This girl called my friend - Il (she is older than me for a year). With Ira and her boyfriend Dima, I tied a very good friendly relationship. I answered...
- Hello Irishka.
- Hey. How are you?
- Yes, slowly, and you what are you doing at this hour?
- I came to the girlfriend, and now we drink champagne at the bar .... only now getting late and I do not know how to get home ... Can I come to you?
- And where are you?
- On .... .
- So it's 15 minutes away from me, no problem, come ...
- And parents do not say anything?
- No. I'm waiting for you.
After about an hour I met her at the house, we went to me. The parents were sleeping, so we just quietly slipped into my room. I brought her a little snack included a movie and we sat down to watch it. More precisely lay down, as I have in the room, from the seats was only one bed (it was decent, we went to different blankets, she took off her outer garments, not getting out of bed, embarrassed me). Somewhere in half an hour she asked me ...
- Could you massage my feet, and then my legs hurt terribly ...
- Oh sure...
She stuck her legs out from under the blanket, lay down on my stomach, and I began to give her a massage ... By the time I was quite excited, because not often come at night beautiful girl and ask them to do massage of legs =)
Ira lay with his eyes closed, and obviously enjoyed. I offered to massage her back, and she agreed to my surprise. I took off her blanket, and opened my eyes, tanned, slim body my girlfriend. To make it more convenient to massage, she took off her bra (while she covered her breasts on the sides of his hands, so I do not have anything in sight. I started to massage the back, casually dropping in panties and spending on them. My cock just torn from the cowards, the benefit of it it was not visible.
This went on for about 15-20 minutes, it was the most relaxed, and then I could not stand it, I slowly lowered her panties, exposing her ass and started kissing her buttocks. She started me to say something and tried to get up, but I did not stop, I turned her on her back, finally took off her panties, and covered with kisses, her neatly shaved pubis. I sank lower and lower, she was all wet, because it just flowed with excitement, all that happens is strongly excited her. I stared at her mokrenkie sponge, and began to thrust it into the hole his tongue, while not forgetting to caress the clitoris. She began to moan.
- I want you ...
I understood this as a signal to continue the action. I put a pillow under her ass, her legs slung over his shoulders, his hands at this time caressing the breast, which is ideally placed in the palm, and the hard nipples, gently tickled my hands. I touched the head of her labia, gently pressed, and despite the fact that it was quite a narrow hole, my cock went in with no problems, so it abundantly pussy was wet with excitement. I began to slowly move a member, at the same time experiencing an incredible bliss of her narrow pussy, which was set up as if for me =). Her moans intensified, and I, not to wake their parents, had to close her mouth with his hand. I moved faster and faster, oblivious, I removed his hand from her mouth, there was a loud long moan, I felt the muscles of her pussy, tensing orgasm, gripped my dick, and I can not hold back, finished right in Irishku. I leaned over to kiss her, and she responded to my kiss, our tongues caressed each other. Within 5 minutes we were again merged with it in a single unit, and rose to the heights of bliss. Tonight I have satisfied her (and she, in turn, me =)) not less than six times.
In the morning, I went to hold her to the subway, and when he left, she told me ...
pleasure ... It's like to try the forbidden fruit. My feelings have never been sharpened since ... But first things first.
My name is Man Bari (in fact, he had a little bit different name, but it is too long;)), and it is just a wonderful man! He is a very exotic mixture of Russian, Tajik and Chechen blood. Pretty, green-eyed, dark ... in the opinion of all my friends we had a couple of very interesting, because I too kosmopolitka. ;) My father is half-Polish, half-Latvian mother and combines Russian, Bashkir and Avar blood. ;) So I also look very exotic (blond girl with almond-shaped green-blue eyes, a little dark skin, wide cheekbones and a doll face with plump lips), and therefore sink some non-Russian boys and men on me. Yes, and I have the temperament south. So we make him an explosive cocktail. In Bari sex simply superb, when I'm with him - I am sick of enjoyment. I had a lot of guys, but none of them gave me such a heavenly pleasure ... except for one person - a young 27-miletny Tajik named Alex, who was I the first guy in every sense. It Alik I first learned what a French kiss, it was he who gave me the most passionate and skilled caresses, it was with him I became a woman. While he kissed me really only a week after they met, and before the first time to seize me, walked with me more than six months.
He caressed me, brought to the point of exhaustion ... he's like my body was developing, preparing me for what I've become a woman. In our first night, he was gentle, so tender, that I felt no pain at all. And he was proud that I had come to him a virgin. He did not talk about it, but it was read in his eyes, even in his gestures after our first night of love. And he was so handsome !!! He called in my mind eastern Prince - slim, with thick, curly black hair, a chiseled face, a thin nose, clearly delineated beautiful lips and huge dark brown eyes framed by an incredibly dense and long (up to the eyebrows) lashes. Alik was thin and quite high, and it was just a huge dick !!! Even if I just touched his hand, I was excited, the factory with half a turn. Oh and Alex did not stay in debt ... and we made love as if never to see each other, and tried to enjoy each other fully. After all the time that I spent with him in bed, I still hurt. From passionate kissing sore lips, nipples, neck, shoulders, sickly sweet spasm drove her hips and stomach, and my hot wet slits and sore pain, pleasure and desire to repeat all over again, and not once.
But Alik was one drawback ... it was too silent, and this does not correspond to his zodiac sign - Sagittarius. And me with my temperament needed a man with whom I would have been able to talk, and not only get physical pleasure. We simply did not match the characters. He was silent, I was angry ... angry when perehlstyvala over the edge - I blew up, filled with rage, and Alex only silently, knowingly and gently smiling. Even if I hit him - he would have answered me as calm and indulgent smile. I wanted to shout ...
At its devyatnadtsatiletie Michael finally got his way. Parents gave him a one-room apartment, thereby declaring his son completely independent. Michael Joy knew no bounds. He always wanted to live separately from their parents, especially since they promised to give him an expensive gift for another age, but due to some financial difficulties, were able to fulfill the dream of his son only a year ...

The first week only Michael did was to invite friends so that they were glad to halt his happiness. The guy was quite shy and non-drinker, from that friends no longer visit him every day. One morning the phone rang. He called his aunt. Her name was Elizabeth. Aunt Lisa.
- Hello, plemyashka! How are you? I heard you have become eligible bachelor with a private living area - fun conversation starters Aunt Lisa.
Michael loved his aunt. She had no children, so his nephew Misha she treated as her mother, aunt, sister, and how as a friend. Misha answered her in the same ... She called the woman to his nephew's why: On her stairwell began to make repairs and the walls painted a smelly paint that Aunt Lisa already allergic to all kinds of toxins, headache just hell.
- Mishan, if you do not mind I would have lived in your week. Can? Let everything dry, so wear off, or I just go crazy. Do not be shy, if you can not accept me. Then I'll ask a classmate, - said his nephew, Elizabeth.
- Well, what are you talking about, aunts Liz! - Making strictly said Misha - Today and come.
Elizabeth happily said that collect things for a week, zabezhit to shop for tasty and directly to him ...

Misha was looking forward to her aunt. He, as was said above, was very fond of her, but there was still more. Already five years, as the man looked at her as a sexual object. For the first time he realized that only began to masturbate and accidentally saw the chest of Aunt Lisa, who fell out of a narrow blouse. Misha still remembered her huge dark nipples sticking straight up, masturbating at the same time ... He is now waiting for her aunt with the expectation that it will certainly be going home in the home dressing-gown through an incision which Misha had seen her mouthwatering full thighs. That happiness kid a halt!

Aunt Lisa not long in coming. Behind the front door I heard light footsteps. The bell rang. Misha opened, and a moment later found himself in the arms of his beloved aunt. She kissed him as if they had not seen ever. Michael showed her his new apartment, explained how to use a so-and-so is, issued a set of clean bed linen. Rest of the day and night they spent in conversation, drinking tea and watching some of the new film. Misha had seen the film and while Aunt Lisa enthusiastically watched what was happening on the screen, Misha looked at her feet. The slender, dark-haired, Tridtsatisemiletny woman sat in a narrow skirt. She rode up a little guy and contemplating not only chiseled its well-groomed and tanned shins and knees and round mouth-watering. From this picture Man member stood as stone ...

The film ended and Aunt Lisa offered to get ready for bed, and then she get up early for work. She worked in the children's center of development. Elizabeth had spread itself to the kind offer of Michael couch. Michael himself spread a Statement on the cot.
- Mishan, I'm in the shower for five minutes, - he said Aunt Lisa's nephew, took the bag with the things and went to the bathroom.
