. Looking up from Aunt Luda, Igor asked innocently:

- The people, and you know how to make a blowjob?

- Igor, what a question !? - It seems to be flushed and removed her hand from the penis.

- What? Tell me again that you do not know what it is?

- Well, I know.

Igor kissed her again, long and eagerly.

- The people ... you have such lips ... I want to try them ... and in such a way.

He threw melting, loss of nipple swollen head and brought it to the person:

- Luda, come on ... it's easy, just open your mouth ...

Aunt Luda dumbfounded watching the swaying under the nose of the head.

- Igor, you promised then leave me alone?

He ignored the question. However, woman's mouth fell open, and head squeezed between the lips. Member of the disappeared in the mouth almost all noticeably sticking cheek. Aunt Luda grabbed it at the root, and began to move his head, mouth nasazhivayas interwoven veins on the rod. Igor closed his eyes, enjoying.

He finished, not taking, holding his hands behind his head and making it impossible to dodge. Cum filled Aunt Luda mouth and dripped from the corners.
- Lyudochka, you are a miracle! - Igor admired. - Your lips - it is something! I have to pay you the same!

He laid her on the grass, took off her panties and pressed his lips to the perineum. It arose initially little resistance ceased soon as tongue touched the clitoris. Now the head of Igor was moving between the bent leg and Aunt Luda buckle and unsuccessfully tried to contain moans. Her orgasm was long and, as it seemed much brighter than it was then with her husband. Igor pulled up, looming over her, finding themselves face to face:

- Lyudochka, you liked it?

It is, to say, she lowered her eyelids, agreeing to anything. And then her eyes opened wide, not surprise, not in anger. Because Igor, bent abruptly shook his hips, driving into her term.

- Quiet, Lyudochka, quiet! - He whispered loudly, so that even we could hear. - All good, nothing bad will happen! After that we did a natural extension!

His hips confident movements over and over again pushed into her voracious sexual organ. Aunt Luda helplessly clapped eyes, knowing that she was fucked and resist late. Soon, however, the piston moving in the vagina made her relax. Her legs went up, clasping Igor, still energetically set to work the pelvis.

Bear near swallowed loudly, listening to the moans of the mother. Igor changed the posture, putting Aunt Luda on its side. Then I put the cancer. Great Aunt Lyudin buttocks incredibly exciting swayed from his shock. Igor, it seems, this type also liked. He finished in the same position, pulling over a woman as much as possible, and then stretched out on the grass, putting not completely fallen member of the sun. Aunt Luda turned and also lay down, putting his head on her stomach. Fingered member, she took his lips and began to suck.

- Look, else wants! - Startled Mishka.

Member, however, no longer wanted to wake up. This was confirmed by Igor:

- The people do not try. I no longer can.

She finally absorbed slack body into his mouth completely, almost from the scrotum together and reaching success left alone. We waited until they left, got up and dusted himself off.

- Well, how do you? - I asked.

- Class! With my father, it looked worse.

- Mish ... - I remembered a conversation with Oleg - Would you like a mother fuck?

- Of course! - Without a moment's hesitation, he said. - But does she give? Well it's not Ira ... And you?

- And I. And yours and mine.

Bear sighed, illustrating unfeasible our desires and we went back.

On the beach we went back when we were looking for. Returning fathers were eager to show off their catch. Of course, until the words, but at home, in their stories, we waited for "Oh-oh-oh-oh, yes you ofigeete all!". My mother once said that the deal with this "Oh-oh-oh-oh", in particular to clean, will be the one who dragged. Approached from the sea Aunt Luda said the same thing. Fathers more depressed. They were expecting something admirable getters, and were assigned to cook.

Gradually joined by Igor. On questioning look, he nodded to Oleg, but we did not say anything, although the possibility of such he had.

- Do not say Igor that we have seen. And do not tell anyone that we know something. - I whispered to bear.

- Why?

- That's right. I'll explain it later.

I did not go into details, and really did not know how to justify it, but a sixth sense dictates that you should not say.

In the evening, when adults do fish, we went back to the sea. Located on the beach, but away from the visited sites, Oleg with Igor routinely undressed, looking at the girls. We have already become a tradition starving for a day on the female body, rest start from sexual pleasures. Ritka, however, immediately went to me, pulling clothes. And Ira, slowly undress, something argued with Oleg. I listened. It turned out, today Irki began the very day for women and the lower part of her body is now available to us. Oleg with Igor something she was told, but Ritka already took my penis in his mouth and I was not up to them.

Oral stopped a minute. Ritka lay down on his back and pulled me over.

- And you will not hurt? - Just in case I asked.

- Now we learn. - Ritka spread her legs.

Member touched her lips. She straightened it and I felt that pressure head her vagina ready to let me in. Slowly, slowly, looking at her tense face, I entered his body in close opening. It seemed unfathomable, and a member of the incredibly long. I'm probably in a couple of minutes to push him inside, but he still did not end. Referring to her pubis her, I took a deep breath.

- Rit, hurt?

- No ... The feeling is that I ... No, you still do not understand. Go on.

I fucked her with a minimum speed. From the outside it probably looked funny. And see there was someone. Oleg Mishka, naked, stood side by side, firmly intending to also use Ritkinym vagina after me. Igor for some reason stayed with Irka, and they were just talking. Well, if by "just talking" can be called that at the same time Igor pulled off her shirt and massaged his chest.

Ritka under me a little fascinated by the process, and even a little podmahivala. I, though, and increased speed, however exercise caution. The vagina was very close and I was afraid that something hurt her there. Because of this closeness, I finished faster than expected, and bearing in mind that the sister is not protected, all splashed on her belly. Ritka at that point opened her eyes and looked at me reproachfully. Probably I did not expect such a rate of fire. Next in line, Bear, asked her to be cancer.

- Be careful with you - it's her second time in his life! - I warned him.

Mishkin dick very slowly, as in slow motion, disappeared inside Ritka. Oleg could not stand, he knelt in front of her face and took her mouth. I watched my sister pull from both sides. However, Oleg, not to finish ahead of time, quickly rejected this. Its main goal was at Ritka between the legs. Once Bear splashed her back, Oleg appeared in its place. Now Ritka includes members thicker and a longer than ours. Looking at natyanuvshiesya tightly around Olegov clubs sponge I was a bit worried - as if there she has something that is not torn. However, judging by the issued by Ritka sounds like it is. Povilivaya backwards, she was worn on the penis, sweetly sighing while. Oleg helped her, pushing eldu meet. In short, a complete idyll.

Igor with Irkoy there was something strange. Ira cancer was facing me and frowned nervously and Igor fell in behind her and seemed to be about to fuck. Remembering that Ira it's not able to, I went to see. It turned out Irkin panties were lowered quite a bit, only to open up the ass. And Igor tried unsuccessfully to enter a member into the anus. Despite the fact that it was part of a finger in the ass Irkin without problems, members meet insurmountable barrier. Ira cried, head slid up or down, Igor swore and it all began again. A couple of times the sphincter seems to be starting to unfold, going to let the same member, Jirka again cried, twitching and start all over again. Igor tired of unsuccessful attempts, muttering "Lubricants must ... Another time I will take ..." he turned her to face him and put his penis in her mouth, taking out, probably to the throat. We already Irki tears gushed from the eyes became round. Nevertheless, she began to suck diligently. Perhaps afraid that Igor would change his mind again and will begin testing its strength ass.

Oleg during this time managed to bring to orgasm Ritka and finish himself. He was dressed, as Ritka just came out of the water, which washed away with himself our tracks. Looking at emerging from the foam as Aphrodite, naked sister, I felt as a member hardens. She did not resist and took a position on all fours in the same place, at the edge of the surf. I parted the wet swollen buttocks and put his head in the swollen hole. Bear with Oleg tried to glory. The vagina has been so tight as the first time. Certainly not since Irki, but the member is loosely fitted to the scrotum, sliding on the abundant lubrication. Now I'm not afraid to hurt Ritka with delight the way planting. Ritka squealed, caving, so that the scrotum touched the clitoris. From this Ritka sighed and I eventually drove dick in it and not taking rubbed crotch. She came almost immediately. When the vagina is no longer compress the member, I dotrahal it in the usual way. It ritka again had to go into the water, and with my help flush with the back of the sperm.
- How are you? - I asked, destroying the traces.

- Great! No wonder Jirka so readily agrees to it.

All were waiting for us only.

At night my mother and his father fucked again. I think this time they are not particularly waiting until we fall asleep. Half an hour later they were all settled slipped out into the hall and from there he heard the familiar sounds.

- Fuck ... - I commented lazily Ritka. - Fed, are you asleep?

- Nope.

- Listen, Fed ... I was thinking, and my mother tried so like me? Well to three. The contract is one, two, three? Or even two?

- I do not know. Hardly.

- A father involved in this?

- Rit, do you think he told me?

- Well, yes ... Fed, and you know me now seditious thought came.

- What?

- I want to fuck me two. Two of the most loved person. You and Dad.

- A-ah ?! - I could not believe my ears.

- What is A-ah? I did, by the way, I love. And I want him to do something nice. Tell me, an adult male will be pleased to fuck young girls?

- Well yes...

- And then he experienced. He knows how to deliver pleasure. And a member of his ... so ... ummm ... as presented in his mouth taking - just in shorts wet.

- A member of the pro How do you know? - I was surprised.

- Well-at ... it was a long time ago, in the year before, yet. Remember, in our bathroom lock broken? Well, I forgot about it, and broke when he's washed. Imagine lying in the bath, a member of the water sticks - thick as my arm, raised a whole veins entwined and head with my fist, purple.

- Well, that you're lying - about a fist and hand. - I wondered.

- Okay, let smaller. - She said - but still hoo! And he sent a shower head and lies kicks.

- Rit and eggs saw something? Large?

- I do not know, he had them in his hand crushed.

- So what is next?

- Then nothing. He heard all closed immediately. And from there I do not remember the departed.

Ritka paused.

- Fed, until I told you that I have the hand itself was in shorts. You listen, if they have finished me warn. I now try to quickly ...

One ear I heard the creak of the furniture of the hall, and her mother's moans, and other intermittent Ritkino breathing and the creaking of her bed. Ritka managed first. Then he paused and mother. They returned with his father, not allowing us to finish. And I'm going to admit that her sister also crazy like her mother.

The next day at the beach I withdrew in the direction of Oleg:

- Fed, I arranged for your father today, most likely, again on a fishing trip will leave at night. So if you want, night approaches at the same place. I will try once again to get your call.

- In terms of the "Contract"? What is it like?

- Well, those guys something familiar. So I asked them.

- Sdurela what? What they now think about my mother !?

- You yourself sdurel! You think I'm him and said, "Take away from a husband not to disturb his wife fuck"? No, I'm not a fool. He said that he's a good man, you do not hurt, even if the fishing you want - take. Type I is responsible for it. And just in case the father is also pro Mishkin said.

- And how do you know that today?

- Yes, they are at this time in a day ride. I know this place, in two weeks there will not be fish, now it is necessary to have time.

- And if the father does not want to? It is something about it does not know?

- Mishkin knows. I am casually mentioned that the guys are going. You should have seen how he pulled it to ask for! And surely your drag.

- Yes ... - I agreed. - A passion for fishing - a terrible thing. Worse heroin.

Meanwhile, the day it was a conventional manner. Appeared Mishkin's father, utterly pleased and said that the fishermen again take them with you. This was news to my father, but as other attractions in the wilderness was not forthcoming, he agreed. Later in the afternoon, both the father left to prepare for the case. Almost immediately disappeared and Igor. I mentioned this to bear and we focused on Aunt Luda. It's a little sunbathing, then with the words "Go perch" went to the water. At first, her head flashed in front of us, but then started to shift to the side. Convinced that this is no accident, we Mishka, barely slowing down, came off the beach, but were intercepted by the sisters. Now get rid of them is not possible, there was no time to explain, and simply said, "Come with us, see for yourself", we hurried to the right place.

Once there, the girls have understood that we must behave quietly. Aunt Luda was already here. They Igor quickly undressed. Ira quietly gasped in surprise when her mother without further coaxing swallowed Igorev member. Then it was like last time - Igor licked vast expanses Aunt Luda and then fucked for a long time, constantly changing his position. Unchanged remained just ramming dick vagina. In some states, we could clearly see how it enters the female body. I thought that I will not see anything new, but Igor was little changed scenario. Putting Aunt Luda cancer, he set his sights on her ass. May decided to take it out on the mother and her daughter again yesterday failed.

- Not there! - I cried Aunt Luda felt the first touch.

- The people, and let us "there"? - Igor blandly suggested.

- No I do not want to! Come as usual!

She wagged backwards. but Igor did not succumb.

- I want to go there.

Head again pressed the sphincter.

- I do not like to go there!

- Aha! - Igor emboldened. - So there is sometimes permitted!

- Not now! Come next time!

Igor inexorably pulling her hips themselves. The head began to sink in the ass.

- No, Igor! Do not! - For the last time and shrieked Aunt Luda paused, his mouth wide open and breathing deeply. Probably, in her experience, this facilitates the penetration in the ass.

