I was friends with a girl. We went everywhere together, walked. Only she had a small flaw. She loved that everything was her decision, and she loved ordering. Then one day about this strongly argued and she turned away went home. I have walked a bit, thought it over and decided to still be reconciled. With these thoughts and I went to her.
Natasha opened the door and looked at me questioningly. I immediately began haltingly ask for forgiveness and promised not to argue with her. She turned and walked into the room, rustling the long colorful skirt. I regarded it as an invitation and walked her into the room, closing the door.
She stood in the middle of the room, and her chest heaving and often as I knew her, she was in a rage. I was able to convince her it was probably easier to break through the wall of the head than to convince her. But finally she took pity, almost. - So you're my slushati and without too many questions? - She said and I said it - now check - with these words, she lifted her skirt and put his leg fitted by a dark stocking - On your knees and kiss! - She ordered. I knelt down and told her and kissed her foot, but immediately heard from the top - and that's all ?! Tongue active! - I obeyed and started language polizyvat her leg, holding for stocking. Then I looked up. She stood and smiled. - That's not all. I'm still not convinced. - She went to the closet and pulled out a rope .....! - I will bind your hands and proceed to another test. - I started to mumble something that should not be linked, and why it should be, it immediately cut me - So what are your assurances! You're just scared! On hold - and he threw me into something that was lying on the chair.
I caught and spread. It was her skirt and I automatically put it to himself, as if trying on. She laughed and cried - if you do not wear, and let not tie the hands of, I believe that we do not know more. I'm doomed vsdohnul agreed. Only she wanted me to be completely changed. So I had to pull the stockings. Skirt pulled with difficulty and with its help. It was to my knees very tightly stretched across my legs, I could barely peredvigatsya. Finally, she was wearing a bra and pulled something like golf Lycra. Without giving me time to recover, Natasha has got my hands behind his back and began to bind them tightly twisting the wrist. And as I thought about the fact that it is certainly is not worth poddavatsya, it was too late - she tightened the knot and my hands were tightly tied behind. But this is not over. Another rope is beginning to link elbows and then I began to bristle - Yes, you stand to attention! Is it so much tied? - I said that there is no confusion, and she continued her work. Then she began to swing the rope my body. And on the shoulders and torso, while I was not firmly connected, but the hands are fastened to the body.
She stood in front of me and critically examined his creation. She went and hugged whispering - well, say for me what you like. - And I said yes, and do not lie. I start for some reason like to be bound by Natasha. She turned and started to push me - Come to my room. I have not yet finished, and my aunt could return. She was oh so popular with the boys dressed, but still related. - And she raised her eyes innocently. - I hope you do not leave me to his aunt? - I asked - well, it depends on you - and she laughed.
The room she was again told to kneel down and turned his back to me.
He ran his hands over her ass and ducked. The skirt is tight, obtyagivaya her soft spot. - Well, now kiss sdes cute - I heard her voice. I leaned forward and not keep his balance just slammed his face into her ass. She turned and laughed - well, you even do not want to kiss - with feigned insult Natasha said. She helped me up and told me to sit on the bed. She sat down next to my feet and began to swing the rope my ankles.
- Why do you bind my feet - I was worried - What do you do? What I want and what I do - she replied while continuing to communicate. - Every time you're not going to carry out my wishes, I will increasingly enmesh you and you can not stop! - Linking the ankles, she set to her knees. And how much I begged her not to, in response, she only just laughed. Finished bind legs, Natasha threw them on the bed - a rest for now - with a grin cooed. Thus it deprived me of the possibility to engines. She slowly lifted her long skirt and I could not help admiring her slim figure. Turning to me, she said - Do not peek! - And approaching his own skirt wrapped my head. I screamed in panic through the material - take off! I choke, I find it hard to breathe. - But she was not going to do that. - Do not choke. And it's not for long. - And indeed my head was wrapped long. I just felt like the bed next to me and settled skirt was lifted from my head. She stood over me on her lap and looked down at me. All my clothes except for black silk panties she could take off. She bent down so that her breasts touch my face - you want to take a closer look? - I certainly had nothing against his lips and stared at her breasts. But she did not give long Savoury - Now poznakomsya with his queen and crouched down so that my head was between her legs, and her lips touched her panties. - Stop! - I mumbled, and the answer was - it means you do not want! You have not yet realized that I still will achieve his. - She moved forward and sat right on my face. So she sat for almost a minute, and I squirmed as he could. Stood up she asked - Well, how? Who is willing to do that'll have? - Gasping, I nodded in agreement - but still a lesson not hurt - she smiled and sat back down on the face. So she did several times, and finally sat down again as before - And now signs with the Queen and the active language! - I had povinovatsya and my tongue started polizyvat her silk panties.
She obviously enjoyed my helplessness and enjoyed it as I could. Fully enjoy, Natasha got off me and stood beside the bed.
She ran her fingers along the edge of her panties, and thought, took them off. Holding in her hand, she sat down next to me and spoke thoughtfully - You still bristle and you deserve a little more punishment. Open your mouth! - And she held out her hand with shorts. I slowed to fulfill her order - You want my ass again to have on your face? Liked? - I immediately opened his mouth and she firmly shoved the gag in my mouth. I felt like a gentle silk fills my mouth until completely occupied the entire space. Language has been pressed, and I would probably could not have pushed the gag. But this was not enough to Natasha. She pulled my head stockings and tape tightly wrapped his mouth, and I just had to sit quietly, so as not to give her reason to come up with more punishment. To test their creation, she pinched me painfully. I wanted to scream, but only made a faint sound. Natasha rasmeyalas and went to the closet to dress. It was also torture. Try to observe the woman changing her clothes and be indifferent, and even related ....
Now she was in a mini skirt and blouse. Admired in the mirror, she came to me - Well, what sprawled? Get up and jump into the living room! - It helped me to my feet and slapped on a soft place. I like something small jumps doprygat to the living room, where she gestured to me on the sofa. I am pleased to doprygat him and flopped down on it. On the contrary there was a section with large mirror and I could see what she did to me. I saw myself in women's clothing, enveloped in ropes and gagged. Natasha stood in front of me, I watch and burst out laughing. - Oh silly! - Through laughter she said - allowed to dress in women's clothes and I a weak woman to bind you hand and foot. And now you're helpless. - She bent ... and continued - I would have to suffer like you should be, but alas. I'm going with her friends to a party. - She sat on my lap and purred in his ear - What do you think, what I'm trying so hard? - There was a pause, and she said - my aunt so alone and she loves bound and dressed guys ..... - I knew where she was going, and shook his head, because he could not make a sound. - Do not worry. You do not even like it - and she laughed again. She stroked my cheek, covered with a stocking. Getting up she brought a blanket that lay on the table and dragged me to it. Turning on his stomach, I bent my legs and started primatyvat to the body, and for one to the table. Soon I could not do to engines, only to turn his head. - Well, now you really will wait aunt - her voice heard. - Tomorrow may come and save you, and you tell me what did you do all. - And I am prepared for the inevitable.
The story is dedicated to my friend Ira and her children.
I jumped up from the kitchen table. Children boy, Dima, 19, and 14-year-old girl, Alina contend, since they woke up.
"You are both close their mouths" I cried. "I'm so tired of your constant quarrels, conflicts and fights. If you two do not stop, you can get out of this house this instant."
I abruptly stood up and left the kitchen and went into the bedroom. All this clearly did not improve my mood, which is my favorite husband messed still in bed in the morning. He suddenly came into my pussy, I'm anticipating the holiday, immediately gave way to nemu.Odnako it was not enough, and for a moment he left me satisfied left for work. I was still wet, and although sex.
House was quiet as a graveyard, I guess, because I never threatened to expel them before, but my patience is exhausted. I had to throw the tension and somehow relax. I slipped out of his robe was left completely naked and lay down on the bed, after taking out my favorite vibrating dildo from the nightstand drawer. Turn it on, I just touched her clitoris .Orgazm was only a faint echo of that I had to get this morning. I opened my eyes caught a movement behind my door and realized too late that I had left the door slightly ajar. Damn it, I thought one of them was staring at me? As soon as I thought about it, my pussy beginning to throb again, and I'm sliding the dildo in her wet pussy switched it to the maximum. Buzz could clearly hear in a quiet house. I closed my eyes, but not completely leaving yourself the opportunity to watch the door. I could not believe that I was excited at the thought that my children watching me while I fuck you.
With your right hand, I continued to fuck himself and left to rub her clit. I served hips forward whenever hammering a dildo, breaking the head who is looking at me naked, I did not notice the two muzzles leaning out of the corner of my door. Dima was his sister, and it was obvious that their bodies tightly pressed against each other while they watched their mom masturbating.
My bed stood in front of the door so that they could see me in all my naked glory, I spread her legs even wider. I - not a beauty queen, but for 42 years I was very good.
Knowing that my children watch their mother like a bitch nedotrahannaya satisfy themselves have done their job. Loud cry I experienced a stunning orgasm. Do not fully come to himself, I still continued to quietly potrahivat themselves.
Pritihnuv I heard the labored breathing of my children, I also noted through my closed eyes that Alina's head rocked slightly back and forth. What they were doing??? Trahan? !! My kids are fucked, while they watched their mother ends?
I opened my eyes, their heads immediately disappeared, the sounds, I realized that they all haste rushing into the hall. Getting up, I was still shaking from the force of my orgasm. Putting on a robe, I did not even bother to properly tie a band, I have to make sure what they were doing. I returned to the kitchen, my kids are sitting at the table, I noted that both brought down breath and red faces. They tried not to meet my eyes.
I grinned and walked along kitchen, cleaning the table from breakfast residues and dirty dishes. The aroma of my wet pussy, filling the air in a small room, and I knew that they both could not help but feel it. My pussy throbbed at the thought that my children saw me, to say the least not with the best (maternal) side, but what could I do when I'm excited ... I'm just turning into an insatiable whore which is still with whom, where and how to fuck . I could not wait any longer. I need just need to know they fucked, or it's just my idea to spur herself "Good." I smiled as I sat down at the table and spread her legs wider to let the flavor of my pizdyulki more freely exposed to the air."I hope you decide to stay and to stop their endless quarrels."
"Yes mom." They both responded almost in unison.
"Good." I said wider opening your legs and holding his tongue over dry lips with excitement "I'll let you stay, but you should be ready for some ... eeemmm changes in the house. It is clear?"
"Yes mom." Both whispered.
"Good, because I'm going to be the mistress of the house, and if you still want to live here, and yours, too. I will require you to unquestioning obedience."
Two pairs of eyes stared at me with undisguised amazement.
"But what about Dad? " Alina asked quietly.
"What dad? " I asked.
"So in fact he is the chief of the family." Alina went to a whisper.
Loud laugh, I looked them straight in the eye."Your father was never the head of the house, ever since we were married, and to this day I run this house, as well as your daddy."
"Yes, this can not be " Dima's voice was skeptical.
Giggle, I looked at him gently."Dima, your Dad was my toy since we started dating. Do I love him? Oh you can not even imagine how. But in the bedroom, he conquered me. Has been and always will be, by the way, to talk about my bedroom, not a good thing that you were spying on me. I had to close the door, but you had no right to spy."
I laughed again, looking at them slack-jawed, as I told them about the sexual proclivities of the Pope and I knew that they were watching me."Yes, kids, I know that you have seen how I masturbate, and I also saw that Alina's head was moving back and forth, as if you were fucking ..." I looked at their faces reddened suddenly ... this fact told me everything I need to know.
"Soooo ... and how long you have sex?" I have no doubt that I was right "Well! Alina? Dima? How long?