There was the sound of water and Mischa presented his favorite aunt is now completely naked standing in the shower and probably tempted to himself between his legs. How many times he represented this picture in my mind! And every time the orgasm was much stronger than when he thought of his contemporaries ...
Aunt Lisa came out of the shower is really in the same robe through an incision which saw Misha again her full thighs. They are so sexy woman waved at each step. Tolerate Misha could not.
- I, too, in the shower, - he mumbled Aunt and sideways, so that she did not see it sticking out of his pants member, left the room.
The guy locked himself in the bathroom and turned on the water. Then his eyes fell on the bag on the floor of Aunt Lisa. It is something showed white. Mike opened it. He could not believe his eyes. The package was lying bra and panties Aunt Lisa that she probably was going to wash the next day. With a shudder Michael pulled her panties heart. From a recent close contact with the body, they were warm. He unfolded them. In the place where they come into contact with the vagina was wet, sticky spot. No, it was not urine and menstrual flow. It was the same grease that excels in women with a strong excitation. Lubricants was so much on his shorts that could suggest that she had finished. Misha wrapped his aunt's panties standing member of the stake. Contact with wet panties of his beloved and loving woman was so pleasant that the boy had finished just ten seconds ...

Stepping out of the shower, he noticed that an aunt Lisa lies with closed eyes and faintly smiling.
(To be continued)
My favorite woman does can remain calm and indifferent when he sees her as the chosen women hang themselves almost in the open, right in front of her ... make eyes, making broad hints, trying to hug, a smile, a sly look in his eyes, pull it smoke on balcony, closing the door tightly, whisper something in your ear ...
And how do you like ... tastes in women about men agree among themselves, even more than the tastes of men about women ...
And the beginning of the scene, fighting that you were told that she had seen, and how things smell again unfamiliar cosmetics or perfume ... or too long hair on his pullover ... well, not a bathing suit because ...
And when the Spit meets stone, suffering, of course, more spit ... if you start disassembling a favorite, I generally keep quiet ... talk loves a woman ... especially if the first attempt to translate the conversation into some other channel ... not perevedesh after all, even if you want to ...
Still, some fool on the door at night to write the word
Hugs men of heated alcohol became stronger and no longer just a friendly. A couple of times Irina clearly felt a man's hand on her ass. Kissing also went from the formal discharge to a long and passionate, Irina had ceased to notice that sometimes she casually come across his lips to the lips of men, and soon about kissing on the cheek, and everything is completely forgotten, long prisasyvayas to her lips.
Flushed with wine and considerate manners Irina comfortable with the light, as it were accidental touches and stroking her charms, she resisted, even when one of the men kissing her again, ran his tongue in her mouth.
Even closer to eleven at night holiday ended, all friendly crowd left the office, and now the crowd below, figuring someone with whom to go or go home. As a result, the empty patch in front of office building remained only Irina and three men.
Irina - taking her by the arm said one of them, his name was Vladimir, he was a senior manager - and you hurry home too, or if you do not mind, let's go to the bar, not far from here. I do not know - said Irina, a bit unsteadily, and therefore trying to build on the conversation. There is a billiards - continued Vladimir - we'll show you that in the province can play. Ha - Irina giggled stupidly - to play, so I'll make you all - in drunken bravado she tossed her head - you have me stay without pants. I bet that not beat - immediately offered Vladimir saw that Irina fallen for the bait. Send - only and she answered, pushing a man.
At the bar sat at the table ordered a beer and snacks. Irina first did not want to drink more, but a cheerful conversation unwittingly became sipping beer.
So play - they returned to Paul, who went to change tokens. Aha - Ira slammed the mug on the table - who was the first - she defiantly looked around the three men. Playing as agreed - slyly asked Volodya. It's like - Irina was up and now turned to him. Well, you're there that threatened to leave us without pants - continued Vladimir - then get on the strip. Fie, that I have not seen - I threw Irina, slipping on a man look. That is scared - pretending that he knew it, said Vladimir - both on the street as one, but as things came up - he pulled a face at Irina. Well - Irina slapped his palm on the table - there is, but I'll do you first.
Volodya stood up and winking at the others went to the billiard table. Irina make it easier to leave the jacket on the chair and went after him. Bear in mind - warned her Volodya - a jacket you can not deliver, or play in it. C'mon - waved Irina - I think it is a handicap for you.
Irina fairly easy vygraet first batch. Vladimir with no less easily separated from his shirt. Encouraged by his victory Il ordered another beer. It really played well, but drunk alcohol greatly interfered with in this situation.
Equally hard and fight in the next game victory went to Vladimir. Oh damn - I swore Ira, looking like a man winning a ball rolls. He straightened up, smiling while looking at her. What are you so happy - she said to him - you just lucky coincidence. Would you like something to remove - Volodya went up to her and began to finger the lapel collar blouses. I wish - he said, imitating the IRA - but not what you want - and became rastegivat zipper on the skirt.
Irina blouse was pretty long and completely covered her ass, but so she looked even more sexy. Carefully putting a skirt on a chair Ira returned to the table. Well we continue - she took the cue.
The next game, she again lost. Carried away by excitement, she quickly threw off his tights and throwing them aside leaned over the table. Rare visitors and the bar staff watched with interest the developments closely no one came, knowing that we should not interfere, but from afar with great interest looked at Irina, especially when she found herself back on them.
Excited game Irina is constantly applied to the beer glasses, agile waiter kept a sharp eye to her glass is never empty, and therefore Irina impression that it continues to strain all one and totzhe.
Leaning over the table once again to strike, Irina felt the warm touch of his hands to his priest. Turning her head, she saw standing beside Vladimir. Volodya - she said - it's not fair, I'm not bothering you - she turned back to the table. Hand not only removed, but also walked lightly on the buttocks, causing his touch light tremor in Irene. Volodya - she said again - do not bother. And I'm really bothering, Ira - gently cooed Vladimir, throwing blouse on the back and thereby exposing the protruding ass Irene. Nuisance - Irina oblivious to the manipulation of the men was still trying to aim for strikes. This is what - seeing that Irina sees everything only as an attempt to stop her, the man said, leaning over and kissing the exposed portion of her ass. Irina a languid sigh language Vladimir drew on her buttocks wet track. What am I bothering you - Vladimir sat down behind her on his haunches, pushed to the buttocks panties Irina and pushing his hands plump halves priests ran his tongue along the perineum. Irina sostryasla shiver of pleasure. Volodya - she said even deeper arching. But the man continued to lick her, trying as much as possible rasshevilit language of the clitoris, he already felt that Irina starts to flow in his mouth came a taste of female secretions now remained very little.
Irina floating away from the fact, already postponed cue and having rested his hands on the table, only moaning his head hanging and his eyes closed. Seeing her approaching orgasm, Vladimir sat bolt upright, still wield a hand in the bosom of the expiring juices Irina. Fell on Irina, he kissed her neck and ear, quickly became one hand rastegivat his pants. For a moment, moving away from Irene, he came down and trousers and shorts to the knees, back pressed against her, clasping both hands and her heavy breasts are supple. His standing member poking between yagodichek Irene gradually found a path to her wet cunt. Another moment and Vladimir was inside a woman. Irina has issued a deep groan, hands Vladimir fiercely fought with the buttons on her blouse, trying as soon as possible to feel the warmth of her skin velvety and finally compress the swollen and well detectable through the material of her breasts nipples. Irina continued to rest on his hands, fed towards jolts Vladimir enjoying rolled on her feelings.
Institutions to limit Irina finished first, rapidly and continuously. Vladimir came out of it a woman picked up on hands and transferred to a regular bar table standing near, gently laying her on her back. Placed between her legs wide apart and grabbed her by the hips, he again went into it, starting to move her hips hard, pounding at a furious rhythm of his penis into her vagina. Irina moaned and wailed loudly. Her clothes are exempt from Sissy shook sprawled on the sides, arms to the side and holding on to the edge of the table, Irina slid over the table surface, held by a hand of Vladimir.
I am right now, finish - Vladimir turned his head to his colleagues - let's get ready to read. Paul strove to pull off his clothes. When Vladimir came, Irina did not even notice the change parntera, discharge in her womb, who quickly gave way to Paul, who immediately began to drive his cock in hlyupayuschee abundance of moisture from the bosom of Irina.
Only after a while he opened his eyes, Irina whispered - Pasha. Yes, I - he bent over her glaring kiss on her lips. Clasping his hands Irina stronger shrank into a man. Dotrahav Irina to her orgasm, Paul gave her some time to recover and catch his breath, and then made it clear that he wants to use the services of her mouth. Irina did not mind, and sinking into a chair in front of shrunken man, on his knees, began nasasyvayut his cock.