Member slowly disappeared in the anus. Near gasped and whispered girls exchanged impressions. I first saw the anal penetration. I had never imagined that the priest could open so wide. From hearsay, and even the pictures is one thing, but to see live - is quite another. Popa Aunt Luda expanded flowing thick Igorev member, so that I involuntarily waited for a cry of pain. But it is only noisy breathing. But Igor, entering through, smiled:

- Well, the people, and you said you do not have to.

- Do not rush ... - she breathed.

Igor fucked her slowly, I would say lazy ,, either heeding the request of, or prolonging the pleasure. I do not know about pleasure, but he stretched anus properly. Sometimes taking out a member, he stared at the open hole stretched between them to the sides of the buttocks and plump as soon as it begins to shrink again popped back eldu. At this point, Aunt Luda choked sighed and plunger in her ass began reciprocating. Probably, Igor was willing to do this for a long time, but it summed up the sperm and left him a couple of minutes, once in the ass Aunt Luda. She was breathing heavily, got off his cock and squatted. From the anus dripped. When a large part of it resulted hobbled to the water. I have thought - well that her husband leave. And it seems to him that way. However, we still remain, but it is not so scary.

This spectacle is not passed in vain for us. They have not yet gone, and I climbed Ritka, shaking off his feet prevent melting. Ritka also kicked, helping Mishka pulled off her panties. From it flowed. Member went smoothly and easily. Ritka gasped, startling Mishka.
- Quiet you, they're here! - He squeezed her mouth.

Then he thought, and stuffed his cock. One Ira stayed not in the business because of his indisposition. We Mishka was not very comfortable and we put Ritka cancer. In the process, it turned out something like that in the vagina Bear appeared, and I went to her mouth. Mishka pushes Ritka distracted from my body a treat. Then I remembered that Irki something from this side all right.

Ira sucked, honestly trying to show their best side. Bear took advantage of this, again Ritka laid on his back and lay on top. I collapsed, surrendering to the will of Irkin lips and did not do anything, just looking at enjoying a member in the vagina Ritka. It turns out that watching her face at this point is no less exciting than watching a man's body stretches her crotch. Her emotions were in full view, and I knew when Mishkin member comes out of it when it enters when it reaches the maximum depth. Ritka finished, managing to not express it loud sound, lain down, turned her head toward me and smiled at me. I smiled when I realized how it looks from the outside: brother and sister lay beside her vigorously fucked, he had no less vigorously suck other siblings. And we lie and smile at each other. Here Ritka distracted by the moving member therein. Bear and hurried after the pair slid to tochlkov Ritka, holding gushing body. Ritka, configure a second orgasm, I stood up and looked at him with displeasure. Dotrahivat sister had me.

On the beach, we immediately had a mother massacre carried out the questioning - where were we? She naplavatsya, came out of the water and did not find anyone. Well, except for Oleg, who on this occasion could not say anything. They have long wondered where we went and wondered why my mother was not invited along it. She thought Aunt Luda went with us. Then Mishkin mother returned alone and said that we had not seen, and she was swimming in it-about-where fewer people. This mother calmed down a bit, it turned out that no one had thrown one here, but just children, as always, went for a walk. Nevertheless, we flew for what did it without warning. And you never know, can we all drowned.

During this conversation, I looked at Oleg, believing that they are left alone much discussed. Maybe he hinted to her about me? No, can not. I had no idea how to tell my mom that her son wants to own. Interestingly, Oleg something up? He promised also ...

Returning home, we found the fathers at the time of departure. Then the female part of the society prepared dinner and fed us. Walking we did not go this evening. Firstly, somewhere zapropastilsya Igor. After a meeting with Aunt Luda, he did not appear. Bear with crooked grin whispered to me that, perhaps, his father saw them and somewhere Igor quietly prikopat. Second, all of today natrahalsya but Oleg and thus one of the main reasons has lost its relevance. Oleg also was still to come, so that he, too, was not torn. Then he took me, he told that spoke to his mother and she, after much persuasion, agreed to marry him when we fall asleep Ritka. I for myself have noted that if the last time my mother could still entertain the idea that there is just talk and hug, but now knows exactly what awaits her. And yet I agreed. So, and this time certainly not the last.

First, I strongly wish that all went to bed early. Well, to long to wait. Then he realized that all-all put in any fail, and my mother would prefer to wait until late at night, to avoid accidents. Time passed very slowly. Ira with Ritka cracked about his, mother and aunt Lyuda and grandma too. We Bear roamed the yard. He was still under the impression of what Aunt Luda got up today with Igor.

- Fed, did not you think of anything? Well, to my mother ... what?

- Nope. I, frankly, and did not think long.

- I think the whole day.

- And How?

- No not yet. Fed and come first you can it? And then I somehow ...

- I like this I can?

- Well-at ... somehow. As Igor.

- I have to Igor in such matters as the moon. - I confessed, stepping on the throat of his own pride. - And then, Igor out how much older. Almost an adult man. And what are we to yours, that my - children.

Bear pondered my words, and had to agree.

- But if the blackmail? I tell her that I had seen her with Igor and his father tell you?

- This is closer to reality. Here it is, if you are very much afraid - that, too, is unlikely - and could give. But you have no evidence except the words - this time. And from his own mother you get an enemy for life - that's two.

- Yes, I was just ... okay delirium. I even jokingly language does not turn to tell her so.

- And then nefig. Irku fuck she always agree.

- Fucked. - He sighed. - At night. What remains for me yet?

This phrase, he surprised me. Just say, flabbergasted.

- What-oh-oh-oh? You fuck her house, I understood correctly?

- Well, yes and what?

- And parents? With them?

- No, well, not right ... so when they sleep. Tonight, for example, hear - asleep, I waited a moment and Irke. She sucked in bystrenkomu bainki. No one woke up.

- Well, you risk! - I was delighted. - And if you still awake? You never know from what people awake at night. And here you are with her. Well blow yet, there pants pulled all, and if really?

I imagined how my mother with his father standing over the bed where I pyalyu Ritka and shuddered. Kill after. Easily.

- Ira says so too. - He said. - But we are silent. And deep in our corner. Ira, however, said that the normal in such circumstances, no longer will. It is terrible and no pleasure. And will suck.

- All the same risk. - I bent her. - Here they are caught you will find out how you came to such a life, then you have all and will hand over. And me Ritka, Igor and Oleg. So stop, Misch is the case. Good ask.

- Okay. - He was cast down - understand himself.

I made a mark to hold the same conversation with Irkoy. If parents know about our orgy - a true castration. Yes, even if you begin to vaguely suspect something, and even then until the end of austerity rest assured.

Finally all settled. Ritka again I did not put in prominence and she almost immediately fell asleep. I also created a semblance of sleep. As luck would have it, five minutes in any position to lie proved inconvenient. I collected will in a fist and courageously endured. I toss and turn too, could not - I did a long time and sleep soundly! Plus there was only one - an awkward position did not allow me to sleep. Therefore, an hour and a half later, I waited. Mom quietly got up, dressed robe, like the first time, came up to us, to make sure that we are asleep and quietly slipped out the door.

I rushed to the window. After taking an observation post, Oleg whispered to hang out there:

- She goes!

- Quiet, you fool! Shut up! Cowards take off and when will call, quietly come to me. I got it?

Mom appeared from around the corner and I did not answer, slowly remove the panties while it is still far away and not hear the rustle of grass. Without panties grass tickled the scrotum, penis and ass, but I endured, zatihnuv and pretending to be a bush.

- You've come! - Oleg kissed my mother.

- I waited until the children are asleep. - She said, helping him to unbutton his coat. - But, Oleg, is the last time!

- Why? You with me bad? - My mother's bra flew into the grass.

- No, but ... - she in turn lifted the legs and into the grass flew panties. - I feel like a whore.

- Where did you get that !?

- You know ... that I'll come here ... You think of love? Yes, do not press you so! - She held his hand, playing with breasts. - No, not for love ... I know why ... I came here to fuck. You tear me again today will be like the last ...

- Yes-ah! - She said Oleg aspirated put his hand between her legs, which obediently parted. - Because I want you in that capacity. I do not know what you are in real life, but sex with you - it's magic!
Mom stopped, putting his hand his crotch. Oleg has stuck to her lips, willingly responded to the kiss.

- And now - he looked up from it - once we figured out what met, I want you to do me a blowjob.

He pressed her shoulders. Mom some time resisted, but then he knelt, took his penis in her mouth. Male sex organ in the mother's mouth at a distance of a meter had an effect on me like ... I do not even know how to say. In my head something exploded and I woke up, feeling his hand on the compression member sticky drops. And I realized that I remember every second of that time as my mother's lips slide on the trunk, and her cheeks are drawn every time she sucks him. Oleg had already put her on her back and fucked lying. His twitching ass in front of me, between spaced full hips and tilting her head slightly, I could see as a member of my mother's hiding in a hole, tightly covered by sponges. Everything is shiny with grease, it spread out even on the thighs. Mom sighed and moaned softly, and on an even more exciting. After her first orgasm Oleg put her cancer, back to me, he stuck his dick and slightly moving his them, made a sign to me. Mom continued to moan, rocking on his penis.

- Silently! - Quiet, to the point of hearing a whisper breathed in my ear, Oleg. - I'll move, and you will insert! She did not notice! Concha - change again!

Oleg pulled out her term and quietly withdrew. I, trembling, stood up in his place. Mamin convex backside swaying invitingly in front of me, like Oleg's body was still in it. I put my palm on the buttocks, almost touching, deep down, fearing that she recognizes me, and gradually introduced a term in the mother's vagina. She immediately leaned back, tired of waiting for something that could fill that hole. Member of the enveloped incredible heat. Mother's juices running down the scrotum. I froze, standing, waiting for that now she knew that it was not Oleg, but my mother continued, groaning, crawl on my, turned into a stone penis. Numbness passed suddenly and I have tenaciously gripping the soft buttocks and began to fuck her. She gasped and podmahivala, fully enjoying coitus. I felt like in paradise, even flashed the thought that the future life is meaningless, because the more pleasure I get ever. I was wrong - when my mother once again came, her vagina gets up with my cock is ... impossible to describe it. I almost immediately filled it with sperm, pulled out until it stops.

Member of threw it in the last portion, when she turned around. My pleasure instantly replaced by horror.

- Fyodor !? - More relaxed, with a blissful expression she asked the person. - Fyodor !!! ?

I stood still a member within it, clutching the buttocks. Mom pulled away and slapped me on the cheek:

- You... ! How could you! - And I flew on the other cheek.

I huddled under a hail of blows, not strong, but many. Mom scolded, cried and wailed. Oleg did not show up, probably thought it best to get away from her mother's anger. Charter, she sat down on the grass and began to sob.

- Mom ... - I touched on the shoulder.

- Get out, bastard! - She looked at me, grabbed the robe and ran away.

I stayed at a loss. Now what will I even afraid to assume. Picking forgotten her panties and bra, I went into the house. Through the door, the window is now climbing to nothing. Mother lying on the bed face in the pillow and sobbed. In some way I understood it. Go to fool around and be raped by the son - is too much. That is raped! - I was told to try to argue the inner voice - How else called sex with anyone against the will? I put my mother's underwear on the nightstand, and crawled under the covers. Of course, neither of which the dream was not the question. I tossed and turned, my mother was sobbing into my pillow, but seems to be less often than at the beginning. An hour later, I determined that it is necessary to somehow explain and ask for forgiveness, and not to exhaust itself, better to do it immediately. I forced myself to come and sit on my mother's bed.

- Get out! - She ordered.

- Mom ... Well, just ...

I lay down beside her, but under the covers is not useful, but put his hand on her shoulder.

- Fed ... - she sobbed. - How could you?

- Mom, well ... could not resist, sorry. You're so was ... Well, I could not!

- But I'm not an outsider aunt ... there is still clear. I'm a mother to you!

- Ma, you know ... and I'll admit ... on what it is you I have even more blown away.

- Pervert! - She rolled onto her back and looked at me. - Are you from the very beginning there was?

- At first. - In which I admitted that keeping silent is no longer the first time.

- And I saw us with Oleg? And I heard?

- Yes.

- And now you think of me?

- You are the best!

Emboldened, I climbed into bed and pressed himself against her, hugging and feeling soft belly, realizing only now at hand, that the mother is in the same form in which ran home that is bare.

- Do you have any idea what you've done? - She tried to look me in the eye, but it was too dark. - And what have I done? Oh, I did not want to go the same as feeling! But the temptation, the old fool!

- Mom, you're not old!

- And what?

- Normal ... Oh, no! You are a wonderful, beautiful, kind and sensual! You're there when Oleg ... well ... - the words were given to me with difficulty, but there was a feeling that it is necessary to say so - as it is, word for word repeating thoughts. - Well ... when in the mouth ... Mom, I'm just his arm ... until you look sexy. I almost lost consciousness.

Mom knew that I wanted to say.

- So, do you like me as a woman? It was I?

