Hi, my name is Vic and I want to tell you my story. I was then 12 years old. Dad's birthday, and my mother sent me to the store for a drink, as we lived in the village and I sold liquor without a problem. On the way I met my classmate Vlad, he was handsome and strong for his 13 years.
We were headed to the store and bought 4 bottles of vodka. On the way back he asked me pivnut a little bit, because the parents are drunk and not notice that we otpili from the bottle. After the first sip I sparked his throat, but I wanted to Yeshe and so we vylakali half bottles. Drunk as hell, I did not dare to go home, and went into the woods to breathe fresh air. Vlad followed me. In the grove, we lay on the grass and talking
- Vick and his peep show!
- no
- and why?
- because of that I'm a girl and you're a boy
- Well I did not tell anyone not
I lifted her skirt - there were children under the panties with hearts and pushed them to the side so that my pussy was visible. He began to consider. Pants had become a tent.
- and remove them completely
- what for?
- I want to get a better look. I took off her panties.
- Do you want my watch?
- Yes
He quickly took off his pants, and he turned out to be 13 centimeters count.
- and stoop down please
- what for?
- I'll see your ass
Rising cancer, he lifted my skirt and licked my anal. Then he started to drive his hu¸m and suddenly drove me to it completely. I screamed, I was very sick but he Prejean me to the ground and said that I would have liked. I cried, and he began to slowly introduce your dick in my ass. A minute later, I was used to, and I really liked it. Ten minutes later he pulled pussy and offered to take by mouth.
- I will not you to them I sikaesh and my ass was
- yes to in your ass as he was a native means - take fear not!
I took in his mouth and felt like running out a thin stream of something warm.
- you paper written in my mouth!
- and you're drunk! He laughed wildly
- Well take again
- will not you wrote
- I will no longer be honestly
I again took in his mouth and began to suck dick. A minute later, my mouth hit something. He took a dick, and I began to chew what he told me later.
- but at least you finished?
- no, and this is?
- you want to show? He spread his legs and began to lick my peep. Soon juices flowed out of me and I felt pleasure
- Only you do not who do not tell, okay?
- I'm not stupid, I know
- get dressed and go and that we have lost.
Drink all came I dressed quickly ran home. So was my first time.
I live in the city of Donetsk. I study in the 11m class. I am now 16t years.
The story described in this story took place about 2 months ago.
It all started when I met a girl from my
parallel, her name was Anastasia. She was 16t, of medium height, with a slender
beautiful body. Blonde with beautiful facial features. For a long time our communication
5yu limited minutes in the corridor, but soon we started to talk
via ICQ to, as it turned out, it is not bad owned mathematics, and at thinking with
this subject had no problems.
Before one important test, she wrote to me and asked what I had the next day went to her, and a little help with math.
Here at the appointed time, I am standing at the door to her apartment, she opened
the door for me. Her parents had left on business, and promised to come back later
at night. I noticed that she was wearing a pretty relaxed, short red shorts and a topic that could not completely hide it behind a chest. I went immediately down to business, and began to ask her questions. What she did not understand, but not seeing her face no interest in this subject, I slowly began to tend to the conversation in a different direction, and it is openly supported.
Half an hour later she offered me tea, I certainly did not give up.
Moving into the kitchen, I sat down on the couch. And she started making tea. Turning back to me, she was doing something. I was blown away by the view of her ass, I do not know what came over me, but I stood up and hugged her so that my dick is already standing stared her straight in the ass. One can see she liked it, because She made no attempt to escape from my arms.
By putting a cup of tea, she turned to me and kissed him. I liked this turn of events. He sat down on the sofa and put her on his lap, we continue to kiss, I began to gradually withdraw its topic. As it turned out, she wore a bra, and her beautiful breasts with protruding nipples looked at me. I started to kiss her.
Change places with Nastya, I pulled off her panties, which are already
there was a large wet spot. This gave me the impetus to further action. I took off my jeans and put it on the sofa. Situated on top, I slowly at first, it all began to be faster and faster. She is definitely liked. She podmahivala to the beat of my movements of their booty.
From the understanding that I have a girl that wanted at least polshkoly, I felt that I will soon be over, but I did not want to end so quickly.
Her face was flushed, heavy breathing, I realized that she too
is already close to orgasm. I stopped. Tears from her. It is a clear reluctance to let go of me. Reversed, she already had full power over me, putting his hands on my chest, I began to make rapid movements. I definitely liked this pace.
Here I felt moisture on Glowka my penis. My orgasm is not too long in coming, and here I am making a last push relaxed and felt my sperm fills it from within. She can not stay fell on my chest. After lying so near reached the 10 minutes, she went into the shower, I dressed, made his and her tea.
The remaining time we spent on the conversation about yourself, about friends, about life, about everything in general. The next day I found in the ICQ is
message: "Come back tomorrow, in ETOGES time, I did not quite understand the last subject." Throughout the body immediately ran a wave of excitement and anticipation of the next day.
My email [email protected] write, be pleased to hear from you
opinion about my story. Yes, or just chat.
I love sex ... was driving home, quarreled with his girlfriend, angry ... time was about 12 at night ... The girl is looking ... I think why not have fun, slowed down, she 18 years, all in tears, I said'll take a seat ... she sat down, told a story that had a quarrel with the guy, he changed it. I offered to go with me, chat, have a drink ... she agreed. They came to me undressed, I noticed that she had a figure that is necessary ... an increase of about 167, slender legs in tights, short skirt and black jacket.
We sat down to drink cognac, I remembered that in the other room I slept cable, Mastiff, my friends had left him for a week, went to Turkey. Cognac has done his job and I'm a little drunk, and looking at it and looking forward to it as I entertained my dick ... I got dressed, threw on his naked body robe, turned parnuhi, she did not mind ... we still drank. ..ot parnuhi and from her beautiful legs and angelic little face in my lower abdomen ached ... her name was Natasha, I told her: you love sweet or rough sex?
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I slapped her on the cheek ...: that bitch like? She whispered: Yes ... I drank more, I liked her humility! Undress a slut! ... She undressed and I saw her tan ... not a girl but a dream ... for some ... but for me a little slut, which is full! I smoked, she sat silently side by side, I parted her legs, masturbate the clitoris, put a finger in her pussy ... it was wet ... That slut. excited is sucked, huh? ... She was silent ... Go suck dick ... so got up! ... she sat down in front of me on my knees and began to suck hard ... I swung at her,
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and it was cancer, I parted the buttocks ... her ass was a full member of the sperm ... have not lost, nI wanted to piss, semi-hard dick shoved into her ass and began to fuck piss ... and at the same time ... the urine mixed sperm squished and poured on the carpet of this bitch ... She: well, why are you doing this? I was a modest girl ...! I: I was yes, and now you're a whore, slut piss! I'm blissed out from the power of this beautiful, is now naked and pissing in the ass this blyadushki ... mmm! I put it on the carpet on his back, sat down ass on her face ... Vysun language - I said ... it stuck ... I spread myself buttocks, squatted down, caught her tongue anus ... Lick damn !. ..ona began to lick my ass ... I like it ... I slowly podrachival currently a member of the ... umm ... it was something ... then I got up and leaned over her face, said: mouth open !. ..ona opened and waited for it to be ... I have collected in my mouth the whole saliva and juicy spit in her mouth ... ask: who are you? She Natasha! I hit on the cheek and again spit in her mouth ... You're a whore, remember that! I am Duck who are you?
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My name is Rick and I am a hunter for a whore. I often go out on the streets
search of women and girls for a good fucking. This evening I went along
northeastern city streets, returning from a business meeting for which I came here through the floor of the country.
I have already approached the car when he saw her. First and foremost, it was tits. Large, high standing chest, concealed little thin blouse with v-neck. She sat at a table of street cafe and drink something, and when she moved all around, it was clear that she was not wearing a bra. And not only this. I could even lead the dark strip her nipple through the thin fabric. It seems that the blouse was a size smaller than normal, although she was sitting on her well, but movement was seen much of her boobs.
Barely looking up from these incredible boobs I looked below. Black short skirt. Perhaps this skirt and concealed that fact when the girl was, but looked absolutely indecent when she sat. And completes all black boots knee-high heels.
Looking at myself, I corrected the improper ridge member in the pants. And then I saw her legs started to move apart. A small table at which she sat hid nothing from my eyes and I very well could see the dark triangle of her pubis. When I looked at her again, she was smiling very sexy and promising smile looking into my eyes.
I smiled back, and then she looked down showing them where I should look again. I looked under the table. Her legs were divorced so that I opened all its charms. Even at a distance of five meters, I could have sworn that I saw moisture on her slit.
I looked at her again, she laughed softly. Oh, all this time I stood with my mouth open. Seizing the moment, I finally examined her face. The blonde with long hair, a pretty chin, blue eyes and a very sexy mouth.
And what the hell I'm here? And I went to the table at which she sat.
- My name is Rick - I introduced myself.
I held her hand and tried to portray his best smile. She got up to shake my hand and neckline blouse bared edge of her nipple, large protruding nipples.
- Hi, I'm Rebecca. - She said, soft, sexy voice. I've never met was a master, and as time went on and I had to urgently start a conversation if I wanted to fuck her today. Taking into account her friendly voice and the little show that I arranged it, I continued.
- I really like the way you dressed. - I said after shaking hands.
- My clothes or what it conceals? - I heard in response.
Luck! Now I knew that fuck her. I sat down and we started
to talk about her body and how she is dressed. Obviously she is very proud of her sexy body all the time and gave me the opportunity to admire the fact that it was under a sweater. She asked where I was and I told her that it is not a local, and I leave tomorrow, do not forget to ask whether she is free tonight.
She said she was married, but my husband is not jealous and do not mind if it sometimes entertain a little.
- Your blouse. Sometimes it seems that she barely keeps your chest and at any moment can pop up.
Even without seeing it pulled District Region sweaters giving me a beautiful view of her bare breasts.
- Sometimes yes - she smiled.
She just kept the jacket in this position is not satisfied that I have a good look at her nipples. It was really great big nipples sticking out saying that it all like it.
Now I could easily tell her that eksgibiotsionizm this is what I'm passionate about.
- Nothing turns me on more than a sexy looking girl is not afraid to show their bodies in public places.
- Mmmmm! In my one of my place becomes too hot!
She turned back to the table and took a couple of sips from a glass standing
in front of her, then looked at me and said.
- Would you like to see?
Nodding, I asked - Can we, as a combine our imagination?
- For example? - I heard in response.
- Down the street there is a small park with plants in large cement
pots. Let's take a walk up to them.
- Mmmm !! That sounds good.
I reached over to kiss her, and my tongue was warmly greeted by her mouth. The kiss lasted nearly a minute so that we could rasprobovat each other. Thrusting his hand under her blouse I spent on her breasts and swollen nipples.
- I would like to see how you will uncover the various parts of his body before the passers-by. - I wanted to - you can do it?
- Even more than you think. - She smiled.
- And I want to lick between your legs.