None of them did not want to answer, so I got up and quickly went into the bedroom and returned with one of the straps of my hubby. I put it on the table."Now if one of you does not want me to answer I will vsyplyu so that you can not sit the week. Well, how long have you fucking whore? "
Dirty words seemed to have shaken them, they both stuttered. "Well one of you tell me. Alina, tell mom ... Quickly".
Uh, yes, Madame." She stuttered." Approximately 6 months. We caressed each other's arms, kissing each other, but never doing it for real. Usually Dima shoved it between my thighs, and so moved back and forth. His ... Boy ... I slid over my daughter and I was also very good. But he has never been in me."
"What kind of childhood! Since he had never insert his penis into your pussy? " They were again shocked that their mother knew such a dirty word.
"No mommy. Never."
"Say it Alene, tell Dima never fucked you in your lustful pussy."
She was red as a lobster, and looking down, mortally Dima sat quietly beside her. I took the belt and slammed it on the table standing next to. Alina startled.
"No mommy, Dima ... never ... not fucked me in my lustful n-p-izdu."
"And anyone except Dima" I asked.
She swallowed nervously. "I - not a virgin, if that - what do you mean my mother."
I nodded and smiled. I was happy that she was not a virgin, because I decided it was time to include my children in their parents' world of sexual pleasure. Why this particular solution came to me, I have no idea, but I'll do it. I was going to make them the same sex-slaves, as he was their father.
I looked at Dima. "Are you - a virgin? I do not think masturbation or oral sex how you lost your virginity. Have you ever fucked somebody ... boy?"
"I am not a boy." He blushed.
"Oh yeah." I lowered my voice just as when I was talking to his daddy-slave. "You're just like my father. Cute little slut toy that must be trained to please a woman."
His face flushed.
"No mother. I've had sex before."
"Tell that to your sister."
He blushed again. "I fucked before, Mom."
I smiled, took a belt and got up from the table. "Well, I like that you're both virgins. This greatly simplifies my task. Follow me. We have a lot to get done before your dad comes home from work ...
Kolyan sat at a table and waited for the start of classes. Ppepod obviously late, why were all the other stydenty pazvalivshis pabochih for their places and obsyzhdali each his own, finding gpyppy its adherents. In ayditopii shym was monotonous, like the sound can kylepa komp'yute.p as vdpyg all this suddenly ppekpatilos, they came pretty young woman. Ostopozhnoy postypyu antelope sovepshenno quiet yselas for styl, looked around his bpigady stydentov waited, when at last it ydostoyat their ppisytstviem shym and this will go on the decline. Gradually, more and more persons have noticed it at gpyppe steel ppohod wave of mysterious pepesh¸ptyvany, vskope finally ppekpativshihsya, and the young woman began:
- Zdpavstvyyte, I'm your new Ppepodavatel on discipline "Philosophy". I zovyt Hatalya E., to get acquainted with you ppoved¸m something vpode anketipovaniya. Today I do not have long bydy zadepzhivat write to Jobs, and will hand can be free, and I will observe the more podpobno your tvopchestvom. Hachn¸m if ready.
This was followed by tpaditsionnaya kycha Checklists and answers nappavlennyh to explore the identification of who is who, and why he ychitsya whether he's here, may finally arrived at komy is crying nyzhen Homeland ... All written kakyyu the lazhy and with great padostyu blagopolychno pazoshlis. When ppoishodit ppotsess delivery, the Hatalya E. spazy zappimetila Kolyano he vystypayuschemy of bpyuk dostoinstvy, and made for themselves Khoi-kakyyu zametky.
Ha sledyyuschy day classes go on obychnomy nappyazh¸nnomy gpafiky, like nenopmipovanny pabochih day was last papoy "Philosophy"Wishing everyone a happy holiday, Hatalya E. pop.posit Kolyano stay, he did not catch why, but remained as ppepodavatelnitsy on his face was evident nepazbopchivo stepvoznyyu ysmeshky or blyadskyyu ylybky, spazy not pazobpat, but something neppemenno ppisytstvovalo and she began:
-You know, I could not understand anything on your ppochtenii Jobs. You wrote some bped similar to comics "How I became ppedatelem ..." and tried to pass the case for dostoynyyu paboty stydenta. This slychae I vynyzhdena kategopicheski pazochapovat you, otherwise I do not pposto mogy appreciate and we are now ppid¸tsya little extra exercise.
Kolyany never npavyatsya classes, and even more so in addition, the case dpygoe engage further with kpasivoy and pretty young ppepodavatelnitsey sovepshenno in an intimate setting, left alone, much ppelschala it, and to vsemy ppochemy house, too, it was nothing to do.
At the beginning of the ensuing dialogue, he answered her Checklists, she carefully slyshala answer and asked sledyyuschy. Many Checklists have specific seksyal ny hapaktep, they ocheped replaced dpyg dpyga sometimes, especially ponpavivshiesya her she asked in neskolky paz, making Kohl end zapytalsya and constantly gave paznyyu tochky opinion on the same tasks entrusted peped him paptii .
Hatalya E. smotpela at him with all the great neskpyvaemym curiosity, their occupation lasted finally arrived vto.poy hour and it was evident her ystalost from eccentricity she navepnoe in forgetfulness or in the heat of passion sat passlabivshis slightly pazdvinyv legs zapanee knowing ety kaptiny Now watch her ward. She sat so SOME Quaternary and noticed that his pants Behind stydenta something zad¸pgalos, ppoiznesla nizhesledyyuschee:
-Is offered to you is not of itself stpoit vyndepkinda and go on komppomiss, can only be so and not otherwise I smogy on dostoinstvy skpyty evaluate your talent and more glybzhe meet you.
In Quaternary pposlyshivaniya this iskpom¸tnogo monologue Koljan yspel Observe the warning that it is allocated osobomy nabop intonation of words like * * komitsya glybzhe cognition and sown glyboko and languidly vzdohnyla. Spazy is caught in what he syt ppodolzhaet ppikidyvatsya hose stpoit from itself defective moron. Hatalya E. ppodolzhaet his kontpnastyplenie:
-You know that for the extra FORMATION with stydentov bep¸tsya oppedel¸nnaya board. So, your money I do not nyzhny, and so you were not my debtor I have you now pposto vyeby.
With these words she began to approach sidevshemy Kolyany to change, taking on his blyzky astray, then sdvinyla his feet together, holding their own, as if it yselas svephy. Clasping his pykami golovy ytopila her in his kpasivoy gpydi making DURING this wave motion with their b¸dpami: "Hazovi me his whore!" He became tpebovat young ppaktikantka. "Not mogy" - I tried to explain Kohl. "So why?". "I finally arrived there a whore, it zovyt Olya" -only he dogovop how tyt same Hatalya E. strongly pressed on his knees opyhshie spepmy from eggs, which was then began to flow down to the floor on the hairy legs Kohl. They merged in gyby stpastnom potselye, DURING this one pykoy she pazminala dpygie their gyby and dpygoy passt¸givala emy shipinky, it ymelaya pychka stroking cock ppohazhivalas over its entire length and slightly podpachivala, making tinkling his balls. Working language is ppobypila all potovyyu cavity, forcing them to weave in a love dance, then slowly ppopyteshestvovala he tely in nappavlenii down, licking and pokysyvaya his nipples, ppobezhala bystpenko he shepstyanomy topsy until he finally spystilas the headquarters of the military pazvedki, eccentricity dislotsipovalsya y Kolyano p.pyamo mezhdy feet. Stapyh not breathe it zybami cleared him, but rather pposto popvala, smelly nestipannye tpysy and otvpascheniem bposila their emy in ebalo, p.pedlozhit how nibyd dosyge to introduce them to Aunt Asya. His nappyagshiysya member gpoznym their views towered over sepedinoy composition, came from him and he pap ny p.pyamo pposilsya in whose nibyd potik. Kohl and pad itself would suck, but podymav peshil postypit as befits nastoyaschemy dzhentelmeny he podpaznil his ychilky powerful anvil, she did not become enepgichno vydepzhala and swallow it. Zybami she touches golovky why Koljan d¸pgalsya, not expecting such a painful shock, and then postykivala tip on her tongue, as it were, for all his nagpady mycheniya. At the time of its movement is most like the words of a children's song "... Tyda ob.patno here, you and me ... ppiyatno". She moved like ptom popshen mechanism pykami clutching his zadnitsy, forcing him to move into her vstpechy. From such nappyaga Koljan sobpal with the latest forces kylak tpydovye their eggs, finished it in Havanna. Stpyya fluid Portions plentiful flowed from his chpesel. Hatalya E. began to absorb the love juice like-bydto long time has finally arrived for nimy hungry, but spepmy was too much and she ran down her podbopodky dripping on the floor, and then she began again to rise, but it has finally arrived in nappavlenii vveph, reaching the head juicy sucked Kolyano why pochyvstvoval in the pty some postoponiy ppitopny ppivkys and tyt it dawned polychaetsya that he finished in the Prep samomy currently. Ppoglotiv vyazkyyu liquid he yslyshal:
-Udapa me, ny, come on, do me hurt like yebi sledyet, not with legs -zhalobno pposila Hatalya E..
The our gepoy could not refuse a lady, yes to the same tomy kategopicheski not ponpavilas her escapade with potselyem full ptom over and wanting it as ppoychit sledyet peshil help her in the lurch. Even without ppitselivayas as pyshechy vystpel, he flew in a free state in the face of his pychischa ppotivnika in CL ppepoda and achieved its goal, relentlessly obpyshivshis on golovy offender, was not expecting this. From ydapa it shattered, she ypala and did not move, but breathing, bopmocha through zatymanenny passydok: "Shit!". Kolyan realized that she is now without chyvstv, bystpenko soobpazil and fucked her polyzhivyyu. He undressed her for a long time ... and happily glymilsya over the body of an unconscious woman. He posed as the only body allowed his imagination ppepodavatelnitsy, bykvalno fuck her in all the cracks, because only in such a state, he made it possible for his lust for all pazvepnytsya katyshky. Then, a little ystav, ppipodnyal it and put it on papty, pazv¸l feet varia stopony and zafiksipoval of her own belongings, so that they did not agree ob.patno and with great pleasure ppinyat ydovletvopyat, but it has finally arrived with his tongue.
Ppedstavlyaya yourself at this point that it is modeled from mopozhenoe, licked it, as do the little girls. Break off from styla nozhky and wound tyda tpyapky, eccentricity stipayut vsyakyyu pisaniny from the board, to all ymenshit nepovnye shepohovatosti place and in the place of breaking and began to poke this hpenovinoy Shade **** in his ychilki, ottyda poured kpovi with secretions. Revenge ppodolzhaet still live in his mind. He also nabpal Prep full of frenzied cocktail and finally kissed her on the top of the chill gyby, filling completely similar sodepzhimym potik do not understand women. Vyplyunyv all that remained, he ppipodnyal it golovy to help biosokam pponiknyt glyb in the body, then dressed and found her in symke y keys to the cabinet, close a dvep and went in search of the necessary medicines for spochnogo assist.
When he vepnylsya it on ppezhnemy was unconscious, he was again an Area, obmoknyl his hyische with topopische in nashatypny spipt and began her drive operator in chyvstva, ydapyaya medikomentoznym his phallus on nachinayuschemy litsy turn blue. The teacher ppishla in itself, but ppodolzhaet remember the reasons they stopped their activity. She climbed on quickly to papty, lay on the spiny and bared ppomezhnost, to be more precise, it pulled ottyda pyki, allowing Kolyany zasandalit her most do not hochy. In this position he ppinyat continue to fuck her, each thrust she furiously kpichala and paptii skpipeli and staggered, not such a powerful vydepzhivaya napopa enepgetiki. Stroking pykami her maiden gpyd she was laughing, crying, screaming and moaning by these wild cheers our tpahalschik could not The correct sospedotochitsya on its Work and he shoved her Prep fingers, hoping that she ppekpatit ety istepiky, but she just licked them , and I began to suck poppobovat kpichat More gpomche then Kolyan zadvinyl her elbow at the most, and shym ppekpatilsya. In ppedchyvstvii ochepednoy strong death, he pulled her baby and stpelnyl on the floor, and then you never know what you can expect from it, podymal Kolyan, yet again throw a nibyd fokys. Plenty fuck, Hatalya E. summed up:
-You ponpavilis me, especially your answers. But for attestation is still rather weak as nibyd I work out with you more, but for now dosvidaniya not mogy I no longer have their mychit dopposami. But you still catch up happily.
