In biology class, they usually sit in the front row and always separately. Just because sitting next to Lisa seven consecutive lessons for Zoe was like torture - a friend climbed under the hands of the ruler, pen snatched from his fingers, when Zoe recorded especially important teacher observations, and all the while whispering vulgar jokes about her ex-boyfriend.

Zoe did not like to sit with Lisa at the same desk, because she always has put his hand on her hip, bent close-close, so that the notch on the fashionable dark cherry sweater could not hide the black lace bodice and swarthy chest. Cant, whispering about mitosis so hoarse and rough, as if were a boy, lowering the tone of your voice to the noisy vibration. At such moments the hand of Zoe, fluttering over a sheet of paper the whole lesson, stiffened, and a low, obscene whispers drove out all the laws and principles of genetics, structure and forms of organisms, which they passed. All except her own.

They are almost always took their seats on the different parties, with some exceptions.

Such as now, when Zoe again panic and self-deprecation. This happens only with her because Lisa - stylish long-legged beauty, which does not have the heart and rebound from the guys. And Zoe small stature and background to the spectacular girlfriend is almost invisible, and beautiful boys in a society is lost and does not know what to say. Especially in his society.
- So, baby, do not cry. In your life there will still be the greatest of the Great Love and all that ... - Lisa murmurs, stroking Zoe's shoulder when they are both sitting at the last desk in the first row so that they could not see Viktor A.. Classmates first five minutes of sobbing turn on Zoe, but stumbled a couple of times on Lisa obscene signs, turn away offended and do not repeat their attempts. All they know is that Zoe - This botanka and demure - Andrei likes of the parallel class for three years and can not tell him about my feelings. Or at least come.

How to know, and what a wild Lisa knock out their brains, if someone spill the beans to Andrew.

Zoya almost crying, but bites his lips and chin rests on the grip in the fingers lock, trying to gather thoughts. She could only think about Andrew and how now in a school corridor faced them head-on, causing both to scatter a few meters and hit hard on the dirty tile. His coarse expletives still sounded in her head, like strong hands, pushed off when she tried to help him up. He was so close, so warm and welcome ...

Why is Zoe can not at least do not fall on those guys who she likes?

Lisa's hand is not stroking her shoulder, and gently draws patterns on the back. She has a very soft fingers, and despite all their grotesque, she knows how to be gentle. When it is profitable.

Cold fingers carried spiral curves draw the line between the shoulder blades, and Lisa's voice is not already annoyed. He falls into several tonalities when her lips close to his ear and Zoe touch him when she was again, as before, whispers something different, special:
- Throw you this bad boy out of my mind. He absolutely does not suit you, do not you see? The rule of "Opposites Attract" worked only in our case - her hand down below, to the back, holding on protruding vertebrae and again goes to the hip. Lisa has always put her hand on her hip, which is no matter of their conversation. And yet - he loved to watch as Zoya measures the new clothes and hugging her in the locker room after a workout, when both are wet, in her underwear.

Lisa was always there with Zoe, the fifth grade, and they often slept each other when the parents left to relatives or to the country. Zoe somehow remembers how once a girl attacked her and began tickling, grinning and promising to bite as soon as gets to the delicate veins in the neck. Remember how then fought back from a friend, laughter is not able to push even a cardboard doll. Both the bite-kiss, which was held a week on the skin.

Zoe remembers it all for some reason now when hand extravagant Lisa habitually lies on her hip, and her lips almost touching the ear. She hears her soft breathing, and thinking what could never come so close to Andrew, to touch him. At Zoe dizzy from the heavy veil of perfume and something else, spicy ... She thinks so and die, never kiss and lonely, and puts his fingers on Lisa's hand, squeezing it.

The memory pops up their long-standing overnight. Then Zoya came to Lisa before the agreements, and opening day is never locked the door, saw her friend in a long dimensionless shirt over his naked body. Lisa stood at the mirror, and painted with boredom plump lips cherry red lipstick, without which no longer show up in front of one person. And he wiped it with a paper towel, smiling when she saw Zoe in the doorway.

Zoe no longer sobbing. It is only noisy breathing and banishes memories, from which spreads in the abdomen tempered gold. Andrew and his indifference - it is not all the reasons for her suffering. Zoe is afraid that someday just suffocate in his loneliness and svihnetsya of endless homework. But Zoe is necessary to prepare for a certificate of admission to the university, because she no help with this as Lisa.

Zoe let Lisa fingers of his captivity and lowers his head in his hands, hiding her face behind the long blond hair. Again, she sobbed, recalling in autumn cold gray eyes of Andrew, and does not notice how Lisa is your hand above, referring to the short edge is now pleated skirt. He does not notice at first, like a weightless, her fingertips she slides to the inside of the thigh, the other hand stroking his girlfriend on his shoulders tensed.

Zoe does not understand and does not notice, she just leans forward, when Lisa's fingers touch the clothes and carry on sensitive skin side of his hand. She tries to say something, and on the periphery of consciousness beats the idea that there is something wrong, but Zoe did not want to think about anything. She was too exhausted and unhappy to stop the hand of Lisa, her delicate fingers and a deep whisper. Lisa says something to her, whispering in her hair and with the other hand covers his right hand Zoe, squeezing it almost hurt.
- This will help, - distinguishes Zoe. - Checked. The best medicine.

And her voice - obscene hripok so much that it surprised even accustomed to this manner of Zoe. She is trying to emerge from oblivion, grab on reality, but every now and then slips into a world of sensations and bliss. It feels like Lisa's fingers back down the underwear to the side as she touches a bare, inflamed skin cold fingertips. And moves his feet, suddenly everyone realized.
- What ... Lisa! - She whispered too loud, and the teacher turns to them. Zoe's face instantly blushes - shame and obscure sensations, desires to go forward, and she turns away from the class, looking out the window.
- Hush, look - meets Lisa and palm edge passing through the swollen tubercles. Zoya quietly moaning, compresses stronger knees, but her body did not want to stop. It wants to spread her legs and let Lisa everything she does. Zoya almost whines when his fingers penetrated quite a few in the hot bosom, and trying not to lose his head.
- We can not.
- I can.

She can not cope, fingers Lisa sensual and cool, they caress the clitoris, is pressed, slide up and down, further, does not penetrate so deeply to get hurt. Zoe tries to breathe smoothly and quietly, but it seems to hear their sighs, sobs too loud, and bites his hand. It does not matter at Lisa, not in class, and everything gets up a friend, it seems just as obscene and immoral, as hot and exciting. I never had no one touched her so she never felt the ground slipping from under his feet and shiver runs all over the body, from the hot lower abdomen to the toes. Part of her wanted to scream, jump, run away from this office, lock yourself in a room and never see Lisa, but she sits and presses a moans, because the other part of - corruption, languishing, vulgar - in need of lysine touches, in jolts, in wet fingers on the clitoris.

It can not remain silent, neither sob nor move, because they are sitting in biology class, in front of them - twenty dureyuschih adolescent puberty, and if someone notices that Lisa gets up under the arm short pleated skirt Zoe - would be a scandal.

Lisa knew it, too, Zoe sure. And just because there are so slowly and steadily massaging her clit, hot breath in her hair and almost moaning. At one point, Zoe catches the idea that it is all the same, whether anyone would notice. She's just trying to move her hips to meet already hot fingers only and can not moan, biting his hand to blood. She whimpers and rubs his fingers, she wants ... wants something ... Lisa could give it to her, but she - possessive, and first ask its board. Zoe again pushed his hips, and Lisa puts his other hand on her waist, pressing down to a chair.
- Hush, hush, baby. Now, just around the corner - she whispers Lisa and Zoe realizes what she just when the sight of bright sparks burst, when the world is narrowed to one point, when the body shaking and fingers on the clitoris - and a little too much ...

Zoe wakes up immediately.

It lies almost at Lisa and did not hear anything except their breathing. The body is still small shakes, though the memories, but my head is finally over so much time - blissful void. She does not have the strength to get up, and only Zoe hears voices around him. Frightened, risible interested.
- Pass, it is bad. Zoe? Pass - help her to her feet and lead somewhere, and only Zoe and can understand that - hands resting on her shoulders - Lisa - Victor A. I'll take Zoe to the nurse. She has a fever.

She hears the voice of Lisa - an authoritative and confident, almost normal, not stammering, except that a little bit hoarse. And some know their classmates, teachers, office while Lisa does not take it out of the room into the corridor, and then - in a niche under the stairs on the second floor.

Zoe sits, not feeling his legs, and a long breath. And then - could not face the Lisa. What happened five minutes ago - unbelievable. Incredibly awful and ashamed, and only the memory of the fingers ...
- Lisa! - Zoe exhales, gaining a deep breath. She does not know what to say, but the air - it is necessary, otherwise it will suffocate.

Lisa sits opposite and habitually puts his hand on her hip Zoe.
- Well? I told you - the best medicine - she says, and she does not find that objection.

In honor of the company's birthday this Friday was another corporate. She has turned entire eleven years. And five of them worked as an accountant in the firm V. Emilia.

This time the director took a small Chinese restaurant. Their company employed only 35 people. Many were married. Emilia came on holiday with her husband. The woman was 35, short, slightly fluffy brown-eyed brunette with a magnificent bust. The mother of two children. Today, she was in a beautiful dark-blue dress with a large chest.

Her husband Andrew has long been familiar with many of the employees of her firm. So almost immediately joined with other men to the absorption of strong liquor. Emilia with her friends drank less liquor. Toasts, greetings, contests. Normal corporate holiday, which thousands.

Emilia decided to smoke. It is always when becoming exhilarated, I liked to smoke another one. A woman came out of the hall in a designated room.

It was just one girl. Arina one of their managers. Young, tall blonde with luxuriant hair. Today, she was in a red slinky short dress.

- Were treated to a cigarette? - Emilia asked.

- You did smoke? - She smiled.

- So, sometimes I dabble.

The women laughed. Arina has helped to light.

- I did not know that we have such a friendly staff - the girl said. She has worked in the company for only six months.

- Yes, we are one family.

- It's so cool. Many even with their families.

- Exactly. What are you, one came?

- Free I'm a girl.

- Such a sweetie and do another? - Emilia smiled.

- Imagine this. By the way, you have a nice husband. Not afraid of him there? - Arina nodded toward the hall.

- Nah, today he has only one passion - vodka.

Arina smiled.

- And you have? - She came close to Amelia.

- What do you mean?

Woman against the wall.

- You're a very beautiful woman. And you look gorgeous in that dress.

Emilia did not know what to say. By the throat as if someone entered. She removed a woman's face had fallen strand.

What she does? The woman felt her heart pounding. Arina took her chin. He lifted and kissed. Emily like an electric shock. What's happening? What it affords? Mind simply boiled. A woman's body ... did not pull away. And I answered. How long has it been kissed anyone other than her husband.

Arina pulled away.

- I knew you'd like it - she smiled. He ran his hand over the woman's cheek.

- Stop it, please - whispered Emilia - we can see?

- Only that excites you?

Arina kissed her again. The woman felt in her mouth gets a gentle tongue girl. It's crazy - she thought. What she does? Emilia felt a hand on her hip. The hem of her dress slid up.

- No, please - she groaned - not here.

But Arina has not stopped. And her hand was between his legs. And Emilia, to my shame, spread her legs. What with her? Did she do that? Her kissing another girl. Her hand in her panties. Emilio had experience with girls. For a long time, even before marriage. And now it seduces the young girl. She was ashamed, but it does not stop Arina. Why?

Voices. Arina took her hand, the woman straightened her skirt. She stood beside him. The three men entered the room. Arina went back into the hall.

Emily closed her eyes. What just happened? Is that really true? Adult married woman and her so. Tell a husband? But what can he do? What a shame. But to his surprise, the woman realized that she likes this shame. At the bottom, she felt warm. Everything that has happened excited her. Emilia knew that he was sorry that they were interrupted.

- Are you okay? - I interrupted her thoughts Kostya, one of the operators.

The woman opened her eyes.

- It's okay - just probably drank a lot.

- Look, do not finish the holiday ahead of time.

The men laughed.

Emily returned to the table. She poured the wine again. Girlfriends having fun twittering about any nonsense. But Emily had thought about something else. She thought about what had happened.

Arina was sitting at the other end of the table. Occasionally their eyes crossed. What to do? It can not be so. But she liked it. Emilia looked at her husband. It is something to argue with men. Emily loved him. They are together for 14 years. They have two children. Total family life she had betrayed him only three times. And it was, as it seems to be self-indulgence. For Emily was not a man better than her husband.

And now her kiss. And it was a girl. How could she be? Emilia looked at Arina. That, did not seem to notice her. It is necessary to ward off the bad thoughts. She is married and happy. And at the bottom it was treacherous heat ...

Emilia went to the ladies' room. Two girls preened in the mirror. And Arina came into this moment. Emilia speechless. No, it should not. It should be shut down in a booth. Mentally, she asked the girls not to go. And especially if they left the room.

- You, too, decided to pee or was waiting for me? - Arina said, smiling.

- What do you allow yourself? - Roughly interrupted the woman.

Instead of answering, she hugged and kissed her. No, do not! Emilia tried to fight back. But not for long. She began hugging a girl.

- Not here, please - she whispered - we can see.

Arina opened the door to the booth. Cabs were large, tiled. She dragged her hand in the woman pressed her against the wall and slid the latch.

Emily Heart pounding. What she does? What for? But this body wanted. Hands and affection of the girl.

- You liked me for a long time - whispered Arina - a kind of beauty.

Emily looked down. So it has long hunted

She kissed her. Hand again penetrated under the dress. Emily relaxed and gave herself to the senses. Let it is not right, let regret it tomorrow. Now she just wanted that girl.

Arina sat down in front of a woman. I went down to her by her panties.

- What are you doing?

- You do not want to wet to go after?

Emilia smiled. What is she caring. A moment, and her blue fishnet panties hung on a hook next to the woman. She was ashamed, but pleased.

Arina kissed Emily again. Her hand was back between the legs of women. She began to caress her. Amelia was flying. Madness. It can not be so. But she wanted it. Fingers girls entered it. They began to move. The woman moaned. If only no one came. Suddenly someone will hear. But there was no one in the room.

Arina stopped kissing her. Only fingers inside a woman. Emilia softly moaned and bit her lip. Inside, everything is squished.

- I knew you'd like it - Arina smiled.

- Yes - she whispered.

At this moment, the room went. Emilia heard the voices of his friends accountants.

- Stop it - I beg you - the woman whispered.

- Do not you want to finish? - Said Arina.

- I ask - a woman with the strength of bite my lip not to moan.

Arina clamped her mouth with his hand. Her fingers were still moving in a woman.

- I think this is Olya and Katya? - Arina whispered. She also recognized the voice.

The women went into the booth. He heard the characteristic sounds.

And Arina fingers continued to move. to know her friends, what is happening in neighboring booth. Emily was incredibly ashamed. But how sweet was this shame.

It pressed against the cold wall. She covered her mouth and fuck with your fingers. How she enjoyed it. As the body went warm. Soon it will overtake orgasm.

- Someone came to pee - Arina whispered - but someone fucked.

As Emily liked these words. Such coarse and vulgar.

- Should I continue?

The woman nodded.

- While Andrew drinking with others, his wife fuck.

Yes Yes. Pure truth.

The girls left the room. Came others.

- The third cabin is occupied - Arina whispered - there will soon be over V. Emilia.

Yes. How she likes these words.

- Her panties hanging on a hook. Because it flows like a whore.

Exactly. Whore. Emilia felt the orgasm approaches. The woman jerked. In the eyes darkened. The legs gave way. She was ready to fall. She supported her.

- Did you like it? - She asked.

Emilia could not answer. His head was spinning. Weakness. She had so violently did not finish. Arina helped her sit on the toilet.

- You peerless - Arina smiled.

- What have you done to me? - Throat parched

- I fucked. And I gave, as I see awesome orgasm.

And it was true.

Quoting myself up women returned to the hall. Their lack of no one noticed. Alcohol, talking, dancing. The celebration was in full swing. Emilia poured himself some wine. What happened was not supposed to happen. She was very ashamed. But how wonderful it was. This girl gave her such an indelible experience. V. Emilia was happy.

My name is Alla, I am 32 years old, of medium height, slightly overweight, large breasts, a little slack, and a large ass. I work as an accountant in a not large, private company. My husband's name is Michael, he was 35 years old, of medium build. He works as a manager at the company. In marriage, we lived together for eight years. At first, the sex we had a rapid and very frequent, but over time has become a passion to fade, and has now become a commonplace performance of marital debt, once every two weeks. I, of course, was that small, but the plant lover, I did not want to, so I bought myself through the Internet in a sex shop vibrator.

Once phoned with his old girlfriend Lisa, which more familiar with the school, were in the same class, we agreed to meet at her home, and I came to her. It is quite a beautiful woman with a good figure, she was 32 years old, but looks younger, age 27, is not married and has no children. Always with a nice haircut, a nice manicure, goes to fitness. I have recently been wondering about a year because she never worked in recent years, and the money for a new car, style, salon, fitness from somewhere took. I was thinking that she was the mistress seen the rich Pinocchio, just where you can still have that kind of money. But she never told me about it, all of my questions, where, joked, the inheritance, the lottery she always carries, at the stock exchange plays. And then I stopped asking, tired.
We encounter it rarely, about once a month, mainly on Saturdays. And as always, we were sitting in her house and chatted while sipping wine. Then the phone rang, Lisa said, and went into the other room, it is clear that I did not hear her talking, but I was not interested.
I got up from the couch and walked over to the window to see what was on the street. Looking out the window, my eyes fell on the windowsill, on which lay a stack of different newspapers. Top newspapers lying magazine, on the cover was a picture in which a woman dressed in black, can be seen from a latex dress, she stood in the middle of the room, her front legs was a man, naked, and he stood with cancer, and on his back was a woman leg wrapped in black shoes with high heels. I realized that the magazine is devoted to BDSM. For fun, I began to flip through it quickly, there were different pictures, stories, different ads. To me it was interesting, even I became excited. I used to wandering the expanses of the Internet, come across various forums BDSM, but did not come to them, but now realized that in vain, because it's interesting.
- Interestingly? - I heard the voice of Lisa, behind him.
I turned around, holding the magazine in his hands. Lisa stood and smiled, looking at me.
- Yes, it is interesting - I said, - And where did you get and why?
- Yes, and then tell you right now there is no time, - said Lisa, - Okay, I'm sorry, but I have to run, my sister called and asked me to help her. If you want, you can take the magazine with him, then come back.
Putting the magazine in my bag, I went home.
Her husband was at work today in the output, he worked to the end of two hours left of the day, and immediately began to study magazine considered pictures, read different stories. After a couple of pages, I was very excited, my pussy just ran my juices. Unable to endure, I took off all my clothes, pulled from the cache vibrator and continued study of this amazing magazine, and began to fuck himself with his toy.
How much time has passed, I did not even notice, but during that time I had finished three times. But suddenly I was distracted by a phone call mobile. Looking up from the magazine, I look who is calling, it is called a husband. I looked at his watch, his working day ended.
- Yes, my dear, - I replied.
- Sweetheart, I have finished the work, go home, something you have to buy home? - I heard her husband's voice on the phone.
- Kotick, today and tomorrow off, you do not want to buy good wine, fruit, and sit at home, watch a new movie - I said.
- Baby, you know I'm not a big fan of wine - said the husband, - Come on, I'll buy the wine and fruit, and beer itself?
- Well, my dear, - I agreed.
- Well, I'll be an hour, a whole - said the man and hung up.
I got up and went to the bathroom, all the pussy and thighs were in my secretions, quick substitution, I returned to the room. She wiped a toy and hid it with the magazine. Then she wore panties, bra and bathrobe, included a TV set in order to distract his thoughts on BDSM and waited for her husband.
About an hour later came the husband, with shopping and drive new filmitsa, I did during this time managed to calm down.