- You will have the chance - she said in her sexy
voice - but only if you fuck me.
- Agreed. - I said, looking into her eyes.
She finished her drink, we got up and went outside. In the process I was able to look at her ass, it just turned me on even more. Noticing my interest she lifted her skirt exposing her round ass and a little shocked her.
- This is exactly the ass that I always wanted to - I said with a smile.
- Soon you'll get it. She took my hand and we went for a walk.
We moved quite a bit when Rebecca stopped by the escalator on which descended a few men. She leaned forward as if to correct footwear and her boobs fell out sweaters descending giving a beautiful view of them. Smiling she got up, she pulled the jacket and returned to their proper position.
By the time we went on a walk Rebecca I was already very excited. I felt that she likes to show himself and asked if she could show her pussy for me. Bending down she said that now show their sweet spot me.
Passing the rack with advertising leaflets near a large shopping pavilion, she took one and showed me on a bench positioned so that sitting looking at a hall in which there were a lot of students. "Go into the hall and watch out for me " - She said, and sat down on the bench. I entered the building and stay near the boys playing ball turned toward Rebecca. Making sure that I look at her, she looked leaflet covering their face and began to plant his feet wider and wider.
As if by chance she glanced to see how many guys watching her show. Then, to my surprise, she was one
motion down the booklet and lifted her skirt to the pubis. Now she had the opportunity to spread her legs wider. She picked up the booklet and located so that the views of her pussy was just stunning. Moments later, probably this view is strongly excited her, she again postponed the booklet and have lifted her skirt to her waist! Smiling at me she put a finger into the vagina itself. Parting the fingers of one hand the entrance of the vagina, she thrust her finger the other deep inside, and then sucked the juices left on his finger. It seems that she came at a time when the fingers were accepted to the clitoris, and then she got up and continued his walk.
When I caught up with her, she still looked nervous.
- It was just for you !! - She said - Did you see how I finished? Did you like it?
- God !! It was a powerful experience !! - I said, and we kissed.
It is still shaking from the experience the fun. "Now I want to show you how I'm going to write !! You do not mind if I do not usually like? "
- "No! Where do you want to do this? "
She took my arm and we moved towards the elevated highway crossing. Along the way, she explained that this transition is not often used because it is built for people from nearby houses could easily go to the boulevard. But it seems that it it does not really even need.
We went up to the crosswalk and stopped so that vehicular traffic was just below us .... She stopped and turned her face to the movement. I smiled and she lifted her skirt to her waist and spread her legs, exposing her pussy on display to passing cars. As I ran pleasant shiver when she began to write on the road powerful jet.
- Damn, it's really catchy thing - I said encouraging her - and you seem to like it a lot.
- Oh yeah!! I love to pee! And I was very excited when it happens in front of passers-!! Mmmmmm !!! And I like it when you see it too !!!
When she finished, I sat down in front of her and asked - "if she would mind if I lick her pussy in front of everyone? "
- Oh my God! Are you serious!? Of course I do not mind!! Lick my pussy, I really want it !! - She moaned.
Rebecca was tense to the limit! She held my head while I otlizyval her, and when I began to suck her juices began to rub the vagina in my face. It was the fastest sex of my life. I was pleased to feel how it all like it and I hope she feels the same. All this "ugliness" we took about two minutes, and then we went back to the boulevard.
- Oh how I love to cum - she said - And thank you so much, I got two incredible orgasm in the last 30 minutes! Tell me what you want and I'll do it!
- Hmm .. Well I would not mind to fuck you, but I would not do it alone!
- Even so!!! You are very lucky and I love group sex !!! Let's ride somewhere. I think there we can both get what we want.
We sat in the rented me a car and she told me how to ride.
- Where are we going? - I asked.
- To my mom - she said with a smile.
- For your mom !? - I asked in surprise.
- You'll understand when we come back - she laughed.
All the way I was constantly thinking about it. And the main question driving me crazy was obvious. Is Rebecca will have sex with his mother? I could not hope that this is possible.
After enjoying my torment she said - "The answer to all those questions that torment you so "YES"!! "
Continuing this theme, I said - "How it tastes? "
Rebecca seems like the question and she smiled mysteriously while. Apparently she did not dare to answer me. But we have to this point have experienced mutual sympathy for each other and feel comfortable together. She leaned over to kiss me on the cheek and then whispered softly - "Her vagina is incredibly tasty and you will have the opportunity to see how I'm going to lick it! "
I even pulled off the road when he heard it. I always wanted to see the mother and daughter have sex tonight, they will be executed.
She squeezed my cock and whispered - "I am sure that by the time we get her vagina filled with sperm is that I suck out of it and you can make sure that this is my favorite food! "
- Damn, you just kill me, you're the most incredible slut!
And she continued to whisper in my ear - I want you to fuck me in the ass until I will have to fuck in her mouth and pussy! If this was the last fuck in my life, I would just fucked in the ass! I promise that this will be your best anal sex!
I was her. Sitting this morning in my hotel, I never dreamed of such a party as it is now.
- Turn here and stop it - she said when we drove up to one of the houses. Turning, I stopped in front of a two-storey house near which already had several cars.
- Apparently the party started without us - I said.
- Good! Everything has to be warmed up - I heard in response.
We came to the door and rang. After some time we opened the door naked woman very similar to Rebecca and cried - "Becky!! Good to see you".
Rebecca's mother hugged and kissed as they normally do not kiss their mothers. We entered the house and said Rebecca - "Mom is Rick. We came to fuck and he also wants to see how I'm going to lick you. Rick, this is Cheryl " Hugging her mother told me - "Come on Rick! Do not make long to wait for Becky your cock! "
When her mother turned her back I had a great opportunity to get a better look this pretty body. Although I have not asked, but guessed that Rebecca was about 30 and Cheryl is already over 40. Cheryl had the same big tits and nice ass like Rebecca. And although she was obviously over her pubis he was no less attractive than the pubis Rebecca with manicured strip of hair on it. But most of all I was surprised by the huge tattoo from the waist up to the shoulder with a woman and cums in her mouth member, and under it the inscription "Nipple". And it was clearly drawn by a very talented artist.
We walked through the hallway into the room where there were about 10 men and 2 women fucking in different poses. It looked like a sex show with two women gave several men. When we entered, it is not occupied at this moment the men smiled and shook hands with us. I made the assumption that women were not more than 30 and men from 20 to 40.
Two men were black and the rest white. As it turned out, Rebecca knew of only one or two men and one of women.
Cheryl told us rather undress and join in the fun at the same time is already starting to undress Rebecca. I watched with Rebecca disappears clothing and of course also has a tattoo on her back. Right at the waist just above the center of the ass was an inscription in two lines "Paradise ". "paradise " top "a place" bottom and pretty arrow pointing to her ass. Tattooing was also very well done and looked sooooo sexy.
I undressed and went to the back of Rebecca - "I saw your tattoo and she is gorgeous. I am a lover of women's asses, can I fuck you? "
Rebecca looked excited and zagnuvshis on the couch, which is already one of the girls fucked in both holes said - "Show how much you are good !!! Kiss my ass !! "
I settled down behind her and licked her lips, then spread her buttocks apart and looked at her hole. It was perfect! Narrow pink hole just above her wet pussy. I slowly began to drive his tongue over her ass is getting closer and closer to approaching the desired hole. She moaned when I first lightly touched tongue
its goal.
- Daaaaaaa !! - She moaned as my tongue licked her ass hole is very sensitive. I gently kissed and sucked on her and she was moaning with pleasure.
My cock stood like a stake while I licked her ass, now I introduced my tongue right into her ass. It is very well controlled your ass muscles and relax them for opening the entrance of my tongue.
My language is very easy to come into her ass and I began to lick the inner walls of her anus. She is moaning loudly with pleasure, as I continued to suck and lick her ass. It took about 5 minutes before it required member.
I moved away and she got up and kissed me deeply sucked my tongue.
- I would like to see how you're going to lick pussy of his mother !! - I said.
We looked around and found Cheryl forthcoming climb on one of the black guys. He sat on a chair, and Cheryl back to him was going to spread her ass right on his long cock. We went up to her at a time when the big black dick already filled her ass.
- OOOO, is that it is necessary !!! - Cheryl said when a member has started to move in it.
- Rick wants to see how I'm going to lick you, Mom - Rebecca said.
- What's stopping you, girl - said Cheryl - I think you'll like, as Tony had just finished with me and his sperm is just waiting for your rotika!
- Hi, I'm Tony - I said good-looking black guy and sat behind us
- I'm just fine to have sex with your mother, and now happy to ... see how you will suck my cum out of it.
I stepped closer to the vagina when Cheryl Rebecca bent and his hands spread her labia. I saw how passionate she was willing to carry out their task. Apparently it is very excited by the fact that I really want to see how she does it.
- Mmmmmmm !! I love the taste of sperm flowing out of her hole! And now she
filled with delicious sperm black guy !!!
Rebecca smiled at me and began to drive language around the mother's vagina with squelching sounds licking the sperm flows down along the large member inserted in the back of her mother. Suck a large portion she opened her mouth, and then I chtobypokazat smile swallowed.
- God, you're a dirty teat Becky! - She moaned her mother when her daughter lick. "Now open your mouth wider and shove tongue deep into me. I want you to lick me inside "
Rebecca with the fingers pussy widened his mother, clung to her mouth and sucked it strongly. It lasted about a minute, and when she looked up and opened her mouth, he was filled with sperm mixed with the juices of her mother. This time, she threw back her head and was slowly beginning to flow down her throat.
- Mmmm !! It was delicious !! Now I'll take care of your mommy clitoris to give you a member to enjoy in your ass, and when you cum again, I lick all your juice!
Cheryl started to move up and down on cock black guy, and Rebecca sucking on her clit. Very soon, she cried - "I'm cumming !!! Slizhov my juices baby !! Uuuuaaaa ". The black man also began to finish in the ass Cheryl.
Rebecca opened her mouth to not miss a single drop stemming from her mother's pussy. We advised her to swallow more often or it will miss the precious juices. After the orgasm stopped to shake her body, Cheryl freed my ass from a member, and said - "Help me lift up his feet higher, so Becky could suck the cum out of my ass! It's her favorite thing! "
Black guy put his feet Cheryl and Rebecca perched below his mouth covering her anus. We began to ask Cheryl pull their socks to Rebecca was able to get all the cum out of her ass. I bent down to face Rebecca whispered.
- "It gets me terribly. Swallow all that will come out of your mother's ass Rebecca !! Suck out all !! "
Rebecca sucked and swallowed and sucked again and again swallowed everything that came out of the anus. Finished she looked at me and said - "I want the three men at the same time. Right now. And you must otimet my ass "
Cheryl called to the two men and put one on the floor. Rebecca immediately straddled him inserting his dick pussy and told me - "Take my ass nice !!! "
I stood behind her and brought his cock deep into her anus, she moaned with pleasure. Cheryl said, third guy to do her daughter's mouth. I was surprised at how easily it came 25 inch dick in her mouth. At the same time his cock was really thick, but he calmly introduced him to her, and Rebecca had not experienced any problems swallowing a member of the full length.
