Still has its charm in zapadnobelorusskoy village in potato harvesting season. You wake up usually not very hot, but the blinding ray of sunlight which, breaking through the heavy yellow ripe plums in a well-washed window, leans to your eyes, like an arrow to the aforesaid figure. Only instead of the alarm - warning light sleepy eyes, which did not relieve the push of a button. And though it's Sunday, and as much as you can indulge in erotic dreams, nothing can be done, the act of awakening took place.
However, the awakening of the act took place five years ago. As I went to the seventh grade, my mother to attach an acquaintance in section acrobatics. In order to tear away from Maupassant and Boccaccio, secretly read with a flashlight under the covers. Smart aunt advised her to send my early awakened sexuality physical Exercise. Oh, and boring this thing repeatedly fulfill jars randaty and other items, so do not need in your life. I began to walk around the gym instead of running to the movies. I remember "Romeo and Juliet" Zeffirelli, sweet film tear. Ten times I viewed, first furtively wiping away a tear, and then looking at the sobbing sympathetic audience. But always look awaited sex scenes, remember, at dawn, when it was urgent to Whiting ride to Mantua. "That bird was ..." Romeo, hugging Olivia Hussey, lying naked on her stomach and slid deliriously camera with a smooth back on the buttocks covered with soft shoots, and then languidly going into bends his slender legs. I do not know to whom I was more in love: to Romeo in Juliet or in love, but this scene excited me every time. And now the window zazyvno tweets something feathered probably lark. And next to me snorting Romeo potential, that is my classmate Yuri, styanuvshy on almost all heavy quilt. He lays his nose to the wall, showing me huddling mop of straw-colored hair and shoulder in a sweaty T-shirt. Nega spreads throughout the body by the thought that at any moment I can touch, and even cuddle up, feeling sleepy all the warmth of his body.
From acrobatic me expelled for truancy, and in order not to upset the mother, I immediately asked for in the next section of the classic struggle. Ancient authors at the time I had not yet read it, but intuitively drawn to the classics. There I quickly made friends with a boy, I do not remember the name, he worked for a year and it was a real nA wrestling tights. Soon I pulled it on "Romeo and Juliet"But he fidgeted and for some reason did not cry. I was disappointed, but otherwise he impressed me. He had an open face with a small nose, svetlopepelnye short hair, he was as lean as I do. Because of the same weight class coach we usually put in a pair. Once this exercise was: I had to bend down, taking the body of the partner is not on the shoulder, not the back. At the same time with one hand I seized him by the neck, the other - under the groin. Then run around. My right hand made instead of grabbing a smooth sliding motion on knitting crotch, then I tensed and jerked it raised. It was hard, but it's nice. Then the coach gave the team change. And then I remembered with horror that I spetstriko instead of the usual T-shirt and shorts, and under them elastikovye melting. I was ashamed of his plebeian uniforms and presented as his hand will be confused in my crumpled shorts. But the boy bent down swiftly and deftly shouldered me, ran around, so I was sweating from fear uronennym. In the locker room showers it was, but I'm usually dressed and ran away, leaving the shower at home. Not that I'm in a hurry, I just felt awkward standing naked next to the older children, who play each other muscles, swearing, boasting of his exploits with "heifers". I was afraid that I will push on the slippery floor, or that it was just too scary, laugh at my not too athletic body, or, worst of all, all of a sudden I get up ... In the last day, we came into the locker room, people have I disagreed. He quickly undressed and went into the shower, called me. I protested, they say, even towels did not take, really like something home. "Heck, even a back rub nobody, - he said plaintively, and then somehow alive, as if suddenly found, he added - and I have a huge towel, terry, enough for two".
Yuri stirred in his sleep and threw me on the leg. His legs were muscular, tanned and hairless, like the boy. Only much broader shoulders and narrower hips torso when it seemed to me the ideal, although he was not engaged in sports and physical education at the Institute ignored, like everyone else. Classmates liked him, though he never showed preference. Interestingly, he was fucking? Before "potatoes" we close never talked, he is from the other group. For the year of study chatting in the smoking room a couple of times about the lectures, the teachers, about anything. Here we lived together accidentally. She went to the village council, where we brought a bus out of town and where distributed in huts, woman Ganulya and simply said:
- I EIGHTH getyh dvoh hlapchukou prygozhyh uzyala b.
- But Chamuel dzyauchat not take? - Laughingly I asked the foreman.
- Duc letas byli uzho, hopits. Uves hour yes ix boys zalyatsalisya Duc dzvyaryma nochy stukali yes - she smiled slyly. - Boys spakayneyshyya. And you dzevak, Mikola, yes syabe byary. Nyahay May lads yes tvaih in gostsi hodzyats.
So we got to Yuri in ganulinu hut. Grandma cooked for us "hall"While she lived in the bedroom.
- Firanki karunkavyya - grandmother once showed the white curtains - hatsya ruki ab ix not vytsiraytse.
- Goodness, Grandma, - Yura said softly, happily glancing at the TV - I of telebachanne you pratsue?
- A yak Ms Well! Truncated yak at Goradze. - Ganulya smiled smugly chipped mouth. - Glyadzitse, boys, tolki not spalitse. I s tsygaretami the yard tsi in porch. And truncated here for you kepska Budza nya!
Yuri looked askance at a modest sofa:
- And sleep where?
- And at a time razvarushym lozhak - and she deftly opened the sofa bed, and then a bed and clean linen provided one, albeit large, quilt.
- Pillows at least two - turned to me and whispered in confusion Yuri.
Oh, naive village Belarusian! Put a blanket under one of the two guys eighteen short years! In the order of things. Well, there was her extra blankets.
- Rukamoynik yablynyay pad, while in laznyu nyadzelyu uzho poydzetse, bachyli, kal club? - Blurted Ganulya winked and jumped out with a bucket, probably a cow to milk.
I paused for a minute and, stepping carefully on the slippery tiles, went to the shower. He stood back, washing away soaped head. I do not know what to do. He began to unscrew the valves in the next booth, I breathed in the icy water, I jumped, and then he called:
- Well, come here, you're there for a long time allowance with these cranes. He grabbed my arm and engaged under a thick stream.
- Give me your hand - and he squeezed my hand shampoo from a tube.
I got out of the shower and turned away and began to lather his head. Suddenly, he came from the side and ran his fingers through my hair.
- We sweat on the mats so that you must immediately wash.
He removed my hands from the sacred process of washing the head and began pleasantly massaged. I closed my eyes and leaned on the edge of the partition. Then I felt his fingers in his ears. Seeing nothing and hearing, I felt the world only through his breath and touch, soft and sure. Soon I felt a hand on her neck, she drew me into the shower, where the pleasant, warm jet weaving with his hot hands, washed foam. Then I got soaped sponge and wet the eyes smile.
- Now You work you, - he said, turning his back and stared at the wall with both hands ....
Yuri turned on his stomach, and his face boils down to my shoulder. In the room are two rustic fly flies, performing mating dance with the inspirational buzz and arrogantly oblivious tape, suspended from the lampshade. When they land on Yurkino cheek, I blow off their gently. He does not wake up. Let him sleep, today is Sunday, by the way, is Bath.
Sponge quickly slid up his back and then gently down to the invisible boundary beyond which I was afraid to lower my eyes. I tried to force pressure on the washcloth, rather than showing a man's strength, as trying to distract himself from the unknown state of internal tension, above all fear of his eyes reveal the external voltage. In a moment I felt that I was losing control, and began frantically sort out thoughts distracting images. Nurse - my salvation, always laughing, help! "Who forehead you fell, and grow up, will be back in the fall". And on his shoulder blade birthmark trehkopeechnuyu with a coin, and a lot less too less. How do you want to reach out a hand ... And then wherever in training ... Oh, it seems, came ... And if it is now turn? My cheeks burned. Crafty nurse betrayed me.
Sleeping Yurkina hand already on my stomach. Let it had fallen below, I'm ready. God, she falls, I am cold. It can be seen much in his erotic dreams. Already concerned, you need to quickly jump out of bed. Another's hot hand in my groin. The hand of my classmate, favorite college girls. Yes, I still have four years to learn them! Stand up! I can not stand. He seems to be stroked. I am still in a dream?
- Thank you, now it's my turn, - he turns. I was gone. But what is it? He, too. I want to give a washcloth, but his hand is holding mine ... Oh, what a sweet tingling. I'm afraid to raise his eyes. It compresses all five fingers ... painfully. And what do I stand with this stupid washcloth? With his free hand I touch the nipple, the breast stroke. Sponge dropped out of another, and I touched the first time ... In this one recollection I have all the strains, as it was then. But then slammed the door in his dressing room, voices were heard.
- Laznyu uzho pratapili - not an old woman ringing voice announced Ganulya, throwing open the door. - Dzen kind, ustavaytse, kali ranitsoypoydzetse, people do not Budza Bhagat. Truncated paehali on krimash paehaushy Buu Duc garelki Tamaki scored, yak svinnya grazi, Duc Serca i skhapila. Yes, the house is not davezli, skanau on the high road. - Ganulya approached the Icons, tying a handkerchief, and crossed herself. - Do kastsel sennya paedu. You Well, peuna, dancing?
- So, Grandma.
- Well, nyahay sabe, maladyya Well ... - and I flew out just as suddenly.
Yurkino hands were already on the blanket, eyes open.
