My man has a rest ...
I quietly sit together and try not to breathe, that this (is not clear until the end, but surprisingly wonderful) not to frighten, but simply with, delight, watching, and, easy, happy smile freezes on my face. Only now I realize that in it there is something GRT lion - volyazhno, but also royally graceful My Man is located almost on the whole plane a spacious bed, his body full of bliss and is about Morpheus will take him in his arms.
I admire his face, so calm and satisfied with the glow of bliss. On the forehead, more humid and slightly brackish, rest a few strands of hair tangled ivory.
His eyes - the smart prizvedeniya speaking of nature, which is always crowded with thousands of ideas and know how to squint so cute with a smile - now also relax with my man. My eyes stopped on her lips - such passionate and hungry for sensation, immediately recall piercing and drinking breath kisses and back pieces of ice runs, trembling.
His hand involuntarily slips on the wet from our bodies silk sheets and my eyes begin to enjoy his.
This smart and experienced fingers can dedicate poems, if me would be at least a spark of talent, they - Ten skilled and eager, tender and gentle brothers, would necessarily sung in a solemn hymn.
I slide a look around his body, leaving unattended neither hair nor a birthmark, and amazed - as it is beautiful.
At such moments, his head stuck in the idea that a man by his constitution is more perfect than a woman. What could be more beautiful than a strong, intact blond hair taut breasts, narrow hips and slim, of course, the subject of man's pride? It is around this perfect (for beauty and anatomy) mechanism, created by nature - turns the whole of life, as this is the essence of it. How many names, names exists in everyone, even the language primetivnom - thousands! But the name of this perfect creation - He.
Yes, with a capital letter, because it is He personified the harmony of nature and genius! When I just admire Him from my man, then in his mouth all dry and his head starts spinning from the desire to touch this ideal handsome.
As a rule, we do not have long to restrain myself, and I just convenient to arrange between my legs spaced Men. The tip of the tongue starts to travel from the inner surface of the left thigh. I loom narrow path, almost touching the sensitive skin. Lasky switch to the testicles (God, what is a magical creature!) - I desired to lick gentle and subtle, like the skin of babies, mouth takes in his belly again - one, then - the second spherical body and tongue keeps his job - impatiently, and at the same time very gently exploring the surface, wanting to get to the depths.
Up to my ears I heard my name on the lips of my men these simple sounds better than any, even the most skilful caresses. I lift my eyes and see it, this has already become a mother - face. He watches my action, just smiling and gently stroking my skin (so delicate and already flushed with excitement). Not taking his eyes, I keep his job. But from his look I melt like peppermint candy and smiling (eyes and with his already flushed and slightly swollen lips). My hand caressed the silky ideal of beauty - a member of my man (nothing is more excellent in the world!). It is already beginning to give up under the pressure of my caresses - hardens and increases, changes color and is absolutely stunning. I even stops for a moment, admiring this extraordinary spectacle. But then, like a wild cat pounces on its prey, so I with a bang due to overflowing me wave excitation, throws on the subject of my admiration. He has already poured a vital energy, almost quivering with tension. I dip the whole cock deep in my mouth because of what at some fraction of a second, even breath. So I am doing several times, alternating with gentle strokes tongue on the head when he is released from my longing mouth.
My Man yells and slightly sticks out his tongue. It excites me even more and I put your hand between the two halves of his incredibly appetizing ass. Language at this time continues its journey through the testicles and ends its way, painting the track on the sensitive skin of the inside of the right thigh. My man responds, my actions husky groan and reflexively reducing muscle - rises, thus helping me to plunge deeper into the throat a ready is about to explode cock. This action turns me on so that I close my eyes in pleasure and excitement overflowing all already lost control of the body flushed - I'm starting to moan loudly.
... We are immersed in a kind of ecstasy, when things cease to exist, except for the sweet anticipation of orgasm ... In my mind shoots the idea that you need to open your eyes, because you can not miss a moment of Eforie my man.
... And then, finally, it happened! ..
... His breath goes astray and becomes loud groan goes into some hoarse groaning. The muscles of the whole body tense up in a sweet reduction, and the last time I go deep into his mouth already bursting from the overstimulation of a member, at the same time without control and passionately licking and sucking a tense head ...
...Life Juice splashes, spills on my tongue, sour and slightly astringent taste sperm and asks further. But I try to keep the precious liquid, not swallowing, in order to share it with my man, - merging with it in a deep single kiss ... From what you see and feel I almost lose consciousness, and through the entire body runs an electrical discharge, so strong that a few more seconds thousands of needles tingling feeling in the tips of fingers and toes ...
My man has a rest ...
In the eyes treacherously rolled tears of happiness, and my heart aches at the sound came from the songs of the street David Broza ...
The history of the mother's face
I seriously screwed up. It lowered as down and out whore. I could not think clearly. But my son saved me, literally. He saved my soul, but it was impossible to save the reputation. We moved. It was a big step. All money raised from the sale of the old apartment, was spent on the purchase of a new one. On the food is almost nothing left. I took the money from the sisters for the first time. Urgent need to look for a job. The son came to me constantly. She controls me. I do not blame him for it. Of course, I could have told him that I was a grown woman, his mother, and teach me life is not in its mandate. But after all we've been through, I realized that I was useless mother. And if he does not, it is terrible to imagine where I was now. I listen to him, in everything. On my many sins, and he will not let me fly off the rails completely. All that the son will tell me I will do. I am indebted to him. Anyone have another son spit on a mother and gone, but my attempts to change me. I was of course annoying, but I understand that this is necessary. His control is necessary for me.

As for my sexual desires, then every day I struggle with this. My passion and lust have not gone away. They lit a flame in me. But for the sake of his son, I had to restrain myself. I used to fuck every day with different men, with many men, this is what I craved every second. And now I can not even bring a single man. I do not like it, I understand it. In me as if the devil lust lived.

I stayed for a couple of weeks. I look for work, but so far not turned up anything useful. Every time I leave the house, for food or for an interview, I'm really excited, looking at the passers-by men. These attacks have been torture for me. How I wanted to grab any man, drag him around the corner, to pull off his pants and swallow his hard cock. And then ride him and fucked to madness, while my mink does not quench your thirst. These paintings are constantly floated before my eyes. After I completed the case, I am at all times raced home. I throw off the clothes, soaking wet panties and masturbating like mad. I used almost all their sex toys, from small to huge. My thirst was not inferior anal vaginal. I went scrip of anal sex. Every time zatrahivaya phallus itself to madness, I imagined that I was fucked by a crowd not mytyh, sweaty hairy men. They humiliated me, paw, slap fuck in all holes, tough, rough, passed around to each other.

I changed the sheets every day, because it had finished at 20 times per day.

But these rubber members could not be compared, and close to the man, his smell, his body, his firm, living member. How I longed for man in his bed, but rather several. But all this was madness. I do not understand how other women live peacefully without sex. Go to work, watch TV in the evenings. What kind of person I am?

Days passed. I'm looking for a job and was struggling with his demons. Always afraid that one day my son will go, and I'm lying naked on the floor, stuffed with rubber toys in all holes. But he called before coming, before he did. Apparently afraid that if he comes unexpectedly, you will see the old paintings that he had seen many times.

After a while, I began to slowly walk on the old path. Rubber friends are bored and want something new. Since I was a newcomer in your area, I should not show itself with a bad hand and shine among men. Bring someone back home was not even considered. I decided to act carefully.

He struck the first month of summer, the heat was already unbearable. I decided to walk. Dressed Pink Dress free, just below the knee and the same color slates. Under the dress was pink padded bra and panties here, at your own risk, I decided not to wear. Furthermore. I thought long and yet decided to do this: before leaving, I tucked myself into the vagina a small (12 cm) vibrator.

But then something useful and panties, otherwise he would constantly fall out. Especially my vagina is not narrow. I quickly put on her pink lacy thong to match your outfit, and went out with a small bag in which were the keys, cigarettes, phone, wallet, and wet wipes. Before leaving, I put on the vibrator mode weak that it does not make a loud noise.

My task was a simple walk today. Previously, I devoured the eyes of men, but I could not help myself. Now inside me massaging vibrator, and my trip became much nicer. My dress was not overt, and everything else, too, did not allocate me. However, men often stared at me and smiled. Apparently my face vital beatific smile. A 20-minute walk, I do not get an orgasm, because the regime was weak. But my walking was not very smooth and easy. Well, that was in the shales, legs in high heels would surely gave way.

In a word, it was a blissful walk. Every cell in my vagina, I felt voluptuous excitement. The feeling of a solid vibrating object between his legs was a fabulously enjoyable. Panties were already wet and the drops running down her thighs. I went behind the store and rubbed the thigh napkins. My crotch was wetter than I thought. My juices are not watered slightly inside of the thighs. I do not know why, but I took a vibrator mode two modes stronger. My vulva immediately supple purred.

I walked forward, more and more away from their area. Vibrator has strongly massaged my vagina. The orgasm was not far off. Sensing this, I turned to the next yards, and sat down on a bench near the entrance. Before I only now realized that if I finish it, then everything will be wet clothes, and as then I'll go back to the city. God, how I had not thought about it. I quickly looked around. No one found out, put his hands under her dress and turned off the vibrator. However, it did not take out.

I turned it off in the peak and so now arrived in a highly excited state.

Looking up, I was scared. At 20 meters away from me stood two young children. Apparently they just came out from behind a corner. They stood near the arch and pretended to speak. At the very fact that they were surprised by what he saw and did not want to leave. The idea that I was caught in a shameful thing, not a little excited me. At the same time, and a shame, and pleasant. The boys were very young. A tall, bespectacled and a bit stout, with a bag on his shoulder. Second on the head is less than it, with black hair and cunning eyes, who ran from me to his friend and back.

Besides us there was nobody around. I do not know what I was thinking, but began to do the following. Slowly, I raised the dress up her thighs and looked away, not children. When my hips now fully exposed, as I slowly spread her legs apart, opening the eyes of children wet their panties. I shoved his hand between her legs and began to move it there. One time, I locked eyes with them and immediately turned away. These actions I was terribly excited. It was something new, unknown. At that moment I remembered one erotic film, which we had long looked with her ex-husband. There's a woman on the subway station, just to play with a man on another platform, pushing the legs, indicating that it has no panties.

I gripped confusing new feelings from this shameful game went on. I start to shoot her panties. Let them down to his knees, and then alternately pulled one leg, after a glance at my observers. Their eyes were a pleasant surprise, mouths open. They were shocked by what they saw. Gritting her panties in her hand, I widened my hips, leaning slightly back. My vagina in all its beauty appeared before the eyes of young boys. Undisguised mohnatka with sticking out a vibrator. I still also looked away, exhausted from desire. I was excited by their views as much as never before.
The boys all stood well back and stared at me. A miracle that nobody passed by. As if the whole world stood in this hour. And then I got tired of waiting. I looked sharply at the men and smiled radiantly. They were red, like crabs, but also smiled at me. Then, waving his hand, I called them to him. The boys looked at each other uncertainly, and moved towards me. The 20 meters that separated us, turned into a mile long. Finally, they were in front of me.