I enjoyed while Rebecca looked from all sides sandwiched huyami. Most of the girls in this case concentrated on the penis is placed in their mouths, but Rebecca had an unusual ability to move your hips so that the two sit down on dick in the ass and pussy at the same time not forgetting the member in his mouth.
Her ass was narrow and hot! It seems that thousands of little fingers drochat my penis and trying to squeeze all you can out of it. But I knew that she would not want to, I quickly finished, so I moved slowly and enjoyed her body is simultaneously fucked three guys.
Cheryl came up to me and said - "I have not seen such feverish Becky, Rick. You're probably really special and I'll eat all the sperm that will remain in her ass to make her a part of himself. But I want you to do something for me. I want you to Becky took us somewhere where a lot of people and we will do everything that you could only dream of. "
I looked at Cheryl and said - "Stick your fingers in the pussy Me and eat everything you can to get there, Cheryl. Take a chair and sit down in front of me, so I can see you well. "
Cheryl took a chair, put it right in front of my face and called to the two men who divorced her legs apart. She put her fingers in her pussy and squishing said - "How damn you know that I love my juice? Damn, now I see why Becky goes on you crazy !! Somebody get a spoon and shove it in me. "
One of the girls went to get a spoon and began to get Cheryl and lick their fingers over and over again do not forget to show them to me. When he returned she sat between the legs, and Cheryl put her spoon deep into her vagina. Having collected all the interior walls of the vagina with Cheryl she took it. Spoon was full of juice mixed with sperm remains.
Cheryl breathed deeply until she trays spoon to her mouth. When the spoon was at the mouth, she began slowly to absorb the contents of the spoon and slowly swallow. Then she said - "More, I want more, I want to eat all that is in my pussy. Oh how I love it !!! "
Rebecca needed a little more, so that it covered the orgasm. "Let's take a good fuck it guys !! " - I said.
Rebecca turned into one big cluster of pleasure at the same time when we began to fuck her tightly. I knew that she liked when three members will fill her time. And it took them like a sponge! What a woman !.
Cheryl cheered us - "Ebite it harder !! She will soon finish !! Ebite until she starts to scream !! God, she really knows how to fuck !! Suck them Becky !! Let these dicks ravage in you " After we all finished Cheryl located on the floor under the Rebecca and leeched his mouth to her ass rastrahannoy. She sucked all I go down there. While she sucked my dick, I brought to the mouth of Rebecca. She said - "Stick it in my mouth !! I want to lick all that remains of it after my ass !! "
I put a member of her mouth and she began to suck on it as if were hungry. Her mouth was just magical. It perfectly handled my dick do not forget about eggs and Cheryl still sucked the remnants of sperm from her ass.
As a result, all tumbled in all directions and relaxed. Rebecca lay down on me and kissed me. Then she whispered "How long will you be in town? I would like to do with you a few of my fantasies. "
- "For example in public otlizat his mother? "
- "I'll do whatever you say! "
It was last summer. I at that time was 28 years old. One day, on Friday, a neighbor came to me and asked for help to fill up the old barn. Oleg was 21, his hands were on the ground, his head too - in short, normal kid. His father bought a plot on the lake with a house and two old sheds. The house was still so-so, and the rest had to be demolished to edrene hair dryer. In general, after work I took his wife and children to the station, sent them to his mother, went to the godfather, and we went to pose as Conan-destroyers. At about eight in the evening we discussed half of the roof. We sat down for dinner (my wife and wife brought the godfather). Drunk on sotochku, and not just the father of Oleg and his younger sister Alena arrived. The father did not stay long, he said he and his wife fly to Novosibirsk for two weeks, and sister left with Oleg. He was not happy to dump "happiness", to put it mildly.
- Dad, I'm not going to follow her, I was all day at work! It is somewhere to dump a walk, and I'm her midnight to look ?!
- Oleg! It's your sister! We have no one to leave her. It will help you here. And one in the apartment I did not leave! You know her character!
- What she can help me in my 14 years ?!
Then I put my 5 cents Alain:
- Olezhenka, well, I promise I'm not going to get you! I'll cook and clean, and home'll come at nine o'clock! I promise! Well to me there most of the apartment to do in this heat ?!
- So! On the beach one does not go, listen to me without hysteria! Clear?
Because of it there is little that depended Oleg agreed. After working for an hour or more, until it got dark, we went home, promising Oleg tomorrow morning to come.
The next day we dismantled the shed and Allen served as the mistress of the house: feeding us and simultaneously restore order in the house of Oleg bachelor. We finished at seven o'clock, power no longer exists, and the heat under 38 degrees the day has finished. Alain ran away to walk, and to Oleg was his girl Vika. We went to my godfather, drink, fried kebab and sat and talked. At eleven-thirty the night came a furious Oleg:
- Guys! Help it find a lost fool!
We took a flashlight and went, not really worrying about Alain, because in her behavior had already understood that the girl, to put it mildly, is optional. During the explanations it became clear that Oleg Vika searched for it with nine-thirty, then Vic has arranged Oleg hysterical and went home, saying that even if it is worn with this youngster himself. In short, we found it on a friend's birthday party at the other end of the village. What she expressed Oleg, I omit, but I will say honestly that he has promised to do with it, like a manual for professionals Gestapo ... In the end, the last sentence, which I heard was:
- You're really lucky, today I have not the strength to deal with you. We'll talk tomorrow...
On Sunday, the sound of incessant bickering Oleg furious and resentful Alena, we successfully carried the barn "to pieces and half." In the evening, it's got a good wash. After the first bottle Oleg beginning enter:
- ... I was looking for her bitch midnight, because of this shit with Vika, tired as a dog, and it is here and snorts at me! ...
Then he called Allen and began the educational process:
- No, well, you tell me how to punish you? Well, not in the corner of the same place! Age-it is not the same!
- Oleg, I agree, that was not right. Sorry. But it did not happen anything wrong!
She was standing near a barbecue festering in a short tight T-shirt and shorts, and bobbing coquettishly. Long brown hair swayed in time with the rocking. Trying to smooth the conflict, she looked at his brother, his head bowed low, and long eyelashes blinked. Huge brown eyes reflected the glow of the fire ... In general, when I saw this spectacle, just quietly ohrenel. Two days later I took her as a child, and now, whether under the influence of alcohol consumed, whether inspired by a picture I wanted her as a woman. I get turned on her little chiselled figure with perfectly formed small breasts, round ass and long thin legs, is absolutely correct form. Judging by the look godfather, I was not alone in his thoughts. And in the eyes of Oleg I read simple uncontrolled lust.
- Ah, nothing happened ?! You do not understand where and with whom shlyaeshsya unknown what do you do to midnight, and I because of you and Vika had a row in the trash! You fuck it with someone, but we'll have to look ?!
Alena face immediately took red with embarrassment, but the harm and the lack of experience with drunken peasants (which, as we know, it is better not to argue) does not allow her to just keep quiet:
- Who do I want with that and fuck! I, by the way, already two months not a girl! And if there is nobody to fuck you - so go into the bushes with myself!
Blurted it all in one breath, she realized that the three men zvezdanula superfluous and blushed to the state of the tomato. All this was said with such an expression, I just admired. As I tried to convince myself that it is the child that she is my daughter to do, it is the sister of Oleg and the like, damn did not help - I wanted her! But Oleg after her tirade simply blown away! He very calmly smiled and said:
- I really am going to go into the bushes, but not himself, and with you! The more that you do not have a girl ... And you already EVERYWHERE "nedevochka"?
On the one hand I wanted to end their dispute, especially since the consequences of yet another ill-considered phrase on her part were absolutely clear, on the other hand I could not help thinking that I want her to do the same.
Kum proposed a toast to "hushed up and drove." All poured vodka, and Alain, a weak protestovanie brother, opened a bottle of beer. Koum said softly in my ear:
- If it is something else I blurt out - I'll put her cancer, and she will surely be "everywhere nedevochka" ...
After a beer Alena went to sleep again the instinct of self-preservation, and she began to get his brother:
- Well, you're drunk!
Oleg just that and waited. He silently stood up, took his sister by the hand, and went to the house, shouting to us already on the threshold of the house:
- Guys! I have ten minutes. Now this beauty put into place and go out. Strung until skewer, Wait vmazh.
- Dovyebyvalas, - I said.
For what we drank and godfather.
A few minutes from the house there was a muffled cry of Alena, and there was silence.
- It seems that Oleg did put her bainki - godfather said.
- It has long been time. And then teases everyone here, they do not sing, so words, - I replied. - Let's put the skewers on the grill, and then Oleg is now released.
However, he did not appear within five minutes, or ten. I could not resist and followed him into the house. Going to the back room, I was dumbfounded: Alain was completely naked. She stood with cancer across the seat so that your feet outweighed by one arm, and his head - in the other. Her elbows were strapped with tape to the knees, so that the only provision that it could take - standing cancer, or just lie. His mouth was tight elastic bandage will draw. Alain was ... me ass, which, incidentally, recently raped, according to the redness and the remnants of the cream and sperm. Oleg stood beside her and quietly said something. I noticed they did not, although I'm not stalking.
"This is even better," - I thought, and quietly stepped closer, but from the comfort of a dark corridor.
-... because she ran into you - I heard - and now I'm paying the price. you teasing me What the hell?
Alain answered mumbled something.
- Something you somehow vaguely talking about! - Mockingly said Oleg. - In short, I'll take off the bandage Wait, but you do not yell. Agreed?
Allen nodded in response. Oleg unwound the bandage, and I heard a noisy sigh.
- Fool! I almost choked! My nose is stuffed up, and so!
- One crooked word - and I'll roll up again. Clear?
- Yes, understood, I will not, - said Alain, and added quietly, - untie me, please, and then I feel so very uncomfortable to stand, already numb everything.
- And who told you that it was over ?! Butt I tried, left two more holes! What are you, my dear, "fly - so fly to fuck - so to fuck .."! - Oleg sold.
- Well, you can, at least for a couple of minutes to untie! I promise that I will behave well!
Oleg thought and said:
- If you do not fight, I can not link you do. But then you yourself will take the posture that I speak, and to expose the hole, which I wanted. And the bed I'll tie that had no desire to run.
After a moment's thought Allen once said resignedly:
- What's the difference, anyway fuck like you want, because no better linked. And run away? ... Where? In the yard of your friends are sitting, I did not jump them naked ?!
Oleg cut Scotch tore it from the body. Alain cried out and said:
- You can request one?
- What?
- Do not fuck me anymore in the ass. It hurts.
- And that much pain?
- At first it was so painful that I cried, and then a little bit used to it. But now it hurts.
- I will not promise, but I'll try your point today is not to tear, - said Oleg with some sadism in his voice.
- Why are you so rude?
- No shit myself! I have it all and pihatelnye breathing, and she told me there lectures about good manners reading! - He began to wind up again.