To say that Irina did not pay attention to the audience gathered around her, from customers and peresonala bar would not be true. It is the whole body felt their lustful looks greasy, groping her exposed charms on display, hear their comments and obscene expressions, and she played on the public, loudly munching sucking dick in your mouth, abundantly wetting the trunk of saliva dripping down her chin. She enjoys sucking cock, trying to deliver maximum enjoyment Paul. Between boobs errands - said one of them formed a circle around the audience. Irina released from rotika sleek member of St. Paul and the others looked around smiling, there were no less than ten people, with Irina and spotted a couple of women. Grabbing her tits hanging down below her hands she grabbed them protruding member Paul. Moving up and down she began to rub it on the trunk of his chest. Grant the request gathered after a while Irina resumed her mouth to milk a member of Paul. Some time later, Paul under the general cheering obfavlil face Irina.
Then, completely naked Ira went to the bathroom to wash and freshen up. The people dispersed on their business, the staff remembered about his duties, the visitors returned to their table and a desk.
Cool water in the toilet back to reality a little Irina. The way back from the toilet to the table she took a lot less time than the prideful way there when she was wagging her hips deliberately leisurely prodefelirovala there, on the move throwing smiles right and left. Now the bullet before reaching the table, she quickly put on her blouse over his naked body. Er, what are you doing - turned to her, Vladimir. Over time it also led otstutstviya man himself in order to even Vladimir was again tied tie. Ira zapahnuv blouse eyes frantically fumbled around trying to find the other details of his toilet. Dress like - she said, continuing to look for eye bra and panties. All Serge, you went - the third man patted Paul on the shoulder. He regretfully shrugged. Well, excuse me - asked Ira to them, she finally spotted her things quickly and putting them in his arms again rushed to the toilet.
Well, a glass and home - Vladimir offered when Irina came back to the table, but in clothes. Drink, I will not - she said sitting down - and the truth, and it's time to go home. Coming out of the bar began to catch the car. Okay, I'll make it on foot - Sergei said, extending his hand to men. Best regards Irina - he kissed her hand. Sergey - Ira stopped him - you live alone? Yes - a little surprised that, stopping. I Want to keep you company - Irina offered, feeling rasposledny whore, but it glycol business for that matter, she would most like to change my husband is with Sergey. From such proposals rarely refuse this last night in this city, Irina held in the arms of Sergei.
The younger sister of a friend, her name was Eugene, was low plump blonde with a nice ass, strong chest and lively little face. She was only 16 years old and I have not looked at it at first, as a sexual object. However, in the course of our conversation the floor so that my wife with a friend talking to their professional issues, they were teachers, and we were forced Eugenia to communicate among themselves. To my surprise I noticed that despite almost 13 years difference in age to me it is very easy. At home, she always dressed simply, in the evening she was in a tight-fitting T-shirt and short tight shorts. Myboltali, fooling around, I jokingly put his arm around her ... she did not even opposed to this ... can be anything and would have passed unnoticed, but came short pause, during which I felt her breasts pressed against my loktyu.Bolee in order. ..I saw on the second breast clearly hardened nipple bump ... I spoke at the taut fabric. I gently touched by this miracle of nature ... it touched me so excited that a member of the pulled fabric trousers ... I held her close to Eugene so that she could feel it.
She quickened breathed without saying anything. I bent down and touched his lips to the nipple ... she grabbed my hands down ... it was the overall impression that she did not know whether to push me or hugged her ... It was madness, her sister and my wife sat in the next room, I had the good sense to stop this. The next time we went for a walk with the dog ... it was in the evening, until Shepherd Alpha ran through the bushes, I hugged her and kissed Eugene, she did not resist, just as her lips turned out to be free, I kissed her neck, shoulders, cleavage between breasts, she whispered all sweet stuff that she has great respect for my wife. At the time, we are also able to break away from each other. The third time turned out quite crazy. I can not remember, but something led Eugene to my apartment. We sat on the couch, chatting about various trifles, I suddenly pulled her to him and kissed her. She replied to me with all the fervor of an increasingly m.
Somehow unnoticed Eugene was left without a blouse, then without the skirt, then without a bra. Her young body was delightful, gentle elastic chest with large ranges light brown nipples, the soft curve of the abdomen with a touching dimpled navel, hips smooth line with full cheeks and a light fuzz of pubic hair, which I saw moving in the direction of her panties. I touched her virgin vagina finger, causing shivers throughout her body ... she moaned something, but I was not listening, I fell down to this miracle, felt its taste and flavor ... my head was spinning ... woke up I've Eugene shuddered and went limp, her orgasm was quiet, which gave her an indescribable charm. I undressed, my dick, which by that time had stood like a rock turned out to be near her plump lips gentle, I have not had time to say anything, these jaws closed over my head burgundy. A few minutes later, I stayed on the border between reality and fantasy ... words to describe my feelings at that moment is simply impossible ... Sperm was so much that all the angelic face, shoulders, chest and stomach were splattered swallow everything ... she just did not have time .
Then we kissed for a long time, I was already a little crazy inexperienced caresses her, I put her on her back, legs spread and gently brought his head to a member of her sex lips. She was a woman and because of her groans was difficult to understand her wishes, but I think they were Vesma contradictory. I parted the lips and became head gently on the ball does not penetrate deeper into it. Eugene moaning, it took about two minutes, and I was surprised to come off from the sweet-painful process found that all my cock disappeared into the vagina Eugene, she did not even cry. I began to move all the more ... Eugene moaned ... her orgasm was stronger than the first, I had the good sense to ensure that before the ejaculation pull the dick out of her vagina and pull in the belly ... she smiled blissfully and rubbed semen on her licking her body with his hands, I offered her head, it is also oblizala..Tak we have a little secret ...
Anna left us alone with his sister Helen on the pretext of the need to meet at the airport relative (ie. E. In fact, Laura). Whispered: "You have two hours to figure out what's what I'm not jealous, dear, and it is very necessary ... My husband took to drink, he died six months ago, and it is not the way eblas four months, and did not write in the morning .... .Udachi! "
Elena and drank champagne and liquor still, and I suggested: "Do not you want to measure things that I bought for you on request Anna?" Anna got up from his seat, adjusted the ruffles on the poured champagne dress revived:
- Want! What is it?
- Very sexy outfit: shorts, bra, stockings with a belt.
- She wants me to put it on? And what does "sexy"? All out? It's indecent.
- Well, do not wear all the time, and dress, trying on ... Then, it's underwear in the end ... Put out at the same time that her skirt and blouse on top of, and around, a mess. - I was very calm. He came close to it. Elena murmured:
- I do not know what to tell you ... I am confused. And you also want me to put them all?
- Yes, darling. I would really like to see you in it.
- Like this? I'll be in front of you in shorts and a bra? Yes, they still shine, I suppose ... Sisi and my pussy to see right away ... I am ashamed!
- Oh well! It's okay ... One kiss for courage. - Elena, apparently, wanted to say something, but I quickly sealed her mouth with a kiss, which she began after a moment to respond actively. I cheered myself, gently stroked her warm tits heroic dimensions obyagivayuschego over their dresses, felt big nipples, shook them through the fabric. Elena moaned in my mouth, weakly tried to break free, but I just moved my hands on her hips, pulled her close and held her stomach to her revolted member. Elena felt cock shuddered all over, closed her eyes and gave me a kiss in their own language. I am pleased he sucked on her sweet saliva, looked up and handed it to her bag. With some delay flushed Elena opened her eyes, looked at the bag, turned her eyes at me, smiled:
- And you mischievous, if not more! As Anna says, if he finds out that I'm with you ... I kiss here on such an occasion ... and strip cook for you, that is going into this here seem underwear? Linen I expect clear, all my private parts will see, eh? Well, so be it, I change clothes ... Now, in the toilet, I want to pee at the same time ... ...
- Ask how you look at new things, that's all. Well even ask how I liked what I saw.
Elena calmed down, took the bag and went into the bathroom. I popped one jump into an adjacent toilet with a wall of translucent mirror ($ 200 toy! But worth the denezhek, oh worth it!).