Someone forgot things, and voice, and have not penetrated into the shower, silent. I peered into the locker room - no one. After closing the door tightly, he took the soap and began to slowly drive them under the armpits. Without a word, he gently touched my wrist, took a piece of white slippery and quickly lathered washcloth. I turned to the misted window, waiting for the touch of the sponge, but felt the flexible fingers, vigorously massaging the neck and shoulders. And yet, what was his name?
Looking thoughtfully out the window and squinting in the sun, he asked:
- A shampoo you brought?
- And even pumice.
- And I have a whole terry sheet.
- Let's not go for breakfast, Ganulya not be offended if we drink a mug of sour fasting. Have you been somewhere cookies? Yuri carefully climbed over me to a padded backpack, which immediately fell bags, packs, cans.
- Mother of all concerned that the food here would be bad. Look, anything can natolkala.
We quickly washed up, had breakfast, stuffed bag of bath and personal belongings out into the street. The grass has shone traces of night frosts, but the sun has warmed. Passing by the ruins of the castle, we slowed down because Yuri became deliriously talk about magnate family, which owned these lands in the seventeenth century. He went to the cracked wall and gently ran his hand over the ancient masonry. He had long fingers with surprisingly well-groomed nails. And when he had time to follow up with them after daily digging in the ground?
The fingers disappeared, and in a moment of burning sponge with the speed traveled along the spine. His free hand rested on my waist. A soft sponge is already walking on the buttocks. Languor, shame and even some unknown feeling washed over me, I relaxed and could barely stand.
As there was no bath. As soon as we undressed, Yuri pulled me to the steam room. About broom we forgot what he regretted noisy, then briskly stepped on a bucket of water on a hot stove and stretched out on the wide plank rung. I climbed up a notch higher, sat down and began to look curiously not visible earlier part of his body. It was smooth and elastic. He put his head in his hands and seemed to be asleep. Small droplets acted on his tanned skin. I will soon be softened by heat, moisture flowed over his forehead, filling his eyes, his hair burned. I pulled the leg, but there was nowhere to set foot. Then I carefully placed one foot between his outstretched legs, barely touching, and the other reached for the floor. There was a sigh.
I felt his nervous breathing in time with the movement washcloths. Half-turned, bad knowing what I'm doing, he extended his hand to the searing gun muzzle and stroked his hard shaft. He groaned.
I opened the door and stepped out into the cool. He doused himself a basin of water and quickly soaped. At this point, the steam room door opened, and Yuri staggered walked choose basin.
- It is strange that no one our.
- Census of all yesterday's sleep. And here is where the local population?
- And FAIR at Pastavah - Yuri chuckled, then went to the door to the dressing room and threw an iron hook.
- Why have you locked up?
- And I do not like surprises - and he looked at only by open window. Then he began to splash the water from the basin.
- Do not spray at me coldly.
In response, he laughed and threw the whole basin at my feet.
- Lie down on the bench, I'll wash you, as it should - he said tone zapravskogo bath attendant.
I obediently lay down on his stomach. He doused me out of the basin, soaped harsh natural bast and began my back. Then the thighs, strong jerks in the legs. I could only succumb to the charm of the strength of his hand. In urban bath, I was rarely, only when the house turned off the water. And I never did not wash, however, almost never ... But suddenly pierced thought: I turn over, because the ready ...
I sat down and put his other hand under the velvet hemisphere. Before my eyes were throbbing swollen and blue under the tender skin, blood vessels, and I spent on them language. the boy's fingers plunged into my hair and lifted my head a little, and was part of his body in the mouth. She moved smoothly. Soon this strange feeling supplemented even more surprising, taste and sound. He wheezed and his body beaten uncontrollable shivering. Again the door slammed in the locker room, and we went into the shower.
Someone knocked. Yuri went to the door and threw the hook. - A geta garadzkiya - drawling man rasped, eyeing us and pulled over a child of six years. I stood up slowly, domylsya himself. Then gently rubbed his back to Yuri, the business view, deliberately showing the peasant that we are in a hurry and are not located in his hungover effusions. He looked intently, with a clear desire to strike up a conversation. But after a few minutes we were smoking in the changing room, wrapped in a terry sheet ... it visibly closer together. Soon the window to show our odnokursnichki, and we began to get dressed.
I agreed to go after a bath to the guys on the preference. Yuri is not a player, he said he would go to the neighboring village to look there the church. In the evening he returned with a bottle "Bialowieza". Then - in a dance club. He did not miss one and each time with a new lady. And when he famously picked buxom zavklubom (nickname among students in six sizes), almost all stopped dancing and applause in the general laughter, his eyes fixed on a pair of dazzling. Blushing matron proudly upholding the honor of the rural intelligentsia, and along with a wig, she worked her hips rhythmically, dancing, presumably, tango, although sound of rock music. Free Wig hand it sometimes, to the beat of your inner motive, powerfully pressed to not weak breasts too small for her beau, and while Yuri kept a straight face. With flashes of burning passion on sharp turns. Out dance happy tear in six sizes, colored ink splashes of color in repetition blog, and its grateful kniksene, smoothly passing in drunken reverence. At eleven it was over, but flushed students clearly did not intend to break up, making plans for the night adventures. On the porch, we smoked, Yuri staggered put his hand on my shoulder:
- Come home early tomorrow to serfdom.
I was not drunk, but decided to play along. And hugged his waist, led stumbling through the dark village street.
His arms wrapped around my torso. He listened: no one has. And without taking his head awkwardly he tried to kiss me. Nose prevented. I first guessed, lowered his head, and our lips hungrily dug into each other, and the water gushing down his cheek. He took me to a nearby cabin and sat in front of me on his heels. He began stroking my ankles, then calves ...
- And you know how to do massage? - I asked Yuri, when we had gone to bed.
- Do you want? - That snapped it seemed to me a double meaning.
I silently turned over on his stomach and put his hands behind his head, listening to the old woman snore in the next room. After a pause, he pulled back the covers and sat on top of me, his knees clenched my thighs. I instantly felt the blood rush to the site of contact and felt the hot breath of the rider. Slowly and hesitantly, he began to knead the muscles of the shoulder. Soon his hands were frozen, and the breath came close to my ear. I sat up and caught his lips burning tongue.
I stood there with my eyes closed on the rubber mat, feeling his lips, first the feet, then the drumstick, thigh and ... finally ... He gently nibbled and it is even more exciting.
Yuri helped me turn over. Kissing his cauterized the neck, the arms, the chest, the abdomen. And suddenly I found myself in it at the very root, and audacious long his fingers clutched my wrist, as if I wanted to escape. Jerk - and the dim lantern light outside the window flashed before the eyes of the contour of his hips, and then I felt his lips rests something impatient and hot.
Then he stood up, turned and hand sent my gun at a target. Oh, how delightful it was entering into the world of bliss and trembling. My hands eagerly clasped the body, with which I have felt like one. The boy moaned, but the sound, erupting in ecstasy I probably drowned out his groans. Hand skolznuvshaya on his stomach, felt the throbbing moisture.
Yuri went next, pulled me to him and kissed her deeply and fervently, and then leaned all the weight on my back. I felt a persistent tremors, pain, tensed, gradually relaxed, and ... it seemed like a state of weightlessness. After some time he was frantically biting my shoulder, but I felt no pain. Only bliss.
When I got out of the shower, he wrapped my neck with a towel. It was so good. And it was a happy feeling that now I'm not the only one, and not one. What I have a friend with whom I will not part.
Yuri went to the courtyard to smoke. And I saw a black branch with black plums on a pale yellow background lantern and listened to the whisper of the wind rips the autumn dry leaves. I guess I was happy at that moment. But with disturbing rustle of leaves already crawled the fear of loss. Is this inevitable? And I squeezed the pillow. And subconsciously, I choked it boring ...
And then it dawned on me: the boy a name was Yura! Only the more I've never met.
He came back, his boots creaking, and struck a match, bringing a trembling flame to my face, mused:
- I wonder what eyes will you look at me tomorrow?
.. Burned fingers dropped the dying flame extinguished match, and I felt the bitter taste of tobacco on his delicate lips. Then he curled up like a child and buried his head under my arm. And hugging the shoulders of the big baby, I realized that he asked me to pick up delicate as the swinging lantern in the wind, our future.
The school year began with a deuce in physical education. Our new teacher, it seemed to me, I just hated. I forgot another form of employment, and it is a scandal and forced us to wash all the after school sports hall. My friend, of course otmazatsya, inventing a story about a sick grandmother, to which he urgently needs to go, but I had to go to the gym after school.
My mood was terrible. All my friends went to some girl in the apartment. I was told to celebrate the birthday. But I wanted to get in there with other intentions. It is only on such holidays the girls get drunk and make it possible to do with them whatever you like. And since my sexual experience was too small, I was always attracted to such holidays. Dreaming about it, I went into the room and saw a bucket of water and mop and erotic thoughts disappeared immediately. I sat down on the bench and began to think how to hang from the case. The idea came to show the old voucher to the dentist. And I went to look for her. Not finding it in the staff room, I proceeded to the coaching. The door was closed, but I still tapped. The door opened Olga Leonidovna.
I was just dumbfounded. Now she was not similar to that which is evil Sportwoman a couple of hours ago I plucked at his anger. She stood in front of me and stared, not at all afraid of the word "passionate look". Through her almost transparent topic could be seen protruding slightly swollen nipples. From such a sight I ran over the body shivers, my dick took the firing position and was ready to literally rip his pants to jeans.
- Come! - She ordered.
I could not contradict it and went. She closed the door and asked me:
- Well, what are you going to be corrected?
- But as? - Slightly trembling voice I said.