While her husband was busy in the bathroom, I covered the table in the room, imagine a fruit wine, beer and my husband and chips and fish. Her husband came and we sat down to watch a movie.
The evening passed as usual, boring and without changes.
At night before going to sleep, in bed, I began to pester her husband, began to caress his cock to suck. My husband was excited and fucked me. As always in the same position and quick. When he fucked me I imagined that I Ms, and he is a slave, and does all that will order. From the set of the trachea and such thoughts I came twice.
Sunday was as usual.
The next week, I'm at work, when there was free time and the next there was no one climbed on the Internet on different sites reading about BDSM. I come home, and when her husband was not reading the magazine and masturbating with the help of his toys, ending several times.
On Friday I called Lisa, and we agreed to meet again on Saturday at her home.
On Saturday afternoon, I put the magazine in her purse, which is read twice from cover to cover, went to the store and bought a bottle of wine, I went to Liza.
Lisa opened the door for her, she was dressed by a comfortable, spacious, shorts and a T-shirt.
- Hello, my friend, - said Lisa, - Come on.
After greeting, I came in, took off his shoes, pulled out a bottle of wine and Lisa walked into the room. In the room stood a table, and on it a bottle of wine and a bowl of different fruits. I sat down on the sofa near the table. Lisa sat in the chair opposite me.
- Well, my friend, tell me, how are you, what's new with you? - Lisa asked, and opened a bottle of wine and started to pour the wine into the glasses.
- Yes, in principle, all the old, - I said, opened her purse, took out the magazine and handed it to her friend.
- Well, how? - Lisa asked, took the magazine and put it on the table.
- I wonder - I replied shyly.
- Yes, do not be shy, like, so good - friend said, and handed me a glass of wine - Let's drink.
We drank.
- And where did you get that magazine? - I asked Lisa.
My friend paused briefly.
- I think you can tell, once you like a magazine - said Lisa - You do really like the fact that in this magazine.
I nodded in response.
- Well, now tell, - said a friend and poured more wine in glasses - Let's have a drink first.
We drank again.
- I will say briefly and to the line - continued Lisa, putting the glass on the table - I am a practitioner Ms.
- In the sense of? - I asked, not realizing at first that she had in mind.
- I read in a magazine that has a Lord, Lady, a slave, a slave - Lisa said.
- Yes, I know, I did not understand, practice, - I interrupted her.
- Okay, you tell me more, - said Lisa, again pouring wine by the glass.
We drank again.
- The topic of BDSM, I became involved three years ago, - said Lisa, drinking and taking grapes - Please read here such magazines as one that you have read, then I watched the video. I like it more and more like it. Then she began to climb on all the thematic sites, meet with different people in the subject line. And a year ago, she decided to try the role and Mistress and slave. To start I decided to try a slave. In an Internet I found a married couple, the Lord, have agreed with them. I stayed their for two days as a slave, they did a lot to me. Then I realized it was not mine. I decided to try to stay Lady. Also in the internet I found a gentleman who was willing to teach me all the details of dominance over the lower. In general, for three weeks, of course, not every day, I visited him. During this time he visited many male and female slaves. And during this time I realized that my calling as Lady and the lower command. Then I realized that this can receive not only pleasure, but also money. So, we can say that I work for Mistress.
- I mean, I did not understand, - I said.
- You know that a lot of men, women certainly much less want to stay lower, and many who like it, but for various reasons they can not be permanent lower, they pay top money for the one-time session. That's what I'm doing, I have an ad in the different forums.
- And how much do you write? - I asked.
- Do not believe me, come! - Lisa said with a laugh, - the day about ten people are asking.
- And you all, well, it's ... .. how to say - I asked, confused.
- I spend session - went for my girlfriend - No, of course, if with all this I have to do it all day and not enough time at all. I select those that I like, externally, or what they like or want, and of course who will thank good. In general, I would say, so that a good and comfortable life enough. And when "Job" and it brings more pleasure, then it is doubly good.
"Now it is clear where the money she has. And it has money and has people who give money ": I thought.
Lisa again poured into glasses of wine, and we drank.
- And when you're leafing through a magazine, she imagined herself someone? - Lisa asked.
- Yes, imagine - I said, I feel that even drunk and have no shame replied.
- And by whom? - I asked again girlfriend.
- Madam, - I answered, smiling.
- Do you want to become a real domino? - Lisa asked again.
- Well, I do not even know - I replied, wondering - would And to begin to see, so to speak, live, watch, and there it will be visible.
- You know, - said Lisa, spilling the last of the wine from the bottle, - Customers do not like to watch it, the complex in this regard, and are afraid of publicity. But so were the two Misses, something many people want and ask about it. So, can become the second Lady. Let us work together, and have fun.
- Well, I do not even know - I said thoughtfully, - I thought.
- Well, think about it, - said Lisa, opening the second bottle - I after tomorrow for ten days flying to Turkey on holiday, so you have enough time to think.
- Well, - I answered.

Then went to the second bottle of wine each, memories of school and then everything in this plan.
I came home late, slightly under Shafei, her husband was already asleep, undressed, I also went to bed.
Sunday was as usual, and began regular weekdays. I often thought about Lisa's proposal. And at work, in your free time he climbed on thematic sites, watching videos on Ms-slave and slave Mistress, presenting yourself in the place of Mrs. And because of this very exciting, my pussy just flowed with excitement, I came home with a soaking wet panties. Even a couple of times on the job went to the toilet and masturbated.
Previously, I had thought, to have sex, that entered into my pussy hot cock, now I want to fuck guy ass threesome, flogged and humiliated in different ways.
In one day, it was Thursday, I was always at work, going over papers as my phone rang, I looked up who called, is called Lisa.
- Hello, - I replied.
- Hi friend. How are you? - I heard Lisa's voice, - What are you doing?
- Okay, - I said - at work, doing papers. What do you have arrived?
- Yes, my friend, - said Lisa with a laugh, - can be seen much you earn, which got off to a row of days. Yesterday morning arrived.
- Yes, make money, - I said.
- So, okay, I will not distract you from work, I will say at once that call, you can after work come to me? - Said a friend.
- What happened? - I asked.
- Surprise, you come find out. All come on, a whole - Lisa answered and hung up.
All the rest of the time I thought it was a surprise to me she had prepared.
As soon as the working day ended, I hurried to her friend.
Lisa opened the door for me, she was dressed in a bathrobe. After greeting we went into the room and sat down on the sofa.
- Well, what a surprise? - With a sinking heart, I asked.
- Okay, I will not go around and around, - she began to speak, - I told you that I posted the ad on different sites. Yesterday arrived, decided to check the mail, all letters were full, but the one I liked. Although, as they say, better to see once.
She brought the laptop and put it on the table, turned it on.
- Look, - said Lisa, and turned the screen toward me.
From what I just fell into a stupor, the screen I saw a photo of her husband.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah, where you ffffotka my husband? - Somehow I asked thickly.
- I see you still do not understand, - said Lisa, laughing, - OK, now explain. He wrote to Lady, that is, to me, asking for a session with me as a slave. Now I understand?
- Yes, but how can that be - I said, not believing it until now.
- Believe me, my friend, even as it may be - with a smile, said Lisa, - I have a lot of clients were married, and their wives do not know and are not even aware that their husbands love BDSM and go to your mistress at the session. So, congratulations to a friend, you're one of them!
I sat and looked at the laptop screen. Lisa went to the kitchen and brought a bottle of wine and two glasses. She poured herself a little, and I was almost full glass, which I drank a whole, in one gulp.
- And he was with you? - I asked a girlfriend.
- No, of course - I answered Lisa - What will you do?
- You know - I replied, a little thought, - I recently represented itself Mistress and her slave husband. So maybe it's a chance to make the dream a reality. Will you help, friend?
- You ask - happily said Lisa, - of course help. Good dream. Any idea how to do it?
- There is one little idea, I said, - Will you accept his offer. Only need to rent an apartment, your house and locked him know I picked up a few times, may suspect something, you have to rent an apartment.
- It has already been decided, - said Lisa - Do you think that I've been taking clients ?! Of course not. I have another apartment, remember I used to live in a small two-room apartment, before moving into the apartment?
- Yes, I remember, - I replied.
- So, I did not sell, left, right there and accept all.
- This is good - I continued, - Now another problem, you've seen it, of course, not so often, but still saw can learn.
- And it's not a problem - a friend said with a smile, - I am now.
Lisa got up and went into the other room. A few minutes later she returned. Her face wore a mask, and black leather covering the floor face.
- So how is it? - She asked.
- Super! - I said, - In this mask it you just do not know. A good mask.
- I have a lot of different accessories, - said Lisa and took off the mask, - What's next in your plan?
- On Saturday it is open until one o'clock, write to him to come to you on Saturday at one o'clock. You command him to undress completely, then forced him to lick her pussy and then I'll go. And yet he did not wriggle away from me. How much time do you need it?
- Twenty minutes - told a friend - I'm more for the full credibility will wear a collar on him.
- Well, then I'll go after him, in twenty minutes, - I said - just do not forget to leave the door open.
- Do not worry, do not forget - Lisa said.
- Well, sort of agreed, okay, I ran home, - I said, looking at his watch, - And then my future servant lose me.
- Come on. And I'll write to him, let reads while wife is not at home - with a laugh Lisa said.
Saying goodbye, I went home. While driving home, I called Lisa and said she wrote to my husband, to which he replied yes. Thirty minutes later I was already home. Her husband was at home, did not even ask where I was and why I was late, behaved as usual. I also pretended that everything is normal.
On Friday night I came home after work, her husband's house was not. While there was free time, I looked a little video. About seven o'clock in the evening the husband came home from work. They sat down to supper.
- Honey, I'm at work tomorrow be late, a lot of work, - said the husband, during dinner.
- Well, my dear, - I said - I then tomorrow, so do not miss a single home to Lizka, go visit.

On Saturday, my husband early bath nabrivalsya morning nahorashivalsya, then went to work. At the beginning of the second I began to gather. The street was summer, I decided to dress lightly, white, transparent lingerie set consisting of a bra and a thong, a white sundress, sandals average heel. Having a light make-up, I went to the house of a friend.
About three hours later I was sitting on a bench not far from the house, where there was an old apartment Lisa, where the part of the entrance to be seen.
At ten minutes past two, he walked up to the entrance of her husband, looked at his watch, then lit a cigarette, smoke and quickly looked again at his watch, went to the staircase. I sat and waited, and became mokret pussy.
I wait a bit and went to the door. While reached until risen, it took fifteen minutes, and that's cherished door. She opened the door quietly and went in, shut the door and went on tiptoe into the room.
Yes, everything changed in the room, a large bed, the laid red, shiny a sheet of latex, cabinets with different sex toys, but then I was distracted from the examining room light moan Lisa. Turning his head to the side, I saw in the corner were two black leather seats, among them stood a glass table, one chair sat on a throne girlfriend. She was wearing a mask, that she showed me, black latex bra, black stockings and high heels, black, too, in one hand she held a small whip. Legs friends were curled on the armrests, and between the legs while standing on the floor on his knees, completely naked, my husband, not counting the red collar on it and carefully licking pussy girlfriend.
- Well, how delicious? - I asked, taking a step into the room.
The husband immediately pulled away from the crotch Lisa turned in my direction, he saw me, he opened his mouth in surprise, her eyes widened, he looked at me, not believing it is clear that it's me.
- That, my dear, you do not have enough of licking pussy beloved wife, so decided to lick the other? - I asked again, coming closer to him.
The husband began to move his lips, trying to say something, but could not utter a single word.
- So not only did he licks another, so also my friend, - an evil I have said.
Her husband turned around and looked at Lisa. Lisa without removing legs with armrests, showing me his smoothly shaved pussy, her husband had already seen it is very close, even tried it on taste, she took off her mask.
- Well, how good? - Lisa said with a smile.
- So in addition, the fact that he licks my friend, because he was still a slave, and still paying for it - I said, going up to him, looking down at him.
- You did not understand ... - barely audible, he began to make excuses.
- Shut up! - I shouted at him and gave him a slap in the face.
He paused.
- I read what you wrote Lady, - I began to speak, - So, you want to be a slave, then you will! And now time to pay for the services and work!
I grabbed him by the hair, turned his head and pressed it to the crotch girlfriend.
- Lick, creature - I said, kicking him in the ass - Paid, so have fun.
He tried to pull away.
- You ordered, so Accomplish! And much regret it! - Lisa snapped, grabbed with one hand in his hair and pressed the stronger his face in her pussy, and a couple of times a whip hit him on the back.
Her husband obediently began licking.
- So it should be with these creatures - I said to her friend.
- I look dressed as always, it is not clear what, - said Lisa, getting pleasure from my husband's language, - Go into the other room, there on the couch, I prepared you odezh¸nku.
I went into another room. On the couch lay a black latex bra, black fishnet stockings and black high-heeled sandals. Quickly taking off all his clothes, I put everything that was lying on the couch. Ironically all came at me again. I looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of a beautiful Lady. Bra lifted my chest. Due erotic fishnet stockings and high heels looked very sexy. Having admired his reflection, I returned to the room in which I saw that Lisa throwing whip with both hands holding my hubby's hair, pressing his face into her pussy. Then she saw me she moaned and came. Then he pushed the slave of his own. He stood on his knees and looked at Lisa.
- It looks amazing, girlfriend, now a real Mistress, - she said, looking at me - I'm not mistaken with the size.
Her husband turned around and looked at me, kind of had already opened his mouth.
- Honey, you're so sexy - my husband said quietly.
- Do you like to talk to her mistress! - Lisa screamed and pushed her husband's leg and he fell to one side, - Fast knelt in front of her mistress Alla!
He quickly rose to his knees. I walked over to him.
- Like me? - I asked, slightly stooped and looked into his face.
- Yes, very much, - he said.
- Do you how to answer his mistress ?! - I said severely, and he's got a couple of slap from me - now contact me only, Ms. or Mrs. Alla. I got it?
- Yes, Madam, I realized - he said, looking down at the floor.
- You see, you can, when you want, - I continued, - Well, then, I am now Madame for you forever. I got it? And look at me when I'm talking to you.
- Yes, Madam, I realized - he said, looking at me.
I'm beating him, he sat in another chair, as Lisa removing legs with armrests, also sat in the chair. He turned to face us, without getting up from his knees.
- Can I do a little pokomanduyu your slave? - Lisa asked me.
- Of course, colleague, - I replied.
- So the servant - now Lisa turned to her husband - Quickly got up and ran to the kitchen, on a chair is an apron, will dress it on the table wine, fruit and sweets, corkscrew and glasses in the cupboard, think no further need to explain what to do?
- No, Madam, I understand, - he said the servant, getting up and stepping into the kitchen.
- Well, he to you? - I asked Lisa.
- A good servant is, - said Lisa, stroking her pussy - Licking good, I came twice.
- And where did you get those clothes, and even in my size? - I asked.
- Bought - said friend - Consider it my gift, so to speak of a new family.
Then came the servant in a little apron, with a picture of a naked woman's body, with the tray, he put a bowl of fruit on a glass table, two glasses and a bottle of wine.
- I did not get that? - I said, - To us, that by pouring wine ?!
- Sorry, Madam, - he said, and picked up the bottle of wine we burbot in glasses.
After that we walked away from one step.
- Well, tell me now how long you interested in BDSM, how long a slave, how many was Ms? - I asked, after drinking wine.
- About a year, Madam, - he began to answer, - That's just the first time at the Lady.
- That lucky you friend - said Lisa - Got your servant has not ridden?.
- This is what lucky? - I do not understand - It did not know how, do not know.
- That's it and lucky - told a friend - Can you say so, adjust it for yourself.
- That's exactly - I replied.
- Oh, and I envy you, my friend, - said Lisa - Husband-slave, now you have your servant, and always at hand. We must also find myself hubby slave.
- Now listen to me carefully - again I turned to the slave - How to me to handle, I'll tell you, only if not friends, relatives, acquaintances, in general, who are not in the subject, will be treated as usual, generally in humans, we will all as usual. I got it?
- Yes, Madam, - said the servant.
- Well, well, - I continued, - To you I will contact as I want. I got a nasty slave ?!
- Yes, Madam, I realized - the servant said.
- Look, - said a friend to me, and pointed a finger at the bottom of the apron, who was dressed in the slave apron bristled.
- Zadran apron - I ordered.
Slave submissively raised apron, and we saw that his dick began to swell and rise.
- Look, - continued Lisa, - When he came to me and undressed, then a member of its standing as the number, and when you come, it just fell member and wrinkled, it is clear from the fear that you know, and now can be seen like.
- On your knees, - I ordered, moved slightly down and crossed her legs on the arms - Crawl to me and a good otlizhi my sweet and mokrenkuyu pussy, I want to finish. And that is not as much as before, and tried to be good if not like, punish.

The slave knelt down and crawled to me, sitting between my legs, he immediately fell mouth to my current excitement pussy and immediately began to lick carefully, tried to shove as deep as possible language, sucking clit. I was very excited, and after a couple of minutes, roughly finished.
- Well done - I said, taking a slave's hair and pulled his face from pussy - licking pussy like?
- Yes, Madam, - said the servant, looking at my face - I very much like to lick pussy.
- Now, if so cool to always otlizyval, I would you most like to let me otlizyvat, - I said, smiling - but nothing to make up for lost time, and now will I otlizyvat every day, and sometimes more than once a day. Satisfied?
- Yes, Madam, satisfied, thank you - the servant said.
- Thank you, that you have to talk to Mrs. Lisa - I said - Thanks to her, I found out that my faithful hubby turned out to be submissive slave. And you had not written to her. So tell Mrs. Lisa, thank you very much.
- Thank you very much, Ms. Lisa - the servant said, looking at my girlfriend.
- Not so thankful - I said - Quickly thanked his tongue and otlizal her.
Lisa crossed her legs again on the armrests. The slave crawled to her and immediately buried his face in her crotch and began to lick her pussy.
- Are not you jealous? - I asked a friend, looking at me.
- This is what? - With a smile, I said, - No, of course! What a servant jealous of her best friend. If in the future he will need you for something, you treat, I borrow it. Only if at that moment he did not much want to.
- It's good - said Lisa, closed her eyes and groaned.
I got up from the chair.
- Thanks to the good if the Lady does not like, it will lick up all night - I said, not much leg kicking ass slave - I'm going until popisyat.
Go to the bathroom, I went back into the room. As soon as I entered, I saw that Lisa, grabbing hold of the slave hair stronger press it into his crotch and began to moan heavily finish. Then Lisa pushed servant from his crotch.
- Well, how, thanked? - I asked.
- Yes, well thank - said Lisa, breathing heavily - you got a good husband, a friend.
- Husband I got it eight years ago, and the usual - I began to answer, sitting in a chair - Quickly poured us - I asked for a second to the servant, and proceeded to tell her friend, - And today I got a good slave-husband. And mind slave in the first place, but only the second husband.
My hubby slave during that time we poured wine into glasses and submissive stood beside us, stretching his arms at his sides, his cock was on the floor excited state.
- As a slave, I still wonder - I began to speak, sipping a little wine - A virgin in the ass you are?
- No, Madam, no virgin, - said the servant, looking down at the floor.
- Look at me! - I shouted at him - and who've already fucked in the ass, man or something ?!
- No, Gopozha, - he said, raising his eyes and looked at me.
- Baba something already oprihodyvat you forward me? - I asked strictly.
- No, Madam, not a woman, - he said.
- Then I do not understand - I said, looking first at her friend, then at him, - Then who? Lively answer! - I ordered.
- I myself, myself fucked in the ass - he replied sheepishly, and his face flushed.
- You see how I got a slave, he stretches his hole for me - I said with a laugh, - and I wonder what are you fucking?
- Your vibrator, Madam, - he said, blushing even more.
- What?! You fucked yourself my vibrator! You do ohrenel! And how long?! How do you find it at all ?! - I shouted at him.
- Excuse me, Madam, I accidentally found it, about three months ago, - he said, in a frightened voice.
- How often and when are you fucked them - as I said severely.
- Where once, twice a week, when you were Lady at work or visiting Mistress Lisa, - he said.
- Here such¸nok. So, do you like it? Be honest! - I said severely.
- Like it only hurts at first, and then pleased - he said.
- Well, well, get ready, - I said, after drinking more wine - Now I often will fuck you in the ass, I'll stretch your hole, as to the size of my hand and the bottle is easily included in your dyren! I do not care to hurt you or nice. So, I will give you a little advice for the future, and learn to enjoy my fun with your asshole. I got it?
- Yes, Madam, I will learn - immediately he said, - I will try to make you well.
- Well done - with a smile, I said, - And for what took me, I repeat, my vibrator, you will be punished and punished, you will certainly vibrator. My vibrator certainly do not have here, but I hope you have a friend there exists? - I said to Lisa.
- Offense, girlfriend. Look wardrobe, choose any which like - laughing, said Lisa, showing the hand on the cabinet against the wall.
I'm making more sip of wine, I put the glass on the table, got up and went to the closet. Passing by a slave, I stood a little behind him, turned and slapped him on the buttock, then walked up behind him with her breast against his back, with one hand I took his penis and began podrachivat, and the second hand began to stroke his chest.
- Well, that, my dear you want to finish? - I whispered softly in his ear, continuing his nadrachivat member who stood in full combat readiness.
- Yes, Madam, very, - he said, often breathing.
- What is it, your words mean, and really? Answer completely - again, I whispered in his ear.
- I want to come, my dear, - he said.
- Honey, how long have you not called me so, - I whispered again, gently to her husband in the same ear, - You will soon be over?
- Yes, honey, honey, go on, do not stop, please, I will soon be over, - he began to answer, panting.
- I do not care what you want! - Severely and I said let go of his cock - You have no right to ask me, that I may satisfy your desires.
I saw his hand slowly reached out to the member.
- Do not you dare! - I shouted at him - just try to touch their process, risers with rods till the blood!
He slowly removed his hand from the penis and sighed.
- Well done - I said, - Now I decide for you where you will be able to finish. In the future, I'll buy a chastity belt for you, and then suddenly tihorya from me or at work want to masturbate, and this I do not need. Do you want this? - With a smile I asked.
- Yes, Madam, I would like - with sadness in his voice he said, lowering his head.
- It's good - I said - but it will be later. And now it is necessary to wash your ass. A friend you have something to wash? - I said to Lisa.
- Again insult, girlfriend, I have everything - laughing, said Lisa, - Bath only at me small, the three of us will not fit, so you choose a tool of punishment, and I will prepare him.
- Well, my friend, only to see that did not masturbate, he there - I said.
- Well, I see to it. Quickly he went after me - strictly said Lisa, got up and went into the corridor.
My hubby went obediently followed.

I have long considered a variety of toys, which were many. Presenting them in fact, and this is my pussy became wet. Select the desired for hubby and put everything on the table. Then he chose a vibrator for himself, which was the size of my more, somewhere 23 centimeters long and 5 centimeters in diameter, I settled in a chair, his feet up on the armrests began to introduce a vibrator into her pussy juices expiring. I was surprised how easily he went at once to its full length, then turned it on and started to fuck them yourself. I was very excited, and after a couple of minutes, roughly finished. I have not pulled out the vibrator pussy just turned it off, remaining in the same position, I began to rebound. Five minutes later, Lisa came, walked behind her my slave completely naked. I caught her breath during this time, and came to, after orgasm.
- Here we are, clean, - logging, Lisa said, looking at my pussy, from which protruded a vibrator - I see you, too, time is not lost in vain, well done.
- I excite much - I said, pulling out the vibrator, which was covered by my secretions.
- I understand - Lisa said with a smile.
- Come here, slave, - I said, showing a finger on the floor between my feet - and on his knees.
Hubby dutifully went and knelt.
- Brush your mouth igrushechku from my juice - I ordered, pointing the head of the vibrator into his mouth.
He obediently opened his mouth, and I put her vibrator.
- Clean - I ordered, releasing the vibrator.
He took it in his hand began to suck him, then pulled out of his mouth began to lick it.
- I look good at, trained, probably on my? - I asked, watching him.
- Yes, Madam, - he said, looking up for a moment from licking vibrator.
Somewhere, two minutes later the vibrator has been washed from my juices.
- Well done, quickly cleaned. Put him in the closet - I said, showing where to put your finger.
Rab executed my orders.
- Now, proceed to the penalty quickly got cancer on the couch, asshole to me, facing the wall - I ordered, getting up from his chair.
Hubby climbed on the bed and got cancer, sticking out his ass. I took medetsinskogo glove and put them on his right hand, squeeze a little anal lubricant from the tube onto a gloved finger and went to her husband's ass.
- Now his hands, grasp the bread and spread them wider - I ordered, - That hole was clearly visible.
Her husband obediently buried his face in his hands latex and spread their bread. I began to lubricate the anal hole. Well-oiled I stuck one finger in his ass by moving them a little, and I put a second finger and began to fuck him with two fingers, the husband began to breathe more often.
- Tight hole went - I said to Lisa - But nothing is designed to hand easily entered.
He pulled his fingers out of her husband's ass, I took the phallus size like 18 centimeters long and 3 centimeters in diameter, lubricate it with grease anal slowly began to enter into his hole. As soon as the head of the phallus slipped inside, her husband gasped and jerked forward, thereby slipping with the phallus.
- I do not understand?! - I said loudly.
- It hurts, Ma'am, I'm sorry, - hubby said.
- I said that I do not care, and get used to endure the pain, - I said, - My friend, can have anything from you, that he is no longer twitching?
- Of course there is, slave for me - ordered Lisa - and went into another room.
My husband got off the couch and went after my girlfriend. After a minute or two Lisa returned to the room, went after my faithful carrying something similar to an ottoman.
- Put here - he told Lisa, showing a finger on the floor beside the bed.
He put. It was the ottoman, only taller, covered with latex, also in red, he had opened the legs, which were prekrepleny special, leather belts for fixing the limbs.
- Lie down on his stomach on the ottoman - ordered Lisa.
Rab obediently stood up, it turned out that as if it is on this ottoman, and the like is cancer. Lisa was the tie straps of his hands and feet to the legs ottoman, then a few belts slung across his back and firmly cemented.
- Well, now it does not move, - said Lisa, finishing tied it. Then she took from the cupboard a gag, a red ball, put it in his mouth and fastened the buckle gag on his head, - Now more and he will be silent.
- Well, - I said, causing more grease on the phallus.