Pleased with himself Kolyan scratched his point, cuddle on pposchane ppiyatnyyu on oschyp zhenskyyu gpyd, yschipnyl her for a soft spot, hlopnyl by the pope, popposchalsya and wished her all the nailychshego and went ppoch this fucking ynivepa, remembering at astray as it its trough kinyl for **** yyu loshiny. The only thing that it ystpaivalo in this situation is the fact that more papy these lessons and exam emy provided. It is a pity that not all ppedmety are so easy, that's for nappimep metpologii y stapyh them and the evil myzhik.
Tyt vdpyg he began in his ppimepyat yme Coy any kovapnye vydymki plans and, more precisely, he podymal instead tpahnyt whether emy ppepoda on metpologii ... but it has finally arrived dpygaya istopiya.
To visit us often visited our distant relative (let's call her Katya). In winter, she came in a sheepskin coat, and with this sheepskin began my drive to the top of women's clothing. While the adults were drinking tea, I masturbated in the hallway of her fur coats, smelled her perfume, and received just indescribable pleasure.
It should be added that Kate is quite a lot older than me and so much more adept between the representatives of different sexes. Then, and now, it is blooming woman with bright taste in clothes.
So, once during the regular orgasm, I did not have time to clean sheepskin sleeve and finished it. Kate seems to have noticed it, but did not betray it.
But in the summer, she asked "take extra fruit with garden" and analyze them.
When I came, I saw a rather piquant picture: Katyusha was omashnem robe, she bares her sexy hips almost to the buttocks, which bulged her beautiful sisechki.
I got to disassemble the fruit, and suddenly Kate came back, hugged me with her sensual and delicate hands and clung to me: "you masturbated my sheepskin coat?" I had no choice but to confess all (especially since I was in such a state that does not really understand what was happening).
"And you've already had sex with girls?"
hearing "no"She suggested a few days ago to go to her cottage "collect apples".
And here I am on Katina country. Without mindalnichaya, she said that her main goal - to teach me the art of love, "so as not to spoil expensive things"
She ordered me to sit on the couch and sit up poulezhachego state.
Then she tied my eyes and saying, "do not move, I'll" I sat on my horse!
A member of my treatment of this stake just stood there, as far as possible in shorts.
Katya also said: "do not open your eyes", I took off my bandage and began to gently kiss. Her lips touched my forehead, cheeks, I inhaled the scent of her perfume and enjoying noticed that softly moaned. Kate took advantage of this, and kissing me gby, tongue plunged into my mouth. I almost did not finish! Her wise and sensual tongue in my mouth maketh complicated pirouettes, Katya was lying on me and I felt that it is nothing but a thin robe. I started to respond to the kiss, and soon our tongues started doing pirouettes with love.
"Open your eyes. Well, as you?"
Katherine again sat on top of me, in an unbuttoned robe, decorated with feathers, and with one hand stroking my dick already pulled him out of the shorts and the other caressed her breasts nowhere grafted rose.
Then she sat astride my cock and began to move slowly as I could. She moved up and down, back and forth, she was beautiful in her dance passion.
Katya accelerated pace, and orgasm rolled on me an irresistible wave. Before we finish, I flipped her onto her back and drove a member of the most eggs, three sharp movements finished this beautiful act.
However, she clearly was not enough: she started very strongly to iron my hair, pushing her to the hot and wet pussy.
I sucked the clitoris, oblizval lips, tongue penetrated as deeply as he could. Kate moaned, writhed, and with a loud cry came, ejaculating on my tongue.
"Kiss me, I want to know what I taste". The kiss was just an angel!
Kate decided to go into the shower, but I wound up again!
As soon as Kate got up, I grabbed her by the waist, put the cancer and drove a stake through her ass, so round and delicious.
Katya moaned, but did not resist the penetration of my cock yv hot velvet of her priests.
This time I fucked her like a man pervobytey female, zhestoeo long.
Here's what I learned from Kayushi the art of love. Then there were other hot meeting, a threesome with her girlfriend, but that's another story ...
Her name was Tatyana and she came to serve in our calculation, where I served as a senior engineer, a radar operator.
She was small in stature slender, fast like a little girl than to have married girls 23 years of available child .Dlinnye hair, rarely falling down on the fragile shoulders, often twisted into a bun, a snub nose with freckles, a small barely protruding under her clothes chest, and always sparkling some odd blue eyes shine, so I did and probably will remember for a lifetime.
On it I have not paid much attention over a year, in any case no more than the other girls who served us then. But one day, I remember it was winter, I conduct classes for the study of the material, and it turned out that the occupation had to spend time with her alone. And my mood was good and it was also, as always with a sparkling face .. I do not remember what I explained to her there but we joked and laughed sometimes and when came the turn to fix the theoretical knowledge in practice, we went around the cabin .and that's when showing it how and what to do, for some reason I really wanted to hug this fragile girl, to the same as I remember from it departed so that the smell dizzy. I'm showing a hand on some other unit gently put his arm around her waist, assuming of course that is now followed by a sharp rebuff ..But she just smiled and joked that it was you, Comrade Captain pesters to subordinates? I realized that she likes it and tighter second I kissed her neck and again she even pulled back a little but will likely not due to the fact that it was unpleasant to her and due to the fact that did not expect this from me .. I of course can not be was stopped, my heart is pounding so that she seemed to hear it too, so it probably all a mile around is heard .. I pulled her by the waist and that's already snuck my hand under her T-shirt, feeling its velvety skin and my lips have kissed her chubby cheeks .. she did not say anything and paused and seemed also waiting for what I'm going to do next, she was standing with his hands down and just put his head bowed on my shoulder. My hand gently and slowly climbed up the tummy passed between her breasts, I have noted with admiration that there is no bra, as it turned out she wore it only in exceptional cases. And then I put my palm on her chest magical mound ..I felt like she shivered and sighed and tighter second our lips met. It was a very long kiss, it seemed it lasted for ages, it was a sweetie and gentle, her sweet tongue played with my all around ceased to exist when we were. My palm continued to fondle her breasts, fingers fumble already swollen papilla, and the second arm around the back of it.
Pity on us still had to break away from each other, we looked into each other's eyes and realized that from that moment we begin another life .. course of any employment more and speech could not be, we kissed and caressed each other, I lifted her T-shirt and bared her breasts, they really were almost children, even surprising how she nursed their child .. I clung to him and kissed them, I crushed them and squeezed palms, how it is pleasant. She felt like a got my cock in his trousers clung to him and his little body. The next moment my hand was already fumbled in her panties .On it was fashionable at that time the so-called weeks ..I slightly lowered sports trousers where it was and saw a bunny painted on the underpants. My palm fell below short little hairs on her and she immediately slightly parted legs as if inviting me on. She was mokrenkaya, pisyulka her finger and I touched her feeling she shudders. I even tried to insert her finger into the hole and it was able to me a bit .. We never stopped kissing, I kissed her lips neck tabs, in general, all of which could reach up to .. I want you, I whispered in her ear and she answered me that pressed also wants me.
But it was necessary to descend from heaven to earth, I had to go, service is service .. I stood up that day on duty on the part of, and it was necessary for the briefing to the commander but at that moment I had an idea, we had a cabin where we kept the property and lived during exercise or at night when needed somewhere to relax ..I told her that I'll leave the key and let it go to sleep not in stand-house where they usually slept well there, and I'm about two o'clock at night when everything will be calm and will sleep all come to it .We kissed yet and I'm looking forward to meeting ran.
I will not speak to me slowly dragged on time, but it was night time and well past midnight and a 2-hour, I went to a typically inspect guard duty and he almost ran to her. My heart was pounding again when I came to the cabin, I pulled on the door handle, opened, then it is there, it means waiting. I went and closed the door on the latch, and turned on the light. I saw how she was sleeping curled up on the bed, well, really a child, she was still in her mouth papilla. I approached her and undressing on the move and when it came there was only a T-shirt and trousers. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, she opened her eyes and then hugged me with his hands and we merged in a kiss. Then we undressed, I was shooting pants with shorts and admired it also removes the T-shirt over his head and then he looked at me for a long time already smiling protruding member such as a child also with panties off her pants. We were close to each other and kissed, my hands caressed her, it is now open and bare a sweet and tender. She also patted me but still did not touch my child, unlike me, I have long explored its entire pisyulku all her wrinkles and my finger several times already been inside her holes .. Apparently she and most liked it very much, she I could in those circumstances wider spread her legs to me it was more convenient to rummage in her pisyushke. Then I pulled away from her and went down to her legs spread them wider and pressed his lips to her sugary pussy ..I kissed her, I thrust my tongue in her hole fingered and tongue klitorchik .. This went on until I have hated could and I raised if it had become to climb on her, kissing her tummy then papillae then the neck and jaw, and finally the head of my cock touched her pisyulki I tried immediately to insert but that did not work, and then she palm took it and sent to the right place, I pressed in tighter second I felt something like that impacts my dick .. I thought she squeezes her pussy when I moved there but then it turned out that it's just her such narrow slits, well, just like the girl ..I reached the end it was a fairy tale, she pressed me to her arms and threw her my feet. After a short while I continued, I was part of it until the end, and almost out of her, she was lying with her eyes closed and moaning with pleasure, but I held back as best he could, because even just touching a member of her mink I could immediately terminate ..I stayed and again continued and she also enjoyed it, at some point, I felt like she pressed me to her harder and moaned louder and pisyushka began to shudder, she had finished, finished like the childish almost cried I was so admired that he almost lost his erection, even though it was enough to re-insert until the end felt like it pisyulya impacts dick and he again stood as wood. I stopped and gave her a breath, I just lay there and caressed her body, admiring how it is sometimes with his eyes closed as though sobbing when the body passes another sweet spasm orgasm ..Cherez a while she opened her eyes and turned to me, she again shone and smiled and we started kissing again. I was happy that give her pleasure, and even had time to think that maybe it's all for today. But then she ... she got up, put me on my back and she sat on his haunches right above the member. From only one of this kind instantly became my baby in the firing position, and it remains only palm again to send it to yourself and sit on it .. It was magical again, she put her hands on her knees and closed her eyes and began to rise slowly and fall absorbing a member to the base .Inogda it out completely and then sent it back palm it into itself and I'm once again struggled with himself pushing his orgasm, admiring her, now you could say its a nice little Tanya.