I felt a terrible shame, but my over-excitement, did not allow to move the hips. So I sat with wide-open thighs, which trickled down my juices.

- Hello, boys - I smiled upwards.

- Welcome - they mumbled.

I noticed, as they were hard to look away from my wet crotch, but they tried to look me in the eye. And then I said:

- Do not worry. You can not look me in the eye, see below.

I resisted a little forward, more widely parted thighs.

- You have something there sticks out, - said hitroglazy brunette.

- It's a vibrator, you idiot! - Shushed his friend.

- Your friend is right - I replied. - It's really a vibrator, I'm very excited.

Guys swallowed.

- What is your name? - I asked.

- I'm Andrew, - said the tall, stout glasses.

- I Lesha, - said the second.

Andrei tried to pay a compliment to me.

- You have beautiful legs and ...

- Vagina? - I helped him. He hesitated to say so explicitly.

- Yes, vagina, too beautiful, - he breathed.

- And you can touch? - I asked hitroglazy Lesch.

- You can touch me all, - has given me.

And then the guys came to life. I had no idea what to sign. They have ceased to be modest and hesitant. First little black Lesch began brazenly paw my thighs, and then switched to the slot. His hands stroked the hairs of my pubic area, down to the clitoris and labia. Andrew, meanwhile, stood to the left of me and hesitantly began to touch his chest. His large hands happy squeezed my boobs through dress.

Then I felt from the depths of my vagina out favorite vibrator.

- Look, Andrei, - said Lesch happy, holding hands all sticky and shiny vibrator.

- I did not allow him to take out - I said sternly.

- Oh sorry.

- Shove back.

Lesch instantly returned the vibrator in my cunt.

- And now again vysun and shove - I ordered.

The black-haired boy sitting between my legs and fucked my vagina vibrator. I began to moan with pleasure, I swept wave. And then, unfortunately, out of the corner came a grandmother with bags. I abruptly closed her hips and lowered her dress. Boys, too, did not panic. With his usual quickness of youth, they bounced me to the door. Grandma did not see anything. And then the front door opened. The guys went inside and beckoned me to follow. I briefly looked around, figured options and found nothing against to go after them.

And now we are in a dark entrance.

- Follow us, - said Andrei.

- You live here? - I asked in a whisper.

- He lives, - said Andrey, pointing to the other.

We climbed to the third floor, and the Lesch opened the apartment.

- Come.

I quietly slipped into the apartment.

- Are you living alone? - The first thing I asked.

- No, with my father, but it comes too late.

So empty apartment. Lord, what do I do? They have at least 18 years? Judging by their reactions to my "show", they are naked girls have never seen.

- You guys are adults? - I asked, throwing off slates.

The boys looked at each other and Alex, beaming smile, he said:

- We are second-year students.

- Ah, well, - I gave the answer, but for some reason I did not believe them. Too, they were still green.

His apartment was huge. Large lounge, kitchen, and three bedrooms. I entered the spacious hall. In his hands, I was still clutching her panties and the vibrator ... Stop! Where a vibrator? Am I dropped it?

Here Lesch entered the room, he pulled from his pocket my vibrator. Fuuh, thank God.

- This is your - he smiled and handed it to me.

- Thank you, I thought I lost it.

- I washed it, and it was very sticky.

Silly boy, it's female juices. Damn, it is not exactly 18. Or is there? Maybe ask for their passports. I can hurt them and then have to leave. And I did not want to leave, I was still excited. And these young guys called me strange lustful desire. Yes, it is to me? At the youth drawn?

My thoughts were interrupted by the landlord.

- Want a drink or whether?

- Yes, water please.

He went to the kitchen and brought me water, I quickly drained the glass. Boys stood, rooted to the spot and looked at me. Hell, they are waiting for the continuation. I myself lure them with their wet thighs and now need to work out.

Well, finally I assured it only once. Do not I have them, they do not see me, and no one will know. Then what I doubt? My slit all wet, you need to give her, what she yearned for so long.

I put the glass on the table and pulled her dress over her head. For me there was only a pink bra. The boys smiled. Then I undid the clasp of her bra and bared her breasts. Nature gave me a natural 4, 5 size of the breast, which caused the saliva in men. There was not just one guy who would not have sucked my tits. These young men were no exception.

Now I was completely naked and wet between the thighs.

- Now it's your turn - I said, and sat down on the sofa, legs spread.

Guys do not hesitate threw off their clothes and, to my surprise, they were members of a decent size. Seeing the man's penis, I'm even more flowed directly to the sofa. I wanted to try them on taste. Since the guys were following me on the 1, 5 head, I asked them to get back on the sofa.

In a standing position, I began to suck boys. One wanker, the second sucking. No one thrust of my hair, force does not sit down on the throat cock fucked rough in the throat. Heck, I do not have enough. I fantasized a lot, while sucking guys.

- Oh, I'll finish - Alex groaned.

- No, wait! It is too early.

I pulled away from them a couple of steps.

- Get off.

The boys jumped, and I lay on the sofa, extending his slingshot. With two fingers, I spread her wet slit and beckoned them.

- Insert here.

Andrew first came in steamed glasses. She leaned on me with his body and his cock easily entered into my burning bosom. The boy gasped. He slowly began to move his cock in me and groping boobs that gave him more pleasure.

- Faster - I could not resist.

Andrew picked up the pace. I squeezed him with her hips and began podmahivat him.

- You've got too wet and loose, - panted guy.

Here he was right. My slit over the years has lost its elasticity. Very guilty, let a thousand men. But if you do not have sex for a long time, the gap a little bit dragged on, but as I during the last days, the dragon their holes with huge rubber members, the size of my gender gap was XXL.

I'm not very much enjoyed, a member of Andrei, and he apparently also was not happy with my hole. And then I said?

- Fuck me once together, so everyone will be more pleasant.

I showed how to accommodate all this I had unrivaled experience. Which just fantastic poses fucked me. As a result, Andrew lay back on the couch, I sat down by a pussy on his cock, leaned forward, putting boobs on the boy's face, so that he was overjoyed and grabbed my big mouth in the nipple. Then I said Lyosha, so he put me there, where Andrew. Lesch did so. In my pussy was enough space to two members.

- And now, boys, move as quickly as possible!
And it's gone. They really started to intensively peck my vagina. I began to moan with pleasure. At last! Right, my vibrator lying on the couch. I do not hesitate to include it almost to the maximum, and shoved his ass.

- To get, - said Alex, who personally saw this spectacle.

My ass did not need to be lubricated, as just yesterday it went a huge black rubber each five centimeters in diameter.

The vibrating object in my ass and two members in the vagina, caused me to finally finish as insane. Nobody thought podstelit on the sofa. Because I started to hit a geyser.

- Do not remove! - I screamed stunned guys.

They continued to fuck me, in spite of the flood of my slit.

- I'm coming, - was heard behind.

- I, too, - a voice from under my boobs.

- Finish me!

So they did. They fill me with your seed.

- Oooh - I groaned, and fell on his back with her legs spread.

Cum slowly flowed from my vulva right on the sofa, and then there was not youthful voice:

- You bitch, spoiled my sofa.

I looked up in alarm. In the doorway stood a tall dark-haired man of 45 years in police uniforms. Lord.

- Dad, she - was justified Lesch, quickly pulling on his pants.

- I know, son, - the man said. - Go to the room while I'll take care of this lady.

Guys quickly ran out of the room. I sat on the couch, with the resulting sperm from the pussy and ass sticking out vybratorom which still vibrate. What is there to even talk ?!

- Go into the bath and rinse your dirty slot, then take a cloth, stain remover, shelf stands, and will scour the sofa, - harsh, but terribly calm voice said the man.

I reached for her clothes.

- No! - Osiek got it. - Clothes do not touch, going to work naked.

- But ... - I tried to argue.

- Shut up! In the bath quickly! And not lose on the road, something that flows from you!

I was terribly ashamed, so ashamed I never had. I put my palm to the perineum and posemenila in the bath. There I closed the door and sat on the toilet. While tuzhilas, releasing the sperm from the vagina, I frantically pondered the situation. What did he do to me? What's all over? Can I wipe the sofa, and he let me go? Or will all end is not so simple. I was afraid to think about something else. My God, what if he is not eighteen? Me get caught for child abuse? Yes, and he a policeman? It's that joke? What is the probability that the boy's father would be a cop? It's just ridiculous! I went for a walk ...

- Hey, bitch! Are you there soon? - Was heard from behind the door.

Bitch? God, he humiliates me, and I can not argue. I totally blame. In short it is a complete asshole.

I quickly scraped fingers sperm remnants of the vagina and rubbed toilet paper. Looking around at the sides, I found a cloth and stain remover. For a moment paused, he sighed, and opened the door. He stood near the door and looked down at me. My height was 1, 80, and he was taller than me by almost a head.

Lowering his eyes down, I went to the couch. Sitting on my knees, I started cleaning the sofa. My overseer slowly sat down and watched the whole time as I work. A couple of times I look up to him, but in his eyes there was a fog, no emotion. I am very ashamed of, that I was completely naked, and he just stared at me.

When you have finished cleaning the sofa, I, on his orders, carried everything into the bath and returned. He kindly invited me to sit in a chair. I crossed her legs and looked at him from the bottom-up.

- How did you get to our apartment? - He asked in a calm tone.

- Your son, let - downcast eyes again, I said.

- Why did you fuck with these children?

- They said they were students - I cried.

PLUNK! I flew in the face of a strong slap in the face.

- I repeat the question, why?

I anxiously looked at him, his hand on the face, and not knowing what to say.

- Are you a prostitute?

- No.

- Hmm ... And who are you?

I mean who? What does he want from me? Hell, I'm afraid of him.

- I ... I'm Natasha, excuse me very ashamed ...

- Shut up, whore, I did not ask your name!

I reflexively covered her face. The man turned his back on me and her hands on her hips, began to pace the room.

- So. So you're an ordinary woman, who wanted to have sex with young. Two members in the pussy and a vibrator in the ass. I take it back, you're not an ordinary woman, you dirty, perverted slut who seduced my underage son and his friend!

(Actually, he lied. His son was 19, as well as his friend. Why he lied, learn more)

What? There can be, they also said that the students! What a fool I am ... What will happen now?

I covered her face with her hands.

- Do you know what happens for the sexual abuse of minors?

- I'm sorry, I do not know, honestly ...

- Do not whine, bitch! - I swung man.

I again covered herself with her hands and tucked his feet under him.

He continued without waiting for my answer.

- Corrupting action of a sexual nature against persons under the age of majority, are punishable by imprisonment from 5 years to 15.

After that hung deathly silence. He first broke it, I say that in general there was nothing.

- I'm in no time you can hide behind bars. These guys testify and say whatever I tell them.

- Why are you doing it? - I pleaded.