Then, putting the head of the phallus, pressed, and she slipped inside. Her husband tried to pull intensively, but this had not happened. I put her on the first try once a phallus on the entire length. Then she began to fuck him from under the gag could be heard bellowing husband. After a couple of minutes phallus began to walk there easily. Phallus to drive the entire length, I left him in the ass husband and stood up. Approaching the table, I picked up the strap on the latex panties, he was a little more, around 20 centimeters long and 4 centimeters in diameter. Dressed him and tightened belts, squeezing more grease on the strap began to smear it all over the penis. Her husband turned his head towards me, watching me. After graduating with a lubricant, I took off my glove, put it on the table and walked over to her husband and knelt behind hubby's ass. One jerk I pulled the phallus, which had been a slave in the ass and dick immediately drove the entire length of the strap. Rab again began to hum. Holding hands on him, I began to fuck him, slowly at first, moving member tugovato little hole in it, but every time he started to move a little easier and I gradually increased the speed.
- How long have I wanted to pull out your ass, - began to speak, I continued to fuck - I like that, now we have to buy different strap and different sizes, will fuck now I have you often will stretch your hole - I said, increasing the pace fucking husband.
Lisa sat in a chair and looking at us, began to pull at her clitoris. Latex panties rubbed on my clitoris, aroused me. I was very excited and could not tolerate for long, once again, to drive the entire length of a member in the ass husband groaned, I began to stop and lay down on his back hubby. Coming to myself, I heard a whimpered Lisa turned her head toward her and saw that it was the beat light shaking, her head thrown back came.
After lying on the hubby even for a minute, I pulled out a member of his ass and stood up, looking down at the servant, I saw that his penis is.
- Just look - started to speak and remove the strap, - And he likes when his fuck in the ass.
Lisa looked at him. I took off the strap, put it on the table, then went to the servant, took off the gag and began to untie it from the ottoman. Rab was silent.
Untying it, I sat in a chair, her husband continued to lie.
- I stood slave! - I ordered.
Husband quickly stood facing us, a member of it still stood stake.
- Liked slave? - I asked him, taking a glass of wine.
- Yes, Madam, but first it was painful, - he said.
- Get used to it. I see, you want to finish, there is a dick - I asked - answered ?!
- Yes, Madam, - he said at once, - I really want to finish.
- Okay, I'm good today - with a smile, I said, took a sip of wine and set the glass on the table - allowed once you finish. Let Jerks! And we'll see.
A hand grabbed her husband cock and he began to masturbate.
- Stop! - Lisa screamed, the servant has ceased to masturbate - Quickly picked up and put on a condom, I do not want to slap the floor with his sperm - and pointed to the shelf in the closet - and got back into place.
Rab dutifully went to the cupboard, took a condom, opened and quickly pulled the rubber band on the penis, then got back into place.
- Now go on, - told Lisa - I'll give you three minutes, if you do not finish in the allotted time, then you go home and not satisfied with the riser - Lisa looked at the clock - and started!
Rab became furiously masturbate, looking at us. Somewhere two minutes later, the husband gritted his teeth, and the condom has become filled with sperm.
- You see, lay, - said Lisa with a laugh, - And thank?
- Thank you very much for letting me come, - said the servant.
- Now take off the condom, tie it and throw to the trash can in the kitchen and see, that not a single drop spilled from it, - said Lisa.
Husband carefully removed the condom, tied it to the assembly, and went into the kitchen.
- Well friend, - I said to her friend, - Let's go home, and then I stayed on you.
- Yes, stay at least until the morning - Lisa said.
- Of course thanks to a friend for the invitation, but we're home, I'm tired something exhausted from orgasms - I said - but we still somehow play with my slave. Quickly get dressed, - I told my husband when he came into the room - go Home.
- Mrs. Lisa, but please tell me, where are my clothes? - The servant asked.
- In the corridor, in the closet, - said Lisa, - specially cleaned his clothes, so as not to run away from us - added Lisa, look at me.
- Go on, get dressed and wait for me in the hallway and call the taxi - I told hubby - I'll go get changed, too.
- Girlfriend, take away this odezh¸nku himself - said Lisa - It's a gift to you, so let's say for a well-conducted by den¸k today. The room, on a chair is a package, it can all add up, it is not transparent.
- Thank you, friend, - I said, getting up and heading to another room, - For such a gift, I still burst into tears in front of you, a slave.
- Agreed, - Lisa said with a smile.
Quickly dressed and saying goodbye to a friend, we went out into the street. Taxis are already waiting for us at the entrance. The husband obligingly dug me to the back door, then closed it, after I sat down, he sat in the front seat and called our address.
Before we went home in silence.
I thought: "I do not know what my faithful think, but I definitely decided that our lives will not be the same, whether he wants it or not, but now he is a slave, and Mistress. I get home, I once again explain to him some of the new became our life and our family ".

I am waiting for reviews.

Lyudmila Markovna Meyerhold, chief physician of the Department of Traumatology, came on duty in the evening shift.
It was not her main job, but it turned out that one was on duty in shifts doctor fell ill, the other took family leave, and the head nurse at all resigned. But you can not leave the hospital for the night without a doctor. Here Lyudmila Markovna and had to remember his youth, when she worked for a simple physician with night duty.

She climbed the stairs to the second floor, protsokala heels on the concrete floor of a long hallway, greeted along the way with patients who languish in idleness, and stopped in front of the cabinet, with a sign - "doctor on duty".

The office was closed. Lyudmila Markovna pulled from her purse a key and opened the door.
Changer - a young man recently graduated from medical, again left early, violating labor discipline. He did so often, but Lyudmila Markovna not scolded him for fear of losing another specialist - salary in the district hospital was small and young people there is not delayed.
This time, he faded so quickly that he left on the table with a mug of tea unfinished and open the hospital magazine.

Lyudmila Markovna briefly looked through the magazine. An experienced eye, she noted that in the department of heavy there was only one - a stranger to her, a brand new man, which - as they should from the records - brought to the ambulance - he suffered a concussion after falling in the city park, where he was picked up.
- There is no limit male idiocy! - Lyudmila thought Markovna - managed ugrohat where normal people rest easy ...

She remembered how a few years ago she and her husband only once went in the winter on the ice rink, and the husband - a pretty big man and an important employee of the regional administration, twelve years older than she slipped and fell to the ice, knocking his carcass and her - her anything, and then he broke his arm.

Having looked through the magazine, she came to the conclusion that the duty, like, going to be quiet. It may even be able to sleep - right there in the office on the couch.

At the hospital, it was hot. Lyudmila Markovna closed inside the office with a key and went to the closet, on the way over her head pulling sundress, which came to work.
She opened the cupboard and pulled out a white robe with the inscription official "Injuries. Dep", I put it on, buttoned four large buttons, and went to the mirror on the wall. To twist, she looked at herself from all sides ...

Bathrobe on it was the style "unisex" - Not men, not women.
Lower button was sewn very much high, directly somewhere on the verge of decency, provided of course, that he was a woman, the head physician. In good, this robe would have to wear with trousers.
She stood on tiptoe and raised her hands. The bottom seemed treacherous white shorts with embroidered inscription "monday" pubic.
- Okay - I decided Lyudmila Markovna - today as ever, and next time it will be necessary to bring home something of their own.

Then she went to the table, picked up a magazine, a pen, and looked again in the mirror, his face already a serious and a little grand, as befits the chief doctor, went to do an evening tour ...

First, she went to the very patient - new. She entered the room, which was empty - all the patients had gone to watch the only television in the meal box - greeted him, sitting down on a chair beside the bed, and added, looking around the injury to the patient's head.
- Well ... like myself feel?
- Nothing - said the victim - already better.
He had the face of an intellectual - one in ochochkah, with delicate features, his head was bandaged.
- Not sick, vomiting was not? Vertigo? - I continued to ask Lyudmila Markovna, laying on the nightstand tonometer.
- No ... that is, almost none.
- Let's hand - Lyudmila Markovna beginning to pump the bulb tonometer, looking at the device. The device hissed, needle crept up. Inflate the provisions Lyudmila Markovna was about to start the measurement, but for a moment her eyes away from the device and suddenly caught sight of men. This view was sent down - at her feet.
She automatically looked down and was stunned - the bottom button on the lab coat unbuttoned, revealing spicy for man kind.
Lyudmila Markovna instinctively clenched her hips, the man just blushed and looked away.
There was an awkward pause. Only I could be heard hissing coming from the air tonometer.
And then Lyudmila Markovna first time in fifteen years missed the readings, but she did not carry out the measurement again, but simply made a smart person and said maximum protocol voice:
- So, okay ... Now go and try to sleep. Good night.

She quickly gathered tonometer, and make the provisions of the mark in the log (130/80) came out, thinking about the man: "if so staring, so healthy".

After seeing a few bedridden patients in other wards and goodnight, she went to his office.
"Another hour or so and you can lie down. " - She thought ...
Good watch out, quiet. Not that when the night had to run around a guy - addict who, moreover, that has poisoned some acetylene rubbish, so also flew from the fourth floor to a bed, collecting along the way branches growing on the window of the tree ...

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
"Damn ... it seems evil eye" - Lyudmila Markovna thought, and said aloud - Yes. Come in.

It came the same newcomer with a bandaged head.
- Sit down. Listening to you, what happened?
The newcomer sat down and was silent.
- Well, I listen to you, what happened? You feel sick?
- No ... I mean ... yes. You know, I ... how can I put it ... - man hesitated, choosing his words with difficulty - I need your help.
- So I'm here for and I am - said Lyudmila Markovna and a faint smile, she added - say, listen to you.
- See if ... you know ... could you give me ... a service that, if, you know, - man paused, as if trying to figure something, then sighed, and typing, apparently determined, said - understand me now really need to be discharged. I have experienced too much today. I can not sleep ... but I do not need a shot, but just help me ... take the stress ... you know, you're a grown woman ...
- Not really - Lyudmila Markovna first stunned, but realizing froze - what do you want me here with you ...
- No ... I will now explain. I'm from you do not have to, I mean ... in the sense of what you're thinking. Yes. All I need is to get you here just sitting on a chair, as now, but I - a man shook his head, looking around the office - but that's at least for this curtain shall come, and I will do everything myself, you know?

Lyudmila Markovna realized. Physiology of the men she knew, as a physician, and his wife with twenty years of experience.
- So, as and here I .. If you want to do ... - she hesitated, -... so go and be engaged in the health. Here I will not help. It is not my specialty ... All. Good night.

The man continued to sit.
Then she stood up, took what for keys and demonstratively pobryakala them. The man sat motionless.
- Good night, sick - she repeated loudly.

She looked sternly into his eyes and suddenly saw that they were slowly filled with tears.
A few seconds passed. He blinked, tears rolled down his cheeks. He wiped them away, blushed, and said, slightly stammering with excitement.
- You know ... I do .. it ... I want it badly. I need me to do it with a partner ... with a woman. Otherwise, I can not. Do not get in my way. I need to see you ... so I arranged. Well, you should. You're a doctor, you have to help the sick. And I'm sick, I'm not, so you just sat there ... or permanent as you want for yourself ...

On the second Lyudmila Markovna seemed that all her dreams. For almost midnight and she is obviously idiotic dialogue with the patient on the head of a man, also suffered a concussion. But on the other hand, because it is does not threaten, but can, however, let the self-satisfied, and go to sleep, or else a seizure happen to him. From experience she knew that people with head injuries is better not to worry.
- Well - deciding, she said in a conspiratorial tone, and strictly added - only and you have to promise me that this will be a time, and never more you with anything so stick with me will not, okay? And because I can call security, you understand?
- Of course, what you are, of course ... I promise - man immediately cheered on his face broke into a smile and tears in his eyes somehow quickly dried up.

Lyudmila Markovna looked at him attentively, and suddenly thought that a person, then it is good, good is the face. She was horrified at the thought and quickly slapped her, mentally having called himself a fool, but finally had time to think about something like - must be the same as the guy was not lucky with his head, meaning no concussion.
- Just so you try ... a quick, okay?
The man nodded happily.
Lyudmila Markovna stood up, locked room, then sat down on a chair, he turned away, and began to pretend that he was writing something important in the magazine. She wrote the phrase that first occurred to her: "I remember a wonderful moment for me was you, you looked like a ghost ... " - She could snatch and throw a sheet after abnormal do its work and leave.

Man meanwhile went behind the screen, drew behind a curtain, leaving only a narrow slit through which he expected, apparently contemplate Lyudmila Markovna. Squinting, she saw sticking out below his feet, shod in hospital slippers.
Something rustled and fell shlepashtsy accordion pajama pants with crumpled panties. Lyudmila Markovna presented as it stands with a hanging (or stand-up?) Body and staring at her, and felt naked.
Soon he was heard another sound - some rhythmic groan and cover start a little wiggle: aha ... aha ...

Lyudmila Markovna suddenly remembered a long-standing dream as she dreamed that she was in the pool, where, except it were athletes-swimmers. They were in a bathing suit, and she found herself standing completely naked among them, and the men looked at her - looked at the chest, legs, caught the eye movements of her body, and suddenly she saw some of her kind happened erection, which they tried to skip hiding behind her hands, but some could not bear, and his hands in his swimming trunks, began slowly to drive there in his back and forth, and she became excited by the feeling of their nakedness, from the men and the sweet waves began to sparkle in her stomach, she went to the nearest man, I clung to him, and suddenly realized that it was a dream and woke up.
Panties on it was wet, and beside her husband slept peacefully. She tried to wake him, but he only nozzles and moaned in his sleep.
Eventually he farted and turned away. A long time she could not sleep, her face flushed, and something was bursting abdomen, and in the morning felt broken, not enough sleep, and shouted at her husband for nothing ...

Lyudmila Markovna woke from these memories and slightly shook his head.
Breathing behind the curtain grew louder and more frequent, curtains swaying stronger.
"Now finish" - Flashed through my head Lyudmila Markovna.
And ohana really subsided. A voice:
- Sorry, could you turn around a bit ... my way ... to your feet, I could see better ...
- However ... - Lyudmila Markovna made a surprised face, but turned his chair to the side of the screen and even showed while initsativu, wondering to herself - she's a little parted thighs, believing that it will look for more of this abnormal erotic.
The man opened the little screen and now she could see little of his face - a look was directed between her legs - as it was then on the bypass. It came again - aha ... aha ... and the screen again swayed.
It took another few minutes.
Then again there was his voice:
- I can not do that ... I can not finish ... alarmed, perhaps ...
- So go to sleep.
- No, because I do not sleep ... now everyone will do ... now ... and you know what ... so I just thought that was so fast ... if you could raise and lower a little gown lower a little panties ... ... a little bit.
Consonant has to do anything to quickly it was over, Lyudmila Markovna stood up, lifted her robe and slightly lowered panties.
- So?
- Yeah ... well ... aha ... now ... ass turn, please ... ass - issued under Ahan man. And Lyudmila Markovna fulfilled his wish, and the suddenly thought that guy, then it's probably not married - what with the will to live, and she suddenly felt sorry for him, she again remembered his dream and what happened to her then, and thought that, in principle, all natural, human nature ...
- And can I, ah ... to touch your robe, poglazhu, ah, just poglazhu - the man said again.
Lyudmila Markovna came to the screen, and out popped a hand with long, slender fingers. But instead of to touch the robe, the man crawled under his hand and began stroking her buttocks, and she was dumbfounded that stood there, unable to move. Then his hand moved from the buttocks to the abdomen, patted his stomach, fell below, and two fingers, he held her in the hollow between her legs. Lyudmila Markovna konvulsivo gasped and moved her hips to meet his hand. Hand repeated the maneuver again and Lyudmila Markovna broke down and squeezed his hand hard thighs. "What am I doing what I'm doing, fool, fool" - Flashed through her mind.
Strong desire suddenly came over her, she reached out and pushed the screen.
The man was standing with his pants down, compressing the protruding member. He looked so helpless that she broke down and hugged him lightly pressed him.
- Oh ... oh ... - vrug he groaned, took her hand and pressed it to the penis, which she involuntarily squeezed the hour. The man moved his ass, and Lyudmila Markovna started helping him in these movements, massaging his buttocks and whispered in his ear - "Come on, that's it, that's it ... "
The man suddenly stiffened and began to finish. Departed white trickle, then another and another, and then big drops ran down on the floor, forming a small puddle.
- Oh, oh ... - moaned the man, his eyes closed.
He took a few deep breaths, and then his breathing became complacent.
- All ... all ... thank you, thank you - the man muttered, - now I go to sleep I go, thank you very much, thank you ...
He bent down and put on his pants.
- Now I ... long enough ... - he yawned and covered his mouth with his hand - I'm sorry ....
- Yes go already - making an effort, in a weak voice, cursing himself, breathed Lyudmila Markovna. The man turned and napravirsya the door. Lyudmila Markovna was about to open the door and took the keys. But suddenly she changed her mind. Something prevented her. There was some feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. She quietly dropped her hand and ran her fingers over the underpants. The fingers were wet.
- And you know what - she said slowly, in a low voice - because now I, too, must be discharged ... after all ...

The man looked at her. She smiled and said:
- Wash your hands, please.
While he was washing his hands, she took off her robe, took off her bra and lay back on the couch. Then he took off pants. Wet the stain on pants blurred to the point where it was embroidered with the inscription "monday".
- Come here.
The man approached. She took his hand and pressed it to the hollow. The man earned his fingers, she guided his hand, feeling the body grows sweet tension.
- Yes ... I have to take the stress - she whispered and closed her eyes, feeling the sweet transfusion nice waves on a body that is growing. She spread her thighs more, pushes her hips, and suddenly like a failure somewhere - gone time, the hospital has disappeared, she just forgot where is ...

A man saw how she began to breathe loudly, his mouth open, arched her back, raised her hips, pressing strongly with his arms around his hand to his crotch. A long moan escaped from her chest.
And this kind of lust on her face, kind of stretched breasts with protruding nipples and moaning, and widely parted thighs, and the feeling of damp, soft flesh in his hand so aroused him that he put his other hand into his pants, took a few sudden movements and then also I received another orgasm.

Soon the fire inside her began to fade, giving way to bliss, and she woke up. Remembering where she was, she found the strength to stand up and let the man and wished him for the umpteenth time today good night, locked the door behind him.
Then again he laid down on the couch, and so lay bare, relaxed, smiling knows what ...
I had time to think in the closet is another robe left over from the very young physician, so, in which case, you can get out to the sick in it, and went to sleep.