Helen quickly undressed and remained in blue shorts and closed bra size of a double hammock for children. Her tits stood out from the miracle of the sixth room, when she started to unbutton his hands clasp. From cups tumbled two-rekordistki melon with large cherry nipples. Elena leaned forward, pulling off his pants and gave me a view of his vigorous ass with deep hairy slit between plump buttocks. Stepping, turned to the mirror (that is to face me), stroked himself, starting with her breasts, making her nipples again stiffened and stood up, sighed, patted his stomach, abdomen, climbed in the groin, smoothed her parted hair, has launched an instant average finger his bared red-brown slit, properly wiggled them there, stretched out, and all wet, hacking sighing and blushing, held it to his nose, sniffed and licked carefully. What she pulled out of the bag, it made her blush even more: black bra and panties, small and transparent, black stockings with seam, belt with long red garters. Spellbound, Elena quickly began to pull the whole thing. Relatively quickly coped with clasps, but was afraid to pull up higher stockings that reached only to the middle of her thighs. It was not enough: nipples Elenin boobs sticking out cheekily, lace top, big ass thin rope "G-string" if they wanted could not cover up the narrow front triangle seemed trimmed with black fur of furry pubic hair. Elena cool confused. However, it is already old underwear lying around in a basin for soaking: she threw. It remained to pull the mini-skirt and blouse Anna. Blouse more or less came to size, only the top two buttons are not enough: Anna ozornitsa- cut off their advance. But besides that skirt was small, it was also the cut on his ass. The state dressed her skirt barely covered the edges of the stockings, and the cut is already peeping naked thighs on top of the stocking: the picture is amazing. This idea seems to telepathically, came up to Elena, who blushed. But to do nothing, we must go. So she left, forgetting to pee in my "galoshnuyu" design. I met her and cheers, to smooth her embarrassment, he immediately asked to slow dance to trample. She hid her burning face in my chest and snuggled close to me, looking apparently comforting. I comforted: stroked her ass, see if the panties on the spot. She realized that I did not find anything, muttered something to me in the shoulder, such as: "I wore a bra and panties, as you requested ... but they're so ... so ..." "What?". "Bra so tiny, as if he did not, my tits are not close, and your panties, yeah, sexy ... a rope in the pope ... and pussy hardly hide ... I ... pisya such. .. ... very large falls out ... oh, I say! " - She whispered, and I am grateful for the recognition became firmly oglazhivaet her buttocks, with a force of lifting them up and got a hand to the cut skirt to pat Elenin bare thighs on top of the stocking edge. Helen, shuddering sigh, and shifting from one foot to the other in the dance, slowly arranging wider legs, and I climbed hand higher, under the lace of her panties, felt the finger ass, quickly shrunk from touching, reached deeper and hit the hot wet shameful lips, stroked them , climbed into the vagina and felt it spasmodically contracted irrigate my fingers thick mucus. Elena is much trembling dance rhythm, one hand raised to him her face, leaned forward and stared a long kiss on her trembling lips. Elena passionately breathed into my mouth and gave herself a kiss, taken hold my tongue and sucking it like a lollipop. I, meanwhile, a pair of fingers kneaded her hlyupayuschee vagina, she softly moaning, spasmodic jerks often put on my fingers, and looked only to grab the table a couple of glasses of champagne: - brotherhood "Helen did not dare to refuse, even though I was sure, it is about naprudil for themselves only asked for some reason in a whisper. "you ... you touch my pussy ... I'm so ashamed ... I'll hand her wetting, sorry ... But ... you Do not think that I have written on his hand ... I posikat forgotten something ... it's ... I let down a little bit, it's my juice ... Oh, I say! "They drank, I kissed her again he asked playfully, "show me in my sexy panties?", and crawled between our bellies into his pants pulled polunapryazhenny cock and pressed it to her belly Elena realized that this is it and gasped, however, clung to its elastic stomach... sweet poelozit on my cock and muttered: "I ... I ... well ... I'll show you in the underwear ... but ..." I killed the opposition one more kiss and even more pressed to her stomach. Bladder Elena gave a desperate call for help, and Elena backed away from me, automatically clutching his hand to his lower abdomen: - I ... I have to ... to the toilet ... I'm in a little ... now ... - she murmured, staring wide-eyed as I podrachivayu his penis at her. With some effort he turned away and jumped into the bathroom. I followed. She stood, legs apart, on my "galoshes" and lifts her skirt, exposing the taut thighs:
- Get out! I'll be back ... pee and show you in his underwear, okay, just do not look here now ... well, turn away at least ...
- I want to see how your new lingerie sitting on you. And your pussy in action ...
- I'll show you in this lingerie, I promise, just not now, I want to really ... posikat my pussy ... And you already feel, hooligan ... Well, here's a look at my pussy through panties, shameless, since so you want to just briefly, I want to write. - Carefully, she lifted her skirt, and I saw the bottom of the panty has darkened urine. Elena broke out, catching my eye:
- All right, go away, or at least turn away, I'll take off their pussy ... his hairy Headers and will urinate ... do not look, shameless, already can not stand on the verge of ... obsikayus already described ... let chut urine almost directly into new panties ... how can you spy on a woman pissing ... shame same!
I have not turned away, shaking his head negatively: "Show all." He undid her blouse. Elena realized what I want, let go of her skirt and hastily took off her blouse. I glared at her bare nipples sticking out over the edge of a lacy bra. Elena quickly pulled thigh skirt, and stepped out of it. Both to cover up, smiling nervously hands her nipples, she looked at me. I jerked off his cock, looking fixedly fell out of her panties hairy plump cushion her pudendal lips. Elena gasped, covered herself awkwardly, slightly bent and started to sit down at the same time prispuskaya panties and not allowing me to bare her uglyadet densely overgrown crack. I responded to this trick, too, sat down, even lower. Elena closed her crotch with his hand and when he saw my face stretched out, showed me the language. I made a wronged mine, why Elena, pleased, once again showed me the language, then closed her eyes and tuzhas, spoke:
- Well, hooligan, succeeded! If you pee right now, just do not uterplyu more ... But me and my blackjack do not need to look, until she pisses me ashamed! So be it, then I'll bare her without panties I show you time so you want to ... Nalyubuetes still on my blackjack hairy ... and touch it if you want ... But now it is not necessary!
A little calmed down and stiffened, seeing several of my head for higher concentrations. From under her fingers often dripped urine. I moaned softly, still natuzhilas, and strong jet hit her in the arm. Elena gasped, but continued to murmur Sica, holding the hand of a barrier, and only slightly spreading fingers to a broad stream of her urine twisted skewer sparkling burst out:
- Do not look for my blackjack, shameless! I wrote back! Wait just a little! Posikayu quickly and come to you! Well, then I will give you your blackjack even pet ... well, what could be there, I will give you to insert his penis into it, if you want ... Consider persuading the girl, I agree with you fuck if you achieve it .. . Even more to say to you very strongly to fuck you want, are you satisfied? A minute later, I am your: vyebet me any my hole where you want ... But now, do not look, I'm ashamed, I, when I have a lot of urine, Sica so ugly!
Piss Helen, falling on her fingers, sprayed everywhere, streams merge with the buttocks. Thick spicy smell of hot urine Elenin enveloped me, and I with pleasure drew nostrils aromat.Elena beautiful eyes devoured my reaction and choked spoke:
- Hooligans! Women need celebrating Sica ... and he spies ... sniffing ... Noon did not write ... and then he pushed me on my stomach, I was right in the new pants nasikala ... Aaah! I wrote here in front of him ... because Lorca Anka Sica with you, I know your pussy urine showed you, and you them right peeing vyebli, not enough for you, huh? You and I do not give dosikat?
I'm burning eyes looked magnificent picture. Elena frantically sighed painfully smiled at me, but unstoppable wrote loud murmuring stream. Spray her urine penetrated through her fingers, poured her thighs, pulling up stockings edge, and I reached out and pushed aside her obmochennuyu hand: "On the stockings to write!" Elena gasped nervously giggled, weakly trying to free his hand:
- Well, it's not on the underwear you see ... Did you peep how my naked pisya urinating ... oh, I say! You are shameless! Well, I'll bare my pussy and showed vowed there and then to give me to fuck, but is it possible to watch a woman write? I'm even stop I can not because I want to write ... And you and this ... ... masturbate myself ... Ah, I lose all sense of shame with you! - A stream of Elena went splashes shocks.
- Sica-Sica, and I will masturbate to you, and you want to jerk off? - Elena passionately breathed, all shuddered:
- Ah, shameless ... okay, creeps closer ... just to make you calm down ... - Then she reached for my dick hand. I gave her to reach out, grasp my hand, and a member of a couple of times to pull my foreskin, then corrected her gently:
- No, it was me and you masturbate themselves, my dear ...
- Aaaahhh ... All ... end. I am now in front of you just shameless bedwetter ... no more and no less. And you have such a shameless pussy ssuschuyu will examine and masturbate to it ...