- Because such a whore, you must be either in brothels or on the panel. And you walk free, shaking his enormous udders and feet before pushing minors.

- Please forgive me. - I pleaded. - I really do not know. And I have no excuse. I very badly received, I was led on about their desires ...

- Enough! - He snapped. - You want me to jail?

- No.

- Then you have to convince me that you have to correct, and more so you will not do.

- Okay, I'll try to convince you, - I mumbled stammering.

- You'll do what I tell you, for three months. This will be your probation. You will work in full for what they did to my son. Do you understand me, whore?

He humiliates me again, and again I can not do anything to object.

- Yes, I understand - I said, lowering his head.

God, that he would make me do? Of course it will be things of a sexual nature. So he cleverly put me on a leash. I could not find not a single loophole to get out unscathed. He won, I lost, and I will have to answer for everything.

- Let's start with a light warm-up - the first time he smiled. - You're on all fours podpolzesh to me and take my cock in your mouth, like you took a member of my son.

I'm not very surprised that proposal, but for the kind of started to protest.

- Are you crazy, is it possible?

- Is it possible to suck dick juvenile kid? Follow orders, bitch, or zagremit behind bars, the other is not given.

Damn, and I was in touch again. Slowly I am moving out booty from his chair and getting on all fours like a dog.

- Crawl!

I began to crawl, not arbitrarily wagging his back. He had unbuttoned his pants and emptied its thick trunk. If we discard everything in the background, the term I liked immediately. Thick, with a large head.

- Suck - he told me, his mouth spitted on his impressive instrument.

I'll take the hand of his trunk, but he pushes her.

- Hands behind your head, lift.

I do what he says. Now, I'm working head forward, backward, humouring him as his mouth dick. While I suck him, he begins to call someone.

- Hello, duty? It's Mikhail. Connect with Korneev ... Hello, Sanya, listen carefully. My apartment is very pretty eager to criminal penalties. I am not kidding. She immediately made something and now not to get on the bench, ready for anything. Aahaha. I'll put their shoulder straps, hell you're an unbeliever. Take the guys who are not engaged, and come to me. You'll see everything myself, I will explain later. All retreat.
He hung up the phone, I'm enormous, frightened eyes looked up at him, with a member in the mouth.

- What looked, my dear? Your trial period has just begun.

Next was the following. He sat down in a chair and put me between her legs. While he was watching TV, I was sucking his cock and licking hairy balls. I felt like a slave in the harem of the Sultan. In the end, he pulled me a huge dose of semen in the mouth, and forced to swallow every drop.

Frankly, I always swallow sperm. For the first time in my mouth had finished one guy in the village, his semen was sweet, and I'm happy to swallow it. My friends in the village were a few guys who fucked me when they wanted. I swallowed their semen with great pleasure. One day, my friends forced me to seduce two men who were fishing on the pond. I was young and stupid and incredibly depraved. For me it was an interesting lesson. I, in the buff, approached them and offered to fuck me, that's so right. As a result, they are rigidly fuck young fool in both holes and finished in my mouth (at my request). It was then that I realized that semen tastes quite different. All my friends were boys sweet sperm, because they did not smoke and did not drink virtually, as these fishermen sperm was bitter and unpleasant. I hardly swallowed this stuff.

Over the years, I have ceased to distinguish between what I swallow. I ate a ton of spermatozoa for all time. Sperm was for me a matter of course. I have never refused to swallow.

Like today. Just then, in the intercom rang. My "boss", as such it is now for me was, opened the door and then came to me.

- Let's figure out how you met them? - A mysterious smile, he said.

The door opened, and the apartment includes five men in police uniforms.

Actors following the humiliation of my scenes were:

1) The owner of the apartment. Senior lieutenant. Recently, my "boss".

2) Major (thick man in his fifties).

3) Ensign by Dubinin names (under 2 meters tall, a huge fellow, his penis has confirmed his name)

4) Another Lieutenant (young, tall, with a thin mustache)

5) Sergeant (completely bald, his so-called "bald", did not enjoy the respect of his colleagues).

6) And the last Vitek (short, curly black hair, do not know the title).

I'll skip the details of our acquaintance, they're just humiliated me how to want. Paw shamelessly for all parts of the body and called him the dirtiest little word, which was capable of their vocabulary. Typical mentyary. The only thing they asked, is the details of my offense, my name, there I am married, my age, and whether you can fuck me without a condom. For the first time, I regretted not sick sexually transmitted diseases, so would love to infect them with some gonorrhea or something worse.

At first they made sucked all their smelly ends. Sweaty, rough mentyary. I sat on his haunches, like a porn slut and sucked them one by one. They passed my head from one to another.

Then Major lay on the floor and put me on.

- Oh, what a good pussy - it could be heard from under me when he playfully fucked me from below. - Excellent pussy, men, wet and juicy!

If those youths, my slot was big, then it is clearly a major came. He fucked me so much energy from the bottom, I'm already beginning to groan involuntarily and even excited. Nature knitting his.

Major all kept saying, panting under me:

- Oh, what a cool slot so welcoming pussy I've ever seen.

While he fucked me, and the rest were nadrachivat. Soon they got tired, they surrounded me on all sides, pointing his head in the face.

- Suck us beauty, so members are not falling.

I had to take in my mouth and suck on the line. Member Major in my burrow more and more excited me, and I have not noticed, as she started jumping on it. My pussy while treacherously squelched through the room.

Major groaned heavily downstairs and went limp.

- Campaign I came to you, my dear, I hope you did not lie, that you drink control.

He barely got out from under me.

- One hundred years so did not finish - wiping the sweat from his brow, said the major. - Your pussy did not leave me any chance, milked to the last drop.

And now I'm sitting on his haunches, and out of my slit sperm starts to flow Major. The owner saw it and sat down beside me and offered his hand under my cunt. How can he take care of his apartment, his mother! He shamelessly poking my fingers into the vagina, vyskrebyvaya every drop. At that time I worked as a mouth, under duress.

And the owner to bring a hand to my face full of sperm. He abruptly slaps me across the face with his hand and smears sperm. There was a deafening roar of his colleagues. I push his hand and fall to the priest. My whole face was smeared with sperm and even wipe was nothing.

- So how did you like it? - Laughing, I asked the host.

- Bitch! - I growled at him, with anger in his eyes.

Apparently it was his great hurt, because he grabbed me by the throat and hissed in his face.

- Bitch - it's you! Obzovesh again, and instead of the trachea, we will take you to the police station and put him behind bars. Beheaded ?!

I did not say anything.

- Truncated, bitch ?! - He asked angrily.

- Yes! - I shouted.

- Well then, here you! - He relish spat in my face.

Now my face was like a jelly, with semen and saliva mixture. Ink flowed instantly.

When the host anger subsided, Major, who was sitting on the couch and scratching his belly, said:

- It is better to try her pussy, she was so juicy.

- I'd better try another hole - angrily, looking me in the eye, said the host.

He grabbed me by the waist and turned her back to him. A moment later I was face to stick on the floor, and the ass was sticking up. The owner spat into my anus and tinker a member of a couple of seconds, then suddenly stuck his dick inside.

- You'd rubbed her ass, - said the young Vitek. - Well it's not you pussy. I once fucked in the ass a ...

- There is nothing to be lubricated, this whore ass like pussy, hospitable, - interrupted by his boss.

He began to mercilessly fuck me in the ass. I already shouted in surprise, it was really rough and tough.

- Apply a minute vibrator on the desk - the owner asked Major.

- How does he here?

- It is dragged along. I say to the one more slut.

Major handed him my toy.

- Now we'll make this slut cum.

With these words, the owner stuck in my vagina vibrator, and so deep that it completely disappeared inside. Feels has maximum power. The vibrator began to buzz loudly in my vagina that could be heard in the whole room. I'm not hiding moan like a pregnant cow. God, what a shame. When he said that made me come, he as the water looked.

Member with all the dope cuts into my ass, and broken vibrator in the vagina. From these experiences, I instantly start to finish. From my pussy flooded creek, on the floor. I did not tell you how embarrassing, to finish in front of them, but at the same time damn nice. Orgasm covered me wave. Seeing as I ran down, the owner pulled his dick out of my priests and stepped aside.

- Look how flowed, - he said in surprise.

A moment later there was a deafening roar of men. I felt ashamed to triple, but I could not help it. I was on all fours like an animal, and because I have all flowed and flowed. Guys without ceasing to laugh and vilify me as a dirty bitch. Knees, I felt frail puddle formed not under me. I reached out a hand to remove the vibrator from the vagina. I had almost the entire palm thrust inside to extract this deeply entrenched, vibrating devil. When he left my womb, I gasped loudly and relaxed. Behind me were flying light foam on the ass and endless laughter. I did not have the strength to crawl away. So I was on all fours, his head bowed down. My ass began to push to see close-up on both slits.
- That's true whore holes - could be heard from behind.

A powerful slap on the vulva excited brought me to myself.

- Enough rest bitch, - said someone. - It's time to work again and now we give to finish.

One of them went back to the sofa, it seems it was bald. In front of my eyes everything was floating. I picked up a few pairs of hands and threw to bald. His cock instantly found my hole and then fell in behind someone else and put my dick in your ass. I began to thoroughly fuck both holes. It began endless orgy. They are constantly changing, tossed with a member-to-member. To say that I suffered, it would be lies, I enjoyed the whole process. But I am trying to hide it, though my whorish moans betrayed me.

When in my ass huge cock entered Ensign Dubinin, my eyes popped climbed. It seemed that I had planted on a spit. His cock completely filled my rectum. I moaned some male voice. It was quite painful, but at the same time enjoyable. From this huge cock in the ass, I came a second time. As it turned out, at the same time Dubinin. From my shmonki flowed a trickle discharge, and I was immediately thrown off onto the floor, as a thing. And here I was on all fours again, and in my ass a new member. But my next byryu something was not pleasant.

- Fuck you nakonchal, Oak. All filled her ass, fucking impossible, from the edges of the pours.

- Let's potuzhtes, lady, - said, it seems, Major.

My bread again parted to the side. Slap on the ass and again:

- Precious, I said!

Labia, I felt the cold touch. She turned and saw that Major raised the glass to my crotch. I got a few more resounding slaps on the ass and thighs.

- Ouch! Enough!

- Come on, bitch, whore Precious! Clean your ass.

I tensed and started to push. My ass was exposed, and the sperm poured out into a glass. At the same time, I farted a couple of times, tuzhas than again brought to the frenzied laughter of these fanatics. Bastards made me stoop, like an animal. They all yelled, Precious, Precious and slapped me on the ass. My ass real hard already burned, probably was of red color, but they kept slapping. Sadists.

And finally, to my face and put it faceted glass half filled with a thick white yellow sperm.

- Mouth open - with an innocent smile, said the host.

Yes, they're crazy ?! Swallow the sperm out of your ass? No way.

As if reading my thoughts on my huge eyes, the owner said calmly.

- You have no choice, so that the mouth is open, instantly!