- Sorry, I did not want! Sorry! - Hunted and dismay in his voice Alain wailed.
Oleg grinned cheerfully:
- That's right, bitch! I'll now explain in full, who is the boss! Night is long, I have the day off tomorrow ... So go ahead, suction and embedding went on skewers, and then I will continue with you.
She hesitated knelt down and took his cock in her mouth, from a petting done quickly took firing position. But the blow, did not last long, about three minutes. Oleg finished her straight in the mouth, clutching her by the hair to him and not letting escape. I during this time he almost did not finish.
Alain got up, wiped her face and began to dress.
When she began to pull her panties, Oleg it straightened sharply:
- Do not wear! Odenesh only shorts and my shirt, but I'll fasten it forbid! Let them look at you in all its glory.
- Do not! - She exclaimed Alain and blushed. And then he added. - Even though you tell them anyway. Do whatever you want...
At that time I quietly walked out of the house, and saw the godfather dozharil kebab and went home. Lighting a cigarette, I sat down on a bench, and then there was Alain home. Not very confident, pushed by her brother, she went down the steps and looked straight into my eyes, not looking up. The shirt was completely unbuttoned, and with the slightest breeze could see her small breasts. Without taking his eyes from me, she gently sat on the bench opposite. She played on the cheeks blush. I broke down and asked her:
- Why are you looking at me defiantly looking at?
Approached Oleg mockingly said:
- And she wants you too ... - he made a meaningful pause, - to bring to a state where you do not keep ... By the way, where's your godfather go?
- I do not know, I went home, I guess.
- Where have you been? - Oleg asked.
There was a silence. In the eyes of Alena flashed fear that I have seen, though on her mind and body movements, and so it was clear that he had just done to her. I decided to see her reaction and said:
- What are you frightened? Nothing terrible has happened. Well, your brother tied and fucked in the ass, then you suck at it and promised to execute all his orders. And in a shirt unbuttoned, he made you go out ...
Alain blushed, but the look is not averted:
- All of you have seen?
- Yes - I looked into her eyes.
Oleg somehow spun around, muttered something and stumbled badly enough, went into the house. So we looked at each other for about two minutes. All this time, her eyes flashed sparks, or thought, in short, "I observed some dvizhnyak". Then she slowly stood up, walked around a brazier and sat on my lap, giving sight to the BBQ. I was silent. She abruptly turned his head toward me, and looking me in the eye and asked:
- Uncle Sasha, do you like me?
I wanted, so I asked that she told herself:
- What exactly do you mean?
Blushing, she began to clarify:
- I am beautifull?
- Yes very.
Again was a pause.
- And you do not want to ... I want to ... ... with me ...- finally entangled in words, she paused, took a deep breath and blurted out hurriedly. - You want to do to me what he did brother? Tell me I did everything right? How long will I still hurt? And if you try again in the ass, it hurts more and I get used to it? You do not disdain brother after me ... with me ...- she paused again and stopped, staring into the fire.
Her body beat willies. I am not without interest watched the nervousness, I was amused. She did not know where to put hands and constantly twisted little twig in half a minute away in tatters. I finally decided to stop the torture and said:
- I understand you wanted to ask, I want you as a woman? Yes, I do, you look tempting - there is in my heart there was a very low whisper, and I continued my mind. - Before you now answer my question, I ask you to think for one minute, and then give the answer. Alain, you just fucked in the ass and slapped in the mouth. Are you sure you want me to do with you today is the same? And possibly more.
- Uncle Sasha, and you ... and you'll be able to fuck me, but not in the ass? ... And I'll be a long time for it to suck!
I have this phrase so amused that I could not resist and began to laugh heartily.
- I'm a complete idiot, huh? - Alain asked.
And I was struck by how different her pleading tone in his voice, from ambition, which was in the early evening.
- No, you're not stupid, just inexperienced you still - I put her head on his shoulder and hugged, shaking immediately stopped - okay minutes gone. I am sure that you want?
- No ass?
- Without.
She was silent for a long time, then got up, took me by the arm and pulled him into the house. When we went into the dark room she whispered fervently:
- I'm very obedient girl, do not make me hurt especially. Good?
Unable to restrain myself, I said:
- Torment will not, but I will fuck - be patient.
I tore off her shirt and wanted to pull off shorts jerk, but she inexplicably slipped, fell on her knees and unzipped my pants ...
In myself, I came about three o'clock in the morning. All that was between midnight and three o'clock in the details I can not remember even now. I remember passages: Behold I fuck her from behind ... little round ass in my hands, I thrust the cock into her vagina is very tight, warm ... Next Frame: I'm on it on ... her legs on my shoulders. .. burning eyes ... she whispers something to me ... The gentle breaks - stunning blowjobs ... gentle tongue ... damp sponge ... I thought I "fall off the end of the end." Alena went to sleep, and I went home. Arriving home, I passed out.
The next morning, I was drawn back to Alain, though I knew it was wrong, but to do with him could not. I came to him around noon. In the courtyard sitting Oleg and Aliona lila at him with a hose cold water. All this was accompanied by cries of Oleg, from the series "Drinking should be less ...". Seeing me, Alain greeted me on you. Turning off the water, it slowly went to the kitchen garden. I admired her. She changed gait, posture ... It was the insanely beautiful little seductress men. Noticing my opinion, Oleg said:
- I understand you're her Proper yesterday in every hole?
- Not at all, but we will work out pretty sex ...
- Yes, I've wanted to apologize to her in the morning, but it soon as I opened my mouth, closed his hand and said: "Then ...". I understand that she was waiting for you, such as when all offended at all apologize ... Yes, yesterday I nachudil ...- he turned to the vegetable garden and cried, - Alain!
Alain meekly approached and began beside him, but watched, smiling gently at me.
- Hey, Alyona, you must excuse me for yesterday ... What I got it ... In general, I was drunk ... I'm sorry, and ask for what you want - he grinned.
- First - you would never do this to me; the second - you're never not tell anyone about last night, and the third - a big thank you to me yesterday did.
Ohrenevshy Oleg dropped his jaw on the floor. I just grabbed his hands, so he pretended that everything is as it should be. At this time, Allen continued:
- If you have not fucked in the ass, it would be me uncle Sasha fucked for real. So what is the pain that you caused me, it was more than offset by the continuation of fun night.
- Well, you fucking give ... - Oleg dumbfounded sat on the bench. - How long are you going to have fun with it?
- Well, if Uncle Sasha do not mind, every day for two weeks ... We do not all have tried ...
And she smiled slyly.
It was two weeks of absolute bliss! The girl studied by leaps and bounds! A week later even I learned to tolerate in silence when I fuck her in the ass. By the end of the second week - even poohivala.
A complete all quite banal. Her parents took home, and in those rare moments when she fell to Oleg, we agreed not to meet again, because the two to each other strongly attached, and nothing good is not over.
On Valentine's Day I Oleg secretly handed a note from her:
"I'm very grateful to you! You got me taught me to behave in bed with a man. I recently changed your 20-year-old guy. Sorry. Then I realized that I should not lie down for all, as compared to you - they are vulgar and amateurs! I'm going to grow, to grow up, remember you, and look for a real man like you. I love the whole. Your little girl. P.S. Do not answer the note. I love "again.
That's it ...
How quickly time passes, it's been twenty years, it was like yesterday.
1985, a month later I was 14 years old. My mother sent me on vacation out of town to her grandmother in a small village of the neighboring region. I did not want to go, but my mother did not argue. And here I am flying from the coastal city to the village where entertainment - club with old pictures, but lake with muddy water. And in this situation, I have to live as long as six weeks. At the airport I was met by my grandmother, with whom I will go by bus to the village.
In the village I was twelve days. My grandmother gave me a private room. As I expected there to do absolutely nothing. For five days the rain. I became acquainted with the neighborhood boys - fourteen Yurka and Dimka twelve years. Several times they came to visit me and we played cards, I taught them tricks. Tosca, can only watch TV and read books. And at home - the sea, the sun !! Today's grandmother received from my aunt a telegram in which it was reported that two days will arrive my cousin Lena for two weeks. "That's great - grandmother said, - you will have fun." Lenka I almost did not remember, she was younger than me by two years, and I saw her for the last time when I was 6-7 years old, she was with mom and dad came to visit us. It was a fat girl, who constantly complained at me adult and constantly ached. So this news I was not particularly pleased.
Grandma went to the railway station to meet Lena. Today I have a half day one "on the farm". Since yesterday finally came good weather, the sun fry for thirty. Yesterday a neighbor Dima and grandmother went to the lake. The lake is small and shallow, but very warm. Today Yuri and Dima invited me to go for mushrooms. I closed the door, put the key in a specified location and grandmother - under the porch, and went with the boys to pick mushrooms. Prolazit we almost four hours, each collected a little more than half a bucket. When I returned, my grandmother was sitting at a table and drinking tea, sitting next to her wonderful creation. I expected to see a fat nasty child, and in front of me sat a thin girl of my growth with white hairs and freckles on his nose, which stared at me, blue eyes and a friendly smile to me. "Meet Jack is your brother - said meanwhile grandmother about me - and it's your sister Helen. Razuvaev, sit down to dinner. We will not wait and already ate". After dinner, I met a kid into the pavilion to play in game of cards, but my grandmother said to me: "Lena arrived today, and you throw her one. Let sit at home today my dear, socialize, play together". "Grandma, I was also waiting. I do not want to sit at home." Lena saved me. - "If you want to go, I'll sit at home alone. And if I may, I'll go with you to play cards". I had to take her with him, but Lena was a normal girl, the boys took her into his lap almost immediately, the whole night she poisoned jokes, telling stories along with other boys. The whole evening I from it could not take my eyes, I had not yet realized that it is love. And to tell you the truth I was even a little proud that I have such an interesting sister. We probably would have sat up in the morning, but my grandmother called us home: - "Sleep is time for the tenth hour".
When it came time to go to bed, my grandmother announced: "Jack as a boy Lena relinquish his bed, and he would sleep on the cot beside him. I'll have a bed.". I frankly was shocked, I thought Lena would sleep in a room with my grandmother. Lena immediately pulled her dress, socks and stayed in some little white panties, add up all your things neatly on a chair and climbed under the covers. I stood like a marble, a girl who I like, but that was in front of me in shorts. In school, we spied on the girls in the athletic locker room, put under the desk mirror so you can see what is under their dresses. But here she was standing in front of me in shorts, no shirts. "And you do not undress, fast sleep," - Hurried grandmother. After removing his shirt, I stopped, I was embarrassed because I was in a girly short white shorts with a white platter. How do I show in front of her in such cowards? How many times have I told my mother that she did not buy me such tr mustache. "Who cares what cowards, I really like these" - She replied. All the boys in the class for a long time walking in colorful boxers, and I in white, blue, pink,: girly panties. And she still buys me only such cowards. Here before leaving to soak it all, I bought some panties in peas, and others with flowers, and even tells me "See what beautiful flowers". In my address constantly showered taunts when we change clothes in gym. And now I was to appear before it, lost all his male pride. I quickly pulled the tights and slipped into bed. Lena giggled: "You wear girly panties ?!". I did not know where I hide from shame.