From the rising tide of excitement she even stopped writing. Wider spread his knees, reached into his crotch with both hands at once, the fingers of one far spread her chubby shameful lips, revealing a tight pin of the clitoris with the already protruding pink head. The finger of the other hand began to gently podrachivat themselves choked voice pronouncing:
- Fffu what you shameless! They make a woman pee and caressing her pussy in front of you! Fffu, hooligan ... my pussy shameless examines. And I thought he was just my underwear looks ... well, and I jerk it ... well, even later ... Instead ... instead brought the woman to the shameless woman ... urine let his eyes ... razdrochila herself in front of him ... Now finish it right here, you do want? Oooh! And pisyaki not yet come to an end ... now ... now ... first posikayu little ... There you go! Ssu, a mare, look! Enjoy! Sniff!
She again let a tight stream of urine. I smiled sweetly. Elena smiled in reply:
- Well, you're kind of a bully, I continue to caress my peep shameless until Sica? Look, look, he's just stronger Jerking his dick back ... Well, so be it, masturbate for you my wet pussy and poss ... look, your eyes shameless ...
Paused for a moment, got up, pulled down her panties to her ankles crossed and left of them, again deeply I sat down, leaned closer to me, spread his knees, moaning and became part of the powerful movements of stroking his revolting arc clit, blowing twitching urine stream with passionate breaths:
- Ah, your fucking dick! Cumming ... Zaebli you Anka with Lorca to complete shamelessness ... and I lose all shame when so want to fuck ... is about to let down ... You do not pull the Sun is now past ... it to me in my nadrochenuyu hole ... so, yes ... Ahhh ... sweet piss, stopped up by a dick ... I still bni her by a dick, more ... Ohhh, good! Come on, she's fuck you little ... Ahhh, ahhh, oooo! Zadvinie his dick deeper into my blackjack, I will kiss it now by a pussy and eggs obossu ... Feel? Do you hear how I will crimp? Now I had her by a pussy podoyu you ... Here ... here ... and here! This is not your fist, it's my pussy hot piss ... ... sweet ... Aaaahhh Piss ... I want more, already burning. Voooot yet cast ... Hard pisses when plugged pussy by a dick .... Oooohhh, psssss-CCCC, into your hairline ...
Hot Elenin piss profusely poured me a pubis, a member of the root, burned eggs ... I moaned with pleasure. Elena withdrew from me and quickly turned his back to me, stood with cancer and stuck out in my side turned inside out from the strain ssuschuyu pussy. Muttered from under his arm: "I admire all the SSA and the SSA .... yyyh, yyyhhh?" - Elenin sparkling and hissing light yellow stream flooded my head ... "Come on ... Plug me as quickly as possible and deeper until SSA finish .... Wait .... Wait-Wait Vyssu residues and aha. .. "Suddenly, arched, he moaned loudly and harshly ... again ... and again, compressing my cock like a hand. I could not endure the longest, and also began to finish, so much so that his eyes darkened, and sparks flashed before my eyes.
- Ufff .... aah! - I gasped Elena - dickhead you already twitches ... wanted to pull? Nnnnu, descend into my pussy, keep an even ... Aaaaaa! You merge else does vyssatsya can not! - Tight Elenin jet shot down a drop of sperm on my spitting dickhead ...
However, friends warned that nothing good will come out, it is too fond of men, but he is blinded by love, just angry at them and did not believe. For the year of their acquaintance, nothing that was not, and Vlad was the happiest man when she agreed to marry him. Her parents were very happy, because Vlad was already working on a fairly large office and got decent money. He had no parents, he used to solve itself. But everything collapsed in a moment ...
The first days at sea were simply extraordinary. They made several times a day with love. Zagora for a few days, he liked in the shadows of the night, inviting her white skin, contrast combined with tanned skin. He was proud, when I saw the envious glances of men on the beach, considering it a great body, which was only a small bikini. At night, she whispered to him that he is the most amazing lover and dearest to her people. He wanted to fly, screaming as he loves her, filled up her flowers and gifts, but it was torn and trampled into the mud. His love, his feelings ...
In the mornings and evenings, he wore shorts, running shoes and ran along the sea. The boarding house was on the edge of the resort village, the vineyards were just behind him. He was running about an hour on the road, which took place on the edge of the cliff down to the sea. Then it is pushed on the beach, although the beach was difficult to call, a sushi bar, a meter wide, between the cliff and the sea. Bathed light and ran back to the boarding house. His exercise lasted about two hours. In the morning he got up at six o'clock in the evening after dinner involved. Lena is usually stretched on the bed and watched TV, tired after a day of swimming and sunbathing.
In that fateful night, he, as usual, kissed Lena ran its usual route, enjoying the fresh air and the smell of the sea. Running 15 minutes, Vlad hooked foot behind the stone sticking out of the ground, and the soles on his shoes, almost completely torn off. Few mourn over new sneakers, he threw them into the bushes and walked back barefoot. The door to the cabin was locked, Lena was not. "Strange" - Vlad thought - "Where she could go."
Southern night already fell on the pension. Vlad hesitated on the porch and went to find Lena. Pension consisted of only a dozen houses, hiding in densely planted trees and shrubs, so that these houses is almost nowhere to be seen. The bush was full of secret arbours and benches where you can calmly retire, if you want to be alone, or to do something intimate. Vlad slowly walked along the paths and tracks, wondering where Lena went. At the far edge of the boarding house, the vegetation was particularly dense. Vlad was about to turn back, when suddenly he heard low voices and laughter. He stopped and listened, and it seemed that laughter belongs to Lena. "Brad some" - Vlad thought - "What is it doing here?". He walked carefully along the barely visible path leading into the dense thickets of shrubs south. The picture that was revealed to him through the branches of the gaps, left him in shock. There was a small gazebo with a table in the middle. Half sitting on the desk guy, and Lena was in his arms. They passionately hugging each other, their lips have merged in a kiss. They stood sideways to him, he saw the hand of Lena fell down and began to stroke acting on the hill Man jeans. He looked up from Lena's lips and tilted his head back, closed his eyes sweetly. Vlad learned it - it was a guy from their pension, he was sitting in the dining room at the next table, and constantly staring at Lena. Skillful fingers Lena undid the button and zipper on his jeans and lowered them to the knees. One hand gripped erection, the other began to stroke his testicles. He stroked her breasts through the thin dress. Lena dropped to her knees and began to cover the male member of the quick kisses, her tongue licking the head first, then the whole trunk and testicles. Then, tightly clutching a member of the lips, she began to immerse himself in the mouth. Hands of men around her head, and he was a force to string her lips on his penis. She moaned, his hands dug into the man in the thigh, and was written on his face such bliss and lust that Vlad was surprised because Lena was not a great lover of oral sex. The man, enjoying affection, jerked it, turned and put back on the table. Lena raised her knees up, and she lifted her light dress to the neck, revealing a beautiful body. She was not even panties. It is widely spread her legs, knees bent, arms wrapped around the edge of the table. Vlad could see how much she is excited, swollen lips sex were all wet from moisture. The man grabbed her buttocks, and his penis went smoothly on the whole length. The back of a girl arched, his mouth came a sweet moan, and it is still as much as possible spread her legs, trying to dick deeper and deeper into it. The guy accelerated pace, more and more immersed in the bosom of the girl. Vlad, fascinated looking at this animal sex, he was so shocked that he could not even move. He only noticed how Lena experienced one orgasm, followed by another. By moans of men who could understand what he is about to finish. He pulled out his penis from Lena, lifted her off the table and put it on his knees. She eagerly grabbed his hand, and a member of the lips and began to suck it passionately. The man grunted, pulled out a member of the girl's mouth and began to cum on her face and hair. Lena mouth trying to catch flying clots. Vlad she'd never allowed, even though he really wanted to do so. He could not stand it and went out to the branches. They do not even notice it. Lena again grabbed a member of the lips, drinking the last drops. Vlad took two steps toward them, and when the man turned his head, Vlad hit him in the face, enclosed in a blow all his anger and resentment. Man's head fell back, he hit the wooden column pergola and fell on the grass, unconscious. Lena, not realizing what had happened, opened her eyes and saw Vlad. Vlad looked at the woman who was to become his wife, whom he loved more than anything else, and saw the face has become quite a stranger to him, smeared with sperm and fear in his eyes. Sharp ache in his chest, a lump in his throat and stepped Vlad abruptly turned and walked quickly, swallowing tears.
As in the fog, he walked along the road, along the coast, along which used to run, until he came to the place where the squeeze, fell to the sand and wept until tears ran. All destroyed. All. Tears were replaced by anger, anger - despair, despair - pain, pain - indifference. Night gave way in the morning, morning - day, day - in the evening. Vlad walked back, taking a unique solution.
Opening the door to the cottage, Vlad stepped into the room. Lena was sitting in a chair, and saw Vlad got frightened. He was not looking at her, she opened her bag, packed his bags, took the money and started to leave.
- Vlad, wait, you still do not understand, I love you very much, I'm sorry !!! - Lena's voice trembled.