You probably know how addicting game and how nice sipping a cold beer or watch the video player to play, especially when the house does not have a pesky ancestors. In one of these fine days, but more so the summer and I was doing all this. Killing another monster I suddenly heard not cry, not a groan. What is it - I thought. Perhaps the sound card has decided to fulfill those 2.5 pieces of dough, which I put into it. The fact that two months ago, I decided to upgrade my old computer, and the seller advised me to take the SB. Kulnev this device - he said - it provides a sound superpatryasny not komposiruyte their brains pick up, very cool. And I, of course, at this very convincing chatter, bought the card. Within two hours, I was smoking in his charge as the last sucker and threw me like a cormorant. Seller huckster, his mother's leg, of course listened to me the next day, very sour, then answering, they say, you cherished ears, I need you to breed was nothing lohovozitsya, and if, seduced your problems.
Angry and beve (meet school friends), I returned home. And then there's the basement of his father, who wanted to listen to damn this device. Of course, he instantly have realized that, put the loot made in vain, and you could buy a simple gray card, whose brand is not promoted and save each. Looking at me like a wicked-Fricker vizualist, he methodically dripping on the brain .... But now I gradually ceased to regret the purchase and perekomposirovannyh brains. Yes, that's what I thought when we heard another scream. But, as often happens in our country gr¸byanoy, Let there be light Mander said, and cut the wires. The lights went out, and without it Kulnev device that the PC is called, naturally did not work. Shit, the ancestors will not be until the morning, and as I fucked up smoking, the computer did not work, and work hard today Marinka in the country with Rodak. A vid only ten hours of shit. And then it dawned on me about what I'm fucking great wedge brake computer that does not work, and no longer heard the cries. What the h ...? Out on the balcony, I found that the screams could be heard from a nearby building, where the sons of the bourgeoisie, that is the new Russian built themselves not the sauna, not the bath. Very interesting, I go, I take a walk and see what else there get up these sons of bitches.
Out on the street, I decided to go to my old friend Max, with whom we have not broken a hymen. Max all sleepy and annoyed, broke a long time, but still decided to join with me, Max tusanemsya enough to masturbate at home. And here we are in together quietly walked slowly discussing how we squandered two lessons today, and how our klasnuha screaming about it. You - it said - two rake, just a shame our 11 "P" class, I already 5 times summoned to the director, that your fathers have next week with me. But, despite her magnus ... we knew it Kulnev klasnuha, not when you do not have to pawn. She was only 27 years old. When a teacher training after she came to school she immediately gave our class, as the most "advanced", Vid is not one of the old bitch could not cope with us, and then another 7 "P" I became her. They thought that it lohanetsya but Kulnev probaklanilis. Young quickly found us approach, and we only occasionally it summed. Sometimes even won a place at the Olympics, she pulled the class is thorough, as they say, took us in the ass.
we went to porn (she took the whole class and) with Natalia Petrovna. A pomnesh, she told us, - said Max - that's enough to be kids and we're fully grown, and then still told us all about sex in the classroom hour. Yes, Max, we quickly found a common language with her, idolized her whole class, not every day you meet a man who understands and does not suit the young at school parties, poems yes burgers, and makes drinking party and gives the keys to the rooms. It is for sure - continued my thought Max - to protect us from the old branch and headmistress - a rat, as Kulnev! Do you remember how we decided to do a better story, and went to her hut? And they stayed for the night - how can you not remember I said - it was in the good old ninth grade, we're already quite know the girls, but women, and sex of the rooms we did not. Yes - I plunged into memories - the day, taking a bottle of wine we went for it. Come on boys - she told us - dressed only in a Chinese gown, which clung to her body tightly, showing rounded tits and pussy in the bump.
I'm in my room reading a magazine. Even asleep. I was naked. I do not remember the time that slept. But I woke up. I woke up. Next to the bed was Karl. I'm next to her was a beautiful girl in a white coat, black stockings in a fine mesh and red high-heeled shoes. This girl reminded me of the doctor. Suddenly, Karl said:
- Artem! It's the doctor! He will examine you.
- I understand it. Why did he have to examine me?
- It asked me to Adele - the doctor said.
- Once Adele asked, then inspect, - I said.
- I'm leaving! If something is needed, call me! Resorting on the first call, - he said Charles and walked out of my room, wagging her sexy booty.

Only Karl came out, the doctor pulled out of the glove box. I put them on. Start inspection. He examined the eyes, mouth. Palpate the abdomen. She looked after my hands and feet. And then he said:
- And now there will be an unpleasant procedure.
- What other procedures?
- Check your anus.
- This is what we see!
- Good! Then I start!
- Start!
- To begin, as soon as you lift your legs up.

I listened to the doctor. Raised legs up. Dr. smeared gel my anus. I felt cold. Slowly the doctor introduced me his middle finger in the ass. I cried out: "Oh, yes!". The doctor was surprised at my cry. But to continue the procedure. All her finger entered deeper. Then the doctor began to actively move this finger in my ass. In this way, she had me. I closed my eyes to enjoy it. The doctor looked at me and wondered. In her eyes from these procedures my penis grew in size. In other words, my cock stood up. The doctor understood it. She took my penis in his hand and began to masturbate. At the same time had me in the ass. In the course went to the second toe. Then a third. Fourth. I have myself to sit down on her fingers. And the doctor was on edge. Suddenly she took his fingers out of my priests. She took off her gloves. I opened my eyes. I saw how she took off her robe. And then I understood everything, saying, "You Helga - girlfriend Adele." The answer was a nod. Bathrobe she took off. She has been a bathrobe black bra with breast support and black thong panties type. She took off the panties. He tore their stockings in a fine mesh. She was a member. I wanted to take it in your mouth. I sat down on the bed, knees. And Helga became his heels on the bed.

With greed I loaded her cock in his mouth. Suck it. I masturbate him. And I jerked off his cock. Suddenly, Helga abruptly pulled his dick out of my mouth. I understood her intention. He became a pose of Doggie-style. He parted his hands his buttocks. Helga leaned his tongue on my hole. Fondle her. I groaned. Then Helga introduced his cock in my ass. Slowly introduced. Her term was somewhere in the twenty-five centimeters long. Member of its fully entered me in the ass. Helga gave my ass to get used to the penis. And then I have to actively start. I groaned. Groaning and Akhal. I was so excited that under the weight of Helga I fell on the bed. Helga lying on top and had me. I was pleased. I continued to moan. His moans excited me Helga. Then she abruptly pulled out his penis. She lay down on his back. I sat down on his ass by its members to Helge back. Jumping on its members. Fully I sit down on a member. At the same time I masturbate his penis. Soon I came to your stomach. But the ride continued. Suddenly, I fell to the side. Helga continued to have me. It is with his fingers stroking my nipples. I turned my head. He felt on his lips the taste of her lips from the kiss. Suddenly, Helga took out a member. I sat down on my knees. She began kicking on the bed. Fingering his penis. I opened my mouth and waited. And waited. I of its members in the mouth poured plenty of tart, which I eagerly swallowed. Ejaculation stopped soon. Helga knelt. She kissed me on the lips. Then I licked off my belly as my sperm. And again he kissed. Then we went to bed, hugging each other. Helga started the conversation:
- Do you like girls like me?
- Highly.
- And how long?
- Since this morning.
- What happened this morning?
- In the morning I first experienced sex with a t-girl.
- And as the name of that girl?
- Adel.
- My girlfriend?
- Yes.
- Why do you like it?
- His eccentricity.
- I.e?
- Do you have breasts, femininity and a delightful smile. And a member between his legs.
- Thank you! What else?
- And yet you see men, because they themselves have recently been men.
- This is also true! And I like you.
- Than?
- The fact that you like like us. Or?
- What?
- You want to be the same as we are?
- I do not know! But I think about it.
- If anything, we'll help you!
- How?
- First, earn money for the operation.
- And then?
- And we help with the operation.
- And what kind of job you have to offer me?
- Any what you want?
- I want to be a whore. There is such a work?
- There is! Julia is looking for in a sexual trance club for customer service.
- And she is ready to take me?
- Will take after the test.
- And what kind of tests?
- Sex with her.
- So it is with great pleasure!
- You sound like a real slut.
- I just realized this morning that it is to be a girl. And I liked it.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Helga picked up the phone. About something someone said. Then the conversation ended. And Helga told me:
- Artem! I'm sorry, I must leave you.
- Run!

Helga dressed silently. He hid his cock thong. She took out of my closet blue mini dress. I put it on. She grabbed a bathrobe. She kissed me and went away. I come down. Villages in the car. He leaves. I lay on the bed.

Continued: Time Travel. Part 2

The plane began to shake. I looked out the window and saw the right engine of the smoke. Propeller for some time, spun and then stopped. The co-pilot left his seat and looked through the window of the door on the wing, and then gave a long tirade. The language was unfamiliar to me, but I realized that he was cursed. The pilot returned to his seat and began frantically gesticulating to explain something to the captain of the ship. Between them there was a skirmish, which resulted in the fact that the co-pilot, pale and agitated, came to the passengers and in poor English said:
- We accident. All wear vests. Under the chair. We are changing course. Do not worry. Three hundred miles there are islands where we can sit down. Everything is fine. The aircraft can fly with one engine. But everyone needs to wear vests.

At this time, the plane had already laid the left turn, heading towards a new goal. Baba zagaldeli and frantically began to look at first, and then put on jackets. The pilot helped as best he could. In Masha, with whom there was a real hysteria, spassredstvo had to pull strength. She screamed and resisted. Slava came to the rescue, and together with the pilot they still managed to dress the girl. Slavs remained seated next to her, something she vtolkovyvaya continuously. The co-pilot once again checked everything and went back into the cabin. Suddenly, the plane shuddered heavily and immediately in the cabin came the oppressive silence. The second engine also rose. I looked around. Elena Stepanovna and my fellow students were frightened vzhavshis in their seats. Looking out the window, I turned cold we obviously went to the decline and extended around the vast ocean ...


Elena Zakharova Stepanovna was a very active teacher. And a smart and beautiful woman. In their 28-30 she was a PhD and wrote his doctorate. He had the authority of university and scientific circles, but even more was loved by his students. It seems that the work took her life. It is not surprising, therefore, that a family she did not. I loved to go to her classes. Firstly because they have always been intense, interesting and informative. And secondly, I just liked to look at her. Her beautiful face with delicate glasses, her hair tightly pulled back into a ponytail, her slender legs and a figure at all. In fact, as she walks through the audience, enthusiastically telling something, and at the same time gently swinging her hips. When Elena announced that creates a club of anthropology lovers, I enrolled in the forefront. The rest of the guys with the flow, but my best friend Slavka, this thing ignored. Girls, too, did not show much activity. They recorded only six. We were going after school almost every day. Study and discuss the works of leading anthropologists, building models, preparing presentations, carried out various studies. It was terribly interesting.

One day, Elena Stepanovna came to us happy and excited.
- Guys, I received a grant! Do you understand what that means?

All looked at each other in amazement.
- This summer, after 2 months we're going to the islands of Polynesia! The money will be enough for all! And even on the publication of the work, which we'll create! True cool ?!

Rose unimaginable din, shout that Elena was not able to. She barely managed to reassure us, and she continued:
- 40 days, we will live in a Polynesian tribe, observe, communicate, participate in their ceremonies!

She further elaborated on the organizational part and given 3 days to solve: who goes and who does not, then let down all the houses. But we have a long time did not miss it matters falling asleep.

From 8 people the students agreed to go 6. Two girls categorically parents released. Elena herself went to persuade them, but to no avail.

Started fuss with paperwork, medical examinations, vaccinations, and 2 months passed quickly. June 25th we flew from Moscow to Singapore. Then Sydney, Marshall Islands. Only on the 29th, we finally boarded the Lata-perelatanny twin-engine airplane, which was to take us to the destination target ...


The blow was hard. His eyes darkened, and his mouth at once feel the salty taste of blood. I passed out and woke up only when I felt that I was being dragged somewhere. In consciousness I came quickly. Light, grabbing me by the arm, straining his body dragged me down the aisle toward the door. The floor was flooded with water. Through a terrible crack in the ceiling in the interior beat the sun. The plane was rocking on the waves, creaking along the bottom of the fuselage.
- Wait, I myself can.

As soon as I got to my feet, I vomit. But the head of that once cleared. On the left, his head thrown back unnaturally, sat Slavka. From his mouth flowed a trickle of blood.
- He's dead, - said sobbing Light
- Where is everybody?
- On the shore. Masha also died. Why do they unbuckled ?!
- But it is not here.
- She ran. Apparently in shock. Before the door and ran all ... Probably already dead ... She fell under the plane ...
- Pilots !! They're alive ?!

I dropped shoulder flimsy plywood door cab. The captain was obviously not help, but the co-pilot showed signs of life. His temple was cut out and jerks beat scarlet blood. I squeezed his chair and tried to undo the straps.
- Low tide ... - he croaked, and he zaklokotalo throat - will tide. Take all of the aircraft. What can. You will find. We must wait.

I know good English, but from the shock I flew out of my head all the words. Buckle jammed and I could not deal with it.
- Light, help !, - I shouted, looking back.

She doubled over. She vomited, and I realized that the help will not be on it.
- Where are we ?, - I asked the pilot, when returned to me speechless.

It is a long answer in their own language, and I do not understand anything.
- In English! I do not understand!!

But it was too late. The man convulsed, then dropped his head and fell silent. He was dead. I yelled in frustration. Then he returned to the salon, took her hand and pulled her Svetku out. The beach was 10 meters. The water reached me almost to his knees. At the very line of the surf were survivors huddled together and crying out loud. I felt a surge of nowhere who took confidence and determination.
- Shut it! Shut up !! We are alive! We must all learn from the aircraft! All that can be carried out! Stand up! Get up, bitch !! All here, and for the cause!

My rude shook ladies and forced to obey. Women strolled to the aircraft. I climbed back into the salon and organized the work. Half an hour later on the shores of picturesque towered a pile of all kinds of junk. Wear each time it was necessary to further. The water receded and drags the plane with him. The last time I went through a disaster tormented interior, seat covers ripped off, and with them went to rest. When I got to the pile and looked around - the aircraft was no longer. Along with him went into the abyss Pasha, Masha and the two pilots. was one the water to the horizon ...


Even when unloading, I noticed that all the girls meekly accepted my leadership. As a matter of course. After all, I was a man, the only man. And now, coming out of the water with covers, I saw them addressed to me thinking, expressing fear, anxiety, hope and wait for further instructions. To refuse the role that fell to me was stupid. I took command, because he saw that the hope for me, and I believe it.
- First: all alive and well? Injuries are?

Injuries fortunately was not, but the bruises, scratches and abrasions - abound. I took a first aid kit from the pile of aircraft and found the bandages and antiseptic pencil, which gave Elena Stepanovna.
- An urgent need to treat all the wounds and bandage. Tropical is not forgiven. Instantly fester.

While the girls were engaged in doctoring, I looked at a bunch. The bad thing was that our personal belongings left on the bottom. Suitcases were passengers in a small tail section separated from the metal door saloon. Upon impact, it stuck, and I like not tried to knock the door but could not. But the whole bulky cargo prepared for the expedition, survived, as has been impounded in front of the passenger compartment in front of the side door. There were 4 tent, awning, a box of medicines 5 20 liter bottles of water, a set of dishes and cutlery, 4 gas lamps, gas stove, 3 propane tank, inflatable mattresses 6 and 12 sets of bed linen. Also we got a box of tools from the plane, 10-liter jerry can of motor oil, 4 lighters, torn in the accident the passenger seat, a few magazines for tourists, said at the beginning of a first aid kit, shovel, side ladder, the blade screw, long carpet of the salon and 12 seats with seat covers. It has 3 drawers and trunk, which the crew took to the island with a convenient opportunity. "It could be worse," - I thought - "With this set does not perish!". There was also a girls hand luggage, which they never parted. There was also knows that, but certainly a lot of useful.
On the side lying to tear me from the panel Aircraft compass - a useful thing! The Baule has several mail and parcels. "We will understand this later." 2 plywood box housed on 36 bottles of whiskey, half of which was broken. And the last box was packed to the top of ... condoms in bright packaging.
- That's really a necessary thing !, - ironically said Elena Stepanovna, quietly came up from behind.
- You wonder. Discovery does not see? They can even boil water. And to store water, used as harnesses or fixings as fishing gear and so much more.
- Hmm. You're right. I did not think.
- You're done.
- Yes. Probably you need something to say? I dont know...
- Yes.


We went up to the girls, who immediately gathered around.
- What noses hung ?, - I began briskly, - It could have been much worse.
- We find ?, - asked Katya holding his hand on his chest torn flap shirts with «Tropic Islands» inscription
- Of course find!
- When?
- Well, see for yourself. We had to fly for 2 hours. So today we have missed. Time in the evening. I think that the rescue operation will start tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow and find it. But I still believe that we must be prepared to spend a few weeks here and maybe months.
- Months?! - Julia exclaimed with horror.
- Well, remember, the Chinese ship not long ago disappeared. Also in the Pacific Ocean. His 3 months looking for.
- True, we did not find - sadly said Light.
- Because he fell in the sea and no trace! And we are here. The islands will precisely check will be!
- But we changed course, they do not know this, - Elena replied.
- That's why I say that it is possible a few weeks. First, at the rate of all prosherstit, and then begin to expand the search area. Will find!
- What will we do?
- Yeah. I already thought. So the most important thing - water. We do it to 100 liters. It's all a maximum of a month. So, at first, the water should be protected, and secondly - to figure out how to replenish stocks. Spring to find or collect rain ... This is understandable. The first thing we do is find a place away from the camp. In order not to be afraid of storms. Yonder Hill, think fit, - I have left - and there thickets, which means a shadow, and meters above sea level 10. You will need to drag all, pitch tents, settle in general. Before sunset - a couple of hours. So, the first thing we put the tent and bonfire. Who's the fire?
- I - volunteered to Julia, - I can.
- Excellent. Julia - a bonfire and dinner. Bowler is, I'll stick. Canned chowder boil water - not more than 1, 5 liters. I am engaged in the tents, and the rest - are things. Forward!


All worked spore and drove for an hour. I put tents 3. One decided to reserve. The first settled Light and Katya, the second - Julia Elena Stepanovna. I went to a separate apartment. While I cut firewood for the future, free girls have imposed comfort in rooms: cheated and was covered with mats, placed garbage bags and removed from the field. Sveta, somehow too helpfully volunteered to arrange my tent, for which, however, I was very grateful to her.

The sun sank below the horizon and the island was plunged into total darkness. Only his piece was lit bonfire. We ate dinner burning and I shared the future plans.
- Tomorrow morning will begin a survey of the island. Perhaps there are people here. Then we were lucky. Also people are looking for water, fruit trees, and everything that can be useful to notice the local fauna. The search would go four. One will remain in the camp. On the water sets strict limit: half a liter per person per day, and half - on cooking. It turns 5 liters. That's enough for 20 days. But by the time we save, or, or we'll find something. Someone in the camp?
- In Yulka leg torn, she will not be able to go - immediately put the Light - I would have gone. Sash, you also go? Let me with you?
- Good. We Sveta, Julia Camp. So Elena Stepanovna Katya, too, in the search.
- I will not stay alone - replied Julia, - I'm afraid.
- Yuille, I'm sorry, but it is not discussed. there is nothing to be afraid of. There is likely no one. The island, as I understand it, is not very large. Coastline hurt sharply bent. May 5-7 kilometers around the perimeter. So we come back an hour or 2. And if we find something else before.

She frowned but did not argue further.
- Elena Stepanovna with Ka ...
- Let's have a Lena. Not very much I have and older. And "you". In such a situation is not to subordination.
- Lena and Katya go along the coast, and we Sveta examine the inside.
- And we do not go astray, Sash?
- Compass operates. I checked.
- You're so cautious - she praised, and added seriously: - what would we do without you?
- to the right, if need. So. We disagree, and Julia at this time should be equipped with a toilet. Spade is. Choose a secluded place and just dig a hole. Start at least. I'll finish later.
- Yul, only away !, - Kate laughed, and it was the first laugh of all time after the accident.


"What is he still a great guy! As I had not noticed before? With him we do not perish! "

I walked behind Sasha and openly admired his ass. It was a stifling heat. His shirt was soaked with sweat, becoming like a second skin and highlighting athletic torso. It looked awesome, as in every hand movement rolled his muscles on his back.

The island was covered with sparse palm groves and going was easy, even though we went all the way up. Underfoot was a soft brown carpet of fallen leaves. It bothered her bra: snare, and all itched under the shoulder straps. Making sure that Sasha is not looking back, I quickly undid her bra from behind, pulled through the sleeve and slipped into the short pocket. Immediately it became easier.

Palm forest thinned even more. Through the leaves on the ground and then we began to look through the black jagged rocks. Sasha leaned over, picked up the one, shook in his hand and turned to me.
- In the course of the island vulcanized ...

He stopped and stared at my boobs were, but then focused on the stone. I coughed, choked type, and continued.
- ... volcanic. This petrified lava. I showed the guys from the geological faculty.

He turned and walked briskly on, and I was wondering what is wrong with my tits? With them, just, everything was in order. Just my shirt was wet, too, why become almost transparent. The fabric clung to his chest and nipples stood out particularly clearly.

"Heck! Pale! He is right now thinks I'm special. And to hell with him! I no longer wear this harness "

I flipped her long dark hair forward, and they are all perfectly covered. But for some reason, I wanted to justify himself in front of him:
- Sanya, I really do not on purpose!
- What do you mean ?, - he said without turning around
- You know.
- We passed. But ... - he smiled - I liked it.
- Fool !, - I blurted out and threw him in the back stick.

He did not respond, he walked briskly up to the edge of the slope. Soon we came to an open space svovsem. It has become harder, so they had to go on sharp, loosely lying black stone. But the goal was very close. Sasha got up first and then excitedly shouted: "The lake!". I sped up and 10 seconds later stood next to him.
Top view was simply stunning. The entire island (and hence it was clear that it is an island) was in full view. At 360 degrees ocean stretched on a flat surface of which the horizon could not see any other land. The gentle slope of an extinct volcano before us steeply down. It was irregularly shaped crater at the bottom of which, 10 meters below lay the lake amazing turquoise color. The opposite edge of the crater crumbled on that immediately and have Sasha. We went around the valley and inspected the opposite slope of the volcano. Palm wood there was replaced by impenetrable thickets of lush green. In unstable stones we began to descend gently to the water. Her coolness was felt at a distance and attracted like a magnet. When before it was 5 meters, I was jerked forward, but Sasha kept my hand.
- Wait a minute. It can be poisonous. I watched on TV.

He went to the first lake, dipped in his finger and gently tasted.
- Seems OK...

Then he scooped up a bit of moisture palm and drank.
- Fresh, but slightly bitter. I do not know, how about a drink, but the dip is probably possible.

I immediately pulled off his shorts, leaving only a T-shirt, which is nothing to hide, and its common shorts. I was so eager to immediately wash off the salt, dirt and sweat that was already deeply on the drum, Sasha looks at me or not. The water was surprisingly clear and I could see that bottom goes sharply down, so I just jumped forward, lost his head and raising a cloud of spray. Emerging to the surface, I felt such ecstasy that screamed the whole island.

- Come here !, - enthusiastically yelled Sveta - Voditsa - just the buzz !!!

Like I would have guessed! Stripped to his shorts, I joined a classmate. We frolicked and splashed like small children. Forgetting for a moment the fallen to our share of hardships, the death of comrades, that we are in a situation. Nakupavshis vdvol, we got to the shore, and sat side by side on a large flat stone. I felt almost naked intimacy Svetkin body next to him, and my manhood against my will start to wake up. It was necessary to distract yourself!
- I will try to get the charcoal and turn the bottle filter. Then the water will have no problems.
- Damn, Sasha, you know so much !, - the girl put her head on my shoulder, and I instinctively put his arm around her.

I accidentally touched his fingers to the side of her chest, but he did not straighten the arm.