She again became hard to breathe and I can not restrain myself asked if he could put an end to it? She opened her eyes for a moment, paused, then smiled, as if waving a pen can be said, stop, I spiral is, you do not feel? And I like presenting somewhere inside pisyushki costs spiral and thread concerns head immediately began to finish, his head was spinning as if I failed somewhere, I just felt like a portion of a portion of my sperm filled her schelochku. When I opened my eyes I saw that Tanya is also closed his eyes and groans holds a finger at his klitorchik also shudders with pleasure and the second orgasm .. She immediately fell down next to me and we embraced frozen pleasure and happiness. We have lain so about 15 minutes, then I got up and saw on her legs drop of sperm reached for the towel and handed it to her, he stood up and began to dress. I've already put on pants and a shirt, and already wore a tunic when again looked at Tanya, she, too, was dressed, or rather only the beginning of the sitting on the bed and again as something childish, it sticks in turn their feet in the pants and then got up and gently bouncing became their pull, with her breasts heaving and she smiled back at me. I immediately reappeared desire and I felt like my dick was getting up, I walked over to her and gently turned her to her back then behind his back bent it forward. It was as if she expected it and did not resist and holding back of the bed waiting for what will happen next. And then I pulled down her panties and then undid his pants and lowered them too, along with shorts, then took the hand of his child and he directed it in her schelochku .. She was More mokrenkaya and I easily got inside, I took her by the waist and began to slowly at first but then faster and faster moving penetrating into it, I did not hold back and just wanted to finish quickly, I wanted to feel again as a member of shrinking inside her and how it fills their juice ..and I finished again collapsed somewhere and again by filling it to the edge. Again pulling member, I noticed how the sperm ran down her legs and then I handed her a towel. On this we can say that is night is over, but it was only the beginning of our relationship. Then I remember leaving kissed her and wished her good night, and said that I'm looking forward to the next course of our meeting and the meeting happened in a few days.
Arriving in the morning the service knowing that it is now also in place, I hurried to it, I especially liked when the morning was a graphic artist and Tanya was sitting at the indicator .. The cabin was warm and almost dark a dim light bulb so the indicator itself. I came up from behind and hugged her for her neck, kissed ear and smiling when she turned to me and kissed her on the lips. It was usually just wearing a T-shirt under which there was nothing but in sports pants and of course the type of panties week. I there is no difficulty to get right under her T-shirt and squeeze her nipples and in panties, I easily got it just slightly moved apart her legs .. Tanya usually a little sit up from his chair and I went down to her knees down her pants with shorts, then I He lowers a little and took out his or already standing member of unbuttoned his pants, and then I sat down on her chair as she sat on top of his back to me .. sometimes I even sent her baby in her burrow sometimes when he did not get immediately Tanya helped her to handle his stick. . I went to kiss her neck and caressing her breasts under the T-shirt, and she began to slowly sit up and then sit on my baby. Every minute she stopped to count a display information and give it over the phone to manual and then continued again, closing his eyes and quietly moans of pleasure. This was some sort of indescribable romance army, it was very good and we did not think about anything more, just we had these our half-hour every morning, and we used them. Then I no longer able to hold back finished in its narrow and a nice pisyushku and after a while she got up closing the hole prepared in advance with a handkerchief. Then he pulled her panties with panties and ran into the street. It was certainly not always but in most cases, she ran for the cab and took off her panties again sat on his haunches. I occasionally peeping her going to the other side and bent under the cabin, I saw her pisyushku, saw there dripping semen and in the end she still wrote thin murmuring stream beat of holes. She knew of course that I was watching her and she liked it .. And of course we met when matched my night shift and her, I also came to her in three hours and we made love up to 6 on the bed or in the cabin if at this time I had to work.
Was it a holiday and just Tanya was on duty, and I decided not to go for lunch. We closed in Zipovoy cabin and a long kiss, then I remembered that I have to stash a bottle of cognac. I opened it but unfortunately did not have any snacks, and then I got a breath of his mouth and then began to kiss Tanya while giving her a brandy out of his mouth, it was cool and not at all bitter. Then I wanted to play with her pisyushkoy but Tanya pushed my hand from his pants saying that her critical days. It's a pity, but what can you do, we continued to kiss Tanya is not unzipped his pants and pulled out a member of the course for a long time .He stood and she began stroking his palm. It was very nice, I admired how her little hand was moving over the penis, I went to kiss her and squeeze her breasts under the T-shirt is not finished .. Tanya at the last moment held up his palm and I filled it with sperm.
As in the spring, I invited her to walk in the woods around the position posobirat lily of the valley where it was full, she of course agreed, and as soon as we hid from prying eyes, I pulled her to him and kissed her, and she must also stood togozhe hotela..My and kissed and caressed our pens is that they wanted, she undid his pants and pulled out already standing member squeezed his head, I lifted up her T-shirt squeezed her breast and the other handle climbing into her ass panties.
I was looking through the eyes of where we would like to be spoken to settle down and noticed a small bump just went there .. I just sat on his legs stretched out and lowered her panties Tanya squatted back to me giving my baby a moment and swallowed him his already wet hole ..I took her ass and began to help up and down enjoying my cock until the end comes .. and of course a long time I could not stand, I could not wait for her to finish and shivering began to cum in her, it was something, and again it is holding palm pisyushku stood up and immediately next turned to me again squatted releasing the palm. At the same moment of recording almost jet of sperm dripped over it and scored a thin trickle, she began to write and smiling looking childish to me. After that, we still posabirali lily of the valley chatting about any nonsense and joking just like that.
How then, one morning when she was about to go home after the change, I asked whether it is possible for her to run home during or after dinner, she smiled and smacking me on the cheek can be said to be waiting for me. After dinner I told my boss that ... I will not go with them in part, that I need to check the cable line, and I'll get myself and waiting when they otedut I immediately went to his Tanyushka. She waited, and when I called the opened door, it was only a thin robe and he buckled only one button .. We immediately went into the hall and I unbuttoned robe put it on the sofa, then his clothes and just unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a member of the I lay down on it immediately and put forward, we have gone. I kissed her and my cock handles its narrow schelochku. I was not going to delay this case and after a while I finished filling out her usual schelochku. A little breathless, I stood up and she remained lying does not move with the legs wide apart looking at me with her pretty eyes. I was a little delayed admiring her, admiring her from both the sperm dripping pisyushki little feeling guilty that probably will not give her the same pleasure that he received. I leaned over her kissed her on the lips and whispered that she was the most lovely and I love her very much.
Then he went quickly summer holidays with trips and other reasons for which we had to meet very rarely. I remember after the release of the second day I ran to her house, I think it will open up the husband figure something out, but it was very much like to see it, well, there was no longer any strength .. Fortunately we opened it and immediately merged into the embrace, I said that very bored, and she is also the tale, and even said that her husband is somewhere in the yard but after a couple of hours should uehat.Ya said that I would come back later and left.
When I returned it was necessary to wait a little longer, it just walking his dog on the street, I waited for when it will go to the apartment and then went for it .. I pounced on her back in the hallway taking off her clothes and throwing it on the sides .. When we dobralisdo bedroom is on me were just melting, as Tanya was quite naked .. I began to kiss her, I kissed her slowly and gently starting from the cervix gradually sinking down to the papilla, then stomach, then turned her back to the top and kissed her shoulder blades then cleavage then ass then turned her back and kissed her legs, first one from the top down to samyhpalchikov, then the other .. then legs apart, I fell in between them and a little admiring her buds disclosed pisyushki clung to his lips. I kissed and sucked, I licked and kissed again placing his palms under her ass, I felt her trembling and heard the groan of her lips. I did that until she put her arms around my head to him, and I felt like a tongue began to decline pisyushka her, she came and cried, and I was in seventh heaven. I did not let her klitorchik of lips and she squirmed and struggled in my obyatiyah.Potom she calmed down and I stepped lay down next to her, I wanted to hug her and hugged her but she climbed tutzhepodnyavshis me jack, so again it was pisyushka in front of my eyes and vtotzhe moment I felt like her lips closed around my penis. It was magical, it then took him almost to the very end in roti who played the tongue with the head .. I again began to lick and suck her klitorchik .. Now we both groaned as he could, because her mouth was busy as well as in me. After a while Tanya again huddled in the ecstasy of orgasm, released my baby from her mouth and fell next to me. A little breathless again she stood up again and now again climbed on me but now squatted facing me, sending a member, put her hands on your knees began to rise and fall. The picture was awesome, it was clearly seen as a member includes stretching her lips when she sit down, and they are closed on it when it rises. I could not for a long time on a watch, and I struggled, too, in ecstasy, shivering and filling it schelochku sperm portion by portion. And it seems that waiting, paused, looked at me, smiled, and certainly enjoyed as a member of the shudders in her nutria .. When a member has already started to fall she holding palm pisyushku got up and down from the bed went to the bathroom, I headed for the course her .. she sat down on the toilet, I asked that she spread her legs wider so I was still clearly visible. She smile spread her legs so that the whole pussy was open to the more she took her fingers over the sponge and spread them apart. It was something, all wide-open pussy, hole from which it follows the sperm, and when she began to write more and so much so that the trickle down and scored not up at all was something, my cock began to rise again .. And she looked, and just smiled and finished writing began to caress his mokrenkaya klitorchik .. I moved closer to her and she first took the palm began to masturbate me baby and then leaning back slightly in rotik.Cherez took him a few seconds she jumped up and ran into the hall, and when I went over there she stood leaning forward about the tape looking for your favorite magazine, her ass and pisyushka looked right at me and it was so appetizing that I could not take advantage of this, I went back and slightly bent and put his head to the hole immediately penetrated into her, AB then he took her by the waist became what is said to pull it to the member .. Tanya put her pens stronger in the table and continued to be moving a little to meet me .. in this position its gripping member pisyushka more than usual, to the same kind of her back, a narrow waist , popochki member and included in it aroused could not be more .. I could have a minute if you want to finish but I stopped and went a little breathless again. And so a few times until I could not stop and at the same moment I became zaponyat it again and again. gritting his teeth with pleasure and squeezing her ass. Then she straightened up and turned to me, I fell exhausted on a chair. She stood and looked at me, or rather on the fallen member and I watched her on the legs flows from the pussy sperm: Then we got dressed and said that went.
Next was a very memorable meeting next summer, I remember it was hot and she was on duty and I was about to leave home, I wanted to make love, and I thought it better to do it is. I knew that at two o'clock in the morning the station will include a night schedule, and if all of a sudden it does not engage the repair it will come after me .. So I twisted and joined one of the fuses, and went home, knowing that I will bring to my Tanyushka night.
And so it happened, even in my dreams I heard the door slammed in pod¸zde as a soldier and a driver went up the stairs and then knocked. shorter through which the 15 minutes I was already at the station near his Tanyushka. I repeat, it was hot and it was only in a sports T-shirt, even without pants only panties. It has brought me even more and I immediately jumped at it, in a moment, and T-shirt and panties are already lying on the desk next to the indicator as I showered kisses on this lovely naked. We had a long kiss, then I put it on the table and sat down next to the chair, I spread her legs and began kissing pisyushku and she leaned back and groaned, then I pulled away from her, leaned back in his chair and pulled out his penis out of his pants became his masturbate. Tanya also began to play with her clitoris looking at my cock, which shall not take his eyes off her pisyushki, with as its a nice little finger fiddling klitorchik stroking turns sponges and occasionally penetrated for a moment in the hole, it's all very turns me on. I suddenly had a thought in Galway and I took out a pen kakrmana handed her Tanya, she wordlessly understood me tutzhe licking her put himself in the hole so that only the tip remained outside, and then she began to quickly move it back and forth. It was nice for this watch, darling little girl sits on a desk leaning back up¸rshis back of the indicator, it is also on the table legs placed in the hand, the fingers of one hand, it inserts a handle and the other fingers caress ... klitorchik. I looked at the lay beside massage sch¸tku and Tanya again read my mind, she took the pen out of pisyushki and taking the brush and also licked her pen there also put it in the hole itself. Yes, it is probably already more sensitive, it was clearly seen as an expense in the hand when the sponge sch¸tka includes: I continued to masturbate themselves while Tanya has not got off the table and turned back to me she did not sit down on a member by sending his palm. I stood up and began to drive her in her baby and she thrusting his knob between her legs continued to process your Stoney klitorchik. It did not last long, I felt like was the decline of its pisyushka as she began to moan more and was about to finish but that Tanya sharply turning sat down and took my cock in her mouth, she continued her mouth his caress so much so that I felt dizzy, I began to finish she is now expecting to move away but she did not think to do this but only out swallowed a member of swallowing and mumbling something. It was the first time in my life, my head was spinning, I felt like a member repeatedly throws her in the mouth portion of semen and she immediately swallowed it all .. I was happy, and when she was having drunk every last drop I got up and kissed her lips, feeling them tart taste of semen, I whispered that I was the happiest man on earth and now having experienced it I can not die regretting not about anything. Tanya just smiled and said that she is also very good to me .. After a long time we sat and talked, she wore only a T-shirt and sat putting the legs chair childish wife and I sat next to a pen and holding out touching her swollen pisyushku.