- Do you even have to ask!

- And you want me as a woman? Long?

I almost blurted out "since Oleg you fucked for the first time", but bit his tongue in time, at the same time remembering that something is sometimes encountered in the past.

- For a long time ..

- And today, how is it that you so well was in the right place ... I do?

There had to lie, is coming up. It turned out something like this: I did not sleep, heard how she came out and decided to see where it is in the night. I got out of the window, and there ... And then Oleg saw me, got scared and ran away ... and my mother and stood there ... and I could not resist.

It was all too obvious and far-fetched. I could easily have brought themselves to clean water, if need a couple of questions, but my mother did not argue. Can I realized that I would hang back until recently.

- So you're still realized his dream ... - she said thoughtfully. - And what do we do now?

- Nothing. If you want, we will assume that I dreamed it? And you?

She grunted:

- What am I now something in the leg rests - the same dream?

- Oh! - I pulled away.

Indeed, a member stood up again from the mother's body nearby.

- Mom, honestly, I did not want! He himself!

- Okay, calm down ... - she lay there, thoughtfully stroking my, resting her hand on her stomach. - Wow, who would have thought? Hmm ... Fed, but you really just want me? Or you do not care where to shove, if only it was where?

- You, Mom.

Then he turned away from me, his legs drawn up and sticking out his ass. Member again touched her body. I lay there, trying to guess what it means. He does not want to talk anymore? I was going to sleep? Something else?

- Fyodor, what are you waiting for? - I heard.

Not being sure that I understood everything correctly, I moved to her head and spending between the buttocks, felt it a little push in and went into my mother. She had just started when the member touched the lips, and then lay quietly until I filled her vagina body. It was easy because of the abundance of juice inside my mother's and my sperm. I pressed against her back, afraid to believe in something that does not sleep and trying to fuck her as deeply as possible. Mom even more pursed her feet, completely opening up to me. Member resiliently moved apart greatly compresses it in this position of the vaginal wall, causing in me some strange voluptuous shudder. Mom's breathing changed noticeably. Then she moved away, jumping off penis and calling me an unprecedented disappointment.

- Fed, I'm afraid we Ritka wake ... - she whispered, touching my face with his lips. - Come into the hall?

There's mom pulled a towel off the shelf and threw it on the table. In the corners of the table attach chairs. It was felt that doing it is not the first time. Then she sat down at the table, putting his feet placed on a chair and beckoned me to her. Mom's crotch was deployed in front of me. Sponges diverged, showing a large protruding clitoris and slightly opened the hole below. As soon as I approached, she hugged me and hugged her. Member himself fell into it, again feeling the heat of my mother's vagina. At the first movement, I heard the familiar creak. And after my mother and sighs. My hands lifted her chest, surprised me with its weight. The nipples rubbed against me and seemed incredibly hard, barely scratching the skin. Mom's breath mixed with groans sounded right in my ear. I broke down and kissed her. It is as if only this and waited. We grappled languages, her lips were in constant motion, as well as mine. Member sank into it freely, but clenched and had to push it further in its efforts halfway vaginal muscles. It was the sweetest moment, overcome resistance and get to the end, touching her pubic area your. Mom came, squeezing my arms. Then, almost immediately, again. Here I run down into it, feeling an unprecedented relief.

Rejecting the idea flashed to sleep with his mother in the same bed, I went back to him. Mom wore a nightgown and lay down too. But first he came to me and bent down and kissed him on the lips.

- Satisfied?

- Of course, Mom! You ask again!

- Then go to sleep.

I fell asleep. Halfway between sleeping and waking I wondered that so I lost another one of his dreams come true.

The morning was marked by scandal. Fortunately, we have not. Behind the wall, Mishka, first heard unintelligible but clearly indignant cries. Something crashed. Then again, cursing. Five minutes later, coming out into the street, I found there sitting with sad faces and its Irku.

- What's happened to you? - I sat down beside him.

- Sucks for us. - Sadly said Mishka. - Full clerk.

I was not satisfied with such a short answer and continued to extort from them by a single phrase. The essence was that Bear with Irkoy caught. In the morning, before going to the beach, Aunt Luda traditionally went to take a shower. In the experience of knowing that ten or fifteen minutes, they have offered to Bear Irke suck. She agreed. Unfortunately, the summer shower, consists of four walls and a tank top, poured from a hose, there was no water. Irritated by this aunt Luda came back three minutes later to find his son naked, holding her sister's head, and a member of her mouth. Bear standing with his back to the door and saw her mother entered. Irke he also blocked the view. Perhaps Aunt Luda and she did not understand what was making her naked son. So she came close, seeing her son fucks his sister in the mouth. And that mouth sister willingly helps him. Next was dumb, abuse, beatings of children and the like. Now Aunt Luda like it subsided, and her children out of harm's decided to wait on the street. Most of them are now interested in one question: whether the mother tells the father. There are measures to be adopted have other, until mutilation.

- Do not tell. - I suggested uncertainly. - She's a mother, she can not wish you no harm.

- But can decide what we need to punish, to continue was nepovadno. - Reasonably Bear said.

- But I told you! - I could not resist.

- I remember. - He muttered. - Do not rash wounds, he understood everything.

Ira mostly silent. It is clear, it will get something more - and it is an older, plus a maiden of honor, then-se ... With kid-what to take? Only that with my sister. Well, even that home, when the mother.

To the moment. when he had to go all along the beach, Aunt Luda pulled herself together. When inattentive glance they still looked like a happy family, but if you look closer ... her views on children did not foretell anything good. I told the story in a whisper Ritka. She, too, was horrified. After some discussion, we concluded that Bear should urgently is no father to do something. If only Aunt Luda did not tell her husband. Then it will be their general, for three, secret. Consequently, Mishka and Irke not get it from his father, and above all, Aunt Luda will not be able clearly to tighten control of us to prevent this again. This latter point, frankly, worried Ritka us more than anything else. I shared the idea with Mishka and Irkoy. Ira immediately refused, fearing even to approach the mother. Bear seems agreed, but did not know how or where to start. After a brief discussion it was decided that I will go to him, moral support, and of all. And Aunt Luda at me, maybe there will be more low-key and do not kill him immediately. But most importantly, all this time there was little. Fathers, from past experience, should be back in three hours.

Preliminary talks with Aunt Luda, I took over. Bultyhayas in the sea, I swam up to her and began by confessing that in the course of today's events. She looked at me as though I was there too, and was actively involved. Then I stated to her that reasonable people must somehow calm and sober talk, making it possible for both parties to speak. Maybe not so simple, and there are good reasons. Here I expected her to laugh in my face, but she seems to have had no time for fun.

- In short, the Fed you what I do not say that?

- Well, I suggest you sit quietly and listen to each other.

- Yeah, over there right now, sit down and begin to direct ...

- Well, why are you so? You can also move ... in the end return home for an hour.

- Yes? - She paused, drilling me with her eyes. - Well, let's go. Let's see what they tell me! You, as I understand it, too, go?

- We only Mishka. Ira afraid ..

- Yeah, that's right ... she was afraid - she chuckled. - Okay, let's go.

To be continued...

Continued: Holiday Life
Throughout the evening and the next morning I was trying to decide what to do: do not go to school? You can affect the patient. But does it help for a long time - sooner or later have to go. A movie with my humiliation might by then be a hit at our school.
Go to class, but as soon as they try to get away? Not the fact that the work, and the result is the same.
Thought to complain about the incident, I immediately dismissed. It's like to publish the damn video, and my rapists unless reprimanded. After all, I will not be beat on any video, any at all - even the bruises did not produce.
"We'll have to go"- I thought gloomily, - "Well forced to suck again ... I hope that will not be worse". The idea that three horny guys can find fun and interesting, it was necessary to drive away all the forces. And here I am, breaking the willies, I go to school. In the corridors of the usual morning hubbub, multiplied by Friday mood, someone somewhere is running, small group of interest is something to discuss. For me, no one stares rather stare no more than usual. Many still seems surprising not that cute girl in ryadya boyish things, not the extremely effeminate boy.

Lessons are held quietly, I asked a couple of times, but then everything is in order: I have always been "botanist"And recently all buried in books, trying to hide behind their pages from the harsh reality. The corridor was faced with the trinity of my tormentors, but they passed me, frozen in horror, as if by an empty space. For a moment there was even a damn promising idea - "Perhaps they have forgotten about your order? Or you change your mind? So handsome surely find a girl - just whistle, why should they I ... ". So I'm going to leave the school more emboldened after school completion. But hopes for a happy outcome breaking on the rocks of reality. More precisely, about three rocks: they are a little away from the flow of students escaping from the door to the meeting free.
- And here is our Sasha complained. How are you, her mouth does not hurt? - Rapidly blush burning shame and look, but fortunately passing by does not care about us, we can hope that no one heard. Ruslan, which he asked, frowning:
- I can not hear the answer.
- No, I'm fine, thanks for asking - was always polite boy, but because I can not bring myself to be rude. And terribly afraid. Gregory guffawed.
- That's nice - it again Ruslan - Then go after us.
- Where? - It reduces the throat of the guard, and the question turns almost in a whisper.
- See out - Ruslan smiling, but rather not to me but to himself - and we just started yesterday.
They turn their backs and walk away without even bothering to see if I follow them. Of course, I trudged behind. Soon we were in an apartment in one of the elite district of the neighboring houses. Click door closing sounds like a shot. Again, all roads are cut off, and that is not conceived to do to me these guys - they do. This snotty melodramas girl can say "no" even if in an apartment "tea stick"But from my failure nobody will.
Ruslan turns to me:
- Fast undress, and you run into the shower, you wash yourself and wash your ass. How should you wash! And then a bullet to our room. I got it?
I nodded. "... Wash your ass ... " once undermined any hope to escape a repetition of yesterday. They will fuck me in the ass. As if in a dream, I take off my clothes. The guys in the hallway anymore: in the course of discussing some detail, they went into the interior of the apartment. With a shower, I quickly finished yesterday, trying to wash away the slightest traces of humiliation, I spent in the bath almost all evening. Also found an enema in the bathroom, obviously cooked just for me. Using it, I thought, with a lingering interest "... That my tormentors so carefully prepared everything, or I'm just not the first ... "

Tighten stay relatively safe a bathtub there was no reason, and did not want to anger the men and therefore turned a towel and shivering, hardly bendable legs moved to meet his fate.
Ruslan, Gregory and Simon are sitting in a row on the couch. They have no clothes, powerful members yesterday raped my mouth again in readiness. Right in the middle of a large room - the bed.
- Well, as we have thought to go to get you out of the water, suddenly you're there drowning - on the face Ruslan looking forward to smile - to throw off the towel and go here.
Similar words Ruslana always operate on me as an order. The towel slips from his hands, and I'm already completely naked, obediently I go to him. I stop between his legs slightly apart. Whether from the cold or from fear, it shakes me. I'm trying to look at his face, but instantly not stand arrogant gaze and look down. It gets worse - I'm looking right at rampant cock. In the mouth there is a salty taste, like a reminder of yesterday, and mnya starts to shake even more.
Hands Ruslan begin stroking and kneading my breasts:
- Yes, Grisha, you rightly pointed out yesterday, the test milking. And do not believe that such wealth - and not in girls.
He hurt pinches my nipples under my vspiskivanie and happy laughter companions, puts his hands on my buttocks. His hard fingers begin to knead my ass. One finger, overcoming resistance, enters directly inside. The pain and humiliation I do what I do all he could to avoid it - start to cry again. Judging by the face Ruslan satisfied:
- And some ass elastic, ... and point the narrow, narrow, barely a finger shoved. And you, Sasha, when you cry like that, very similar to the girl who robbed the candy. Or who wants a pacifier. Well, we can help this trouble ...
He makes me to kneel. Now I'm between his muscular thighs, and a member of swinging right in the face.
- ... Now, suck candy.
"Maybe if I had a good suck, he is distracted and does not want me in the ass". I licked the head, walked several times around the tip of the tongue member, carefully and gently licked the most eggs. Ruslan dick enters my mouth, he skewer my head as well as yesterday, without any concern about my comfort. But suddenly he stops and pulls out his unit out of my mouth. Involuntarily, I am drawn to it again:
- I liked as much as you can not come off? - From mockery in his voice Ruslana I am ready to sink into the ground. What came over me ...
- You've been a bad girl, Sashenkov, so let's go to bed. I will punish you.
He lifts me up from the floor and literally dragged to the bed. Mig, and I was lying on a blanket, face down. My butt sticking out and his hands pressed to the bed came to the rescue to help his friend Simon.
I am ashamed. Ashamed and afraid. I stifled a sob, and then I get another senseless thing, which tried to prevent - starting to plead.
- Boys, please, do not, boys! I'm going to do, I'll suck you when and how to tell the boys, I beg you, do not, please, please ...
Simon looks at me with a strange look, he seems ready to cum right now, from one kind of my tear-stained face, from my rambling laments. He did not convince me, and probably made it worse. Behind the strong palm confident crumple my tender ass. finger penetrates the anus covered with something cold, and I could not help shrink. But he, making a couple of circular movements, and squeezing me into another sob, disappeared. Instead, I feel the touch of the skin of something big, hot. I do not want to think it, do not want ...
- And, let's go! - Ruslan thrusts dick in my ass in one smooth but sure movement, literally crushing all resistance. The pain is staggering, and the first few seconds, I can not even cry, just frantically opened his mouth. Ruslan also continued to press, and its mighty machine is sinking deeper. To me breath back, and an apartment filled with plaintive cry, turning into a squealing.
I have nothing I can not think of - forces only enough to scream, but even screaming with every breath obtained quieter, turning into moans and sobs.
- AAAA, Mom! ... AAAAA! Ma ...!
I like pinned to the bed, my insides bursting member Ruslan, his hands squeeze the buttocks and delicate skin ass I feel the hair of his groin. It is fully in me.
Forces scream anymore - just whines, looking imploringly at still holding my hands Seeds.
Ruslan member begins to come out of me. It is also painful. I lower face and grabs her teeth in a blanket. Head slips from the ass with a special sound, as if someone opened a bottle. This thought comes to mind, not only me.
- That uncorked! Play the virgin is brought down. You, Sasha, now we have a real woman - they laugh, all three. And under their laughter member again begins to enter into me.
A few times Ruslan fun completely out of my burning pain priests, and then re-planting. But he gradually accelerating rhythm and starts to fuck me with a flourish.
The room fills with champs, squish, slapping against flesh, but the main accompaniment are my groans, mingled with prayers and tears. However, they all do not care.