"And suddenly I noticed. Oderne - then just pay attention. Uncomfortable to be. Damn, but what kind of glue tits! Stop! Think about the filter. About what to do next "
- Today will have a short way to the debris found, and tomorrow its mark and clear. And on the crest of the observation post to make. From there, the entire ocean surrounding it will be visible. Awning put there, the fire alarm has developed, and will be on duty at a time.
- Yeah. And I must say SOSvylozhit of stones on the beach. So that the plane was visible.
- Exactly! Well done. And, you can dig the talus and the stream to let the camp. Works to hell, though, but suddenly zalipnem long. What else to do, so as not to go crazy?
- Yes, in fact, than many - cheerfully said Light and playfully laughed and then quickly added and seriously - But your plan is still right.

I started to develop their detailed outline, couching them in a more concrete form. Sveta just chimed, slowly hugging me stronger. And then she somehow turned a little tricky, and my hand, the position of which I have not changed, was lying all the hand on the right breast of the girl. I clearly felt her swollen nipples under his fingers, and it knocked me off balance by mixing all thoughts. Member began to swell again. To hide it, I jumped up and ran back into the lake. Light immediately followed me. We stood up to his neck in water, facing each other, the girl looked at me and her eyes were dancing devils.
- All my life I wanted to be on a desert island, sleeping under a palm tree, eat fish and fruit, bathe naked in the lagoon.
- This is not the lagoon, of course, but ...

She threw back her head and laughed, and then abruptly pulled over his head t-shirt and threw it to the shore. Then, briefly disappearing under the water, she has done the same with panties. She swam around me, like a mermaid. Diving and long staying under the surface, turning into water and noise surfacing. The transparency of the water body does not hide, but much distorted picture, not allowing to examine the details closely. I said only that the pubis Sveta was not shaven, and that it was unnatural blonde. She always incite me to follow her example, but I did not dare. It seems that it hurt her.
- Go out and turn away, - she said sharply nakupavshis - I'll get dressed.

I went out and got back to her. It is unclear why, but at that moment I wanted to unbearably so, and she saw me naked. I do not know, looking or not, but I slowly took off his pants, carefully pressed and put them back.


"He or brake, or megaporyadochny people! Yes, his place anyone would have realized that I do not mind! What do I still need to be done? Showed Sisk, touch given, then all undressed in front of him. Or maybe he's gay ?! "

I pulled the wet shirt, angry at herself and at him. And then Sasha took off your pants! Butt he was smart! Anyway it all!

"Oh, No!!! More pootzhimay bit! Well still !! Heck! Fool! "

Suppressing emotion came over me, I, as it could easily said:
- I'm ready. Come on?

He turned and smiled: "Aha! Shorts will wear "

"What a sweet-Ashka !!! And ... it is he is ?! So not gay! "


When we returned, Elena and Katya were already in the camp. Seeing as we emerge from the forest, the three rushed to meet us:
- Well, where were you !, - reproachfully wailed Julia - We have already started to worry!
- Elena, find something ?, - I asked instead of answering
- Nothing. Neither the creek, no people, nothing! The sand and ocean. And you?
- And we found the lake !, - happily said Light - Sweet! And swim !!

Girls zagaldeli and decided to immediately go out and do the same. I was left on the farm. As soon as they disappeared into the forest, like in my head Zaro seditious thoughts. I fought with them for long. Well, what a fool to miss such a chance ?! I decided that even if I go to bypass, it shall appear before the rest of the lake, as Julia was not a walker. Taking a compass just in case, I went to the side of the crater.

Find a comfortable vantage point was easy. On the crest it was full of large boulders, which are securely hide me, allowing good to see the lake and the scree. The girls appeared 20 minutes later and immediately began to undress. They were on me just a few hundred meters! For fun, I started coming up with competitions, the only member of the jury which was myself. No title was not one. The title of "Miss breast" I rewarded Julia. This part of her body was just perfect in both form and size. "Miss ass" was light. The most beautiful pussy in my opinion was Katya. But, most of all, because to see the pussy you could only have her as Katie have only everything was shaved. The title of the "Miss Island" got no options Elena Stepanovna. She was stunningly feminine, and her naked body, I did not see any flaws. Solid harmonious flowing lines and curves.

Having seen enough, and even masturbate, I quietly left his shelter and returned to the camp. When there were lively and gaiety girl, lunch was already cook a little longer in the pot, and I was doing construction nearby coal pit. After some time I was joined by Elena.
- What are you doing, Sachs?
- I want to make charcoal to filter the water.
- Do you know how?
- About. How to swim.
- Oh, great! Super!! Only ... it seemed to me that someone was watching us.
- Who! Here, no animals, no people, - I replied, blushing treacherous.
- That's what I think, anyone?
- I have no idea. You really thought, I guess.
- However, if anyone was looking, he certainly liked it, I think. 4 beautiful girls ...
- I would have liked. It is a pity that I was not there.
- Why sorry? You're a good-mannered man and certainly would not have become a spy.

The message was clear, and I just nodded.


That same evening I set a rigid schedule. 2 people have always had to be at the observation post, OP. 1 - in the camp, and two others were engaged in arrangement of the island.

The next day, we have equipped the NP setting there the tent and folded signal fire. Incendiary accessories and kindling stored in suitable condoms to always be dry. Also suitable engine oil, which was generously seasoned with fire.

Then we laid out from volcanic stones huge SOS sign. HELP! on the widest section of the beach. Then do arrangement of the road to the lake. It was necessary to remove the path of the fallen trunks and large rocks and palm trees standing along the "road" tag so that a way could be found, even at night.

In parallel with the fourth attempt, I still got a decent charcoal and made from the same bottle filter. Lake water after him, though slightly bitter, but it was quite safe to drink (of course, after boiling).

Stone and clay, we have laid a good camp stove tandoor type (thanks to knowledges Elena!). Dissolve the seat upholstery to the strong synthetic thread, I made a few gum-zakidushek. Stones were weighted, and earrings of the girls get a good fishing hooks. As used gum ligament of the same condom. With bait was also no problem: delicious juicy caterpillars and beetles on the island were in abundance. Each morning, check zakidushek gave us some fresh fishes, much diversity of our diet.

Salt we produced by evaporating seawater. And Kate, revealing one of his talents, found on the opposite side of the island breadfruit and coconut trees.

The work and worry took a whole month. We are so no one found. Hope gradually gave way to despair. Distract people, in my opinion, could only work, and I started Prokopka channel from the lake to the camp. In this case the girls do without much enthusiasm. The reason was that they, alas, find a way to entertain yourself, and the way it is directly touched my humble person ...


Intrigues are inevitable in any group. What to say if this group lives in a confined space uninhabited island, where there is no other entertainment than work and obrydshego ocean and palm trees.

Gradually, I began to notice that the girls, except, perhaps, Helen, have begun to show me more and more attentions. For me, trying to look as at a small, underlay in the distribution of the most delicious pieces, openly flirted and always strove to stay with me in private. Light zealous more than others, apparently believing that the time I saw her naked, then it has to me more rights. I could not tell her that he had seen all naked! With me it was all gentle and caring, but the relationship between the girls themselves have become increasingly strained

An abscess burst, when one morning, Kate flatly refused to go on duty at the NP with the light. I tried to find out the reason, but nobody told me anything. Lena offered to swap with Kate, but then went to the rejection of Light. Go to Julia she also did not want to categorically. Kate was willing to go with Lena and Julia, but only on condition that the Light will remain in camp and not fall into the "working" brigade. In the end, I spat and took the only right, it seemed to me a solution.
- On the NP, we are going to Lena. Light - in the camp, and the rest - in the ditch. All! We'll talk in the evening.

Ignoring the objections, I went inland. Soon I caught up with Lena.
- What's wrong with them ?! No dick do not understand! Can you explain?
- The usual thing. I am familiar with the case studies in this area, but the first encounter so clearly. When we get home, be sure to write about it. In collaboration with all of you. Interesting work happens.
- A more specific as possible?
- Easily! Women are so arranged that they need an object to love and care. Child, children or husband. Or both, and more. And if it happened that you're the only man, then ... In general, because of you, Sasha, our girls quarreled. Katya Sveta fought yesterday even ditch.
- What am I supposed to do? I f nothing vinovat!
- Not guilty ... I have no right to advise, but ... you have to decide and to choose someone. When you give clearly to understand that this is - your girlfriend, the rest still pobuzit a while, but then resigned.
- Aha! And begin to plot against my girls to build.
- Probably will. And to communicate, perhaps no longer with her. But such an open confrontation will be gone.

Rest of the way I thought. Then we have taken up the post, and almost did not communicate. The sun was sinking towards sunset, when I finally decided to share my thoughts with Lena.
- And if ... you'll be my girl? Then, maybe, all conflicts can be avoided.
- Thank you, of course. I am pleased, but it's possible.
- Why?
- Yes, if only because I - your teacher.
- What the hell teacher, if we are here on the island all on an equal footing ?!
- Maybe, but there is another reason. You see, it all started because not today. Conflict about two weeks already. You just do not notice it.
- Noticed ...
- Never mind. All this time the girls take turns running to me for advice. I comforted them and spoke roughly the same as you in the morning. Do you think why they are so zealous? Just do not lick you? And if you choose me, they are 100% decide that I deliberately confuse their head, and she quietly stole you. I'm in this situation is not something that will become an outcast, and the object itself, that neither is hate! So podyschu another candidate, please.
- But I like you! Always I liked! Even at the university!
- I know that, but ...

I lifted her to her feet. We were very close, and our head almost rested in the tent. Her lips were so close. I felt the heat of her body skin. My hands were on her waist, and I struggled with the desire to press her to him, kissed her, rip her clothes ...
- Sash, if you want to do right now wasps love me, I will not mind, but I can not be your girlfriend. Sorry.

It's been said so commonplace and simple that I realized that between us there will be nothing. Can not be. She would have given me, but she did not want me. And I could not ...
- Forgive me ... - I let her go and sat on a rock.
- It was a very brave and strong action, Sasha.

She leaned over and motherly kiss me on the forehead.
- You know, as a compensation, I'll tell you a secret. Any girl will gladly share with you a tent, you should just ask. Fortunately, contraception we have no problems.

I laughed sadly, remembering the two boxes of condoms.
- That's for sure. But in the rest of the problems bunch.
- There are even some of what you never thought!
- For example?
- Yesterday Julia used the last tampon.
- Why? I thought about it. There bandages. You can make of them. Only they have to make reusable. Wash out there. We have many of them.
- We have already so decided. And girls do not what to go. They in fact only what they were on the plane. Clothing poistrepalas already, and soon completely collapse. And what will we, when we find? In general, we need other clothes. And the need to save for later.
I looked at critically and Elena realized that she was right. Her T-shirt had been wiped out in places to transparency, she was wearing a lot of small holes and tears. Shorts, too, breathed its last, as the seams are kept on parole.
- Hmm. I did not notice before.
- Forgive my frankness, but you still have not seen our underpants ...
- It imagine. I myself long ago without them go.
- So do I.
- For some reason now it does not excite me, - I smiled.
- It would be strange if excited.
- I think that can be done.


Still, Sasha - a real man and a real hero! The more I learned, the more imbued with it. I've always been too demanding on the men. Probably because there was one and 28 years. Not so long ago I decided even that men would meet my selection criteria does not exist in nature. But Sasha fully fit these criteria. If he was not my student, I would have spat even the age difference.

The last days I often caught myself thinking that she would be with him. Not now, of course, but after the return (if held). I was aware that such an alliance might not be durable. But I would agree even for a few years, knowing that these years I'll be happy.

I was a bit ashamed that yesterday I openly offered herself to him. But he did not take my suggestion than typed in your piggy bank a few more points. However, my feminine essence, he stirred up. I used to do without men, and even without self-satisfaction. My body seemed asleep, but he woke up yesterday! It was very inappropriate.

I was lying on a mattress, and already two hours could not sleep. Shameful desires overcame me. Near peacefully nozzles Katya. I quietly called her, but she has not responded. We slept with her naked under a sheet. Trying not to disturb the neighbor, I gently turned her booty, and my hand slipped between her legs. Fingers immediately found the right place, and I began to fondle himself lightly. The first touch of sweet and grateful to have responded in the whole body. I quickly reached a fever pitch, and already approaching the climax, when Kate suddenly turned over. I lay there, afraid to move. Kate clung to me all over the back and hugged, covered with my own hand. Earlier it touched in his sleep did not affect me, but today it was the opposite. I could feel her breasts pressed against my back, buttocks felt prickly hairs on her pubic hair regrown, felt her warmth and breathing. All this is so inflamed me, I just brushed his hand aside when Kate whispered to me in the back:
- Let me...

I was the first caressing a woman, and it was so bright and unusual, that very soon I huddled in orgasm under the skillful caresses his students. Fireworks of emotions engulfing me with was explosively. Maybe I was not much tempted to sex, but the orgasm was something incredible.
- It's awful !, - I said almost breathless.
- Did you not like it?
- No. Worst thing that I liked.
- I am pleased. Sometimes I can not sleep, too, but it always helps. Now you can, too.

Sleep?! Well, I do not! I do not know what came over me, but now I would like to thank above all my neighbor the same. I abruptly turned and buried her face Intermedia breasts Katie, started showering them with kisses. When I took her nipple into his mouth and gently bit her, she moaned softly. My hands were running over her body, enjoying the soft silkiness of her skin. I turned back to Kate, and raised over it, considering her young body in a tent barely breaks through the moonlight.
- You are so Beautiful!
- You, too, Len.

I gave her a long time all my unspent during the long years of loneliness tenderness. She caressed her hands, lips, tongue, breasts. Kate took my affection, give them without a trace. And when my face was finally Intermedia her bent knees spaced legs, She pulled her my head. Katin smell, already heady, this place really brought me crazy. I greedily licked her cunt with relish sucking air nostrils, penetrated the language in its hole, she sucks in her clitoris with the lips. At the same time I furiously caressed his hand and her pussy.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah, - drawling she cried, ending with me.

We could hear. We certainly heard. But at that moment it was the last thing I was thinking ...


I twisted in the hands of cover from the back seat of the aircraft, wondering in my mind. "The fabric on the move, c / b. Strong. Top strut for the head, and on each side - for hands. It is the normal dress out. Short, of course, but what to do? ". Without thinking, I picked up the knife and immediately brought his plan into execution. "Now we have to measure on someone."

"Someone" was Julia, the first returned from the ditch.
- Hey, where are the others?
- Bathe yet.
- How we dug today?
- 35 steps.
- Wow! Record.
- What are you doing?
- Here. Dress you bungled. And then all go ragged. Examples?

She took the dress and critical shook his hand.
- Not nalezet. Narrow hurt.
- You can then ripped the sides. Type tunics will.
- The eyes do not povylazili you from such tunics ?, - she laughed
- You do not want - do not - I pouted and tried to select "dress".
- Okay, no offense. Let's unpick. Example.

I vividly dissolved seams on the sides and back the product to the girl. She grabbed it and ran into her tent. When Julia came back, I immediately regretted what I came up with this idea about tunics. Living and working when you walk around in it was impossible. But Julia outfit amused. She crossed her arms over her head and twirled me pretty. Case was indecently short. When she turned back to me, I saw the bottom of her ass. On each side of the body, too, was undisguised. In the doorway I saw Yulkinu large breasts in profile and nothing covered thigh. From that burst open when driving, tunic saved a narrow belt at the waist, before former lace tightening cover under seat
- You do not wear underwear or something?
- What eyed! No Sasha. My only cowards ordered to live long. Alas.
- Hmm. So have all the spoil one sheet. To make loincloths. I would imagine this.
- And SO you do not like something?
- I like something, Yuille, but ...
- Well, enjoy it, bonehead! Excellent tunic. It's free! And what about its length and the rest of me, by the way, is not worried. Do not worry. Like you have not seen all naked!
- T ... are you talking about ?, - I was taken aback
- Yes, everyone knows. Sash. Enough already hiding in the bushes when we bathe. For a long time to really joined. We're not bite. Now you should be afraid of another.
- What is it?
- And the fact that we will soon all become lesbians without male attention. Tell me again that you did not hear Katya and Lena before last night in a tent having fun?
- I have not heard - I honestly
- Nicho you sleep! Katka screaming as nedorezanny. Now Lena, probably at the fortress of your NP Svetochka storms.
- Why is it mine?
- We passed.
- I wonder how about your fortress?
- And what am I, an iron or something? Though not part of this. But wait forever until you can not determine the same.
- How did you get it! And if I do not want to be determined ?! Understand it or not, finally, that I can not choose any of you ?! I do not want! Choose one - others will be offended, select another - the same story!
- Sash, you fool !, - Julia sat next to me on the stone and patted on the head - Do not you choose one, do not you understand. Yes, we have long become one family. Just do not sleep together. It comes to you?
- Not really ...

She suddenly stood up, undid the belt and took off her tunic, left completely naked. I already felt dizzy
- Do you like me so?
- Very, Yul ...

She bent down, without a word unzipped my shorts and pulled out into the light of my boyfriend already solidified. Then he swung his leg over me and nearly swung straddled me. My cock is fully turned in the grip of a hot damp flesh.
- Fuck me. Do not think about anything. I am not offended if tomorrow in my position would be different. Since I did not lose anything. You just love us all, Sasha. In turn, somehow ...

As soon as she made her rotational movements pelvis, her breathing became heavier, and it - intermittent.
- You want me? I can see! Relax! And you can even do nothing ... I will do everything myself ... Oh-oh xxx as well-on !!!
- Halt !, preziki - I made a last attempt to stop this madness.
- Today it is possible without them. I want you to cum inside me.

I finished very quickly and very abundant. But despite the speed, famished Julia also managed to get an orgasm ...

* * *
- What it was that ?, - I asked after 10 minutes after Julia mastered the third time in a row.
- Nothing. Just everyone got what he wanted. You're wanted?
- Probably.
- Then do not worry. Let's tunics with others will help you ...

* * *

The girls gathered for dinner, is highly attractive to any man's sight. All willingly dressed in tunics, and Elena was the one who put under her underwear, including the once-white, now gray bra. I realized that now I have had no need to spy on the girls at the lake. For now, all their charms were almost visible to me. I do not hesitate examining their breasts through the side openings of their ass when they turned their backs, not to mention their tanned bare legs. Specifically, due to its growth, it gives off light. Even when she was just standing, the bottom of her pussy was visible, that girl did not seem bothered. But others worried. Above it is constantly bantered, urging at least hide behind the fig leaf.
- I will not !, - she replied stubbornly, - Sasha I sewed this dress, and I will walk!

After dinner, I was escorted to "check zakidushka". The initiator was Julia, and I imagined what will be discussed. When I came back after about an hour, everyone was asleep. But as soon as I climbed into my tent and undressed as I crawled to the light. She was wrapped in a sheet, under which, as I understand it, there was nothing, and simply could not be.
- Returned? Where's the fish?
- I have not tested. I did not send for it, and just sent. What news?
- Julia offered us not to divide you and make a harem.
- Clear. And I, as usual, forgot to ask.
- I told them the same thing said Sasha. Because we did before and that did not agree.
- And you personally, what do you think about this?
- I just said!
- No. If I do not take into account?

She squatted in front of me, and instead of answering erotic pulled off the sheet.
- Want Today I'll stay with you? Or because you Julia squeezed all the juice?
- It did she say?
- What for? As if it was not visible on her pretty face. But I'm not jealous.

She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Once we have this word is not needed. Sex with the light was very different, it is not mechanical as with Julia. Maybe because Light was I still a little prettier than the other girls, except for Helena. I slowly, enjoying every moment, caressing her body while experiencing the indescribable feeling when you realize that the girl is given to you completely, without a trace. I enjoyed licking her pussy, but then at some point realized that I represent, as if caressing the bosom of my teacher. This gave more acute process. Light has long been writhing under me, begging me to enter into it, but I am still not in a hurry. Playing with the language of her clitoris, I first moistened fingers into the vagina of a girl and then slowly introduced one into her anus. She took it and leaned pelvis toward me and whispered intermittently:
- Do you like it? Can you take me there ... anywhere ... just take me!
- Do not rush, sweet.

I felt the strength to torment the Light for a long time, but eventually took pity on her. Move forward and one powerful thrust into her over the entire depth. She howled, having finished one of my penetration. But I did not stop, continuing with the power to ram it. Orgasms rolled to light one after another, eventually merging into one inexhaustible fountain of pleasure ...


Sleep would not come. And how could it be otherwise, when just 5 meters continuously sounded passionate moans Svetka. I firmly decided that tomorrow she will come to Sasha at night. But over me lustful desire that something had to be done right now. Several times I priobnimala lying next to Lena, but she strongly whenever threw my hand. She did have 2 days of avoided me, talking only in the case. Perhaps she was ashamed of its recent weakness. But how could I explain to her that it is not right! After all, we were so good!
- Len, do you sleep?

- I know I can not sleep! Len, I'll rape you!
- No - she replied at last - I have made a terrible mistake. And it will not happen again. If you want to - go to them. Or to Julia. Or help herself, but I do not count.
- Yes, you're lying to myself! You also want!

I attacked his teacher, trying to turn her onto her back and at the same time to get a hand between her legs. I struck up a silent desperate struggle. Lena resisted, but I still managed to contrive to reach the desired goal.
- I told you !, - I exclaimed triumphantly, - You're all wet there !!! Do you want it too!
- Do not you dare do this to me !!! - teacher broke and ran out of the tent outside.

I waited for her for 20 minutes, and then seriously worried and decided to look for his neighbor. In the forest she could not go. Very dark. Probably on the beach. But it was empty. I was going to have to leave, but that it seemed to me that 150 meters from the rocks heard some sobbing. It could only be Lena. I crept up, and cautiously peered around the boulder. In the moonlight I saw my neighbor lying on the sand, spreading legs and furiously fuck themselves from the narrow round bottle dezodoronta. At first, she just moaned, and then, coming close to the junction with escaped her lips:
- Yeah, Sasha-ah! Fuck me !! Fuck me-ah! Yeah-ah !!!

In order not to be detected, I withdrew, thinking to himself: "Well, what it Coben? How is it different from us? Normal girl! "


After another six weeks. During this time we have experienced 3 storm. Almost no consequences, except for a few fallen trees blocking the road to the lake, and the tent, which is each time carried away by the wind. Once he flew to the lake, and I caught it without problems. Twice he flew into the thicket, and had to look for.