- I know! - She said, and knelt down in front of me.
It dramatically lowered my jeans, shorts, and here is my completely busy fire-breathing dragon was on the loose. I did not believe what was happening, but damn it was in reality. I felt her own warm hands grabbed my cock and began to take it in your mouth, with much smacking, like a hungry wolf eats his prey. His hot and tender tongue, she caressed my penis, and I felt like approaching orgasm. Easy holding and stroking my testicles, she became completely swallow my unit, making quiet passionate postanyvaniya. Lowering his hands on her head and took her soft silky hair, I got a little to help her, increasing the speed of its movement. It is not confused, but on the contrary, it has become harder to beat a person on my belly to give me even deeper into her mouth. Feeling that everything is going to end, she quickly took off her top and sat down so that my penis was in front of her mouth. Strongly clenching his, Olga L. took him back and forth in anticipation of an orgasm. And so my fierce volcano lava spurted. Cum poured huge amounts of her mouth, then began to flow down over her nipples, and now the entire stomach was splattered with juice of love. She began to lick every last drop from my cock, gently stroking his head. I, as it seemed to me, was just devastated courage and said:
- Olga L.! It was just extraordinary!
- Wait a minute! Do you think that's all!
She took me by the hand, led him to a chair and planted. I sat and watched as she slowly took off his shorts. Left in shorts, she began stroking his nipples, causing me to the new actions. And then it all started again ...
I am 26 years old I live in Tashkent, Alisher call me, I would like to tell your story or how to express time in my life that changed the direction of my sexual life.
Everything happened in 2001, I graduated from Law School came to one of the organizations, which needed an expert on legal issues, I took on the position of the lawyer. When I worked in our sector was cleaning woman (the cleaning lady) years 42 her name was Galina, one of the most beautiful summer days she came to my office to wash the floor, when she came in, I was busy with some document and have not noticed, it came when I looked up, I saw that she was looking at me. She was dressed in a white T-shirt and denim skirt, and I noticed that in a T-shirt peeking her nipples breasts were a little hung over the stomach but rather large and exciting, and she saw me looking at her breasts but did not let on and asked to get out there in the office? So I said, of course, necessary, but in fact the office was clean, I just wanted to admire her breasts and when she washed the floors, then watched on his chest heaving. It lasted about a month I could not she say something. We in management have been taken to give the cleaner money tucked away office, and I always give her more and then we became friends with her, began to frequently talk, she often start to come to my office just to talk, and when she left, I specially came down to the lobby as the if I buy cigarettes and say goodbye to her.
One day, one of the lawyers asked me to leave her home, and when we left, she told me, go ahead on the road zaberm Gallus her on the road course, I agreed, and now I know where she lives.
After that day, I have sometimes suggested Gale leave her home and one day I asked her phone she gave me a home, and in the evening when I called her, she suddenly offered me to come to her the next day, I was just delighted with this proposal.
I arrived she met me warmly when I went home, she offered me a red wine we drank and talked about everything, and then she invited me to sit next to her, I sat down, I was excited and gave me a kiss, I said to her liking, and then her hand down under my trousers course my boy had already been at the ready as the bull before the fight. She pulled off my pants and started me to make such a blow that I felt dizzy, then took off my shirt and started licking my whole body with his playful tongue, then he said that he wanted me to play Madame, I agreed, and she ordered I take off her clothes, I took off, and then she sat down on the sofa and took me by the hair poked my face in his crack that was already quite wet and licking her clit labia automatically biting her klitorok, and she said to me moan:
- Come on boy, Slizhov all out, satisfy his mistress.
My face was covered in'll end it, after which she became a cancer and told me to lay down face to her little girl, and she took my boy in the mouth and we started to deal with it head to toe it was just something. Then she told me to your Hercules shoved in her pussy when I put my macho in her hole. She groaned, and said how big. After 5 minutes, when it is the final came to an end, I pulled it out and finished it right back, she asked me that I smeared his semen on her back, we lay in bed around 20 minutes, after which she bathed me and told me that if I want it, it will always be waiting for me.
The next day we greeted her for as usual, but when she came to me in the office she closed the office, took off my pants and made me a blowjob, and so every day to this day.
After such an event I have the desire to older women that I do not notice the young pretty girls their same age and I like it.
Write ladies Your servant is always at your disposal. My address [email protected]
To be continued!!!!
The story does not censor expression - but only these words fully correspond to the reality.
This story is from my personal life, I'm typing is not for popularity, but research fellow in the correspondence. I would like to share their experiences of long-term "De - Troyes" continue ascending. It is desirable to find a companion with an experience of over ten years (at least).
Breakneck debut "exit" nly in my "people", Was our visit to my employee, no longer young master, in my shop G. Ivanovich. But before you tell the story itself - tell her "before".
We lived then in a residential area - a third of a kingdom of a state capital. Out of the abundance of hormones, and in the national "spermatoksikoz", Fun evenings that were photographed on an old camera down their sex life. But to do so during fucked, without help, somehow not very comfortable, so I told Mr. Ivanovich (as older friend - years, so 52-55) on our poser. Especially because "about women"We often hang out with him at his workplace.
He told me a lot about his turbulent youth, complained to his wife, saying: "Does not understand"! I am saying how interesting with a new girl (younger), boasted dimensions (orally). Drawer his desk was packed with all sorts of pornographic postcards and photos. We often saw them, I particularly liked the series of pictures where the three soldiers (foreign army), in the early bind the girl, then - is inserted into her pussy glass tube (dia-p 6-8cm.) And throw it caught mice: Brrrr. .. !!!! Sends shivers down my spine, but for some reason it was nice !? I understood that the pipe on the very fact that a bottomed, and as the girl stuck - fairly deep, and the mouse, such as hiding in the pussy, but the living is not crawling. He understood everything, but Nraaavilos !!! Then came pictures where soldiers fuck this lady into all the cracks, but this is a classic and not so interesting. But the mouse in pussy - it is - something!
After telling Mr. Ivanovich about his difficulties in "photo art"I received good advice, use a tripod for the delay and its 80 personnel camera. Given the complexity of its technology, Ivanovich, generously offered me and my development with a printout "erotoshedevrov".
Already after a couple of days, I and my wife spent the whole weekend in bed. Running away from the camera to her pussy, I gained shortness of breath and nafotografiroval full film - wife pussy, wife in the mouth, in the ass - had not yet fucked (! Fool naive) Giving film Ivanovich and agreed with him on the Non-Proliferation gallery, schedule an appointment day his home, where he received his fucking in gloss.
Day "B", Has arrived.
Here begins, the story itself.
Along my Olka could not boast so limited sundress under which were - only cowards. Olka, morning, tried to make up and asked me to fix her hair (between the legs), was ready to go to "Breaking Bad"...
Another area, the apartment, call, Oh, it's you !!!
And I was tired of waiting! Come into the kitchen, I'll bring kofeek with cognac.
Well, here ya Oh, and a wonderful wife, you, Alexander ...! Beauty! Clever! You drink, drink: No, no, I drank while waiting for you: What have your legs Olka, simply class !!! And you, girl, that blushing ?! The beauty of the hide - Sin! You shave myself, Sasha or help? Instead of tickling - when you walk? And now - also shaved?
No! I do not insist, just curious to see live, my do not shave at all: Ah! What legs! Oh Brother! I envy you! I have a girl try even just once, I would have a lifetime !!! Forty mine like talking Olka - breathing intermittently, constantly licks his lips, throws his head and straightens her hair: all said that my wife - very excited: Sanya! And you - do not hesitate to pour, and then won Olka, everyone can relax. Come on I'm Olga, back massage will do, you do not mind - Sasha !? Yes, No, I Do not mind: A nipples, nipples that look Sanya, tense! I touch, softly, a little: A belly - a flat, not like my! Oh! Look - Sanya! Her hair is through word prick! Well Arise girl, turn around, oh good and Masha - but not ours! It's a pity! Alexander and I can see her naked? I did, and so have all seen the pictures? Ivanovich! You and so its entire Fingered! Olka - how are you? Do not mind? Come on! Che those - sorry !? Here, my darling wife, takes the hem sundress and takes it right before our eyes! I so nearly bursting pressure, in Hue, and in my head, but I saw it in his shorts just OHUELLL !!!!
I say, Mr. Ivanovic - can I - you fuck her from the house !?
No problem!!! And I'll take pictures, if Olya not mind !?
I look at my wife - do not know !!! Flushed, stands with one hand like a pussy currently covers, and the second nipple t. I approached her, I kiss all of it, and she told me so softly whispered: "With zade zade with stand:". I'm behind her began to stroke his hands over the body, one is already in the pants slipped, and she (bitch) bent back and leg Ivanovich - handed! He began to kiss the foot, hand to her naughty pussy smooth. I took off his pants while, he pulled the panties to my wife in the pussy and a finger stuck - Fingering her, as if by a dick fuck. I then pulled off her panties and push the chair, like iron Hui (Gudit already!). Ivanovitch ran to another room for fotikom, Olka become cancer spread her legs, bent like a cat: I drove into it, and there "Sea-okiya!", Fuck - he was sweating, you fucking well feel - beautiful, but not limited to planting speed and brakes. Olka moans, ass podmahivaet when I pull on the entire length - as much squeals a little! PIZZDETS !!!
On Ivanovitch - just forgot, then watch it (reptile) with a side chair sat down, took out a dick and fingering - only the camera down on the chest loose.