I'm trying to turn away from all that walking inside the piston me what Simon, releasing my hands full paw my chest, of the fingers, the steel vise dig into my bun, but it is impossible. How much does he already fuck me? Half an hour? Hour? Eternity? Probably the third.
Member inside me starts to move more quickly, and it seems to do more and hotter. As if I shoved a red-hot scrap. Hands Ruslana even more digging into my ass, as if trying to break it, and poniknut deeper. Again I start to scream, but my cries are now merged with the guttural growl of my rapist.
Another blow to the most powerful, as if piercing through, and Ruslan freezes. I feel like pulsing dick in me, throwing more and more sperm portions.
Hoarsely breathing feebly pressed his cheek against the bedspread. Ruslan a little delayed in me, as if fixing his victory, and then pulls out and walks away whistling.
- Class ass! Even better than the mouth. Too narrow, it is true, but oh no - develop.
I continue to lie on the bed, otklyachila ass and can not even move. Behind all on fire. From thigh anus something dripping, and I hope that this is just the sperm. Similarly, it should be semen, not blood, I will not survive, if I have to go to the hospital with a broken ass.
Simon slowly traverses the bed and turns to me. He puts on his knees.
- Come on, work mouth.
I could barely understand what he was saying, but he saw the face of the dick, automatically begin to caress his lips and tongue. He was pleased, but I picked up again like a toy from the floor and laid on the bed. Only this time, I lay on my back, my long-suffering ass slightly hanging, legs separated. I was horrified to expect when Simon enters into me, but he did not hurry. His hands lie on my chest, and begin to caress them. His cock, then pushes me to the hole, so that I start pohnykivat pain, then pushed back again. But the guy bored to play with me: a member of the jerk comes in my butt, and arms - are beginning to squeeze my breasts hurt and twisting nipples.
I scream again, until out of breath, and the cry seemed even more to bolster my second rapist. He thrusts his dick faster and sharper, trying to cause as much misery, his eyes digging into my face distorted with pain.
- You are welcome. Please f ... ECW .. please! - I make my prayers only get worse, but I can not stop them and confide how to spell in response to each push.
- Mommy, please ...! Oh please! - My wailing, sobbing, moaning sound like music to him, Simon drank them relishes like wine.
Unlike Ruslana he cums in me: a sucking sound pulled a member of my ass, he begins with a groan of pleasure literally showering me with sperm. Part of it gets into my mouth unbuttoned. Flashing eyes, Simon pulls off my bed and again puts on the knees:
- Lick, bitch. Come clean.
Member already started become soft, but still great. It certainly traces of my ass, and Ruslan and seeds of sperm. But I do not care: I am too grateful to my rapist, everything is finally over. I began to lick his dick like a popsicle melted. It really sperm and seeds, and Ruslan. I think I can discern their taste.
- No, Sam, well, you're a real manyachello. I do myself now I am afraid - it whinnied still sitting on the couch Grisha. I froze on the surging horror - nothing yet over! According to yesterday, I remembered that a member of Grisha shorter than that of Ruslan and seeds, but thicker, much thicker ...
- Since its lane, I thought, or he schA horror fins stick together, or you bite it kineshsya as vampire Otodrakula. Well che, conductive my turn our girl mash.
- Well, I can and maniac, but you, Grisha, its conductive huiloy exactly it in two tear - Simon smiles - to make us of it two Sashenek.
Gregory gives me still polishing tongue dick seeds, with a critical eye. Perhaps I thought that flashed something like pity in his eyes:
- You see here, our ass sweetie, go take a shower, rinse, bring myself up and running here, on the bed. Doebem you quick and go home to play with dolls or knead tits, what you were doing, - Grisha leering licked his lips, - only do not delay it. You see, Uncle dick is smoking.
In the shower, I quickly washed away the sweat and sperm, washed ass, but before leaving froze, unable to cross the threshold. In front of me stood a dick Grisha. There was a desire just lock yourself in the bathroom, and ... and what? Anyway, I stuck out twice. Left another one! Only one. A whole one. Throwing a towel on the floor, I quickly, almost at a run, entered the room.
- Oh, Sasha, did you miss me, - Grisha noticed my haste, smiled, and waved his hand, beckoning me closer - I knew you'd like it. In his hands he turned a tube of lubricant. Forcing a generous portion, he unceremoniously unfolds me, tilts and starts to lubricate my poor ass, penetrating inside the one, then two fingers.
- Do not point at you, and gold. Twice I fucked, but I still like a mouse. Would you whore, I would offer you a big and pure love. Well, since you still have huek, going so otebal, loveless but happy.
Finished with grease, he turned me around to face him and pulled her to the member:
- Grease with painkillers. While will act - mouth job.
In the vicinity of his cock looked even more menacing. I began to suck it with passion and skill gained from porn films, supported by a short but violent practice the last two days. Processing tongue head, I gently began to stroke mighty palms, overgrown with coarse hair eggs. Let dick and Grisha was a little shorter than that of friends, it felt kind of mesmerizing power. For a moment, just a moment, thought was that if I was really a girl in my head, to take such a mighty beast would be very nice ...

Grisha came out of my mouth and started to play with my breasts, squeezing them and fucking so that periodically head rested against my lips.
- All the same, you have tits - the highest grade, only yesterday they wanted to fuck. Okay, it's time to fuck you, and then I will soon explode.
I dutifully trudged to bed. Gregory put me in the same way as the Ruslan at the beginning. And even my hands holding Simon again.
My ass squeezed back and pat like an expensive toy. That hole is attached to the member of the ...
- Well, ready, Sasha?
Wow, he was the first one who asked, before I fuck, I had to smile, forcing Seeds surprised frown:
Yeah ... Ahhh! - In the ass I break something huge and immediately moves to the full depth, forcing me into a desperate cry. Gregory immediately takes a quick pace and begins to literally hammer in my own unit. The pain is so strong that there is no strength to scream or cry - I moan as probably moan fuck little girls under their strong, strong guys. Too inexperienced to have fun, but too timid and young, to be able to refuse. Butt literally breaks, a member of the punches so fast that merge into one continuous stream, rolling from the flour to the strange, painful pleasure trip. And it's all go on and on.
I like a drop out of the ordinary space, and they even do not know what really want to immediately stop the torture, or beg it to last forever.
Somewhere out there, growling at me and his mother in ecstasy Grisha, continuing to hammer in my own dick and sounds fucked, perhaps even go to the neighbors.
- A blyayayad! Ahh !, And fucking bitch, what an ass! Ah zhezh you fuck! Like it, bitch ?! Get ...
It is losing mind, I, along with groans, start, muttering:
- Aah ... Grisha, please ...! Aah ... Grisha, Grisha, please ... Ah ...
Accelerate even though it already seems impossible, my third abuser begins to roar finish, literally flooding my ass with his seed.
Finally, with his cock smacking sound coming out of me. However, relief comes a strange sense of loss, and I continue to whisper through her tears.
- Please Grisha, please ...
- Sasha, you're lovely - quite Gregory pats my cheek - Better than any girl.
I silently cry.
- Calm down a little, that's all over and done with ... today.
- Maybe even on time? - A semen.
- No, guys, all for today - and fuck enough. And tear the ass - can be a problem. And this class lose points - it would be a shame - Ruslan calm as always, - So you Sashulya, free today.
I crawl out of bed and hobble to the bathroom. Behind someone comments on my walk and hear a burst of laughter. Cheerful laughter well rested friends.
For machine wash, wipe with a towel. On the chest - the bruises on his buttocks, I'm sure, too. What a hole - I do not even want to know. On the legs there is no blood, and it soothes.
I put on my clothes. Judging by the voices, the boys moved into the kitchen, heard the clatter of dishes, interrupted by bursts of laughter. Carefully look down:
- I can go?
- Can - Ruslan responsible for all - and take care of his nice ass.
I smile sheepishly and quickly jump out of the apartment.
The path to the house is transformed into a torture: a sore ass, rolls weakness, and, to top it off, it seems to me that all the counter can see that with me. What I was doing. What did to me ... I was burning shame, I want to sink into the ground, or at least become invisible. Here, at last, my apartment. Mom's not - it is already a week on a business trip. After the divorce, she quickly found a job, interesting and well-paid, but now she is constantly on the move. Monitors call me if you can call one phone call in the evening. I'm already a large, independent boy. Oh, and she was interested in working with new colleagues and in new places, than the offspring of the marriage collapsed. I want to believe that the first.

A phone call interrupted my thoughts. Mom, is easy to trace:
- Sasha - I shuddered involuntarily, - How are you doing?
- Good morning, Mom, everything ... everything is good.
- Exactly? The voice you some ... stressful.
- Probably just a little tired ...
"Here 's your chance! Tell her that you have a problem. Say that three guys made you suck at them in the school toilet. Say that the next day they fuck you in the ass, dropping in a circle like a slut. Tell him to come and saved you from this nightmare! Say ... "
- All right, then - easily agree mom - Take care of health, the doctor told you that you need to avoid stress.
"Such as gang rape?"
- Yeah, Mom, of course.
- And all is well in school, do not hurt?
" ... Come on, even my balls try. Lick their ... "
- No. No one is offended. All very good.
- So no wonder that praised the school, where children learn that decent people, not every Shantrapa. You are there currently any friends yet found?
"Maybe even on time?"
- Found, Mom, all I've got is good, do not worry.
And, baby, do not be offended, but I have to stay for two weeks - the project is delayed, and he was the first that was entrusted to me here. The money I'll put on the card. You're right, okay?
- Yes ... probably handle.
- Clever you have me. Tomorrow another call. Smack.
For a moment staring at the phone was silent. Two weeks later I - one. I manage? Now I was not so sure. With easy access to the bed, I undressed and climbed into bed. Although it was still quite early, sleep came almost instantly.
I dreamed of the guys.
Ruslan smiling at me with his domineering smile: " You've been a bad girl, Sashenkov, so let's go to bed. I will punish you ... punished ... punished ... " His cock, slowly but surely entering between my buns and rightfully the winner takes my anal virginity. Measured blows, slaps his body on my buttocks, my prayers and cries.
"Sasha, do you miss me?" - Ruslan ram replaces huge tireless piston Grisha - " to offer you a great and pure love ... so you will suck, without love". His cock is accelerated, explodes, literally pumping sperm and giving me pain mixed with the most acute pleasure.
I whisper: "Grisha, please, please ...", But he was replaced by Simon - "Lick it, bitch ... "
His cock ramming my butt, and in his eyes I see my reflection: juvenile slut impaled on a dick, as if on a spit, disheveled, stained with tears and greased face, twisted in pain and pleasure. Pleasure ?! But I do not enjoy this rough rape! Not a drop! Not a second!
"- You've been a bad girl, Sasha, " - Ruslan again - "T told mom that I found new friends, but did not say that they are only an hour ago, uncork your sweet ass ... "
No! "Like it, bitch? On, earn!" - The person in the dream changed, as if in a kaleidoscope vzbivshemsya - "Lick, it ... and we know that you'll like ... " No!
I wake up screaming.
The street was dark, too light in the room is not lit, and the second I do not understand where I. It's okay - I'm in my bed. The sheets were soaked with sweat, pillow - tears (probably crying in his sleep). And I seem to describe ... or not. For urine that permeates my panties, too sticky, moreover, it has already become commonplace over the past two days the smell. Pollutions. I finished in the pants, like a schoolboy, who dreamed as he Fingering his favorite teacher. That's just my dream is another.