The morning began as usual lately. However, the usual this morning was only for the inhabitants of the island. I woke up between Julia and Katya. Girls still fast asleep, exhausted by a night of sex marathon. Assembled from the floor of the tent 4 used prezika and went out in the buff. We have long since ceased to be ashamed of each other, preferring to walk naked when it was convenient. The sun was 20 degrees It was time to wake Lena Sveta. Today was their turn to be on duty on the NP. I went to the tent and called Lena girls (I knew that today they went to bed together).
- Sasha, come - a sleepy voice replied Svetka

I got through the curtains and flopped down on the mattress next to Lena.
- Nicho you yesterday annealed threesome! Already jealous. I, then at least something left?
- Check, - I replied with fur

Sveta immediately straddled my legs and took my flaccid cock in her mouth. Her manipulation I quickly exited. It cheered the girl, and she redoubled her efforts. Lena woke up:
- Guys, well, let sleep. It's too early.
- Nothing too early! It is time for the post already - come off at the second light, and continued the job.

Lena raised her head and looked at us indifferently. Lena was the only one with whom I still had nothing. That did not prevent us to have sex chat with her. There were other changes. For example, it is not just like everyone else, went in front of a naked, but if I could have sex with one of the girls. However, once I finally put her. It was the day when ripe wines from local fruits. Unaccustomed, we are all so drunk that perpetrated an orgy where all involved. And at one point, when Lena, standing on all fours, licking fascinated Katyusha, I moved the light from the teacher's pussy and stuck to his friend. Lena did not immediately understand, and even start podmahivat. But when she realized izvilas skidded and threw me so that I flew, like a kitten.

No one is trying to re-educate her, it was no good. After all, and so it was great to ...

... Light could still bring me to the finals, although it had to exert a lot of effort. Sweetly reaching, she crawled out on all fours, and at the same moment:
- Bark-a-abl !!! - there was her heart-rending cry.

Lena rushed out of the tent right over me, crushing his knees hurt. I took off after him.
- Where?! Where?!
- There!!! Over there !!! - pointing to the horizon Light.

It really was a ship. Due to the large distances to see it in detail it was not possible. Lena their bearings first and ran to the beach, where another signal fire has been procured. After a couple of minutes up the smoke. A few minutes of anxious waiting, and suddenly we heard a thick, pipe the ship's horn. We noticed ...


When we lived on the island, we sometimes felt like we never parted. But life has made adjustments. First our parents snapped, not wanting to let go for a second. We talked on the phone and I knew that the girls chased for various medical examinations and psychologists. Then he had to fend off numerous journalists who want to learn more about our stay on the island. Once on the ship when we were rescued, we have decided for themselves that it is inevitable, and agreed to talk about everything except an intimate part.

Most of all fascinated nagryanuvshaya Julia glory. Probably six months she moved around the world from one TV show to another, earning a lot of money on this. The others did not need the money, because we are very profitable to sell the film rights of our adventure, and the rights to publish the book.

Lena with his head went into operation, changing the topic doctoral. She wrote about the development of our relations on the island. On defense, the past with the brilliance, all but Kathy were invited. Because Kate and so was all the time next to Lena. They formed a strong lesbian couple, although it is a secret. The second pair of steel Sveta. We agreed we a month after the rescue, and has since lived together seriously in considering the wedding. On the royalties from the sale of rights, we bought a nice apartment, which have always been pleased with our recent friends in misfortune.

More often than others we visited Julia when she visited breaks between shows. We reminisced about their experiences, and then be happy to have sex threesome. Sometimes Kate ran, and the script was the same. Although Kate was more interested in my fiancee, but she was always happy to jump on my cock.

And somewhere in a year to us unexpectedly announced Elena Stepanovna. With the unexpected request. She decided to have a baby and another candidate, except for me, I did not even want to consider. Naturally I did not mind, but I could not help but ask the Light.
- I agree - she said - but on one condition: I will also take part in it.
- Thank you !, Svetik - Lena kissed her on the lips, - I'm just embarrassed myself to ask you about this. Let this be your overall my child.

She gave birth to 9 months, and a month later was our Sveta wedding. At the table, I asked her:
- Now we are husband and wife, so I can not be more than Julia or Katya?
- You're a fool, Sasha! I already invited to our wedding night. Do not drink more is better. We will not leave from you while you each twice to heaven do not go. I know - you can! Otherwise, like hell I would have left for you!


Outside the window was a dark gray day. This is how it was morning. However, the surface of puddles rippled the wind - rain point was not visible.

What Seregin parents in such weather in the country? Closing old shack for the winter in such conditions is impossible. Do anything in the garden or vegetable garden - too. no car, you can only get night train. The TV cable is not carried out. On the Internet in those places and not heard. The cracked bedside table lay magazines from the last century. On the rickety shelf stand disheveled children's fairy tales, the remaining from the days when they entertained Seryozhenka. On the table mumbling radio. Yearning...

Good thing they do not know that their son gets up here. I would have gone mad ...

I touched his jacket hung on the battery. It was disgusting wet. Shoes, too. And socks.

Maybe it's true - we will do without aids? I'll find somewhere in the corner of a bottle of sunflower oil and ...

I shuddered.

I took a purse from nasty-wet jacket pocket, he came out into the hallway and not especially hesitate and certainly without feeling remorse, Seregin shod shoes. Damn, small. Fortunately, there were a number of other, more. His father, perhaps. And the jacket I was approached by only one that was clearly not with shoulder gray.

Log in to the pharmacy was very close between the front door, and I somehow squeezed him, never really has not entered into a puddle.

Only went in, and I realized that I made a mistake.

Value before leaving to go to the toilet. As soon as my dick Opal returned to their usual state of soft otrostochka, bladder risen some sense of that required immediate action. I shifted from one foot to the other, trying to keep the irrepressible, bursting out eagerly and shamelessly.

When one of the women, wandering in the hall of the pharmacy, suddenly looked intently at me, I realized with horror that, in addition, I also wash my face and brush my teeth forgotten! I certainly came from the peculiar smell of sperm and the male member. Not to mention the fact that somewhere on the face could get stuck with a ringlet Seregina pubis. And it is not alone.

Dancing while turning away from the paranoid people I went to the window.

On the other side of the counter was a young girl, apparently, a recent graduate of farmuchilischa. Pretty face, slender figure, mounds of breasts on a white lab coat. I instantly imagined could undress her, to turn back and go back ... or not, fuck on the weight front, standing with her feet, lower back obvivshimi ...

I had to smile. I just sucked the other guy is now getting ready to take it in the ass, and go are you, mentally fuck first got the girl. Mysterious men's soul!

Imagination has risen naked Sergei subtle body, and I felt remorse.
- Condoms - gloomily muttered I girlfriend, carefully turning away from her face.
- What kind? - She smiled. - There are three different sizes, among them - with or without relief profiles. And, of course, different tastes. Packages of three and ten pieces ...
- Normal, three ... - I stopped and corrected, - ... ten.

Why do I need ten of them? Sergei fuck in the ass - and all! Here and one would have been enough!

But I immediately realized that I gusarstvuyu to excellent chemist.
- And the size? - Smiling girl widened.

Oho-ho, you're wondering how big my dick!
- I do not know - I muttered.

- For example, the average? - Suggested the chemist.


And then I realized that she was a virgin! I do not know on what grounds I define it, but so far never made a mistake. Well, apart from a completely wild puncture the very first time ...

I said nothing.

On the counter there was a bright pack of condoms.
- And lubricants, - I muttered.

She was surprised, but put me in front of the tube. It was large written: "Vaginal Gel".

Vaginal? And it is suitable?
- Rectal - I squeezed out of myself.
- Anal - automatically corrected chemist, but her smile at the same time lost. Carefully she looked at me and sighed. She took off the counter tube and put the other. On her face, as if the letters were written, the kind of guy - and blue!
- No, me and the one and the other - I have found.

On the girl's face was replaced by disappointment surprise, and then understanding. I'm sure she thought I was dreaming about the long, full evening sex with my girlfriend to fuck "all the holes." In principle, not so she was wrong ... But I'm not engaged in sex with the girl, and a man ...

Grabbing a bag of shopping, I ran out of the pharmacy. Feeling that the bladder pressure already exceeds all sorts of pain thresholds, I raced through the puddles without looking at what they have depth, flew into the porch, ran up the stairs and rushed into the corridor Seregina apartments.

From the bathroom came the noise of the shower. I danced, looked into the room. Decomposition of the sofa, of course, was empty. I gave him a package, and ran to the bathroom.

With half a minute I was blissfully happy, getting rid of excess load. Then he wanted to be, as always, simply fill cock in pants and closed in, but then for some reason, looked around for the toilet paper. I suddenly became very important to wet the tip. Homosexuality, as it turned out, promotes accuracy.

However, Sergei - a living person, and he will certainly be nicer if I'm a little cleaner. Well, at least relatively.

I pulled back the skin on the penis, exposing the head. She was covered smegma. Grease was quite abundant, is transparent and odorless, but I was glad that the thought of a look here. The idea about the toilet paper was not so bad, though, and gave mannerisms and affectations. I wiped the grease. Then he wiped his new piece of paper has a clean head.

A few moments pondering what else could I have forgotten to do. Remembered - teeth. We're going to kiss! I hastily buttoned his jeans and ran out of the toilet.

Bathroom was still locked.

I went into the kitchen and began to rinse the mouth under the tap. He washed his face and neck. I remembered the member unbuttoned jeans and lowered his pants. Head after wiping cloth looked clean. But God knows ... I began to moisten your fingers with water from the tap and clean it. For some reason I decided that this is not enough, took off jeans and pants, all lathered member and the skin around the soap that lay beside the sink, and bent the most incredible way, washed it all, abundantly pouring handfuls of water over. At Shell remained impressive pool, but I was pleased. Wipes had a kitchen towel. Then I realized what I'd done, and then it began to wear off. I realize that doing this naked and started to wear pants and jeans. He slipped on a puddle and grabbed a rag - to wipe her. I quit and still pulled jeans. Then he decided to remove the t-shirt. He began wiping the water from the tap. Mainly in the armpits. They wash over does not happen ...

For finishing, a sudden corner of my eye noticed some movement. He turned sharply. The kitchen was Sergei. He leaned his shoulder against the doorjamb and looked at me.

Sergei was naked, only thigh wrapped with a towel. Skin flushed with hot water. Wet hair sticking out in all directions. Survivors towels water droplets glistening on the ribbed torso and abdomen small sunken brillantikami. A thin, almost childish body seemed more illusive.

Sergei was fine. Damn, I can not get used to how beautiful it is!

Something jumped and snapped inside me. I only saw half an hour ago, this boy naked from all angles, fingered and kissed him, but now that Sergei was standing naked with this waffle white towel around her hips, I was just fascinated.
- You still come back! - Serge said quietly.

From it came a wave of sexuality. As the sun comes heat, so he went on some field, attracting, calling and disturbing.

But I really want to fuck him.
- The bathroom will be more convenient - and waved Gray muttered somewhere behind him.

I am ashamed, walked past him, barely resist not to climb to kiss.

The bathroom was napar. I closed the door on the latch and undressed. Hose was somehow not nozzles. I toyed with amazement usually ends hole flexible metallic tube and tried to pour himself so. Immediately I saw attachment - she was lying on the edge of the bathtub. Screw it back.

All clear - Sergei, too, was preparing for what we were supposed to do. Only high quality and science. It seems, after all, went to geyskoy sites ...

How strange to engage in simple daily things, to wash, for example, knowing that in a few minutes you will get laid! To drive away thoughts about the upcoming sex - not to be excited ahead of time, so as not to burn out, not to look bustler - and still feel the undercurrent of excitement. Try to think about what Delache, and as a result to go with an empty head. Try to be calm and stressed notice late trembling fingers. And if spring abdomen squeezed ...

When it came time to leave, I smelled several shampoos and conditioners, heated, deliciously pure, dried himself with pleasure and reached for his jeans.

How to dress? Let's fuck - so you need to go naked. But it somehow ... too.

I took the towel.

Man was not in the kitchen. Gone also a pool at the sink and then nedostirannoe me a tea towel.

I immediately went to the room Seregin.

The guy was there. Again, I saw it as if for the first time. A familiar wave of admiration and desire enveloped me.

And then I felt that something was wrong. Shorts replaced the towel around his hips. In his hand was clamped shirt. Serge considered the tubes with grease, and the only reason it has not pulled over.

He's just getting dressed? I waited until I get out of the bath, and dressed?

Consciousness helpfully suggested explanation of what is happening - Gray changed his mind.

The air rang around a thin, nasty note ...

Serge turned. He saw me, half-naked, and his pupils widened. He swallowed. He muttered:
- What are you ...!

Silent. Then he added under his breath:
- Beautiful.

At first I could not comprehend the words. Only a moment later emerged the idea, and I grabbed it like a drowning man at a straw - maybe the boy changed his mind, well, changed his mind at all, maybe just scared?
- A vaginal why? - Asked the guy.

His voice had some indifferent.

The answer to your question, he did not wait.
- I was wondering ... - said Sergei, looking away. - Only you do not misunderstand me ...

My heart sank.
- You're probably not in vain offered ... - the guy was covered with crimson paint, and his eyes looked hard to the side, - ... to be postponed. You do something mean ...


Gray worked on me was not looking.
- You're able to do it all ... to ... - his voice quivered - ... that I did not offend you could ... ... overcoming itself ...

Sergei could not stand it and turned away.

Then he went to the window and stood before him. He stood with his back to me, still looking for something out there.

The room was quiet. I could hear the ticking of a wall clock.
- I imagined - he began again, - what I would do if I did not like ... but it turned out to be in a situation when you can not ... ... explain the stubborn friend, I ...

He stopped, but he forced himself to continue:
- ...if I'm not gay ... but my friend ... persistently ... dragging me into bed ... I would say the same thing you said ... And overcame myself ... I would be doing the same thing did you...

He paused.

I did not move. Just looking at the guy, trying to ignore the cold knot in the stomach.
- You're so wonderful ... kind ... and I ... I only think about yourself ...

Even at such a time I could not see how beautiful thin silhouette blackens Seregina body on a background of a bright window.
- In general, I want you to know that ... I understand ...

I walked over to the boy, stopped behind. He ran his hand through his hair. Slightly leaned forward and touched his nose neck. I breathed the smell of the shampoo, the smell of freshness. And then he kissed her neck just under the hairline.

I felt relieved. In those few minutes I experienced the whole gamut of emotions from disappointment to resentment, from the worst to the expectations of hope, and now had a huge, bright, joyful relief.
- You are a fool! - I whispered, still kissing the velvety skin with a golden, sun-bleached hair under.

Sergei did not move. He seemed still, not looking up, watching something outside the window.

Involuntarily I leaned forward, our bodies touched, and I felt the touch of ecstasy back hard against my chest, elastic ass to the bottom of my stomach. Hands involuntarily fell on the sharp little shoulders. Fingers clenched, holding the body of a delightful series. Her lips moved a little, I reached for the back lobe Seregina ear, and began to bite.

After the panic that swept over me a few minutes ago, the pleasure of touching the male body was particularly bright and sharp.

Serge stood motionless.

My lips moved lower, and I began to touch the neck just under the careful ear.

Only now the guy moved. He raised his hand behind his back and pointed me in the bulging towel, languishing on the willingness of member. As if not realizing it, Serge felt the hot stick under rough cloth. He whirled.
- It...

His eyes darted down. Sergei abruptly pulled his hand.
- This is your...! - He exclaimed.

Well, yes, but what do you expect to find me in this place?

Only now I realized that for all the time we kissed, hugged and even engaged in oral sex, hands Sergei never touched me below the belt.

The guy looked at my towel. My cock lifted the cloth quite indecent. Sergei's pupils dilated.
- Do you have boner! On me!

He nervously sighed and smiled timidly.
- Do you want me! - He whispered.

I hugged earrings, pressed her to him.
- I want you so much! - I said.
- Hence, the kiss ... - he paused again, choosing his words - ... kiss me there, too, you would!
- Highly.

Serge looked me in the eye. I looked into his eyes.
- All these fears you yourself came up, - I whispered. - I'm crazy about you...

Now it was my stumble through.
- ... a month.

Serge swallowed.

And then he closed his eyes and brought his lips to mine. And of course, I kissed him.

Hands guys grabbed me, squeezed. The bodies touched. Chest pressed against his chest, his stomach pressed against his stomach. Knees knocked each other out. I gently pushed the leg and thigh Sergei 'gone a little sideways between my thighs.

Hands Grey squeezed me harder and harder. Whether from this, whether from excitement I could not breathe, but to break away from a guy I could not. My dick under the towel with force pressed to a solid stomach. And I feel a long stick to his ...

Then Serge pulled away from me, a little moved back, looked at me.
- What a fool I am! - He whispered.
- I told you! - I said.

Gray smiled happily and leaned toward me again. His hand slid down my back. At first slowly, gently, then faster.

Movement became greedy. We kissed again, and Sergei's hands frantically explored my back, studied the fast, erratic movements. By extending and prolonging the kiss, Sergei drove his hands from side to side, top to bottom, jumped from the waist to the blades, from the occiput to the side, slipping on the spine, ribs squeezed. His fingers dug into the skin, nails left light scratches.

Then Sergei again pulled away from me. I moved somewhere else, and I wanted to catch him, but he dodged.
- Wait, I want to see you!

He walked around me, slowly, slowly. His eyes frantically ran through my body.
- Stop, do not move - he said from behind.

And I heard only heavy breathing and the creaking of the floorboards close.
- Wait, - said Sergei, to be back in my field of vision.

Then slow motion brought his fingers to the site on my towel. He looked me in the eye. And I touched the knot. The one and so could hardly stand, instantly undone. Fabric with a soft rustle of opal on the floor. Cool air touched the skin.

I stood in front of Sergei completely naked.

The hand was jerked to hide behind, but I managed to restrain himself.

Gray stood in front of me and looked down to where the hair darkened bush, where the legs come together, which was sticking straight up languishing on the willingness of member. Directly under the gaze of the boy's penis she moved, approached the stomach, and then returned to the up position.

Sergei swallowed. I noticed that his fingers were trembling. Just as they trembled before yesterday, when we were going to kiss for the first time ...
- Wait, - he muttered hoarsely, and again moved into the bypass.

This time behind he stopped and stood there for a full minute. All of this moment, I barely restrained so as not to turn around.

Finally, Sergei again appeared in front of me. Slowly, gently took a couple of steps. Metering.

Then, without taking his eyes off me, he raised his trembling hand, found a button on his shorts and tried to unbutton her. I remembered this button, I unbuttoned her two hours ago, she was more slots. Serega have failed. Then he unbuttoned his pants with both hands. About lightning he forgot. Just pulled the fabric down. She clearly tightened on his erect penis, but crawled.

Now it was my turn to swallow noise.

Shorts have been a bottleneck and immediately moved down to mid-thigh.

Trusov on Sergei was not. Top sticking his dick, so I am familiar, and at the same time, this delightfully beautiful. On a long stick hung accurate scrotum with two easily visible testicles. Peel half pulled off the head, and in the light of a gloomy day flashed a droplet on the tip. Not had time to fully dry the curls of pubic hair gleaming in some places the water droplets from the air flow twitched.

Serge was standing in front of me - naked and beautiful.

My penis has responded convulsive movement. And, as if in a mirror, the same movement made a member of Sergei.

The guy in the meantime a little parted legs and shorts fell to the floor.

We looked at each other, both are not hiding delight, both barely restraining himself from desire, both trying to memorize every millimeter of the other body.

Serge was fine. I knew that, but, again looking at the naked boy was thinking about it. How it is beautiful! How incredibly beautiful!

And then we have taken a step towards each other. I do not know who leaned forward first, but we have moved toward each other simultaneously. The bodies touched, hot cock was sandwiched between their bellies, his hands covered body of one another, and we merged in a kiss.

This kiss was a long, somehow painfully passionate, full of hormones, energy and desire. It was not a kiss, it was sex in itself ...

I did not even notice as Sergei's hands were again on my back. Now they were moving slowly, enjoying the sensations. They slipped into the armpits. Then he fell to the ribs. We went back. One hand went up the vertebrae. The second she wrapped waist, pressing my body to Sergei body. Trying not to interfere with these hands, I caressed her hands Seregin neck.

Our full passion kiss ended, but his lips continued to touch the lips. My tongue ran across Seryozhin language. I felt his hands slide down my back and sides. And then one of them squeezed between us, on my stomach. I reflexively tensed, trying to keep the muscles stood out vividly. I do not know whether this happened something worthwhile, I even felt ashamed of bragging, but Serge, like, did not notice anything. His hand slowly went through every muscle. His fingers dug into the navel, slid along the midline, reached his chest.

Sergei bent down and kissed my nipple. I never liked it, I did not just stop the girls when they were trying to do, but now I let a boy touch his lips nipple. Yet to me it was so unpleasant that I involuntarily moved. I have not backed down, not pulled back, just a little twitch, and Gray took this movement in its own way. He grabbed the other nipple with his lips and began to suck it. I endured. It lasted a few seconds, and then his lips Seregin dug into my neck, slightly away from the Adam's apple.

I dipped my fingers in his wet hair. He squeezed his head, lifted, kissing, face, lips and found again and fell down before him with his lips.

Seregina hand slipped from my shoulder blades down and, without stopping, lay down on my ass. That's so simple. I have to touch his priest, overcame many psychological barriers! It took me so much time on it! And he just went and grabbed my ass.

But it was so nice! Very nice! Cool fingers clutching one of the most intimate particle you ...

My cock twitched. It breathing momentarily interrupted. It was so sweet to feel the thin gray hand at the pope ...

Sergei's fingers slid to the side, hitting the sides. For a moment emerges contrived to squeeze the pelvic bone. Then slowly came back, and, without stopping, went on. He touched the grooves between the halves of the priests. Immediately, do not hesitate and do not hesitate to dive into it, with a force pushing the buttocks. Gray beard fingers passed through from top to bottom, reached the anus.

I embarrassment crossed legs.

Barely felt fingertip my ring, Sergei immediately with the force pressed on him. I froze, panting. Finger presses, and I even thought that he would be able to overcome the resistance of the sphincter and a little bit, but to plunge into the ...