In the house everything was quiet. My heart beat quickened. Lenka also did not sleep. "You do not take offense at me, but I thought that the boys are not wearing panties. I will not laugh at you". I could not sleep, thinking about Lena, Lena. The panties I have all risen. I thought for the morrow, in the morning it will be again tomorrow in shorts, you only need to wake up before it.
My grandmother woke up.
- I went to the store. And you, when Lena wakes up, eat. Breakfast on the table. I'll come to dinner.
Lena disclosed lying on the bed, face up, a blanket hitched to the feet. I began to consider it carefully. She had already begun to swell the chest, through her panties viewed her pussy. So I wanted to touch at least to some part of her body. A member of my swollen. I waited and when Lena wakes up. Half an hour passed, Lena does not think to wake up. I started to stomp around the room, knocked, as it were by chance in the stool. Finally Lena reached over and opened her eyes. I told her that my grandmother went to the store, and so she sat down to eat. Lena stood up, not dressed went to the yard to the toilet. During breakfast, Lenka said something, and I looked at it from time time. Suddenly she asked me a question: "Do you want to look at me without panties?". I nearly choked. "How could she guess my desire?" I kind of jokingly said, "Of course!"
- "Then you also have to undress before the goal". And without waiting for my answer she took off her little white panties. I also took off all his clothes. -"I've never seen a girl naked older than 5 years. Have you ever seen a boy naked". - "Yes, I saw a father and mother fuck the keyhole". We began to feel each other. My cock stood stake. And Lenka suddenly knelt down and began to caress my pussy mouth. A few minutes later we were already in bed and I knew Lenka first love. I never do not moan and groan heard this from his partner in the first time. Time ran with breakneck speed, and when we focus on the clock then it turned out that it's been three hours in a minute should come grandmother. We dressed quickly, led the bed in order. When it was my grandmother, we as exemplary children playing on the porch in some board game. I was so fascinated by Lenka, he refused to this day to go with the boys to the lake. For the rest of the day we spent with her. I went to the forest for mushrooms, but there we were not up to the mushrooms. As soon as we withdrew from the village, I flunked Lenka on the ground and began to kiss her, about how she smelled, I loved the smell of a lifetime. I put his bloodshot sausage in her burrow. Oh, how nice. I felt at one with it. About Lena, Helen: Oh .. !! Suddenly she screamed and pushed me away. "I am someone bitten". It turned out that the ant crawled and bit her in the ass. I began to kiss her ass. Then I fell in ... from behind and began to caress her with kisses, suddenly my cock into her lair. So we found another position of love. Mushroom we have not scored. My grandmother was very happy that we have become friends. She could not think that it is not friendship.
Since then, every night, as soon as heard the grandmother's snoring, I Lenkina climbs in bed, and we were engaged in their favorite thing. Several times we almost got caught. One night I lay in pink shorts, and she is white. Morning got up, I was in little white shorts, and she is my rose, but the grandmother did not even pay attention. Another time, I washed in the bath, climbed to me Lena, and my grandmother was her look.
Free (sex), we carried out all the children. I, Lena, Yuri and Dima went to the lake to bathe. Boys Lenka also liked. I saw them looking at her, especially when she was getting out of the water in their white shorts and they shine through thoroughly. The boys swam in the family shorts. I bathed in the bathing suit for good reason. Lenka I'm not teasing anymore and kid never told that I wear girly panties.
Today, I have a bad mood. Last night, we did not engage in sex, come to Grandma's girlfriend and they are until midnight chatting with her when she left we went to sleep. Lenka going home tomorrow. I was home for nearly two weeks. I have a longing, how can I go on without her. We agreed that we will write letters to each other, and be sure to spend the next vacation together. We went for our boys and we go to the lake. Lenka with Yuri and Dima go ahead, talk, and I do not even chat hunting, how sad. That's the lake. Lenka with all the guys take off shorts and a T-shirt and flop into the water. I slowly pull together T-shirt and socks. Unbutton his pants, oh shit, I forgot to put on the heat. "What did you dig?" - Yuri yells - "jump to us". "Something's not hunting, I'll sit on the shore" The guys dabble, splash around. Over the water glimpses of blue satin panties boys and Lenkina ass dressed in transparent white panties, so delicious, my favorite ass.
The guys got out to lie in the sun, talking all sorts of nonsense, jokes poison, remember school. Let's go swimming again. Dive, splash. "Zhenya sad enough, climb to us," - Dimka yells. Suddenly the boys jump out of the water, run against me. Yuri with Dima held me by the shoulders, and Lenka pulls off my sandals. I resist but the guys in the excitement. Lenka pulls off shorts me. I stay in white panties in peas with white platter. The boys immediately begin to laugh at me. "About Eugene in girly shorts" "Eugene Girl". And the most insulting, that Lenka also laughing along with them. Yuri begins to touch me for the ass. "On some ass" I'm going to cry. The children immediately calm down. Lenka offers: - "And let us sunbathe naked!" -, And removes her panties. In the boys's eyes bulged, they did not expect such a bold act. Dima first took off his pants, then Yuri. The one I stayed in my shorts, I really did not like that at my Lenka watching other boys. I told her about it and she told me that I fell behind on her, she wants something that does. I was offended and went swimming with Dima. Five minutes later, I looked at the shore and saw Lena standing cancer and Yuri its processes. When I got to the bank Yuri already finished. Lenka offered me sex, I gave up and went home. The more I talked to Lena. The next day she went home.
Lenka I saw with just 8 years old, she was already 20 years old, she studied at the university. When I asked her if she remembered our joint vacation, she replied that she would like to forget, but unfortunately remembers these sexual impressions most vivid.
- Quiet! There's someone coming? - Rax whispered, stopping and carefully peering into the darkness.
Todd stopped abruptly and looked back, having stood as a minute, he turned to the Rax and, holding his breath he said:
- No one there!
- Todd, what if anybody here go? I'm afraid! I hear all the time steps, it seems to me that we were someone is!
- Rax, well, who will then wander at night in these thickets, well? Calm down please. We are alone here. - Todd pulled her to him and embraced. - Do not worry dear, po¸dem, there are two steps left.
Rax went for Todd, firmly taking his hand.
- For a long time to go yet? It's so dark I can not see where to even start. Todd, I do not run you.
- Here! - Interrupted Todd raksiny complaint.
- Come after me! - Having said that, Todd veered off the path and stooped, reached somewhere in the dark thickets. Rax did not understand where he drags her. She closed her eyes that the leaves do not fall into his eyes, and he felt like twigs reluctantly parted unpleasantly Schork on clothes Rax somewhere climbed. At least, it seemed kind of emptiness around.
- Well, Raksyush, come! I told you, what's cool at night!
Rax opened her eyes and realized that they are in a certain similarity of the hut. Above their heads was a wide spreading branches that broke off, not even broken off, and broke down about two meters from the ground and bent down, covered their branches this place like a tent. Fracture this was something either wrapped, or knocked down, Rax could not make out, but realized that it strengthened, thus making quite a cozy place here. Branches on land served as the walls and the entrance here was only one place, and Todd knew it, and yet the most important thing on top was a pretty big gap between the branches, in which the moon shone, creating inside the hut light illumination, it was enough at night, to see each other. It should be noted that, approaching the hut, you walk under the branches of trees that do not pass light of the moon, so it's dark, and Rax first did not understand where they climb. Her wariness subsided a bit and now Toda idea to come here, seemed not so bad.
- Todd, how cool here. And who did it?
- Who. Who! Mother Nature, I just won see the break brought down to the branch finally collapsed.
- She clings?
- Do not worry, I've tested it, and hung on her, even climbs on top and jumped. Branch thick, fuck her Oblomov himself. So be sure!
- And to sit here where? - Looking around and not seeing anything like the chair, asked Rax.
- This we have taken into account! - Todd said proudly. - I beg you, Madame.
With that, he walked away, and was an old bench behind him. He made a motion of his hands, as if dusting and pointed to the seat.
- Mercy! - Quipped Rax, crouching slightly, as did the ladies in the old days, portraying gratitude. - It is probably dirty ?!
- We are all sterile, - repeated duster Todd and sat himself - Go sit down on your knees!
Sitting on his lap Toda, Rax gently pressed her to him and wrapped his arms. At such moments, Todd felt like a real defender of his ladylove. He held her by the ass with one hand and put his arm around the other's back, thus expanding the number yourself.
- How nice! So warm with you!
- M-uh, I'm even a little hot - Todd smiled, holding her to him.
- What is there for you? - Rax asked shifted in the lap of Toda - What is here is solid?
- Uh-uh, things got out of control, madam, your movements make me worry.
- So, Mister, please reassure your friend - Rax Todd grabbed his pants for jeans in the area - I do not want here.
- But you see, Madame, your smart ass, which is now in my hands, is not conducive to calm down - a broad smile, whispered Todd.
- So, I said !! - Affirmative vote Rax sounded menacing. - All calm down!
- Well, as always.
As the minute of silence absurd. Todd turning over in my head combinations are screened them mercilessly. Today, apparently, is not to be expected sexual adventures. Todd strain of thought, suddenly Rax interrupted this moment of silence:
-Pisit I want!
From these words Tod somehow breath, heart suddenly began to beat as if he had to cross.
Surprised by his reaction, Todd said:
- You, as always, Rax, you always want to pisit in the most unfitting moment. Come, sit down over there in the corner!
Todd pointed to the far corner of their makeshift room. There was not an angle, but merely dark in comparison with the other portions of space. Todd found this place the best toilet in the vicinity.
- What?! Here! No, I'm not here! - Rax head whirled.
- Look, I'm with you nowhere SOCA, let's sit down over there, and that's that. Are you embarrassed me, because there is just dark, the moon does not shine there. Come on, go already!
- Okay! Do not want to stand, only you do not see, - smiling, murmured Rax.
She got up from her knees Toda, carefully walked to the place, or rather she did just three steps, and was next to a bush that hung a little forward. Todd closely followed her every movement. She turned her back to him. Looking at the ground around him, and apparently making a suitable condition place, start to unzip tight jeans. Todd automatically, you can tell instinctively looked at her ass. For now, it will remove the jeans. When he heard the sound unzips - he caught his breath. His eyes, tense at the limit, trying to snatch out of the darkness all the details of what is happening. Rax, opening his zipper, lifted her shirt up a little, why Tod opened light in the dark waist. Her hands slid to the sides took up the waistband and began to shoot them. Tight jeans reluctantly slipped from her ass, making the movement more desirable. After a moment, waistband, sliding down to the buttocks, let them into the light of day, and Todd saw two white elastic halves of her ass, which stood out clearly in the dark, flowing between a thin white panties straps. Leaving jeans at the knees, I began to take off her panties Rax.