I crawl out of bed and once again the day I go into the shower. There, under the hot jets, wash with me the remnants of sweat and sperm, I'm trying to throw from the head of a nightmare.
Yes, I nakonchal panties from that damned dream, but it does not mean anything! I did not get the pleasure from what they did to me ... ... these types.
"Are you sure? These guys - they - winners. They knew what they were doing. And they know what you like. " For the hundredth time I repeat - I do not like!
"Repeat as you want. You have two days off, and then - you went back to school. There you can check it out ... "
In frustration, I turned off the light, he moved to his mother's empty bed and fell into a heavy sleep.

To be continued.

Continued: A sad story. Part 1
Once home, I could not sleep for a long time, experiencing what happened. Joy and even pride overwhelmed me. Finally it happened and what a woman! I wanted again and again to experience this ethereal feeling. But now it's different. I would like to do so, as described in the romance novels. Kiss every cell of the body adored me and give her pleasure more than once, but many. Insanely dreaming, I could not resist, and again engaged in masturbation, representing as it does with his woman. Discharge, I felt ashamed. I thought it was time to stop it, to send its irrepressible sexual energy in the right direction in true love to his woman.

Already dawn when finally fell into a troubled sleep. In the dream I dreamed Oleska, she looked at me accusingly and something angrily scolded. Waking up, I felt uncomfortable. I did not know what am I going to choose a course of conduct with his girlfriend, after what happened to her mother. I was afraid that she would guess at once about our present relationship. This was a feature of my character. My face can be read like an open book. A friend knew I was not one year. It would not be difficult to guess, that I now have much depressing and alarming.

It seems my thoughts materialize. In the hall the telephone rang.

- Gosh! Enough sleep. You Oles to the phone - my mother cried.

Out of the room, pulling his pants on the move:

- Mom, I do not sleep for a long time! - Picking up the phone, I yelled to the kitchen

- Zhorik - prozhurchal gentle voice Olesko - what do you do?

- Pressure mattress with all his strength, - I laughed - Have you?

- Your mother and I are going to shopogulyat, she said his favorite word - I'll be going away to relatives in Lermontov on the Black Sea, can you imagine ?!

- A fi-Get out - that you're lucky! Congratulations. Will you take me with you? - I was joking.

- Of course! - Understanding the joke, he said the girlfriend, - hide in a suitcase.

- Where are you going? - Looking into the hallway, I asked my mother.

- Mum! A listen is not good! - I whined - I'm not going anywhere - it Oleska ...

We even talked to her about that, about this. I found out that she was going without my mom with some relatives of our city. My heart sang with joy - my dreams seem to come true. We could spend a whole month with Nyusey all alone, left to themselves. I called this month to myself, "honey." Quick breakfast, I ran out into the yard, and there, hidden in kusche widely ramified trees began to ring Nusia. On the other side of the tube could hear the splash of water.

- I'm in the bathroom, - explains Olesya mother - speak up Zhorik.

- I love you! - He said suddenly in love on the young man's ears.

I vividly imagined her in the bathroom completely naked and I wanted to be next to her, gently stroking her hands zapennnymi beautiful body and hair, enjoying together.

- Oh ... - only the woman said.

I distinctly heard her breathing, and jets of water, washing the body of her divine. Dreams did not let me. Then I became zhivoopisat, as I see it now and imagine. Details describing how to lather her hair, back, legs. How would stroked her ass and breasts, kissing her lovely face and neck. The flow of eloquence poured out of my mouth in the handset. She just sighed wearily. By the end of my story, Niusia moaned and cried softly. Then she, a little breath, said:

- Well, Zhorik! You will not believe it, I just flew by your story. It's just like a phone sex, some - and hung up, probably greatly embarrassed.

I tried to call her yet, but she was strictly forbidden to do so until it docha still here.

- You should definitely come and spend it on a trip ... it is not discussed! - She said to me one day - otherwise we would not do anything ...

Replacing jeans costume, a young man armed with a bouquet of crimson roses of five, I went to the city airport. He was like a groom zdorovski Otpad girls, but the groom in reality was not. It was felt in everything. And his girlfriend did not believe it. Still, she took the flowers, gently kissed me on the cheek and asked not miss much. Handing her mother flowers, Oleska asked them to put in a vase: "Well, the, mothers, little red, that you love ... They do not fade for a long time. And to me on the plane they do not need. Zhorik, you will not be angry? ". Zhorik not think angry. Supportive nod, he played a friendly debt - to spend "off the plane" ... the bride and the bride, right?

It was the first hour of the night. We went with my woman on the deserted streets of the city. In one hand she held the flowers, donated it, and the other my hand. We held hands, like a schoolboy and schoolgirl. It was so beautiful and I do not even believe it.

- Lord, Zhorik, you're still a boy - stopping and gently kissed me on the cheek - Niusia said.

- Do you like a girl ... my girl! - Gently kissed her on the lips, I said.

- True? - Her eyes were so hard that it seemed to me, they are overshadowed by the light of street lamps.

- It is true, my girl - confirmed in love with a young man - we're going to see you?

- No, - she became sad. I'm afraid a neighbor ... Well, you know who I mean. This bitch izvalyalsya you in the mud ... and then not otmoeshsya ... Honey, you have to understand me. I could not bear the shame.

I knew it. In every home, there is an old hag, which monitors all those that eat, sleeping with whom, and then report to the compassionate neighbors. This grandmother - God's dandelions, love to wash up all the bones. Anastasia was terrified of all sorts of rumors.

- I'll think of something, darling - I promised, - I want you to remember this month for life ... our honeymoon.

- My God! - Raising his hands to heaven, I cried my love - Throw me 20 years. I want to be the same age as my beloved!

Bright lightning lit up the sky of its flash, went to heavy rain. Thundered belated thunder. We thoroughly soaked - there were no signs of rain, running and caught up with the bus, jumping into it almost on the run, went home ...

- Mom ... I ... Aunt Nastia Olesko conducted ... Did I wake you? Sorry ... My clothes stiralka ... where I sleep? In Oleskinoy room ... Yes, I know, I know! Violation of private land ... Well, not in the kitchen falls well? Good night, Mom ... I'm sorry to wake you ...

We were in the bathroom. Warm water jets caressing the bodies of two lovers hearts. I stroked her hair. How, then, in their grzah narrated by phone. Her breasts, hardly different from girls'. Her skin was like a 18-year-old. I do not know, if God "threw" her 20 years, and she was so young. But I saw it as their same age and treated her with both the same age.

Gently touching her breasts, carried in a circular motion with his hands. Her nipples changed color to crimson and swollen, like those roses that were in a little red vase. Crimson Rose ... I have also something that has become swollen and crimson. This is something exuded the heat of my heart, but my love did not see it. She closed her eyes and floated on the river of pleasure. I gently stroked her lovely neck and back, covering the sensual kisses. From that, she shuddered. I got to her navel and licked ... stopped. It seemed to me she was waiting for the continuation. What? I did not know.

The woman opened her eyes and said:

- As in your story over the phone about you and me ... she shone with happiness - then I came just from your words ... and now I want to on the reality of what is happening. Will you do that for me? - She gently stroked my cheek and turned her back. I did not have to beg - I was ready. Ready was she. Even without touching it, immediately I went completely and began to move in a frenzy. It has helped me as best she could, as she wanted to. We were silent, aware of the lack of soundproofing bathrooms. But in their souls, screaming from the wild delight, swept us. I even thought I heard her screaming. In fact, she softly whispered: "Dear, dear! My dear! I feel so good! As never before in his life! Love love you!".

At that time I did not have to fear the consequences. She looked up your calendar.

Then we sat in the kitchen, drinking tea. I have something constantly smiling. And she was serious. We were lying in bed. In her bed. I could not believe that that night I sleep with a woman. With his woman. It was warm and cozy feeling of her warmth and the smell of her body. Finally, I fell asleep. All night I dreamed that a number of my favorite woman is with me. I woke up and, making sure that it is true, fall asleep again.

Coming home engaged in housekeeping in my room. I waited for evening, when my dear comes home from work. I myself was on vacation. I really wanted to spend it with her favorite, but circumstances were against it. I wondered as I meet with Nyusey this time. She was totally against me to come to her. And what do I tell my mom how to explain my night care. In her eyes, I was still a boy, who has obligations to the bride. How wrong I was ...

In the evening she knocked me into the room.

- Gosh, I have to talk to you ...

She wasted her, prepared to listen.

- I know you've got a woman, - she said - and this is not the Oles.

- How did you ... Mom, how did you know? - I think I was afraid. But luckily she had no idea who this woman is.

- Well, my dear. I am your mother, and immediately find out about any changes in your life.

Then she pulled out a pair of tickets to a country resort, explaining that it is free vouchers. She was given a job as a premium

- But we're your dad can not go together at this time. I hope that your girlfriend will not mind, and it is not so much a lot of work, like your dad - she sighed - that he can not devote the time to his wife? - I thought my mother said it a little louder than necessary. I understood why.

My mom is a teacher. Suddenly, she decided to teach a lesson to his son how to treat a woman. I listened with great attention. She talked about the prelude to sex. The fact that women like and what does not. Her voice is switched to a whisper when she touched the theme of cunnilingus.

- Many women like it, - she said - but we must not only desire, but also the ability. We need to feel a woman, her desires and dreams ...

Having finished his lengthy speech, my mother left my room and wished me a lot of pleasure from this trip.

Realizing what she wanted from me Niusia there, in the bathroom, I set out to deliver her a new, untested enjoyment and pleasure. Immediately typing favorite number, waited for the answer ...

- Two tickets to the sanatorium? And by how much? - She asked

- At 21 days - almost a month, said her man.

- But I'm working on ... - I hesitated Niusia.

- How long have you had not been on holiday?

- Well ... I agree. Let this be our honeymoon. I take a vacation at his own expense. We have to introduce myself ... like ... family, too?

- Nephew and his aunt, - there and then I came up with.

- Well ... Though it is quite transparent ... when we leave?

- After three days...

Continued: That's the first love. Part 1
For some reason it is considered to be in Russia, which can only be a mess going on with us. Aha! Certainly not. Abroad, it is also missing. Only there is another mess. Overseas.
As Victor Kopecky wrote: "Repair - no effect. This - the state. It can not be complete. From repairs can only come out. " So we finally got out of this terrible condition. And somehow to say goodbye to the glorious city of Antwerp, noisy crowd filled up in a tavern.

- Beer Sea and something to chew on - we were greeted in Russian rebounded to us a little, vrtkogo Belgian. I always wondered how a person who does not know the Russian language, in such situations, understands everything perfectly. Apparently, professional - he in any business professional.
The tiny basement only a few tables. The bar counter. The fireplace in the corner. Such a small Belgian eatery.
Slide tables together, we began to take their seats. Small Belgian turned the host institution, making sure that all sitting comfortably, shouted through the basement:

- Clara! Clara! - And then something else in French.
Somewhere in a moment from behind the curtain comes up a miracle. It floats. And it is a miracle. Female! A little over thirty. Growth is above average. A little plump. But only a little. Stacked perfectly. The wide skirt to toe bandaged white, crisp apron. The blouse with deep cleavage. So deep that vast chest almost all out. And all this Kolyshev of each movement.

And now the main thing. In her hands she carries ten beers. Ten! No tray. Each finger is holding the handle of the mug.
And swimming is a miracle. Everything she plays. All, except beer. It is frozen in circles. Guys already pootkryvali mouths. Suits it to us, with a dazzling smile, bows, responding to a compliment, and began to arrange mugs.
The effect is stunning. In the first drunk in one gulp. And before she could make a second run, as immediately begin exercise. It turns out that even a strong man is not entirely under the force simultaneously lift without spilling, ten cups. They tried everything multiple times. Filled the entire table. It is good that the owner did not mind too much.

Clara, watching with interest what is happening with his charming smile, offered to start practice on empty. It turned out that this is not so easy. There is a whole science. It is necessary to arrange the cups in a certain order. Correctly fingers spread. A jerk lift. Once she has taught master class Electrician still managed to raise them all at once. For which he was awarded a kiss on the cheek. But even empty mug to keep it for a long time could not.

While Clara spent training with us, the owner did not cease to bring beer. However, doing so with the help of the tray.
Soon everyone calmed down. And Clara, and the host were sitting with us at the table. Brought even cook in the kitchen where he toasted Belgian sausage for us. And when the beer hit in the head, and conversations between the men began to switch to professional topics, I, preventing Russian and English words, began to tell Clara about the distant snowy and Russia. She knew only French. But looking at her huge eyes, I had no doubt that she understands me. Propped up like a woman cam cheek, she listened intently, occasionally nodding. And such was the warmth of it that I sometimes forget that I talk with the Belgian.

