It was a long time ago, while I was when I was still a student. I was 22: the age at which the member has a lot of power over the body, rather than the brain. Sex like mad, but the trouble is, I was overweight, not that bold, but with the belly of such a size that the girls did not like. A couple of times went to the priestesses of red lantern, but realized that is not mine.
And I decided to take them. Nestled in the gym, the girls and the guys were doing together. And there was a woman there is not so: women. Beautiful trim brown hair, 25-30 years old, her name was Nina. Breast third dimension, and toned sexy body athletes drove me crazy. Nina came into the room after all, and went also the last, as I learned later, she was manageress girlfriend, so she closed the room and adminsha quietly went home early.

My attempt at what could lie, my only attempt to meet her she softly but very clearly rejected. I could not sleep, dreaming embrace and caress this beautiful body.
It was the new year, I mentioned that I was a student? Well, I was a student in med. high school, and I worked very long time already. With employment were quietly borrowing the vial of sleeping pills (phenobarbital and relanium).

Everything was calculated to me until the last moment. Nina, like many in the audience took with him to the gym mineral water, small bottle, which slowly drank. On that day, as always, I stayed up late to watch it was 20:00 and in half of the bottle. Waiting for the moment when she was distracted (treadmills were in a separate room), I slipped sleeping pills into her water broke a couple of vials of each drug, I poured them into the bottle and swirled. Compromising empties me put it in his pocket.

His heart was beating like mad when I saw Nina that came with the treadmill, she was wearing white shorts and her tight elastic ass, and a white, wet with sweat, a topic that is not covered her beautiful waist. She drank in one gulp the water drained to the bottom of the bottle, and went rock press. Minutes passed, and the girl's movements become slower, slower. Finally she got up and went to the locker room. I just waited another ten minutes, went after him.

Opening the locker room and did not find it, Nina, I was scared at first, but then I think to look in the toilet. Nina went to sleep directly on the toilet, sitting, with a deflated shorts, from the half-open mouth flowed a trickle of saliva, heard a quiet snore. I shook her by the shoulder, and making sure that the medication cut down her tight, lifted and moved Nina on the sofa in the locker room, after pulling on her underwear and shorts. Taking from his bag sleeping girl keys, I locked the room and closed the window blinds.

Back in the locker room, I began to caress her limp body, kissing soft sponge. Nina smelled of sweat, which is not the case after a week without a bath, and just barely sweaty woman - exciting, tantalizing smell. I took off my shorts, under which were the usual white panties, as she walked to the gym, but not on a date, but I filed it as the finest thong. The next article of clothing, which lost the unconscious athlete, became a topic, and then her bra, also white. Her body was perfectly smooth, delicate, shaved skin: on the feet, hands and pussy had no hair. I kissed her on the lips, her tongue caressing her. Hands stroked rhythmically heaving of breath chest.

Taking advance stuck condoms and lubricant, and undressed myself, I proceeded to rape sleeping beauty. I spread her legs and began to lick the vagina of my dreams, tongue licking her clit and lips, as the moistening pussy Nina, I put prezik and entered it. Her vagina was hot, I was beside myself, put his foot girl on his shoulders and began to fuck her. I could not stop, I fucked helpless bitch snoring, her breasts bouncing and his head rolling from side to side.

Finally I came about it was an incredible feeling, such an orgasm, I have never experienced before. The next half hour, I embraced and kissed her, there was not a single part of the body on the Nina, which I kissed. Having turned the baby on his tummy, I rubbed her ass, and brought to finger, ass was firm and covered him. Brushing member, I started to learn the ass Nina's first term in her moving with difficulty, but then went like clockwork.

That day I went home only in the morning, natrahalsya and took a few pictures of helpless Ninki from different angles. All traces of his fall I have removed even combed my hair to the victim as they were. A bottle of sleeping pills remains at the bottom of the ampoule and thrown into the garbage, and put in place the same, but a clean empty bottle. House said he was on duty, and Nina - that left as usual, before it. At me after that day increased confidence, and a couple of times had sex by mutual consent, but such a buzz as from sleeping, snoring in my arms Ninki, and experienced more than once.

The basis of the story based on real events
It is painful, very painful. Women love to say that the pain they experience during childbirth, have passed out even Hercules. But there is a pain that they did not understand and did not survive. The pain that I feel right now. It's hard to breathe, as if all the insides twisted plaits cold. He sat down on the nut, pulled out a cigarette and inhaled greedily. Nicotine has helped, but not much.

My hands, squeezing out the FAQ, compressed to whitened knuckles. My brain explodes from my overflowing feelings, I want to destroy and kill. And at the same time it captures my feeling of unreality of what is happening, as if it were not with me, as if in a dream. How did this happen? Why? Thoughts swarming in my head like a swarm of bees disturbed.

I smoke I do not know what a cigarette in a row and did not feel her taste. To me someone suitable, what is asked. I did not react. In front of me stands the eight-year-old painting.

* * *

I had just dembelnulsya. He returned to his hometown hero, in a beautiful dress uniform with homemade knots. For two years I have trodden the ground on the Tajik border, the two years I was waiting for my girlfriend - Il. My blond miracle, my girl. Irishka met me at the station, it seemed, for the past two years, it is incredibly more beautiful: a slender figure, elastic balls breasts third dimension, delicate velvety skin, smelling of honey. When we hugged, I already began to tremble with desire.

There are different categories of women - terrible, normal, beautiful. She belonged to the "insanely beautiful" category. These girls, when you look at them, it seems that she had gone with a picture of a talented artist or a photograph doroguschego photographer whose SIM cards go for several thousand dollars apiece. Not a single flaw, perfection, every line, every curve executed without a single mistake. Perhaps that is because the angels look.

I met her at school. We immediately became friends. We went together to the swimming section, skip class, riding on a moped on the night streets. We've never had a stiffness and awkwardness, which normally occurs in the communication between man and a woman. For a long time it was just Irkoy for me, my best friend and partner in the teenage adventures. But later, as imperceptibly, our relationship grew into something more. I began to look at her as a girl. In Man, for whose herds ran boyfriend and broods hissed behind him "friend." Even in school, she stood out among peers as a diamond among pebbles.

The history of our relationship began, too, as it is not romantic, but rather as a friend. Then both of us just turned 18 at first just for the sake of the experiment tried sex, the first time it is not very much. But then, tasted, it has become literally jump on me at every opportunity. Not to say that I was against it. The advantage of our relationship was that we are absolutely not ashamed of each other. Tried almost all they had heard and seen by adults in porn. Ira under my leadership has learned to do a great blowjob, I thanked her, doing Cooney, from which she once even lost consciousness. Anal sex has been recognized by her "disgusting", tried a couple of times to abandon it. While we were doing this, like rabbits, without any amorous feelings just as a sports exercise.

Gradually our friendship began to grow into something more. We unconsciously tried to spend with each other all the free time, and it's not just sex. I began to like her eyes, her voice, her smile, I could sit for hours, hugging my Irishku and burying his face in her mop of hair. The novel was very stormy and passionate, ended up with what I proposed to her. But Ira convinced me to postpone the wedding until I returned from the army.

Wires my girl has surpassed itself. Such a passionate and wild sex at us was not. We did so on the bed, on the desk, on the floor, just a wall. Ira threw themselves at me like an insatiable cat, she seemed detached for next two years. It seems that this devil then slipped into my drink so that my cock was standing tower. But I forgave her everything when she sat down on all fours and lasciviously wagging popochkoy said a little sheepishly:
- Hare, I also know if you like it if you want, you can take me to this hole. I'm ready.

Refuse was beyond my strength. I carefully entered my trunk in her tight ass sweetie. Anus was neat and well lubricated. And my beloved it good exercise. As a result, I could not hold back her affectionate and otdolbil hole because of all the forces. Ira also initially oykala longer, but got used to new sensations, became full podmahivat and moan so that all the guests who came to the feast heard that the groom escorted the groom as it should be.
- I'm sorry dear, I was rude. - I said early in the morning, kissed her on the neck, under the ear, as she likes to.
- Well, you have me and fool! It was magical! Repeat two years later?
- You ask ?!
She hugged me tightly pressed against his naked body flushed. This I did and remember. And often he recalled during the service, locking in the storeroom.

And now I'm back. I was happy to just three days, virtually no climbs out of bed with my Irishka. I was little it purely physiological wear down to the limit, I still want to continue it. How can you not want a young girl with a slender appearance of the top model, which is ready for all ?!

I was happy exactly as long as he met with his old friend Lehoy. Lech was working as a security guard at the club. At the appointed time I went to our favorite pub on the way I was nearly knocked down a young man, hurrying somewhere ogromenny with a bouquet of roses. My friend was waiting for me in the hall, shaking hands nodded, saying sit down.
- Healthy Lech, you looking for me?
- Yeah. You're it, sit Dimon.

We took a table in a cheap restaurant and ordered a glass of beer.
- Che as life, civil?
- Yes, better than you can imagine! Sleeping, eating, and Ira with drill no brain is not dryuchit! Live!
- And you, um ... At its Irke going to marry?
- What are you doing Lech? Of course going to, it's my Irishka!
- But you do not rush to Dimon. Around the beautiful women of the crowd go. After working up, Baby.
- What kinda shady ... We do it since sixth grade together. What work up?
- Yes ... Is there one story ...
- Lech through your knee, do not pull the cat's interest! Kolis come on! - In anticipation of bad things I flared.

My friend noisily sipped beer pistachio bit about what that his thinking. Then, firmly pushing the glass and pulled out of the inside pocket of his jacket sleeve.
- In general, here recording with camera surveillance of our club. The recording was made three weeks ago. He took off my partner. When I saw that there, once I copied to the drive and remove the hard. I have seen only the beginning. But I warn you, apparently, you do not like what is on it.

I reached for the disc but Lech pulled his hand away.
- One condition. Before breaking anything, do you advise me.
- I agree - I grabbed the disc.

Drive loudly roaring, spinning disk, I licked his lips and snapped his arm, running video.

On the monitor, there was a picture of the "dark corner." My friends and so called cozy nook at the club where he worked Lech. This cavern was a couch with the letter "G", the lighting and acoustics were built in such a way that all that happens in the "dark corner" remains a mystery to the people on the dance floor, and the one who is on the couch has a full review.

The video takes a short-haired sofa, stout man about my age. The recording quality was quite good, and I was able to see his face, I think I saw him a couple of times, but barely. Stranger imposingly sprawled on the couch and sipped beer from a tall glass. Judging by the fact that he looked at his watch and nervously foot rap, he is clearly someone waiting. And now ... In the view of the camera enters my IRA! Although she is back to the camera, but I find her body in a thousand. I've never been jealous and let my bride walk that she likes, but the outfit that was on it this time, not every prostitute would dare to wear. Short shorts, rather similar to the panty, thin white tight-fitting topic of her large breasts, it sometimes Ira wore a bra instead of a bathing suit on his feet she had sandals on a high platform with a great heel. View my girl was ... fucking, otherwise you could not tell.

Ira went to the guy and they started to talk about something, the sound of the camera did not write. Waving his arms, he pushed Ira from the corner back to the dance floor - is back on the sofa and waited, waited, he was not long, just a dozen seconds IRA reappeared in the camera's field of view. Hardly entered the cubicle, my girlfriend got on all fours and crawled in that position to the sofa. Guy was visibly pleased with the way in front of him humiliated a stunningly beautiful girl. When she crawled close enough he thriftily Fingered her breasts and buttocks, she pulled her lip finger pat on the cheek.

I barely restrained so as not to monitor the wall were routed. Now I wanted to kill them both. How could she let this some goat! Meanwhile, the guy on the screen or slightly embarrassed unbuttoned his pants and imperious gesture attracted Ira head-sex arousal. This ... bitch. Immediately swallowed trunk and began to suck with great enthusiasm, I saw it on the shoulders of her tense and how she tried as far as possible planted his head on his unit. The guy seems to have all loved it, from the stately leaned back on the couch, he unbuttoned his shirt, beneath which was a beer belly covered with curly hair and lit a cigarette.

Ira diligently polished his mouth a member of the unfamiliar man, and in doing so he sat with a satisfied mug and flicked ashes on her head. The painting was impossible. My sweet little girl, my little angel, blowjob stranger peasant sang just two steps away from the dance floor! Should someone make a move and it will open a very interesting situation. To me even crept into the idea, maybe it's all a hoax? But what nafig joke! Lech would not joke like that.

Meanwhile, the on-screen boyfriend Irku grabbed by the hair and dragged from the penis. Putting her breasts on the couch, he fell in behind and drove his dick in her ass, moistened it with saliva before it. My slut grabbed the handles of the upholstery so as not to fall on hard hits, her head thrown back - the stranger wrapped her magnificent hair on his fist and pulled them over. He fuck her hard, rough, brazenly, as if it was under Vokzal'na whore, ready to do anything for three hundred rubles. Ira received from this wild rush, it could be seen even without a sound, her mouth opened in a scream and his eyes rolling.

I could no longer look at it and cut down the video. With trembling hands, he took out a cigarette and lit it. Well, the scribe ... Has waited me my joy ... Who is to blame seems clear. It remains to resolve the second question: what to do?

The first thing I, as promised, called Lehi. I learned the name of the bomber. It turned out to Sergei Pechnikov, more commonly known as Smoke. When I find out who had my Irishku I again fell into a rage. I would understand if it was some major or Rich Papic, but the smoke! I had heard about this crime boss yard scale. Bully, bully, he spent two years on the youngster for petty theft, fancied himself unreal thieves "kid", although in fact it is a small gopotoy.

That evening I went alone to his home on the outskirts of the city. Khrushchev dilapidated, filthy yard with a rotting skeleton of mangled car an unknown brand in the playground, zassany Turned staircase with handrails, who has not seen since the days of the repair date object. Typical home sporty - five floors with no elevator. While reached the apartment of my counterparts had time to get acquainted with the life of local residents where the screaming drunken voices, to run somewhere grimy children from somewhere came the smell of burnt rags, exhausted by life and the chemistry of the girl with traces of former beauty shuffled on spat stairs, carefully covering sleeves greasy blouse veins and giving unnaturally beautiful eyes.

The door to the apartment was ajar smoke, the cause of this is probably twang "medicinal herbs" coming from the room. I walked into the hallway and looked around the room. The room was decorated with extremely strange polurazobrannom bike against a wall, sagging sofa that looks new and expensive plasma on an old bedside table, wardrobe doors and without a single cigarette butts all over the floor. At the center of this picturesque interior seated bomber, in jeans and T-shirt stretched, he did not even notice my appearance, looking blankly in front of him.

How? Irishka How can I exchange this jerk? Like all the guys from the city, it has managed to change with me one of the most wretched and vile? Raised a girl from a good family, with angelic appearance, and now this here this here polublatnoy slug! Yes, at one time to my bride egged wedges son of the Mayor, but she skillfully dumped!

Absorb thoughts I heard behind me the sound of footsteps on the landing, without hesitation, I stepped into the kitchen. there was a creaking door and the clatter of heels down the hall.
- And was, la! Che standing? Come on, take off your clothes, gee - gee.
- No, Sergei, I will not. I have come to say that ... well ... I'm not going out with you anymore.

I held my breath, it was the voice of Irina!
- In the sense of? You che, la ?! Throw me decided ?! - Heard sounds of a struggle.

The first impulse was to rush to protect my baby, but I realized that I could protect her from the smoke, but not by themselves, already a day I have a strong desire to kill them both, and I'm afraid that if I will get into a fight that will get everything. And I did not want to hurt Ira does not matter that I loved her.
- Let me in! Let go of the goat!
- But where do you get to the goat!

Before I came a loud sniff, the sound of tearing fabric and a desperate shriek my favorite. This stand I could not. The rapidly burst into the room - Sergey Ira kept his hair at his feet, with his other hand he undid the belt. Her jeans were pulled up to her knees, revealing a slender thighs and white thong, and through the torn T-shirt could be seen chest. Irishka fiercely fought, she rolled down her cheeks with tears. I pushed away from her shoulder Gopnik and then, unable to resist, loaded her fist in astonishment at the sight of my face. She sobbed, getting tangled in jeans lowered crawled into a corner and from there watched the further development of the conversation between me and the smoke.

I'm on a visual example of my opponent tried to explain that such behavior towards my girlfriend is extremely unacceptable, he explained his position with his fists and heavy army boots. However, Sergey disagreed with this approach, putting forward a counterargument as a wrench. As a result, I had to resort to the method of physical persuasion, which I was taught in the Army Sergeant Abahidze. Sergey imbued validity of my position and quietly slid down the wall, holding his broken arm and spraying blood on the linoleum of a broken face.

When the conversation came to an end I'm panting and rubbing his broken knuckles turned Ira. That same feeling that probably felt every man who experienced the betrayal of his wife. The heart is struggling with a brain. On the one hand it is the ultimate bitch and tumbled with a strange man, but on the other ... so precious ... so loved. Here she sat, sobbing, covering his hand torn T-shirt and looking at me with big frightened eyes. Her little face doll poured bruise, I experienced an acute attack of guilt and self-pity. I pressed my baby against his chest as the most precious treasure and brought this rotten house. All the way she sobbed and whispered in my ear.
- Dima Forgive, forgive rodnenky, I really love you very much. Only you, I'm sorry I'm a fool!

We put up a month, I have tried to suppress the memories, and Ira asked me to forgive him so faithfully and skillfully that in the end I still forgave her. In connection with this case, we even established a kind of memorial day, once a year, during the day Ira was obliged to carry out any of my fantasies and whims.

* * *

For eight years we have lived in a marriage, we grow a great kid - Artem. Yesterday Temka fell off his bicycle on the broken glass, and lost a lot of blood. I do not hesitate offered his. But as it turned out ... my blood Temko is not suitable. We have one group but different Rh factors. I is negative, as in my Irina and Artem positive. As I explained a caring doctor this can not be. Only one conclusion - I'm not the father Temko.

Not again? The timing does not go, that it was conceived in the club, but who knows if my deceived me a slut wife is cheating on all eight years? Maybe if she had not ceased to meet this Smoke ?!

But what the hell, it hurts! Check that your son, your pride and joy is absolutely alien to you! You are not father and not the father, but simply left the uncle! Be aware that on earth there is no successor to your family, your flesh and CROI. Understand that the eight years you were laughing in the back, "Look at this idiot, nurses another's child as his own, and remember how he blew a speck of dust with his pregnant wife, which knock up a stranger!"
- Name, I need a name! - Growled I ran into her a hard look.

It seems that it was so in my face, she put her head in his hands pale and said very quietly:
- Vika...
- What?! - My eyes in amazement crept over his forehead.
- Vika!!! - I cried my wife and went hysterical weeping.

Shadowing (prologue).

Home university life meant to me early in my life the days of independence, hundreds of strangers around, unknown rules, unclear speech. Perhaps that is why I have noticed that only a week watching me. Maybe me and actually started to follow just a few days later. Who can now know for sure!

It was getting dark, I walked out of the body, and in the window flashed vaguely face. More precisely, the highlight - a fragment of a person. Beautiful, even fairy girl. I admired and looked back. Alas, reflections played tricks on me. A few steps behind was some guy. Surely also a freshman, but still looked very Maltsev. I met him on the street, I would say that he was an eighth-ninth grader. His face was comely, comely, and no wonder that I was wrong. Lean hipster. Or emo. Damn them all out.

The next time I saw him somewhere in half an hour, going up to the house. He emerged from the corner just when I stopped rummaging in his pockets in search of Magnitogorsk in the castle entrance. There could be blunt and Watson realized that something was wrong.