Panties were three thin straps. Two of them stayed on the hips, and a third lay between the buttocks. Two fingers Rax easily pulled down the top two, but the third caught between the serried hips. Rax feet slightly apart, and the strap easily flew to the other two. Now the ass Rax nothing has closed, although before that she was not hidden. A second pause, Rax squatted, holding the hand jeans with panties. Todd is now seen as soon as her ass, slowly hiding in the dark. More could be seen as Rax bent legs spread apart and fell silent. After a moment, in the silence could be heard the murmur. He could not imagine what was written ... Rax will cause a storm of emotions and a burning desire to see this process in great detail. The murmur in the meantime subsided, Rax sat a little more and getting up from squatting, reached into the pocket of jeans lowered, with the napkin. Todd watched her every action. Taking napkin Rax, not turning to Todd, he tucked knees slightly and place them to the side. Todd fidgeted in his place by what he saw pictures. Rax rapid hand movement podterlas and throwing a towel to the side pulled the jeans, zipped and smoothed jersey. All!
- Well here is how relieved! - Rax said, and turned to face Todd.
- What are you staring! ?? - A surprised voice forced Toda step back from their experiences.
- A? What? I?! I'm not-ee, I was not looking! - Todd tried to explain, but it did not help.
- Todd, let you open your mouth, as if you saw a miracle! - He explained Rax - why are you watching?
- Well, uh-uh, it's so beautiful, you have me so beautiful!
- It! Handsomely? What could be more beautiful that I pisila under a bush ???
- Yes, you know, I thought so too until I saw - monotonically said Todd - is everything !!!
Rax settling again on his knees Toda, I hugged him and asked coyly:
- So what you saw there?
Todd, pulling her to him began to whisper in her ear. If it was not dark, we would see how Rax smiled, and her eyes sparkled - Todd learned well that women love with their ears and tried to maximize the use of all his eloquence in describing the recent experiences. Its soft, so dear voice, and hot noisy breathing gradually clouding consciousness Rax and she began to feel hot languid languor in the abdomen, which is spreading throughout the body heat waves.
Todd felt rather heard breathing quickened Rax, her arms wrapped around him stronger, and suddenly one of them went down to his ass. "ABOUT! we are going the right way!" - Tod thought - "It is time to take action!" He began to gently touch the lips of her eye, and then the language. Rax reacted immediately, grabbing him unceremoniously over the buttock, or rather of the part of it that was available. Her other hand suddenly undid the bottom of his shirt, penetrated the stomach and quickly began to unbutton his pants. From these actions in mind Toda already buzzed. He waited for a moment and when she finally gets inside and it happened. Her hand crept unceremoniously in shorts and grabbed the barrel, squeezed it in his hand, which he stiffened even more. Todd showered kisses on her neck and stared at the shoulder like a hungry vampire, licking his tongue. After a moment, he felt like his cock was bred out and her hand still clutching start gently move up and down. Rax whispered:
- I'll give you a very nice!
Then she suddenly stopped moving his hand, stood up and gently dropped into a crouch.
Todd felt his heart beat, it just shook his chest every stroke. Her hand gently grasped at the base member, squeezed it as if checking for firmness and sent over. Todd could not with his hands on the bench about something to think he just stupidly waited, when? Rax hung his head over the rearing member and Tod was to be seen what will happen there. He instinctively closed his eyes, giving a major role in the haptic perception of Rax. Her hand gently moved down, exposing the head. A moment later he felt the head of her breathing. His lips touched the trunk somewhere, gently kissed, then climbed up and kissed again. The next kiss was already with the language - Rax taste its trunk. Next him bolder and long kiss convinced Todd to serious intentions Rax. Remembering that it is possible to see Todd was about to open his eyes, when his cock enveloped something wet or leisure. Todd stopped, it was like, no, perhaps it is not that it does not seem sensations were completely new for our hero, to compare them to something he could not. Her hot tongue so gentle, plump lips, tightly hugged the trunk and this strange sensation of coolness when she released his mouth, forced Toda poskulivat quietly. It is amazingly gentle and carefully made a blowjob, and it's definitely like it. From the height of pleasure, Todd realized that everything will soon come to an end. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the Rax completely absorbed by his occupation, her lips girth of the penis and cheeks, which were drawn when she was sucking it, Todd sharply strained abs and squeezing everything inside began to throw out one, then a second, a third portion, listening as the Rax swallows its nectar.
Conscious experiences, Todd gradually came to himself. A member of his beginnings become soft. Rax, licking his lips, suddenly said: "And it looks like the smell of flowers, which his grandmother everywhere in the country bloom".
While Todd was coming into being said, Rax sat next to him.
- How are you? - Finding nothing more in my head asked Todd.
- Good! - Mysteriously replied Rax - I like to make you a blowjob, it's fun, exciting, did you get it so nice!
- Todd stared at Rax. What to tell her so, he did not know, so I just silently hugged her.
- I want sex! - Her voice was so demanding that Todd knew - he started to fall asleep.
- Listen, I want you to come in, right now! - Repeat this Rax reached into his pants Toda. - Are you ready?
Todd said nothing. He just got up, picked up the Rax hands, then turned her back to him and bent sharply forward. Rax, exhaling loudly, spread her legs, put her hands on the bench. Todd began frantically to pull off her jeans. Before his eyes the image ran naked ass Rax, when she wrote to him.
Sweda feet, I we contract them with you! - Todd hissed, taking his hands Raksiny legs.
Rax dutifully put his feet together and helped pull Tod jeans with panties. Todd took one leg with Raksinoy legs, thus giving it the opportunity to place them. The next step, he dropped his pants and put the rebellious and ready dick between Rax buttocks. She moaned and languidly ass sticking up, caved in like a cat.
- Come to me, I beg you, come! - Rax whispered in the dark.
Todd has covered her pussy with his hand, and felt the hot flesh, introduced her finger into the vagina. Rax moaned loudly and leaned back, trying to perch on him stronger. Todd began slowly moving his finger, feeling the hot slippery walls of her body. Rax immediately adopted this motion long groan and arranged the legs wider, inviting a thumb. But Todd decided to replace the finger on something better. His cock was aimed directly at her. Few occasion it from top to bottom, head lubricating juices Rax, Todd deliberately delayed the time of introduction, anticipating it. Reins so he decided and gently introduced it, pulling Rax hips. I am feeling it all turned out to be entirely in her Todd hesitated, enjoying her elastic shrug, and then went out and brought back, but stronger and more sharply, causing at Rax groan. Then it was difficult to describe anything. It was like a rocking boat on the waves and the noise in my head from the surf of pleasure rushed into the consciousness of both.
The silence was broken only Raksiny soft moans and loud breathing Toda, who with his eyes closed and his head thrown back, sit down with greed ... Rax on his hard cock, juicy slapping thighs of her white buttocks.
Last willpower left Toda, the body will not obey him, it worked in their scenario. Todd looked at everything as if from the outside, he himself pleaded Rax come, because it has remained a second patient. Already preparing to remove it, he heard a familiar sobs Rax and felt the trembling of her body, and even blow it, arched like an electric shock loudly moaned something like "Mama" and her body began to beat the Jets in orgasm. Seeing this, Todd felt his prostate has shrunk. Very leaving the Rax, he pressed himself against her buttocks and having lost touch with the outside world began to pour out of himself the seed portions one after the other.
Spilling the last drop back groaning Rax, Todd carefully tucked his dick in his pants and took a step back. Painting, which opened it was just wonderful. Rax stood in unequivocal pose in the moonlight shining whiteness of her ass, lowered jeans dented accordion, hung on his leg from under battened down shirts hanging down and seemed white in the dark, her two lovely breasts. On the back Raks Tod saw his sperm, which gleamed like a glaze in a poor light of the moon.
After admiring the spectacle Todd pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and began again, gently wipe the traces of their orgasm with Raksinoy back while stroking her rounded ass.
Rax all this time remained silent, as silence, she let Todd put on her jeans. Finally Todd sat her and sat himself, considering everything that happened.
Rax again suddenly interrupted the silence:
- How good have sex!
Todd surprised at such a dramatic statement Rax, but added:
- Yes OK.
- And let's try in the ass !!!
Todd bulging eyes, climbed to seek his jaw dropped out, his cock, tired and calm started to harden again.
As it happened, the first woman, opened for me anal sex, became my dear aunt - my father's sister. About once every three months, she had a business trip to our city. The company has paid to her hotel, where we performed a wild desire to spend hours of each other. Aunt's wide hips and a huge ass with childhood attracted to me, and she just caught my eye on her zadik, hidden under a tight jeans or long skirt. I was sixteen when she was under not remember any pretext, for the first time zazvat me to his room, closed the inside door and openly admitted that he wanted me to fuck her in full. She wore shoes with heels, black tights, as well as home-made mask, completely covers the eyes, which she wore before unbuttoned my pants, pulled off her panties and began to suck dick. I was about to finish, when suddenly she stopped.
- Most of all I like men rude, especially when anal - she said. - Now I'll get up on all fours and start and start to caress her breasts and clitoris, and you show me what you all these years wanted to create with me. Do not be afraid to hurt me - there's plenty of Vaseline.
I felt a wild excitement, and weighty Aunt Natasha slapped by the pope.
- Spank me as follows - I'm a bad girl, she whispered excitedly - and then fuck my ass. "Do not order me, bitch" - I said to myself.
- Do what I say - I ordered and said reinforced with heavy slaps on the ass and thighs. Popa Aunt Natasha became scarlet. I roughly took her nipples and pulled to the wall near the headboard. She nearly fell, unable to resist on their heels. I ordered the legs spread apart and push back the hands.
Ten years have passed. Aunt began to second in another city. I got married "in Calculating" the girl with ass figure and the name exactly as Aunt, but it such a buzz, both aunt did not work. Anal we rarely practiced. Vaginal orgasm wife did not receive, an anal I never dreamed of thinking that is capable only my Aunt Natasha. It ends only my half of the "uncle Cooney". In general, our sex was monotonous and boring, what I one day sadly told Aunt Natasha in a telephone conversation.
- Do not worry, we will fix it soon, she said, with the participation of a malicious note in her voice. Next Saturday I'll visit you. Buy in a sex shop anal lubricant, pink dildo sided with one side narrower and the other wider, so - lesbian, - you must have seen in porn, and I'll take care of the rest.
In fact, on Saturday, we visited Aunt Natasha. We had dinner the three of us, drank red Georgian wine and chatted about all sorts of things. Suddenly the phone rang, and his wife went to shoot up. My aunt winked at me and poured some liquid from a small bubble in the glass of his wife, and then said in a low voice: "I want to fuck with you Natasha". The wife returned, we drank wine, and went to the sweet. wife's face turned pink from the aunt's elixir. Aunt gently turned the conversation to the topic "husband wife". Suddenly, she jokingly asked Natasha: "And who do you call? Lover?". Wife does laughed and said:
"No, Aunt Natasha, Sasha and I are faithful".