Olka I fuck, and he told me - turn it, turn to me ... I understand what he wants to fuck her in the mouth! But, once in my plans are not included! Though his dick really huge and stands as a number, but it's not the fucking fuck !? And maybe - FUCK !!! Damn! And who am I then fuck? If not - damn, whore married, lustful bitch! IN - Thoughts !!! And all this without ceasing to pull on my dick, pussy - this poblyadushki ...
His head swarmed thoughts ... "A wife can turn to Ivanovich, let him pososet - Practice !?". I took a dick, he sat on a chair, turned her to face him, as if to show - TO TAKE IT !!! He walked over, her breasts crumples, and the finger began to pussy by a dick to thrust where I am working. I felt! Olka, too - as much howled! Head tilted back and whispers to me ... "Do not Stop! I beg you - do not end!" Normal application !? I have and so, at the finish line - and then did not finish! I took a dick, and his wife, and has placed his feet on his finger and cha jump start! He came closer to her, with one hand her pussy fuck, and the second fingering themselves ... twenty seconds to pull, She moan, grabbed him by the shoulders and began to wag forward by a pussy - back, I-ych his huyaru in her stomach and put his finish I began, long and hard. Here and Olka - I squeaked, jerked, her legs buckled, and she had fallen on me. Kisses, whispers in his ear ... "You're not offended Sania? I'm so cool, it has a huge dick and hard! But I will - most love in the world! You're my vaschsche !!!" Zaebis you! AND WHAT ABOUT ME...!
Well - Boy! You'll finish - you will not want to Pat ... And I would also - do not mind ... That bitch! I have eggs, you can hammer nails ...!
Then, I came out of Nirvana ... and Mr. Ivanovic. Well, Olga, Oh girl, well, you just (thought blyadyuga - said) clever! Come to me, touch what he is hot ... and she's my wife! She got up, and (just as a prostitute) povilivaya ass towards him! She sat on his knee, took his dick hand and began to rub it on your foot!
I see Yves-cha bolt is not yet ready, and he himself, leaned back in his chair, his eyes closed - yells. Cognac We all drank, and it was - half the banks ... I say ... "Ivanovich! There is a drink that not be?" It I ... "Drove to the store, I'll give the money ... And if suddenly the wife pripretsya, you tell her that you will say?" It is logical! I quickly I cover shirt and pants and a fly flying in the shop ... In the back of his wife screams ... "Buy champagne!" I HATE !!!
I went to the door of the grocery store with the idea that Mr. Ivanovic, fuck my nly not have time for five minutes, dick that he no longer is, and once she has finished - it means a little weaker ... goddamn it !!! Deli for lunch! Until the end - 15 minutes! And What are they doing !?
Running back without liquor, will think that I am jealous - inconveniently somehow! Wait for the end of the afternoon? So after vyebet Olka, my wife, this - the master of the shop!
Dear reader! Remember please that I think about it all with clinking eggs! (You will understand!). Everything hurts! I think that if you do not buhnem (ysho was young), explode, need to calm down ... I look forward to the opening, anticipating - vodka "Moscow"Champagne Sweet - I HATE !!!
Total - 30 minutes, and I'm at the door.
Tink-tink. Discover pig - Bear come!
Ivanovich, in sweat pants and a t-shirt, carefully hiding his erection ...
Well, where is you !?
Shit! Yes, I've been captured enemy, barely escaped, that's trophies, and how you're doing here ...? In the room, naked Olka sitting at a coffee table, in the same shoes. Legs crossed, hands rest on the sofa seat, back bend over backwards "chats" foot shoe with semi-skimmed. Judging by how hard she fights with a blush on the cheeks and lustful tremor in her fucking body, to think - It's not a look at magazines.
Pour - drink - not take - drink - do not take!
Olka ... Suck, so I beg you, do not be an asshole!
Yves-h ... "And I, too (laughing) ".
Olka, gets up and goes ceremoniously ... "I'm gonna take a shower" - Through his teeth.
Pause - silent ...
I... "Ivanovich, you fucked her?"
Is he... "Sanya as possible! We talked about you".
I... "Nuu"?
Is he... "She loves You!".
I... "Come on!"
Ivanovich (looking away) ... "True true!".
Well zaebis.
Olka in shower washes her charms, is not ready, then, calming himself.
I Ivanovich in the room, quietly drinking vodka ...
Well it - you !?
PIZDETS -Devchonka! I asked her to suck me, she said that if you let - She do not mind ... You like?
I do not know - Ivanovich, yet somehow wife ... And to fuck her - will? I can ask from her - where she wants ...
If permitted, I - her, all the holes drag, you'll see how people like her - It's like ...
C'mon - Ivanovich! It's not that you have it and a great ... I bet it on a bottle of champagne sit !?
You Che - Sanya! Invites its Olka bottle in pussy stick !? Let me - her best fuck in the ass, but yelling will not get off with a dick ... I wish, when that one damn fucked - ass, so she then, on the other, and did not ask!
Not Ivanovich, in the ass - your ... by a dick! It hurts to be ...
Our intelligent conversation was interrupted by his wife.
She was in a sundress, like under it - nothing. Blush has passed, but it looks lustfully and strongly bulging and his blyadovitost.
Olka ...! Ivanovich said that you want him to suck ...
But you want it...?
Not! You are my teeth not try, I first asked ...
Who first said, it does not matter! Suck it - I'll ... (startled) - if you want it ...
I want to propose a toast (it got Ivanovich).
(Speaking of the Rose, comparing it with the woman, and assuring that the dissolved - it (to be understood - the woman) is much nicer Olka - hrenyachet champagne, vodka, we - like stuck ... Ivanovich - Olka,. And let's dance!
I - Th dance! I want to fuck, and after a day in the yard ...
Olya - and you podrachit and see us ... ohuel !!! Ivanovich includes a tape recorder, and under "Here Ken ah do"They begin to emit dance ... Ivanovitch, quite unashamedly, licks with my wife, lapaya - Her ass. Olka rubs his dick and squats on his knee. He pulls up the dress and with both hands holding the two halves of her priests, stretches in different directions, in front of me. His wife, without panties - the bulge ass, then pressed to his dick. I begin to understand that the most likely - now my wife, Ivanovich still vyebet ...
I console himself with the fact that he is old, will soon die, and I have a whole life ahead, that he (my wife - at his dick) memory for a lifetime. Inside I stared up with this idea, it is necessary - to make all beautiful ... I went over to him, curled in Olkina back, hands on her breasts, she turns around and dancing - have been going on with me. Dress already almost on the shoulders, Olka kisses my neck and says Sasha ... and you honestly do not mind that I gave him, Do not be afraid, it's not cheating. I feel like she was trembling with desire. And where do you want him to fuck you? Yes, let him choose - I want to He - He slipped me ... Ivanovich (without pants), quietly coming up with zade, pressed to Olka, then with one hand pulls her, hips against me, and the other slobbering currently Hui .
I look alternately in the eyes of his wife, to him.
The Olina eyes, I see prayer and lust. He is busily pushing her ass (I do not see, but feel) like it rests his dick in her pussy, he raises his gaze on me, and gently podmargivaet locality starting sticks cock in my wife !!! That started it - Fucking My Wife! Ivanovich, smiling a little slowly but persistently sticks his dick into her, making a few jolts He begins rhythmically and with gusto Olka thrust between his legs. Taking her by the hips, as if he stretches her, thrusting as deep as possible, while looking at me with dumb words - Oh! I told that it - damn - my cock like ...
Olka eyes closed - moaning and clinging to my hands, I go down on the sofa, as if it falls on me - open your eyes and quietly whisper: "I'm not hurt, I'm glad you do not mind? He is affectionate and he gets so deep, he poebet me and then you, I beg you! Do not bother him, though sticks to me, I really want this, you drag my ass - Let It all be pushed his dick in me:" I stretch: Ivanovich, moans - Damn, damn, how well !!! Deflection takes Dick and poshlepyvaet for Olya's ass - (OH NO HE really GREAT!).
Ivanovich looks at me and says - you want to make it howl? I blinked ... and nod approvingly. Holding Olina shoulders, I see, as he begins to pick up the pace, his punches are strong, and the hands just pull a young body of my wife. In front of the Parliament, there are tears, but she continued to whisper: "I want you to fuck me so he does not pay attention, I am pleased, though puts it, look - he sticks it completely? I love when I was so fuck can he me finish, let poebet - do not lose anything from us, do not worry - he let me vyebet, let all who want me vyebut, I'm still more than anyone else I love, oh! How nice, if not takes, tell him - he let me come down, let him fuck and takes".
Her whispers become louder and she was in a loud voice said - I like him I fuck, I want him to fuck me, I know that I - you bitch, but I love you, and you tell him not to bother: Here, the voice Olka breaks not to squeak, not to whine (Did you hear that voice more than once), the whole body to her swinging ass - in the front, hair spread out, she tries to catch her lips my standing stake Hui - misses and from this, all her face - in my secretions, eyes rolled, and from her mouth, I hear only: "I hochyu, that he fucked me even finished with me, I love you, even if he thinks I'm a slut, let vyebet like a whore, I Fuck podzabornaya I bitch promiscuous, blyadyuga your:" Apparently lost control, my wife - moans, squeaks and with eyes closed, showing his beautiful teeth - after each push - shouting: "Come on boy! Well zasun stronger, deeper him, I beg you, I break you want - Well Tear Me, stronger, harder, get down on me, let me be a whore, though I like to Fuck you, I want you to - I wear out !!! ... Ivanovich, from such words, not paying any attention to me, slightly overseeding under Olya, grabs her by the hips and starts - just to fight !!!