He walked with me almost every day. At a distance, I am thinking that I do not notice it. In educational buildings, on the way home, simply on walks. I speculated on what he does and what he wants. Thoughts were very different - from what I have something guilty, and he was looking for an opportunity to attack, to the point that something is leaky in the universe, and I can see shadowing that is actually a chain of coincidences. Versions were many, but none of them, as it turned out, was not even close to reality.

I often saw him in class, and I was not hard to find out what he learned at our stream, his name was Sergei, he was a local, and before he went to school right next to mine. We were first-year students, the classes have just begun, and no one of whom did not know anything really, so it was all I was able to figure out.

In one of the lectures I was next to him. To say hello to the universe with her jokes, I was preparing to collide with earrings no padetski, but was taken aback by his reaction to my appearance. He flushed, panting, nozzles. His eyes were running. He's mumbled something unintelligible, even when I said very simple things. He even was able to name his utter only the third attempt. He did not look at me, constantly looked away and at the same time and then looked at me furtively. He suffered every moment of your stay with me. It puzzled me for real, I was so amazed that I never thought that would priperetsya him to the wall.

Now we often met with Sergey lectures, and I in a day or two could still choose the moment to ask the earrings of his spying on me. Gray very clumsily painted misunderstanding, blushed and quickly started talking about the other.

Well I have to catch him on the hot. I quietly, never looking back, I went to his house, turned the corner, and then waited a few seconds and pulled back. Of course, I immediately faced with Sergey face to face. Nowhere was it ever, but now instead of answering he mumbled something that I do not understand what is better for me not to know that he is sorry that he is no more. And no explanation.

I left empty-handed, easy feeling hurt and even more intrigued. Perhaps it made me curious, as if nothing had happened to sit next to him at a lecture the next day. Serge again, embarrassed and blushing, but I could see that he was pleased. The conversation flagged - Gray remembered that I catch him, and I kept trying to find out why he goes after me.

A week later, we have somehow got used to the fact that there is a secret between us. I did not ask more, but Sergei did not loomed over behind me. We started to get connected speech. More than that, I suddenly realized that I Sergei interesting. We started with a drink in the coffee breaks.

As time went on, we talked more and more, and at some point I realized that my mysterious pursuer already could be called a friend of mine. I, in fact, for the first month of study became friends with only three guys at the university - two classmates and here it is so incomprehensible to me Serega. I even once went to his house - the good, we lived in the same neighborhood, and we were playing with him for a long time in some computer game. Sitting next to me at the keyboard Serge became embarrassed again, just like in the early days of our acquaintance, but I was so fascinated by the game that did not pay attention to it.

All would have probably, would have continued - or shaky, or rolls; it is not clear, but it is quiet, but once again I caught earrings for surveillance.

At the weekend I went to the workout. I'm the eighth grade rowing, and at the university immediately joined the team. Of course, I was far from being a champion, no matter what prizes are not claimed, I just like the feeling of flying on the water surface. I knew that he would never put up for competition for me, I shall always spare, but I was not expelled, and it suited me.

After that workout, I, as usual, decided before to take a shower, a little swim in the river and sunbathe on a tiny beach. It was the height of the Indian summer sun was hot at all and I'm just thrilled by the cool water, hot sand and a pleasant feeling of fatigue in all muscles.

And then I suddenly heard a muffled but quite recognizable sound. Such mobile phones emit, when they take pictures. Without thinking, that I was somehow concerned, I turned my head and caught a glimpse of how Serge is hiding behind a tree while removing it in his pocket his phone.

It was so dumb that I'm even confused. brat, but I missed a few precious seconds, and when it is reached the addition of wood, there was nobody had to be, of course, to take off and catch.

The next day I pressed the earrings to the wall, but he protested, muttering something incoherent, again flushed and even showed his phone, which was not a single photograph. I got angry, yelled at him (saying quite evil things, to be honest), and left without saying goodbye.

Some days we did not talk to each other. I ignored earrings, lectures sit somewhere else, leaving when he approached. In the end, he called me. Again, I mumbled something, it never explained, saying that he was photographing the river, but seeing my reaction, he was afraid. I sent him and pressed the hang up button.

Half-day, I remembered his voice stuttering, mumbling, apologetic tone, and thought that I should not have talked to him so tightly. Then he found a reason - I had to write off immediately the laboratory - and called him self ...

Once, when I was at his house, Sergei, losing vigilance, leave your computer unattended. Usually the guy left the room, only when the computer is switched to the screensaver. To get out of this state, a passcode is required, which, naturally, I did not know. And then Grey went into the kitchen to put another cup of tea, and the computer was left on the loading page.

I pulled to the mouse and started searching photos. One after another in the search box appearing shots by lining rows of icons, and I looked at them dumbfounded, once again in shock. There were hundreds. Hundreds of pictures of me. I'm in class, I am in the corridors of uni, I'm on the street, I'm in training, I finally basking in the sun on the beach. It was my face - smiling, hmuryaschiesya, thoughtful, sad. Here I was in the upright - walking, standing, jumping over step, sitting at the lecture and just a cafe. But here were all weird pictures - my hands, the hands alone. Or foot. Or spin. Or stomach. A great variety of pictures of my ass - in trousers, jeans, shorts, wet sportswear, swimming trunks. Finally, my pictures heats the front. In a variety of angles, with varying degrees of openness and varying degrees of eregirovannosti what they conceal.

I am dumbfounded looked at it all, unable to breathe. I do not know what I felt. Just I was so shocked that I could not move.

Behind me there was a muffled squeak, I turned and saw Serge runs from the room.

I got up and went after him, not knowing what to say and what to do.

He locked himself in his bedroom. On key. I knocked. I tried to talk to him through the door, but in response only heard sobs, as if he's crying.

All this is completely knocked me out. I still did not understand what was happening, went ...

I had a strange, strange feeling. Firstly, for the first time in my life I found myself next to this very blue! Doubts that Serge was gay, I did not. It surprised just what I did for so long did not think. Serge was gay! Live gay, which I had heard so much, but I never thought that at least one meeting in real life!

Secondly, this guy was in love with me. Well, you can feel knowing that your friend, a guy like you, loves you? What is it about something out there dreaming of something out there dreaming, something rejoices and something upset - and it's all because of you!

I did not know what to think. In my head just swept - damn, but he Jerking me, and looking at those same pictures!

Some days I avoided meeting with Gray. He was not in class, rapidly ran through the corridors, where it could appear, go home the long way round. He did not show up on the horizon. And do not call.

Then I heard the conversation of his classmate. They talked about the fact that Sergei goes to the university blubbered, no one is talking, sitting in the corner, behaves "Just like a woman some." They speculated that this could have happened to him, and at the same time talking about him evil, mockingly. I felt involuntary protest against the tone, which they took. And even a little pity for Gray.

It was a Friday, usually we spent a Saturday together, and I went to the place where according to my calculations should have been Sergei.

Well, fagot. Well, in love with me. This does not mean that I have to stick with it for a handle. It can continue to talk with each other to live as they lived. What's wrong with that? Would I avoided intercourse with a woman, if he knew that she was in love with me? After all, no?

He had red eyes and nose. When I spoke with him, Sergei so sincerely beamed so genuinely pleased that I was quite taken aback. Well, okay! Fagot fagot so! Instead, a cool guy! Do not rape me, he!

He raped me. Sighs, glances, when I thought that I do not look at him again heavily blushed, but did not say a word - not about the pictures or on the left in the past, spying on me or not about their coloring man tears. Something told me there, gave rewrite another laboratory, presented the CD with games, hesitated, but did not disclose any of its blueness, nor his love.

Tomorrow I'm after your workout is still his home did not go. Dumb was somehow. But it's okay to talk to him on Skype.

On Monday, he sat down with Sergey lectures. On Thursday, he drank coffee with him in the canteen. On Friday, on the break again I asked him to write off laboratorku. On Saturday, he was at a party, again shooting aliens on the same computer. Interestingly, the pictures were still there?

Once I got used to the idea that Serge dry for me, and have continued without much hesitation to communicate with him. Now, though, I could not help wondering how he sees me, when I go into his apartment, he thinks, when I'm in a hot audience when it rented sweater and stay in a T-shirt, if he is jealous when I flirt with classmate whether experiencing the excitement, seeing as I'm in some meter away from him lick his lips.

I listened to him and more and more aware of the fact that I feel sincere amazement that I could love another man.

As he imagines our relationship? In the best case for yourself? I do not think he is, that I ever give him to kiss her?

And in general, what it's like to love another man?

It was another month ...

One day in November.

Sergei shrugged aside the computer keyboard and said:
- Well. Look like that's it.

I stood up and stretched:
- Lord Grey. I do not know how to thank you and.

Sergey also rose.
- Oh, come on, thank me for that.

We stood facing each other, and Sergei looked me straight in the eye. This direct view himself is still not allowed. The look was clean and in love ...
- All? You home? - he asked.

I suddenly felt uneasy. Really very sad question was. I was confused and muttered:
- Well ... Grey. Okay, then I'll probably ...

And he marveled at his gesture, Sergei suddenly put his hand on her cheek. Sergei froze, unable to move. His eyes stared into my eyes. Feeling his hands on his cheek was beating like a bare electric wire.

Why did I do it? If I thought for one second, I would definitely did not. And so, obeying some impulse, under hypnosis his sight, he took and put his hand on his cheek. I feel what it is smooth, clean ...

When the lungs demanded air Sergei slightly breath and whispered:
- Thank you ... I ... But ...

That was serious, and I pulled down his arm. I looked back, shuffled his feet on the ground, avoiding the sight of Sergei, and went to the door.
- Okay, Gray - I said, opening the door. - Thank you for your passwords. Good night.

Sergei stood in the same place where I left it. His hands were limp omitted. beaten dog look, sad, disappointed, stung. He cleared his throat and said quietly:
- Yeah, right ... of course. Good night.

I'm confused. Usually, all these his foolish babbling, unfinished phrases myamlyanie I did not pay attention, but now suddenly felt that he, too, live person, his feelings - that is no reason for jokes, he was really sad when I'm like that every time I get up because of the computer table and throwing a "bye!" I leave.

Again, I did not give myself time to think. Just I turned around and closed the door. Wondering to myself, I smiled weakly. In absolute silence snapped the key in the lock.

Sergey understood instantly. And beamed his radiant, child, open smile. On the cheeks played very girly holes. His eyes were filled with joy. For a moment, he flashed tongue licked his lips.

I did not know what to do next. What I was - it means anything? What I locked the door - what does it mean? That touched a hand to his cheek - a ...

I somehow instantly, not yet take a step away from the door, I realized that we Sergei stepped over some edge.

Damn, where are my longing! We should not build yourself a therapist, and stupidly turn around and leave.

After another moment, I suddenly felt a determination to kiss with gray.

Yes, I will kiss another guy. Enough of these sighs furtively with his hand, and my rambling thoughts about all of this on the other. I'll try. The kiss did not mean anything. Once pidaras not.

Probably, something flashed in my view, because Serge smiled again. His eyes sparkled.

Then I kiss it? That's how it means! Kiss the other guy!

Whether it's a girl, I would invite her to slow dance or offer to look through magazines on the couch. No one is not immediately pounced on the girl, even if it is clear that you were closed in the room for the paging of magazines ... And what to do with the Grey? What do guys do in such cases?

Sergei did not try to help me. He stood motionless in the middle of the room and looked at me.
- You want a drink? - For some reason, I asked him in a whisper. Of course, to offer the landlord a drink from its reserves, or more precisely, his parents reserves - disgusting, but nothing else in my head does not come.

Gray shook his head. His hands were shaking visibly.

Come and kiss him?

I took a step forward.

Grey involuntarily jerked his head backwards and immediately dropped his eyes guiltily. It seemed to me that I hear the sound of his heart, even at this distance.

Damn, how to do it ?!

I went up another step. Now we were standing at arm's length. Sergei glanced at me, looked down again and waited.

I raised my hand and gently put his hand on the shoulder of the Grey. If he flinched, he had taken a step back if issued any protest sound, I would run out of the apartment at breakneck speed! Burning with shame!

Gray just shook. He stood and shook.

His shoulder was hot and hard. Under T-shirt strained muscle, shoulder and slightly lifted my hand. Hmm, a woman will not feel such.

I was just flooded with waves Seryozhin awe, excitement, expectation. The heat of his body enveloped her hand.

How to approach him?

Why am I up to? Why do it? I thought, as we are with him we will continue to talk, if I kiss you? And what to kiss me?

My hand gently up the shoulder, slid on his neck and buried her in Seregina hair. They were hot.

Pleasant feeling. Unexpectedly pleasant. Soft hair, tickling hands glow.

I continued to look him straight in the face.

Perhaps half a minute we stood, and nothing happened. He was shaking. Shake the large, sweeping tremor. He was covered in sweat. It was red. He stubbornly stared at the floor. And I was standing next to him. Fingers are immersed in hot hair just behind the ear ...

And then he raised his eyes timidly. In his view, there was nothing special - just look wide-open eyes, but for some reason he stirred up.
- I do not know what to do - I whispered, bumping into this view. He admitted if dived into the water.
- I, too, - uncertainly, whisper, almost stuttering, Sergei said.

I glanced at him. And after the eye gently slid his hand on my hand. The boy stiffened and swallowed noisily.

I felt his fingers under the triceps and biceps (that's really what the girls are not there for sure!), Sharp elbow, forearm hard. He touched shaking hands. He took her gently squeezed.

Calm down! Calm down!
- Do not worry, Grey, - I muttered.

He nodded.

I raised his hand and looked up. Gray's fingers were long, thin. Near them was trembling sweeping ...

I slowly lowered Seregin hand down and opened his fingers.

Heat Sergei body felt so much! And his heart was beating so often! So loud!

Or is it my heart pounding?

What a silly excitement! I just kiss him! Of course, not every day I kiss another guy. In fact, I never kissed another guy. But this is just a kiss! What a tragedy! Why these Shakespearean excitement!

Then pull has been nowhere, had to start.

Sergei froze all also looking at the floor.
- I never even ... - whispered Gray suddenly.

In the sense of? "Never before" - what? Was he a virgin? I'm going to kiss a gay virgin! Well, more and more abruptly. As they say, it will be something to remember in old age.
- With a guy? - I whispered. - Or even... ?
- In general, - he said Sergei barely audible. And he gave me a quick glance. - And you?

I nodded.
- With a guy?

Sdurela it, or what? Of course not! How could he even think such a thing!

Serge understood all over my face, swallowed and for some reason, smoothed his pants with one hand. Second hand he stuffed it in his pocket.
- I undress? - He whispered.

I nearly choked. So he thinks that we are going to get fucked! Wow!

Again, something reflected in my face, and Serge frightened twitch.

We stood side by side, looking each other in the eye. I washed the body heat Seryozhin. We both shook. I'm probably a little less. Why would I, in fact, to tremble? I'm not worried!

I moved a little forward, and our bodies touched. Yes, they are touched. A little bit. Very gently. Touched. The heat of his body. The beating of my heart. A shudder of his excitement. The dryness in my mouth. His breath on my face. The total emptiness in my head. And his eyes, stubbornly facing the floor.

My breasts touched Sergey's chest.
- I'd better go, - I whispered. - I did not want this. I did not think that ...

Sergei's eyes widened, and they reappeared the very expression of a beaten dog.
- Of course - Serge whispered. His voice cracked.

Who tears.

In some millimeters from Sergei's hot t-shirts I carried my hand. Why in millimeters? Why not just rubbed a hand across his chest?

My hand gently rested on Sergei 'shoulder. The boy froze.

I soaked up the feeling of a solid shoulder. I absorbed, realizing that such feelings have not experienced ever ... Or nothing will happen, and I can no longer to touch the shoulder. Or is it going to happen, and touching it will become commonplace ... And only now it is beautiful in itself ... I so want to feel his hard roundness ...

Second hand Seregin I took his hand and pulled it from his pocket shorts. Rose looked at the fine brush. She shivered.

I looked at Sergei. He raised his hand higher. And I put it on his shoulder. Seregin fingers clenched convulsively. Too much. What is he so nervous! It's just a shoulder!

I ran a hand over his cheek. He went down on his neck. Lower.

My hand was on his neck. He was so thin neck!

I immediately pulled themselves. The neck as the neck. Like any goners.

And then mentally he shook his head. She's so ... um ... fine! And the skin is smooth!

Serge as smooth a shave or beard does not grow?

The neck is very thin. And throbbing artery right before my eyes.

Second hand I touched my head Sergei spent on hair and buried his fingers in them.

I already went through. But I so wanted to feel it again ...

We froze, looking into each other's eyes. Both were breathing heavily. Both were shaking. Our shirts are a little touched.

I still kiss Sergei. Just stoop down, I lifted her lips to his lips and kiss. Then cheers smile, nod goodbye and go to the door.

I licked my lips.

But my dick has all reacted. It is, if I'm going to kiss a girl for the first time. And not just standing and compressed pulses, breaks out!

Interestingly, Seryozhin member stood up too?

I suddenly realized what I think about the penis guy. Where has brought me!

And yet, I wonder what he's Seryoga?

I sniffed the nostrils. Sergei is somehow embarrassed, and he lowered his gaze. Then he decided, and again looked me straight in the eye.
- Can I kiss you? - I whispered.

What a question! What is it? Remained in fact, the door closed, touching her hair out! I behave like a fag! Who lead the ...

Gray nodded.

Well, everyone ... Now there's nowhere to retreat ...

I leaned forward slightly, still not knowing how to do it, still doubting whether to do it, still do not understand how it happens.

My lips touched the lips of Sergei.

On the lower lip was shershavinka ... lips were soft, warm, pliable. And as soon as I touched them, slightly parted.

I no longer felt the breath Serega. He froze.

I do not think I even realized that he had kissed him. I'm still getting ready for that step over the invisible line, go to your Rubicon, and my lips were touching his lips.

I had to tell myself: everything already done.

And for some reason this just unyalo my trembling. Already much calmer pulled his shoulders. And strongly pressed her lips to his. The slightly raised lip Sergei his lip. He touched tongue to his teeth. Teeth immediately parted slightly, allowing me to penetrate more deeply.

I feel like the kiss was no different from the girl kiss. The same soft and supple lips, the same indecision, the same sense of the unknown.

Serge timidly took the initiative. His lips barely on tangible limit, squeezed my lips.

Sergei's large gray eyes were right in front of mine.

I experienced such a rush of tenderness, warmth and ... and ... well ... yes ... yes, of desire! I hugged his shoulders. I pressed him to force himself. Once again, I kissed his lips.

We froze. I could not understand what was happening to me. So I did not feel with their very first night with a girl.

We broke apart. Our lips parted. I looked into Sergei's eyes. What big eyes! Clean! Bright! Gray, of the deep gray!

I squeezed her shoulders Serega both hands and pulled him to her and kissed her again. The eyelids. Alternately. One eye. Second. And below. Nose. And lips. Soft tight lips parted. The tip of the tongue timidly leaned forward and touched my tongue.

Damn, I knew I wanted it! Yes, I want it. Sexually. So what, he's a guy! I want to fuck with him! One time is not considered. In life, you need to try everything. And anyway, what I wanted to fuck with Sergey now, it does not mean that ...

I want it!

My hand slipped off the shoulder gray. I took a step back. He stopped, panting.

Chest Sergei too went back and forth.

Our eyes met. I first saw in the eyes of the joy of a quiet guy. He was no longer nervous, do not twitch, do not look away.
- I'm sorry - I muttered. I really do not know why I apologized to him.

There was a silence. We stood looking at each other, not moving, feeling the hollow beat of our heart.
- Thank you, - said Sergei, after a moment of silence.

I smiled weakly, and headed for the door. He opened it, turned around.

Sergei stood in the same place, looking after me.