He stopped, turned, and the last time looked at the woman he once loved and walked out, closing the door behind him.
He went to the nearest cafe, ordered a brandy and lit a cigarette. Opposite sat tipsy company of two couples, as I understand from conversations Vlad. One of the men was very drunk, and everyone was trying to fall asleep at the table. His wife, who was sitting in front of Vlad, to no avail tried to return to his normal state. Then she was tired of this occupation, and she began to inspect the room. Her eyes settled on Vlad. After seeing his muscular shoulders and arms, she smiled coyly and look down showed. Vlad looked down and saw her under the table legs parted, already short skirt rose even higher. Between the legs was only a thin strip of white panties. Vlad lifted his eyes and looked into the eyes of a woman. She showed him a look at the output. Vlad captured the anger and disgust. "Are they all used .... Is there no normal "- he thought. Seeing his face distorted by anger, a woman hastily picked up his drunken hubby and dragged to the exit. Vlad drank brandy brought to him, bought a 5 bottles with him and went to the sea, to his favorite place.
He drank for several days. When binge ended, I walked into the village, bought more. In the afternoon I am trying to get out of the binge, but broke again in the evening and got drunk. He slept on the sand made from twigs something like a hut of twigs and litter. 5 days later. It's a full moon. It was night. Vlad sat on the sand and slowly swallowed a bottle of cognac. The sea gently playing on the waves Moonlight shimmered with light. It was empty, but in the night the head of Vlad. He did not know how to live, what he would do, and whether even to love someone. Bitterness again began to rise in my throat. Vlad watched half drunk eyes the play of light on the moon's path to escape. The wind died down, and the sea became Vlad envelop some peace of mind as if it was covered with a warm blanket on a cold night. The path of the moon suddenly began to disperse slowly, and there appeared a naked woman who walked slowly and gracefully through the water to the shore. Even I did not go, and flew almost touching the water with small feet. Vlad stared in fascination at the woman. Moon lit her from behind, creating a silver halo around the beautiful body of water droplets all over her body shone like hundreds of diamonds. Hair as if they were out of the water, they streamed by rounded shoulders, the chest, it is streamed, shimmering rainbow colors and sparkling. Vlad did not believe in the reality of the situation, thinking that he began hallucinating from alcohol. He just enjoyed the beauty of this miracle, which is bright and unknown over the last few days of bitterness and anger. She stood beside him, he slowly raised his eyes. Long legs, round hips, smooth pubis, small waist, small breasts, on which buds burning droplets of water. Her eyes were extraordinary, they attracted, absorbed, soothing. They sparkled from bright blue to dark green. The woman knelt down and touched her lips to lips Vlad. Gently, carefully, they were cool and fresh, with a taste of salt water. Hair wrapped head and shoulders Vlad, flowed like warm light streams down his cheeks and body. Pain receded, all lit up inside; they are washed, cleaned of the dirt of human vices. Lips come off the lips, they looked into each other's eyes.
- Who are you? - Vlad asked in a hoarse whisper.
- I'm your woman! - His voice was gentle and shimmering, - do not you remember me? Your dreams, I come to you!
Then Vlad remembered everything. These dreams came to him years to 15. As she emerged from the sea in the moonlight, kissing, comforting, and he was buried in her eyes. He always woke up when I wanted to ask who she was. He loved her, was looking at the crowd, looked into the faces of the women, he was as obsessed. When he lost hope and began to forget dreams come again. Only when he met Lena, dreams let him go, and he absolutely forgot about them.
- I chose you, I waited until you grew up and became a man, I come to you in dreams, because you're my man, I love you and I belong to you!
She slowly got up and went to the sea. I sat down on the sand, where the waves stop the run on the bank. Graceful lay on her back, spread wide hips. Light warm waves as though waiting for her. They began to caress her legs, thighs, tending to the flower bud. They stroked her body, spilling over his stomach and ran on her nipples. Small impacts between the legs, they glided, kiss, bathed her velvety lips disclosed to them. It seemed the sea, make love to her. The woman moaned softly, caressing waves hands. She turned and whispered. "Come to me"
Vlad came up, threw the shorts and sat down beside. Hand woman fell over his forehead, stroked her hair, cheeks and neck. He slid to his chest, feeling its resilience and hard nipples. She took his hand and held it to his lips, gently kissing each finger, palm, and whispered: "My man, I love you."
His other hand stroked the belly and thighs of women. She had a velvety and soft skin as none of the women of the earth, she played live, responded to his caress. His hand covered the pubis, the finger slid between sponges disclosed, feeling the heat and moisture mixed with warm sea water. He slid into the soft, gentle depth. Forward and back, caressing her, he gave all his unspent love. Her hand slipped under his hand, and her fingers too immersed in warm bud. Now they are together, feeling each other, played the game caress. The second her hand landed on his dick, and waves as it helped her, caressing, squeezing, stroking his hardened flesh. Leaving his bud his arm, her hand slid up the body, and its wet from moisture finger plunged between rotika lips. Vlad leaned in and his lips felt her lips, her fingers, her juice. He felt her throbbing flesh, covered with palm, they became more demanding lips to his lips began to move faster as the hand caressing his penis. He let go of her lips, tongue slid to the papilla, then lower to the pubis, which attracted and waited for his lips and tongue magical flower petals. Vlad tongue parted soft sweet folds and began to caress the small bump, still softly playing in her fingers.
"How long have I been waiting for you!" - Her words blended with a groan, body arched, and he felt hot and wet was his fingers. He licked her juice, inhaling the soft scent of a woman. His women.
She slid under it, around his lips a member. Vlad felt like he fit entirely into her mouth. The language at the same time caressing the member base, teeth biting a little delicate skin. She moistened his finger moisture and slowly introduced to Vlad finger between the buttocks. He entered, pressing and stroking the member base, but from the inside. Vlad swept a wave of pleasure so intense that the more he could not stand and his cock began to pour the seed directly into the woman's mouth. She saw the love of her husband, which is now wholly owned by it.
They were lying on the sand at the edge of the surf, holding hands and looking at each other. Shroud enjoyment clouded her eyes, and they became dark amber, with golden sparkles. He looked at her, admiring the unearthly beauty, and thinking about how he lived without it all these years.
- Will you come with me? - She asked.
- Where?
- In the sea, in our house.
- How do I breathe?
- Do not be afraid, I'm with you.
She got up and went to the sea. Water is sold again, forming a passage somewhere deep. She turned around:
- Send Favorite!
He turned to the dark shore, looked at the lights of the village in the distance. His were not wanted on this earth. He stepped toward her, hugged his woman, pressed to her lips. And the waves closed over their heads.
Two days later. Place in a local newspaper: "Today, at 10 kilometers from the village, on the beach, things men allegedly lived for several days was found on this site. Clothing and several empty bottles of alcohol, lay next to the sea, the marks of the feet were in the water. According to the conclusions of experts Ministry of Interior, a man in a state of extreme intoxication decided to swim and drowned. Search and rescue work has not yielded any results ... "
Anticipating a great evening, Nikolai blissfully drinking, eating salty crackers amber liquid.
He finished his beer, he went outside. The weather was a purely Leningrad for this time of year - minus two, there is no snow, and blowing a piercing wind. Located on the street it was a burden.
The house was not far to go, and he, being covered by the wind, already thought was at home in the hot apartment.
Popped into his entrance, he called the elevator and stood listening.
- From the sky, probably he is - he thought impatiently.
Finally, the elevator doors opened, Nicholas entered the cockpit and pressed the button of your floor. At this time, the front door creaked and entered a neighbor. Where she lives, he did not know, just I saw her a couple of times a week - inconspicuously dressed, bespectacled, greets barely perceptible nod of the head and a fiery redhead. Because of the color of her hair, he, in fact, it and remember it. Slow down the door with his toe, he waited until she comes, though, to be honest, I did not like to travel in the lift.
- You on what? - Trying to hide displeasure, I asked Nicholas.
- On the seventh - she said.
Nicholas lived in the tenth.
And then there was a nuisance. Turning, he had already reached out to lift the panel to press the floor button, but the neighbor went into the cabin, turned her back on him. And it would be all right, but the moments were the antithesis of their rotation, and packages that they held in their hands, met with suspicion, a loud pounding sound.
- E-op! - Only had time to utter Nicholas, at a time when beer dripped from his pack. A large fragment broke the cellophane, and the hole quickly sprawling. He did not have time to pick up the bag and a second barely had time to jump to the edge of the cockpit, trying to protect themselves from the spray. A neighbor distractedly stared at the puddle spreads, then looked into his bag. Nicholas squinted to look too. It lay on its side three-liter jar of pickles. It was she who venerated their tin lid to his beer. Picking up the remains of the package, Nikolai looked back. Of his five bottles of only two left.