Olya - howls, and he shouts - on a branch, on blyadyuzhka, like !? Like!? I'll still fuck in the ass, I want to Fuck you in the mouth, hochesh- say !? Do you want me you fucked in the mouth, let all see the way you bladyuzhka! And my wife, weeping and whining, yelling: YES! YES! YES! I want, I want everyone to know that I'm your fucking Could you to fuck me when and where you want! I want to be a whore, fuck me like a whore, No- I just - your real whore! Ivanovich, Olka missing hair, face lifts to the top - full of saliva mouth spits in her open mouth: "Fuck YOU promiscuous, I'll have to suck Dick when I'll have you, and you in the ass, I'll fight with your husband, you want me to thrust and tore your ass, fucking Ebannaya - Arrange wider legs - blyadina !!!"
Olya clutches his ass and stretches with curves: "I will do everything for you, all my life I'll be your whore, if you say - I suck'll YOUR PRICK - where you want and when you command, let everyone know - I'll be your whore of a lifetime, I swear to be your whore, but do not remove it, I swear to you! I give myself to anyone - to whom you command, I have them and we all suck, and you - I Dash suck his dick! I ask you - let me in the mouth, and if you want to descend into Me, I love you! Just shove in me stronger, after me, in the mouth - wherever you want, if you want to fuck me in the ass, yes! Fuck Me as his whore, whore ass to mouth - wherever you want !!!"
Olka is not looking at me, her eyes from the real tears flow! I understand that the control of the situation, I lost another 20 minutes ago, and yet, I know that can never and will not want to stop her - such a buzz!
Do I still have in the eyes is this picture where my wife is probably the first time in my life (and perhaps never more) receives fucked, like - great fun.
Reminding her that day and our fucking, I'm Pat often ask her - she felt she swears that nothing remembers and laughs when I tell her that she cried when Ivanovich tore it. And you know!? I believe her!
I always wanted to tell someone not to be - this story: It was at that moment when Ivanovich, one hand holding Olga's hair, and the other for her shoulder, with swollen veins and covered in sweat, again pulled my wife and ZAHUYARIL a screw between her feet, shouting -NUuu BLYADYUGA-, and she sagged so that almost took his head back to screaming OYBLYaDMAMAaaa Asshole!
I felt no - I felt physically how in my head something clicked and I realized - as a variety of GOD in His manifestation!
The world is so huge - we are so small in Him - and we'll take so little time Mother Nature - under the sun: If I - I can control our entertainment with Wife - WHY - NO !!! ??? YES - YES and YES again !!!
I watched as my wife finishes, frozen dick on my employee Mr. Ivanovic, as he with bulging red eyes and pulled her to his bolt and holding it, as it were lapped to her, merges into a young whore - my wife - his seed .
I do not feel jealousy, envy, I have ceased to control the time and your body I have - over - not even touching his dick. It was the only time in the entire follow-up, my life, when I had finished brains and not in the process of friction.
They are not simply, cease to fuck! They both fell to the floor and froze moaning. Dick Ivanovich slowly crawled out of Olya's pussy and "zdulsya" a torn ball, I have not seen that from Oli something poured out, as soon as "bridle" Ivanovich was in the blood. And then, I said the words after which we long to move away from the laughter: "Gennady Ivanovich - and where our photos?"
Coming with Olga on the street, from Gennady Ivanovich, a different world greeted me with cool eyes graying of the day.
On Calvary naive guy named Jesus - sprinkled his ashes.
Moses, not fearing the burning of Tabernacles - cast in tablets with the commandments of the fire.
Prophet Mohammed - shaved his beard and burning near the madrasah.
This world is trying to whisper to me in the face: "Oh no no no!!!"
I replied to him: "Fuck you Fuck !!!"
I was - PROEBOM - His opinion:
(Picky reader above, can doubt: "But how! He remembered not lost for so many years, the details of that day !?"
My answer is simple: "And it happened to you - you have FORGOTTEN !!! ???")
With respect. We will wait for your letters to the address: [email protected]
Dima .... He was 32 or 31. I do not remember exactly. A good friend of our family, which I always went crazy. He attracted girls and women like a magnet. He knew how to treat him as he admired, but never used it. Everyone wanted to be alone with him, without witnesses, and he put his feelings. And I was no exception ....
Astrakhan. 2004. Each summer, the Pope came here with friends for a vacation. I did not want to ride with him. I did not like the conditions to live in a tent, cook on a fire, bathe in the Volga and the toilet for the third tree walk. But this year I decided to go. Went with Dima and I was determined that I will achieve, finally, his kiss. On the more I'm not dreaming, because they understand that this is unrealistic. In I found a vulgar brashness and I made all the same to sleep with him in the same tent. But besides the two of us there was another father's friend. And since I do not for that did not apply, it does not bother me ...
The first few days everything was peaceful. I just sighed softly, glancing at Dima hungry look. Every night he fell asleep in the chair by the fire, then came into the tent and went to sleep. But one night, he lay down beside her, sighed and hugged me ....! I lost the ability to move. I just lay there, trying to remember his touch, the warmth of his embrace it ... I fell asleep ... I woke up on what someone caresses my breasts. My God! That can not be! I enjoyed his caresses, touches ... He dropped his hand below my belly, even lower .... and began to fondle the girl through her panties ... Lord! As if I was in a fairy tale ... He bent down and kissed me ... I have languished from unspoken desires. I knew that he would not go on! And he did not go ....
Then there was a lull ... He just came, and went to sleep .....
One night we were standing on the bank of the Volga and debated whether he will take pictures of a starry sky. Hour 2 were busy with the instruction to the camera settings. Then just talk. And, of course, it has been reduced to only one subject - to what happened that night. I do not remember exactly what was said. But in the process we kissed, he put his arm around me, I began to caress his hand over the boy's pants ... As I clumsily did it! As if I wanted to make him a blowjob that he was completely my !!! Why, why I was so hesitant?!?!?!?! How I would like this .. He picked up my breasts and began to fondle her ... Whispered:
- What am I doing? You're the daughter of a friend of mine ... It can go too far ...
- So what...? - I have not asked, not told.
So we stood huddled together on the beach. But I felt that this is not the end ....
I was awakened a loud ringing of the alarm clock. 4.15 am. The guys were going for a morning fishing trip. Dad came, began to raise Dima. He said he would not go. I've heard it all a dream. But then the whole dream was gone without a trace. Again I felt his hand on his chest ... again these sweet caress ... kisses ... but they began to descend lower and lower ... He kissed my tummy started to take off her panties ... His gentle, hot, wet tongue walked along big lips and stuck in sweaty flesh! God ..... that he just did not fabricate his tongue. I ran, ran madly and wanted only one thing: that he came into me! I am all dissolved in it. I was his. Completely. Dima got up on his hands and lay down on me, began to come into me and finished ..... !!!!!!!! God !!! Why???!!! For me it was such a shock ... I do not remember what happened next. I did not care ....
Prior to his departure remained for two days. And plus dad made him go into the tent. He realized he still understood ... Back I drove with Dima. We talked about everything. Zavspominalis .... and if not for my father's car from behind, we have turned off the road, he said, in any Voronezh. Ah ... If, yes if only ...
DIMA!! IF you ever come across a this story, tell me! I will do everything just to do it again and continue !!!!!!!!! I made many mistakes, I was absolutely BEZOPYTNAYA. NOW I'm yours! I TOTALLY YOUR ...................