He grabbed my face and features, I had to open his mouth, where he began to pour the contents of the cup. I nearly choked until the jelly from the sperm dripping into my mouth.

- Swallow! - Snapped the owner.

I swallowed hard, and all the sperm poured into my stomach. I started coughing and frowns, for the species soon as I swallow the sperm is not the first or even the hundredth time. This is a matter I loved, but they do not need to know what kind of person I am, otherwise they'll be even more fun.

I sat on the priest and looked up, his eyes full of hatred and pain. Flashed before me laughing faces brazen mentyar. Using second pause, I quickly stretched to the next head. They fucked me for about two hours, Major had finished first, but has already managed to recover, sticking up judging by its members. Healthy Ensign only that finished, so it is cut off, left five, and since sex marathon lasted for two hours, then at the limit of their strength, and all eager to come. Not long left.

My thoughts were interrupted by the master himself. He lifted me off the floor, roughly pressed to the cabinet face. He slapped me on the ass (it was a command to open your legs, I learned it). I was standing on the floor, half bent. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, and almost immediately I ran into a member of the host's anus. He easily slipped into a developed point. The owner of the dog ate in the rough and brutal sex. He would be in a porn shoot with such energy. Now he fucked me so hard that my legs began to tremble, and the ass is in danger of tear at the seams. He pressed my face to the cabinet, holding the hair. I felt a sharp smell of his sweat. He fucked fast and hard, but could not finish.

- Heck! - He swore, he went away from me. - Come on, next. Do not let her hole slam.

I was approached by a bald. Similarly, in the same position he started to fuck me in the ass. But unlike a host, he could still come. The truth is he did it not inside, and on my chest, after rapidly deploying me to him, and set him on his knees. His sperm watered my soft boobs. At this point the door appeared two heads. The son of the owner and his friend looked out to see what's going on here. They hatched at me. I was on my knees, and supporting arms, their obkonchennye tits. Followed my gaze, I saw the owner of the observers.

- Come march to your room! - He shouted.

- But Dad, what we've found it! This is our whore!

Our slut? I was impressed by his words. I already called his son a whore. Below is nowhere to go.

The enraged father, grabbed the belt, and the guys immediately disappeared.

Meanwhile bald joined Dubinin, ending the team. The remaining four I quickly counted. In an instant my mouth flew member curly Vitka (as he called the others), and I only had time to open his lips. He grabbed me by the hair and began to fuck in the mouth.

- That's what you're handsome, Vic! - Major witnessed his actions.

I did not have time to prepare for such a storm the throat and began to choke and cough, shoving his hands. It's only amused the young policeman. Finally he took a member. I gasped air, and exhale out of the corner of my mouth flowed a trickle of semen. It turns out I did not even notice as he pulled down my throat. Leaked sperm dripped on my hip. Gradually my sweaty, exhausted body they are even covered with sperm.

The next was the most discreet lieutenant with a mustache. He just put me with cancer and began to fuck, right now pussy. He finished in a minute, right inside. As soon as his cock left my vagina, the sperm immediately flowed out behind him, and I did not manage to keep it. PLUNK directly on the floor.

Boss, like a hawk flew immediately and of course throughout accused me. He poked my face to the floor and forced to lick a drop of sperm. Gritting his teeth with rage, I did it and more swallowed what was in his mouth. After that, the owner, like a doll tossed me into the closet. I settled beside him. Then I was approached by a smiling Major. He sat down next to me and put his hand on my thigh. Then his hand slipped between my legs. He started Iron-on transfer my crotch.

- Not a good value these savages slits, - he smiled, working hand between my legs. He stroked circles, but did not penetrate inside. Pinching hairs on the pubes.

- Good snapping at you, then what is wet, in mohnatenkaya measure - sentenced Maj.

I was shocked by such a treatment. Half an hour ago, he slapped me on the ass, and yelling "Precious bitch."

- And the big tits and resilient, - he continued, schipnuv my one nipple.

I sat on the priest, extending his legs in front of him, and my arms hanging limply at his sides. To be honest, I was pleased his attention to my charms.

- Show me your close schelochku - affectionately said Major, pushing me to the side. As a result, I was lying on its side.

- DELAY leg up - a sweet voice asked Major.

I complied with his request, raising his leg. Major hatched eyes.

- Amazing stretching for your age ladies.

And it was really amazing. In my 44 I could still do the splits. This I owe solely to sex in various positions, which stretched my groin muscle over the years.

And here I lie cocked leg, putting on display their charms.

- Look how pretty the same hole - Major smiled, stroking my wet crotch. I began to be excited strongly. From each of his touch electrical charge passed through my skin.

- Wet holes typical whore, - said the host.

- Wet, juicy and thirst - said the major, continuing to stroke me there. - I'd lick it, if you were not there nakonchal.

- Tie with these soft, Comrade Major, - said the host. - This whore should be taught a harsh lesson, that she realized how corrupt the youth.

While Major stroked me, I managed to finish slightly. This time is not so abundant, but emerged a few drops of my slits, draining by the pope to the floor. That no one even noticed, except major.

- See how hydrated, - he smiled and breathed his nose a pair of my crotch. - Oh, what a heavenly aroma.

- The smell of the current swirls that here the divine? - Do not let the evil boss.

Mayor did not hold back and put two fingers in my vagina. I gasped softly.

- It's time to enjoy this beautiful slot, - he said.

It is in the normal missionary position, Major began to fuck me, and it was damn nice. I flowed like a stream. True to finish it inside did not want to. After removing a member, he squirted cum on my body and even hit on the face. A little tinker member of the hairs of my pubis, he finally got up, and, finally bestowing my vagina light slap, he stepped aside.

The owner was the last who did not finished yet, or rather he had finished before their arrival, but a hundred times already managed to recover.

- So, you get dressed yet, but I'm done with this bitch.

With these words, he grabbed me by the hair and dragged her to the top of the balcony door.

- Ouch, it hurts! - I kicked, hoping to get.

He pushed me to the balcony. His apartment was on the third floor, the window was open. The owner pulled me to the open window so that my boobs fell out of the window. Any passer-by could see my breasts in all its glory.

- There are people walking - I was indignant.

- I do not care! - Snapped the owner.

He wrapped his arms around my hips and brought his cock in my ass, over the entire length, holding the end.

- Like a bitch? Fat dick in her ass feel?

I realized that I should answer, or get in the face.

- Yeah, - I moaned. And not a bit lied. I was really nice to feel in his ass his strong member.

Gradually, the owner increased the tempo to breakneck speed. I'm almost to the waist, sticking out of the window, swaying with the boobs in different directions, and moaning like a real whore. At the bottom of scurrying people, but I did not pay attention to them, completely covered by a rough anal sex.

Finally, strong hands were on my shoulders, and now I'm sitting on the priest with a solid member of the host in the mouth. Lips, I felt his cock vibrate, and after a couple of seconds, my mouth spurted hot jet of sperm. It should be noted that nakonchal host so much that barely fit in my mouth.

Seeing as my cheeks swelled, the owner took my chin and said:

- Swallow every drop!

I closed my eyes and swallowed a huge portion of thick sperm.

- Open your mouth, - he commanded.

I opened wide my mouth, showing that swallowed everything. The owner pulled my upper teeth, just like a horse.

- Well done! You learn fast.

Finally, he fumbled a member of my face. That is to say, povaflil as last whore. Then lifted me off the floor, polapat ass, and a long time and with pleasure.

- Ass you canceled! - He weighed a rare compliment. - Now you go into the room and thank the guys for what they fucked you.

I was afraid to look him in the eye, and so I just nodded silently.

- Forward! - He said, a plumb slap on my ass excellent.

Entering the room, I, his arms crossed on his stomach, he said softly:

- Dear men, thank you for being fucked me like a dirty whore. I deserved it.

This phrase I wrote the owner. And I said it quite well. Men laughed pretty.

- Not at all, my dear! Always ready to punish you.

All were dressed and ready to go back to the station. The owner had already put on.

- Go into the bath and obmoy themselves quickly. For everything you have 5 minutes.

5 minutes? And I have time for 5 minutes? My whole body is wet with sweat and sperm. At least I need a half-hour shower. However, I had no choice. I quickly ran into the bath. I wet a towel and began to wipe his dirty body. Even in the hair withered sperm. I did not notice that these have been 5 minutes. At the door there was a knock at the moment when I finished rubbing his crotch.

- On the way out jogging!

I threw the towel into the bath, glanced in the mirror, automatically adjusting uncombed hair, and went out into the corridor.

I met a lieutenant with a mustache, who was holding my pink dress.

- CLOTHING - he said quietly.

I quickly put on her dress over her head.

- And my bra?

- No need, exactly the same way as your vibrator, - said the host, vyrulivaya from the kitchen.

He held the phone to his ear.

- How many people are now in the monkey? - He asked.

After receiving an answer, he said:

- Well. Then it will please a pack of mongrels, say that now they are waiting for a surprise.

He hung up and looked at me.

- Well, lady, you're ready for a new job?

What? Lord, no, not what I thought! I stared at him in alarm. And he smiled in response poisonous.

Five minutes later, I was sitting in the backseat of PPP, sandwiched between Dubinin and the Bald, who brazenly paw my boobs and thighs. On my one dress, under which there is nothing. And also my purse, which holds a boss, sitting in the front seat.

They're taking me to the police station, to throw in a monkey at the mercy of God knows whom. I am extremely scared. All the way to the car, I begged the owner not to do so, saying that I am a decent woman, and I was waiting for a son. But he did not care to all my prayers. As a result, I sit in the car and going straight to hell.

Continued: The sex life of my mother. Chapter 19
This story happened to me last summer. My mother told me that we are going the whole family for two nights to my grandmother in the village. Make repairs to her house. I'm not particularly happy because the weekend I wanted a good walk. But I had to go. Arriving to the grandmother she greeted us well. To grandmother I have arrived and my aunt (mother's sister). Also helping to make repairs. Grandmother at the ready, a big table and we all sat down to eat, because it was already evening and Friday to work today, it was too late. Grandmother put on the table their famous brew. And dad once praised him as a very cool drink. Mom and aunt also had a few drinks. I do not poured reptiles. Mom thinks that in my 16 years, I still early. I knew she would like me in clubs booze. But it.

In the evening, when I had to go to bed, I found out that my grandmother my bed with my aunt. After all, she was asleep in her bedroom, the parents in the room, and I sleep with my aunt pass away.

Well, in general, we went to sleep with my aunt. The bed was not great but still under the same blanket. But since I really wanted to sleep, fast asleep.

Few describe aunt. She is 34, a slim brunette with appetizing forms.

And at night, I dream of a naked woman, and I'm running for it.

And then I woke up. The room is dark, the night was still. Member is a stake. And it is not just necessary, but jumped out of the shorts and rested in something warm and soft.

I did not realize that it was Aunt Polly.

I do not vorushilsya, so as not to wake her aunt.