And then my men sang. A second mechanic we out of Poltava. And his voice ...! A Ukrainian songs Razdolnoe that there is no end to them is not the edge.
Howling for small windows Atlantic cyclone. Crackling logs in the fireplace. And over the little cellar in the boundless sky floats month. This bright, it is possible to collect the needles.
I looked at Clara. She sang with the others, it is unclear in what language. But the motive conclusions are correct. Here it is, as it happens. States. Boundaries. And the little tavern on the outskirts of Antwerp, where eight Russian sailors, two Belgians and Belgian sing Ukrainian songs.
The next day, the shrill howl of the ship's siren breaks impassable fog. The pilot asks for the second time to slow down. Yes, where there! On the nose the New Year, and what whatever was necessary to get home. A thought were there. On the shore.
"Stop a galloping horse.
In the burning house will go down, "- it is about Russian women. Who would argue with the great poet? But, there is a country Belgium. And Clara lives there!

All characters are fictitious. With any real persons are random;)

Matthew decided that night to go back to sleep in the house M. Firstly, getting there was a closer, and secondly, I wanted to tell the truth, watch the reaction of his brother on the incident. Dialing the gate, and then the door codes, he went into an empty dark hall. Because of the curtains that hide the doors to the room for a maid, butler silently crawled. Matthew gave him a casual glance.

- Well, where's my brother?

- As far as I know, he had already gone.

- Damn, I would stiffen if some old bastard like you was aware of when I go.

- Luke Dmitrievich anything ...

- Yes, I'm aware that he pleases.

- I'll tell ...

- Do not! I can handle himself.

- Luke D. ...

- Get lost already, but!

"No, well, wow! After this has quietly snoozing! "- Flashed through Matthew in the brain, when he quickly ran up the stairs, curving smoothly screw on the second floor. At the top he paused, hesitating, but it went straight to the bedroom Luke opened the door and stood in the doorway thunderstruck. On the huge bed with a high-backed Gothic and massive carved columns on all four corners of the naked girl lying prostrate. Rather, it is more reclined on the lush white cushions, while her hands were wide apart in hand, and chained to the columns gleaming in the light of a lamp with metal handcuffs on chains. Her mouth was plugged with black silicone gag. At the sight of Matthew it is started, the start of something to moo and try to escape from the clutches of handcuffs. Matthew smiled wryly and approached slowly. Leaning over her, he ran his fingers over her tanned neck, in a neat little chest pain seized brown elongated nipple between thumb and forefinger and pulling. She indignantly issued something unintelligible. Matthew did not like swarthy brown-haired women, Christina but after he had to let off steam. He pulled out the gag and touched his lips with your finger a girl. She licked her lips and immediately gives the face an expression of a seductive beast house.

- Undo handcuffs handsome ... I have so much numb hands ... This is the type that I called, no more than an hour ... He said that he wants to go for a swim in the pool. I do not get paid for waiting.

- Do not worry - you will pay for everything. Stay happy.

Matthew looked at her hands: chains and the truth is too tight, and handcuffs rubbed the skin. "For a long time for him this was not found ..." - I flashed Matthew alarming thought. Apparently, Luke stayed not in the best mood. Matthew loosened chain tension by moving the locks on a couple of links.

- Oh my God! Yes, do you let go of me! I have no strength to endure!

- Wait a minute twenty - Matthew whispered sweetly in her ear, simultaneously thrusting into her mouth gag - We will soon you will study.

She again something they protested. Matthew took control, turned on a huge plasma TV on the rug, the media player found the right videos and pressed play.

- I want you here is not missed, while we will not, and adjust the desired fashion, - he said with a sweet smile.

In the video, Woman, hanging by the arms to some rings on the ceiling, for both legs below the knees kept himself Matthew, and was part of her rough violent shocks front. Behind in black leather pants and a bare-chested was Luke. His hair was longer than it is now, and collected at the back in a short ponytail. He somehow frenzied excitement from all the fluff girl lashed back the many-long leather whip. She moaned slightly, and it was noticeable that the resistance she had long since left the forces.

Girl handcuffed to the bed again something passionately moaned, jumped and sat on the bed again jerked the chain, which was locked, but Matthew darted out of the room and headed to the office. surprisingly The door was not locked, and the room empty. Matthew furtively looked around in the darkness, went to the desk and turned on the desk lamp. Nothing remarkable: a couple of samples of some contracts and heavy bronze with a malachite stationery. Matthew walked around the table and pulled the boxes, all of which were locked.

- Something is looking for? - I came from behind haughty stern voice.

Matthew turned slowly, already pulling her lips into a sly smile. Luke, like a ghost, came noiselessly into the room from the balcony, slipping between the translucent white curtains.

- Caught in the act - meekly uttered Matthew, holding up both hands as if in surrender - You know what I'm interested in. Will.

- For the idiot keeps me going? Even if I hide it, it would in any case not kept here.

- But where?

- You got exactly half. What do you want more?

- And she?

- Mom did not get anything.

- I want to see the will.

- He was not, Matthew - angrily threw Luka for the umpteenth time over the years that his father was not there with them, and sat on the arm of the couch. He had already taken a shower and changed into a short maroon silk robe around his neck hung a narrow towel, dripping with hair on it.

- I do not trust you. You can enter into an agreement with a notary.

- We are together not once went to the notary in order to solve all these cases, you are present at all court hearings. She was recognized as an unworthy heir, and has not received a penny. What more do you want from me?

- I want this lying bitch for all paid and not enjoy life as if nothing had happened. He died because of it! - Matthew's voice sharply pocherstvel impregnated with malice.

Luke sighed. He easily suffered the death of his father. Perhaps only because he was a senior, and it immediately had fallen so much trouble - the funeral, the courts, the tangled affairs of his father. To his mother he did not hate, but deep feelings also harbored. In the words of his younger brother was a grain of truth, in addition to him during the difficult period of adolescence had to experience the full extent of its indifference to the problems of children. The definition of "anxious bitch" fits her as well as possible (not as an insult, but merely as its female type). However, there was something in it that Luke still fascinated in spite of everything: an inexhaustible energy, cunning and ability ohmuryat men, regardless of age. Because of her, even between siblings reigned mistrust. Oh, she tried.

- You're all aware, are not you? - Luke abruptly changed the subject to again indulge in all those endless debates with his brother.

- What are you? - Matthew sat on the desk chair bows, leaning his elbow on the armrest, and a soft cheek propped on his fist. He looked wary, ready to repel any attack.

- About Christine, of course. Mother called you yesterday, asked her to contact and meet, but you as always all made her evil. I must admit that your acting talent once again conquered me - Luke played on his lips cold smile.

- Actually, I was sure one hundred percent that you have exposed the girl to the hotel. You have such a delicate topic to strangers in the house. And I had not come, that you decide to fill it. However, as soon as he saw her, I knew right away what you're led. You have long been not so young? - Matthew tone acquired subtle seductive notes of sarcasm.

- Listen ... - Luca tried to speak more indifferent as possible - I know you can hardly listen to me, but still ... Leave her alone. Okay?

- What? - Matthew suddenly perked up, stood up and approached very close to his brother, to see his face carefully - You stand up for the girl?

- Yes. I do not want you driving it into your lifestyle.

- How touching! Where you used to be, when I seduced other such like her? Why is this suddenly you hooked?

- She caught me. I myself just wanted to fuck her. But you're right. Others such as full, so I will look forward to the promised me angel of your agency. And it was left alone. I want the mother to arrange his personal life with the father of the girl and the theme of its content more than me is not floated.
Skipping half said Luke, Matthew sarcastically remarked:

- The Virgin of the agency not be tormented conscience pedantic hypocrite? I do not know which is worse - my outright meanness or your lying, secrecy and cynicism. Or do you agree on the agency's services just to offend me?

Matthew suddenly reached out and casually brushed the damp bangs from his forehead with Luke, and he turned his head away with hostility, his eyes narrowing.

- I do not advise to cross the face - he uttered somberly.

- Threaten me?

- I threaten you. Because I do not want to lose his brother forever.

Matthew for many seconds bored eyes sparkling Luke defiant look, as if trying to see in them a shadow of doubt, but did not find, smirked, turned and walked away. He pushed aside the curtain and stood at the window, thoughtfully stroking his chin.

- So you're not interested in Christine? - Provocative tone he inquired, standing with his back to Luke.

- No, - unemotional, but somehow too quickly, Luke said.

- Well ... Then it's mine. By the way, I would like to spend the night here tonight.

- As you wish. Your room is always at your disposal.

- What about your room? Girl in handcuffs said to tell you she has yearned all ...

Luke sighed indulgently.

- How can I give up once the toy younger brother?


On the morning Christine was determined to leave the hotel before there will welcome Matthew. Memories of yesterday's events, nagryanuvshaya on it in the morning, it plunged into shock and panic. All this no longer seemed exciting erotic adventure. It looked like a dangerous trap from which there is simply no way out. Did she could think that these seductive fiends just leave her alone and without question put up with the role of half-brothers? Or maybe, she believed that the role of a femme fatale she afford? From all these thoughts inside rose strange nauseating feeling floating in slow motion over a precipice. She remembers with horror their groans, their arms limp, his trembling legs, his supple, and sometimes even demanding lips and felt the waves of blood drain from her face. If she could have someone to talk to on the subject ... If my mother was there ... But it is said there about these things with the mother? In fact, it is the concept of it had.

It plans to run aimlessly, broke the bell's father, who immediately began a conversation with the way he is now happy with his new wife and his good relationship pleasing tied Christina with a new family. She simply did not turn the language to tell him what had happened, or at least hint at the fact that the existing relations are far from ideal. In addition to leave here without explanation she now also did not have the guts. After a couple of days of his dad with a new passion to be here and look forward to a warm welcome of their children. Christina embraced despair, especially when it was approaching the time of the meeting agreed with Matthew, and it is expected at any moment his knock at the door. In order not to wait for this point of no return, she came at 10:45 in the hotel lobby on the ground floor, and her legs were like cotton.

On the couch in the silk upholstery impressively sprawled Matthew. He wore faded jeans, a gray jacket with patches on the elbows and a T-shirt with a slit with buttons on the chest. Blond curls were pulled back and down to the shoulders with soft waves. "Some do not even have to be discharged to the nines to look like a million," - she flashed her envious thoughts. Dark brown eyes, apparently belonging Brunette, drilled her greedy a malicious glance from under the black lashes. Christina hesitated in the middle of the hall, and it immediately came across a gentleman in a gray suit classic.

- Girl, so you decide where you want, - he grumbled.

Christina noticed how arrogant this skit Matthew grinned, then stood up and walked over to her. He unceremoniously leaned over to her face and sensually kissed her on the cheek, as if doing so every day. The girl ran over the body shivers.

- Have you had breakfast? - He looked to the side of the restaurant, at the entrance to which is scurrying to and fro guests.

- No, - she said without wanting to himself, head down.

- And I would not mind to have breakfast in your company, - he broke into a satisfied smile, and Christina once again felt doomed because of a feeling of intimacy Matthew seared her skin hot wave, like heat from a fire.

This started their meeting today, which, according to Christina, did not promise anything good. Nevertheless, she was wrong. Matthew was extremely charming and funny. In addition, like, I am holding a befitting distance, and she completely lost because of this vigilance. These half-day wandering through museums, the streets, in restaurants and shopping centers. Matthew bought her a beautiful scarf, and although she scolded herself struggling for what he could not deny it, yet it was nice to feel his care and attention. After all, this is how she imagined a better option date with a guy. In fact, he was rather brusque with her - he kept stroking the palm of the hand and wrist, arm around her waist, too close to her face when it was possible, and literally devoured her eyes. However, it seemed that all this is entirely innocent in nature, especially in comparison with yesterday's execution. Needless to say that such an impression on his style could only stay in quite a naive girl. However, Matthew knew that much will it seem excusable because it is led by attraction to him.

It was on this day her short close-fitting denim dress-shirt on the buttons in front, belted with a thin brown strap, beige jacket narrow, beautifully emphasizing the figure, and shoes with laces on an average steady heels. Matthew admire it could not, especially when she laughed. At such times he flew from reality in the memories of its taste, smell and softness and sophisticated imagination of his sick imagination. His eyes were dark under the drooping eyelids, lips curved into a languid smile. In fact, it led to all these attractions were pretty boring, especially when all his thoughts were clogged completely different topic. So when they finally came to the pier to which just came up a little boat for two people who pre-ordered Matthew, he inwardly jubilant.

When they went on board on the swinging gangplank, Christina suddenly stopped at the entrance to a covered lower deck and turned to Matthew with a confused expression on his face. He smiled at her reassuringly, but the cause of her anxiety, of course, understood. The lower deck was our small cozy room, sparkling rounded windows and almost entirely gold ceiling studded with many neon lights. Almost around the perimeter of the room stretched soft white leather sofas lined with crimson cushions on them wide strip hung ceiling mirrors, and in the middle was a low glass table banquet of fruit, champagne and other drinks. The upper deck was open twice more and was completely empty.

- What's the matter? - Trying to sound sincere curiosity, I asked Matthew, priobnimaya Christina's waist and steered her to the door to the covered deck. She silently shook her head, deftly get out of his hand and went to the side. We ship engine noisily, he swayed, turned and walked down the path, picking up speed. Her curls immediately caught the wind.