I remember the next day, I certainly wanted to do it again, I mean blowjob. And almost his arrival in the morning, I like a boy attacked Tanya and she certainly knew immediately what I want in front of me sat on his haunches unzipped my pants got a baby and began to suck it with relish. I closed my eyes with pleasure again and again I imagined that now I will put an end to this nice little mouth. Perhaps the excitement orgasm Hodel approached and I was a little removed Tanya took her pen and put her well in her panties, she realized what I wanted and became panties to fondle her pussy, which is shed picked up her baby, and in a moment I felt that orgasm I close again pushed to a member of her mouth and she obediently began to suck .. and in a moment I had the pleasure podkasyvalis feet, I again had finished filling her mouth again and she swallowed every last drop: Valid and she loved it .. We made love and I usually began to cum in her pussy but the last drops almost always popodaet in her neck.
After half a year came the order to transfer me to another place of service. There were a lot of tears and rasstovanie was very difficult, but life is life, time heals everything, and healed those wounds. I often think of her, she has remained in my memory of that little snub-nosed girl with freckles, long hair, sweet smile and eyes with children iskrinkoy.
Well; let's to sleep?
I can not -
You not with me:
I can not to see you, darling.
Well, go to sleep!
I can not,
...you're not with me, my dear.
- How do I naravitsya? Well, as you say? Po¸byvat I love in different ways. The main thing that it gave a sense of joy and delight - sweet tension in the groin and breasts - and then the tedious fatigue ... the desire to cuddle and gently to sleep in a relaxed state and proud for myself and partner - with a sense of accomplishment ...
- Yes, I like it - you're just a male and, immediately, gentle kitten happy about.
- And so, curled up asleep slowly pressed in the arms of the body and flushed, without the strain of breathing, gentle kiss on the neck and back. And then I wake up from feeling over-voltage in the groin, to feel isolation slippery smegma on the tip of the head, and to initiate ... slowly but surely pushed forward - the narrow lair of bliss and pleasure, called by various words of love games: fucking, sex, mating , lustful amusement facilities ...
- I have all of your story trembles and is worried ... a little beetle, why are you so far away?
- a creature lying side by side, gently snoring and pretending full immersion sleepy and dreamy dreams, only inadvertently helps the body gently turning back and ... already podmahivaya (as they say).
- You're so gentle and affectionate zver¸nysh mysteriously ... Why do I want you now?
- And when the body excited penetrated the sacred place, and rested in the scrotum testicles dense rounded boulders and resilient, slowly began to act of copulation, bringing pleasure not only themselves, but also the creation of a gentle nature that began nadryvisto and throw noisy air from the lungs.
- Really; Do you really want me?
- Passionate but gentle whisper came out of his chest: I love you, honey ... fuck ... fuck me passionately and strongly ... I want you ... I want you to feel confident and enjoy thee ...
- I've CURRENT ...
- Excited bodies flushed body, kiss, sighing and screaming ... ... - the cry of bliss in achieving orgasm. What a wonderful world that is create us! For the sake of such a feeling, we are ready to surrender and to give everything in the world.
Movement grew ... All frictions became faster and faster and now ... so that the climax - here it is: close ... close ...
The scrotum shrank - testicles pulled up to a busy trunk, which greatly increased in size. Oh, no force to restrain yourself from the sweet tension. Semen ready to escape from the dungeon of his producer and spray out, giving new life and a new beginning.
And now - here's delight and bliss. Sudden jolts and scream budorazhuschy quiet early in the morning ...
- I'm waiting ... waiting for that strong and eager to swallow in the enjoyment of madness meeting ...
- Cum, rapid flow of warm liquid protein jumped out, all around the bay. Millions of small sperm fled in gaining freedom and joy, vibrating their flagella, sailed a race to the coveted place of a future life ...
And so they indulged in a long time; enjoying the warm flow of energy and bliss, mysterious gently turned into kisses dreams and dreams, and in this case, dissolving in an off-white a frozen city, tired of cheap romance casual relationships with eternal Gandon, under the windows of faceless people.
Successful attorney Larry Crowne was a beautiful, clever and persistent. This combination of a woman is rare and has become proverbial as impossible. However, it is worth noting that with the personal affairs she was in no hurry and loved the independence. However, nothing human is alien to her was, and vent their intimate needs, it is easy to find, as it was the highest-paid employee in his office, but for the money you could buy a lot of oh so. Her friends of the opposite sex on the sly sighed, as anyone close she is not to go and no one to give preference. She was "a cat that walks by itself." The rapid rise of her career, many attributed to the relations with the head, but as it turned out, this was due to her professional qualities. She put her head directly Peter womb to choose between a bed or work. He was forced to choose the latter, as later did not regret having learned her relationship with a male polom.Seychas Larry Crowne was assigned to do a kind of Henry Ost custody. The case, which has been condemned by the East, looked simple and irrefutable. All supporting evidence and testimony of witnesses. Although after watching the case, Larry has identified a couple of circumstances over which it was possible to cause porabotat.Interes Henry Ost was dictated by business considerations only, ie money. To her head turned some customers who wanted to speed up the output remains at "Will". Naturally, all it confirmed by a large amount. Head referred the case to Larry and he added a rather large bonus, she now had to opravdat.Komnata meeting was gray, clean and surprisingly tidy. The guard closed the door, leaving the Crown alone Ost, who was sitting at the table. Larry put the briefcase with the papers on the table in front of Henry and strength. He looked about forty years. "Straw, smart, attractive," - said it is for the most mentally sebya.Takzhe she smiled to herself, met a man appraising glance. What is the effect it produces on men she knew, and noting these views are always fun introducing them to her attempts obvorozhit.- Good afternoon, Mr. Oates. I am a lawyer. My name is Larry Crowne - presented zhenschina.- Welcome - calmly replied Henry. - How I have the honor of your visit Larry smiled again, while remaining outwardly quite calm?. She decided to play along with such a courteous approach to him. After letting a little languid in voice, she continued: - I was asked to help you quickly leave these penaty.- And who is the mediator of this? - Strangely enough, Henry also calmed down. At least vneshne.- Alas! The name of the customer is unknown to me, - admitted Larry, that really corresponded pravde.- Then let's leave this temu.- Why? - Asked ona.- you as a lawyer should be aware that any services oplachivayutsya.- But pay no vy.- course. If I wanted to pay for your services, they would long ago sdelal.- I quite expensive I see the lawyer. And that flatters me. But what you dear zhenschina.- Thank you for kompliment.- I have long been with a woman. I also priyatno.- And yet, let us define. My goal is to help you get out of here. The reasons for this are. Procedural issues are easily solved. Are not you tired of being here - Without more information, we close temu.- It may be a mistake on your storony.Genrih suddenly he leaned back in his chair and smiled unleashed Crumb. I do not like repetition and walking around. We have said at each other all that hoteli.Takoy tone slightly touched Larry, and she bit sharply otvetila.- you is not slutty rol.- Maybe - continued in the same manner Henry. - But it's for me to decide. You are not affected. And if you want to continue this topic, you will learn a lot more about it. So listen to my advice. Leave this thing here and more are not prihodite.- This threat - Preduprezhdenie.- What -? The fact that at the sight of you I want to have the devochku.- It's for me to decide - Larry smiled, repeating the words Genriha.Tot leaned forward leaning his elbows on the table and propped her hands chin If you are here still appear, then decide you do not already have. Just do me a blowjob and cum in her rosy trusiki.Lari also leaned forward, repeating the position of Henry. Now they sat opposite each other and led their poedinok.- I do not wear pink underwear - defiantly said Lari.Genrih stood with his hands on his knees. You could take it as a defeat, but he calmly skazal.- You have been warned. Call the guards - and if someone had turned off. Henry had a laid-back look that said he was here to do more nechego.Nekotoroe time Larry was staring at him and thinking that in fact did not achieve the result, got up from the table. She wordlessly took the bag, opened the door and left the room. The guard immediately went into the middle. The woman did not stop, he went to the door and sat in his car and went to the office.
• • • • •
In the womb of his office is located in the chair opposite the desk, his legs effectively nogu.- He did not want to accept our offer, - reported ona.- Hell - angry, Peter. - It is pleasant to sit there - I understand that he does not want to play temnuyu.- What do you mean -? He wants the names of our clients and they are prompted for their concern him sudboy.- He is there really crazy. Okay. I will try to settle the matter, and you do next, to probe and prepare vse.- He really strannyy.Piter looked at Larry. But she got up and, disregarding the interest of the womb, he came out of his office. Now she herself would like to learn more about this Genrihe.Kak Strangely enough information was not enough. Although he had a suspect in several cases related to the opening of all possible systems, but the evidence was not there. However, these things were far from over he fell into the hands of the law, and that all alarmed. Security services were trying to get to the causes, but were fiasko.Sama in itself remains a figure has been contradictory. In different circumstances, he performed in a variety of guises. It could not be attributed to a particular group, and many ... avoided discussion of his party guests, attempting to change the subject, or the next day otshutitsya.Na womb handed Larry paket.- Give this it Ostu.- I hope this will be enough - I hope so too, - he grunted in response. - And Bring his consent. We have a very neobhodimo.- If only he would not ...- No "ifs", - said sharply, Peter, and calmed down, he said: - If I understand correctly, there lies something very big ... and opasnoe.- to become better acquainted with his works, and you can believe it, - said Larry and left kabinet.Posle revelation head, something beginning to disturb her. What is the secret thoughts, picked up a little something, something does not add up. Larry thought it breathed heat, and she vspotela.Vyezzhaya the parking lot, she decided to go home and change. Slow down near the next traffic light, she noticed a store lingerie and on impulse, parked near nego.Rassmatrivaya proposed product, it drew attention to one set of pink muslin. Elegant, comfortable, emphasizing ... She took it and went into the fitting room. Looking in the mirror the figure in this underwear, Larry could not decide he likes it or not. After several minutes of hesitation, she decided that she would take it, and will not to call home, but will remain in it. In the evening, she finally decides that to him delat.Prinyav decision, she felt confident. After paying for your purchase, Larry returned to the car and headed to jail.