- How did I do it! - Murmured neighbor reluctantly.
- Do not worry - said Nikolai - that's just a puddle. Yes, and it is dry. A beer in the store a lot. - Although he thought about something else entirely.
Clicking the seventh floor to smooth the unpleasant moments, Nikolai asked her: - Do you like beer?
- Oh, no, you are! - She replied modestly, but realizing that you should not pretend to be a blue-stocking, he continued: - Bitter it, and then people uncomfortable to breathe. The smell is stronger than vodka.
- By the way I do because the vodka bottle in the refrigerator at home - remember Nicholas, and continued: - Well-vodka you drink?
- I drink. - But then she caught herself: - To the best of course.
Elevator finished movement, the door swung open and a neighbor, leaving said: - I'll give you a beer.
- Oh, come on! - growled
Nicholas and pressed the button of your floor.
* * * Upon entering the apartment, Nicholas carried the remnants of the packet in the tub, he took off his jacket and shoes, swore under his breath and went to change clothes, including mechanically TV. There's some guy, trying his best to look dignified, carrying another delusion. Nicholas wore sweatpants and a T-shirt, sat in a chair and stretched his legs. He had to go wash the surviving bottle, and prepare yourself something to eat.
- Well, that although video pocketed jackets - Nikolay thought - and even see now would be nothing.
Salad of the last cucumber with tomatoes, flavored with sour cream, so eggs from three eggs - that's all that was enough of his imagination. The washed and wiped the bottle were assigned a room on the coffee table. There also suffered Nicholas and salad with eggs. Sticking tape in the VCR, I opened a beer and gladly took a few sips. The screen already being thrashed out of the machine, when suddenly the phone rang. Sip of another beer, Nicholas went to the front door. Looking through the peephole, he was surprised to see there embarrassed face their red neighbors. Cursing her, she opened the door and said in surprise: - Come on.
- I brought you this - she said, holding out a bottle of vodka - it is instead of beer.
- Well, you give! - Said Nikolai. Now it was his turn to be embarrassed. And not so much because of an unexpected gift, and how much due to the wonderful changes that occurred with his companion on the elevator.
Points have disappeared, and it looked brown, almost black, eyes. Together with the unusual color of her hair, it looked fantastic. A little pug, neat nose, full lips, and a scattering of small freckles. Very short, tight-fitting body, a blue gown with short sleeves and a deep cut on his chest really went to her figure, wasp waist, tapered belt, wonderfully emphasizes the development of breasts and slim hips.
- I've arranged for you to such trouble, but for a beer to go in this weather, I do not.
- Well, then go through the room, we drink vodka - suddenly blurted out, Nicholas and was surprised his impudence.
- What you uncomfortable.
- I am a Russian passport, so drink one not accustomed from childhood - continued to surprise himself, Nikolai - and besides me there is no one else. Let's quickly go through the room!
It is, after hesitating a little, hesitantly moved into the interior of the apartment. Behind unexpected prishelitsa looked as attractive - neat, wiry ass, slim, muscular legs.
- Sit down on the chair, I'll be right back. And you put the bottle on the table.
Picking up from the table in the room with a bottle of beer, he took them into the kitchen and put in the fridge.
Capturing the stack, Nicholas returned. The neighbor was sitting in a chair, legs crossed, and looked around the room.
- You good, comfortable - she said - only very light. Please include a floor lamp, and turn off the chandelier. Since my childhood I do not like bright light.
Placing the stack, he fulfilled her request and sat down on the sofa standing nearby. Her legs seemed to glow in the dim light and eye-catching Nicholas. Spill the vodka, he said: - Let's drink to the return of debts, and at the same time and get acquainted. My name is Nicky.
Without any affectation she said: - But my Light.
After drinking without the usual antics of women - supposedly tight, a lot, she set his glass, smiled and said: - I love scrambled eggs with vodka, and especially with a salad!
Nicholas watched with interest for her. Light reached for the salad, and he saw in the context of her dressing gown breasts caught lacy white bra cups. Catching his eye, she smiled again, saying: - Pour another, engage in business, and eating more, and you will eat me eyes.
Recollecting himself, Nicholas poured vodka and suggested: - Let's move on "you", and then here we sit together, drink, and all vykat each other.
- With pleasure - Svetlana raised her stack.
Biting, Nicholas looked at Svetlana and wondered what her graceful movements. Where was that inaccessibility, clumsiness, strict and at the same time, a faraway look. All she radiated availability and benevolence. Vodka has done its job - the face slightly flushed, and his eyes shone moist sheen.
She looked at him - I do not understand anything in this film, put something else from the beginning.
- And what do you want? - Nicholas asked.
- Porn any, there is at least delve into the content does not need to, just turn off the sound and put it to music.
Nicholas and he did not like the plaintive, monotonous moaning and sobbing, the accompanying action in such films. He quickly stuck a new tape, the sound muted and turned on the radio one of those radio stations that for days chasing music.
* * * On the two men ate a full swing for two representative opposite sex, the speakers poured soft music, and a number of charming woman sitting in a chair. Nikolai heart gradually moved into the region of the throat and there muffled pounding, not letting relax.
Svetlana slightly leaned forward, almost causing her thighs were bare, his mouth slightly open, and her hands, lying on the arms of the chair, tightened. Nicholas poured another batch of vodka.
- Sveta! Perhaps distracted for a moment?
She was shaking off the stupor, I looked at him, then stretched out on the vodka, a little lower poddernula robe and took a stack.
- What kind of music is good. Let's drink and then dance?
They devastated once again stack up. Nicholas, clasping Svetlana waist and led her to the middle of the room. She turned, put her hands on his shoulders, and they swam slowly to the sounds pouring out of the speakers.
Nikolai felt through the thin silk robe and her strong elastic breasts, tiny waist and felt like Svetlana faintly trembling. His hand fell slightly below, and he felt the beginning of her panties. She made no attempt to be released, only her hands, lying on the shoulders of Nicholas, and tightened her arms around his neck. With his other hand, he slowly ran down her spine, which caused a gasp and shudder of her body began to feel stronger. Svetlana clung to him and abdomen, pushing the bottom back his head, whispered: - It is well ...
Music was over, and they were not able to break away from each other. Then he sat in silence, each in his place.
- I completely lost my head - Svetlana murmured.
Nicholas, already has taken himself in hand, smiled and said: - All wrong. The next dance is also ours. And now let's have a smoke. By the way, do you smoke?
- Sometimes - she said.
Nicholas smoked cigarettes, but the bar had long been lying open pack of "Marlboro" and he's got it and brought the ashtray. They lit cigarettes.
- I was drunk ... - Svetlana said, inhaling the smoke - have done a bunch of nonsense right now.
- Fight fire with fire - said Nikolai, pouring vodka into piles. He was panting, but tried hard not to show it to her.
After drinking, they inhaled deeply and looked at each other - began to play a slow, gentle music, and they are not saying a word, got up.
Throwing his cigarette in the ashtray, gently hugged Nicholas Svetlana for her delicious ass, nearly lifting her short robe up and took her other hand just below the chest. Breathing heavily, she closed her eyes and hugged him. He raised his left hand and felt her cool breast. Svetlana had no choice but to do as his right hand embrace Nicholas for his torso. He felt his cock stood up, and it was not very comfortable as the fabric at his sports trousers was thin and his partner on the dance immediately felt it. But the retreat has been nowhere, and they slowly circled the dance.
Against his wishes, Nikolai began to slowly caress ecstasy enticing ass Svetlana and the other hand on her firm and at the same time supple breasts. Bathrobe it rode up, and he felt under his hand on her hip and the finest charming, fitting body, panties. In time to the music the two halves of her ass moving up and down, and panties nice tickled his palm. Under the other hand slowly swollen nipple, and his sudden firmness excited Nicholas. The head of his penis suddenly overcome resistance worn by him and jumped up, leaning into the belly of Svetlana. Muffled gasp, she jerked convulsively, and her hand slipped from Nicholas torso, found herself between his legs. He felt his cock gently stroking delicate female hand. At the same time it is a purely reflex mouth open, he began to look impatient demanding his lips.
- Stop it, as much as possible, we do not yet drank brotherhood! - Gathering all his strength of will, Nicholas said with a smile.
Svetlana surprise even settled in the hearts and slammed his fist on his chest: - What are you doing to me? So it's impossible!
- Wait, let's take a break.
He led her to the couch and sat her down beside him, began to fill again the stack. Meanwhile, Svetlana, climbing to his feet on the sofa, leaning on his back. Her feet were bare almost the best panties, and she did not even try to cover them. Nicholas poured almost full.