My aunt still nozzles, as before. I could not help myself overcome and remove a member. Yes, and I tormented thoughts whether Aunt panties. And I moved a little to the side. Member slipped from the buttocks, just between the buttocks. And I ran into a member of her striped panties.

And everything is good, but then aunt woke up.

I lay there as before, not vorushilsya.

His aunt turned to face me.

Member rested in her stomach.

I did not open my eyes, I knew that my aunt is looking straight at me.

A minute later, my aunt turned back. And my dick again rested between her buttocks.

I did not know how to behave. I could not turn over, and the member could not obmyaknut.

So I lay there for about 5 minutes.

Then I felt my aunt took her hand and pushed her panties strip.

Member rested in her ass. Auntie little moved top of my cock was wet and warm parts of the body. The head member immediately gets wet from his aunt juices.

And then my aunt leaned back slightly. And my head is plunged into his aunt.

Her wet pussy severely crimped my head.

And then my aunt let her panties. And I hit the strip panties on my cock, thereby tearing my cherished member of the holes.

I could no longer endure. And he quickly pulled her panties and sharp push came to my aunt.
- Hush you, the bed fasten.

And I began to slowly pull his aunt on his penis.

The aunt was breathing heavily.

For a long time I could not and I barely had time to pull the dick and ass filled aunt.

My aunt got up and took off her panties wiped their ass with cum. and threw them on the floor.

Then he lay down beside her aunt and said.
- I want to finish.

And then crawled on me.

Member immediately started to get up and go to her Kisochka.

My aunt lay on my chest. Her breasts rubbed against my chest. And only moved her pelvis. And her pussy sit down on my cock.

So aunt jumped on my cock for about an hour. The street is already razvidnyalos and pituh full crowed.

And then I felt like the aunt's pussy squeezed my cock. And she began to moan. I covered her mouth with his hand, that no one heard.

My aunt came. And I got off my cock. She took it into his mouth and quickly began to suck. A minute later I filled her mouth with his sperm. all swallowed aunt.
- Aunts Are you a super-il.
- Thanks, you too.
- And tonight, you can still.
- I'm not against. Just run for condoms.
- OK.

All day wallpaper glue I was thinking about my aunt.

And then came the evening. After showering aunt came into the room and I shut the door and immediately began to paw her aunt.
- Come on the floor.

And aunt took off her blanket on the floor and lay down on his legs apart while.

I pounced on her aunt wearing a condom and began to peck her hole.

My aunt began to moan. And she bit a piece of curtain, and only my mumbling at each thrust.

After a while my aunt stood on all fours and I fell in behind and tore it in this position. Ass sticking out the top so high. What I could not resist and started to drive head on her ring.
- Aunts il possible?
- No. I'll moan. I do not keep.
- I slowly.

And without waiting for an answer, my head went into her ass. The aunt immediately groaned and slipped off the penis.
- No it is not necessary.

And I began to fuck her pussy.

I fucked my aunt half the night.

And in the morning we did not get enough sleep.

That day we dokleevali room. And the grandmother asked to gather up a fruit compote.
- Aunts Il can go with me.

The aunt immediately agreed.

Fruits were in the garden, so 100 meters from the house. And we're going to the garden began to gather fruit. But it was not until the fruit.

My aunt was in a dressing gown and I lifted it and began to touch her ass.
- Sash you that, and if anyone sees.
- The one who's never seen or heard anything.

And I took out a condom from his pocket and stuck wearing his aunt in the ass.

Aunt start to moan loudly, that just turns me on even more and I just accelerated the pace. My balls slapped on the ass aunt.

Her aunt's legs started podkashivatsya and I barely kept it. Aunt start to finish. And I made a strong push to finish, too. I felt like the condom broke, and I will fill the ass with sperm.

My aunt almost fainted.

She collapsed to the ground and a couple of minutes more moaning.

Then we quickly gathered enough fruits and returned.

The grandmother said that we only send the death.

This happened to me when I was 18 and my brother 16
My brother always staring at me, peeping in the bathroom. One morning, I began to get ready for work. Went washed, pomylas, put on a bathrobe and went to her room. I opened the closet and took their panties and saw them a lot of sperm. I immediately realized that it was my brother's sperm. I do not know what happened to me, but I wore them. I was greatly excite it. I put on stockings, skirt, blouse, and went to school. After my studies, I came home, his brother was not. I went into the bathroom, took off her panties and began to lick the dried semen. Then I got into the bathroom and began to stroke her pussy. Then he returns home brother and I decided to show him that I love his sperm. I was wearing panties, bra and T-shirt.
- hi-brother said. Apparently he saw me her panties.
- Hey. We come into the room - I suggested to him.
- Well poshli- fearing he said.
We went into the bedroom, sat down on the bed and I asked;
- you masturbate for a long time with me?
- from the moment I saw your ass in stringah- hesitating he replied.

I was very fond of sperm and offered him every morning to finish my panties and coffee. He agreed with surprise. The next morning I got up, prepared panties, poured herself a coffee and waited for him. He came after 10 minutes.
- here are the panties, and there is coffee. Nachinay- strictly I said and left the room.
I brushed my teeth, go to the bathroom and went to the room. I went into the room and saw her panties, where a lot of sperm, and coffee in which he also nakonchal. I drank coffee and the taste of sperm I became excited. Time was much, I wore shorts and felt the warm sperm As for my recording. Coming from the school, I again licked her panties. I so wanted to sperm, I went to his brother and asked him to finish on the plates, which would then itself I could dispose of it. I decided to help him. She took off her panties and his tale that he had it licked. I lay on the bed and he started. He's so cool Lisa, I'm finished. Noticing that he is about to finish, I put it on plates and poured semen. My brother wanted to see what I'll do with it. I allowed but with one condition, he will take into his mouth and my stockings will look. He agreed. I ran for the stockings, and she stuffed them in her mouth. They are a little smell my feet, but it is only excited. I took the plate with the sperm and began to drive on her tongue. Then she took in her mouth and swallowed everything. I was little and I decided to suck his brother. I pulled out of his mouth socks, put them on and sat down on his knees. She took his cock in hand and began podrachivat and carry on his tongue. When I took it into his mouth and began to suck his cock. I sucked and moaned as whores in the thirst to get his cum. He groaned and began to cum in my mouth. Sperm was so delicious mmm.
Since I often suck on his brother.

The soul is wrapped in a cocoon of steel filaments. She had to hide because there was nowhere to run longer. Pain on everywhere, scratching pain. Not causing any harm, she did not give to calm down. The soul rushed to close the vessel and, in the end, has calmed down and began to spin a cocoon. The cocoon of steel filaments, one touch which left severe burns. Do not get out, not get out from the inside. Cocoon that never turn into a butterfly.

She looked up and smiled:

- Could you call a taxi?

- Are you okay? - Man stared at his interlocutor.

- All right, second weakness - straightened hair, looking pensively out the window. - Thank you for your attention and I am sorry that your time is taken away.

She left, and hurried down the street without thinking - where he goes. After a quarter stopped abruptly and looked around, trying to figure out where he was.

Next to her stood a man, the whole shabby and tired.

- What, Nastya, very painful? - Grabbed her hand and forced to take a step forward - Come? Do you want more pain?

Strong slap stung her. The man almost shouted:

- Selfish creature!

Passing by people paid no attention to the strange couple.

With the power of a woman's body slamming into the wall, the rapist began to tear the clothes, constantly throwing punches. Nastia tried not to move, so as not to cause even greater fury in the psychopath.

- Are you still dry? Always dry logs with knots!

His fingers tore everything inside, raped, dent flesh.

- Repeat after me: "I am a good girl," Come on, come on, you can!

She barred shook her head, trying to escape deeper into yourself. A sharp pain tore through the mist - a member rushed inside. One hand gripped her throat, inflicted methodically another slap. Nastya fell into a trance, feeling deep inside wakes panic. A man approached her face and smothered with a kiss, his tongue slobbering mouth, shoved down his throat.

Feeling like a choking victim tried to escape. Kiss broke:

- Breathe nose, rubbish! Do not hope, stay alive, I promise!

At this time, the language once slipped inside, it felt that the body planted a barrel on the hot - from one to the other hole. Ramming its member allocated grease, which erodes everything inside. Chills went into the excitement.

Rapist tore his clothes, without stopping the movement. Because of its huge tentacles slipped back and wound defenseless body. After a few seconds the girl was crucified on the wall.

- Milashshshka - man grinned. - Will you answer, or continue?

- Who are you? - She managed huskily.

Tentacle stuck to the face, not allowing to speak.

- Curious ... you want to live? - And I laughed vigorous nods.

Sucker slid down, licked her neck, shoulders, nipples and stopped at a neat pupochke. Lowering her head, she watched how it includes some kind of spike. Creek stuck, torn inside.

- Are you hurt? Ahah, no nod, speak!

- Yeah, - her lips moved silently.

- Want more?

- No! - Whooping cry.

- Did you like it?

- No!!

- You're lying! - Spike revealed inside. - You like this?

Bitter mucus rose up and flew out of his mouth a man's face smeared.

- That's rubbish! - His voice was apparent delight. - Come on, tired of messing around. Hyrrrrr !!!

Member again broke into the tender flesh, and the monster with the power began to fuck his victim. Against her will, in its infancy pleasure so strong that sickened. The vagina is tightened with force.

- Ugly, I hate you !!!

- Do you want to live?

- Yes, I want, I want! - Screaming girl escaped through a bloody froth.

Tentacles released and the body crumbled down. She had to hide because there was nowhere to run longer. The soul is wrapped in a cocoon of steel filaments.


She tossed restlessly in his sleep, unable to escape from the nightmare. But in the room the men continued their conversation, oblivious to her torment.

- Passed the third round, but only five. Severe punishment ... What she has done?

- To seduce the younger brother, and when caught, accused him of rape.

- Ahem ... Pulls only two laps, and then ..?

- There are nuances, not even investigated. Everything is very difficult...

- Hey, it can survive?

- That's the check, and then restarted.


- Are you okay? - Man stared at his interlocutor.

- Not sure - after a pause, she said.

- Do you need help? Maybe an ambulance or taxi?

She began to fuss, adjusted the bag, looked at him in confusion.

- I'm sorry, I seem to be so taken away your time. I have to go, sorry - she hastily ran into the street.

Another nightmare was waiting for her in a quarter.