• • • • •
This time East met her at the table, putting his hands on him, and with a slight smile on his lips. The same spark was reflected in his eyes. Larry confidently took place in front of nego.- Good afternoon, East, - she greeted with muzhchinoy.- Good, - he said. - Still I decided to come - I am not easily intimidated - Larry replied, also smiling in the reply I am pleased and sad at the same time - said Henry, and saw a woman in the eyes of the unspoken question, said: - I wanted to protect you, but you did not listen. And glad that you are very beautiful zhenschina.Ost suddenly closed his eyes and put his hand to his forehead. Larry suddenly splashed a wave of heat, cold and change of gradually increasing warmth. She mentally thrashed, trying to determine what happens to a man and with her, but did not find the answer. Henry finally took the same position, as if there was no such change with nim.- So you want me to report at this time? - Asked on.Zhenschina took out an envelope portfolio and silently handed it to Ost. He carefully picked it up and took out a folded paper. After reading its contents, he put it back and returned it to Larry. She hid it back in portfel.- Interesting news, - said Henry after a pause. - Probably have to agree with your predlozheniem.- As you can see, we are trying only to help you ... and keep our obeschaniya.- Then I'll have to keep his - he looked at Larry. - Fan the hair - he suddenly asked ee.Zhenschina hesitated a few seconds, a little surprised. Deciding that nothing serious, undid the clasp, and a wave of hair falling on her shoulders. In addition, she tilted her head slightly, so that the hair swayed and straightened sami.- Come to me - as calmly said Genrih.Ostavayas unaware of his intentions, Larry got up and walked around the table. She stopped near the man, who continued to sit on stule.- time to get down to business - once again said to her, Henry. He leaned back in his chair, and set before her nogi.Lari introduced as a member enters into her mouth, and it swept a wave of desire, the body to diminish nervous languor, zasverbelo between the legs. She squatted down and her hands themselves unbuttoned his fly on his trousers remained. In addition to trouser pants had yet to move until she got to his instrument. He was lethargic, and hand picked Larry and straightened it, deftly wrapped around his fingers. The woman's face close to the head. The smell of manhood aroused her. She opened her mouth and gently put her lips soft head. Larry looked at Henry, not looking up from his zanyatiya.- Well done, girl, - he praised. - You're making progress - and the hand of a man lay down on her golovu.Ot this praise it felt good, and she began to vigorously and diligently handle members remain. Eagerly sucking head to himself, releasing her and slipping on her lips, fingers flexing, a member of the trunk, she felt like the poured, becomes hard and grows in size. Seeing such a reaction to it and petting it, Larry was got bigger and bigger. She caressed the tongue and lips all tools, from the base to a small mouth at the top of the head. Her eyes occasionally turned to Henry, and he encouraged ee.- Clever ... good girl ... diligent ... - said the man in his ochered.Ruka slid behind the lapel of the jacket and touched her breasts. Even through the fabric bodice Larry felt a warm palm. Chest nalilas became bursting bodice. Hard nipples rubbing against the fabric, delivering additional vozbuzhdenie.- See how well you ... - he continued to encourage Henry. - Do you like it ... From the rhythmic shrugging chest wave languor rolled down and exploded bottom orgasm. Larry moaned. Her body tensed, splashing out the accumulated energy. She almost bit tool muzhchiny.Kogda orgasm a little sleep, GEL with emotion even stronger start to lick stvol.- Come on, come on, a little ostalas.Zhenschina start strongly and rhythmically exciting member of the hand. She felt tense Henry on the eve of his orgazma.- Now, the girl, now - a choked voice said from the strain of the East. - Right you in rotik.Lari obediently opened his mouth wide and accelerated pace. Finally, a white trickle escaped from the head and hit her in the sky. Slimy liquid began to flow down into the throat and Larry instinctively swallowed. Although previously she never did, she liked it. The feeling of a sperm and its specific taste and the memory of a recent orgasm rocked her again. She closed her eyes. When a new batch of sperm hit her in the mouth, it caught up with the second orgasm. He was so strong that she nearly fell to the floor, but Henry did not let her hand fall. sperm droplets fall on her face, but she felt an all-consuming wave udovolstviya.- You're doing great - endorsed Henry, seeing as Larry licking the last drop of his instrument. - I promise you often have such a pleasure. And now Show me your pink trusiki.Zhenschina stood in front of him to his full height and obediently pulled up tight skirt. Finally appeared panties drenched secretions from her vaginy.- How rapidly - Henry surprised .... - Take them and obotris.Lari did not recognize herself. When this was that she was going on about the men? Usually, she led the party, forcing others to adapt. And then she wanted to listen to this man expect from him affection. Like a schoolgirl, crazy in love with her malchishku.Styanuv panties, she wiped her face, and then the crotch. She watched as Henry was watching her, and enjoy it. Larry crumpled pants and hid them in his briefcase. She remained with naked ass in front of Henry. She wanted to better her rassmotrel.Ost, in turn, put its economy, and buttoned bryuki.- Tell me, baby, now you will delat.Na This time Larry is not jarred treatment. Straightened her skirt, she sat on his seat, pulled out of the portfolio documents and handed them Genrihu.- This document appointing me your lawyer and the corresponding petition for early release. You have to sign them. - Together with the papers she put on the table in front of Ost and ruchku.Prosmotrev paper, Henry took a pen and a flourish of their podpisal.- It's time to get out - he commented their actions. - You got me has got so much that I want to treat you to all the fun dyrochki.Ot Larry grinned. She imagined by this strong man, sprawled on the bed, touching it with his body, feeling his instrument in itself ...- Calm down, cat - Henry held out her documents. - You'll have time yet ...- Now I'll come to the office and then go to management. I think that even this week you will be on svobode.- Act - approved Henry.
• • • • •
What happened to her, Larry could not understand. Everything remains as usual that's just the attitude to Henry evoked mixed feelings. How is it that she went to such contact with him? She condemned herself for it. This results in even greater contempt for men, especially those who can not afford a free life. And subconsciously it doused by a wave of fun memories of proisshedshem.Ustroit parole really was quite simple and re-visit in the prison is not required. Although she could not tell Larry, I want it or not she. And so it came easy: it just does not appear tam.Uladiv all cases, it is reported to the Peter, relying received remuneration and decided to forget about the incident. She saw to it that the East was set free and took another delom.Odnako a week later she was awakened by a phone call. By incorporating a nightlight, Larry looked briefly at his watch and swore to himself, was the second hour of the night. She grabbed the phone and threw it into irritated nee- Yes! At the other end of the telephone line muffled his voice vaguely familiar Hello, baby! Larry hit like an electric shock. Even through the noise interference she recognized the voice of Henry Osta.- very time - sarcastically she said trubku.- When able, beauty - delicate chuckle slipped into the man's voice. - You do not want me vstretit.- And why should I have to look for a meeting - not we talk about? - To feel the surprise in his voice sobesednika.- I had done its job. You got parole. What else does? Especially at two o'clock in the night - Oh! What indignation! It seemed to me that in the last meeting, we had a nice vremya.Lari felt the blood wave passed vniz.- What was then passed, - cut zhenschina.- I do not kazhetsya.- It's your problemy.- Here, you're a girl wrong. Now it's your problem, how can I deliver better udovolstvie.Vdrug Larry realized that it was close to the truth. With indignation, there was a growing feeling that she must surrender to this man: all without a trace. But she did not want poddavatsya.- pleasure to themselves, - she snapped trubku.- And ostentation how much is left. You'll have to trim my lawyer ...- Now I'm not your the lawyer was mistaken. You're my lawyer ... and my little girl. And will you do anything to please mne.Zhenschine tired of this stupid conversation. It was time to his prekraschat.- What do you want - now come down and meet me near doma.- Fuck you ... - Larry hung up in their hearts and fell on podushku.Ona lay a couple of minutes, experiencing the audacity with which the East with it talked. Fool that caught and was in prison ... He even dares her to indicate what to do ... and treated like some cheap whore loony. Anger boiled in it and could not find the exit. Now she will express all his face. Close up slap in the face and once again went to jail. Jumping out of bed, Larry threw only a cloak over his pajamas and rushed to vyhod.Vozle house was empty. After looking around, woman decided that it was another bad joke and wanted to return to the apartment where the bend appeared the car and stopped at doma.Polnaya determined to finish the job she ran to the car and pulled the front door, but before she could she open his mouth as her East oborval.- Zatknis.Lari if choked. She stood and stared as Henry got out of the car, went up to her rudely took her arm and led her to the entrance doma.- Now we rising to thee, and thou shalt be obedient devochkoy.Zhenschina could not answer anything. The words just stuck in my throat, a lump of steel, and push it just Henry walked side by side with him. Also, she obediently allowed themselves to enter in lift.- On what floor we? - The man asked. Larry pressed the button of his etazha.Oni entered the apartment and began to examine the East interer.- bad, - he assessed the situation. - Now let's go to our My spalnyu.- - could squeeze out Lari.- Our, Lapushka, our - gently corrected her, Henry. - That's where I Poimena you with all facilities in all dyrochki.- No, - said Larry weakly, still trying to resist, but went into the bedroom, leading the Genriha.- I love - man finally let Larry, took off his cloak and I threw it on the floor. She stood aloof in the middle of the room, looking at Henry. This time, he was dressed elegantly, suit sitting on it, emphasizing its male figure. It was a big contrast to the man she had seen in tyurme.- ... Take off your coat. Show me your pizhamu.Zhenschina silently dropped the cloak from his shoulders, picked up his hands, put it on the headboard. Now it was only pajamas, silk light blue pajamas, in which she felt comfortable. The man, meanwhile, had to withdraw pidzhak.- And now undress menya.Genrih looked into her eyes. Without looking up from that gaze, Larry came up to him and began to unbutton rubashku.- This is better - it approved the action Genrih.Ona unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it down, exposing the man's chest, so close ... Do not resist, Larry porevela hand on this chest, feeling his palm, curly hair and stiffened muscles. Then her hands slid down, dissolved belt, lowered his pants ... pants ... Now her eyes opened his dignity ... She remembered with pleasure how she did the last time a blowjob. The hand itself stretched to the penis, and began his exciting. The second fell on the testicles, lightly massaging them. Lips pressed to the head, smearing it with his absorbing moisture and flavor. His mouth opened and took a hot body and a familiar scent that her so excited. The body tingled from the excited blood suffused his chest and pulled down, her nipples tightened. Larry began to vigorously initiate tool Henry, then drawing it into itself, then licking the head. Head of a woman went back and forth. Free pajamas swayed in time with the movements, nice tickling kozhu.Nakonets Larry looked up at Ost, not letting his lips chlen.- Here you are again a good girl, - he said affectionately. - Let's Climb on the bed - it is slightly removed the woman and went to bed. He sat on the edge, with his legs apart and thereby inviting Larry to continue begun delo.- course good, - she said, unbuttoning his shirt pajamas. That freely slid down her body and arms. Now she stood before him naked half. Chest defiantly wore a brown nipples that looked at Henry. His chest Larry was neither small nor large. She gracefully silhouetted against her body, not sagged down their polushariyami.Uvidev that Henry appreciated her breasts, a woman sat down in front of him on his knees and leaned back in his body. She enthusiastically enjoyed by this act, licking it from the bottom to the head, absorbing almost entirely his tongue and teasing. Hands helped her in this work, raising the already hard and hot trunk. Henry put his hands on her head and helped light pressure to absorb the sweet flesh has for her. All bins are now being subordinated to the simple act of delight. Her body was burning languor, wanted to put his hands down and pull at her clitoris, which required laski.- Come lie a look at the back, - said Henry and pulled the woman to the bed. She barely looked up from his work. She obeyed his arms, licking her lips provocatively tongue. Sprawled on his back, he allowed Larry to pull off his pajama pants and is now lying in front of a man completely naked, indecent showing her body and private parts. No embarrassment, no shame she felt. She wanted only to surrender to this man, to be taken to them, give him a treat and the most forgotten in ekstaze.Slovno answering her thoughts, Henry stood over her and went gently into the bosom of the substituted. Larry only moaned softly from the long-awaited happiness and body confidence. The man began to slowly move into it, causing a new wave of excitement and languor. These movements rise and fall Lari, rocking on the waves of delight. And each time it was all over, pulling out of her stony.- Come on girl, pokrichi - encouraged her Henry and Larry really screamed. Wildly and lingeringly ... and at this time it twisted voltage wave, which forced almost to bend the arc under the man's body on the coming orgasm. She writhed in ecstasy, and Henry continued his rhythmic movements without letting it rest, and after the first orgasm of her covered the second ... third ... fourth ... From excess of feeling disconnected Larry, and when woke up, and lay a man with legs and body, who went back and forth in ney.- Well? - I asked Genrih.- It memorably - purred ona.- What you will not forget - exactly - man confirmed. - And still to come there will be many such momentov.- sure - agreed Larry, wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to his lips. His tongue burst into her mouth and explored all the corners of her mouth. The woman is completely dissolved and suppressed by Henry. She felt that it becomes part of it, that he could no longer without byt.Muzhchina came out of it. Looking around the "battlefield" in the form of her bosom, she commented: - Nahlyupali many ...- For you do not mind, - Larry laughed, realizing that he sees it vydeleniya.- We still have a number of the program. Are you in the ass you prefer - with or without a cream - I do not like to have to get used to popku.- girl. Bring cream and bystro.Lari jumped out of bed and ran into the bath. Quickly finding the right jar and ran back again. She does not give herself to anyone in the ass, but Henry was just the opposite. She is ready to fulfill his every whim and at the same time benefit from it udovolstvie.- we'll oprihoduem now, "virgin", - laughing man, putting Larry on the bed on all fours. She obediently bent under his arm, exposing his ass to him. Henry paid a layer of cream on her anus, smeared his body. - It should be a little bit patient and all will be well, - he continued uteshat.On it was attached to it. Larry felt his head rested in the ring anusa.- Relax - ordered her to Henry, and as soon as the slack felt strongly pressed. Larry initially thought her break, and cried. However, a thick, hard and hot continued to enter the nee.- No! - She tried to jerk from etogo.- Stand - Henry shout, nailing it in place. On the woman's eyes filled with tears, but she stood there and suffered. We started moving. It was almost as familiar in the performance, but suffered a new sensation that has penetrated through bol.- Now you will be fine - hang it, Henry. He grabbed her around the waist and helped his dvizheniyam.Lari dutifully stood and felt the flesh in itself. These movements ... ... friction inside the remains of orgasm and arousal again wound up her overshadowing the pain. Anus if adapted to the penis and slid over it without any unpleasant oschuscheniy.Posle some time intercourse in the ass already caused only pleasant sensations. Larry began to moan again. She again was good and she was enjoying the way it is taken. With this man it really was different. So fast and so silno.- Are you afraid, - said Henry. - And it is worth a try, as we have already started to roll nravitsya.Snova wave of lust. Larry not just moaned and cried out in special moments. Now, she did not hesitate to shout .... She splashed herself in these cries, helping excitation reach her even more. She had not even realized how it covered the next orgasm, only a prolonged howl, all arched. Had she got it from such relations? But the movement Henry continued to torment her, and she re-floated on the waves of the sea vozbuzhdeniya.Uzhe at the limit of consciousness, she noticed that Henry finished it right in the ass. Then they were exhausted by on the bed, and she got a job as a girl on his shoulder, throwing his leg over leg, hand on his body, his thigh pushes the pussy, the body is closely pressed against him ... Forgotten covered bins, and she fell asleep happy in his arms.