For five minutes they were at some distance from each other at a side and admired the scenery. More precisely they admired Christina and Matthew turned his attention to her beautiful delicate neck, lips and flying the piercing river breeze blond hair.
Christina quickly began to freeze, and therefore could hardly concentrate on the fact that began to tell Matthew about the buildings and bridges, by which they floated. Going down to a covered lower deck would be a very reasonable solution, if it is not the fear of being tortured with Matthew alone in an enclosed space, which seemed very disposed to convergence. She longed, longed to taste it again ruthless kisses, but she guessed that they will not stop it, so she could only admire it from a distance of ease, charm and beauty, giving him a short confused looks. He stayed on the exponential distance like a wish to prove that there has been no fraudulent intent against her. Christina was tormented by doubts and all burned either with excitement, whether due to the fact that the wind weathered its tender was not accustomed to the climate of the northern capital of the skin. In the end, he did all day long held promise and did not try to pounce on it, and that's it now she forced herself to believe that he can be trusted. Another gust of wind chill pierced her through, and she had teeth were chattering.

- Matthew, - she called awkward, embarrassed - I am very cold. ... You could not give me a hug? - I think the last words she swallowed, pronouncing them all indiscriminately. The young man smiled happily. His face was impossible to understand what he was thinking.

- It is not afraid of me? - Seriously he asked suddenly, while approaching.

- Honestly, right now I'm more afraid of dying from the cold. I certainly Pick him up after a walk runny nose.

- Is can I refuse such a nice girl in the request?

He came back, and when he has not even had time to hold her close, Christine has felt the heat emanating from his body. He grabbed her with all the back and pulled her to him, bending rough cheek against her soft cheek. Chill immediately retreated.

- So warm?

- Yeah, - trying to calm the heart, almost in a whisper she muttered.

- How long since I have not seen such naive fools - he chuckled in her ear. His breath nervous system responded her all over her body prickly sparks, but she dared not move his arms because it really did not know how to conduct themselves is now, - You have a heart like a hare pounding.

She was silent, suddenly coming to a complete confusion of its proximity, feeling one of his hands crept around her waist and then up to his chest. His fingers slipped into the slit between the buttons of her dress. One of them unbuttoned.

- Matthew, please, do not. I really just wanted to warm up ... I do not ...

- I know my cat that you sincerely believed that I'll warm you like a true gentleman, but, sadly, I am not.

Christina tried to escape, but obviously it was too late, because his warm hand penetrated under her dress and pulled down mercilessly thin elastic kruzhavchiki its nominal bra. Her skin was ice is now so sensitive that its wave washed over the thrill and excitement, and instead struggled, she involuntarily arched neck, putting it under his greedy kisses.

Her breasts were full and firm, and the buds are small and very solid from the cold. Throughout her skin ran small bumps, and Matthew with pleasure helped the wind forcing his victim softly tremble with awe. Caress it was amazing, because it seemed completely unpredictable because of their inexperience, she genuinely struggled with him, then pushing him away, then suddenly re-enabling it to more and more liberties. It even forced him to worry about, like an inexperienced boy. He pressed his rearing member to its elastic ass and ran his other hand between the buttons on her stomach level. She grabbed his wrist, but her grip was so weak that he had not even noticed her.

- What a frivolous dress for a first date, - he whispered in her ear, even when one is a button unbuttoned under his pressure, and stroked her dress under her lace panties. She arched - whether taking another attempt to escape, or writhing gripped her passion. His fingers slipped under the thin lace and ran over soft sparse hairs on the pubes. After that, everything was Gorny and wet. Matthew smiled smugly.

- All this time I was thinking about my caresses, yes?

His fingers moved slowly sweetly in her panties, sliding on the abundant moisture to the delicate petals and buds, why she just went numb. Christina felt completely helpless and shameless because more resist him she could not.

- Can I stay? - As if reading her thoughts about the abject surrender, he quipped. She just muttered something incomprehensible. Then he began to stroke her clit a little faster, and between the fingers of the other hand squeezed her nipple hard and it became a little sip.

- Please, please ... - she mumbled through rapid breathing, - Do not ... We can see anyone ...

- Only that excites you? - Matthew looked around. The captain was in his cabin, hidden behind the design of the lower deck. Well, he ran a ship - he had no time to be distracted. Beach in front of them loomed quite far, though after a while they could come to a narrow channel or a low bridge, where they could meet passers-by - I can make you cum fast. With only one condition - his fingers continued to move in her panties - When we get to the hotel in the evening, you implicitly do all what I ask you.

She moaned softly in his arms unable to answer, when he slightly parted lips between her legs to caress the clitoris was more convenient, and increased pressure. She threw back her head helplessly, his shoulder and closed her eyes. He once again looked around the neighborhood, and clung to her neck, gently tickling her lips and tongue. It took no more than two minutes, she started to moan very cute and move to the beat of his movements. She turned her blissful face, to beg him a kiss. Then he spun her toward him and pressed eagerly to her passionate mouth. Now he pulled her dress from behind, pulled her panties and climbed back hand between her legs. Slightly wet caressed her swollen bud, he slowly began to enter the middle finger in her juicy slit. She stood on her tiptoes and grabbed him by the neck. When he caught the pace of her movements, caressing her pussy at the same time inside and outside, she gasped and buried her face in his shoulder, panting and tightly clinging to him all over. His fingers became very hot, wet and crowded her excitement. Finally, she moaned softly, not quite like a child glaring at his lips, and loosened his arms. He pulled back slightly to look at her face, but still did not let go of her hand. She stood, all ablaze, not daring to look him in the eye.

- You have to expensive to pay for it - he cheekily grinned at her face and holding a wet finger over her lips. Christina all I burned with shame, but not struggled out of his hands, as if finally admitted defeat. However, it was clear now that it will fulfill any of its request, the main thing not to frighten her unnecessarily hasty action, but at the same time not to weaken the pressure. He once again around the ship appraising look and decided that for her the first time such a place still does not fit.

- You know, I'm with you something too good, - he whispered in her ear, and she suddenly turned her back awkwardly straightened panties and grabbed hold of the ledge. Matthew released her and stood nearby, leaning his elbows on the railing. Christine was still panting, and stared off into the distance.
- You are not worried about how all this will look at the parents? - Suddenly she excitedly issued.

- You're going to share with Dad details of his intimate life?

- No, but ... because they can guess ...

- If you do not blush and be afraid of our presence with Luke and sarcastic without reason, no one would guess.

At the mere mention of the name Luke Christina heart seemed to skip a couple of beats, but she quickly recovered herself.

- And this is your butler? He did not tell anyone?

- He does not care at all. He had seen so much from us for his career ... In addition, Luke pays him well.

- I ... when I came here, I did not think that everything will turn out well ...

Judging by his voice, Christina was ready to cry. Apparently, something like a nervous breakdown - the devil will understand these girls.

- You know, I'm not one of those guys who know how to comfort the girls, naughty after they give pleasure. Maybe you explain, what is it?

- Not with anything! I just ... I do not know what to expect from you and is constantly afraid because of this ... I did not mean that all this happened ... - she had obviously swallowed tears.

- Even as she wanted, - he said smugly, and touched his hand under the skirt of her ass, which she had pulled her panties. It bounced off him like a scalded - You contradicts itself ... Is the last two days with you was something terrible?

She strained silence, feeling it once again trying to fool the head.

- Let's go inside - warm ourselves. You really shivering from the cold. If you think that here, in plain sight, you're more secure, then you are very wrong.

Christina turned abruptly to him, but found his face only a carefree grin broke out and allowed him to take yourself by the hand and pull on the lower deck. When she sat on the sofa, chastely clenched pleasant roundness of knees and slender legs, he opened the champagne and poured by the glass, and then sat on the sofa not next to her, on the contrary, over the table.

- For acquaintance, - he said at a low whisper, raising his glass. She silently raised her glass to meet him and took a sip.

- It is not necessary to the extent afraid of me, Christina - he sang painfully exciting voice - I love to deliver a fun girl, and not cause suffering, so you better relax and think about their desires. You do not trust them, why so tense.

Her lashes butterfly did not rise since she sipped champagne, and her cheeks glowed brightly.

- When you told me today, so many interesting things - in the excitement to utter it - I suddenly thought you were absolutely not what seem at first glance. It was so nice just to spend time together. I am not at all afraid of you until now.

Matthew made himself a wry smile. "God, what a fool!" - In a painful impatience he thought, barely suppressing exciting spasm in the throat and biting his lips.

- I can entertain you talk all you want, but other than that is always present in a relationship and is another important element. It is inevitable, especially after what has happened between us.

Christina bowed her head, as if looking for something in a glass of wine.

- I ... I just do not think it would turn out like this - with some doom she said in a weak voice, - I thought that ... first I be with someone to meet ...

"Oh, damn!" - Was the soft exclamation that came in Matthew's head at that moment. "How complicated it all!". He rubbed his lips and chin. "Maybe Luke was right, and she did too ... right." On the other hand, personally, it is quite satisfied. He vividly imagined her tenderly pink snub upper lip on the head of his cock and swallowed. Then he stood up, took off his jacket, threw it on the sofa, walked around the table and stopped right in front of Christine. The ship swayed gently at full speed. Christina looked at him with a timid look and immediately lowered her eyes. There would be another in its place, she would have sucked him languidly moaning. Matvey slightly bent over her and lifted her face by the chin, forcing him to look into his face. Foot he strongly pressed to her knees, and they went to the side after some resistance.

- Listen, Christina ... - he said with a soft threat in his voice, - Let's start to play one exciting game .... You'll like it. I'm sure.

- I do not want - she faltered slightly, but he rudely pulled her chin.

- I'll be with you patient, very patient and obedient as the most faithful dog in the world, yet you will not show off too much with these vagaries of a spoiled daddy's your daughter. You will do as I tell you - you will have a very nice first sexual experience. You'll be stubborn - I do not answer for myself. Understood?

The girl, often breathless, barely noticeable nod. Matthew smiled, pleased with her reaction, and let go of her chin. He rested his knees at the edge of the seat, one leg still spreading in the direction of her trembling legs.

- Undo my jeans - he commanded. She licked her lips helplessly, shook her head, but still frayed immediately took hold of the belt on his pants somehow undid it, then long tormented with the button on his jeans, and finally, slowly lowered the zipper down. Her anxious eyes were fixed on him reared a member of cowards.

- Well? - A demanding challenge, he said, - You would not believe that you do not know what to do.

«Emporio Armani» - the inscription on the black belt tight white briefs. Christina slowly lowered it down and stared at the shiny moisture bright pink big head. Matthew pulled off his shirt and lifted her face by the chin.

- In your eyes I see - decant it irritably.

Christine raised her frightened eyes, and he could not hold back a triumphant smile on the kind of genuinely innocent pretty face: pink puffy lips parted, brown eyes wide open, cheeks mercilessly burning like ears, thick, lush hair with soft curls on the shoulders. Matthew swallowed.

- You'll have to try if you do not want to lose their virginity right here. For me it would be another nice experiment, but for you - do not even know ...

He lowered his pants, exposing the scrotum, ran his fingers through his thick curls at the nape of Christina and gently prodded her face him in the groin. She then put her there in the hands of his legs, or just grabbed them. Her lips were hot, and the outgoing breath are too hot. He felt it in his eggs, which suddenly walked her tongue. Matthew mischievously smiled and removed his hand from her neck, throwing his head back to see their reflection in a mirror ceiling. She pulled away, just to get used to running slowly look around, that now appeared before her. He allowed her a little more timid poissledovat tongue and soft lips of his eggs and a member of the foundation, and then slightly bent knees, bent his arm and sent the unit head into her lips. Taste it, she tried to turn away, but it was already beyond his patience, and he again put his hand over her head, not allowing it to dodge.

In fact, Christine just was pleasantly surprised by the soft aroma of some perfumes emanating from his skin - whether for shower gel, or body lotion, or something else of the sort, but slippery grease, generously covering almost half of its members was not pleasant to her. It is true that much of a choice she did not, so she began timidly to caress his head tongue, gently clasping her lips, until grease melted in her mouth. Matthew breathed heavily and leaned toward her below. His muscular body was so beautiful. She wanted to touch the elastic flat bottom of his stomach and pat cubes press, but she did not dare. When Matthew's body gently began to move toward her, and his dick began to penetrate into her mouth deeper than it had planned itself, she moved the hand with his feet on the sturdy thighs strapped worn skinny jeans, and somehow quietly moaned, she did not understand himself .
That is what it is now engaged in, did not fit in her head, but, nevertheless, these fascinating accelerating slip just entered her into a trance, giving physical bliss and sweet at the same time power over Matthew. At some point she felt that the member is strongly solidified in her mouth and she has become more difficult to let it in yourself, and in this case Matthew suddenly became sharp, ruthless and rude. With one hand he gently cupped member at the base, and another again grabbed her head and began to penetrate deep into it quick spurts from which Christina could not have avoided. Her hands slid helplessly down his arms, stomach, thighs and legs, and when his mouth was filling something warm and almost tasteless, she closed her eyes and forced myself to swallow all. Until now, Matthew did not make a sound, just breathing hard, but at the end of his chest broke a loud furious groan from which Christina was on the back chills. This moan probably heard the captain and certainly guessed what they had just engaged. Just what a difference now? Is not that vulgar created this room with gold ceiling?