It lasted only a few moments. Then Seregina hand emerged from the groove and has moved to the other half of the priests. He clenched his buttocks. At this point, Sergei again pressed his lips to my lips.

Hand, the other, the one that was in front, was set in motion. She slid on my chest, took place in the stomach, for a moment, lost in a hole navel, sank even lower and, again, not even pausing for a second, with a force pushing on the skin, pick up my cock. I touched him.

A wave of pleasure mixed with another explosion of desire, spread through my body. I involuntarily tense ...

My cock twitched as if trying to escape from the cool fingers.

Seregina hand covered with a cock and squeezed it.

I suddenly realized that I can finish now. The pleasure was so intense and the desire raged in me for so long that the wave of the familiar tickling fullness started up the trunk.

Sergei slightly relaxed his grip, his hand slid down over the penis. Reached scrotum and gently squeezed it. Face Sergei poured paint red spots stood out on his neck and chest. The boy barely breathing. His eyes were open, but if covered with some kind of veil, seeing nothing, looking straight ahead.

Serge slowly opened his hand. I took his hand.

I staggered, as if losing support. I really felt that a little more, another second, another half a second, and the wonderful feeling I explode in an eruption seed ...

His heart was pounding. I was trembling with excitement.

Earrings, too, was shaking.

And then I reached for a condom. He grabbed the bag.

How does it open? Do not understand. Yes and no desire to understand it was not.

I tore it up and with trembling hands pulled the ring of the condom.

Serge with childish curiosity began to look at what I was holding. His nostrils flared. It seemed to me that I feel like pounding of his heart.

I had once used condoms. Yielding some of his fantasies about a year ago I masturbate them. No new sensations it gave me no, quite the contrary, and I did not buy more than condoms. With girls, I somehow managed without additional obstacles ...

With trembling fingers I pulled back the skin on his penis and unrolled condom on it. Latex pulled the head and trunk, and I immediately thought that the range of sensations that I felt, faded.

I looked at Sergei.
- Do you still want it? - I asked. The voice sounded hoarse.

Serge was looking at my twitching cock in a condom. His eyes widened as if he just realized what it all means.

He looked up and looked me in the face. Once he looked down on the penis.

His own penis, steadfast, long, so beautiful, so familiar, swayed heavily in the air, head pointing at the ceiling.

My heart ached with tenderness and desire.
- Yes - a barely audible sigh Sergei.


We both stood there, not moving, not moving. All the words were spoken, it was time to start, but we both stood and stared at each other. Even it is not clear why. Of course, we did not know what to do. We do not even know where to begin. And, of course, we're a little shy, if you are ashamed of two naked guys already who have come too far. We hesitated - and say that we do not know where to start, and do what needs to be done to a member of one was inside the other. But there was something else that made us stand still.
- Yes - Serge repeated after a few seconds, and for some reason looked back.

Then he looked at me with an uncertain glance, turned his back and began to awkwardly knees on the carpet. Slightly pulled one leg from the other. Bent down. Face down on the sofa. In the air horizontally hung his penis. At the rear, between the slightly spaced legs became visible scrotum.

I looked at the earrings from the top down and the thought is not about sex. I was scared. No fear - too strong a word. I felt a vague anxiety. We're actually going to make it. Actually. Right now. And it's not that no one kid does not agree to fuck with another kid in the ass. In the ass! Stage of the fears I have, like, passed. It's just ... It's just been a really bold step. Serious. Irreversible...

So do not overcome his anxiety, I knelt down. Almost close to Sergei, in the back. My knees were between his shins.

I held his hands on the sides of the boys to the armpits, inadvertently bent down to Serega. My stomach lay on his back, his chest touched the shoulder blades, pelvis pressed against the bottom. My cock immediately got into the groove between the buttocks Seregin. I pull over to the elastic hemispheres, and twitching with pleasure.

I lay a little way and enjoying the caressing hands stretched Sergei 'body. Then he began to kiss her back, gently touching her lips blade emerges and vertebrae. And at the same time with an indescribable pleasure I felt as my cock pressed into the groove between the buttocks, pushing them himself, he makes his way along the furrows lying vertically, pressing it. A half Seregina priests clutched his sides, again and again ...

The feeling was so strong that I snapped my arms. I straightened up on his knees. He ran his hand over bowed before me waist. He slid his hands on the buttocks. He squeezed them. And then he bent down and kissed the ass, biting and squeezing the flesh elastic lips. At the same time, my hand slid up Sergei's leg - fine crus, thigh ... hard muscles beneath my fingers tensed and then relaxed. My hand reached the top, touched the bottom to the scrotum. Fingers momentarily plunged into it, feeling the testicles and hard, jerking when you touch the barrel member. Then his hand went up to the groove between the halves of the ass, he plunged into it. Fingers ran into a small ring anus. Of course, I could not help but notice the touch, but the hand continued to move up. Groove has become smaller over, and my fingers were on Sergey's waist.

I straightened up. After my kisses on the skin of the buttocks gleaming strips of saliva. The sight was breathtaking, but a vague longing in the whole body did not give time to enjoy it.

I spread my hands halves backside. Right before my eyes appeared anus - ring wrinkled skin, a little darker than the inner surface of the buttocks, tightly compressed, with no visible holes, with a few hairs on the circle.

Anus, if sensing my gaze, shrank. I brought him the index finger, touched, and sphincter tightened even more. I'm a little pressed. Your finger is immersed a few millimeters in depth and stopped in front of a dense barrier. It seemed that there is no hole.

Talk to Sergei relaxed, it was useless. How does he relax? Is this at all possible in this situation? And fear, and completely new sensations, and the expectation of pain ...

I ran a finger along a groove, again stumbled on the anus. Then he picked up a tube of anal gel, squeezed a handful of his hand, threw the tube on the floor and pressed hill gel to the anus.

Serge twitched, issued a sound, his back momentarily shrunk, quite squeezed my hand.

Then the muscles relaxed. The boy realized that this is just the gel.
- Cool, - he whispered.

Furrow between the halves of Sergey's priests shone from the gel. It was a lot, too much, and excess, a good half, slowly began to slide down, forming something like a large transparent drops at the lower end of the groove and threatening to move out on the scrotum.

I plunged into the drop of the finger, and put pressure on the anus. Those few millimeters, and again a barrier, not to let on. Sphincter significantly shrank, but immediately relaxed. I pushed a little harder, and felt that the ring has become softer, and then succumbed, and pressing on his finger plunged into a whole phalanx.

Sergei issued a sound and move. His cock jerked, striking the stomach. Again, hung in the air and immediately jerked again.

I slowly pulled the finger, again collected an excess of gel on the anus and try again. At this time, the phalanx was plunged into easier and faster. And not only one phalanx. The finger went further, further, entered the second phalanx, and then the finger fell to its full length.

Sergei has moved more clearly.

My heart is swept out chest with excitement. I slowly let the air out of the lungs and pulled his finger out. He easily got out of the anus.

Head Sergei cheek lying on the sheet. Widely open eyes boy looking somewhere to the side.

My whole hand was in the gel. I held his hand and held it against his penis. He twitched. Condom glistened with grease. A small drop hanging at the tip.

Well ... Now it's time to ...

I took a member of the hand and held it to Sergei's anus. Closely, pressing head to the sphincter ring. Then he put his hands on hips boy. Metering. My heart was pounding. I was shaking. His face was burning. The air was not enough.

I looked at Sergei. Nostrils flared boys. Fingers hand lying on the couch shaking.
- Do you want this...? - I asked.

Serge nodded. Almost immediately. Then he closed his eyes and braced himself. Very clearly tightened, the whole to pick up, cringed.

I did not pull more. He leaned forward and fell on the Gray.

Sphincter member has not started. I pressed, but nothing worked. I have thought to pull back and try to expand the anus with his finger again, but looked down and stopped. The tip of the head to be seen. He plunged inside. The sight was delightful. I once at a time acutely aware that my cock sticking out of the pope boy. Let a little bit, let only the tip of his, he is already there. There!

Feeling member abutting against the soft, but an insurmountable obstacle, it is surprisingly enjoyable. This resistance is transferred across the length of the barrel somewhere deep into the body, somewhere behind the testicles, sweet delaying them further into the pelvis, to its very depths.

I pushed, and right before my eyes, slowly, reluctantly, overcoming the resistance, the head began to push the ring in hand, squeezing out the excess gel, smoothing wrinkles ...

Mouth Sergei burst sound. The fingers going into the cushions. His body instinctively jerked forward, trying to get away from a solid stick, which tried to get inside his body.
- Painfully? - I whispered.
- Yes - a barely audible voice said Gray. - Come on, come on!

I tensed and leaned back on the guy with the power of moving her hips forward and attracting the hip Sergei. Gray jerked again, uttering a muffled cry of pain. I saw that he was scared.
- May be enough? - I asked quietly.
- Come on! - Sergey croaked.

I pressed. And he continued to press. Gray bit his lips, panting, twitching beneath me, trying to get away from the pressure, the willpower forcing yourself to go to meet the member. My hips ached from the effort. I felt like digging into the carpet fluff in my power to rest against the floor knees.

And suddenly something changed. I felt my cock slowly began to pass through the dense pulsing ring. Compressing the trunk of the anus, more stretching, millimeter by millimeter shifted on the head further, squeezing, squeezing it.

Sergei wriggled beneath me. His face turned red. His fingers clutched convulsively sheet. Roth published a continuous sound, something like "and-and-and!". Teeth biting her lip, and she turned white beneath them, ready to splash the blood. I saw his cock stiffened. The skin itself slipped from his head, swelling and pours purple color.

I experienced pleasure in itself bordering on orgasm. My cock, millimeter by millimeter part of the depth of Sergei's body, covered the wave of sweet pleasure. The feeling slowly crawling along the trunk of the ring of flesh were intractable with incomparable, beautiful, disturbing, sweet.

The head has passed the sphincter, and my cock again fell inside.

Gray squeaked and stood tensely listening to their feelings. Whitened fingers on the crumpled sheet relaxed and arched into the air, as if touching something hot. His whole body stiffened.

My cock went halfway. I felt that he could sink even deeper, perhaps, the entire length. What prevented him to advance, not already sphincter. There, inside, road overlaps soft elastic barrier, virtually no resistance, easy to stretch.

I reached out to Sergei's penis. It was uncomfortable, but I still managed to touch the tips of the fingers of the head. A member was swollen, hard, hot, intense ...

I took a deep breath. Clenched hands Sergei's hips and pressed her hips, thrusting penis in the gut even further. Deeper and deeper, stretching the barrier inside. The guy from the arching of my movements, twitching, but always remained in place.

Finally, it seemed to me that most fit will not be able to Seregina stomach. I gently pushed the barrel and pushed back with force. And again. Narrow ring pulsating, moving helplessly contracting the anus on the trunk - back and forth, back and forth from the base of the penis to the base of the head and back. The ring was stretched almost to complete thinning, almost to breaking. Only vessels throbbing beat the trunk of my cock in rhythm gallop Seregina heart.

The boy lay motionless, stunned by what had happened, frightened, to listen to their own feelings.

In the depths of his body my cock again and again presses on the elastic barrier, and that is easily stretched, allowing the penis to dive inside. I weakened and intensified pressure hips strained again and again, a member of the head went back and forth.

Very soon I realized that my movements reached a familiar rhythm.

I fucked Sergei.

I fucked him!

And yet ... I was expecting anything, but what I'm not going to feel, I did not expect. I slid member, but did not have any feelings. Obstruction offered no resistance, the gut does not cover the trunk. Huge anal ring squeezed, however, my penis at the base, but it was not enough to have fun. I slid inside Serega his cock, then pounding his anus strongly and sharply, then gently pushing, then shaking it from side to side in there somewhere, in the depths. And I do not feel anything.

Serge was lying motionless beneath me. Sometimes he frowned, probably some of my movement caused him pain, but in general, he began to breathe calmly stopped bites his lip. He just endured and waited.

What are blue in all of this? How do they enjoy? Why is it all like?

I'm wondering again and again drove cock into Sergei's ass. I have realized that I could not finish. Movements compressive anus ring at the root of the barrel was not enough. I did not get any pleasure. Absolutely nothing. As if she moved her hips just in the air.

Serge was quite relaxed. Perhaps accustomed to the sensation. Just lying on the couch, looking askance at me.

I made a few moves. Keep all of this was pointless, and I strongly took a member of the anus.

Gray looked at me.
- Lie down on your back, - I muttered.

Sergei was surprised even more, but complied. Move it, probably now it was uncomfortable, and maybe even hurt. He awkwardly climbed onto the couch, fell to one side, turned on his back and slowly and carefully stretched out his legs. His hard dick down on her stomach. The head was almost at the navel. The trunk twitched several times.

Handsomely. And the truth is beautiful - naked man with an erect penis on the white sheet ...

I also climbed on the sofa. He knelt. Carefully he picked up Sergei's legs over his shoulders, knees nestled right in the neck. Taz Serega hung in the air. My cock was at his ass.

I parted the buttocks and saw Sergei's anus. He gaped. The walls were red, but without blood.

Serge was lying motionless, ready to carry anything but pass through to the end.

Our eyes met, and I could not stand, lowered his eyes. I was ashamed. I felt like a fraud. Nothing I have not worked. No pleasure I could not deliver Sergei. I do not know how. But the pain I have caused him. And if I go on, cause ... more

It is necessary to offer a stop to offer this complete ...

I sighed and put his penis to the hole gaping anus and leaned. The head felt little resistance and easily fell into. Serge quietly whined. His eyes widened for a moment. His fingers tightened on the sheet. I was scared, but the guy pressed his teeth and forced himself to relax.

I leaned on the top Seryozhin pelvis, and a member came into the colon to its full length. Nothing in my own feelings changed. All the same impression that I'm trying to fucking air. Even anus ring already seemed not compress the root of a member as much.

With Sergei's knees on his shoulders I freed my hands, and I instinctively put his hands slick with gel that most attracted my opinion - swollen Seregin member. I felt a hard hot cylinder, busy and lively. He flinched from the touch. I squeezed his hand scrotum, testicles touching tverdenkih deep and gripping member of the trunk through the wrinkled skin. Second hand held through the hot cylinder, rubbed the bridle on the head. Serge moaned and slightly arched.

I strongly leaned on the boy. New impetus was transmitted to his body, and member of the boy slipped under my hands back and forth. Sergei again made some barely audible sound. His hips moved slightly upward, as if moving toward me. Gray liked!

I repeated the motion. And again. And again. Each sliding member under the smeared gel hand accompanied by a slight groan Gray.

I began to thrust his penis more and more. A member of the boys danced beneath my hands moving over the skin of the palms and twitching. Serge moaned.

When I reached the usual trahatelnogo rhythm, boy beneath me already being moved to the beat. Open Sergei's eyes clouded damp fog. Roth, push for push emits soft sounds, parted. His fingers scraped the sheet.

At the same time I myself did not feel anything new. All the same feeling that you move your hips in the air. But to see how Sergei enjoys under me, it was really great. The boy lifted his hips vigorously, leaning on my hips. It seemed to stop me, and Serge himself will sit down on a member. But I just kept his hands on his penis!

So we moved in time with each other for a minute or two.

And then the rhythm of body movements Seryozhin lost. He arched out of place, stopped again planted on my penis. I continued to fuck him, happily looking at how Gray tensed.

Loud rapid breathing Man froze, muscles bulging mounds. Sergei froze lob hip, almost upright. Floating in the air. I continued to thrust his penis in his rectum. Seconds went for seconds, and Sergei 'body is hung in the air.

And then I felt moisture on his fingers. As a member of Sergei's wave, and out spurted sperm. On the chest and chin flashed track pearl drops.

I drove his penis as deep as possible and continued to stroke the swollen head. For a few seconds nothing happened, and then the seed of a new jet with the power pulled from the tip Seryozhin member and fell forward, only slightly Overshot by nipple. And then the next! And the next!

My fingers are all rubbed and rubbed the head of soft, caressing movements. As a member of Sergei's waves rolled, and was fired from the head more and more sperm portions.

Seed was a lot. His back was much, very much. Sergei 'As soon as the body has had time to work out is the amount for just some hours! Sperm was so hot! I thought that it was slightly more viscous than it was for the first time, and had a more intense white color. Unclear-white drops glistened on his neck, and chin, and cheek Man in his nose. Several streams have already had time to flow down on the sheet.

And in that moment, I suddenly felt a familiar tingling feeling in their own Member State. Something in the way ends Sergei, how tense his body, arching under absolutely impossible angle as it presses back in my belly, gave, finally, that last bit of sensation, which I lacked.

Not trusting myself, I began to sway, moving member in Sergey's intestine. The feeling grew. I started with all the fluff beat tensed, the frozen body of Sergei 'hips. Tingling feeling somewhere in the trunk of the root was stronger, become a member of the piercing rod, fast, in a second, has grown. I wheezed. Straining. And a moment later I covered the orgasm, sweet wave of pleasure, all-consuming pleasure, instantly soluble in myself my whole body, all I was. From my cock burst sperm jet broke out there in Sergei, in the depths of his body. Pleasure rolled over me, crushing, crushing under itself, and I was holding, clutching gave me an orgasm body and rattled with pleasure.

Meanwhile, a new portion of the semen poured Seregina stomach. The guy made a small short groan, and his body relaxed, provisnuv in the air, held by only feet hanging limply on my shoulders are strung on my cock.

We froze in that position.

Then I exhaled. He became a member of the move in the depths, but now is not so sharp, and not so much.

A moment later, I sank to his haunches.

Serge looked at me and smiled weakly.

I tried to smile back at him, but only gasped. He closed his eyes. He ran a hand through thin thighs from their lips. Powerless fell on its side. My cock slipped out of Sergei's anus. Legs Man pulled off my shoulders. I clung to the gray and froze ...

Kitchen (epilogue).

Tension gradually let go of our body.
- Do not look - Gray muttered, noticing that my face turned to his rump.

Why do not you see? Why? After all that I've seen? And I fingered? And what's so special I can out of this situation to see?

I was too weak to argue. My head was in Seregina waist and studded nose almost in the pelvic crest. I turned on my stomach, moved on his elbow up and froze, buried his cheek in the armpit Man. The nostrils caught the faint smell of fresh sweat. Strange, but now it was even nice to me ...

The hand, which I pressed, Gray hugged me, the palm of the second hand fell on my head, fingers dug into his hair.
- Very strange feeling - Sergei muttered sleepily. - When in the ass. You need to try ...
- Well, I do not! - I muttered, comfortable pristraivayas to warm armpit.

Gray chuckled. We lay there without moving. Slumber enveloped both of us, sucking deeper.

I closed my eyes. It seemed only a moment. However, when I moved back, my body is cold forged. Sergei lay still on his back. His brilliant member of the semen was now quite small and soft. Gray himself was breathing evenly and deeply. His skin, where it warms my body was covered with a multitude of pimple.

I gently slipped out from under the limp arms and sat down on the couch.

It seemed that all the boys had skin in the semen. The seed could be seen everywhere - on the face, neck, chest, abdomen, arms, legs. It formed spots, paths and even small lakes.

From my movements man I did not wake up. I lie down for a bit on the back, and then turned on his side and curled up, trying to keep warm. On the sheet left a lot of wet spots.

Again came the even breathing.

I stood up. Lay a blanket Sergei now would be madness - it would all impregnated with sperm. We had to close the window to keep out the cold outside the room. I moved to the window and felt like a member of my the decreased rapidly began to slide a condom. I managed to catch him, when he fell off, almost at the floor.

Inside hung whitish liquid. Why so few? I shook condom in the air. And yet, not too little. If Spray dropwise ... Even with the tracks and puddles ...

My first instinct was to look for a trash can, but I immediately imagined the parents Gray throw something into this bucket and run across the full sperm condom.

Heck! Well, I thought about it!

My eyes fell on the wide-open window. Of course, tradition is tradition! I grunted and threw the condom in the open window. Closed flap.

He returned to the sofa. Then I came up with a good idea, and I covered earrings free edges of the sheets. At the tissue immediately stood out new wet spots.

I went to the bathroom. Including hot shower and stood under it for half an hour, with pleasure feeling the jet of water warmed my chilled body. When I left, all my skin was red, and the mirror in the bathroom was covered with a dense blanket of steam.

I pulled on his clothes, turned the front of the mirror in the hallway, checking, no one can see if in some kind of unexpected places treacherous semen stains, then carefully slipped into the kitchen.

There wanted brutally. I opened the refrigerator door, for some time considered the richest deposits of food, but decided that nothing will not be taken without the owner. I put the kettle. Moved on the table standing in full view open box of cookies.

Still, to sit down for tea without Serega was somehow uncomfortable ...

I went to the door to the room, but halfway understood that Gray was not there. From the bathroom came the familiar sounds of flowing shower.

I returned to the kitchen, hesitated before the box with cookies and still take a slice. He stopped at the window. Behind the glass could be seen a normal yard. A man under the slanting streams of rain in a hurry about their business.

I have a few seconds wondering whether to go to the shower to gray. Seriously pondering. It would be great to get up close to it under hot running water, soap his body, I feel it my soaps ...

I sat down at the table, threw a cookie in his mouth.

Sounds soul subsided. The door slammed. After a moment on the threshold appeared gray. He was in a tracksuit, beautiful, attractive, sexy.
- Listen, he is now ill, - said Sergey.

"Is he" It could be the anus, and penis, and, say, the mouth (after we wildly sucked so much time!), but I immediately realized that it was still on the anus.
- Nothing will take place, - I muttered. - Tomorrow in the evening and did not remember.

I had no idea how long it will take. Of course, always Seregina ass will not get sick, but whether it will be held today, tomorrow or next week ...
- And there is such a hole ... Anus that will no longer be compressed?
- Yes, everything will be as it was, - I muttered soothingly. - From one time no trace remains.

The only source of my knowledge was the famous saying "once - not pidaras", but still, I was somehow quite sure that the anus Gray will return to normal. Sooner or later...
- And a few? - Said Gray.

To the Point! About the "once" proverb said, but what will happen after two or three times ... ... I was somehow not on itself. I sighed.
- Your when they return? - I asked.

Grey cast a worried look at the wall clock. It was one o'clock. It seemed that we spent together forever, but it took only a few hours. If you wish, we could even catch the last couple.
- In the evening, - Sergei shrugged. - Trains uncomfortable there, so before ten parents do not appear.