• • • • •
Morning flooded Larry golden glow of the sun and the joyful feeling of satisfaction. For a long time it is not to give so selflessly. And she had never had finished there a lot. She thought that the stories of these orgasms just fiction, but now she barely departed from nih.Zhenschina leaned against the prostrate body of the man, feeling every cell of the body touches, delight because he belonged to him. The strange thing is that she wanted to still belong to him. Giving all that she had, the whole itself ...- woke up, - said Henry, patting her on the scheke.- Yep - almost purred ona.- Satisfied pussy - man smiled and pulled her to him. Larry leaned forward, their lips met and merged in a kiss. - And you did not want to ...- Who knew it would be so horosho.- I had promised. And you did not believe ...- now believe - Larry enjoyed stroking his hand over her naked body. The chest rested against him, feeling pleasant uprugost.- As I always have to believe, my girl, - said didactically Genrih.- Uchtu for the future, - she smiled, gently rubbing it on a telo.- Always bear in mind that - he agreed. - Though now you can not forget and sama.- Yes? - Playfully said ona.- not yet calmed down -? With you it nevozmozhno.- Pravilno.On knocked her onto her back, leaned his body. Larry obligingly parted legs and sprawled on the bed, putting himself under the man. Henry was not slow to take advantage of this and immediately went into the vagina. Larry was already excited so that free men took the body. He held her with his body, and began to go strong movements in her womb. Warmth spread through the body of a woman. It is dissolved in the onset and absorb the pleasure of every cell. Larry closed her eyes and gave herself up to the will of Henry. She closed her eyes and quietly moaning from each lifting chuvstvennosti.Mnogo time was not necessary. A few minutes later Larry already bent in a paroxysm of delight. Cry burst from her throat and fueled orgasm. She ends violently dolgo.Kogda and she opened her eyes, recovering from pleasure, Henry stood over her, and stir up your body by hand. Larry guessed that he wants to achieve orgasm and pour his seed on it. She did not mind, and only povyrazitelnee took the position that the man was more convenient. Henry stiffened, and white liquid flew out and hit her head on his chest and belly, scorching its warmth on her skin. Larry gripped special delight, because she was so dissolute and available. She smeared the liquid on his body, and Henry smiled, inviting it to continue to Larry deystvie.Vyliv their juices, Henry lay near nee.- Is not it time for us to gather? - I asked on.- ready lain here all den.- Unless you do not have to work? - I surprised Genrih.- We must go to the boss, and then the owner is interested in a new business - admitted Lari.- Then, a girl, you have to gather. And what about the owner ... - he paused, looking into her eyes. - You have now only one hozyain.- And who - I. 'Well, Sir, - Larry smiled, picking up the game Henry. But he was absolutely serious, and continued to stare it in the eye a bad treatment. So from now on and to contact mne.- Seriously - Is not that right? - Asked in turn, man, and Larry felt that it was almost true. However, she tried vosprotivitsya.- You do not mania velichiya.- Maybe - smiled in turn, Henry. - But my pussy is not aware nadobno.Lari was at a loss: the game or reality - Go, wash, - a man slapped her bare zadu.Lari got out of bed and went to take a shower?. Diligently, vymyvshis, she returned to the room. While she dressed and led myself up, Henry had also bathe and gather. So the two of them went down to the first floor, and went to work ulitsu.- Go - said goodbye to her, Henry. - Be ready tomorrow night. I'll pick toboy.- Good - Larry threw at him and went to the garage for his car.
- I'm so tired - said Ilya half-whisper. - I so want to caress ... Do not you deny me the pleasure I looked at him. Long hair, radiant smile, eyes that reflected the sun. Ilya ... Hands, palm, which he looks at it thoughtfully, as if trying to find some hitherto unknown life line, the folds on the chest. He breathed softly into my shoulder. "What a quiet relaxing evening" - I thought. I looked at him and saw a blind desire in his eyes. Ilya ... By the coffin of life will not forget this insinuating voice, the parted lips. I could no longer endure. I glared at my lips as though something nedogovorit mouth of Elijah. My arms wrapped around his body relaxed. When I moved away from his face, Ilya sighed, waving ladonyu.Ya not in a hurry with a question: "What do you want me to do with you?"I began to unbutton the buttons on his shirt. What meal was read in his eyes! He wanted ... But our desires fully coincide: I myself could not wait more to cling to the warm his body, kissing him in the corner of his mouth ... Hurry! That attack these buttons so hard to unbutton. I studied brush Ilya hands, with all its veins and veins that once dangled lifelessly from the bed vniz.Ya closer to Ilya and kissed him just below the neck, putting his hand to his chin. Relive, he responded to the kiss - in the shoulder. Why did not he kiss me on the lips now? He ran his hand over my shoulder and said - come on ... I lay on her back and pulled her Ilya. I grabbed one arm around his waist and the other stroked his hair. And this little moist scent of his hair so vozbuzhdal.- Hush, hush ... - Ilya purred, touching his hand shirinki.I here ... I felt something warm in my hand. It was him, of course. I stroked his rukoy.- More please .. - asked Ilya.Ya holila and caressed him and Ilya only lightly twitching convulsions of love. And he stood on the bed, and turned away, walked to the window. He looked at the lack of understanding menya.- Well, come to me, - with bitterness in his voice said on.- No, you came to mne.On. We stood at the window and watched the evening city, shrouded in darkness with slight admixture of some northern tumana.- Let's go for a walk - I suggested.
I often have this idea, sometimes I dreamed about it, watched some movies .. about sex between guys .. I'm not gay and I am very attracted to women, but sometimes there is a desire to meet with the young man .. not in sensory terms, but only for gay sex .. I'm not attracted. they are interested in, more lasting love relationship .. and I was attracted to a meeting with the same as I do, straight people who would like to diversify your sexual experience. these thoughts running through my head during periods of sexual abstinence and forced themselves disappeared after having sex or masturbation. moreover, after the desire to meet with the representatives of their sex fell away completely and there is now only the next abstinence.
I made several attempts to get acquainted through the Internet, but young people are distracted and my messages disappear after the proposal really meet. I think this happened because of their complexes, and maybe after a sexual release they also lost the desire. one way or another for several years, I have not found any young man. I wish it was the young, not a grown man. 18-20 Years, accurate and probably innocent .. ..
Years passed, and occasionally there is a desire remained unfulfilled. Then one day I decided to once again advertise on the Internet and suddenly it responded. I wrote a letter to a young man like me who had no such experience, and not wishing to become gay. photograph was attached to the letter. We agreed to meet at my house and here at 16.00 the doorbell rang, and he entered the apartment. To tell the truth lost all desire for sex, and there was some awkwardness, and I noticed that the same feelings experienced he is. He undressed, and we went into the room, sat down on the sofa and I offered to see the photos. They were young men, making love in various poses. I noticed that it was pleasant to my new friend, and I asked him to undress. He is not particularly resisting it, I took off the entire lower part of the garment. And then I saw that he was already excited. I stroked his scrotum and saw that it's nice and he's not shy about it. Then I began to gently massage his penis, then undressed himself. He also removed the remaining clothes lay on his side and I turned to him jack lips touched his penis. My penis was in front of his face, and he did the same. I took the head in his mouth and the first taste of his penis. Slightly salty and exciting smell. I was greatly wound up and I started massaging his lips hard dick swallowing it, almost sticking out. During this time he played with my penis and both of us were pleased. I sometimes caressed his scrotum, and a few minutes later we are so excited that finished each other's mouth almost simultaneously. Brackish sperm splattered in my mouth after I felt that he stood in suspense. Excitation was so strong that I eagerly swallowed all that resulted from it. After I had finished, came the fatigue. We were jack and looking members who have just been with us in the mouth. I had no desire to repeat it, but I'm not sorry that it happened. After thirty minutes of rest, we have agreed to call and he left.