I nodded and awkwardly backed stepped over the threshold. He closed the door.

I stood at the door for a few seconds, catching his breath and calming.

And then slowly I began to descend the stairs.

Fifteen hours.

Rest of the day was for me in mental anguish mixed with disturbing memories. I could not forgive myself for my careless kiss inspired earrings in unnecessary expectations. And at the same time again and again I experienced the touch of our lips, giving himself a nagging feeling of something surprising and wonderful. And then he was taken to scold myself for that kiss with a guy brought me pleasure. I'm not a fag any!

Tossed half the night in bed, I had to remove the traditional excitement for all the men way. Fist went on languishing on the willingness of the member, and for some reason I fantasized about Serega. Feeling shame and anger at myself, I imagine, as we kiss again. We also embraced. Orgasm overtook me when in my head stood up painting as Gray touched my naked cock.

The next day I went to the university, determined to talk with Sergei and gently as possible to break with him. Seeing him sitting on our place in the lecture hall, I flopped down beside him and immediately blurted out:
- Gray, what happened yesterday was a mistake.

I looked at the guy. He averted his eyes and nodded.

We had to go on, but all of my resolve disappeared somewhere. I sat and looked at Sergei and could not find words.

Then into the hall he entered the lecturer and the situation resolved itself.

After the lecture, I first put off the conversation until we get to the cafeteria, then - not until Gray dopet his coffee, and then had to run on a pair of ... We are not silent, we talked, but intense, choosing his words, looking away.

After school I spent Sergei to his home. This to me has never happened - I escorted the girls behind me watched Serge actually seeing me, but that I myself saw off Man! Well well! It was necessary to this end. And quickly.
- I do not know what came over me yesterday found - I said walking next to Sergei. - You know, I did not feel anything for you.

Damn, it turned out as something wrong.
- That is, I'm glad that we're friends, - I clumsily tried to wriggle out. - You're a good friend. It's just ... You're not a girl ...

He was looking down at his feet.
- I can not feel for you ... well ... what I feel about the girls ...
- I understand - quietly murmured Serge. - Do not torture yourself, I understand.

We stopped at his door.

Sergei looked somewhere aside, I marked time. We had to just turn around and leave, but something kept me there. What? I do not want to offend a good man? I just tupil?

Sergei turned and opened the entrance door. Held by passing me. And I, not thinking for a moment, came in.
- My parents house - Sergei said, pausing just beyond the threshold. It seems that he did not want me to leave, but did not know what to do next. He missed me inside the entrance, but then there was nowhere to go.
- I also Rodak, - I answered automatically.

We were silent, both of feeling at ease.

Then I suddenly raised his arm and put his hand on the shoulder of Sergei.

He stiffened, his eyes widened. And the next moment his mouth touched an involuntary smile.

My hand slipped off the shoulder on, on the back, right on top of the show through the vertebrae. And then the second hand was on the back of the guy next to the first. I made a small, barely perceptible forward movement, and Sergei was in the ring of my hands.

I did not realize that the embrace of gray, but I was filled with joy by the fact that all the painful and unnecessary that I did today and was going to be done, gone, gone, melted away without a trace.

Sergei pressed me. His hands were folded down, eyes closed, nostrils flared. His pounding heart was beating me in the chest.

I force embraced him, so if he wanted to crush. Hands clenched stronger, I was overwhelmed with feelings, and eventually Sergei muffled squeak.

I immediately loosened his grip.

Serge often breathed, filling the lack of air.
- Heck! - I whispered. - I did not want!

Gray smiled.
- Nothing, - he said. - But nice.

He had not yet finished the movement, when I squeezed it again in the ring of his hands. I looked into his eyes, he looked into my eyes, we were silent, and only our bodies pressed against each other melted from his touch.

"Why Serge not embrace me?" - I thought, and I realized that I want to be thin Seryozhin hand went through my back.

I gently relegating his head back and looked at the guy. He smiled shyly.
- I'll kiss you? - I asked.

Again all the same stupid question. It looks like I'm stuck in a stupid question.

Serge barely perceptible nod.

I leaned forward. Our lips met.

My hand crept back. Vertebrae by hand, sharp blades.

Serge stopped. And closed his eyes.

Touching the edge of his trouser belt, I took his hand up, but then Sergei, perhaps by chance, perhaps, obeying some impulse tongue touched my lips, and I involuntarily strained hand. Man's body has again been hard pressed to my body. And my hand jerk slid right on the waistband of his pants.

We both froze, waiting for the explosion of sensations.

Solid thin warm body touching my body. There was no hint of girlish beauty - no elastic breasts, thighs or wide or narrow waist. Still, it was fine. So beautiful!

I loosened his grip and pulled away from his lips Serega.

I wanted something. But what could I want? In my arms because there was a guy! I did not want anything!

Damn, damn, damn!

I ducked just a little lower and kissed his chin. He soared toward substituting a thin neck, which he would not let me before. I easily slid his lips on her neck and began to kiss her harder and harder, thus squeezing Serega body in his arms.

Underbelly ... felt in my stomach boils down to something solid, straight. Rested and slid up, turning and pressing his long cylinder.

It's his dick!

Member Sergei sticking, tight, steadfast, pressed through the clothes to my stomach, and I choked on what is now clearly understood, felt, realized that yes, Seryoga have a penis, and is a member stood up, and this term is limited to my stomach...

The feeling of the stick in the pants from Serega forced to boil all over my body. I have purposely loosened his grip, allowing the body to Sergei slightly pushed back, and again pressed him to her with force. Long cylinder again ran into my stomach. Daville, if he wanted to pierce it. And then, when the pressure became too great, easily slid up, turning vertically. Serge breathed with some barely audible sound.

So that's what girls feel when I hug them! Of course, with such feelings must appear simple hug them riding depravity!

I slid his lips over Seregina neck and kissed him right behind the ear. His body has again been a strength to me is pressed, and a solid stick at the bottom again found itself in my stomach. How wonderful it was unbearable!

At this time, I felt something else, some mirroring the feeling in his pants. Sergei just feel my dick! In his belly just rests against a solid cylinder, just slides up, and is sandwiched between us! Well well!

I interrupted their kiss and looked at the guy's face. He licked his lips. His large gray eyes were looking at me. His nostrils flared slightly.

Then Serge timidly bent and touched his lips to my lips. The body of the boy rocked forward itself, and cylinders members clamped in captivity pants rested in their stomachs.

But now Sergei's hand began to move uncertainly and embraced me. Palm clung to me somewhere between the shoulder blades.

The feeling was incredible, intolerable sexual calling.

I turned my head, taking his lips Serega from his cheek, and his lips touched his neck. Directly above the collarbone. The pit above the collarbone was covered with a T-shirt, and I pushed the fabric lips to kiss Seregin skin soft, smooth, like girly.

Then he raised his head again and looked into his eyes. Sergei panting.

I bent down and kissed her just above the collarbone hole on the other side.
- Do not you disgusted? - Gray whispered.

How is it - disgusting! He even knows how it is beautiful!
- You're very beautiful, - as I said in a whisper.

And I kissed her on the lips earrings. Strong.

Our bodies are again closely huddled together. My body ached in a sweet languor. Member clearly twitching in his captivity.

Seregin I felt hands on my back. Weak, timid, hesitant, he made me into a ring of his embrace. I pulled away from his lips. Metering, trying to better feel the warmth in his hands on the blades. Then again he kissed his neck.

There happened, what was going to happen sooner or later. Outside, he heard footsteps approaching. Someone came to our porch.

We immediately jumped apart. Both were breathing heavily, both perplexed looking at each other, both frantically tried to fix his clothes.

The door opened and entered the front door a man. It was evident that he was surprised to see two men on opposite sides of each other, but did not stop.
- Hello, - said Gray.

The man nodded, walked to the stairs and called up the elevator. The mechanism hummed and Seregin neighbor looked out on the stairs.

We were standing in the same place. Without moving, and staring at him.

The man went back to the elevator. Just in time - the door opened. The mechanism beeped again, taking a neighbor upstairs.

We looked at each other gray.

My body is required to continue. I wanted to feel the body of Sergei, his whole body. I imagined how I press him to her, my hands wander down his spine as I touch his butt, and I was flooded with acute, unbearable, painful desire.

It is absolutely worthless!

And then I felt the impulse, pushing me back drop to Sergei lips neck ...

I restrained myself. Never before had I had not interrupted the kiss. Girls - yes, interrupted. On the first date, not wanting me to go too far, they stopped me. I wanted to kiss them, but they were separated. And now I myself felt a strange sensation - you need to stop. Right now. I wanted to continue, Sergei wanted to continue, but I had to stop!

I looked into his eyes Grey. He looked at me, and in his eyes I felt pure, naive, boundless confidence. We stood three feet away from each other, but the air between us was full of something elusive that makes us one.
- On the morning of my leave to the country, - he said.

I froze, not knowing what he said. Leave? At the cottage? In the morning?
- If you want to ... - the guy barely audible added.

I stared dumbfounded at Sergei. Do not go to university? A whole day to spend together in an empty apartment? What for?

And only then I realized what I just suggested.

Something flashed in my view, something, which is why Gray recoiled in fright and blushed.
- No offense! - He muttered. - I did not think! Sorry!

I, feeling as excited my body as it is from the stubborn desire to bound him, opened the front door and ran outside.

He turned.
- I have to go - I said apologetically.

The door to the tight spring slammed.

The same day came.

This morning was rain.

I came to Serege drenched and shivering, and he hurriedly wore my towel and helped wipe. My wet hair sticking out in different directions, they had to be something to do, and Grey brought me a hair dryer and a brush. I laughed - too hard - and asked an ordinary comb. Sergei brought me and her, and I brushed her hair back. I usually do not go, but it was the fastest way to put himself in order. While I was doing hair, Serge picked up the jacket thrown me, wet, wriggle though, and took her to the kitchen - to hang above the battery. I had also to give him and socks, thoroughly soaked with rain water. Together with wet shoes. He returned with a mop and began clumsily wiping water from the floor. From the proposed aid Gray, as befits a good host, flatly refused. These everyday actions quite brightened the first minutes of his home, when I was burning with shame, still doubting, not understanding himself, went to his apartment.

I looked at Sergei and clearly realized that this classmate, wiping natekshie puddle on the floor - a guy with whom I will have sex. Today. Now. And he knows that I'm here to fuck with him.

What does he think of me?

He despises?

Gray fussed, and I could hardly stand on his feet from surging at me with excitement. One thing to remember, a beautiful Sergei, and another - to see it close, so amazingly delectable, perfect. In flesh and blood. Beside. Only my reach. It is one thing to realize that I am going to him to have sex with him, and quite another - to have to be in his apartment, inside, and wait only when it will postpone the squeegee and turn.

All of this was worn in my head, and evolved into a heavy sense of shame. Togo shame when not wave away, when in fact ashamed to the depths of consciousness. I could not now refer to a sudden impulse, a momentary clouding the mind, overpowering solid momentum. No, I was all last night to think it over and decide. And the whole night. And a few hours in the morning. Only I have not thought about. And no decision adopted. Suffered, I rushed from one extreme to another, but did not understand - about themselves or about Sergei, none of our relationship with him. And he came to him. To do something that is not approved, does not understand, does not forgive all those around me, all I know. Even I myself, if I stop for a moment and think about it, this is not approved.

Surprisingly, the last thing I asked myself if I was a homosexual. Once here I have little doubt on his account was not. For three years after the one cute girl I lost my virginity at the same time depriving her virginity and I slept with five other girls, and my straight start did not cause me to doubt.

Why, then, I kissed with Sergey? Why I embrace it? Why I come to his house now? What motivated me?

Curiosity? Well, yes, always interesting to know how it is, to fuck with another guy. But is it really moved me? No, this is the case, a weak excuse, nothing more.

The desire to have fun? Well, not that I'm jaded major life to look for exotic entertainment.

What then?

I could not resist the beauty of the guy? I miraculously was able to feel the pull of male beauty? Somewhere in my mind a long, thin figure and a pretty face touched some string? But around a lot of guys! Some of them are the same slender body, like Sergei. Some look like schoolboys overgrown. Some (very few, but still) beautiful face. But I have not felt not that kiss them, and even look at them. Anyway, look at them as something sexual.

So what seduced me this particular goner? He's seduced me?

Charisma? Mind? A combination of nature and beauty? Naivety and gullibility?

Sergei, not knowing what thoughts swarming in my head, finished finally restore order in the hallway. By inertia, still feeling like a hospitable host, he waved me to his room, and only then, seems to have remembered why I'm here. His movements became immediately shackled, eyes lost all kinds of confidence nalilos face paint.

And yet, we sat on the couch Seregina as if nothing unusual had happened, as if today was just another ordinary day. I even almost reached for the computer table. That's really the force of habit!

We sat, staring straight ahead, both embarrassed, shackled, not knowing what to say, what to do, how to behave. After all, we can not just pretend that nothing is happening.

Amazingly, all of my experiences with girls does not help right now. With a girl you always play the same role understandable - you're up to, she resists. And what to do with the guy? Yes, and in a situation where you are, and you know, and he knows that we both agree, you both want? Begin to undress? Or kiss him? Or to discuss your upcoming sex words? Ugh, the horror!

I moved my bare toes sticking out from under the wet leg cuffs. After squelching water from typing in their shoes skin feel the warm air was pleasant. Looking Man immediately moved down to my toes moving. Then we are just about the same time, Sergei looked at his feet. He was wearing shorts in the summer, which used to go home, his long, slender legs were visible, but for some reason we have buried a look in his toes. The guy even move them, probably by inertia, unconsciously copying me.
- Do you want some tea? - Finally I asked Serge.

It is seen the sodden companion steadily awakened in him the instinct of hospitality.

I was silent, but Gray knew my silence in his own way. He got to run to the kitchen.
- Wait wait! - I shouted to him in the back, jumping up. - Wait!

The guy turned to me. We were on the verge of one another, and something vaguely familiar flashed in the air. We have already so stood in the middle of the room, frozen, not knowing where to look, knowing that now something will happen, but not realizing that it is.

Serge looked at me shyly. It was the same look, helpless, confused, which is always completely disarmed me, knocked off track, made my heart bleed. And I looked at the boy, soaking up the amazing feeling of some unspeakable intimacy. Waves of something soft and warm enveloped me.

I suddenly realized that I no longer need anything. I wanted to, and I want only this - to stand next to Sergei, look at it, feel it naive purity, breathe the air he breathes, to feel like shrinking from something my heart. I did not think at the moment no about sex, nor about their suffering or about the rain outside the window. I did nothing thinking. Simply dissolve in this strange feeling ... It was great before, I wanted only one thing - that it all does not end, so that it went on and on, so that we spent the whole day ...

And, of course, that I blew it. I thought that just stand and stare at another person's indecent. Looking for something to do. As if that was going to happen between us, it was decent!
- How to expand the sofa? - Said my mouth, but I do not want to ask about it. I do not like in those moments to publish any sounds.

Sergei looked at me. It seemed frightened. I swallowed. He was so nervous that I thought he did not understand my question, just do not hear it. Gray, not peresprashivaya nodded. Then he stood there for a second or two, as if not knowing what to do and to do it at all. And yet moved, hesitantly she turned back to me, bent down and stepped over to the couch.

Home shorts slightly tightened on his ass. And that, he pretty ass. Yes, beautiful. What, I can not look at a purely aesthetically beautiful ass and admit that she's beautiful? Even if it is a male ass? He had a beautiful ass. Highly. And long tanned legs. Slender body.

He snapped the spring and slid down the sofa, turning into a double bed.
- Cover the? - Serge whispered, straightening.
- Yes, - I whispered, though he knew in fact what is believed to say "no." And do not just say "no", but also puzzled as to add: "Why?"

My heart is pounding, ready to break out of his chest. Indeed, what I do! What is this all for!

Serge bent down again, without even knowing that he puts up his ass. He waved sheets. Spread the corners, for which he had to be on the sofa with one elbow, and demonstrating your subtle body from the side, in profile. He straightened. He turned.

Still, probably, it will be able to return the nagging feeling that reigned between us a moment ago. Probably it was. You just stand still and try not to breathe ...

I took a step toward Serega. He recoiled in fright, but then he pulled himself together. He gave me a quick glance. His eyes lowered.

I raised my hand and put his hand on his shoulder. Why do I always stroked his shoulder before you do anything else? Of course, I liked it a solid bony shoulder, but for some reason every time?

Serge stood motionless. Virgin. Virgin gay. Pure virgin gay. Paradox.

My hand slid back, felt the sharp blade and crept down by protruding vertebrae. Slowly, so as to feel every movement of his muscles. Serge literally petrified. His face was tense. Her eyes widened, but it is also inseparable peered into the pattern flooring underfoot. My hand reached waist shorts Seryozha. Stop. Sama stopped. Then he crept up, still, slowly, without missing anything.

A moment later, my second hand on his shoulder Man. I'm afraid though that Serge will disappear, and squeezed his shoulder with all his might. He often breathed, and his nostrils expanded, drawing the air.

My hand on Sergei's waist again came into action. Now she was moving rapidly and randomly, eagerly trying to absorb the feel of his body. Under my hand I slid the blade, vertebrae, ribs. I again and again to spend on them. As if probed. As if ... And the second hand at that time was still holding his shoulder gray.

With me it never was. That is, of course, hugging the girl, I have always, sooner or later began to frantically paw her body, but it was always after long kisses and hugs quite modest. Now I do not Sergei hugged, kissed it, we faced each other at a distance, and I, as if in a fit of madness, quickly and erratically driven hand on his back, again and again, feeling all the perfection of his body. Serge himself with all and stood motionless in front of me and let me do all of this ...

And then I realized that I had this little ...

Palm has stopped, and Serge raised his eyes at me. Just for a moment. And then he took him aside, hiding from me, from my own shame, of all that was happening now.

The hand slowly slid down the already become so familiar vertebrae reached Seryozha belt shorts. I knew that I wanted to touch his ass. Yes, the man behind. I was sure that he does not mind, but I still could not step over an invisible barrier. This simple movement - a few centimeters down - it seemed to me one of the most decisive steps in my life ...

Hand trembling, lying on Serega waist.
- Can I ... - I whispered and fell silent, not knowing what to say, what to call what I was going to do. I again asked him for permission. But what is this to me ?!

Gray nodded almost imperceptibly, and I gently pushed his hand down.

Seregina flesh under his palm became noticeably bend, forming a hemisphere. It was warm. A convex. Elasticity. And placed in his hand. And yet - it wiggled underneath. Solid muscle somewhere in the depths declined, raising my hand. Hemisphere has become smaller and harder, turned into a tight ball, to immediately re-relax, become more and more softly, slightly elongated.

Inside me, something sank.

My hand was on Sergei's buttock. Palm, sprawled on the surface of the unimaginable, thrilling piece of Sergei's body, live, round, absorbed his warmth and trembling with excitement and desire. The thumb was in the hollow between the two halves backside.

After a few hasty heartbeats thin arms Sergei began to move and lay on my back. Fragile body approached closely, pausing for a moment and hugged me.

We finally embraced.

The thin fabric of shorts almost nothing to hide. It is easy to collect under my hand in soft folds, allowing you to feel the elastic warm flesh. I felt the rough fabric of panties, tight this wonderful priest, smoothness of the skin where it is nothing but shorts, did not cover, edging pants buttock crossed diagonally upwards. I felt the whole time half Seregina priests - it is fully placed in the palm of my hand. As a children's rubber ball. The same convex. Solid. The elastic.

I did not have enough air. I have all this time was not breathing. The feeling in his hands did not allow any to breathe or breathe.

My hand went up. Reached belt Seregina shortstop. I pass through it, once on the boys back.