Only a few days after the last time, and the wife has become the new rolling along, he said the ass, they say, should be developed to make it not hurt. Yes ass I was sick for several days, and the only kind of gone, his wife decided to repeat. That said, when the free will to accept my straponchik at any time, then there is no need to frequently budet.I here fell a day when I'm at home, and my wife is also off, Kinder even yesterday at the grandmother, the little woman from the utrechka so categorically states - When we were still a day will fall so that all day today hold together, but you have me going today pretty girl, and all day - (that's what I got involved), - but first go for a beer, because I, - she said - now will be in the role of men, and you are my shlyushki.Vzyav almost a case of beer in the store, the man she now or not, but it is not master box, came home and heard: - The beer in the fridge, and she in the bedroom to change clothes .On the bed lay a few packages, deploying them, I realized that supruzhnitsa prepared thoroughly, there were black lacy stockings and black corset with red lace all, I still wore his already sweating, but the feeling did not pass. Stockings in this time were much higher under the same "can not", they are pleasantly cools the feet and at the same time as if caressing them. The corset was too soft, it starts almost from a member in the form of lacy skirts and ended slightly lower chest. Went into the room, my wife walked around with the words - looks good slut, and so remember today I am your man, and you are my shlyuha.Prichem she was dressed almost in men's clothing, shorts and shirt. It is with a smile on his face began to unbutton shorty.- Now you have me otsosesh and if I like it, then so be it'll buy you a beer, on your knees bitch - he almost basom.Delat was nothing said, just a penny - get in the basket, like my grandmother used to say. I knelt, saw a member of the largest of the three, having opened his mouth to swallow it, but his wife did not dala.- you that do not know how to blow, bitch, at first she made me lick the eggs, then stvol.Prichem all this time, she made me a hand podrachivat it when I tried to touch his hand to her pussy, it was refused with the words: - Today I'm a man and I have only a member, and I will make you cum today just by nego.I she stuck me in the mouth of this monster, e-my mouth had to open the full width and still fit in your mouth a little more head wife started to sit down on and on. I thought that I was going to throw up, but to my surprise, he slipped into his throat, tears flowed from his eyes, and the little woman on the contrary dispersed in earnest. There was a feeling that she wanted to shove it with eggs. Suddenly she stopped, pressing my head with this monster in his throat to his pubes and I heard her moan, I did not believe she came because he fucked me in the mouth that thing. Pulling it to my joy (otherwise suffocated to fuck) said: - Well you have a good pupil, for the first time is pretty good, got a beer and carry it into the room, we pit.Pridya the room with beer, I saw in the hands of his wife's butt plug .- Come insert it, I am no longer going to develop your butt, it will itself develop, stand in front of me cancer and inserted so that I videla.Opustivshis on his knees, his back to the couch, I smeared grease plug and ass and started insert it, it was quite difficult, because the cork was impressive enough in diameter - the tip was two centimeters, then expanded to five or six, and ends abruptly to three. I had to move it back and forth, each time penetrating farther, there was no pain, perhaps because the expansion is slow. Turning my head, I saw that his wife was looking at me, masturbating, her pussy was all wet, it was a beautiful sight, and at this moment the cork, finally dropped in, the feeling was strange, but pleasant. Standing, I walked around the room, I pressed on as if the member from the inside, though, and so he stood as a pillar, sat on the sofa, little wife just came, raised his hand to my face and said: - Lick suchka.Ya gladly licked and I sucked all the palm and each finger individually. Then we began to drink beer, my wife constantly stroked my balls, licking nipples, stroked my legs, all the time, keeping me on edge, but to him it does not even give touching, which in combination with the plug in my ass has led to the fact that I was ready to do anything to finish. Periodically tilted my head to the strap, causing, then licking it, swallowing the most eggs, it lasted almost three hours, my balls already ringing on the voltage, and the member was ready to explode. And when we drank beer, little wife asked: - Well, what a bitch you want me to I'll fuck Since I was ready to do anything just not to die of spermotoksikoza, I said: - Yes, I want, I want to fuck me soon ! - and you get a good bitch, then get up and pull the plug cancer !! Kneeling on the floor, I realized that already shivering from overstimulation, cork popped a smacking sound, I took a good grease smeared his ass and then I saw that his wife was knit with the another section with the help of a dildo prisoski.- Come came and took it into his mouth, now you know how it is when you fuck right in the mouth and zad.Peredvinuvshis to the section, I took it in my mouth about the middle, he came just before the throat so that I could breathe freely, at this point the wife put me dick in the ass for the most yaytsa.- well, how you feeling bitch, now you know how it is when you have two srazu.Ona start to fuck me, and at once much to the entire length of the penis hitting me eggs and pubis on the rump, as a result of a member who was in my mouth, slipped into his throat. When she moved back, he jumped out of the throat and vice versa. The rising heat sensation and appeared predorgazmennoe feel as if I'll finish, and not enough quite a bit, and two members of the front and rear create a feeling that they are facing inside, with diverging waves of bliss throughout the body. I moaned and squirmed, I wanted it to never end, I was eager to come, and could not, and that brings me to the limit. How long it lasted, I do not know, at some point, his wife pulled out a member, saying: - It does not finish, try on drugomu.Ona forced me to lie down beside the couch on her back and butt to throw on the sofa, in general, it turned out that I was wrapped almost in a circle: his knees touched the head, and my dick was hanging over my face, little woman standing over me and began to put a member of the planting his stinger. There was a feeling that it thrusts it straight to my cock and I finished. E-mine I'm so much in life does not end, and even to your face, almost all of my face was covered with my own cum. His wife, sitting nearby, her fingers began to collect sperm and shove it in my mouth, saying: - Do not try to swallow until I suchka.Sobrav will solve all the sperm from the face of my mouth ... she took off her strap-on and sat down on my face, became masturbating me. She stroked the clitoris, occasionally penetrating fingers in the pussy, and I could not even stick his tongue, because I had my mouth full of sperm. And then my little wife start to finish, so much so abundantly. I do-it flowed into his mouth, I tried not to miss a drop, but it was too much. Although I opened my mouth as I could, still beginning to overflow: - Now bitch swallow - heard ya.Moya sperm mixed with her and stretching this delicious cocktail I swallowed small glotkami.- Now wash and sleep in the evening will continue - he said zhena.S feeling of satisfaction and anticipation I went to vannuyu.Pishite reviews [email protected]
Where is he this well built, long-legged girl in a bright red gymnastic leotards already met ... Pasha thought about it at once, as soon as she sat down beside him on a soft mat and ask the group for individual lessons.
- You know - a sly smile, she noticed - on your technique in a refined exotic shaping women's society of our capital go just a legend ... They say you are in any client can lead to normal within two weeks. And they say that you record on the next six months.
Rising from the mat, he looked for a moment your potential client with narrow sloping shoulders, the taut roundness of small breasts, slim waist and strong hips and delicious, like a ripe antonovka, knees ...
- Well, - he waved his hand. - We'll come up with something. I am now, the race in the shower, rinse, and you go into the hall for individual sessions ... - He sighed: - Although, truth be told, I now something tired.
Tired - even if you are a healthy man under twenty-two meters tall, with powerful muscles pumped - in fact even the first fan of the exotic shaping, the wife of a major financier, pretty exhausted. This medium height, plump, thirty, brunette so touchingly embarrassed talking about their problems: you know, something I'm worried about the stomach, you see, sticks ... I sat on a diet and all the folk remedies are tried, but to no avail, as the see ...
- Do not worry - he reassured, seeing the client in the hall for individual sessions, where the rest of the public input has been banned. - We'll come up with something. Let's start with light loads ... - And then, with folded hands of the powerful, watched as the wife of the financier, sitting on the simulator to work with the abdominal muscles, perform a series of tilts forward ... "And she did"- Said the Pasha himself. Full breasts juicy rounded neckline Swimsuit, tight load chubby tummy fall off when tilting back, and so appetizing designated under the thin cloth a little sloping pubis ...
Warming her unpretentious series of exercises, he walked her to the Swedish wall, lifted. Grabbing hold of the bar, she povisela bit, gathering his strength, then he raised his closed legs by doing "corner"And he crouched slightly, waiting until her knees gently descend on his shoulders.
- Relax ... - he whispered, gently putting his hand on her pubis. Pulled to the side edge of the tight swimsuit, he slipped under his hand, and touched the soft, warm entrance to the womb.
- Lord, what are you doing? - She gasped in surprise, but he was, picked her up, carried in the corner of the room, put on the mat, strap leotard lowered, then the other, groped her soft breasts, feeling her nipples harden quickly.
She humbly gave himself to undress and lay, opening sensual mouth, often-and often noisy breathing, and winced when his huge and to match the rest of the muscles - pumped flesh began to slowly infiltrate into it.
- Now we slightly increase the load, - he whispered in her ear, and at this moment entered her completely so powerful push, she shook all over, muffled scream and immediately went limp, completely surrendering chance whim of this young man that was lying on it, literally pressing in its weight of his powerful body into the mat. He filed hips back, paused for a moment, giving her the opportunity to experience the sweetness of waiting, and then hit with the same determination and has not stopped each of his strong drive literally flattening the body of a woman ...
- Well, as the abdominal muscles? - Businesslike tone he asked in a brief pause. - I think, five or six of these classes, and any problems you have with this is not ... However, let's increase the load a little, - he nodded toward one of the simulators with a mobile platform and said to myself, that lady it seems to be entered into the taste ...
Specifically included: dropping to movable couch, she grabbed the handle, from which stretched to the wall taut string Expander, pulled down the handle - a platform was set in motion, after driving to the high wall of the simulator - and slowly spread her legs apart, waiting for him to fall on his knees, and his flesh shall send to the side of her womb. It slightly weakened the force area slowly crept forward, but he is not without interest watched as the woman's bosom sag on his cock and completely absorbs it. She stiffened again, leading mobile panel in the movement, then relaxed and not stopping, forcing an exercise lounger scurry here and there, but at that moment, when it exploded, its forces have left, palms relaxed and Expander handles flew to the wall ...
- So how do you think the result? - She asked ten minutes later, standing in profile to him and stroking her palm soft tummy. - Tomorrow we will continue shaping?
"still have to live tomorrow"- Sadly he thought.
And - as the water looked.
The second, third and fourth lovers of the exotic shaping traditsionalistkami were dull, but the fifth had to sweat ...
She came into the room in a dazzling white bathrobe, quickly took off it, and it turned out that under the robe she had nothing. The stripping air spit low bang, crawling on her eyes, she with a cool smile on his thin, frozen in an aggressive some squinting, lips, approached close to him, and the next moment he felt nimble her tight fingers penetrate the tight fitting thigh Sports shorts, find his dick and taken to massage it so vigorously that Pasha instinctively recoiled. His gaze fell on an exercise bike, standing nearby with the Swedish wall, and then a stray thought suddenly came to him ... He crossed the room, down to a maximum of bicycle seat, sat on it, his back to the steering handrail, and winked:
- Take a ride?
She swept: perched on top, groped his skolznuvshuyu inner thigh flesh, gently sent her, took her hips back and forth, froze for a moment, and then struck down so sharply that involuntary Pasha issued muffled groan ... shifted from side to side, she slowly lowered her feet on the pedals, leaned forward sharply as after receiving glasses of vodka, breathed, and at that moment something started happening really exotic ... He suddenly felt deep in her womb comes a bottomless -That vague movement enveloping the soft ripple of his flesh. And it really was something: only after a while he realized - she is pedaling! And now keenly watched as she slowly gaining momentum, and marveled at her stamina. It took at least half an hour, and she worked with the same frenzy at the track - then rising, then the litter, and he felt her hot breath on his face noisy ... Lasted this crazy race on the track ghost seems infinite - as long as it impulsively arched and nearly dropping off this Nutty cyclist, did not explode ... short powerful tremor shook her frail body, she cried out shrilly, gave herself completely insane madness on his flesh cool slowly, and then remarked:
- He was a good sprint ... but another time we drive a long distance.