- Good ... girl ... - Matthew exhaled wearily, finally letting go of Christina and heavily falling beside her on the sofa. Zastegnuvshis, he picked up her blonde hair, leaned over and kissed him - Champagne?

The girl nodded. Matthew gave her a full glass, and drained his, with his back against the couch with one hand and slowly stroking his lower lip with your fingers of the other hand, thoughtfully watched her drink. Its something inexpressibly bothered her. Matthew reached out and stroked the smooth pink cheek Christina, but she pulled away slightly.

- That's what you call a pleasant sexual experience? - Her eyes at that moment shone with tears, becoming even more beautiful. Generally it has been charmingly Now, unreal beautiful: her cheeks flushed, puffy lips trembled tortured, she was biting them and pressed them trembling fingertips. Her chest heaving often, and when on the cheek a tear ran down first, she wiped her touching the back of his hand.

Matthew did not understand engulfed his mixed feelings. He immediately wanted to make at the same time with it all the things that he used to do with women - with no brakes, no restrictions, no regrets, completely surrendering to his animal instincts. But at the same time he wanted to just hug her and hugged her - gently, passionately, sensually. He bent down to her neck, caught both his hands, which she tried to push him away, began kissing her cheeks, lips and found caressed them as long as she did not respond to his kiss. He imperiously pulled her to his bare torso, began to slide his lips and tongue across her delicate neck, digging into her smooth skin of his teeth and leaving a merciless tracks.

- Matthew ... stop - she whispered weakly, - Matthew, please ... I'm so sick ...

He forced himself to let go of her, panting, sat down, leaning his elbows on his knees, feeling on the lips blooming vicious smile of anticipation, then put on his shirt and got ready in the next couple of hours to be a true knight.

After everything that happened Cristina somehow subsided considerably, and when they sat in the restaurant for dinner, Matthew noticed that her thoughts soar somewhere far away. She often missed the thread of conversation, rarely looked him in the eye and almost nothing to eat. "Still - it seems that all the girls are vibrating in anticipation of the coming of the night" - not without pleasure savored Matthew sadistic idea. He again tried to hold on as if nothing had happened, but keep yourself in the hands has now become much more difficult. I wonder if this fool knew that he should not fuck her right there on the ship?

Only at the end of dinner, Christina finally plucked up the courage to start a conversation on a topic that interests her:

- We must now together ... go to the hotel? - He forced a painful it is looking in a cup of tea.

Matthew could barely contain a smile, looking at this holy innocence.

- And you would like to return to our home? Honestly, I do not think that the first time is just to try sex with two partners, since the case has saved you from such surprises - his tone was heard agonizing mockery.

Christine and blushed as I heard these words, and almost choked by feelings tide. When she cope with the breath, then decant angrily, struggling depicting wounded pride:

- This is not a case of saving me, and Luke, if you forgot. And you're just some maniac! No more thinking about what you can not, other than that?

- Let me tell you a little secret - all those guys, and if you suddenly feel that he's not, then he is only pretending skill.

- It is not necessary to level all by itself! I have your opinion on this issue is immaterial. I just want to warn you in advance, so that you did not expect anything today or ever again! I'm not ready for this now! And I do not know when I'm ready - she gave it all discreet whisper, so as not to attract the attention of others and seem to feel at altitude. Matthew is pretty amused.

- Really? Why did not you stop me on the boat? Or to the fact that the boys climb to you hands in her panties, you treat more loyal?

When Matthew said those words to him just a waiter who certainly heard these words, because it flushed. Girl all just seething with resentment and shame, and when the waiter asked her if she liked it all, she caught in his question some ambiguity and her voice trembled as she spoke, "Yes." When he left, she said coldly:

- It can not be, and that Luke was like you! - This idea somehow did not give her peace of mind all evening. She knew that it is impossible to say it aloud, because it could give some feeling she with anyone would not want to share and which are not yet fully comprehended itself, but the words came of their own accord at the time of special indignation.

Matthew's expression suddenly changed to a serious, if not severe. He rubbed his forehead, took a sip of water from a glass, fist closed lips, studying Christina attentive gaze.

- You like Luke? - He asked bluntly, watching in wonder parted her sensual lips and long eyelashes fluttered its wings.

- Not at all! - With a fervor she said - just seemed to me that it is more discreet.

Matthew smiled grimly. Well it had to be so there! For the first time in his life so much moved by the girl, and she asked his brother. Usually they were not competitive with each other because they were both openly spit on it, one of them would prefer to another friend for one or two nights.

- Luke ... He's ... actually ... I do not know much of his own. But he seems to have been in the truth only kind to me. With all the rest, he always treated fairly cool. Especially if you take the women ... So ... - Matthew thoughts involuntarily surfaced fragmentary memories of the previous night, and he felt slightly ill at ease. He did not know why.

Christine frowned, not looking up.

- If you do not want, do not tell. I'm not trying to get into your relationship ...

- Oh, no ... Once we were talking ... - again, lost in memories, a little bitterly objected Matthew - I'm supposed mother alloy in a boarding school for troubled teens, when I was ten. She was too busy with themselves to deal with troubled boy. A problem I had to fuck ... - he bit his lip, looking up at Christine look askance.

She sat, barely breathing, and seemed to be catching his every word.

- Well ... it turned out that I'm not as cool as I thought before, but in the two years that I spent there, somehow I was able to establish itself among the local punks. However, once before the summer break me there seriously beaten. And ... you know who came to see me then? No dad, not for my mother, and Luke himself. He just recently turned eighteen and before it gradually began to realize that what ... His father worked as a curse. Provided the mother of all that she wanted. And Luke was the early to help his father in the business. About me as if everyone had forgotten for a while, because his mother had convinced his father that I was hopeless and that I was in a boarding school will only get better, because they know how to work with the likes of me. It turned out that Luke just came to visit me, but when he saw my condition, all told parents. Then they took me home. Since Luke was always there, and he only knows about everything that I have experienced during these two years.

Matthew sighed. What he tells her about this?

- So here I am to what it's all ... I love my brother, so I can not and should not tell you about it unpleasant things, but ... It is better to stay away from him, if he caught you so. I would you suggest the same thing with regard to himself, but believe me - you and I have a better chance than you do with him.

Christine swallowed, turning pale.

- He does not like me?

- What immediate straightness ... especially after everything that happened today ... - with a wry smile slowly uttered Matthew, annoyingly curled lips and throwing back slipped on the temple and cheek wheat strand of hair - You will not escape tonight. Do not, under any circumstances.

- Do you always behave with the girls?

- How "well"?

- You lead me!

- Yes? I even still had not bind you.

- Matthew ... - she muttered, and broke off, not knowing what else to pick up words.

- Are you finished? - He pointed look at her untouched cup of tea. She nodded, but she raised her eyes to him.

- I'm not leaving anywhere from here!

- Let's not make a scene in public. The fact that you are afraid, do not contradict the fact that you want me. We will walk on foot to the hotel. It's not far.

Matthew paid and, while waiting for delivery, with increasing exasperation and looked at the silent passion Christine. Of course, she will not go away from it. These children's whims very well have been familiar to him. Spoiled father's daughter. When he came up to her chair and took his jacket from the back to give her, she, as he expected, got up and dutifully dressed. He firmly took her by the hand and led into the cool windy night. Because of the wind Christine's eyes sparkled with moisture, thick blonde hair rushed to the black sky, as if they wanted to fly. She was constantly licking his lips, why they were burning on her pale face with exotic petals. When it is frozen, then pressed her hand into a fist, and Matthew grabbed her with his hot hand.

The hotel was only one intersection, and he abruptly stopped her on a deserted street near the wall of a house, pulling hard to imagine.

- I'm afraid - this time without complaint in her voice she murmured, clearly a girl of affectation.

- And rightly so, because I tell you the whole night I will not give sleep.

- I could try to calm me down - she smiled, raising his eyes to his lips, to which she herself could not be reach.

- You scare me more like you, - he whispered slyly, bending, and at first stared at her lips as she muffled scream, but no resistance he felt - only her hands, sort out the strands of his hair.

When he opened the door for her in the lobby of the hotel, she was laughing his next joke, and Matthew seemed to be one of the laughter down his whole body vibration is ecstatic. However, passing a dozen steps towards the reception, she froze in a tense posture, looking off to the side a spacious lobby with sofas, where this morning he was expecting her Matthew. On one of the chairs slowly he got Luke and headed straight for him. He too once, was wearing jeans, shirt and a thin leather jacket. The face inscrutable as ever, her hair tousled in a unique creative chaos, which gave him more daring youthful appearance. It seems that Matthew first looked at him appraisingly opponent.

- Well, what are you doing here? - Not without vexation Matthew asked, shaking hands with his brother.

- I need you tonight.

- I wonder why.

- I'm sorry, but it is our personal things with you. Let us alone.

- Today I can not. Let business wait.

- They can not wait. Our newlyweds come this Thursday. We need something to prepare.

- I do not...

- Do you think I would come here because of what some trivia?

- Yeah, definitely it is not a trifle, just pinned - already with unconcealed irritation decant Matthew, curving her lips into a caustic grin. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that Christine threw stole a curious glance at Luke and then looked away. But no, it was not curiosity, it was clumsily covered the interest of women to men. Caught with your thumbs behind his jeans pockets and sweep her shoulders, Matthew smiled tightly, staring pensive gaze for a few seconds in the emptiness - Want to talk? Let's step back.

- It's a long conversation. My car is parked around the corner from the hotel. You're going to need me today, and tomorrow.

Hung a tense pause, during which Luke finally paid attention to Christina, she scanned her impartial appraising look. She hurriedly stared at the floor.

- Okay. Come on, time is needed, - coldly he Luka, he went to Christine started her hand under her curls at the nape, lightly squeezed them, pulling him her face and kissed her so deeply candid kiss, which she least wanted to answer when Luka. When Matthew lips left her alone, she again caught impartial view of his brother, but this time not confused, forced a smile out of the corner of the lips and threw willfully unemotional "yet".


- What the heck? - Matthew decant viciously grabbed his brother's shoulder and turning him to her when they came to the black Audi Luke - You said that you were not interested in it!

- What's the matter? - Smiled Luke - You got was a day to have fun with it. I decided to play for a change in the good little boy, and now not satisfied?

- Yours, what business?

- Yes, in fact, your relationship to me there would be no business if it had not surfaced some circumstances about which I have come to tell you.

- Well?

- Sit down, - a commanding manner and threw Luke walked around the car to get to the driver's door.

- Do you think the mother accidentally slipped us this nymphet? - He said, when both doors shut.

- Uh ... What do you mean?

- I've found out at your leisure, who her father ... He is the prosecutor of Moscow. How's that?

- And? - Frowning and still not completely believing in a speech, handed Matthew.

- What "and" blockhead ?! The public prosecutor of the city of Moscow! You is about something said or what? And pofantaziruet at leisure on what can go a father if he knew least about your dirty thoughts about his beloved little daughter only! I do not know that you were with her, but that was yesterday, will be enough to have you found in the gutter.

- But ... it is not even mentioned ...

- Yes. Smart girl, is not talking these things, to whom no hitting. But, if you remember, Dad, we still threatened.

- In any case, Christine he had never confessed - confidently said Matthew.

- And who will ask? Mother napoet her father is all you need if suddenly decides that it would be beneficial to her. We did order it robbed by your initiative.

- In this case, whatever we do, we are guilty of any a priori. It even gives a free hand - Matthew could not help smiling.

- Are you ohrenel? - He roared suddenly Luke - If you have already left on her body even a scratch, be sure the mother knows about it, even if she is on her ass.

- I did not touch her ass. So far, - Matvey more stiffly laughed, then calmed down, muttered: "That bitch ..."

- So ... what do we do? - He added.

- I have this for you, and drove. First you need to figure out exactly what it wants to achieve. You also need to review all of our trump cards, that is, all our dirt on it. But bear in mind that this is a safety net, not to attack ... Unnecessary problems we do not need.

- Hardly, she managed to hide from the public prosecutor a criminal record for fraud. So, he should be aware of ... But she could not devote it to the heart of the case ... then had to put our family in a very unfavorable light, and let his daughter in such company his father would not. How I hate her - Matthew cursed again.

- Look, I do not feel it particularly warm feelings, but she did not kill his father ... he had cancer ...

- Really? And at what stage it was diagnosed, you forgot? Normal wife or I would not have missed! He lost weight for six months!

- Matthew ... - Luke put his hand on his brother's shoulder. He gave her a quick sideways glance.

- What? Who is not afraid to touch me? - With a sarcastic smile, he uttered.

Luke slowly removed his hand and gritted his teeth and started the engine. Matthew straightened arm blond curls and sighed, fell unseeing eyes staring out of the window.

Continued: Christina. Part 1
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