- The priest is often loved you give? - I brought down at her aunt even more shocking question. Not waiting for an answer, she turned to both of us: "Well, what are you - not tushuytes what so and so? - I wonder the same topic. I for example with Anton (the husband) only on anal sex and cumming".
Few promeshkavshis, the wife replied that she liked anal less than traditional sex.
- Oh, come on, I suppose, we end only by screaming (I'm passed aunt wife with giblets), I was young, my ass is not begun to love.
- Unfortunately yes - sadly, I joined in the conversation, - anal sex, we do not really work.
- What doest it? - Aunt asked, turning to his wife, - you want to Sashulya walk started but infection brought into the house? Do not you understand that he wants to love you in the ass? Not nine times on the tenth. You're a big girl with big - there aunt stood up, lifted her skirt and gently patted her hidden behind black panties pope, continued, - like me, asshole.
Apparently aunt's stimulant already fully emancipated wife, and she willfully-pitying voice said: "I can not be liberated during anal sex, it is for me and embarrassing and often uncomfortable.
- What are you ashamed of, you fool? - It's high. - I'm sure you do not just ass stretched as it should. Come show me your chocolate hole. And I'll show you mine. And everything will be clear.
- But I'm in front of Sasha is shy.
- Do not be shy - all his - a serious question - whether you walk from your favorite or to be faithful until death? With these words, my aunt got up from his seat and walked over to me.
- Pull-ka with me dzhinsiki and demonstrate his beloved disclosed my ass. Wife intoxicated with wine and aunt's potion with bated breath in anticipation of what will happen, I watched me undress aunt Natasha turns to her ass as his hands pushed the ass aunt, as I commonly Spreading the four fingers of her pre-greased ass.
- It is unlikely that your ass as he can. And who does it teach, if rarely engaged in anal sex.
I want to show you what needs to be able to love in bed modern woman - to learn how to enjoy the pleasure of anal sex in all its diversity. Let's go into the bedroom - with a smile, offered aunt, and quickly carried away, zaved¸nnuyu, not looking forward to the news that his wife's hand, behind him. Realizing that his wife has "t¸plenkaya"I slowly began to come up with both her aunt and enjoy to the fullest.
- Bring me out of my bag in the hallway everything necessary - asked Aunt Natasha. I took out a hiding place bilateral pink dildo and anal lubricant, then pulled out her aunt's personal bag sexy jumpsuit with a cut on his ass and tits, high heels and a mask covering his eyes. Also, in a bag lying on the DVD pornofilm "Anal Introductions" which I also took with him.
- Do everything as I ask you, - has warned his wife aunt - to make happy husband, myself, and .. well, me - after a pause, she slyly squinted and smiled kindly, dreamy finished, - I want to have sex all the nephew I adjusted to house all received and not on the side.
- Well, - I have agreed to Natasha, the plant from the upcoming experiment.
Aunt excited helped his wife to wear anything I dragged including mask, then Natasha put cancer on the floor near the bed, so that his wife's head lay on the blanket and ordered to masturbate. Then she asked me to play a disc with porn where the girls engaged in anal sex for the first time, accompanying all the voluptuous sighs, oohs the discomfort!
- This disc will have you in my house is exactly the same there - I love to watch my husband and I, as the front of the camera deprived young sluts anal virginity. By the way, about the masks, thanks to her, all the anus contracts regardless of how well stretched. So you, dear, now have the opportunity to feel like an anal virgin. - Feel the thrill of humiliation and rudeness ... - be a bad girl.
Aunt sat on the bed so that her vagina wife put her in the face and ordered to lick. With incomprehensible to me readily wife started with a zeal for it. Tripped her hidden from me before, lesbian inclinations, she confessed to me later.
Since the beginning of one, and at the end of three fingers at the same time, I rubbed her beloved virgin ass compressed, the campaign makes a strong splashing to the anus rather relaxed.
The porn girl screamed loudly. Aunt with undisguised pleasure watched on the screen and, increasingly agitated by what he saw, with the force pressed Natashkin tongue and mouth in her vagina, holding it with both hands behind your head and hair.
I took the dildo and rubbed his wife's ass lubricated and began roughly matsaya and fingering her large breasts, fuck Natasha with great speed narrow end of a pink tube.
The wife of a sudden grunt of discomfort - dressing did their job, keeping the previous "attempts" to zero.
- Suffer first for once, soon you will start to catch a buzz - Aunt kept saying, without giving Natasha stepped back from its current vagina, even though his wife all kind showed that the double for her sex is now intolerable.
When he had finished in the language of Natasha, aunt offered to change places. Now I fucked my wife in the mouth, pulling up to the neck, as well as Aunt preventing step back. Aunt Natasha Natal'in fucking ass dildo narrow side, quickly inserting and removing it until the end.
- So you have me will soon be over. Anal orgasm in women occurs exactly - with superior experience told Aunt wife, distraught by becoming more and more pleasant and less and less discomfort. At some point, my aunt invited me to look at the open does not close the anus of his wife. - That's the ass should be at pretends to be the only one. Aunt pulled out from his trouser pocket and a mobile phone of his wife Natashkin closeup photographed as revealed her anus.
- In memory of the first time - she said jokingly.
Excited wide open anus of his wife, I began to violently inserted into his term, until the end of removing it. Her anus is now virtually closed.
The aunt of his wife took off the mask and told her to lick her ass tongue, putting it as far as possible. Surprisingly, the aunt's anus widened in this and she wearing a bandage over his eyes, asked me to remove a member from the backside of his wife and continue to Sun-end-take out-to-end is already in her ass. Through dressing, t¸tkin anus constantly compressed and tightly-fitting member. While I fucked aunt, wife lay down on the sofa, caressing her clitoris, with undisguised pleasure began to monitor what is happening on the screen. A few minutes later we aunt, screaming and ahayuschey simultaneously finished, returning briefly in the time of fucking in the hotel. Recovering from a powerful orgasm, my aunt put his wife in the 69th to face the screen with another squeal maid, poured grease thickest part of the dildo and continued to play with her ass wife in the game, Sun-to-end-take out-to-end.
I looked at the screen, at the aunt and his wife, drove bald and appears again was ready to cum.
- Look at it through the eyes of her husband, she told Aunt Natasha, referring to the fat-young blonde on the screen, ruthlessly fucked in the ass Turk roughly zhmakat with her breasts. Be a man and at the same time. His wife held her fingers to her clit and began to masturbate, but the aunt took her roughly with both hands behind her back, and without ceasing to insert and remove the dildo, put his wife of 69 minutes on his knees wide apart in a pose "before the altar". His wife, with a bright look in his eyes lust, stared at the screen. Suddenly she began to growl and voluptuous shudder all over. Guessing what is happening, Aunt quickly stopped frictions. Natasha flopped face in the bed, biting her teeth blanket (probably not to shout in a loud voice) and began to shake all over from the first in her life Anal orgasm; She growled and screamed, then briefly went limp, and mechanically moving the booty then forward it back, in a hoarse voice said: "Lord, have died yesterday, I would not know what is! pleasure possible"; After these words she turned to her aunt and hugged her, and I'm not missing a unique opportunity, generously embraces lowered popped out on their tongues, lips, eyes, hairstyles, lush breasts.
After a shower, three of us had dinner and tired and satisfied, went to sleep.
Entering the room, I saw the son of his mother. Spreading legs and exposing the coated strip hair beautiful vagina - she held both hands inserted into the anus huge carrot. Based on that part that was outside, she is deeply planted in the thick root its lush calling his flesh and pale pink color ass. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open and wet tongue touched the delicate upper lip of a woman. Spread out half-bent legs overlooking the full labia large female vagina, gleaming with moisture, excited, pink - or rather red - with naked clitoris, half open like a rosebud vaginal folds. Pubic hair to create beautiful exciting triangle genital slit. Massive breasts with large nipples sticking up gently heaving in time with the movements of soft beautiful female belly. Next to the bed lay in disarray massive curly candles, rolling pin, a loaf of sausage konch¸noy condom put on it, a banana, an empty bottle of beer. Sergei realized assignment of subjects to the mother's bed, and a member of his immediately nalilsya blood, pulling pants in the groin area. Sergei seized a desire, a member of the tense to the limit, and in a way my mother saw her beloved son opened his eyes.
...Mom sucked his cock for several minutes. He was ready to cum in this great warm mouth. Several times he held back the pressure of the sperm. She sucked the head, swallowing ALL (!!!!) a member in his mouth - by the throat, choking even the head of the penis of his adult son a few times. Sergei held her head, stroking her hair, touched his ears, then drew her hair behind her ears the mother's head to his penis and pulling her head to this process. Natalia loved to suck the peasants. She liked to bring them to orgasm, then savor the taste of semen, wiping her mouth on the surface of his tongue, then swallow - sometimes even drink - so many sperm were some men. The semen was flowing into her mouth, and remained after the pleasures of the vagina, leaking out of your ass ...
... Mother lying on the bed, her head on the pillow, and Sergei moved his hard penis in her mouth. Member entered completely. Passed the mouth, tongue touched, rested in his throat, and then the head was part of the throat further. Son fucked mom in the mouth for quite some time. Movement became more profound. They then slowed down, then accelerated - Member flew into the flesh of the mouth and stuck in her throat, palate, or tongue in cheek. Several times my mother took the penis of the cheek. When he took out a member of her mouth, she licked his testicles, groin, kissed the trunk of the penis. Sergei liked when Mom lips compressed into a ring, sucking dick while licking his tongue, took a deep in the mouth and throat pushed his head. He could not believe that his mother - adult serious and solid woman, head of the department in a large firm, strong, intelligent and decent, today's so give him, sucking his cock, and even not a bit did not resist when he was unceremoniously crushed all its soft space. For the first time he's free, so long and so plenty of crushed women's breasts, buttocks and vagina. And now here he was feeding his mother's penis, shoving it into her warm and tender mouth. And then he shall give her sperm. Let him try the taste of semen son. This large fleshy lollipop mother clearly loved. The muscles of the mouth is a little tired of sucking movements. Sergei increasingly moved himself a member of the mother's warm mouth, inserting it on the eggs in the throat. Member tensed, head suffused with blood pressure in the penis has become critical, and ...
SEMEN mother gushed in the esophagus at the time when a member went deep into the throat. Tremors member muscles threw large portion of sperm in the mother's throat, she swallowed the thick liquid, surprised her number. Son literally filled my mouth with his sperm mother. Depends on my head at this moment are strung on a member, came to a standstill. Now it served only large mouth soft and warm spermopri¸mnika. The role of the vagina, taking the man's body and bringing him to orgasm.
... Hand of mother's vagina pretty freely gone in, but met resistance at the beginning of the labia. Sergei felt uterine protrusion, grabbed his two fingers. Mom at the same time closed her eyes and began to move her hips slightly towards the fingers clumsy son. He began to move his hand, touching the wall, his fingers pushing the uterus. Mom let out a sweet moan. Inside her body matured huge wave of pleasure. All erogenous centers deteriorated. The vagina has become the center of the universe. Son fucked mother shoved his hand into the vagina. Today it falls so low that it is difficult to even imagine. It is not torn and remained undeveloped even her big soft ass with elastic ringlet anus.