- And everyone here well settled - this saw the sixth, walking around the room for individual lessons. Something in its most plastic flowing movements, relaxed, with a touch of a jump, walk ... was in a mischievous smile that Pasha with mild aback noted a vague desire to push and muttered:
- What the hell?!
What in fact the devil - after such a busy day, he again felt distinctly as heavy, poured warm, seemingly quite recently anemic flesh, and again before our eyes appears hazy veil, gently enveloping Okay figure of this girl, frozen in Swedish wall.
Bent low, she clung to the blade wall, wrenched his hands, grabbed the bar and gently lifting the body, hung upside down, stretched out in a tight chord. And then just as slowly beginning to lower legs, toes touched the floor, and so stuck, stuck out invitingly tightly covered tight ass shorts. Perhaps at this moment he lost control of himself. he put his hands on her strong hips, abruptly pulled the shorts and rapidly, without feeling resistance, entered it, and from that moment already poorly understood, what happens to him quickly approaching ...
- Interesting technique - she smiled, when they exhausted, lying on the mat.
And then it came to the Pasha. Yes, it definitely met earlier this girl! He saw a glimpse of her in one of the most prestigious fitness centers over a year ago - she worked with a group of some fat, tolstomyasyh guys ... - No, really, this is an exercise on a stationary bike seems promising to me. And rocking the press on the moving panel, too ... Well, well, do not be angry - she patted his cheek. - Exchange, so to speak, experience. My girlfriend agreed to work you "guinea pigs". - Springy She jumped to her feet, quickly pulled the shorts and stroking little tight breasts with his hands, added: - Yes, by the way, I work from tomorrow in your heart, and I have a couple of concerns about the methodology of the exotic shaping ... Let's work on it tomorrow evening? - She crouched down and whispered in his ear: - So you really see, there are not overworked with exclusive clients of ...
I was 20 when I met Lena.
I sat at the bar and sipped on Pyatnitskaya for the fourth "Margarita", Trying to remember, but when I had the last time sex. He remembered not the most pleasant. Her husband, bed, matrimonial duties. That obligation, not sex. But alcohol gradually improved my mood. With every breath of the people around were becoming friendlier, all of life's problems are minor, and around the world easy and fun.
- Another one "Margaret" the girl out of the table, - broke my reflections "on the topic of" waiter.
I looked in the direction he pointed, and came up with the idea that I've had enough for today alcohol. For corner table sat a girl very similar to me, just a hair color she was red, not black like me. A gesture I invited her to his table. Slowly shaking his hips, she walked up to me.
- Lena - just imagine it.
- Dana - as I just said, and then added, - just not likely !!!
- Yes, it is strange and not normal - it covered the palm of my hand, manicured fingers slipped on the wrist, forearm, then took a black curl from my shoulder - you're beautiful, as I am, and here.
I felt excited. She just took me, as do the whores in bars with potential clients, only here in the role of whores appeared sleek dear girl, but as a customer I was.
- what "here"? - Alcohol roaring in my head, her fingers stroking my cheek, excited.
- "here is"? This m-uh .. how to say .. you know, - she abruptly pulled down her arm, - an account, please - defiantly shouted Lena waiter.
Her hand gently but firmly grabbed my breasts, my lips parted the language. Wild excitement burned underbelly, I flowed like Niagara. Her fingers skolznu under my dress, groped hard clit and gently tickled him. She started to pull off my panties, then raised them to his mouth and licked the rest of them my grease.
- Fool around?
- Mmmm - I tried to answer.
Foolish giggle, she hung my panties on the headrest of the front seat. In the rearview mirror flashed crazed taxi driver's eyes.
- Just a little more and it would end, not drove us home.
- The main thing that you have finished.
Other hand Lena fished my breasts from the bra and fingers squeezed the nipple. Her hot breath burned my neck. "God, I squeezed the girl in the backseat of a taxi. Shock. But I like it"- This idea struck me and has got even more. I put her hand on her neck, slid through her hair and pulled her head insistently to himself. She bit my lip. She started up as I am. Intermittent wheezing, impatient movement ...
His fingers pushed his lips and slid into my wet womb. I start to feel dizzy. Push even push. The thumb rubs against my clit, the other fingers inside me. She's trying to squeeze into a fist palm. The clitoris is beating in anticipation of an orgasm, she squeezes his fingers again, the teeth dig into my chest, push, and I groaned sheds orgasm on her hand.
- Good girl, umnichka, - she whispers in my ear.
Another five minutes and we got to her house.
We work together. Already well. And what's interesting, kind of like each other did not show the interest of all (and even now it is difficult to imagine why). Once the New Year, namely the year 2005, we celebrated it at work, famously sat, drank ate and began dancing. Here in one of the dance, my mind seemed clouded by her sexuality, and I kissed her, and she took it and said to me. So spun very rapid OUR novel that continues to this day. And very cool that we have the same feelings for each other, we think, talk and generally live with it the same way, on a horoscope we cancers. Well, something must have distracted me from the fact that he wanted to write, but to start a story without foreplay as something not quite as interesting.
Our her first sexual experience was not very good, I think about it is not even worth writing. But about the second really want to write, because he was not even traditional, but extreme and classy. Everything happened in the spring, once again, accompanied her to the house, we went together to the subway. Well, as always, we went about something talked, laughed, hugged, kissed and naughty. Well prank, this is what we are in spite of the people standing around, still managed to touch each other's private parts. Well, here. We drove drove and just decided to go out early to stop, and sat down on a bench to catch more moments of happiness. We sat hugged, chatted, and of course was assigned to each other. And so it turned out that we seem to have argued that it is sitting on a bench, with a number of passing trains, will not dare to climb into my jeans and touch it live. And that, I lost our argument, it has been made very easy, just ready. Just had to be covered at all times by passing trains, and at the same time to sit and laugh. This went on for some time, the pose was not very comfortable, but my excitement was extreme, I think, if she did two or three quick hand movement, I would have just picked up and left off his pants. Excitation was too extreme, from the ears steaming, so I wanted her madly, and she wanted me, she said, all flowed and there was so much moisture. What could drown together. We decided to just go in and go out and look for a hiding place. First, of course, it was hard to shove my Red warrior back into jeans, and catch his fly. Well anyway contrived, even when standing next to the girl. And here at a furious excitation head and jeans both in love, we raced down the street to a nearby house to run to the entrance. I do not know whether at the behest of God, or simply a case of helping, at the approach to the entrance door opened (and immediately all the doors on the codes and do not you come), there came out and we ran back and Shasta.
And quickly went up the stairs, I think we stopped on the fifth floor, probably, on the staircase was dark, the light is almost absent, but that did not stop us, throw things, and be kissing. The mind is all dizzy, hands slipping on the body, by the pope, on the chest, according to the most intimate places in the total of both lovers. Well, I'm still in this day brought with him a gum (condom), and placed just so in any case in the back pocket of jeans. Our Pats peaked, her hand slipped down, undid my belt, button and zipper on jeans, and all that was launched down. Her words, I WANT YOU SO, were the last thing I heard before our intimacy. I asked her to kiss my cock that has been done so willingly and affection, she bent over in front of me, and my cock slid into her mouth. It was just magical, crazy and fun. I held back the last effort to not finish. I pulled the rubber band, pulled her standing on his penis. It is at this time, quickly pulls off her jeans and panties together, at the same time asking me how we wake up to do so, in what position. They decided to stay on. so I sat down on the steps and she would have sat on the top of my cock. But it was not very comfortable, we do not feel each other. We do not feel the most important, as it is part of it. And it was the easiest course pose behind. She leaned over to me, leaned on the railing, he has placed little legs, and waited for my intrusion into itself. I certainly do not have to wait long, and quickly fell in behind, and went into it.
As it was cool, I want to tell you, it never put into words, it should feel. Sex was great. What upset me only course that I finished very quickly, not allowing her to finish, for that I once again ask her forgiveness. But I really could not bear all this, I was so violently ended, so it was a lot of sperm, it is not describe. It flowed from the will I have more, but unfortunately, with him there was only one gum. So, our first and ended with her crazy sex in the stairwell. We got dressed, went outside, we sat down again on the subway and went home. Thus ended one of our evenings with her. But that's not all, it was only the beginning of our intimate life with her, was still to come.
Thank you my dear, that you've got. This crazy sex such voltage such ekstima I have never in my life experienced. And most importantly, I love you very very much, to this day, to this hour, this minute. And I love you so very much want. I want crazy sex with you. You are the best, Smack.
Since I was different thrust from childhood to "secret" knowledge - namely, those things which adults preferred to keep quiet and not touch. But these prohibitions and served as the main engine of all our children's games in which we played in all the secluded places - in the bushes for planting in a bed with a flashlight at night, under, in attics, and in all those places where us oversight was limited.
The story that I tell you today describes how I "invented" how it is possible to satisfy himself and his friend without help "devchenok" which was terribly shy and never allowed to do anything "this".