I was a regular guy. A lot of friends. Girls hot spare. But lately interested geysaytami. It started from the moment I came across a gay chat room. He began to correspond with one guy. He called Max. We wrote just about everything, even about anything. And the third conversation, he asked me a question - and can still meet, communicate. I pondered and wrote that it is better later pokolku how did it I did not know. 18. In the 00 days after 3, we again made contact and then he wrote to me that he is not very interested in writing to talk about art and asked me bluntly:

Honestly you're a liability or an asset? Q. I started, and I decided to make a joke:

Well liability. - I was pleased, Max said. I'm more active and would like to see you. But to start send me your picture, the face is not necessary, only the ass and I look forward very quickly. I had Nokio and I decided - I husky fun. I wrote that I need 10 minutes, and he agreed. I took the camera, with empty shorts and pants and sfotkal his backside and sent pictures of his email. After 5 minutes, he wrote that my ass class, and that he'd like to see my hole. It has brought me. I again sent a photo camera on himself, crouched sfotkal their splayed feet, which could see the hole anus. Sending a photo I received a strange question why she had not shaved. He asked me to shave back and re sfotkatsya. I was a little embarrassed, but it became interesting. I got eletrobritvu and began to shave the hair on my ass in the anus area. I finished and sent back sfotkal Max. Max sent back in response denotes that he would like to see me and sent my phone. And I decided to call. He answered immediately:

Hey. Give one address and if I arrive. I'm taken aback by the unexpected question, but something I was drawn to the incomprehensible, and I gave the address.

Half an hour passed, and suddenly the doorbell. I went to the door and opened it. And it Max. 30 years, and I was 22 years old. He looked at me appreciatively and said, simplicity is passed. He was wearing jeans and a shirt and sandals. I myself was in shorts, t-shirt. We walked into the room. He unceremoniously sat on the sofa and began to stare at me. I was silent. You know, he said, we will not just waste time, especially since I spent a lot of his talking in the chat. To begin with take off your shirt, he demanded. I'm confused. But he repeated.

Take off your shirt. I do not like to wait. I pulled the T-shirt. I had a complete indecision and did not know what to do.

Come to the window. I am waiting. I went to the window. Turn to the window and upris on the windowsill. I obeyed. His voice was something writ. Bend over. I just bent. Later shorts. Maybe you should not, all of a sudden I said. Shorts deflate. I lowered his shorts. I was wearing blue shorts as swimming trunks. Take off your pants completely and come to the middle of the room. I performed. He stood up, walked over to me. I trembled with the excitement of a misunderstanding and that I do.

I do not like your pants. You have to wear a thong and lace panties. And at this very moment, he just took it and tore them to me.

A continuation later.

We were embraced in silence, while in her arms as usual flowed seamlessly. we did not manage to talk normally in these days. Mary married and all this fuss wedding, we have not been able to discuss everything that happened to us during these endless three years that we have not seen. I live in Tver, and Mary as a child with his parents moved to the grandparents in Petrozavodsk. Up to 13 years we were inseparable, like two sisters were inseparable, but then it was taken away from me, a painful parting, tears, mountains of letters divided us. All this time we have been sending each other the most revealing secrets, our first love affair with the boys, quarrels with parents, we shared everything with each other as with anyone else! It took 2 years and my baby came to our city with his father at work all week, while she was here, I headlong after school rushed to it, and we could not leave until the last bus was leaving! We were so good together. We ran barefoot in the rain, meet with friends, generally having fun, chatting about everything! But now it's time to leave, I accompanied her to the train. We stood in silence on the pyrone her father saw how hard we leave for an indefinite period and went into the car. From her eyes lelis hail of tears, and I saw them, I did not know what to say. To me it was a mixed feeling of pain and indignation. Then sounded the horn, and she hugged me and kissed me on the lips, but not as usual, just smacking, she paused for a few seconds, and I have someone stuck in the throat, in that moment I realized that I wanted to burst into tears, but tried not to give way emotions. Almost painfully squeezed me as I could, she jumped into tronuvshis train. I stood there like stunned, not knowing that she still had left in complete confusion wandered to the bus stop. Peace in the circle I froze, and I did not want to believe that I will not see her again for too long. For two weeks I missed like crazy, we wrote letters to each other, sometimes called, often greeted each other with all kinds of holidays. Every time, when I was ill or lonely, I thought of her. I enjoy every letter or call. Then I went to visit her after 4 years. And it was one of the most exciting days of my life. Each time, I noticed that her words all the more open, more strong hug and kisses sweeter. No, we're just friends, just that these displays of affection probably so pulled me to her, I can not say that it was something unnatural, we just do not see each other for too long, and we usually have very little time to be together. and I want to use every moment to probably not so much to miss, though it never helped. It took another seven years, during which time we saw each other no more than 3 times. Masha met a wonderful guy, and he proposed to her, the first invitation to a wedding course I received. I was very happy for her, it's a terrific couple, I immediately bought a ticket and lived alone these days, when I can spend my closest and at the same time a distant friend to the altar!

On the plane, I could not find a place these half hours were endless for me, I'm really looking forward to seeing her always! And here we are landing at the bottom yet nothing is clear, and I'm trying to see why that her car on the road, excruciatingly long control, baggage. I already imagine how I'll throw myself hugging her again able to take her hand. So, I go out, I see her behind a screen, it is also already jumping with anticipation, throwing things nesus to it. Up and begins to twist, and it covers my face with kisses, and again we look into each other's eyes. Oh what a joy!
They loaded things and drove her all the way, she said, what would be a grand wedding, how much they have come up with, and I was happy to be with her on that day. probably one of the most important days in her life. Then came all the fuss, all the three days, all the cooking, cleaning, rehearsed, and then came to my boyfriend, we Masha could not even share the latest news in the past few years, but just ran past it smacked me on the cheek and apologized that he could not pay me enough attention, and honestly tell me too so loaded that was not up to socializing.
Well, it was the last free night before the wedding, the boys went to a bachelor party, well, we decided to make a break with the girls and bachelorette party, so it was a night of revelations, I learned just millions of secrets. All this time, we were sitting on the floor and drinking wine, playing soft music, candles burning everywhere, and we finally were able to talk a little, though not alone. There were 8 people, Masha finally relax and again sent me all his skuchalnye reserves, without leaving me a single step, even when she had to take something she got up without letting go of my hand. We lay in an embrace, and she will miss her fingers between mine, it will bite her neck, then ran his hands under the shirt. It's strange of course, but as it is already used to us, because we always bill and coo when we meet. Signature wine, and provoke me, I pulled her to play along, and besides was a fun relaxed atmosphere. I went for another bottle of wine and returned saw that Masha is lying on his back, his head under the pillow she was, what it was talking with the girls. As soon as I came in, she handed me a hand, as if urging me to lie down beside him. Well, I think, right now, I'll show you ... and I got up on her knees, flirting with her as before potsaluem, he bit her earlobe. I did not expect to hear a deep breath on her part, but he warmed me even more. Hey nipples good here in lesbian play, cried Nadia, then Masha turned and put me sideways in front of him, hugging me from behind, we continued to talk, but I constantly felt like my neck walking her lips and his fingers wandered over my shoulders, from neck, then tangled in my hair. Honestly I'm not expecting all still excited, perhaps emboldened by this, too, from time to time turning to her and kissing her face, and she pressed harder. I do not think it will lead to something, and this game was very fun for me. Then the girls went and we were alone, I went to the kitchen to make tea.

After seeing the girls she came back and hugged me from behind, then I realized how much I missed, and turned to face her. I was insanely good, did not need any words, we stood arm in arm, leaning heads together, I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment. She went back to cover the slow kisses on my face, my excitement began to build again. But there was no one thought that it could go somewhere further, I'm just enjoying the moment. Then we drank tea, a couple of hours talking about anything, and went to sleep. If there are two beds in the apartment, I wondered why Masha us a bed in one, but I honestly would like to sleep next to her, so I was glad. Once we chatted for ages in bed, and I did not notice that she fell asleep. I think I slept not long. I woke up on what Mary crossed her, embraced and strongly pressed on me, it was nice. And I took her hand and kissed his hand, thrusting it between the cheek and the pillow. Good night, I said. In response, I felt her tongue on her neck, she kissed my neck and already with passion. I started to joke supposedly drunk, old pervert, I know she wants me for a long time already. But alas, it did not change anything, she turned me to face him, and said ... Olga, I love you, and not a drop of no doubt, I have long ago this dream ... in return I ofigela course, I say. .. but what about Dima? ... not knowing what to say.
- And I love him too ... she said. Already being quite close to my face, my heart was beating like the last time, knocking drowned out everything she said, and she probably also heard it beats wildly. Slightly rubbed his nose on mine, she slowly began to suck my lips, I answered, then language, then flew clothes, blankets, pillows ... I have not been able to control myself, I only remember the moments, her breathing as pressed my palms a sheet, her head and her hair all down below, and lips wander all over my body. I remember how she held my shoulders, biting her neck as she muffled moaning so loudly that I was afraid. I do not understand what I do, licking her everywhere like a sweet candy. It was a crazy night, we fell asleep only at dawn and in the morning passionately kissed me and said that she was the happiest person on earth, and that she really wanted it to happen this night. You know, and that is why we no longer do after this love, we are both married, our children are friends, sometimes we just remember it as one of the finest moments in our lives and still miss each other!

I decided to go to go to the village, on the road, I turned on the car in the woods that would write on, but as it turned out at the wrong time. But I sat back like me who came up and grabbed by the hair and threw back, I began to cry and tried to run to the car, but it was not there. He took me by hand by the throat and dragged him into the forest, dragging the 300 meters, he took me to a small house, I cried and asked what would let go, but got some slap and a bunch of mats in my address, he pushed me to the floor and I huddled in corner. He looked to be 40 years old little plump, sullen face. He took me by the throat, lifted and began to shout:

you bitch decided stsat in my woods, shit.

You came creature whore blyadina.

will work out the knot.

I was shaking and crying, slezililis stream.

the name of?


he. Now budesh sperm

I. let me go

received another slap in the face, he took a knife and put to his throat and began to threaten me.

Is he. Now blyadyuga thou shalt perform all my desires, and if you start neslushatsya, here and stay, understand bitch?

I said yes.

Is he. Your name will now be sperm, and to me, Mr. obraschatsya and each of your refusal will be punished, you understand?

Yes, I replied, and immediately got in the face.

Is he. Realized he called Mr.

Mr Ya Got.

Is he. like that bitch, a whore and now rozdevaysya.

I realized that nothing soprotevlyatsya quickly rozdelas

Is he. And you're a whore nichigo, beautiful shape, sit on a chair sperm.

I sat down on a chair.

Is he. Legs rostav and start a fuck.

I slowly began to drive himself on pussy, he came up to me took the hair and dragged her into another room

Is he. I said fuck you whore yourself, and you disobeyed, I'll Wait Nakada blyadyuga

the room was equipped with everything for the BDSM

I started to cry and beg for mercy, he tied his hands up between his legs in heels put a stick and tied with a rope, squeezed my breasts and squeezed the nipple, and I cried out in pain, he took a whip and began to apply ulary by the pope, I began to scream, he took and put clothespins on her nipples and twisted a little and continued to strike.

Is he. Well bitch budesh stsat in the woods?

Ya No, I will not forgive me, sir.

Is he. No damn, you punish nada, you have to work, you do want to work?

Yes Ya want

Is he. That done, open your mouth.

I opened my mouth, and he told me to spit, then continued to beat.

He untied me and I fell to the floor, he put me on the leg chest and ordered to kiss her, I began to kiss the foot.