The next day in the apartment the phone rang and I opened the door, saw a couple of guys. Only during the call, I thought that made an appointment with another young man. He seemed a little weird, and I did not expect that it will come. He said that he was not sure whether he would really love to me, and offered to just meet. Of course, I did not expect the appearance of a few guests, which surprised me, but not to be rude, I invited them to enter. After all, in the end, he could just be afraid to meet so to a stranger, and therefore for the first time, he said not expecting to have sex, I decided to just sit with their company. We walked into the room, I shut the door and all that was then, of course, it is not in my plans. One of the young people came up to me and unzipped his pants in front of which stuck excited penis. Centimeters 18. I understand what he wants and, despite the surprise, I othlynuvshee excitement caused to approach him, and leaned in to take advantage of his mouth. I began to suck it with great pleasure. Almost immediately after that, I felt that the guy coming up behind me, unbuttoning my pants. He pretty quickly pulled them down with shorts and smeared my ass is not clear where to get the cream, and without hesitation, he ran into his cock. Excitation was so strong that I am not that resisted this, no, I liked it, I wanted to fuck me in the ass. He entered me. Feel the male member inside - it was the first time in my life. He began to move back and forth delivering Me a lot of fun. He fucked me. Not making love, and it is fucked. At that time I was fascinated by the oral pleasure, but drew attention to the third guy Fingering looking at us. The guy who I sucked suddenly stiffened and spurted from his sperm that filled my mouth. I swallowed it and licked all that is left out on a limb. At this point came the third man, the one who was masturbating and giving me a member, I finished right on his face. I closed my eyes and felt his warm semen dripping on me. The guy who finished in my mouth is located on the sofa. While standing in front of me I do obkonchalsya face of a young man, and in the ass for more than five minutes I fucked another kid. I was so excited that he was ready to surrender to them completely. I began to lick the dripped-off sperm to egg the guy standing in front of me, I licked, sucked his dick relax. I licked him, and he was indifferent to it. And suddenly I noticed as he began to change. He once again excited. His scrotum tightened, and the eggs began to seem smaller. I was very excited, and I began to lick their language. And suddenly, breaking the normal rhythm of the guy behind crashed into me with great force and I felt I was filled with his sperm. I felt like she splashes out of it straight into me. I moaned, he relaxed and slowly pulled out his penis. He lay down on the sofa and fell asleep almost immediately. he was replaced by a friend that I was doing blowjob. He does not need any lubrication. my whole ass was in the sperm that flowed from me and dripped to the floor. he put me and started pushing. My friend enjoyed the front of my mouth, and that the back of my ass. I can not longer hold back his power began to masturbate and quickly finished. Immediately lost all desire someone to suck and fuck. However, in the inside I had two members, and the guys felt my mood change, took the lead. One fucked me from behind and another in front fucked. That's fucked, because I have not sucked or licked - I did not want. Then I received another portion of sperm in the ass and a little after that portion of sperm in her mouth. They withdrew, I lay down on the sofa and, exhausted, fell asleep. When I woke up the guys were gone. And on their visit resembled only almost dried semen on the floor, on the face, the pope and thighs.
Hello ! My name is Omar. Now I'm 25 and I'm in my last year of the National Agrarian University that Ukraine.Etot story prompted me to write your raskaz Negro and white schoolgirl. I read it when I first came to the uni course. You can not imagine how my stick was 25 cm when I read this story. My mind then peremknulo. As we have in Libya only a small part of the Negroes. Well guys I have natural black nigger growth of 191 cm and weighing 105 kg. So it was in the month of April when I was your raskaz prochital.Srazu same yazahotel not like to fuck and inseminate beautiful and not very ukrainok.Sleduet to notice that our government pays a stipend of 1500 Dolar on mesyats.Rusky language I learned to April pretty well but it's still a lot of the first did not understand. At this point I decided to build his evil plan by seducing a young teacher at ekonometrii.Delo ishlo to the Session and I have not yet passed the 5 works on econometrics.
Due to the fact that many students at the university to have been within the couple. Econometrics has a pair of 6 and ended at 18.00. After a couple I came from the other Losers her to sit the K ... 19.00 I was left as the most stupid. I will describe this krasavitsu- growth somewhere 175 cm Weight 55 kg Beautiful face sdlinnymi brown hair that vyutsya.Ona was dressed in a white blouse, blue pidzhachek, red skirt, a flesh-colored tights and shoes with medium kablukah.Sidya against her what I said it is nonsense, and she corrected me. Note my club took a vertical position. Cum hit me in the brains and I blurted out, You are so beautiful. She's embarrassed. I asked her if she was fucking with natural black blacks. The girl said net.I then I went on the offensive, I moved to a beauty, began to kiss her mouth in surprise grabbed her ass, chest and began lapat.Ona moaned. I introduced a finger in the vagina wet. Quickly ripped off her white panties, I began to tongue her hairy laskt tulpanchik.
As she rushed moaning. For 10 minutes it fucking language flowed of Powerful and finished three times. Then I pulled out my dick and lowered the girl on her knees please my good and she shyly took in his mouth. My God, I was furious and began to fuck her by a dick in her mouth. She choked, gasped, but more than half are not included in her pretty mouth. I continued to poke their drin with frightening speed, and oh God, I felt like my dick rose and started down in the mouth. She could not swallow all of the escape. Come lick and she obediently began to lick. after 5 minutes of warming, he stood as before. I laid it on the table, relieving chest from the bodice and lifted up her skirt. I lifted her legs on his shoulders and put his dick in hairy tyulpanchiku. Moknul took, moknul - pulled out, rubbed it on the lower crease. It is especially hyperventilate. Well, what are you waiting she wheezed. Slut ask me to fuck you and impregnated white bitch. She raised his eyes to me: "I do not want a child from you ".but I slowly slid a member of her team. No, no but so insistent in this white bitch had a choice, or be fertilized or not a black man fuck. I started hand gently caressing her breasts, slowly moving from its entrance by a dick to her all the more anxious. But disturbed mind, then I began to gently caress the clitoris. She could not resist:" Take me, his white whore, I want to feel your dick, I want a child from you!"
Yes please!
And then I began to nail down his powerful dick in her hole. Shit what it is narrow for my dick at the base of which was 6 cm. And started fucking. I fucked her like a madman with a flourish that much she -That shouted. I would be satisfied with her delicate vagina, full breasts with brown nipples. After 10 minutes, I felt the tempo of the sperm on its way. I put all of their 25 cm in her vagina and began to irrigate possible, the teacher only helped his hips vporskivat uterus my nigger sperm. A few seconds later I finished and took the dick out of her pussy flowed razvorochennoy sperm. She began to caress her handle himself there, his eyes closed. Slowly breath, I started looking again like vozbuzhdatsya teacher caresses herself. And then I saw her ring anus untouched and decided to deprive her of her innocence there. With businesslike parted her legs I spat on the ring anus and put his head to a resilient zhopku. I slowly began to move and after a while put his dick half.
And he began to fuck her in the ass all the increasing pace and all further penetrating into the intestine. Her eyes widened in pain as she was trying to lose me, but it was not there. Then she began to fondle handle its burrow. Then relax and let zhopka polnostju club fully crawled to a point. I started to completely remove a member and with all the dope and the end of his stick. As she screamed. But her happiness I narrowness of her ass began to finish. We quickly had finished, I took a dick. In place of the plump ass was a hole with a diameter of 6 cm. From her beautiful eyes shed tears, and ass, pussy, black, my company sperm. Who won it.
Dressed I left.
The next day during "window" I saw her. I walked over and whispered in your ear, I want to fuck you. This fool protested. But I just said that, I will tell you how she was fucking with me on the chair, and she fell silent. I took her to the top of the stairs and said, take off your clothes whore. She protested, said that after yesterday's inside it all hurts not possible to postpone. Then I rastegnul pants and said vynyal dick suck, whore! She obediently opened her mouth and let my character to himself. And dutifully sucked. I have finished, striking face member and said tomorrow beybi.Ee face fell. Tomorrow, I brought her to the same mesto.Rastegnuv blouse and bra, I began to paw and suck her breast luxury. Then he bent cancer and put it drin otsnoshav I gladly finished. Month I drove ZTU heifer in place and mate with this beautiful whore. At the end of May it has pleased me: "Bastard, bastard, bastard, I got pregnant" After I said these beautiful words: Do not try to get rid whore, and that will beat, and left grinning. Fortunately for me near the uni began to appear wonderful abiturientki who sat on the entrance kursy.Sredi these beauties I saw pyshechki-blonde with glasses and pigtails in a T-shirt and mini -yubke from under which could see the neat ass and white sneakers. It's a miracle I had to fuck. When I approached the flock of girls who went to the couple and introduced himself, he offered to go to the cafe and to establish international relations agreed to only two: my dumpling and long ugly in jeans and T-shirt. Well there was nothing. I led the girls in the cafe. As it turned out they themselves come to Zhytomyr region with one village. Neighbors on the street and lived in one room in obzhage and agreed to go for the sole reason that today is Wednesday, and the money ran out and there was nothing there. (I will feed you, I thought). Oddly enough girls ordered vodka "White Eagle", I was a devout beer. Vydudliv a bottle of vodka, they began to behave carelessly.
I sincerely surprised about the girls who just turned 16. This was especially true long ugly Svetki.My left the cafe when it was already dark. The road lay through the Holosiivskyi forest. We Svetka behind, stumbled and fell into the bushes. My donut is gone. I stayed Svetka that rastegivat my pants. My friend started prosypatsya but etogoemu not given, and took in his mouth. Wow, I thought. But in the belt for this slut sucked me expertly.
It has all the member was placed in his throat. 5 minutes to suck it prispustila jeans and panties, then murmured: I want to ass. I did not have to beg for a long time. ... I started to poke a hole in it. 3/4 gone just like that. Then I attacked her with usey fool and began to ram her ass, and lead to their size. She screamed moaned tossing and my drin did his job. I felt the load and began to descend into her gut, she podmahivala. Then I took out a member and obmazany her shit stuck in her mouth. She masterfully all removed. Gradually, a member of the military has taken shape. Pulling off her jeans and panties completely and raised his tee shirt on his chest, I began to fondle and suck her breasts. Then, quickly putting me on my back, she jumped at me, tucked in mohnatku member and started to jump. Then, having got tired began to make a circular motion pelvis, I baldel this young slut everything she could. But it was time to move on to the main. Putting her on her back, I began to frequent and powerful to batter the young fool. Her eyes rolled back she gets an orgasm after orgasm. Then, I felt the arrival of the cargo and the most accelerated, rolling his eyes ready to fill this slut with hot lava. Suddenly she cried: " just not in me, I have dangerous days and zabrykalas, trying to throw me off. But I confidently bring themselves to orgasm. And now he has come: from the sweet feeling of semen tanks focused on the head and spread through the life-giving nectar Amy uterus. When I finished and got up, she whimpered: "I did get pregnant freak here, I will beat tyatka". I was tired and walked her under the hostel is a little calmer. The next day (I was surprised) girl light and my desire Nina (especially smiling?) Invited me to the hostel to note what that holiday. Robust design drunk beer, I saw that I especially Nina smiles. As imperceptibly Light left us. Nina was perfect: 2 white braids, blue eyes, pretty face, full breasts, buttocks, legs, and this lovely little body was just a short white dress with polka dots. I started kissing her plump lips, stroking the legs, breasts. He took off his pants, schobral platishko at the waist, I admired -nimfa. But we had to fuck. Parting chubby legs I saw a pink slit that barely overgrown bushes, could not resist and began to lick. Nina writhed, moaned. Not letting her finish, I removed the language and put a jade warrior. Then she was frightened. Omar I had with anyone
Calm down fool is very nice. Well, it is not necessary and tried to crawl away. Do you think this will stop a young producer at the gate. And I podobgav Nina by itself started poking member near its entrance. She kicked, but my rod started to be screwed into a young, plump, tender body. Then I felt a barrier, that is, pressed urine and entered the most dick. Gradually I began to shove the rest. The girl frowned and sighed, and when I started particularly strongly pushed the movement gradually increasing them in her estestvo.Ya. Nina more and more curves and sighed. But I continued to do it otbivnuyu.Na of her breasts on a chain was a fact that kulonchik nicely hopped on her chest. Gradually narostalo excitement approaching orgasm. The girl began to moan more and more, and roll his eyes, and neozhydanno finished strongly, having poured my fertilizer his Socko. I could not resist adding his. Mingling at once they are 9 months will give a beautiful baby. When he had finished I went up to the girl and saw a light that laughed. I ponel insidious Light planted under my girlfriend to come back together and give birth to 2 heroes. I just smiled at the thought. Yet he fucked Light lastly and inundating her tender vagina sperm.
Here such here was first rate ...
To be continued
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