It is clear that a ~ 9-year which knocked me then I was already a full-fledged man. He knew how to "masturbate" as well as all the surrounding, and often did so with his brother who was 7 years old and I trained to do the same. But it seemed to me a little - although joint masturbation is a great pleasure because it has added spice of sex with a partner, but I did not think it _nastoyaschim_ sex, so childish toys. It is understood that the school matyukatsya all begin much earlier than understand that these words mean, I had already learned a lot of words like "cocksucking". "to fuck you in the ass" etc., and unlike their peers, I had already begun to suspect that it may mean :) Well, word on the case did not break, and I decided to try it. About "in the mouth" I like that disappointed once since pisyun was salty and tasteless and the partner said that he "tickles" (This is the way we did some time ago, when my grandmother stayed three of us - me, my brother and cousin We honestly tried to suck each other but the feeling was not so hot, and we were back on the beaten path podrochki every possible moment together.).
So it goes as happened "in the ass". I hope you all understand that in addition to an understanding that this is what perhaps no other information about the process technology we did not. Start of the experiment - in the attic we have not closed the door to clear the tab - all the same it inside the house. But I quickly applied a technical mind and drilling a hole in the particle board made the place into which you can insert a screw driver and lock the door, that is, the privacy issue has been resolved. Further attempts were made "insert". When I asked his brother to fuck me and said that it would be like to fuck "girl" - He immediately fired up to try what we thought would be riding enjoyment. I clearly lay back (about sex between girls, 9 years old, I knew a little bit more clear), lifted his feet and gave the opportunity to try to insert the penis. Here it was discovered the problem - it is _not_ lezet_. He does! All that we have achieved in all positions - top, side and dog (it turned out the best) - is 2-3 cm ... Then it was interesting, and we finished as usual - I told him, he told me masturbate. By the way my 7-year-old brother was then a member of the 8-cm around, I have about 12ti. But I was very intrigued by this problem - I understood that all the same as the adults that managed to insert. So I began to search for information (by the way the ability to read books and take out the required information which is already at that time taught us in school and is the ability to not let me down in life). So quietly, in the medical encyclopedia (parents, doctors), I found the old familiar already with the picture painted in the context of the person and found the rectum. I think about it like that, I realized that it was all just - we just inserted a member not under that angle. Inspired Siim podozreneiem I started looking for something that might pass for a member - and found most podhldyaschy object - a candle.
Having escaped to the attic, where close to their patented method (using a screwdriver on the floor), I tried to insert a candle is already under "right" angle. Hooray! A candle went quietly to 7 centimeters in and it was so nice that my member stood up (though he already was), and I could not resist the temptation and ended immediately. He wiped the sperm from the floor (she appeared in a month of active masturbation) I ran down and temporarily forget about sex - you know because, as a child a lot of other ideas and tasks. My brother went kudato for a week and I was looking forward to his return to conduct another experiment about "fuck like a girl".
The day before the return of his brother, I began to prepare as I realized that the last time in addition to the incorrect entry angle and prevented the opening width - ass hole was very narrow and small, and to enter the candle was very difficult. Of all the things to lubricate the ass, I knew only Vaseline, and I quickly svisnul from the medicine cabinet one jar, the benefit were several adults likely will not notice anything. Then I started looking for something to insert yourself to expand your ass ... (by the way this game is sometimes necessary to play and still - look for something to stick :) From matching items found quite clean and slippery battery from the receiver. Close again the attic, first candle smeared with Vaseline, I vsavil it and held it for 10 minutes in the ass. Then Polly became a little wider and a candle vlazit easily. Battery but came up against the same obstacle as the member previously, and only turning it to the desired angle, I was able to insert it a little - and what was my surprise when the battery went and slipped inside!
The frightened I am very, very much! Well, trying to stretch the muscles and imagine that I am in the toilet or to have failed - ring anus stubbornly remained closed and the battery is not climbs. . What I have presented myself - that if adults talk - they will begin to ask why and why barateyka there and what I wanted to achieve this - it was worse than death, I imagined my mother looks, the Pope and all around. I imagine that I was taken to the hospital and cut stomach. And most importantly, I realized that 5 minutes is one thing - a few hours, and the chemicals in the battery may come out and damage something in me.
After a few deep breaths, I realized that the only correct way - vykakat battery - quietly and without panic. Trying not to panic (put the candle and Vaseline in the cache), I unlocked the door and calmly, as if nothing had happened (and my face could not possibly give me A heart - heart beat with a crazy speed, adrenaline was running), I went downstairs, went to our toilet, closed and with an understanding of his only chance to start to push ... I knew that all I need is to ass relaxed and slipped battery. Climbed a finger in the ass, I felt stenochku batteries but get it could not. In the general 3 minutes I felt like "piece of shit" He slipped out of me! My joy knew no bounds - life goes on! Not only what is going on - it goes with sex! I have realized that 2 cm in diameter my ass passes without any problems - it means that tomorrow I will be able to try real sex (though as "girls" but who care about the age when any sex is cool).
By the arrival of his brother, I prepared " capitally. Dug where the glass jar of the same diameter of 2cm, I locked myself in the morning in the attic and inserting jar thick end of a hand holding the other side. Although I had some batteries, but repeated his sad experience, I did not - and the battery smeared in petroleum jelly jars much worse. To jar the way I came up with one device - that was all I took a piece of sterile bandage zapihlun end inside the jars and screw cap. This device primeslo me a lot of pleasure - because I could always pull a jar of it once, and the second that tepr I could calmly go to the attic and walk with a glass jar inside - and this is very much vozbzhdaet and buttocks from it became very wet (well I already I am anticipating a little forward - that day I just extended itself ... a hole in the attic).
When my brother came "pussy" I was ready - was extended, wet, and just waited chlenchika. A member of my nepriryvno stood and create a lot of inconvenience - someone could see custom nepropadayuschuyu erection and had to push his pants and panty elastic to pull a little higher.
Having met on the street brother I whispered to him "there business, meet at " "headquarters" " ". After 10 minutes, socialize with other children, he ran up to the attic, but time was short because we would find the other children if not for a feature film that came from the bottom. In general, I bluntly said that it is necessary to repeat our experiment boy + girl girl where I'll be and what I "I already know how to insert". My brother agreed. I quickly undressed and showed him the jar and its movement INT-out. This caused a big surprise. My brother could not believe that such a large jar vlazit so easily to me in the ass. Even he was surprised that my ass was wet (he would know that I have a 6 o'clock this jar I drive back and forth - he would have understood why I have such a slippery ass).
I offered to try "Like a dog". Getting up on the mattress, I have two hands spread my ass halves aside and offered to start. Brother timidly tried to insert his chlenchik, but it just slipped inside. I said that that was "for real" it is necessary to move forward / nadad brother started to make but the amplitude was not enough - and then I started "to help" and move your hips forward and nadad. I tell you that it was for a super experience! I chuvstvrval something hot at the back, understand that because I now do "girl" and that even though I have my own chlenchik which is more than my brother that my chlenchik I do not need now, and what is most important is that my "Man" was content - ie, you have to move back and forth so that it was as pleasant as possible - which I did and felt on 7m heaven of delight. After a while I heard voltage sniff my 7-year-old brother and I realized that it ends. It was super! It is clear that having studied the way to fuck, I knew that my brother can someone randomly say, and forbade him to talk to us then did not call "fag".
When we got home we started to do it at recess - it was a super time, a time when I was fucked 5 times a week minimum. How did this happen - our house was located geographically close to the school (200 meters) and 30ti minute recess enough not only to eat something. Given the proximity of the house, we had dinner, we do not in the canteen - a house, GDSs mother lovingly cooked soup or soup for a few days. Parents at home during the day was of course not - all at work. I resorted (first course) home school shooting pants, shorts, and ran to her parents in a company where there were all sorts of deodorants. They were all with slippery walls with a diameter of some 3 cm. In Vaseline was 2 drawbacks - firstly it was difficult to find in large quantities - to go to the pharmacy, I snesnyalsya - and secondly, of course, the smell. I'm already "hit" a couple of questions from me what it carries with Vaseline, but I was saved by the fact that the Vaseline smeared do, and I otovralsya that oiled machine. In general, it is the replacement of vaseline butter. I immediately put a small piece of butter into the holes themselves and silent oiled balonchik deodorant. Then I inserted it into his ass and waited for the arrival of his brother. Brother course idiot sometimes late (he was at his age - 3rd grade school) was not so it is interesting to me. When he took came to see me in a suit and gallery without pants / shorts and deodorant in the ass - it was nothing to explain is not necessary. I was getting cancer and waited in my wet "pussy" will chlenchik. 3mu way to class with her brother, too, there was sperm (although very little) and he finished it inside me. "Never understood the way of people who write that vytykaet sperm from ass - is how do you have time ... to be ass hole is not closed"? In general, I liked myself chuvstaovat "washed-up" ie, when the sperm stays inside.
We entertained this way until I graduated from high school and went to Kharkov (where at this moment and am) to study in college. Then came the hard times. Since childhood, I wanted to find someone else but hesitate ktoby fucked me from time to time. In spite of all our children's hobbies brother and I grew bisexual - and communicating with the opposite sex gives us both a lot of fun. Sometimes we even managed to fuck with a girlfriend - because the complexes have no pleasure we currently partner and brought great :)
I am now 32 years old, but sometimes I think of our games, and once again, I decided to document this thing :) If it was interesting to read - write me at abigayl @ gmail. com! I even try to write a few stories I extended myself ass as an adult (I am a big fan of this business since childhood and now sit quietly on 9-cm Baht Plage. By the way is not a 9 cm long, the diameter!
Alexey, Kharkiv, 2005-07-31
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