He grabbed me by the hair and threw it on the mattress.

Is he. cancer Cum quickly !!!

I quickly became a cancer, he came back and stuck my dick in pussy, began quickly to engines, and clapping his hand on the pope.

Is he. Damn you over, slut, let's move her by a pussy, bitch.

he continued to fuck rough and call on me, he increased the movement and squeezed ass, I began to ask that had not finished with me, he took out a cock and cumshot on my back I turned to him and stuck his dick in my mouth.

Is he. Well sperm, I liked how you fuck, but little etogo, to develop myself what would easily point I went out there and threw me a vibrator. Damn, I do not when you do not fuck in the ass, the husband asked many times, but I did not agree, and Wait will have to give the godfather, but there was no way out. I took the vibrator and slowly began to enter into the anus it was painful and unpleasant.

Is he. Cum slowly vvodish, you're a whore married? Or help you whore?

Ya No, Lord, I myself, just once, I fucked in the ass and it hurts me.

Is he. UTB well what are you virgin, You want in the ass? Knowing what to say, yes, I shook her head. Sex vibrator has been in my ass, it took about 10 minutes and the vibrator is completely immersed in the ass, he sat on my chest and put the dick in your mouth, I started sosot, he took me by the head and thrust themselves on the eggs.

Suck bitch, suck, let blyadyuga, he thrust his powerful thrusts into his mouth cock and started to fuck my hand.

Then he lay down on the mattress and put me on, emis remained the pope and I jumped on his cock, then put opcht cancer and began to fuck in the ass, fucked long and UTB all time call me.

Is he. Sperm are you married?

Yes, Mr. J.

. Is he. Unfaithful to her husband?

Me not.

Is he. With girls had sex?

Me not.

Is he. Want grupovuhu?

Not knowing what to say, I began to moan and show that I'm coming.

Is he. Sperm I asked a question, grupovuhu want?

Ya No, sir, you ebite me.

Is he. Such a whore like you have to fuck all and sundry, and you have to ask itself about the Babe, and your husband should lead you to the mating and expose your point all in my head all twisted, I did not know what to say.

Continuing to fuck me in the ass, he hit on the ass a few times.

He pevernul me to him and finished in my mouth, I licked the remnants of sperm and remained seated.

Is he. Open your whore mouth wider. I realized that he would Wait stsat me in the mouth, I closed my eyes and opened her mouth in a moment I pochustvuvala hot jet, he stsal in the mouth and face. stsal he had a long,

Is he. Here you're a whore over, see what a puddle, that I'll be here with stsakami quickly lapped up everything.

I began to lick the floor Yazikov urine

Is he. No female, hands behind his back and mucus

It was not very comfortable, I was crying and licking.

then when I'm licked, he made that have helped and Tode all licked.

Is he. So the sperm, your master wants to see how you fuck the crowd.

Ya No, do not, I beg you, do not, ebite you, I'll be a rubber stamp, please.

Is he. You blyadyuga objected to me? You're a whore did not fulfill my wish, quickly stalled, blyadina over, you have to ebatsya with whom I want, bitch, I realized the creature?

he hit me in the face, and led to the rack. Put cancer, I tied his hands with rope, so that my ass was pripodnyatv up.

Is he. Well damn, for he refused to be punished, and he began to lash beat stuck in the ass vibrating and continued to beat him, I cried and cried, he went on to beat the whip on the ass and back, he took another vibro stuck in pussy.

Is he. Well bitch, I understand?

Yes, I replied.

Is he. So you're gonna suck at all who I say?

Yes, sir.

Is he. That's good whore, you are in fact docile whore?

Yes, sir.

Is he. So you want grupovuhu?

Yes, I do, I vyibite crowd vyibite well, in all the cracks, I want to sperm hochuuuu I damn your whore, I'll tell ebatsya with anyone.

Is he. Good slut, damn good, and can fuck you with your husband? Did you tell him that you are a whore skazhish and wish that he had poprisustvoval like you to fuck the crowd will be, what a slut?

J. Yes, I agree, ebite I want in the ass, I want that b husband watched me fuck, I was humiliated, Mr. vyibite crowd me, what are you waiting for? Ebite !!!

He adjusted vibration, pushed them on, came to his face and gave a couple of slaps.

Is he. Well whore stand so come Wait uspokoyut friends and you, and I see all techesh.

Damn, I thought, I thought after etih words let go, and I kind of asked for it herself.

Within minutes, 20 people came, I Do not know how many of them, but is not less than 10 people, they scoffed at me like hotnli, beaten stsali at me, I had a mouth full of sperm, and all UTB filmed, I Aida rozkazyvala what I damn that I've been unfaithful to her husband, that I enjoy BDSM, and I'm a slut.

When they naibalis and fuck every two or three times I was, I was released. I almost do not remember as got to the car, but quickly sat down and went all the way, I cried, I came to the village and went pomylas lyagla sleep on the next day I came with my mms video, waiting for a call ...

The penultimate stop was their salon boutique "Pleasures of Venus." Jane slightly stupefied by the abundance of silk and lace. Picking up hanger with lace thong, she was horrified at first looked at them, then at Daniel.

- Jane, do not need to be frightened. This lace thong.

- I hope more strip it back?

The man shook his head.

- God ... - she covered her mouth in horror hand - I-I refuse to wear it. It's not even the underwear. It ... it also does not cover anything.

- Believe me, covers, - Daniel laughed.

They went Sales. "Newcomer" - Daniel thought.

- Hello, glad to welcome you in the salon "Pleasures of Venus." How can I help you today?

- Hello... ?

- Christine.

- Christine, we have a silk evening dress pale blue color. We need to pick up under his clothes.

- I think I can help you. What size?

- That's it - Daniel pointed to Jane, who still was shocked by what he saw.

- Remarkably, ma'am, come with me.

- Uh ... we have a different system - Daniel finger called Jane - you bring clothes, she shows me and it measures.

Consultant blushed:

- But, sir, a silk dress made to wear a certain kind of underwear.

A man approached her gently:

- I know, my dear. Now go and try to find something flesh-colored.

While Daniel "fought" with the staff, the first wave of shock, the girl went and she became bolder considered underwear. Bra, which consisted literally of two pieces of lace, she seemed very nice.

- If you like, I'll buy it - think Daniel spoke volumes.

- N-no, I do not think you should be so spent. - Jane blushed.

- I wonder how he will sit on you.

Their dialogue was interrupted by a soft Christine. She had two hangers in the hands of:

- Complete in my left hand is completely seamless. Cross-linked using a unique technology. Jane went and became near Daniel. She offered to put panties consisting of strips, narrowing and expanding in two different places and two "threads" on the sides - as you can see, a bra is slightly unusual.

- Yeah, - Jane picked up the whole kit - it's even hard to call a bra. Just a strip of fabric on the very thin spaghetti straps.

- My kitten, do not exaggerate, great kit. Come and Try on.

- Wait, let's hear what she says about the second set. Somehow, I see only one string.

- Yes, you are right - Christine smiled, - the man said that the dress is silk, so the best option is for the silk - silicone nipple stickers.

Jane opened her mouth in amazement.

- Silica ... what?

Daniel easily licked his lower lip.

- It is a difficult choice, even for me. I do not want you to undress eyes all the men in the restaurant. Like I said, Come and Try on the first option.

Jane took the underwear, and went into the fitting room. Wearing a thong she was both evil and grateful. She could not think that the pants are so small, so mentally thanked Daniel for a proposal for hair removal. She felt almost naked. How could she come out and show yourself a man, who the girls were more than she read the books? Wearing a bra, her mood dropped to zero. He was very frank. Although what she expected? She could guess that they will not go choose the monastic robe.

- Jane, not Tom. You're hard to put 2 lines on the body? Can I help you? - Man languishing in anticipation.

The girl came out of the dressing room and looked at him.

- If I knew that everything would be so frank, I would have thought a hundred times.

The man is lazy and eagerly examined her body. It was excellent. He fidgeted in his chair - erection caused inconvenience. "Who knew that an ordinary librarian will be so sexy?"

- I like the way the bra sits on your chest - he gently ran his hand over her rotundity - like and covers, and like or not. His thumb lightly around her nipple.

Jane dizzy.

- Sir, you do not have to do that.

- Why not? I have certain rights. I'm your guy.

- Yes ... but.

Hand man gently lowered down the back. He abruptly pulled her to him.

- I feel it is the most difficult night of my life. I do not know whether it makes sense to try stickers there. He increased the distance between the bodies:

- Turn around.

Jane stiffly began to turn. Gaze men appeared almost perfect buttocks. He sighed loudly, trying to calm the growing excitement.

- So, stay here.

"As if I somewhere in a way to escape" - ironically she thought.

A few minutes later they were sitting in the car.

- So, now we'll go again to the beauty salon to do your makeup. While they will smarten you, I will give myself up, and then pick you up and go to a restaurant.

Leaving Jane in a beauty salon, he decided to go home a few minutes and gently blow off steam. One could, of course, work out at the gym, but he was afraid to meet some beauty and miss the restaurant. Twenty minutes boksirovaniya or twenty minutes of sex? He liked the first one.

Jane looked in the mirror and did not recognize his reflection. On the other woman watched her. "Make-up can do wonders," - she thought. She had a headache. "We need to sit down and relax. Too many events for one evening. "

cabin door opened and Daniel came in. Jane could not help admiring them. Slightly cropped hair, light hair adds to his charm, which it liked the women. She rose to meet him. He saw her and took one of those evaluating man's sights.

- Are you ready?

- No, but I do not really have a choice. Excellent suit.

- You do look like a very tasty cake. I want you to enjoy piece by piece - he gently pulled her to him and kissed her gently on the lips, - when we are in a restaurant, try to flirt with me.

- I do not promise, but I'll try.

Continued: The stranger in the elevator. Part 4
Max was alone in the compartment, and smoke. A minute ago, Anja, the girl he loved since high school, said he no longer wished to communicate with him and is about to fly away to Spain. This news knocked him out of the rut. He sat dumb and did not know how to go on living it. Here in the coupe knock. Maxim allowed to enter, even without looking up.
- I'm sorry to trouble you, but it is forbidden to smoke in the compartment, - said the conductor, which is written on the badge "Katya". Max looked at her and, having given second momentum will, got up and walked over to her.
- I'm sorry, girl, I promise you no longer smoke, if you let ...
- What? - She gasped, not daring to look up.
- Allow me to do so ...

He leaned over and whispered in her ear the most affectionate adjectives. Her breath hitched, and he felt how hard it was to keep his composure. Maxim lightly touched her cheeks, and slowly began to descend lower, caressing her neck. His hands pressed her back to him, and Kate allowed herself to touch his hair.
- Katya ... - he whispered, his breath tickling her earlobe. - Let me just ... let ...
- What?
- Let me ... I feel like straining your nipples like your breasts are asked male affection - he kissed the neckline of her shirt, not daring to go below. Kate realized, and undid the first button on the form. Maxim saw her full breasts and delicious, hidden in the bra. He gently held them with his lips and began to unbutton her shirt on.
- All of a sudden ... someone ... will? - Confusedly said Katya. Her tense body was completely in his power, and each Murashka on her body was devoted to him. Maxim fumbled behind her hand on the door and below the castle, and locked at two turns.
- We did not hurt anybody - he whispered these words in the ear, and she shivered again. - That night you're just my ...