I exhaled.

How could I ever think that men can be as ass ... beautiful? Waves? Snazzy? Excite You?

My hand went down. And hot roundness went up it.

Oh wow! It's so delicious that the heart stops!

I again ran his hand up and down through the half Seryozhin backside, and again felt the painful blow of desire throughout the body.

No, I do not deserve this! God, Gray, do you have any idea how beautiful you are!

Then my hand strayed to the side. And then he went to the back. Tight flesh slid under his hand from side to side. The fingers fell into the valley between her buttocks. As far as allowed shorts. Then he got to the surface, we rounded the hill and reached the resilient shallow pits side. Pit under his fingers began to move - Serge shifted from foot to foot.

I could not stand it and squeezed mate Sergey's ass. Wow, how cool!

Hopefully, Sergei did not hurt ...

Gray tensed. But I did not protest. Not issued no sound. It was substituting his crazy beautiful ass my hand. He stood, pressing his body against mine. It was, enveloping me, the heat of his breath.

The feeling of boyish priests was exciting and beautiful. Elastic hot flesh, taut and supple at the same time. Two elongated ball with furrow between. She was so wonderful. It was unbearably sexy. Why so disparagingly refer to another man's ass made for men? He is so beautiful! Seregina ass in my hand - it is magical!

And at that moment I regained that same feeling of happiness. The fact that enveloped me when we both froze in the middle of the room, not knowing what will happen next. Once again, it seemed to me that I do not want anything else, that I reached the top, I'm just trying to keep it a moment, soaking it with his whole body, his whole mind, causing him to go on and on. It was so nice to stand, stand still, with the presses to you wonderful boy! With a hand lying on his backside.

Afraid to frighten away the feeling of thrilling miracle, I gently, very gently, so as not to lose the feeling in the palm of your buttocks, he ducked and fell to Sergey's lips. For the first time today I kissed the guy. I do not know how I did it happen, but I first fingered Serega back, then I grabbed his ass, and only then kissed. I shrank my lips into his mouth, while pressing his body to her for the ass with one hand and the other behind his back. Gray himself too tightly clutching the ring of his hands, clinging to my body. Again the familiar solid cylinder buried in the bottom of my stomach, and pressed with a force abruptly moved to a vertical position, slipped on me. Again, a few bony projections were on me, delivering tangible, but a pleasant pain. Once again, a long, thin body, thin and seemed so fragile, pressed against me. Sergei's eyes were closed. Lips parted, on the contrary, trying to catch my lips. Sergei kissed me. And I kissed him ... And, yes, I felt like a solid stick at the bottom again rests on my belly. And my cock, stubborn hard, puts pressure on the stomach Man.

Sergei made a barely audible sound.

Interestingly, some still have Seryoga member? I wanted to grab it right now, immediately. I am for a moment imagined reach for a guy with his hand between his legs, like squeezing his strong stick ... Mmm! My body tensed with desire.

My hand crept to the middle Seregina ass to the hollow between the two halves priests. My index finger is slightly pressed, pressing cloth shorts between the buttocks. Pierce managed only half a centimeter, but it was so exciting that I had forgotten about the kiss. We were standing close to each other, with lips pressed to his lips, and they were afraid to miss a moment of this wonderful experience.

Then I pulled away from the boy and stopped, panting.

Who would have thought that you can feel is from the embrace with another guy!

Seregin eyes opened. He looked straight at me. Now he is no longer in a hurry to look away now Sergei something changed, he also overcame something in itself, leaving behind doubt.

I raised my hand and looked at her. My fingers were trembling. Not so with a flourish, like Seryoga. Small, barely noticeable. It was not a shiver of excitement. It was the excitement tremor. My hand still felt the roundness of Sergey's priests. I looked at the gray, and saw that he was also looking at my hand.

I put it on his chest and led him up, watching the cloth shirts crawling behind my hand.


Sex, of course, engaged in naked. I, demonstrating their experience, could cause reverse examples, but most often, after all, clothing is removed. So much more convenient. This second. And at first, so you can see and feel the partner's body, so you can trust him with your body. And without it, how to make love? It is love, not mechanical frictions?

If yesterday I wondered whether we with Sergey undress, if you still decide to fuck, I would not even took the matter seriously. Rather, I would have thought about the word "if" ...

Today, with me something happened. If I was in another world. I myself was like another. I was not thinking about sex. I was overwhelmed with a sense of togetherness that enveloped us. I felt it more than enough. Excitement, desire, lust for pleasure, the desire to give pleasure to him, my beautiful Sergei - it was all but overshadowed their happiness just to be with him. Even now, when his shirt lifted, he flashed strip tanned skin, and I felt a blow desire, I do not think about sex. If in the head and left some thought it was a delight. How Serge handsome! In each of its manifestation!

I choked on the type of the exposed for a second piece of the abdomen, just a few centimeters.

It is amazing! All morning Serge walked in front of me in short shorts and a T-shirt. Bare feet and hands, very beautiful, like everything else in this boy, were in front of my eyes, and I saw them. Yes, I noticed them! I adored them! However, the brief moment when a corner of his T-shirt flashed a narrow rim Sergey's body was enough that I finally realized, I felt the heart, not the mind that in fact there Sergei, under clothes, naked!

I gasped. Feeling a touch of cool air to your stomach, he sighed and Serge.

I ran a hand back down on the soft cotton roughness. Bearing in mind the fit of feverish tiskaniya earrings, engulfed me a few minutes ago, I forced myself to go slowly. Drew T-shirt up. At this time - I pulled her up on purpose!

The thin fabric slipped on Sergei's body. Above the belt shorts appeared strip naked skin. It is expanded, grown as the fabric rose, and with it grew the feeling that did not allow to breathe, overshadow me all around the world, makes the heart stop.

Before my eyes sore Man was exposed belly. Sunken. Two strand tensing of the muscles of excitement. As soon stood out the beginnings of what ever can be called cubes. The dark pit navel. Rare hairs, leaving from this pit down below the waist shorts. And a second later - arch ribs, relief emerges over the sunken belly. And then, one by one, from under the edge of the T-shirt stripes flashed ribs and muscles on the sides of teeth. And in a moment - a thin chest with two thin slabs of muscle and red-brown bulavochkami nipple surrounded by narrow areolchikami.

When the shirt came to the shoulder and stopped, gathered plait armpits, Serge, hesitated a moment, looked at me and raised the natural movement of both hands. His body fell, and inside me something ached, so thin, so like a twig he began.

I pulled the shirt is even higher. Exposing the shoulders, biceps and bumps armpit hair clumps. I felt a faint smell of deodorant. And then from under the cloth slipped sharp little elbows, covered with sparse hairs thin forearms, hands, long fingers.

Shirt slipped from the hands of Seryozha, and I threw it on the floor.

The boy dropped his hands and stood. His eyes looked at me uncertainly. The belly trembled to the beat of the pulse. The ribs rose and fell.

Hmmm ... I'm dumbfounded looked at the earrings. Rather, even amazement. By the beauty of his face, I had become accustomed. To slim figure - too. But now, looking at the bare breasts and belly, I quite clearly, quite clearly seen how he ... How to put it into words? Beautiful can be not only a girl. Sergei was fine. Undoubtedly. Absolutely right.

I stood open-mouthed admiration.

Serge, of course, saw my admiration, he could not see how I was struck by its beauty. On his face once again stood out scarlet spots.

I deviated slightly to the side to look at the side of the boy, and immediately realized that because I can just walk around and see it all.

I took a few steps and in front of me was a thin back to exude triangles blades and vertebrae visible track. Those stripes on the sides of the ribs. Shorts slid down a little, and stood out above them a narrow strip of white untanned skin.

I found it hard to breathe.

All the same, have become almost stepping cotton feet, with eyes wide open, I walked around Sergei. I do not know whether Serge understand how it is beautiful. I am aware of whether his appearance affects me.

I felt that shiver. In me rose a strange sensation, which were mixed and the fear of perfect beauty, and affection for the naive virgin, and desire.

I could not help it, stepped right up to the guy and put his hands behind him. The thin back was pressed against my chest, bulging ass resiliently rested on the bottom of my stomach. I felt that my hard, tearing out cock was pressed against the pope Seregina like to groove between its halves.

I hugged from behind a thrilling torso, put her trembling hands on plitochki pectoral muscles and kissed her thin neck, just below the neck, under the hairline.

Serge stood motionless. My hands felt as often beat his heart.

Under my fingers slid up the groove edges. I continued to kiss her neck and a hand fell on his torso. I pull over to the stomach. Gray stiffened, causing muscle strips lifted slightly under my hand. How thrilling!

Under his hand slid navel fossa.

Fingers ran to the edge of the short belt.

Serge lightly dismissed her head back, exposing my lips face. I slid her lips up, reached out, even though it was hard to do back to her cheeks, and even a moment our lips met ...

I involuntarily arched, pushing stronger thighs in Seregin ass. I was fit to moan. In his hand, the stood on his stomach at the edge of shorts, beat Seryozhin wave pulse. The skin felt as tense and relax the muscles tense up again at hand.

My other hand slid down to the fine blades Seregina back to shorts and belt on, without stopping for a hot cloth, tight coveted hemisphere. There was no place for the hand - in back Man with power presses my thighs - and held his hand on the side surface of the buttocks, right in the pit that appears at the muscle tension. I ran a hand up and down, feeling numb from this pit, and put his hand even lower on thin solid hip. His fingers touched the bare skin, feeling small tremors beneath it.

Once again, I kissed Seryozhin back of the head, suffering from what both my hands froze very close to a member of the boys. I'm looking forward, I felt almost physically, as I grab the penis, I will crush it and squeeze. I painfully, inexorably like this. But ... at the same time with a wild, irresistible urge, I felt confident and resistance suddenly risen from the subconscious. Touching a member of another man? But how is it! How could I be so close to it! This is not a game. This flaw. Perversion. Madness, after which it is impossible to stay in the same real kid, how have you been all my life ...

As if sensing my hesitation, Sergei froze. He, too, was waiting.

My hand, the one that was lying on his stomach, moved away from the edge of the shorts. Under the skin crawled navel fossa ...

I forced his hand slid down. Here, below, in short times, by a hot cloth. Lower. It is impossible to stop. Stop - and again you just flooding the hesitation and doubt. Below. What I millimeter something shifted! Well, decisively! Down!

Rib palm stumbled on something big surprise, unexpectedly strong and unyielding, suddenly hot, noticeably hot, even against the background of a hot cloth shorts ...

I started all over. Hand instinctively jerked away upwards.

I suddenly thought that it would be necessary to ask earrings. Does he want it? And then he unbent himself from this thought, angry at himself for indecision. Is may be doubts as to whether Gray wants? The question is - going so far as why I doubt myself?

I like jumping out of an airplane with a parachute, just made the last step. The hand moved just by centimeters long and covered solid stick ...

It with what can not be compared. It is a powerful experience. It is unthinkable - and because nothing prepares us for this, and because it is inexpressible, to great pains in our life. A member of the men under his hand ... As I understood at that moment is indescribable and it's delicious ... I never tho
About 5 years ago I noticed that my husband became visibly cooler towards me. And I decided to check it out. Tell her husband that I was going away for a whole day to her friend, I came out of the cottage, where we live and hid around the corner.

Five minutes later Anton came and started the car. I quickly ran home and hid behind the curtain.

About half an hour later, Anton came with a student - my husband belonged to a private university - one of the best in our region. Her husband was the director, and I was engaged in financial affairs - I knew this nice girl. She was just ducky - well-studied, there was a very not bad, it was a great figure. If it were not for one thing - Karina was a group of disability.

Anton sat her down on the sofa and his hand began to stroke her knee. They got up and left the kitchen. Anton removed all from the table, and Karina went to him. He picked up the floors of her skirt, pulled the short panties and began to lick her clit.
- This is how you tell me is true is not it? - I said, coming out from behind the curtain and cough
- Natasha! It's not what you thought
- So, then. Karina butted into the conversation by wearing panties - I hate men. You only have to sex - the girl burst into tears.
- Calm down - he said pulling out a pack of cigarettes and embraced the girl - come on. Tell me what happened.
- It's simple - Karina lit and marching adjusting her glasses open up - I flunked session. I was threatened with expulsion from the university. And Anton invited me to go to bed - on the girl's eyes were tears of despair - And where am I to go, then it?
- M-yes-you to go really nowhere. But there is a solution!
- What?
- Generally. I'm bisexual. You want to try with your gender? I do not insist.

Karina looked at me with fear.
- Natasha! It's true?
- Yes!
- Well, try it, of course, possible.

I took her hand and led her to the very top of our cottage. Under the roof was, one might say, a penthouse, where I often entertain with our maids. There was a huge bed, and a plurality of strap, adult costumes and other things

First, I began to undress Woman kissing each button on her blouse.

When she was naked, I grabbed his lips thin straps of her bra openwork. She lay down, and I began to lick her magnificent breasts, I spent them on dark brown halos her nipples and then sucked nipples. Karina moaning, she obviously liked it.

I undressed, and her eyes glistened.
- Lie down - she told me

I lay down and Karina began awkwardly I do Cooney.
- No, no - I tore off the girl. You're doing it all wrong, take off your panties

Karina removed
- And now - I licked her lips at the sight of her delicious shaved pussy - sit on my mouth so that I could latch otlizat you.

She sat, and my playful tongue licking her delicious pussy. Karina has received a lot of pleasure from it. Her moans excited me.

After she lay down and began her otlizyvat finger fucking her delicious ass. My playful tongue gave her a lot of fun.
- Go on, - she whispered - do not stop.
- Now let's see what you pupil - I said when Kareena came. Let's take the position 69.

I must say, Karina perfectly learned my lesson. She quickly brought me to orgasm.

Once we were both finished, we sat down and began to masturbate pussy handles at each other, I did, and she mine. We have done this a long time getting from this lot of buzz.

Since this story has passed 5 years. Karina graduated from high school and began to work in our maid, quickly becoming my most favorite maid (both literally and figuratively).

I'm still married to Anton and bring up our beauty-daughter, who was born 3 years ago.

We see stars become favorable!

Somewhere after 15 minutes after Dinara left in a taxi, I received a sms on mobile: "For Christina I lost the phone. new "With You.

I smiled and realized that saved the situation. We now have a common secret that promises solid bonuses for its correct use. My own version of Julia on the causes of her unanswered calls to draw on a silver platter - the phone was left at work. I quickly scribbled "Kid, I left the phone at work yesterday. Sorry! 3. "

By evening, the task is executed at least - a punctured tire replaced, and the machine together with a brand new Xperia stood under the windows Dinars. Her phone did not answer. Fortunately we went with Julia before her friend to me and a way, of course, well known. I got up and rang the doorbell. Footsteps. Light at the peephole disappeared.
- Leave the key in the mailbox - came from behind the door the voice of Dinara.
- I brought the phone.
- I take him in the car.

Of course, the girl's reaction is understandable, but I felt disappointed. I wanted to see her again! Now it stands at the door in tiny shorts and a tank top - drew my imagination. My friend began to stir. However, the brain insisted that I needed to go back to Julia. Having listened to his arguments, I went down to the car and left on the back seat of the box with the phone. He returned to the porch and down the keys of kupeshki mailbox.

Reconciliation with Julia was settled the acquisition of new jeans. What I it sent a message so late for fear to wake her up, turned out to be a very credible version. Our relationship is completely restored and, indeed, Julia began a few days to a number of my stay. Now I could enjoy this young body for regular nights debauchery. In bed she was good! Flexible and agile as it catches all the nuances of the game of love. Postproduction Shoichi raised deep reserves, pulling the consciousness in the way of the waves seductive voice. Her cleft always well hydrated. A secreted pheromones stupefied her perception of reality. Expendables desires embodied in a totally different poses and styles of copulation. Julia regaled me a blow job, standing on the bridge and on ebley twine. It's crazy when I bit his nipple sticking out while twisting the other breast Amazon. Her eyes rolled her, and her body shook feverishly permeated trembling orgasm. Knees trembling, gradually add up. In this position dick rested on the head of my beloved uterus, quivering vibration testing. My life has become an ideal!

We did it for the key, and now she met me returning from work in tempting topic, not forgetting, at the same time to cook dinner. So we passed a couple of weeks. we have not seen since Dinara. According to the stories of Julia, she finally quarreled with her boyfriend. The latest news about it was that weekend at the club, she met a new boyfriend. In the interpretation of Julia it was "cool." From this message, somehow twitched inside me. Strange, really, I was jealous of Dinara? Very unexpected...

This morning, taking a shower, I was again moved onto the night's events, described in the previous story ( "Volzhsky air"). From these memories of my cock began to fill with blood and twitching, climb, ignoring the warm jets of water. Hiking, then this girl hooked us both.

Today is Saturday, and so Julia had not returned home from the club, where she continues to dance. She says it helps her feel independent from me.

Unable to relieve his excitement, trying to drive away the memories. It is necessary to satisfy today, not that I do not doterplyu before the evening meeting with Julia.

Go to World Class, agreed!

After breakfast, fine finish household chores, head to the gym. On the way to my car and dressed. Outside cool August day, and I am in a good mood!

What good World, so the fact that there is always possible to meet someone of the familiar. So today, in the room I immediately saw Nicholas - my friend, they were together in his friend Cyril already warmed up and thrust the dumbbell, pumping biceps. Since we are already familiar Nicholas 7 years and have visited various alterations, as well as to hold a dozen stag.
- Hello, guys! - I welcomed friends.
- Salute, old man! - We shook hands and tapping on the back.
- Join us!
- Sha, you'll catch up on the track - I was joking.

As for the gym and talk, we spent a couple of hours. During this time I managed to find out that Nicholas has mastered new technologies and now frames the girls on the Internet. He says that social networks have come up quite well and most importantly - convenient. By meeting all questions have been negotiated and agreed upon. No unpleasant surprises! Maybe for him it was a good way, but I still prefer the old-fashioned ...

The guys offered to skip beer mug after hall. Basically, while Julia has a rest after work, I'm free.

In the locker room, I took the phone, see a missed call from an unknown number. What wonder - I dial the outgoing number.
- Hello, you called me?
- Hi, Serge. It Dinara.

I caught my breath.
- Can you help me this evening? I completely broke and I had to meet at the train station Man.
- Dinard, without any problems, if Julia does not have plans for the evening.
- She's with me. It now goes to the club again. She was asked to leave.
- Then without question! For you what time to call?
- Serge now Kristinka asleep, and then we go for a walk. I'll call you.

A strange excitement struck me. I hurry to the shower. Member treacherous climbs, jerks overcoming gravity. Not to be misunderstood by others, I jump under the water jet. Cold flow causes me to stand still in a daze. The jets are heated, and with the heat spreads through the body relaxation.

Sitting with Nicholas and Cyril in the cafe, bad catch the thread of the conversation. Thoughts I meet Dinara evening. I catch myself thinking that I want it! What she called me, in my opinion, indicative of its mutual desire.

Several times at random answering questions interlocutors, I decide what is better for me to go home. Which I just remembered, I hastily retreat home farewell, explaining his haste some urgent matter.

On the way sounds Yulin call and she says that now she, too, goes to work. Again recalls aid Dinard to get to the train station. It is not, for me it is, and so will be a major upcoming event today.

Time passes terribly slowly. Summoning his ruthless devourer - TV, I sat before the screen and begin to change channels. Around twist some garbage. Focusing on RU-TV, I look stupid in front of him, occasionally glancing at the Hidden Mobil.

Another call Julia:
- What are you doing?
- Oh! ...
- And we walk with Dinara. You hello!
- Thank you.
- Serge, I am today until the evening do not come back home. You yourself anything for dinner you can do?
- Of course, mine.
- Well, until then! - Minutes again started ductile wind on a clock face.