In my mind immediately flashed pictures than we can take this abyss of time. It's a pity that in the Grey ass fucking will not be for a few days. It is not healed ...
- Do you have a wish? - Said Gray.

Great guy!

Sergei immediately went to the refrigerator. On the table there was a bowl of meatballs, polbatona bread, oil pack, cheese.

With tea in hand Sergey cautiously sat down on a stool. He jerked, as if his lumbago pain. I attach little different. I wince. I tinker and got somehow sideways.

We have made them for a sandwich. Both, without saying a word, threw his cup at a bunch of spoons of sugar. Tea has turned hot, strong and sweet. Sandwich was also surprisingly delicious.
- Did you like it?
- Yes, it is tasty, - muttered, chewing, I.
- No, - he shook his head. - I did not mean it. Did you like ... well ... with me?

I nodded uncertainly. How can you talk about it like that ... It was the first time in my life fucking guy! And it, by the way, for the first time in my life fucked! He lost his virginity only that, but still the blue way, and talking about it as if it is possible to speak out loud!
- And you? Did you like it? - I asked, trying to hide his embarrassment.

Gray nodded.
- You know - he said - I'm ...

He stopped, looked at me and continued uncertainly:
- I'm doing ... well ... Do not laugh at me. I do ... uh-uh ... masturbating ...

Sergei looked at me carefully.
- ...sometimes, - he added.

I nodded. Then, yielding to some inner impulse, he said:
- So do I.

At Sergei's face something flashed. Did he think that I escaped this fate all the guys?

Gray has little confidence continued:
- I thus often fantasize about you. It turns out very nice. Highly. But as it was today ... It is a thousand, no, a million times nicer.

I nodded.
- It's a pity that it was over so quickly ...
- In what sense? - I was taken aback. Fast? - Are you left unfulfilled?
- Like this? - Gray embarrassed.
- Well, you should have? Fuck you want?
- No, it is not necessary - just too timidly murmured Serge. - Just a pity that all the time I stuck like a statue, did not do anything ...

Sergei aside the sandwich.
- And you have? - he asked. - Do you have boner?

I shook my head. And then he felt in jeans something moved.

Grey looked away. He paused a little, and said softly:
- You must be the most beautiful person in the world ...
- Come on, - I muttered in confusion. - That you're beautiful ...

The phrase sounded Duty. And I'm really believed that the boy is fine. It is much prettier than me, more beautiful than any guy, any more beautiful ... No, the girls can not compare the men! It is impossible, period!

In the kitchen, hung silence.

Sergei sat staring straight ahead. On his lap was a cup of hot tea. Somewhere in the yard drove the car, and the sound of its engine seemed deafening.
- I ... - Sergei looked at me and paused.

The features of his beautiful face sharpened. The boy seemed even tonshe, more fragile than defenseless.
- You ... - again began to say Grey, but to finish the sentence could not.

In jeans again treacherously stirred. It was so out of season, so out of place, so not that ...
- How are we going to live? - Gray asked quietly, still avoiding looking at me.

How? If i knew! Walk to class, buzz about the girls, friends ... And to keep our secret. From the category of those which even the closest person not nameknesh ... And, of course, we will be alone sometimes - the shame of this, on the contrary, proud ...
- Grey ... - obeying some momentum and got up and walked over to the guy.

He looked up, his eyes on amazing me. The light reflected in the pupils of the day, and I choked with immense feeling of warmth, which flowed from them ...

I leaned over and kissed Sergei. On your cheek. Then he put his arm around her shoulders. She clung to him, burying his face in the wet hair. Metering, absorbing the whole range of sensations sweeping over me ...

Continued: Seducer. Part 1
It was after the Army, and I was fucking everything that moves, even if moving a little. The girls I currently have not yet started and was interrupted by casual sex. Somehow even aunt fucked 50-55 years, well not quite fucked, more precisely in the mouth given. She was a saleswoman in a shop nearby. I for kvas left, but still not quite passed my early morning riser, and her breasts are such that between them sink can be, well, word for word, I have her breasts right in the snap has started, the people in the morning not at all, so that no whom I have not much frightened. It is evident, too, have not fucking, dragged me into the back room. Well, as the auxiliary auxiliary room, not very clean, but no distractions. Well, then I pressed her against the wall, grabbed both breasts and mnu them with feeling, and she smiles, she likes so much attention, especially in the morning and without warning. She hands on my waist and put like as even want to kiss.

She even like nothing so on the face, but still not a girl, and I pretend to be busy. Unbuttoning her coat and blouse. Bathrobe almost unbuttoned himself, and blouse, female, small buttons and eyelets are narrow, but they are also a lot of that in the garbage! He even wanted to break the fuck this blouse, but she understood the problem and quickly undid the bottom all by herself. And here in front of me her ripe breasts, well, just a little arbuziki, fed on store shrinkage, shrinkage and expired products. Bra bursting like balloons, and look to the fabric burst! He pushed the bodice straps from her shoulders and pulled the chest of the cups. This is the wealth of the Soviet country! As our battalion. The size and shape of the breast just a class, with the nipples is not so nice, some are small and indistinct not really grab hold, and circles around the nipples faded some and fuzzy, but still chest "right size", there is mash!

And it is for me already a member through his pants and feels the seen my size she likes. "Shook the breast" - I say. She shakes slightly. "Well shake harder, with you do not lose anything!". She almost jumps up, his chest too. In general, it looks fucking! Cleared off her gown, I take off her blouse and bra. Breasts sag at once, but still of ripe melons I've ever seen. They hang her as "Collective Farm Girl" melon, tied to the shoulders. Hesitated still, it was too good! And she has my pants and panties prispustila climbed. Member I already sticking out, my sergeant before the battalion commander in the building.

I plant it on some cardboard box with canned kind. Member just the right height. Get down shorts and without the preparation is pushed into her mouth, so just a little lip-held type of foreplay. She bends down a little, without question, and persuasion swallows and starts sucking. I bared head, and she had her tongue in his mouth oglazhivaet. This is exactly what I do not have enough in the morning!

Mnu her hanging breasts and the other hand have led her movements, aiming for the head. I like it a lot and I'm starting to slowly move itself members entering her mouth deep. Its massive earrings dangle fun. Soon I was holding her head with both hands and severely fuck almost throat. I would and throat fucked, my penis would be enough, but it rests his hands on me, apparently afraid of how I would not pierced right through her. At first it was a bit crowded member in her mouth, she choked them even a little bit, but then somehow adapted and I began to enter into it smoothly only when the head rested against the throat, she began to push the language below. It's funny to look at her stretched a member of the mouth, especially on the mound under his cheek when to be sent to members.

I'm so broke that even a little bit tired, imagine how it must have mouth is tired, but shall suffer. She now returns the employment of debt in favor of dembelstva. Well, she guessed the door locked, such as a break of 15 minutes. Velu remove her skirt, I want to look at her pussy, and then a long skirt, horseradish dolezesh. It is with joy and throws off her skirt and panties, like finally came to this fucking! And I saw her swum away fat belly and thighs, all potyazhkah and strips, and even around the age-old unshaven pussy, I ceased to want something normal for her to fuck. Stela robe over drawers and she'll have to lie on the side facing me, she Maltz balk, but falls. I lift her one leg and climb through the forest hairy hand to her hole. She was wet and his fingers sink into the flesh. The hole in her big and soft, can be seen in the best of times has been well developed. Two fingers come quickly, add a third and then a fourth. Now firmly in, feels like the walls are stretched under pressure. While I was studying her cave kingdom, taking her head and put on to a member that it was not boring, and she puffed and it seemed dissatisfied again sucks. And I scrubbed her fingers inside her pussy, but I feel that you need something to insert. Fortunately a number of boxes of tomatoes and cucumbers. I know that single women often play with vegetables. I opt for more cucumber, wipe the edge of her robe. She sees, but does not mind. I insert it cucumber, it includes almost all. It's a pity too small still. I began to fuck her cucumber, she immediately begins to puff harder. But this perversion quickly acted on me, I feel soon will cast the goods, and I still fuck her in the breast hunting. I stuffed cucumber and it'll tell her to sit down. I say take the chest and clasp them my cock, she quickly understands everything. That's my dick is already flying through the gorge between her breasts compressed, only zaluplenaya head pops up from her chin. I cant her head down and a'll have to open your mouth. I pressed against and now head across her breasts flies non-stop to it in her mouth. Feeling just ohrenet! This I successfully shop in the morning went.

In the fast changing rolls inside. Kicking held her chest and arms crush her head down and shoots her in the throat. She kicks, swallows, a few volleys poslabzhe, she accepts. I release her head and she produces brilliant from semen and saliva member. Since it is still dripping, that she could not swallow. I drive a member of her face. Lips, cheeks, when I conduct to the eyes, it is removed, such as "it is not necessary, carcasses will flow." I say that tolerate and carcases recovered. For some reason I really wanted to lubricate his sperm her mascara. She dutifully closes his eyes and I drive them relaxing member, smearing mascara. Then open her mouth, insert full member, I feel that it is now all removed, and the head rests on the throat. I pull out and drive a chest. Breasts are now also in the streaked and black strips from the carcass. She looks sad as I decorate her chest. Then he'll have sucked dick clean. It sucked but somehow it is not fun.

He says that the thought that I fuck her normal. I say that I do not want, but do not disappear as a good woman. Velu her to get cancer, that I had a hand dotrahayu. She perks up, climbs on the boxes and takes the pose, back to me. I look at her huge ass and pussy of cucumber looks. I rummage in the drawer and find plenty of cucumber. I inserted in place of the old and start to fuck her hard this instrument. Second hand labor and strongly mnu her clitoris between his legs. She spreads her legs wider for to me it was more convenient. Velu her divorce rolls by wider. It lays down his cheek on the box and stretch his arms to the side rolls. Cucumber in it as the train enters a tunnel, even little fingers go deep inside. Kruchu cucumber in all directions, all the walls of her promassirovat. I feel that even the cucumber has spacious it. Get out of the cucumber, I spend hand over her lips dripping hand to water, down a boat and start to enter her cave.

Almost all the fingers entered, only the thumb knuckle tugovato. I press harder, stronger and with a funny sound falls into the hand. Prior to that, I have no one in hand is not thrust, seen only in pictures, but really wanted to try. I thought that perhaps this woman will be very painful, but I was inside her, and she could not care less! I examine it from the inside. Very interesting, all sorts of wrinkles, uneven walls and very wavy. I find the entrance to the womb ring, trying to push a finger inside, but there is tight and my guinea starts complaining. Therefore, massaging the input bit and slowly begin to fuck her hand inside. Soon, we were both a taste and I move in her hand like a piston in the engine cylinder. She's from my efforts fidgets knees on the boxes and makes a strange sound. Then begins a plaintive moan, and I strongly squeeze his hand on her clit with big lips and the surrounding fat. She roars out loud, put on my arm deeper, she grabs my hand settles on the boxes and stops, breathing hard.

She soon comes to life. Eyes dim but smiling pretty. He says that for a long time its none so fucked. I'm like, "You're welcome!", Which I also liked. She wipes off all somehow towel washes away, then quickly dressed. I read in her coat pocket that call her Inna. Nice to know the name of those who fuck. In parting, she gives me a big bottle of kvass, again thanks and smiling slyly says that if they brew is always fresh and cold. I say what I think and understand.

The silence was broken open the bedroom door, where a few minutes ago, my wife fucked one of my best friends. I was sitting in our bedroom with Tanya. He heard steps in the direction of the bathroom and closed the latch. Including shower. After 5 minutes, the bathroom door opened, and a moment later, his wife came into the bedroom tape is already a towel.
The wife quietly approached me and sat down on the bed. She was silent and I was silent. I did not know what to talk to her after what he saw. The wife of the beginning of the first:
- I'm sorry, I did not so, - said Tanya.
- What exactly? Suck a foreign member or podmahivat when you fuck back? - With some anger I asked.

Tanya put her face in her hands.
- I mean, he's ... I ... excuse me, please - wife almost cry lowered her head in my lap. I did not know how to react, but to try not to send her away.
- How long have you start with him ... - I asked.
- How do you say ... we were doing, well, t. E. When I translated his text, remember ?! - Tanya asked.
- And ... - I asked.
- And then on the second day, when you were at work, in general, that's when - through tears told his wife.
- Why are you unfaithful to me, Tanya, we have that with you it was a bad thing? - I asked blankly wife.
- No, but it happened, understand, - said the wife.
- Tell me.
- What? - I asked blankly wife.
- Tell me how you turned out? - I asked my wife.
- What for? Is not that important?
- important to me - I insisted.
- What are you interested in?
- I want to know how it happened - I continued questioning.
- You want details? - Tears streaming down the cheeks of his wife, and apparently it is not very much wanted to talk.
- Yes - I snapped.
- Good. I'll tell you ... ... We sat at the table. And he offered to make me a massage and I just got sick shoulders. He began to do and then dropped the pencil under the table. Lyoshka reached there - "Oh, he's too Lyoshka" - I thought to myself. His wife, meanwhile, continued the story - And then ... - wife interrupted.
- What then?
- Then it happened.
- It is not the details. I want details - I started to push.
- Why, I do not understand ... Why do you torture me? I know that I am a bastard, I changed you, I apologize. But why do I remember all this? - Wife almost begged me.
- Tell me - I looked into her eyes.
- He began to caress me there - continued sharply wife.
- Where exactly?
- There, between the legs. He abruptly began to caress it ... I did not expect. Then he tore off my stockings and threw on the bed. He had this thing quickly, I could not resist. And then he took out his ... its ... - wife interrupted.
- What's he got?
- His penis and inserted it into me - wife uttered again and began to cry.
- He began to fuck you? - I asked.
- Yes, - said the wife.
- Say that he began to do? - I could not stop. I began to excite the situation and the story of his wife.
- Fuck - said wife.
- Like whom? - I asked. His wife looked up, did not understand what I wanted from it - as was the fucking bitch, huh? - The wife looked down, - tell me what he was like you fucking whore last.
- He began to fuck me like a whore ... last - wife uttered. I noticed that she stopped crying. Maybe it was the wind, too, this situation, I do not know.
- What happened next? - I asked.
- Then he turned me cancer and inserted again into the vagina, - said Tanya.
- He put you in the pussy your dick? Tell me it was everything? - I asked my wife. It seems she began to understand the essence of the game and began to repeat after me.
- Yes, he put me in his big dick pussy and began to fuck me, - his wife went and did not cry - he as good fuck, I could not resist.
- Better than me? - I asked.
- ...
- Yes? better than me?
- I do not know, in a different way, such as vulgar, I could not help it. Forgive me - start again vsplakivat wife.
- Did you like it?
- I do not know - said his wife - is unusual.
- E. After that you went to fuck with him and did not know you liked it or not? - I asked leading questions.
- Yes, I liked how he fucked me. What you wanted to know? - Already with a little malice wife I cried and I thought it could hear Lech - he has a big dick and he took up my uterus, I covered the orgasm, I could do ?! - Is a reproach to me, said his wife.
- E. In the day when you went to suck it for the money, you're fucking him, it turns out? - I asked.
- Yes ... - now he blames his wife answered.
- Well, - I said ironically - and that we are now with all this going to do? - I asked my wife.
- I do not know - wife bowed her head.
- Okay, go get dressed, bring myself up. We need to think, - I said.

His wife stood on the spot where she sat was formed some puddle. At first I thought from the soul, but there is ... Damn, it's sperm ... What? It turns Lech finished her vagina?
- Tanya, wait, - I stopped my wife - I do not understand that it is finished with you? - I asked her.
- Yes, probably, - she said Tanya embarrassed.
- What? As it is, perhaps? Do you even know what that means? - I did not let up.
- Well, because I still can not get pregnant, why are you so afraid of ?! - Naively surprised wife.
- How can it not? The doctor said, because it is clear - wait a moment.
- I do not know ... so many years have passed. I'm sorry, I did not think about it - Tanya turned and walked out of the room and did not even let me finish.

I sat there in shock. Only that I learned that my wife more than a week licking the eggs to my friend, he sucks, fucks him and he quietly pulls in her sperm. In all the years of our life together she never sucked my way from sucking him today. I'm not talking about sex, which was so monotonous and boring, that about any cancer and pose the question.

Apparently Lech waited until his wife leaves, and immediately jumped into our bedroom.
- Listen, brother, it's my fault. If you are offended, remember our youth. We flogged chicks together the right and left - began his monologue Lech - Well Che you offended ?! Yes, it's your calf, your wife, but who cares, calf and heifer Africa, you know?
- This is my wife, with whom I lived for 5 years, and not a whore podzabornaya, - I said.
- Well, what I do, my friend, if it flowed in his eyes. We once were then transferred, she was sitting in stockings and when I got up I saw that the panties with a friend something wet. And now tell me that it is no ordinary chick? You should have seen her swallowing my dick ... - Lech still did not want to soothe.
- Well, I believe - these details became my wake up stronger.
- Once these things, bro, I now gather things and eating - Lech said.
- Where? Repairs have already completed? - For some reason I asked. Although, after all these events, it would be logical it is not easy to drive, and the first to knock him something.
- No more, I think 5-6 days left, - hesitated Lech.
- Then stay until the end. And then sedesh - I could not believe what I am. "What stay? His dick had just pyalil vagina Tanya, my little wife, and I invite him to stay ?! Can I still offer him lie in our bed and to fuck his wife in his eyes ?! ". From these thoughts I've got a stake.
- What about Tanya, listen, I do not know right, I somehow ashamed, dude - Lech said.

"It's a shame he felt. You see. Not ashamed to masturbate, and to stay ahead of my wife's nose - was ashamed. "
- Nevermind - I said and got up to leave the room. But then the thought of his cock and sat down again.
- Frets, frets. All leave. I will not piss off once again. Well, you, man, this druzhban - finally said Lech and left.

Wife dressed, Lech, too. We had dinner and somehow stretched evening.
My wife and I went to sleep, Lech sat still watching TV.
- Listen, - I asked his wife, - I want you to me also did as him - I hesitate uttered.
- What exactly? - The wife looked at me.
- Well, suck it and all that - for some reason I zaskromnichal.

My wife smiled and immediately took off her blanket. Later my pants and started to suck my cock. I pulled it out and offered her balls-to-face, but the woman for some reason immediately took the cock in her hand and continued to suck. "Disdain lick me as well as him, this bitch" - I thought. It took a minute or two, and I shot, after the accumulated excitation from our all conversations. His wife managed to pull a member and substitute stomach. Tanya wiped the sperm and lay down.
- Serge, - she said.
- What? - I asked.
- A Lesch soon after leaving, right? - Curiously he asked his wife.
- Yes, a week somewhere.
- And ... can I do with it once more? - Wife immediately turned away.
- Fuck? - I asked quietly. Although there is a calm. This is to mean I am calm, but my friend has already begun to fill again.
- Yes, unless you do not mind ?! - I decided to clarify my favorite.
- OK Go.

His wife shone in his eyes and in his joy flew to my face.
- Thank you, darling. You know, I love only you, - said the wife, and in a moment it vanished without a trace in our bedroom.

Well, of course, a long time I could not sit still longer felt the horns grow more and more. She loves me and wants to fuck him - iron logic. I decided to take a look, what they were doing. Surprisingly, Lehi bedroom was empty. "Oh yeah, he's watching TV." The door was covered, but I looked through the peephole and saw the following picture:

Lyokha wife sitting on top and facing him. She slowly and cyclically moves up and down, and he dropped her on the left shoulder strap dress and sucking her breasts. Tanya lifted her head, apparently with pleasure, and complete control of the process. "Here with me because she does not for some reason?" - I was indignant himself. Maybe I told her, in fact, irrelevant. My cock was already again ready for battle, and my only wish was now to go in there and stick it in her mouth to my wife. But I have something I held back, some inner shyness. His wife, like my own, but because it now has a friend who is completely surrendered.

Lech ceased to breastfeed and something began to speak softly in the ear of his wife. His bass periodically came to me. I heard a few words, and one of them was something like "... loshok ...". My wife smiled and added, "Yes." "Loshok? Or a pot? Or the hood? Loshok is about it? you? "Could not the wife to say" yes "to his remark about loshka if it concerned me about me, what ?! Nonsense some ... ". I continued to listen, but apart from the increasing acts groans of his wife, did not hear anything. My wife has already started to jump on it like a real whore. Then he bellowed softly and cyclical movements began to subside. "Once again he finished it seemed, she spit on it." I went to the bathroom to masturbate a little and lose fervor that has accumulated after seen.
When I returned, the wife was already in bed and asleep. I lifted the blanket, turned on the bedside lamp, and held it to his wife's panties. Yes, I was right, and wet panties out from under them flowed a trickle of semen.

The next day, his wife woke up as if nothing had happened and led me to work. I do not stay in one place and thought about the work did not get along in my head. All I was thinking - if this changes my wife now, and in what position it fucks Lech. In the evening, after returning home, we sat down to supper together. After dinner, I turned on the TV and I started klatsat channels. My wife was sitting on the couch, I on the other side of the sofa, and Lech in the chair.
The conversation flagged, and we just stared at the blue screen. Here Lech decided to interrupt the idyll.
- Tanya, and help me to bed? I think it must be replaced, - he said in all seriousness Lech.
- My wife got up and wanted to go first, but then he turned to me and said - I'll go and see, okay, honey? - She asked me.

I was silent and did not know what to say. As if I have pricked some Binding vaccine.
- Well, I went, huh? - He asked his wife again, and then Lech grabbed her arm and dragged her - I'll be right back, Serge, - the last thing I heard before the door closed to the bedroom to Lyokha, and the castle.

"Oh great, now what - he will fuck her whenever he wants? What I am after my husband? "- I mentally asked myself questions. It began a rustle and lasted for about 15 minutes then the door opened and his wife came to the bed. He came to me and said:
- I'll throw in the wash.

I looked at her face and saw clearly in the corner of his mouth drop white. Immediately everything became clear - she sucked him and it is sperm. Did she swallow cum? Or it could even be, if her mouth hanging drop. Wife cum in her mouth - it was my dream, but she'd never let me.

My wife and I went to spend her fucking body with his eyes.

To be continued..

Continued: My favorite and my best friend
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