These words tickled her ear and blood Adrenaline going wild. Maxim finally killed Katina shirt and slowly led her to the seat, undoing her bra. He sat down and pulled her to him. His clever tongue slowly slid down her flat belly, rising up to the breasts. As soon as his lips touched her right breast, her body arched, wanting to be closer to him. Indescribably gently he turned her nipples play and tickling. Hands Maxim, meanwhile, went down below to the buttocks. He slowly lifted her skirt and Katie saw her pussy neatly in black thong. He pressed his nose to her pubis, and then she completely lost her head. Her slender fingers squeezed with all his strength at the back of his hair.

- Kate, - again he whispered and kissed her pubis. Because breast moan escaped Katina, and the body was covered with goose bumps again. Maxim finger pushed the panties of the girl and saw her beautiful pussy endlessly. He could not resist and kissed her labia. Katya going crazy with excitement and pleasure. Maxim tenderly kissed her pubis, lips, breaking the clitoris. Her treasure was clean-shaven and seemed to tender and sensual. Maxim went and Kate sat on his face, revealing all its charms. He kissed, licked and delivered unearthly pleasure her companion. Outside, the night reigned, and the faint light in the compartment could not cover all the charm of the young conductors. Maxim deliberately teased the clitoris excited Katie, without touching the vagina. Now Kate begged, literally begged to let her finish. But it was not included in the Maxima, and he plans, leaving her excited clitoris, his tongue into the vagina.

From the whole kaleidoscope of emotions and sensations Kate screamed and completely surrendered to the guy. He greedily sucking female juices, wading deeper and deeper. For him, it was an endless pleasure to feel on his face the young woman's body, touching and delicious pussy to bring her pleasure. Yes, definitely, it is better than many others could do cunnilingus girl, bringing her to orgasm space.

Some time later, Maxim put his hands on the waist of the girl and pulled her down. She climbed down from his face, and he again began to kiss her tummy, rising above. He caressed her excited breasts, her tongue delineated cheekbones and lips first touched. The kiss was full of lust, desire, arousal and pleasure. Their tongues entwined in a passionate dance, and Catherine every movement showed how much she wants it. Maxim pulled away from her, sat down and began to unbutton his jeans. Kate waited patiently, then saw his erection, which languished for some time in prison, she got off her knees Man and hesitated. Maxim gently pushed her head closer to the member and her little lips wrapped around his inept. Now came the turn of Maxim enjoy. Young Katie's mouth slid over his smooth trunk. She did it for the first time, and each new movement gave her confidence. She gently sucked his penis, tongue teased the head and kissing balls. Here Kate decided to take it fully into your mouth and inability, I choked.

- Not so fast, my dear, - Maxim purred. - Everything has its time. Slowly take it in your mouth and feel what it delicious, and how you want it. Can you help the handles, - I taught her boyfriend, and she did just as he said. And she came to shove it all.
- That's clever, dear, - he said, and finished it in her mouth. Kate swallowed the male sperm and slightly winced.
- It's not scary - again whispered Maxim - you learn everything and get used to it. You've learned so much, baby. Come to me.
It's hand pulled her to him and kissed her gently on the lips.
- Come on, darling, do each other nice.

He began to put it on his erection. Her chink was quite small, undeveloped. Maxim realized that it had only once or twice, and never once did it Cooney and not forced to do blowjob. Maxim leisurely sit down on a number of the conductor, feeling the friction of her hot flesh. Katie's body arched involuntarily, substituting your vagina under the rod of his men. When a member of Max was inside the girl, he again put his hands on her buttocks, lifting them up and down. Katya same hands wandered somewhere on his back. They are both excited and burning with the desire to become even closer, to feel each other even more.
- Honey, - he whispered, - you are divine.
She bent down and dug into his mouth, biting and sucking them. His language is explored in her mouth and his cock was dominated in her vagina.
- I want ... again ... - squeezed it, but was so excited, that no strength left to say anything.
- What, dear?
- I want to again ... - she could not finish. Maxim waited patiently while continuing the friction member of her sweaty flesh.

Now the rate was increased three times as compared with the way they started.
- Cum in my mouth - in the same breath she said, and then bit his lower lip.
- Whatever you say, dear.
He picked up Katya's buttocks and then grabbed her mouth excitation voltage Maxim member. All movements of a couple and now sperm dripping from her lips. Most of it is swallowed and is now slowly sucked his dignity.
- You're very clever, baby.
He pulled her to him and kissed her again.
- Go and wash your face, honey. You are waiting for.
She got up, he helped her to button again ran a finger over her pussy and put her weave in her bra.
- You'll make a good slut. I'll see you in an hour.
She nodded absently and walked out of the compartment. Maxim also leaned back in his seat and thought it a good idea said parting with ex-girlfriend.

When Kate came back an hour later, in the compartment, much has changed. Namely, at the last station to Max sat in a compartment of his old friend Albert. Kate came in and was a little confused.
- Do not be afraid, my dear, come, - Max asked, touching her hand. - This is my friend Albert. I never thought that we would go in the same compartment.
- Max, how much we have not seen?
- 5-6 years for sure.

Albert nodded, looking at the conductor.
- And this baby, - said Maxim - the most excellent whore.
Sucks better than this Grey.
- Drive?
- Honey, you do not want to repeat? - Maxim turned to the conductor.
- N-no. I, perhaps, it is time to ...
- Well, where are you? Stay ... I promise you, my friend, we will not interfere.
- I ... I can not, I have to go.
- Baby, come on, do not be shy!

Maxim got up, put his arms around her waist and brushed his lips on her neck. She almost lost her temper again.
- Baby, you want me!
He unbuttoned her shirt and was pleased to see that it is now without a bra.
- Oh, honey, what do you umnichka!
Max squeezed her right breast and greedily kissed her nipples. Kate gasped with desire. Maxim put her on his bed, and dramatically lifted her skirt. Katya was without panties.
- We, the children, - said Albert, - I will go for a walk.

He went out and Max locked the door behind him.
- You see, my dear, now we are alone again, - Max smiled and clung to her pussy. She kisses it covered her thighs, pubic area, the area around the labia. Body Katie is bent in an effort to open themselves to his kisses. He hungrily kissed her labia, gently, gently, very gently touching her clitoris. Katya was burning with desire and arousal, and prayed that he did not stop. But Maxim did not think about it. He stuck his middle finger into her vagina and began to slowly and carefully investigate all inside. Conductor crazy with incredible sensations. Maxim licked and licked her pussy, inhaling the pure feminine scent and licked her juices. It is, at times, he lost his head against such strong emotions and still continued. Yes, it is definitely God cunnilingus!

Maxim emerged from this amazing bosom and kissed her belly.
- Give me ... give it to me, - gasped Kate and Max, touching her lips, she sat. Katya also sat down and began to unbutton his pants itself. Finally, she took his cock and immediately shoved it into his mouth.
- Oh baby!
Now came the turn Katie fun. She carefully treated to a huge advantage for a Man, I kissed it and licked. Her lips gently glided over the huge male trunk, tongue gladly touched the testicles. Again she tried to swallow the whole cock and she had all happened.
- Quickly learn, my dear, - Maxim said, stroking her hair. - Just come on quickly.

He clenched a fist of her hair and quickened the pace. Now Kate almost choked, shoot down, but the male body is not produced.
- Tell me - demanded Max, - tell me, I'm the best!
- You're the best, - Katya repeated.
- Do not stop! Tell me what you want me!
- I want you - not letting a member, she said. Saying it was uncomfortable, she choked.
- And now, baby, come on her pussy.
Kate dutifully stood with his back to Maxim. He bent her and put his penis with her longing cunt.
- ABOUT! You're the best whore of all those with whom I have ever ebalsya!

He began to fuck her fast and hard. I have not had that tenderness. He wanted to fuck her more often, faster, stronger.
There was a knock on the door - came Albert. Kate was about to get up, but Max bent over her so that she was at his fly Alberta.
- A friend is an incredible slut! Try it.
Albert doubtfully looked at Max, and he continued to fuck a young the conductor.
- Sweetheart, you do do me a favor? You're Albert will show what you've learned?

Kate almost cried. Now she knew that now it vyebut not be released until the finish. Katya according shook her head and began to get a member of Alberta. He was a little smaller than Max, but also standing. Kate took it into his mouth and began to drive back and forth. After each touch, he was getting thicker, and Kate was uncomfortable. She now and then knocks the rhythm.
- Suck normal, whore! - Max said suddenly and slapped her on the buttocks. Kate cried, and tears flowed from under her lashes.
- Do not boil, Max, - said Albert. - Your girl copes.
- It's just a young whore. And now we'll teach her pleasure.
Maxim took out his penis and buttocks of the girls parted, it became insert into the anus. A member was tight, that silk was not yet developed, Kate screamed and Albert plugged her mouth with his cock.
- Shut up, kid. Now I will make you into a better whore! - Max grinned and dramatically walked up to the stop. Kate began to cry out in pain, and

Maxim began intensively to develop the anus girl.
- Max, calm down - calmly said Albert. - She's still a girl!
- This is my whore. She wanted it to be. Now let no whining.
Max rapidly got out of it, turned to her and lifted her chin with his finger, looking into his eyes. Kate was crying in pain.
- Calm down, dear. You are only mine. Clear? I will decide how to treat you and to whom you suck. Now Albert is rest, and we're a little bit's fuck.
He pushed her onto the bed, ripped off his shirt and skirt, and she was lying completely naked and in tears.

- Albert, make a couple of shots - threw Maxim, pointing at the camera, lying on the table. And he went on Katya, spread her legs and again began to fuck her quickly. But it's been a little more tender. Max kissed her chest, neck, cheeks, lips. He took the language behind the ear and stroked his stomach and hands encircled her waist.
- You're only mine, - he whispered tenderly, and he was part of it more and zhosche. Albert photographed every pose, their act, and he could not help burning with desire.
- Would you? - Max asked.
- Madly.
- She's yours. But especially do not get carried away!

Maxim got up and was replaced by Albert. He introduced his penis into sweaty pussy conductors. And Maxim smoked and drank whiskey. The train raced at full speed in Moscow, almost without stopping at the stations. A carriage 5 7 coupe, two drunken young guys fucked the conductor. Outside, the dawn began and, except for the noise of the train, in a compartment silence broken only by the moans Katie.
Maxim soon tired of drinking, and he lifted up the prostrate Katya eagerly and kissed her roughly, the last time she was fucked, cumshot in the face and kicked out of the compartment. Katya long sat naked on the floor of the car, all obtrahannaya, tears and semen, and understand that it is now a real slut.

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