This waiting toil until seven in the evening, when the long-awaited call came.
- Serge, you've freed?
- And when do you want?
- Train in 22. 05.
- Where it is necessary for you to call?
- I do not know. Kristinka went to work. I can now go and see my mother. I do not care necha. - In a clear voice sounded sad.
- Maybe I am to see you'll be there? - The issue of proskvozilo blatant hints of hope.
- As you wish - the answer Online Time indifferent.
- Where are you now?
- On the Avenue.
- I will be soon!

After 20 minutes, the machine sits Dinara. She's gorgeous! That there is a graceful landing on a nearby chair! He takes off his glasses, revealing her lovely eyes. Beautifully curved groomed eyebrows, eyelashes vane, elegant nose, plump lips, chiseled long neck, high full breasts - view slides down, reviving the passionate memories - flat tummy, thighs covered with a cloth and finally exposed flawless lap. All together a moment.
- Priveet! - She was smacking me on the cheek. In moving through discreet uncertainty.
- Hello! Where else do you want?
- Nope!
- Then we drive around?
- Yeah - Dinara smiles broadly.

About an hour we wind through the city. I listen to the chirping of the girl, but he can only think of one! I desperately want to feel again a member of the heat and moisture of her vagina!

Having thought route I opportune moment to say:
- Dean, Thu at me from conversations mouth was dry. Do you like tea at the expense?
- Can.
- Come on, maybe to my house to drop. I, like, right left, and traffic cops always at the station.
- You see yourself with the rights. Or better in the cafe where the thread? - In the voice of women heard voltage.
- What are you, like a little.
- Drop, quick. For a long time we did not sit around.
- Okay...

Yesss !!! This is the signal!

Stopping at the door, I help Dinara out of the car. The street became noticeably cooler. Raised wind and purple clouds gather in the sky. She wrinkles her nose. I write it off on the changes in the weather.

I look around in front of me going to the side entrance of the girl, and I have aches in the chest. On Dinard stretch dress in ivory, which fits her delicious ass, reaching mid-thigh. Chic black hair streaming over her shoulders. On his left hand a large metal bracelet with some trinkets, and endless legs white sandals from the straps on high heels. This vision instantly acts on the central lower part of my body. I move, adjusting waking bamboo, providing a more convenient area for its growth. Probably, from the outside it looks very comical - effectively paces ahead of the girl and the swarming, keep up with her man!

The girl stops the entrance door, passing me. Having had time to freshen up, I processions passing, catching a wonderful smell of Mademoiselle Chanel. I'll take it, whatever was in that!

We went into the apartment. Dinara somehow strained. It gracefully removes sandals and left me barefoot. I am ready to immediately kiss the cute little fingers! But now the main thing - do not break this delicate balance wary doe.

Pass to the kitchen. The girl sits on a chair, and I include an electric kettle.
- Tea or coffee?
- The best coffee.

Coffee cups were in the kitchen, but my glass in the morning was on the bedside table. I threw him into the bedroom. Returning from the kitchen door enchanted admiring guest.

How beautiful she is! Brown slightly slanted eyes under long eyelashes looking at me with a questioning look. He does not express anxiety. Rather, it waiting for something that she herself is not yet clear. Her breast, covered with narrow dress sharp rises.

Approaching, I take out my mobile and by choosing the most advantageous angle, intend to capture Dinara.
- Serge, do not! - She leans forward in an attempt to prevent the shooting. Struck a finger on the edge of the phone, the girl touches my arm and pulls it down. My hand is clutched in her palm. It is soft, but strong. My gut instantly electrified. The urge to touch the slender bare legs unstoppable! I go down in front of her and start kissing the foot.
- Sergei! Stop it !! They are the same smell!

Realizing that said something not quite right, the girl pulls the legs under him.

This is even more inspired and encouraged me. Raising his arms, not letting go of the cell phone, I carry it in the room. Dinara resists knocking back fists.
- Let me go!!!

Throwing it on the bed, piling on all the body. Dinara violently resists, turns his head, not giving a kiss. Photoshoot became impossible. Discarding the interfering phone, pull off her dress, in turn has exceeded girl from side to side. This resort to ploys his perfect body, even more incensed beast awakened in me. Keeping one hand crumpled dress, intertwining her hands, feet, squeezing her legs, bust lift up his free hand and bites his lips to the nipple.

Dinara roared, arching wild Mustang in a rush to throw me to no avail. Grabbing his teeth nipple, I stick my hand down and massaged her crotch. Despite the permanent spikes resistance fades slowly. High activity takes a lot of energy, obessilivaya sacrifice. Sensing her exhaustion, I jumped down and ditch panties with the model's feet. Not calculate the forces, I, together with a tiny cloth a triangle, nearly pulls off very young girl bed. Trying to escape, the female turned, trying to crawl on his knees by my bed. Grabbing for both legs, pull it toward you. Instinctively, she again takes the escape attempt, but it returned to the previous position. After several attempts of resistance resources are exhausted. All that is possible to Dinard, it's lying on the chest, alternately pulling the legs to kneel down on the edge of the bed, high sticking out his ass.

The field of struggle is randomly crumpled blanket on which scattered a shapeless dress and torn panties. In front of me, closing the line spaced legs, pussy flaunts friend. Folded petals bud only represent the guise of my goals. Now, without any interference, I can keep forever in the memory of the sacraments Dina, put up for review. After a couple of shots of genitals defenseless, I decide to complete the action of a shock end.

Enjoying the moment, slowly unbuckling the belt, button and zipper on jeans, I shoot them simultaneously with shorts to the floor. My rod is in the last stage of the triumphal entry into voluptuousness case.

She breathes intermittently. Moisten head saliva, I Spreading lip between two fingers, and a long, I enter into it. Emaciated Dinara does not protest.

Click! Believe me, this frame can now delight anyone! Elastic, impressive dick bursting with tightly wrapped around his trunk sex gap.

My desire is satisfied!

Suddenly, the euphoria has subsided. Suddenly realizing that in front of me is cancer best friend raped my girl, I understand that he wished otherwise.

Coming out of Dinars, I pull on pants and jeans, turn around and delirium in the kitchen. After a while she appears in the doorway. Hung his head, his hair disheveled, rumpled dress.
- Take me to the station.
- Well - answer was surprisingly quiet for me, but she can hear.

We descend to the car. The weather deteriorated even more. It blows a piercing wind. It's going to rain.

On the way to the station, we did not speak. 20 minutes before the arrival of the train I stop a jeep on a small street adjacent to the railway station square.

Dinara silently opens the door and walks out of the car.

In a fit of anger at himself for overnight trampled relationship with his girlfriend, to be exact - with friends, so it is unlikely that this incident will remain secret from Julia, I am in the hearts beat on the steering wheel. Clinging to the rim, I stared detached view through the windscreen. Only a few seconds later I realize that on the street there is a heavy rain, streams Flood full visibility.

Suddenly the cabin door opens and the passenger seat is lowered soaked Dinara.
- Do you have an umbrella? - She snapped.
- On - hands her a black folding umbrella.

She turned, ready to leave, but suddenly turned around spring, threw the umbrella in the back seat, and clung to my lips.

This onslaught caught me by surprise. Waking up, grabs her and cuddle. Shirt just get wet. Her hand slides down the seat and the hum of the electric layout accompanies the driver's seat.

I take her wet hair and covers her face with hot kisses. Fingers girls stroke codpiece. The answer is not long in coming ... We merge in istupleniya kiss.

Her hand, tangible fledgling boyfriend, opens all the gates and he pulled out into the open. We sosemsya and lizhemsya, soft palm Fingering member.

After a few minutes of oral orgy Dinara pulled out of my mouth the magic tab. Pushing as far as possible the passenger seat, continuing the slide cam for plump cuttings, she got on her knees and took his cheek. She fucks me with his mouth! Drooling running down her chin, cock, balls. In it there is something bestial, primitive. I have a feeling that violent female is ready to swallow all my dick through. Hands circling dance with him and perform satanic dance. The larynx is placed on the head so that her lips to knock on the pubis.

I lay on my back, shocked by her 'singing' sensuality.

In an instant, my phallus moved from its slobbering throat in the current pussy. She climbed on me and drove a penis to its full length. Her excitement is so great that it does not waste time on dropping dress, just pulling his bottom on the waist. A few seconds Dinara just sits. Her face spreads the pleasure of feeling good, hot, throbbing cock in his tight, like latex vagina.

Rider slowly at first, then faster and faster rides a rearing stallion. Glass began to fog. The partner, clutching his shirt, desperate wielding hips, groaning. Girly squeals, turning into heart-rending wheezing, rushing through the cabin. I am trying podmahivat the beat, squeezing her breasts. Inside of me bubbling volcano, ready to pop out of the cave its lava.

The call we hear not just staying in some oblivion. In such an inopportune moment to the reality we return her phone. To say that I was annoyed, to say nothing!

Maximum plunging me a girl freezes and frantically fumbling in her purse. Finally, nasty MOBILE detected.

Looking at the screen, Dean exclaims:
- Heck!

Her breathing jerkily.
- Yes - she says sharply. I look at her and see that her face and neck were dark and covered with spots.
- Hello! - You hear a man's baritone. - Where are you?
- Hello! I drove up. I'll be about 15 minutes you wait for me in the hall under the scoreboard.

Not waiting for an answer, Dinara threw the phone.
- I want you to come!

Violent racing continued. Less than a minute later it usherazdirayuschie oohs brought me to the necessary standard. She also already at the limit. Last howl, she presses her to my pubis. Crotch convulsively twitching, sending my elde call-up signals. Grabbing her hips, I have a couple of times to sit down on his genital organ of her pussy and he discharged semen flows burning!

It lies on me calming down, as long as the member does not decrease in size and do not fall out of it. I gently kissed her on the lips. She smiles.
- I've got to - sorry, cooed Dinara.

She moved to the half of the passenger, and I looked between my legs. Leather seat filled whitish our cocktail selections.

With the package of wet wipes, we are trying to put himself in order. Dinara, podtiraya of its rosettes, with gratitude looking at me.

Finished with these simple toilet, she kisses me on the mouth region, and saying "see you" comes out of the car. Umbrella was in the back seat. Following the fast receding girl, I note that the rain has almost stopped.

Dinara disappeared around the corner. I look straight ahead and see in the dark sky lonely shining star.

On the unimaginable rise I go back to the apartment. Inside of me singing it! I want to share my happiness with the world! Legs carry me to the bed where I can drop and re-live all the excitement of the evening. Switching on the light, I can see in the center of the bed neatly tucked neatly folded torn panties.

I understood and smiled.

Continued: Volzhsky air. Part 4

England. The end of the XIX century. London, Ovistren Street. 10 hours and 20 minutes at night.
Yellowish evening mist enveloped the house and the street of London. Four young gentlemen were sitting in the comfortable living room two-story mansion. They drank a good brandy, smoking and talking quietly among themselves.
- You know what, gentlemen, - said one of those present, - so beautiful to be in your company, but one and the same thought disturbs me, and probably very, very many people. I would describe as its brutal banality. My philosophy does not claim any earnest, because it is stupid and beaten.
The owner of the house, a well-known psychiatrist, professional smile smiled to his friend, who had just said these words, poshvyryavshis old tongs bloody charcoal fire, said:
- Because we are your friends - he gallantly gestured men sitting in the living room - what you say will not cause us any ridicule. Tell us about your banal cruelty, tell us about the thoughts that are so worried about you.
- Well, if you please, gentlemen, - he said softly gentleman who drew the attention of his friends. He began to speak even a little sad voice ...
- All of you, gentlemen, know that life is short. This everyone knows. Trite? Trite. This idea is attended, visits and will go to any person, whether a king or an ordinary farmer. Each one of us there is one and the same question ... do in our lives will never happen nothing mysterious, exceptional, extraordinary? We all die, and, nevertheless, consciously or unconsciously cherish the same dream ... get to know the secret. Secret in the truest sense of the word. But time flies, and our life remains the same gray and ordinary. We all die, and are not acquainted with the true secret to this elusive phenomenon.
Cruel? Brutally.
Talking gentleman waved and smiled apologetically attentively listening to his company.
For a while the men sat in silence on the Big Ben clock arrow stopped on the twelve hours of the night in the murky waters of the Thames reflected crescent.
One of those present broke the silence ...
- Lord, I do not find in the words of our friend nothing contrary to human nature. He talks about the transience of time and, if I understood him correctly, eager to encounter this mystery. All of you know that I have been working as an archivist in the monastery library of St. Augustine. So, one day I came across it on one codex. It states that in some abandoned house, located a few kilometers away, in the town of Christensen Leaf, there is some kind of hell.
- And what did you find in the pages of this manuscript? - Pouring a glass of brandy, the psychiatrist asked.
- Oh, very much. According to written, this is the real mystery. The house Christensen Leaf has for centuries people completely lose their minds, hang and shoot, they should only spend one night in this mansion.
- Yes, typical of English history. In the spirit of Chesterton, Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle - he intervened in the discussion the fourth gentleman.
- In no case! - Persuasive voice said archivist. - Lord, which you have desired list, wrote their books thanks to a sophisticated imagination, to whom they gave the Lord God. As for the document, which I told you, it is the historical value, rarity. I can also add that for many years the gentlemen from Scotland Yard smashed his head on the mystery of light Kritens Leaf, but all their efforts were in vain. And the mystery of strange house remained a mystery.
Four gentlemen until the morning sitting in the cozy living master of the house, urging the young man to visit the historic building at Christensen Leaf.
Gentleman, which will be discussed below, has been a professional artist. His paintings have been exhibited in the most prestigious stores in London, Paris and Madrid. It was the young gentleman who among their friends ranted about the brutal and the banal life. This was the man who finally had the chance to meet this mystery, which, in his opinion, we all dream of our transient and gray life, in our brutal banality.
Our romantic hero got on the carriage to the mansion, located on Christensen Leaf. He barely passed the huge abandoned overgrown park and stopped at the front doors two-storey house. At sunset the building was like a bad dream Edgar Allan Poe.
- Few people come here, it's a bad place, sir, - heard the old man's voice artist.
He turned and saw a gray-haired gentleman who stared at him.
- So many years have lived here, and constantly wonder just such as you. I remember seven or eight people gave up the ghost in this damn house.
The old man crossed himself and then relish spat.
- Surely, sir, you're either an artist or a poet. You can not answer. Oh, you are a strange people!
- Well, you, lord, for yourself, then who will? - In turn, asked the artist.
- I do something? - The old man laughed harshly. - I'm the one who watches over this house. Of course, outside ... Damn him! I know you, my dear, the keys are needed. Guessed? I guess guess ...
- Yes, I am, in general, wanted only one night to spend the night there.
- Hold, sir, - the old man drew from his coat pocket a heavy key to the door of the mansion. Then he crossed himself again, spat and moved away quickly, muttering something under his breath.
Young romantic opened the heavy door. Entering the house, he carefully examined in poorly lit rooms of the first and second floors, while noting that the building someone occasionally, but clean up. He stopped in the living room, which was located on the ground floor. Once again, looking around, he walked over to a huge table on which stood a bronze candelabra and lit three candles, which are in it. Then he drew from his bag a bottle of rum and a heavy six-shooter. The yellow candle light weapons looked very impressive. On inspection of the house of the artist took a few hours.
He looked at the dark window, then opened a bottle of rum and drank straight from the bottle. Somewhere in the distance a church bell struck ten o'clock. The young man sat down in the old plush chair, put the gun on the table and smiled a cracked from time to time.
- Well, come, dear guests, demons, maddening, I will release your brains before you hear the thrill of your wings.
He again kissed the bottle and closed his eyes, waited.
Throughout his life, the young artist sought a meeting with the incredible. It was a very brave man. His lean slightly stooped figure was woven from steel muscles. One way or another, but everyone knew him as a talented artist, and ... nothing more.
For a time, a young man dozing, leaning back in his chair. His eyelids were lowered. Surprisingly, his muscles tensed when he heard the faint rustle. Hardly opening his eyes, he saw in the dim living someone translucent silhouette, which came to the table and carefully picked up the revolver. After a moment, he knocked the weapon out of the hands of an unexpected guest, grabbed his throat springy fingers and said softly ...
- Just shake my, and I wring your neck.
After a moment, his fingers relaxed ... he was holding the young girl's throat. He moved slightly to the side and said ...
- Oh God Almighty! Who are you?
The girl stared at him with huge hazel eyes. She ran her hand over her neck and said softly ...
- Firstly, I often walk into this house. Secondly - it is uncertain shivered, - you let your drink some rum .. And then I'll tell you ... more ... more ... who am I?. Oh my God, you're so scared of me ...!
She pulled out of the closet, standing by the fireplace, two glasses.
- They are clean ... See how Crystal played in the firelight.
The young man closed his eyes. Shining crystal for a second blinded him.
They sat down ... he - in his chair, she - in front of him - on a small ottoman. She was wearing a long snow-white dress with a large cut on the hips. Her tanned legs effectively contrasted with white lace. The heart beat quickened artist.
- Curiously, - he said, - dust everywhere, and your glasses shine like diamonds of Benarisa ... And you come here often?
She laughed ...
- You see, I am a descendant of a very ancient family. All my ancestors died, leaving me to this estate.
- Well, well, - pouring into glasses rum, he smiled artist - for acquaintance with a young lady in this ... in this dark house.
They drank. From beneath her lashes, he noticed that the young lady drank a sip of strong drink and put his glass on the table next to the chandelier.
- Let me know who still looks after the estate?
- I honestly do not know, but someone is definitely watching over him, some young woman. So, anyway, I heard. But I never had to see her.
The artist smiled ...
- So, old house with a very bad reputation. How many people got away with it in mind and committed suicide? Seven? Thirty? Sweet lady, you have any suggestions about this? In your charming little face I see what is not.
A distant church bell struck midnight.
- You want to spend here with me all night? - Suddenly the artist said.
He stared into the eyes of a young woman reading in them irony.
Young lady, stretching every word uttered ...
- With near-to-tungsten tion ... But I hardly know you ... ... but you're right, I really want to spend with you all this wonderful night.
She slowly got up and walked over to the couch, standing in the shadows. Candles were burning in the chandelier. She beckoned with his finger and said softly:
- Come, come to me, braver, I do not bite. By the way ... - the girl laughed softly, - that same couch I just cleaned up today. It has no dust. It is downright made for love. Come, come to me! Oh, what a pity that the night is so short! ...
Embracing each other, they have merged in a kiss.
The young romance had numerous contacts with representatives of the fair sex, but he almost lost his mind when entered her. She let out a faint moan. Her lips were whispering ...
- More ... more!
In these moments it seemed to him that the whole room zablagouhala night violets and prairie grasses. Her gorgeous body writhed beneath him, her nails scratching his buttocks. In a moment he imagined that the entire living room was lit crimson fire, a glorious park burst into the mansion early bird trills.
- Go on, my favorite ... more!
He himself could not stop. Her eyes shone brown light that penetrated into his heart, enveloping it with a mild narcotic that blows his mind far away, to the stars, their milky fog. He almost could not control themselves. But my God, how it was great!
- Not-ro-pis ... not finished Chi-wai ... Not yet ...
She gently freed herself from his arms and hugged him hard with his lips wet body.
- I want to extend our affection ... I want to ...
The last words he could not hear. His ears filled with strange sounds smooth, the nature of which he could not identify.
The girl raised her head and said ...
- Thank you, my dear! This will prolong the night of our love ...
With great difficulty the artist turned his head and looked around. In the living room, like a butterfly, fluttering small humanoids that held in fingers wooden flute.
- Pah- groin ...
They were scattered in the air hundreds of multicolored sparks.
- Enjoy this fabulous night, loved ... - the girl whispered.
He felt that because his penis is about to break the seed.
- Wait ... Do not hurry, do not hurry ...
It is with the strength of his testicles squeezed. Startled, he cried. She laughed loudly and put his phallus in his velvet mink. He began to make a slow, rhythmic motion.
- That's ... well ... my lo ...
As the bodies of the lovers ran sweet spasm. He put his hands under her buttocks, with the force pressed them to her and let out a scream, broke the long, maddening orgasm.
When the young man woke up, the old living room bathed morning yellow light. His muscles ached, the body was like lead. Beside himself, he saw a woman who was sitting in a chair and looked at him sadly.
My dear ... - she said with difficulty - thank you for a wonderful night, you were delightful .... And now good-bye ...
- What? .. Goodbye? Just like that? Wait, dear, I did never been so loved, - muttered the artist - you - fairy, you - the goddess! I am ready right now to get married with you.
Her face changed. She turned pale, her lips trembled.
- No. No, do not say those words ...
Artist jumped out of bed and rushed to the girl's lap.
- O Lord, be my wife! ... I swear, I'll give you everything! Even your life!
- Again, twenty-five ... - bitterly she sighed the girl - why me? Why?
- ...What are you talking about? I can not hear ... Well, answer is, you agree to be my wife? Or...
- Or what? - She smiled. Her brown eyes seemed to be covered with ice. - Is it possible that you want to give me your life? If so, come on, prove it! ... Your gun on the table ...
Never before has an artist did not experience such strong feelings. His mind seemed to be broken up, he completely lost control of himself. One could say with certainty that he has gone mad. He took the heavy weapon, he puts his trunk in his mouth and looked again at the strange young woman who somehow just one night robbed of his will and his mind erased.
He closed his eyes and pulled the trigger ...
The huge living-click sounded hollow. the artist's heart could not stand. It burst like a stretched string. He fell to the floor dead living. Beautiful lady looked at the motionless body of the artist, sadly smiled and wiped the tears rolling down her cheeks. On the table next to an opened bottle of rum were bullets ... she managed to defuse the gun.
A distant church bell struck seven in the morning.
burial day was cool. The sky fled dark ragged clouds.
The artist was buried in the cemetery of Long Street, Duck, which was located on the outskirts of London. Drizzling rain. Three gentlemen silently watched the gravediggers lowered the coffin on ropes, which was the body of their friend.
- A strange story, - said one of them - in the first place, I still do not understand why he went to the damn house Christensen Leaf. And what's the hell could this happen? Can you answer us, Doctor?
The psychiatrist shrugged and said ...
- I do not know, gentlemen, do not know ... My friend told me the coroner that the death of our friend descended from acute coronary insufficiency. Maybe he saw something that I personally can not imagine. I have only suggested that our romantic died from some strong shocks, which led to a sharp reduction in coronary vessels and cardiac arrest.
Suddenly, the three gentlemen heard light footsteps. Their eyes widened in surprise when they saw near the grave of a slender, dressed in a black raincoat lady who was not familiar to them. The lady stood near the grave a little, then the sign of the cross and tossed into the grave pit two yellow lilies.
On Monday, I woke up very early, though, and fell after midnight. The clock struck five in the morning. The University must go through two hours. And then I went into the shower, which was accepted. And then I came out of the shower stall. She wiped with a towel. She put on a transparent white gown and shales. I start walking around the room-number, and thought. These walking yielded results. My choice fell on the red thong panties to hide a member, and black men's suit to hide thong panties. But it was still a lot of time before leaving for university. So I lay on the bed and began to read the book "Love beyond", which is found in the room. Reading this book has excited me. My cock stood up. Bathrobe rose. Jerk off, I could not and did not want to. Therefore, he reached into a drawer and pulled out of his phallus. Twenty centimeters in length and two centimeters in diameter. She took him in hand and began to suck, while unbuttoning his coat. My excitement grew. I unbuttoned robe, began to stroke her nipples with your fingers. Still, my patience is exhausted. And with the force drove the dildo his ass. It hurt, but I was suffering. Screaming did not, so as not to attract attention. Start hand work, bringing the phallus of the priests and introducing it in the ass. The pain was replaced by pleasure. The phallus is completely entered me in the ass. I delight only licked her lips. He pulled the phallus. I put it vertically. She sat on it. He sat down slowly and carefully. Only the head of the phallus was in my ass, I sat up on the phallus. And quickly began to gallop. My riser dangling between his legs. I have wanted to scream with pleasure, but at this point in my number came Marc - porter. And she said:
- What are you doing here?
- Play.
- May I interrupt you?
- You can not.
- And if so! - Mark said, and pulled out of his pants riser.
- Is that allowed! - I said, and stopped jumping.