Rear mom passage tightly grabbed Sergei member. Lush buttocks gently swaying to the beat of shock, tapering at the touch of men's thighs. Son stroked hemisphere large soft juicy female ass, squeezed them and enjoyed the warmth of the mother straight intestine. Each push of forward Mom abruptly pushed his hips back - towards the penis. She obviously liked anal sex. Elastic soft ass surely covers the penis, and when the member reached the stop - mum relaxes the muscles of the rectum, a member fell into the soft flesh of parental innards. "Mom, this is my friend - Andrew. I'll say about it. He also wants to buy you a ...". Natasha looked in confusion at the boys, trying to figure out what they want from it. What she says Sergey during sex it is, of course, I remember, but takes it a game of imagination. Now she was trying to figure out how to behave. On the one hand, Sergey friend - a boy outside. Andrew, Cute and sporty boy from Sergei class. Broad-shouldered. Tall.
I guess he has a big ... On the other hand, it loses? Sergey probably told his friend. Boy it decent. It will be silent. And why is such a good boy and little son mother not to give? Let them try a real woman, not his flat skinny girls who squeeze a roller coaster after school. The maximum that can be their friends - so suck it. Natasha is sucked instead of joining. Thinking quickly, she said: "Undress. I'll put the coffee. Take off your clothes, I'll be back". With these words, Natasha went into the kitchen. Rapidly clicking the button of the kettle, she put her hand into her panties ... The vagina becomes wet with desire, the clitoris immediately hit in the arm and: Once. two. three. Aaaaaaaaa orgasm !!! She took his hand. He sat down and closed her eyes from the sweet languor that has engulfed the whole body. Anticipation depraved intoxicating evening Natalia. She confidently walked into the room.
The boys were sitting on the couch and watched the porno magazines. Shirts and trousers. Natasha went to Andrew and the village nearby.
The boys stood on either side of Natasha. Squatting, she held them erect penis in his hands, alternately turning his head and taking in the mouth, swallowing and licking tongue, these magnificent penises. Every penis is licking tongue, sucked, I took deep into her mouth and licked again, suck and swallow. Penises were covered with saliva and bright. Boys came close to the woman's head, and she could suck two stuck in on both sides of the head men's penises. And then swallowing them one by one into his mouth, the second member of the massaging palm. The stockings, fishnet panties, covering only the hairy triangle of the pubis in front and strip receding into the crease between the large lush buttocks from behind, bra, pull off his chest and propped massive chest with protruding forward nipples and big red halos nipple Natasha in his 40 years looked super sexy . Her big and wet mouth with a massive skillful tongue and soft sch¸chkami for which Natalia so confidently thrust her dildos her son and his friend, took their toll. The boys were ready to meet this dissolute woman .... Her vagina and rectum were groaning under the expectation of persistent hard penises.
... Sergei member densely penetrated into the rear passage mother, squeezing the penis of his friend there. Mom felt the strain of his anus, felt these two muscular penis in his ass. Unusual feeling - two boys, one of whom is your son, take you into the anus as the most licentious and cheap whore. Boys, thanks to his youth, energy and almost constant potential, for several hours continuously fucked, fucked, fuck this woman in all imaginable and unimaginable holes. They have already finished her mouth once finished in the vagina, now here were willing to fill her ass with sperm. They alternately flushed to push their members into the heart of a large and soft ass intelligent adult woman. Woman with sighing and groaning, moving toward treacherous ass double onslaught of young stallions with large solid and hardy members. She liked to feel stretched over two male member of one of the elastic rubber popochkoy. Sergey actively began to massage the anus, jerks entering into the anus. Activated and Andrew. His cock nalilsya blood of the son of the woman in the ass fuck his mother, along with another boy, that is with him - with Andrew.
Not to be outdone by a friend, Andrew, too, began to push dick in the ass Natasha. Sometimes they both belonged to her, sometimes one by one. Sergey due to a more favorable position on top stronger and sharper entered in the ass, helping himself with his hands - attracting massive thighs to her mother. Mom and she is actively moved backwards towards his massive penis. Sergey feverishly and eagerly stroking my mother's soft buttocks, right hand - first left buttock. Then right. Two hands - down them down and unfolded her hands to the mother's buttocks. Penis from this becomes a big and solid, and the sperm was ready to fire into the bosom of mother's backside. Finally, he pulled ahead and ... Holding back the flow of sperm, he took a member of the extended backside mother. "suck" - He said, and put it in his mother's face bloodshot member. Having to hand wipe member Natalya swallowed the penis of his son. Suck it for three minutes, Natasha felt that his son is about to finish, took a deep deep in the mouth penis son - put her head into the soft throat mother. And after a second sperm gushed into her throat. Andrei crawled out from under Mom and already fell in behind with his anal passage in your erect penis. The rubber is soft and wet ass woman grabbed the boy's penis.
This rubber - otherwise how would she climbed two healthy erect penis together? Natasha has long dreamed of such a tension here. I dreamed and waited ... and feared. I dreamed when thrust her ass first simple clerical pen itself into the anus, then - when the handle length was not enough and the handle is no longer satisfied Natasha's fevered consciousness - it was replaced by a long taper candle. A candle is conveniently included in the ass and could not cause any trouble - it was soft, and the sudden change of the angle of entry into the anal canal or bent or broke. Then the spark became a little bit. Under the cone, cylindrical large diameter spherical, curly - in the form of spirals, firs, animal figures and fairy-tale characters. Or just 5-10-15-20 or more elongated like colored pencils candles. Once in the garden - Natalia could not have tolerated - and right in the garden - tearing a large cucumber, stuffed it into the anus and began frantically to move them in my ass, looking at the young elastic body of his son - a schoolboy and protruding through the melting polueregirovanny member. Then - on the veranda - it is used in such a way the whole basket with cucumbers. Now that his son was not at home, she watches herself wanker medium sized zucchini - in pussy and cucumber - a long and pupyrchatoy - into the anus. Sometimes it was the carrot - unlike solid cucumber and candles - she firmly massaged the insides and did not break, and mercilessly raped inside. Toys, candles, vegetables ... I live an elastic member. Natalia has long been a curiosity and a sinking heart, looked at the horses from the neighboring farm, which stands just after her house in the 200 meters About ten horses in the farm haunted Natalie.
Natalia, finally dared to touch the place where the horse had a penis. Tubercle 20 cm in length protruding from the belly of the animal. When you touch a woman's hand dark horse head crawled forward. And pretty fast and very far. After several minutes of massage hands beauties dick about 50 cm long and thick with the average diameter of a loaf of smoked sausage sticking out of the horse almost parallel to the floor. Natasha sat down and kissed the side of this instance. The horse began to move happily. He liked such affection. Having lips and tongue along the entire length of the horse dick Natasha was at the head. Without delay, she took it in her mouth wide open and slammed his lips after he ran into his throat. Hot and spicy-smelling elastic head horse members filled the woman's mouth. Natalia dexterous and the business began to suck this big piece of animal flesh.
Natalia first dog was a dog of her friends who had left his dog for a week with Natalia. That has not applied the possibility to suck on three - four times in this lovely animal, abundantly watered it with sperm.
To make fun of my mother.
Tying mother to the bench - the bench under the hands tied and his legs tied to the legs - Sergei took the belt. Most soft ass mother caused his animal desire to break it into a thousand pieces. Waving his belt Sergey slammed on the buttocks mother. The pain she screamed and uncomfortably on the bench. "Aaaaaaa. You're it! I also hurt!" Before she could finish, a second blow - even stronger and sharper - hlystnul buttocks, shaking their flesh and leaving a second bright red stripes. "Sergei! You are crazy! I also hurt!" - Loud and almost crying screaming mother. "Be patient! She asks! Take that!" and blow again. Then the second, third, fourth. Strips of tender flesh hatched women. When they became too much, Sergei poured ass salty solution. On my mother's face were tears.
Flog own mother had very few people on the pussy. After attaching the legs Natasha so conveniently and easily whip the vagina belt and whip, Sergei gladly held up the belt. My mother closed her eyes and braced for impact. A blow to the delicate skin of the vagina - biting and strong caused a cry of pain. "No more need to make fun of me. Sergei, son. I'll do anything, just do not hurt so much. I'm your mother." - She pleaded. But the hand of a sadistic son climbed up again. Nnaa! Labia flatten on impact. Drops of water flew from the blow to the side. Labia bloodshot and napuhli. And her mother's face streamed with tears, but Sergey continued execution. This time he lashed the inner thigh, leaving a wide thigh greased red stripes. Then, on the other thigh and again on pussy !!! And again on the left thigh, then on the pussy, then on the right thigh. Mom ¸rzal and spun from the pain and humiliation. Causing fifty punches and making sexual mother gap in the swollen lump of red, Sergei at the time stopped beating. His attention fell on a massive big mother's breast. And why not pohlestat on it?
Filling the hot water enema, Sergei put a plastic tip into the anus and the mother pulled the enema. Hot water jet filled the anal passage and burned inside. Natasha felt like a huge glowing rod be inserted into her ass.
Labia Natalia were hung as a Christmas garland with colored zazhimkami. Laced in tight rope right breast suffused with blood and started to turn blue .... Sergei left breast has been kneaded for half an hour with both hands, turning it into a chop.
Fearing a repeat flogging, Natalia opened her mouth, and when urine stream began to flow out of the penis son, my mother began to swallow it. Wearing a plastic vibrator to drill and moving the handle to punch mode, Sergei put a plastic tip of the device to a mother's ravaged pussy.
It happened quite recently. My wife and I were returning from the guests. When logged into the entrance, I heard my wife about something tripped. I bent down to look at and at that time received a strong blow to the head. I came from the fact that someone had moaned, and severe pain in his hands. It turned out that I'm all tied up. And my wife groaned under some fat guy. She's small stature is very tiny, but with a very elegant figure, just sexy. I turned my head and saw five other men who were drunk and watched lustfully like my dear Anya fought in pussy is not a child.
Then one of them decided to join the already ebuschimsya.
- Well, that bitch can pososesh me? - He asked his hairy huische substituting for her gentle mouth.
- Yes suck just do not hurt more - said my wife.
And his fat dick disappeared in her mouth. And at this moment that he fucked her in pussy I finished so hard that sperm surpluses began to flow from her pizdyulki.
Then she fucked in the ass and the other in the pussy and mouth. And in turn, while three holes. And they saw me ...
I will not continue further in detail, in short, I sucked them they flogged me in the ass finishing one point my wife and I licked.
Cum in me in the ass and mouth.
My wife and I sucked at the same time in any of them but this time we fucked and fucked. Wife has gradually become to have fun and start to finish.
I was excited and ended when my Anya pearls in a point and I at this moment taking in your ass someone's dick and a member of the ass of my wife passed my mouth and the sperm starts to flow down my throat.
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