On lap crept to the edge of the bed, arching her back and erotically licking her lips, tongue teasing Mark. He jerked off his dick. I crawled to the edge. She took his cock in hand and began to masturbate, and his tongue caressed his cock. Purses his lips, masturbate member Mark. Mark pleasure that he gave my tongue, closed his eyes. I walked from the language of the base member and to the tip. She licked the head. Lower the tongue to the base. And then abruptly she took the cock in her mouth and began to suck. Pants Brand already lying on the floor. He stayed in a T-shirt. His hands grabbed his buttocks, which are massaged and scratched. Then, abruptly, Mark slipped deeper into my mouth with his cock. I wanted it so and started to breathe a nose. Then he stopped sucking his dick. She kissed Mark on the lips. And then I turned to Mark booty and began to twist it. Mark slapped me on the ass. His tongue licked my anus. Hands massaging my buttocks. Lay under me and began to suck my cock. I did not expect from the brand. From this surprise I moaned softly. At the same time, Mark had his fingers in my ass. I myself sit down on his fingers. Excitation grew. When Mark sucking my cock, he jerked off his dick. Suddenly Mark abruptly stopped doing it. Got up. I was left standing in this position. And then the riser Mark was in my ass. I was startled by a wave of bliss. This bliss crawled my body. A wave of languor. And Mark had a rough and tough for me. The rhythm of his movements, I moved her booty. His cock fully entered me in the ass. It was painful and at the same time enjoyable. His brutality knew no bounds. And excited. Mark abruptly pulled out his penis. I lay down on the bed with his back. I sat on his cock his ass and began to gallop. I do it quickly. My cock dangling between his legs. He was in an excited state. I moaned with excitement, too. Stop. And then, Mark had me in the ass, will drive his cock completely into my ass. I felt the touch of his head to his prostate. I was filled with languor. And Mark was on the wane. I realized this and quickly got out of the penis. She sat on the bed and waited. Mark stood up. I put it in my mouth his cock and continued to be sharply and violently ended me in the mouth. I eagerly and rage swallowed his semen. And then licked the remnants of sperm with his head. I also wanted to come. And Mark knew it. He understood me. I lay down on the bed and spread her legs. I'm rough and tough with his cock entered him in the ass, but before that greased the hole with his saliva. He started his own. Mark enjoyed. I masturbate his penis. I helped him. She is jerking his dick hand. And I, too, was already on the wane. Mark nodded. I understood his hint. And roughly finished his tart sperm pumped his anus. Restrain myself, I could not. She took out a member. And she began to have it in his mouth when he was lying, because they do not have time to get up. He did not resist. And only I stroked my buttocks. Mark licked off my penis and sperm swallowed it. And only then I kissed him. Very then I got up and went into the shower. Mark got dressed and left.

I took a shower. Released. I began to gather at the university. I put on the red thong panties and dress, hiding his inclinations. But without women's clothing, I could not live. Therefore, I took a bag, which put a thong panties in white with cut to the pope, nylon white stockings and black sandals with high heels, a white blouse and a black mini-skirt for effect. But this did not even think to take advantage of. Later, taking with him a bag of notes. Ate. Ilya and Stas were waiting for me in the car. I sat in the back seat. And the cars moved from its place.

An hour later we were at university. First I went to the supervisor's office. There he was. I started a conversation with him as Egor. But I did not listen to it. And I agreed on the fact that I passed the exam to him offhand. And he'll do it later. She ran to another teacher to solve problems. Here, too, there was a bummer. But I do not despair. I went around three more teachers. These teachers have allowed me to take the exam offhand. But they had the condition. Sergey still posted on the Internet video with me as a woman. Rather orgy with me. I do it and get it. Dress is not wanted, but there was no alternative. I called Elijah, and he brought me a bag of clothes. In the women's restroom, I had changed. Navel marafet on his face. I came out of the closet. Stas was stunned as he accompanied me everywhere. He acted at the direction of Margot. Nothing against it, I had not.

And then came the moment. I went to the supervisor's office, knocked and entered graceful gait. Stas and Ilya stayed outside the door. The curator has paid attention to me:
- And the name of a beautiful girl?
- Dasha. I am a sexy girl, Arkady?
- Yes! Besides, I like you and the boy - said the curator and stood up.
- Great!
- A girl like you even more! - Said the curator and kissed me.

From the curator I did not expect this. The kiss was sweet and passionate. His hands gripped me and not let go. And then these hands, he put me on his desk booty. He continued to kiss. His hands gently glided over my body. He slowly opened his fingers blouse. And he pressed his lips and tongue on my nipples. Curator did not even bother and that I was missing a breast. At that moment, my chest barely reached the first size. Language Arkady slid gently on my nipples. These caresses excite me. During these caresses the hand I massaged his cock through his pants. Member of him slowly rose from his sleep. Massaged its testicles. Stroking his buttocks with his hands. More patience is not enough for me. I undid the supervisor shirt and pressed her lips and tongue to his nipples. Gently caressing them. Then again he kissed. I and curator did not want to stop. And then I got up from the table. She sat on his haunches. When sat down, she lifted her skirt. He moved the thong. She took out a member. Fingering it. And at this point of the wrist strap and undid the zipper on his trousers Arcadia. Pants fell to the floor. My eyes opened its riser. I first riser this wanker, and then greedily took in his mouth, he began to suck it. Namely this moment Arkady had expected. Not got it coming. And putting his hands on my head, my mouth began to stick to your riser. I choked. But I began to breathe a nose. Its riser is fully penetrated into my mouth. It was painful.
The pain ran down my cheeks tears. Suddenly Arkady Ivanovich took his dick out of my mouth. Help me up. Then I leaned upon his request on the table. He is sticking out his ass his back and began to twist it. Arkady slapped me. I had fingers in my anal hole. I moaned a little. His member rubbed against the table. I myself sit down on his fingers. Then Arkady abruptly pulled his fingers. Instead finger in my ass entered his penis. And Arkady began to slowly move her hips, gradually picking up the pace. Riser it fully entered me in the ass. I felt euphoric. I moaned. Arkady suddenly stopped. He pulled out a member. Sat on a chair. I masturbate member. I slowly sat down on his cock. Once fully seated, I began to gain momentum. JUMPING. And my cock dangling between his legs. As my body shiver. My body was covered with goose bumps. On the curator of my race result found. His cock began to throb. I quickly got out of the penis. Sat. She took it in her mouth member. And this was the result. The sperm from his cock a torrent flowed into my mouth. It fills my mouth. I swallowed the semen. Tart liquid ran down my stomach and intestines. Soon he freed his mouth from that member licked cum from the head of his penis. She got up. Corrected clothes. Thong. Blouse and skirt. From handbags got gradebook. And the teacher put the Ladder. Then I took the book and walked out of the office.

Stas said:
- Passed!
- Who now?
- Teacher of Physical Education Naum Lvovich!
- Where is he?
- In gym.

We went to the gym, which was located on the ground floor. And everything worked right wing. In it was a gym, swimming pool. I walk to the door. I opened it. Teacher is not in place. But sitting in the gym two people. These two men negros. I went up to him and say:
- Hi, I'm Dora! I am Nahum L.! Where is he?
- I'm Todd! - Said a bald black man.
- I'm Andrew! - Muscular Negro said.
- And Nahum no! He went out! Coming soon! - Todd said.
- Who are you? - Andrew asked me.
- Student. I want to pass an external Ladder him. And who are you?
- We are students from the Academy of Medicine. I'm a surgeon, - says Andrew.
- I'm a heart surgeon - supports Todd other.
- I'm a hooker with a member between his legs - I declare.
- I want you, - says Andrew.
- And I want you too, - says Todd.

This was all told. Todd and Andrew turns to kiss me on the lips. I did not resist. And vice versa. I aspire to them. My excitement and growing. Suddenly, a kiss is interrupted. Todd grabbed me by the hair and seats on the floor. I submit it, it will. I unbutton his pants. I take out a member. He is big. About thirty centimeters in length and three centimeters in diameter. Begin. Tongue lick his head. At the same time I masturbate this giant. I take in my mouth his testicles. Member Todd masturbate. It costs. And then I dip his dick in his mouth. But half. And this he lacks. He pecked me in the mouth with his cock. My cock awoke and costs. Andrew at this time pulled out of his pants giant. And masturbate him. Then I switch to a member of Andrew. Immediately dip in your mouth. And again Andrew penis enters my mouth half. I vehemently and violently suck. And at this moment Todd strip pushed aside my panties. And I came into my anus. But his cock is not fully entered. Rested. But this was enough to Todd. He slowly began to have me in the ass. I could not scream, because sucking dick Andrew. But the pain felt at the beginning. But then the pain disappeared. Found bliss. I was pierced in the mouth and ass. Double delight. Suddenly Todd took out a member of my priests. And suddenly I was at the hands of Andrew. Andrew put me on the table. I spread her legs. And Andrew came into my ass with his cock. She had me hard and rough. Todd had me hard and rough in the mouth. I could not resist and began to masturbate his penis. My ass torn. I wanted this, this is the dream. And the mouth is also torn. I enjoy me. Then it changed. Todd has me in the ass, and Frank - in lustful mouth. I masturbate his penis, which is worth. And cum on her stomach. Frank takes a stand pipe out of my mouth. He sits down. I'm slowly but surely, I sit down on his cock. And slowly I start jumping. At the same time suck dick Todd. I masturbate his penis. I stop. Todd skewer my mouth on his penis. And Frank has vigorously in the ass. I was good. My excitement grew. Todd then abruptly relieves me of Frank member. And he takes in his arms. He sits down on his cock. Frank his cock jerking at this time. Todd raises me with his muscular arms over her hips, and go down on his cock myself. It hurts and nice. From this pain I'm coming. At the same time with me, Todd ends. His sperm is poured me in the ass, but there it does not have enough space, so the sperm derived from my priests and dripping on the floor. Todd takes me with his penis. I lick his sperm remnants member. I swallow them. Creep up to Frank. I take in her mouth and suck dick, masturbate his penis with his lips. Soon Frank rapidly ends up in my mouth. I swallow his cum. But his sperm derived from my mouth, since I do not have time to swallow. Todd hides his giant pants. Frank also hides his dick in his pants. I kneel and lick sperm off the floor. I feel good. My ass is on. Again, it requires member. But the guys-negros go.

I remained lying on the floor. And nezhus. But not for long. Someone enters. I raise my head and see Naum Lvovich. He looks at me and could not understand. And then he says:
- Egor! What happened to you?
- I'm now a girl. It is my long-cherished dream. I was looking for you, that you have put me Ladder.
- But I can not just put. Hand over any standard.
- With great pleasure we offered standard in the form of a blowjob.

Nahum and started in his spacious room. Stripped off his sweat pants. She took his cock. First I masturbate his penis and testicles massaged his hand. And then abruptly plunged into the mouth of his strut. Plunging deeper and deeper into her mouth his cock. Nahum understood my hint. And he began to peck me with his cock in her mouth. I'm from the excitement masturbate his penis. Then Naum abruptly stopped me to have in her mouth. He pulled out his penis. I got up and lay down on the table, and lifting legs apart, becoming masturbate his penis and his anus to massage the finger. Nahum jerked off his cock and looking at me. And then abruptly entered his cock into my point. I started to have brutalized. I moaned with excitement. Gradually, in the form of standard blowjob moved to the standard type of anal sex. And Naum Lvovich did not mind. I continued stroking his cock. His penis is fully penetrated me in the ass. As my body shiver. It was nice to feel like a whore and a pacifier. Soon Nahum L. filled my ass with his sperm. He pulled out a member. Sat on a chair. I gave him the gradebook. As he put the mark, I licked his cum member.

Then he took zach¸tku, straightened clothes and left. There were two other teachers. Both were in place. But first it is necessary to find one of them. I was covered in semen. But this I did not hesitate. On the contrary, that I drew. Stas and Ilya went everywhere with me. So I found a long-awaited study, in which sat my cultural studies lecturer Artyom Igorevich. The man turned a month ago, forty years. He also poured a lover of the fair sex. Besides loved trance, he fascinated by them. But this is his enthusiasm knew little man. His friend. And I knew it. A I learned by accident. I had to ask Artem Igorevich more about the culture of the 19th century. When I came in, he watched the video with trans. He asked to remain silent. I agreed with him, but with the condition that he would put me Ladder machine. So I went to his office. He was there. I watched the movie with trans. I knocked. The door was closed. But the door was opened in five seconds. I entered. The door closed again. Artyom Igorevich said:
- Who are you? Do I know you?
- Do you know me. My name is Dasha. This is my new name - and filed zach¸tku.
- You want to pass the exam offhand. I'm right? - And opened zach¸tku.
- You are absolutely right. My work has appeared. Work prostitutes.
- What job? And you do not look like Yegor.
- Right. I have since yesterday been working as a prostitute, t-prostitute, to be exact.
- What to prove?
- What I prove?
- Do you Egor?
- Very simple - and lifted the hem of her skirt, lowered her panties.
- I see one. You trance. And it is not proof. The case of the educational process, in which I participated, tell me?
- With great pleasure!
- I'm listening carefully.
- It happened at the end of May. Our group then studied the culture of the 19th century. And I accidentally walked into your office without knocking. I saw a movie that you watched. This film was involving trances. I do not remember the name. Then you put a finger to his lips and asked me to keep quiet. In addition, you immediately put me Ladder. And asked not to appear on your lectures, if necessary. Remember?
- I remember. So it was you, Dasha?
- Yes. But then I was Egor. Now I Dasha. And my nickname among prostitutes Dora.
- Now all I understand - unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out a member.
- I understood everything.

He sank to his knees. She took in his mouth and began to suck dick, fully immersing dick in his mouth. Soon, a member stood up. I continued to suck. But she had at that moment shifted strip her panties type thong to the side and pulled his dick, wanker. It was not enough teacher. He completely drives the his penis in my mouth. His cock rested against my throat. I receive pleasure. His dick, I could not stop stroking the contrary, accelerated. Then Artem took his penis. And he began to beat him on my lips and cheeks. Then he picked me up from my knees. I obeyed him. Soon I was lying on the table with her legs spread. His tongue caressed my anus. At the same time I masturbate his penis. From rimming I moaned. Enjoy. And suddenly I cried, not expecting this from him: "Fuck me like a whore. I want it so much. Plis! "He listened to my words. And do not hesitate. He entered his cock in my ass. It was ecstasy. And completely entered. I moaned softly, so that no one heard. He had me. This unbuttoned my blouse and started his fingers caress my nipples. It gave me more passion. I could not and did not want to stop. Suddenly Artem Igorevich pulled member. Sat on a chair. I understood his intentions. She got up from the table. She took off her completely off his thong. And the village of his anus to his dick. I start jumping. Fully I sit down on his cock his ass. I moaned. They slapped me on the buttocks. From this I have to be active. Racing gave me passion. My cock was standing on it. Suddenly Artem began to moan. I understood everything. Quickly he got out of his penis. She sat on his lap. I began to masturbate his penis. Open your mouth. And soon it from Artem member poured semen. I greedily swallowed the semen. And then licked the remnants of sperm from his penis. She got up from his knees and began to gather. Artyom Igorevich at that moment gave me Ladder. I put away member. Sat on a chair. I walked out of his office.

Ilya was waiting for me near the office. Stas was waiting for us in the car. We went downstairs. We got in the car. At this point I called my sister by the name of Rita. That was how the conversation:
- Hello, Dasha!
- Hello, Rita! I'm busy. What happened?
- Igor agreed with Julia for a meeting. Julia is waiting for you. After an hour in her office. I got it!
- I got it! I'm already on my way! Till!
- See you!

And I hung up. I then said to Stas:
- Dear Stas! We go to this address - and showed him an SMS with the location of Julia, or rather the office address.
- Performed!

Auto touched. And it sped away. We quickly drove through the city. And soon we were at Julia's office.

Continued: Dasha. Part Eight
I remember well the day when it first appeared in our office. Her name was Aloys, and she became my supervisor. Aloys was a forty-year woman who looked much younger than his years, because it is very serious about the issue of his appearance. It systematically pace yourself fitness and expensive cosmetic procedures, by all means running away from old age.

In this paper, we quickly found a common language and began to treat each other with respect for the business. Everything went on as usual. Five days a week from morning to night, we worked in the same office, allowing sometimes lunch breaks cheerful informal chat over a cup of tea, discussing simple everyday questions. And after work, each of us went in his life, where not already perpetuated thoughts about us. It took ten months ...

Our company has decided to celebrate the New Year at the end of December. Corporate evening was held at the luxurious hall of the Palace of celebrations that build specifically to meet the ambitions and vanity newly minted capitalists so-called "emerging markets".

I came at seven o'clock in the evening. After rising in the room, I saw that most of Alua and my department is already gathered. Everyone sat at the round table that was reserved for us. He joined his team, I placed near her. Guests already in full swing took their places, and we waited a minute of the event.

Aloys was in a black evening dress to the knee level with an open back, which turned out to be surprisingly soft and smooth. Her shapely legs were covered with beautiful black tights. I could not help admiring her. At that moment, when my gaze for a moment stood on her feet in a place where it ends a little edge ridden up dress, I noticed that on her knee pulled an arrow in the dark tunnel between my legs. Aloys torn pantyhose.

Few pridvinuvshis to her, I whispered in her ear:
- Aloys, you have torn pantyhose on his right leg from the knee.
- Can not be! - Terrified she replied, looking at me, and her hand was already looking for a place gap - What a nightmare! I do not spare!

Her eyes radiated both confusion and frustration. Probably, in those few seconds Alua not thought about the fact that I sit there and see her movements. She began to study the size of your little tragedy, deeper plunging his hand under her dress between her legs. It turned out that the arrow had gone too far. I Thinking quickly asked her:
- Dont be upset. Now I'm going to the store and buy you a new one. It takes ten minutes. During the quarter, hence I have seen women's clothing store, I'm sure it still works and there are tights. You just tell me what to buy?
- Same black ... "M" size ... Fifteen den ...

Remembered not quite clear to me the word, I left the store.

I returned, as promised, quickly. In the hands I held the carton, which were necessary tights. In the lobby, I called her, and waited near the toilet next to the stairs. Soon there was Aloys top. As she went down, I saw her. That evening she was beautiful, high heels shoes gave her feet a special beauty and expressiveness of the calves. It was felt that subtle elegant strained ankle on each step of the stairs. The dress fits snugly to the body, and I clearly understood that underneath nudity. Aloys was braless. It was clear from the bare back. Her breasts were shaking tempting, thin waist smoothly into the thigh, which looms graceful figure eight. Looking up at her, I could see the dark mysterious place that is hidden under the dress, where to begin her legs in torn pantyhose. At that moment, the first time I caught myself thinking that Aloys very beautiful woman, makes me passionate admiration and physical desire.
- Thank you very much! You saved me, did not even know how to thank you? Wait for me, I quickly - Aloys said, taking my hand packaging, and went into the ladies' room.

I stayed in the lobby. Going to the ballot box with an ashtray near the exit, I took a cigarette and lit it. As I inhaled the nicotine and exhaled cigarette smoke, my eyes never left the ladies' room door. "The best, Aloys, your gratitude can only be a blow" - ironically, I thought. At the same moment I swallowed fantasy ...

Through the smoke I dreamed that the door opened, and from the depths of the female toilet was heard her voice calling me. Despite a decent distance, I distinctly heard the words as if they were uttered by very close and sensual whisper. I went to her. Going inside, I walked up to the booth and opened it. Aloys stood back to me, bending forward. The dress had ridden up above the waist, she just started to take off her torn tights. Black stripe thong tight ran between the elastic buttocks, covering her anus, and extended from the bottom, where it was possible to notice the little hump-catching vagina.

In this position Aloys turned her head and looked at me with a shy smile.
- I thought you were brought up man, - she said - you can not even knock. Since so tactlessly broke, then hold me, so I did not fall.

I silently took her from behind, naked thighs. The body was warm and soft skin. Aloys in turn raised her legs, bending them at the knees, and took off pantyhose. At that moment, when she began to unpack the package with the new tights, I gently pressed against her, but my hand was already at the bottom of her stomach. Aloys froze.
- What are you doing, insolent? - Perplexed she said.
- I hold you as requested, - I replied calmly.

With these words the other hand, I put it right on the pubis. Strongly pressed her to him, I started to drive a finger along the vagina through her panties, trying to drown between sexual sponges. Aloys said nothing more. She put the package on the toilet lid down, put her hands to drain the flank, and began to sing to cuddle up to me, trying to find it and feel a member, which is already excited in the pants.

My hand crawled under her panties and fingers groped her clean-shaven genitals. Aloys moaned softly as I caressed her between her legs, squeezed her palm in his buttock. With aching impatience I waited for the sweet moment of female arousal, when the vagina becomes wet and pussy lips open, like a curtain, inviting a man to penetrate into the depths of something intimate and desirable. Pretty soon my finger fell into a hole and found himself in the wet vagina burning with desire, from which issued a plangent Aloys gentle moan. She began to unbutton my belt. I helped her get rid of the pants, dangling them with shorts. hard cock got freedom instantly rushed head forward, he stuck bloodshot. Aloys grabbed him tightly clenched in his hand, and drew to itself. Parting the hands of her buttocks in one smooth motion member entered her, her supple excited womb.

Aloys slightly arched her back in pleasure, resulting in the first moment of feeling when a member just penetrates the vagina, when he slips, pushing the walls of the vagina wet, like an icebreaker to cut through a path in the ice.
- Yes! - She moaned - Fuck me!

Wasting no time, for fear that we can catch, I became a member of greedily push in the vagina, holding her hips. My movements were so strong and tough that every touch of my pubes on her buttocks accompanied by a loud slap, and the force of impact Aloys unwittingly fed forward. It was cancer, legs wide apart, firmly rested his hands on the drain flank so that her fingers were white with tension. The moans became deeper and louder.
- Oh yeah! Do not stop! Faster! I want to finish before we're caught here - in full excitation whispered Alua.

After these words, the fear of being caught having sex in the ladies' room I initiated further. Somewhere in the back of my mind already wandering thought that I really like to see some kind of a girl from our company stealthily peeped at us ... And it took me twice. My movement has accelerated, a member of the trunk indicates that disappeared in the depth of the vagina. Aloys no longer control himself and began to scream with pleasure, anticipating an orgasm.
- I'm ready! - All of a sudden I heard a woman's voice. When he awoke from his dreams as only happens with a sharp awakening from falling in a dream, I saw in front of him that which a moment ago mentally fucked. Aloys smiled, and was ready to go back to the happy holiday. I put out a cigarette in silence, thinking about how she had not noticed my excitement in the pants. But nothing happened. Aloys took me by the arm, and we went into the hall.

A month passed. Left behind New Year's holidays, people gradually came into the rhythm of life. I worked as usual. Everything seems to be, as before, but at the same time, already on another. Aloys every day I think back to the corporate parties and to those fantasies about her. Gradually my emotional equilibrium was given the catastrophic bank, threatening to drown me in the bottomless depths of passion. I could not restrain myself, and began to secretly watch it and enjoy it. She was sitting sideways to me about the opposite corner of the cabinet. The best position for spying did not exist.

Aloys loved sitting at your desk, throw his legs. Her shoe often slipped to the heel and fragile hung on the big finger, gently swaying. My eyes slid down her legs, which seemed due to the warm glow of silk nylon tights. At these moments, it is either enthusiastically typing on a computer or on anything thought unconsciously sucking the tip of the writing pen sensuous lips.

One evening we were preparing another presentation to the Board. Most of the workers have returned to their homes, offices and office corridors were deserted. Outside, it was dark and cold. In our study only lit table lamps. Aloys loved to work in this light. She said that so concentrates her attention, and her no distractions. I did not mind, because I frankly did not care.

When we finished the presentation and intended to print our creation, a printer that is connected to the computer, it, unfortunately, silent. Aloys asked me to see what happened to him. I began to check the cord, suggesting that he might accidentally disconnected. He climbed under her table, I began to hand to check the connection. Aloys did not get up, but fell back just a little bit away from the table, sitting in a chair, so that her legs were very close to my face. I was seized with an uncontrollable desire to touch them, pat hand. Instead, in some incomprehensible trance for some reason I took it and kissed her knee, and then I froze in terror from their own actions.

I slowly looked up from his knee. Aloys looked at me in silence, her gaze not blinking eyes were completely unreadable for me. His eyes shone with the light of the lamp, but it seemed to me that they are cold. I could not understand what she was thinking at that moment. After a few seconds, she broke it unbearable, and indefinitely long silence to me.
- How long have you dreaming about me?
- With the New Year corporate parties, - I answered honestly.
- Have you fallen in love with me?
- Yes.
- Do you have a woman?
- No. It was a long time ago.
- How do you relieve tension in your pants?
- I Masturbates - I said hesitantly, thinking that it was superfluous.

Aloys again stopped. She continued to look at me, and I did not dare to make any movement, and remained sitting under the table.

Soon she got up. I got out from under the table and took his seat in the full confidence that this situation it is very unpleasant. I've wanted to apologize to her as Aloys, going to the door, locked it with a key. I looked at her puzzled. She returned to her desk.
- Come to me - a softer tone she told me. I did not resist and did what she asked. - You, when onaniruesh, I imagine?
- Yes, often - I replied.
- I want to see it. I want to see how you masturbate. Show me.

From these words, I became excited. A little pause, I pulled his pants and found himself in front of her with a standing member. Aloys began to examine it. I noticed that she pressed to each other their legs and slightly shifted in his chair, as if trying to sit comfortably. Tension on her face vanished, and his eyes softened.

Hand I began to drive the trunk member, fingers caressing the head, reddened by the strong rush of blood. Soon he began to devote grease, which I smeared, causing head gleamed. I squeezed his scrotum, squeezed and fondled erection before the woman he wanted to animal passion. Aloys watching my movements, slightly parted his mouth. I saw her white even teeth, which are periodically pressed the tip of the tongue, as if trying to keep him from the rash step. When I became openly masturbate, Aloys reached out to me, his arms wrapped around my buttocks and began to squeeze them. I could feel her nails digging into my tender flesh. Her face was very close to the member, it is flushed with excitement, her breathing was deep and heavy. I stopped, took his hand from a member who was a stake and began squeezing the muscles, making it twitched up.

Aloys gently took me by the testicles, lips wrapped around my cock deep soaking it in her mouth. Her tongue greedily caressed head. I moaned with pleasure. From a strong field, the overwhelming desire of the woman and the situation in which I was not expecting that, I quickly ended violently into her mouth. Hot cum instantly filled her entire cavity is poured out through the corners of her lips, spreading his chin and dripping directly on the tights. Aloys swallowed the remnants of my fluid, fingers slowly wiped his chin and sucked them.
- You have a pleasant taste sperm, - she said - I liked it. And I liked how you masturbate. You spend my home?
- Oh sure! With great pleasure.

When we got to her door, Aloys invited me to tea. Of course, I agreed, and in the end she stayed for the night. From that moment on, our relationship went the usual course. We began to meet, spend time together, have sex, that my joy was diverse, role-playing and depraved. Four months later, we moved in together, and I changed jobs.

A few words from the author: the story describes are real people, but all events are fiction author, albeit partially overlap with the real facts.
- Heck. Mraz! - Angrily to himself, thought Julia. However, the boss she did not say anything. And what can be said? No money means no need to wait. Although a very bad time, just need to pay for the room, and the salary delay makes absolutely unwanted adjustments to these plans. And yet only everything was arranged, and a room at a reasonable price, and the son from the father can bring, and now ... - Damn! - Once again swore to myself - Well, think of something.

And with a grim expression on his face I went to gather home from work.

On the way from kolltsentra solution was not found, although Julia and not put a little effort to find him: the mother will not give the money, with it all once again did not want to talk; a few friends are not in the best financial conditions; she ask her father can not, because if he finds out that she is an elementary property can not provide for themselves, the Artyomka she did not give any time; with her boyfriend she broke up a month ago, on fire all the bridges. Where throw - everywhere wedge. Pancake. And better not say. Though on the panel go.

With such thoughts are not cheerful, she returned to the apartment and slipped his arm to his room at the end of a long corridor. Quietly passing the dense closed door in the room hostess, Julia heard intermittent groans muffled female and male grunting, and saw through the crack of the female lower leg - again Lyuba her fancy man. This thought caused even some hints of envy, because sex for a long time was not, and sex Julia loved.

After supper hastily prepared a light dinner, she went to wash the dishes in the kitchen. The way back was coming through a long dark corridor. But this time the door to the room was open Luba almost completely, and in the room the light is not burning. But felt a sharp smell of fume. Apparently, the drunk was not enough. The landlady does not rarely drank, although alcoholic call it was impossible. Yes, and the age difference between Julia and Every was not very big - if Julia was 27, the owner of all 34. However, frequent libations begins to affect the appearance of Luba. But, apart from the characteristic swelling of the face, you can catch and features of depravity. However, given the number of guests, whom Julia has managed to see, it did not cause any issue.

Light in the kitchen, on the contrary, burned. And when a young woman walked into the kitchen, I saw there a smoking alone mistress.
- Lube, hello. - With a slight apologetic half-smile she greeted.
- Hey. - Having taken his postoyalitsey blearily uttered Luba.

Having made the dishes in the sink, Julia decided to talk about the deferred payment for the room. - I would like you to know if you can wait a little money? I delayed salary.

Lyuba's eyes became more meaningful. - How much delay?
- I do not know. Approximately two weeks. I'll figure something out before ... - Julia decided to play a kitten from Shrek, making big eyes and begging expression. However, these tricks work for men and Luba could hardly penetrate.
- Okay, I'll give you respite for a week. But instead you priber¸shsya apartment - vymoesh protr¸sh floors and dust everywhere, and that it has long no one did. - Woman extinguished the cigarette butt in the ashtray and released the remaining smoke in the lungs. - Come on, I'll show you the work front.

Invitingly waving his arm, Lyuba went out into the corridor and headed for his room. Julia had no choice but to follow her.

Going into the room, which is not yet weathered pair of alcohol, she was able to assess the scale of the work. long time no one cleaned the room, and if the abundance of furniture room could not boast of the disorder - completely. Do not seasoned bed, a table with lots of empty bottles, the servant with the remnants of "front" dishes, but with a couple of chairs hung on my gear back. And the wardrobe in the corner. But when all this is the last time cleaned with a damp cloth - the big question.

However, he did not have much choice. So you can put on rubber gloves once more, to walk on the floor and mop with a damp cloth on the rest.
- Tomorrow I leave for lunch and come back in the evening the day after tomorrow. You just have time for this time to cope.

Julia would not have been so categorical in this, but did not argue. Still, she did not expect it would be so easy to achieve a delay.
- Okay, go until domyvay dishes. Soon guests will come to me, so let's talk the day after tomorrow - to these words lacked only disdainful gesture with his hand, saying free. Such tone and words were quite offensive and caused indignation fire in a woman, but she decided not to pay attention and went back to the kitchen.

When finished with the dishes and returned to his room Julia quickly tidied up, ran into the bathroom and undressed and slipped under the warm blanket, taking with him a laptop. Reading forums and trolling is not so interested in it today - not the mood, but to see a movie and go to sleep - it is a good plan. Running after a short select the next series of the series "From the Other Boleyn Girl," she comfortably, tried to plunge into the vicissitudes of palace intrigues of medieval England. However, soon the sounds from the next room distracted her. Though soundproofing and was good, but could be heard through the wall of flip flops. While it was not the sound of the body contact body. Intrigued, Julia began to listen. At times it seemed to her that she could hear muffled groans of women after the spanking. Then for a while all was lost. And then the female moans resumed with a more pronounced and frequent intervals.
- So do you. - Julia gleefully thought, remembering what tone Luba told her that the inspection work of the front end. - So. Get more. Yet.

However, she did not realize that she is pushed her hips rhythmically on his own palm. And rhythm is given in the next room. The hand was so wet from her secretions at this point, and the woman is so excited that she rhythmically included 4 fingers at the knuckles. Great as she caressed her clit. T-shirt, which was used in place of Julia nightgown rode up to his chest, letting her nipples nice rub on the blanket. The rhythmic and stronger became moans behind the wall, the fiercer fingers ramming a woman's vagina. What is going on - 10 minutes or an hour - it is not known, but the waves of pleasure became stronger and stronger, until they merged into one, reducing sweet whole body spasm.

They finished at the same time with a neighbor. Does she screamed at the same time, Julia could not tell. In the next room, everything was quiet. A little rested and calmed down, Julia realized that the screams of passion behind the wall was not only fun, but also a pain. And it is this mixture of spicy so affected her that she is now in a wet spot on their own emissions.

Cover the new bed sheets and twisted a bit, the woman fell asleep. In the coming two weekends I had to work hard on the flat owner.

Julia woke up late in the apartment was empty, but the door to the hostess room was invitingly wide open. Snack lodger armed with cloth and gloves. The devil is not so terrible as he is painted. For kitchen acquired divine form, and the room Luba out of dust in the corners of the apparent texture veneer, and with a massive garbage bag hiding in the corner of the corridor in front of the entrance door. It is reasonable to reasoning that anything in this debris can be for the mistress value, Julia decided until it is disposed of.

By removing the master's bed, she found on the sheet is not a small amount of yellowish spots of dried, giving food to the imagination. Although some spots looked quite wet. But she od¸rnula itself - it is none of her business, after all. But under the pillow showed handcuffs. It is not usual - not metal, and without cheap pink edge as sold in sex shops. No, these handcuffs are fully leather, wrist and recorded a wide piece of skin, tighten the strap with a small buckle. The distance between the wrists too regulated.
Few poizuchat discovery, Julia removed her to the same place and found - under the pillow, and went back to cleaning. But the thought still stubbornly returned to the discovery and overheard yesterday's episode. I wonder who was the guest Luba? Really it was yesterday in these handcuffs? What happened to her?

Reflections woman interrupted a loud sound of breaking dishes. For my thoughts it took to wipe dust from the contents of the cupboard, and some kind of coffee cup with painted, porcelain former apparently slipped out and met with the floor shattered into many small fragments with a loud "ding." Julia seemed to have poured a bucket of water stuzhenoy. Hands shaking, and appease this sudden tremor is not worth the small effort. Now Luba may well require it to not only pay for the room immediately, and repair the damage. And money is not present!

Pick up the pieces and a little calmed down, she graduated from the sideboard, and later with the entire bathroom. It remains only to wash the floors and figure out how to justify a cup. However, floors can wait until tomorrow, but now you can have lunch and to rest.

He climbed onto the bed with a plate and noutom, Julia has launched the first got the film, but he obviously did not cause concern. Finished with lunch and putting the plate on the table, she decided to just walk around the internet. After a short time in the browser appeared a site dedicated to fans of BDSM. And somehow by itself it turned out that she has been reading about the kinds of bondage and handcuffs. Immediately there were shackles, and a host of other intriguing information. Julia tried with her previous boyfriend playing master and slave, and handcuffs, as well. True toy with pink edges and a backup latch allows you to open them at any time. And there she found under his pillow Luba - she had never seen, even in seksoshopah.

Carefully reading the information and watching a couple of video clips, including a pair of amateur Julia felt the excitement. The nipples become sensitive to the fabric touching them shirts, abdomen appeared pleasant heaviness ... One amateur video especially caught her - the girl in it, completely naked, with clasped hands handcuffed behind his back, kneeling on the floor, holding the ass to the beat belt. Strikes were a man, her master. Just over half a minute ass girl turned bright red spot, her voice was shaking and felt the pain in it, but it continued to regard strikes as she ordered her master. Roller is ended, and not changing the camera angle. But if the girl's face fell into the lens, on it, I'm sure Julia, could see the tears.

Julia took off her shirt and jeans home, left completely naked. Running like the movie again, she did not notice her hand slipped to the clitoris. Her silk was already so wet that it od¸rnula surprise his hand, but then he returned it to the place. Inspection video to the end, she remembered that she had somewhere is a small piece of suede - a narrow black collar, given to her by the former. Suddenly I wanted to experience it again on his neck. Removing multiple packages with things, the attribute was found, and shaking hands, Julia fastened it around his neck. She was literally shaking with excitement, sharp nipples stubbornly stuck in different directions, and were extremely solid to the touch, and the female secret, simply put grease, thin translucent thread stuck to the inside of the right thigh. The collar is tightened quite tight, tighter than necessary. His head began to spin a little, breathing is difficult, to face flushed, but the tremors began to increase, and a minute later it is already shaking with excitement. Right hand with incredible speed and only woman to clear pauses to caress the clitoris. However, this was not enough, and soon plunged into the vagina first, 3 and 4 after the finger of his right hand. At the time, Julia said each of her companions, if they are interested in, it is important that, when her fuck member. Alive and warm. Now the hand was not a living member, and had to mimic the frictions hand. However, not every one of her members tested was capable of so hard and in such a fast pace to develop her vulva. The woman literally Dolby himself with his right hand, fingers as left engaged at this moment of her clitoris. Groans frustrated with her lips along with the words "More", "yes", "fuck me" and the like. Thumb palm has long been joined to the neighbors, but for the next frictions whole hand on the wrist slipped in the warm bosom, gently arm girth. The woman's eyes opened wide, staring at the ceiling. Orgasm was born in the abdomen and a wild beast of prey in a couple of jumps mastered all her body. Julia opened her mouth gulping air like a fish thrown on the ice, but was ready to swear that no sound is issued. Sweet convulsions were so strong that 10-15 minutes she lay unable to do at least some movement, curled up and holding his hand between his legs. Palm on the wrist and remained inside.

Few come to himself, wincing she pulled her hand out of the vagina, it is easy to jump out of the captivity of warm thanks to plentiful lubricant. The feeling of emptiness briefly replaced the brush. Unbuttoned collar, difficulty breathing, and threw it on the table, a little Overshot by empty plates. Breathing restored, in the body there was an extraordinary lightness. Determined not to shelve and use free time and good mood, Julia was going to wash the floor. Dress was lazy and did not want to lose the feeling of an extraordinary lightness in the body, so it is considered sufficient attire ballerina pets and rubber gloves to the elbow to the hand. Anyway, no one in the house except her, no.

Wash the floor bare was very comfortable, except when soap hallway near the front door, on the landing steps made heart-stopping. To be caught in such a woman did not want to. The nipples in these moments hardened and began to whine sweet ... But it was just the neighbors returning home from work in their apartments.

Domyv floors, Julia took a shower and yurknuv into bed immediately fell asleep restful sleep, and not having to decide what to do with a broken cup ...

The next day began with a conversation in a raised voice behind the wall. The conversation was between two women, one voice belonged to the owner of the apartment - Lyuba, but the second was not known. Individual words Julia could not hear, so what was discussed in the conversation for it remains a mystery, but sudden changes in tone of voice said that it was not a peace-loving small talk.

While the woman was recovering, the wall all was quiet. Deciding that it was time to go, Julia threw a shirt over his naked body and put domestic light jeans with impressive holes under the buttocks; wear panties she did not, because preferred not to wear them at home, if there is no reason; and quiet mouse jumped out into the corridor. The door to the hostess room was ajar, and after washing, Julia had the courage to go to the Luba.
- Hey. I thought that I wake up before you come back.
- Come on. - Luba invitingly gestured to the place in front of him. Her face was not exactly friendly. However, perhaps it is the eve of the consequences of drinking?

Julia, feeling guilty, went and stood at the specified location.
- Do not you want to tell me?

About that fact broken cup it goes unnoticed, and now could not walk and talk. - Sorry. I do not know how, but it slipped from my hands and fell - to blame the woman said, trying to choose his words.
- That is not enough that you rummaged in my bed, so you give me another cup and slammed? Rubbish! - A sharp slap stung right cheek. It happened so suddenly that Julia even thought arose as a stranger, in general, a woman can not treat it. - Tell me a cup from the service in the sideboard was? - Luba said tough commanding voice that brooked no argument. And Julia surprises the situation could not respond in any way other than to respond with bowed head in the affirmative. And then he left cheek burned a new slap in the face. She was not strong, more sensitive and offensive. Woman standing in front of a landlady bowed head and lowered his hands along the body, waiting to see what will happen next. The third slap on the other hand is not long in coming. And then Julia realized that hot and wet between the legs. Glancing at his groin, she saw that the jeans have a decent size dark spot. Her face was flushed, and so from the slaps, and here also increase the feeling of shame sharp doubled, if not tripled. Realizing that if it is not going to do anything, just fall through the floor, Julia jumped out of the hostess room apartment, like a scalded.

Running into her room, she immediately took off her jeans. No, it is not wet, not at all. It was a woman's secret, which was so much that she could not believe her eyes. She had come, that's all Julia worried at the moment. And ul¸gshis on the bed on his back, a young woman spreading her legs to muscle pain, became furiously rubbing his crotch. Anyone logged into her room could see now extremely piquant situation: overexcited, to limit female selflessness rubs her clit, spreading her legs shamelessly.

Long wait for an outcome does not have to - just a minute and a powerful orgasm shook Julia, forcing arch arc. The breath caught, and it took no less than three - five minutes to relax the muscles and return to reality.

Julia took off her shirt and wore yellow bathrobe to toe, pre-wiping himself with a napkin. Crumpled jeans, she went with them to the bathroom, hoping not to encounter Anyone. The door to her room was not locked, and at any moment it could enter the landlady. Specifically, she left the door unlocked, or simply did not realize at that moment nothing - she could not find an answer. And whether it was needed?

Rustled down the corridor past the door to the room Luba, she noticed that the door is not completely closed and the lights are on in the room. But no sound was heard. For better - and Julia decided to go to the bathroom. Just locking the door from the inside, she felt relieved, and began zastiryvat his jeans.
- Hopefully, Luba did not notice anything. - I thought to herself young woman. - Shame is something which, broke her cup and stood CURRENT, like a bitch at mating until she gushes down my cheeks.

The reaction to the incident she had not expected from him. Julia always thought that can stand up for themselves, and word, and fists, if necessary. And here...

Faded jeans and taking a shower, she suddenly remembered that she had not eaten today, and stomach became strongly about this recall. Jeans hung out to dry, she quietly went into the kitchen, still afraid of meeting with Anyone. But she was in her room and any threatening sounds from there could not hear. Controling it, the woman began to heat up food. She grind bowl of soup, and just wondered, not warm any more, when the kitchen became the landlady.
- Ate? - Stern voice she asked.
- Yes thank you. - Did not find the answer in surprise Julia. Blush rushed to her face, because after what happened in Lyuba's room, she did not know how now to behave with it. Her slap surfaced in the memory. And also, and the effect that they have caused.
- Like when you rude? - Luba lit, and now her eyes through the smoke exhaled seemed somehow particularly severe.

Under this view, Julia felt naked. At the same time, she did not feel the strength to do anything. Probably, so it feels a rabbit before a boa. She just stood in silence.
- Undress. - I followed orders. He was told tough voice that brooked no argument. His eyes bored with Julia, mesmerizing woman. But she just stood there, being in some kind of trance.

Silent scene lasted a few moments. Luba in two heavy, but the agile step was beside the young woman, and immediately followed by a slap. Slightly stronger than inherited her day, but now this slap in the face acted as a trigger - Julia made a sudden naughty fingers untied the waist coat, and then just let him fall to the feet.

By now the landlady has again sat at the table with a cigarette in his hand, and told her appreciatively examined body. A look at what, as Julia in the 27 and after giving birth to a child, looked like a teenage girl: slim, weight not exceeding 50 kg; neat breasts, crowned by sharp upturned nipples, mischievously looking in different directions; slim stomach; carefully trim the pubis with a narrow strip of fur; and in adolescence narrow hips, turned the head in jeans than one ten men. By the way, Julia is already clearly felt the heaviness in the abdomen, although it appeared much earlier than the woman is realized.
- Come on - hand with a cigarette clamped Luba pointed out the location where you want to get up. Her voice was still as powerful and somehow dull ...

Silently, the woman approached the owner of the apartment, afraid to meet her eyes, and stood up to the specified location. Almost close to Luba. She shook off the ash residue cigarette, reached for Julia's chest and fit it in the palm of your hand, as if weighed breast. At the same time Yulia skin could feel the heat from the smoldering cigarette as she approached close skin. Left, apparently satisfied with the right breast, the owner of these manipulations and repeated on the left. However, she casually touched a cigarette one of the nipples. The woman jerked, but did not utter a sound.
- Good for you, whore. - Luba extinguished cigarette butt in the ashtray and approvingly patted his thigh.

And then her fingers slid between the legs of Julia.
- Yes, you there just a waterfall. - It is stated - Lie belly on my knees, hands on the floor.

As if hypnotized, she fulfilled this order, having rested his hands on the floor. And almost uperevshis head into the wall. In this position, her ass was the most vypyachena, as required Luba. First strike suddenly burned his right buttock. Julia flogged his hand over his bare ass like a little girl. And it was in this something dirty but is viscous, which delayed the woman, not allowing even think about the wrongness of the situation. However, she felt guilt and broken cup, and that flowed like a whore by slapping ...

With searing unpleasant sensation on the skin from the slap in the groin was born and grew viscous lust. For the first blow followed the next, and each became stronger than the previous. And the more it became Yulin excitement. On the inner sides of the thighs is simply flowed grease. Every searing slap from a woman's mouth broke throaty moan. And buttocks gradually changed its color from pink to burgundy to the beginning of the spanking.

Hearing the sounds emitted by educability, notes of pain, the owner slipped below his left hand to the crotch of Julia, and began to massage her clitoris. The intensity of the whipping and spanking her strength while increased by removing the sneakers with legs outstretched and continued to flog their ass. This combination of pain and caresses clitoris gave rise to a unique exciting cocktail, feeding the growing excitement of the groin. Julia literally started to shake from the strain, divergent throughout the body.
- Bitch likes to smack her. - Lyuba has long ass smacked his lodger with full force, without restraint. Drops of lubricant on the floor under the feet of Julia divorced formed a small puddle. However, under the nose formed as a pool, but the tears that flowed spontaneously from the eyes to the tip of the nose in front of his jump.
- Come see if our second hole is ready. - With these words the hostess threw sneakers, and dipped two fingers into the vagina of a young woman, abruptly put them in a wrinkled ring anus. And then accumulated in the body voltage avalanche of orgasm the body of Julia. It seemed, at the same time millions of small needles and inconsistency pricked her body, mixed by sweet convulsions. The woman was shouting something, something asked, writhing in convulsions, crying ... How much does it lasted, she could not even imagine. Maybe she passed out for a while ...
- Luba, can I get?
- Kneel beside.

No sooner said Julia took a pose like a slap received, - For you I Love Viktorovna, whore. Let's try again, what are you going to say?

Burning resentment born in the chest, but quickly went down the abdomen, in some unknown way in transforming viscous nascent again excited. Nipples again tightened. And what did she want? The very fact is naked on her knees in front of a woman who had just whipped her and caresses of which she experienced the strongest pleasure ...
- V. Love, let me get up. - In a low voice, downcast eyes, she asked the woman. The words themselves flew to Yulin lips. Kneeling on a hard kitchen floor was not comfortable. "Well at least I washed it yesterday" - flashed through her mind.
- You get up, when to allow. As long wait, good for you. - Hostess lit another cigarette and exhaled a stream of smoke in the face of Julia. - Open your mouth.

Without waiting for a new slap in the face, the woman opened her mouth. Everything that is happening to her - it was a blur. The mind was far away from the body, while watching the development from the event. And this development extremely worried about Julia, making her crotch expire sticky and slippery secret. If a young woman is now able to think soberly, then it would definitely surprised and volume of lubricant discharged from the body, and its sensuality, and the number of orgasms in the past day. But it is only like a leaf of autumn in the brook, rushing down the river, unable to resist this driving force.

Palm Luba fell on the cheek kneeling woman, and it was almost a caress, while the thumb palm has not penetrated into the open mouth and pulled the tongue. By some whim Julia realized that is required of her at the moment, and tenderly wrapped around a finger lips began to suck him.
- Quickly learn, well done. - Praised her Lyuba. - I see you kayfuesh. I like your pussy is always ready for fucking. From this point on you will always walk around the apartment naked. Came home from work, I shut the door, undressed once wore this, - she threw her knees woman collar, inadvertently left on the table in her room - and you go to my door and waiting, when will call. Understood?

Boiling water emotions have gone through the body from head to toe with these words. Nipples, seemed now to burst from the strain. - Yes, Love Viktorovna. - The fact that in her room came without permission, slipped somewhere far away and then fled away.
- I'll educate you. I have big plans for you. And now, thank me for science.
- Thanks you.

But these words were not enough, as heralded a sharp pain in the gut-wrenching nipple. Fingers mistress as steel, curled on a solid and hypersensitivity at the moment bright burgundy corolla. Luba is in staring green eyes in a young woman, is rapidly filling with tears. Word began to emerge themselves in the language, and many of them from Julia herself is not waiting.
- Thank you, Love Viktorovna that whipped his bitch for misconduct, and given the opportunity to come.

Later, going to sleep, Julia again replayed everything that happened in his head, and could not believe at all that had happened. And most importantly - I did not know what to do now. After all, it is a normal woman, not a whore, work, wants to get married and another child. How all this relates to what has happened today? Now she had to be based solely on his stomach, because at the slightest touch to smack the priest reminded him of himself ... Did not find the answer, the woman fell into the arms of the kingdom of Morphine. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Pure fiction. Any resemblance to reality is regarded as a coincidence.
Cyrus in his 19 years has not had any contact with men, she put it on the wedding night. And then a week later it will happen. For two years, she met with Max, who was 10 years her senior, and Cyrus admired the fact that he was waiting for her so much. Max was a romantic and ears in love with her.
Max has been flatlet and only left Kira enter after the wedding.
Cyrus raced down the street to Max, she bought glasses and wanted to show off to your favorite. Cyrus tried to find the keys in my pocket and now the door is open. But what a strange moaning in the bathroom.
- Max became ill? -vdrug Kira flashed through my head. She opened the door and saw a terrible picture: Max fucked her best friend Chrystyna in the shower, and she did not resist too much, and vice versa. Fear, fear, disappointment was in the eyes of Kira. She saw his eyes beloved, who looked at her stupor. Cyrus escaped and spent the whole day crying at home. "The end of everything, but how to tell parents that the wedding is canceled, how to say that the loan is taken for a wedding just over the precipice. She embraced fear of the future"

The next morning, Cyrus decided not to go to college and go to the apartment and pick up their things until Max at work. Once again, in the apartment she survived yesterday's feelings ... With fear looked at the bathroom door, and the tears flowed by themselves. Kira quickly pulled herself together and began to shovel from the closet their belongings, she heard a door lock and cranked someone came.
- I knew you were coming today ... - Max said quietly, standing in the bedroom.
Kira turned and looked into the eyes of shameless, yesterday beloved fiance. She did not answer continued to collect his belongings in a bag. Musk came up from behind and put his hand on her shoulder. Cyrus tried to pull away, but he held her.
- Why all this silly? And how do you explain to parents that the loans taken in an empty? They will not pay you a third course of study, and I can. And parents will be pleased. There is no need to devote them to this ...
- I have nothing to talk to you. And now it's none of your business. - Kira said sobbing.
- Well, I do not. -Prohripel Max-I waited too long to feast, and does not intend to tolerate your tricks on.
"Antics?" It sounded in my head Kira -"What did he allow himself?"

But she did not have time indignant chuckle, as Max took her by the hair dragged and dropped onto the bed. Cyrus was shocked by such behavior Max. "Where is it romantic, full of tenderness Maxik? Now this is a strange man, whom she did not know what to expect. " He began to take off her lace panties, and since Cyrus was in a sundress, it was not hard to do. She tried to escape, but the forces were not equal, it seemed a small kitten in his hands. Then Max took off his pants and underwear, and at this point Cyrus was able to escape and began to run to the door, but one movement Max and she was again on the bed, only now sing to the top. Max put his hand her back, and he began to drive his hand on the inside of the thigh, and his arms were ready for battle, but would like to ooh and kirochka was ready to accept it. But she is screaming, then crying, then he pleaded, again shouting and threatening. Max just smiled.
- okay, just do not want for good ... -one got grease in the bedside table and smeared anus, inserting one finger, then two, three. Kyra cried out in pain, asked to stop this torture. But Max is no longer heard her. Then he leaned his cock to her ass and slowly began to go, Cyrus writhing, crying and restlessness. Max zalomal her hands behind her back and began to move faster, without letting his senses favorite. Fast movement Max turned back to Cyrus, she did not resist as she realized it was pointless, and he began to enter his huge cock in her pussy, Keira moaned again and tried to escape, but to no avail. Max abrupt motion introduced by a member of the eggs themselves, and Cyrus howled in pain. And he began to batter her faster and faster, not noticing the tears his captive. He began to reach the peak of pleasure, but thought it was too easy a punishment for kirochka, he took her by the hair and dragged her into the bathroom, Kira barely had time to rearrange his feet. He opened the warm water, pushed her into the booth and bowed as well as her friend yesterday, started again to fuck painful and hard. Cyrus was torn to pieces, or the memories, because yesterday in this place was the close friend, whether from a huge member that is constantly inflicted hellish pain.
- Be patient, my sweet, you eventually will like ... Max whispered in the ear of his bride.
- I can not hurt me, let me go, please. - Kira whispered through her tears.
And then Max caught enjoying peak he finally saddled his horse norovlivuyu.

He took a big towel and wrapped it in Cyrus, put it on the bed.
- Spend a couple of minutes, and I will prepare for you to enjoy ... - I whispered kissing the cheek beloved Max. Kira looked at Max, he did not hear the answer, but only a mysterious smile. Cyrus was glad that it was over, although it hurt. He closed his eyes, but a moment later Max entered and rapid movement of her hands strapped to the bed and stood in the mouth gag. Max got a huge box in which there were a lot of different vibrators, anal plugs, whips and many sex toys, which are only heard of Cyrus. Her eyes widened and she jerked ... Max was going to bring her pleasure and ...

People are interested, write, write continued)))

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