- Let brotherhood! - Raising the stack, said Nicholas.
Silently, she wove her arm with his hand, they drank. He first easily and gently licked her lips, and then easily pushed it further, supple mouth opened. In response, a burst of Svetlana, capturing his lips lips and embraced his neck, glared at Nicholas a passionate and long kiss. Without looking up from her, he was not looking, I put a stack on the coffee table. Then the same hand gently squeezed her breast, tore his lips from her mouth and began to easily kiss neck, then gently nipped Svetlana behind the ear and the tip of his tongue penetrated into the middle of her little ear. She bent, enjoyed. Hand it in the meantime, more to plow her robe, and soon, squinting, Nicholas saw the bra cups at which steep tubercles bulging swollen nipples. Lowering his hand on her thigh, under the robe, he felt a silky skin and a barely perceptible tremor. Throwing off his sneakers, Nicholas also climbed on the sofa, stood in front of Svetlana lap. His swollen member bulged out of his pants. Glaring kiss on her lips, lifted his robe Nicholas. Svetlana gusty movement took off his shirt and threw it into a corner. With one hand she gently stroked the back of Nicholas from top to bottom, and the other down on his cock, starting to stroke it. Spreading legs and caved in, she enjoyed. Nikolai ran his hand up the inside of her thighs, why Svetlana legs parted even more. After inadvertently hand over her pubis to bulge, he began to stroke her flat stomach. Svetlana, barely audible gasp, strongly squeezed his cock with one hand, and the other began again to scratch his back, grasping his lips and his mouth vigorously caressing his tongue with his tongue. Now Nikolai, sliding his hand over her pubis down through the thin fabric of her panties felt swollen vagina, and began to massage her slowly. Svetlana moaned and began frantically with both hands to try to remove the rest of Nicholas clothes, but was gently stopped.
- I offer another drink and then dance: - Nicholas said - listen, what good music.
Svetlana looked at him in confusion, not understanding, and then her eyes were dark with anger. She wanted to say something, but changed her mind. Realizing that the need to play by her rules do not, and the desire to speed up the course of events it will delay only, she smiled slyly.
- Well, let's just let us remove even garments, and then, look how out of breath.
- We shall throw off her when go dancing. - Said Nikolay, gently patting her on the head. She jokingly nipped his hand and moved to the edge of the couch closer to the coffee table.
They drank, but the slow music ended and they had no choice but to smoke. Svetlana was sitting in an unbuttoned robe, undeterred by Nicholas. On the screen, they are forgotten, a hefty black man finished in the mouth of some pretty blonde, and she enthusiastically blowing bubbles from his sperm.
* * * Untied the belt on the robe, Svetlana has thrown off his shoulders. Nicholas stood up and defiantly, almost in front of her face, took off his pants, left in some batches. His cock, sticking cloth, stood stake.
- Come to dance - he said, lifting her and pushing on the center of the room.
Looking at her from behind, Nicholas struck her narrow waist, so he has not seen, and compared with her ass, with well-developed glutes, seemed a little too big.
Turning to him, she hugged Light Nicholas's shoulders, and they slowly began to dance.
- A bit unfair - Nicholas said: - You're wearing a lot more clothes than me. Take anything.
Stepping back from him on the step, she slowly stretched out her hands behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra. Her breasts felt free, round and looked at Nicholas dark eyes nipples. He pulled her to him and, with one hand touching them, the other held her between the shoulder blades to the waist. Svetlana, clinging to him, began to rub his belly on his cock. He has increased his size that the head is peeking out of the gum. Running his hand under her panties, he ran his finger along the hollow between her buttocks. Leaning toward her, pulling her to him, slowly pushed his tongue into her mouth. Svetlanin hand ended up between his legs and began to caress. Stumbling to his already wet head, she pulled the skin off her palm down and squeezed his testicles. But it is very hindered his swimming trunks.
- Take them - she said.
Nikolay one movement got rid of unnecessary things. Svetlana, closing his eyes, two hands began to fondle his penis, which slid his wet head in different directions over her stomach, which gave her, as noted by Nicholas, a great pleasure. Taking her breasts and gently squeezed with the other hand he held on Svetlanin face, feeling her move behind his hand, he held it to his face and felt the touch of a sharp tongue. Teeth Svetlana grabbed his finger and turning over his lips, pushed his mouth. Leaving alone swollen breasts Svetlana, Nicholas moved to her ass, crawled under the panty elastic and surveyed them have already reached the hollow anus. Here it was necessary to proceed with caution, and it is only slightly pressed his index finger, which caused a convulsive groan. He immediately took his hand. Svetlana with ladostrastiem sucked his finger, licking his tongue. Repeating the manipulation of her anus, he again heard her moan.
- I sit on the sofa - Svetlana said suddenly.
He sat down on the edge of the sofa. Svetlana stood in front of him on his knees and spread his legs wide apart. Taking two hands sticking his dick, she lowered her mouth to him, and Nicholas felt her hot breath shortness. Svetlana slowly began to tickle his tongue head of the penis, gradually swallowing it. She worked skillfully and blow job with pleasure, gradually bringing Nicholas. He saw before him it lowers and raises a red head of hair, arched his back, turning the waist and buttocks, covered with a thin cloth panties. Its members, he seemed to feel her throat so deeply Svetlana he shoved himself. Enjoying slowly rolled up to Nicholas. Not wanting to end, when everything just started, he gently raised his red head and stared with a kiss on her wet lips. She groaned, standing in front of him on his knees, embraced him. His hand quickly slipped between her legs, felt hot and swollen her vagina.
- The time has come and you undress - said Nicholas.
Standing, Svetlana slowly, with his eyes closed, began to take off her last remaining thing and left naked, put her hands on his shoulders. Nicholas pulled her closer to him and started licking tongue flat stomach, which caused Svetlana voluptuous groan. She frantically clutched his head. Placing one of her legs over his shoulder, Nikolai closer pulled her to him. Svetlana between his legs was all smooth and clean-shaven, and only the pubic attended a small, neatly trimmed triangle of red hair, maybe a little darker than her head. The language of the clitoris finding, Nikolai began to tickle him, which caused spasmodic jerk and groan Svetlana. His tongue began its journey in her secret place, leaving a wet trail. Reaching the vagina, he fell back and held his tongue on his walls. Sweet and sugary scent of a woman aroused Nicolas. Having absorbed the entire vagina in his mouth, he was panting with excitement, a little bit of her teeth and groaned. Realizing that loses his head, and it is necessary to calm down and called all his willpower and again started cautiously excite her clitoris with your tongue. Svetlana often breathed and occasionally barely audible moaning with pleasure. When it between her legs she was wet with saliva Nicholas and its secretions, he touched his tongue anus, licked all around him, feeling fine hairs that surround the hole, and tried to get inside. Svetlana gave a loud groan and bent his ass towards attempts Nicholas. The tip of the tongue was inside, and he felt the sphincter reflexively cringed.
Svetlana was shaking all over. Nicholas ducked under her feet, and once behind succumb women spent the whole hand in her wet crotch, while his other hand pressed on her back, tilting her body. Svetlana got her knees on the edge of the sofa, their wide apart, and deeply bent, showing his dark pink, moist vagina, over which darkened brilliant anus. Nicholas slowly ran his hard dick in her charms, from the falcon to the clitoris, and, pausing on it became his tickle, enjoying its elasticity and vitality. Then also slowly he entered into the vagina. Rhythmically leading member, he was surprised the heat, which was inside her. Its shameful lips wrapped around his cock greedily, bulging or hiding inside, following his movements, trying not to lose what they have been waiting for so long. Putting his hands on Svetlanin ass, Nikolay helped her movements, which opened admiring his mind. Slightly parted her buttocks, he put his right index finger on her anus and began to massage it, gradually increasing the pressure. Svetlana moans became louder and almost almost continuous. Her hands frantically tore the sofa blanket, and the body, strongly arched back, writhing. Nicholas took his penis out of the vagina and rubbed on her anus, trying to wet it with liquid. He succeeded, and he immediately returned it to the proper place. Svetlanin moans have become hoarse. Just dipping his index finger in a humidified hole Nikolai cautiously began to irritate the sphincter, feeling the reflex is compressed and decompressed, and elastic at the same time supple muscle ring. After waiting for it to relax, pushing his finger a little deeper, he felt his dick moving inside her body and fingers began to do the same progressive action. Feeling the synchronous movement of both the vagina and the anus, Svetlana stopped, spread her legs even more, almost tearing his crotch. In her body in waves began to pass cramps, which is becoming harder and harder, she moaned loudly, stopped, and Nicholas felt his cock as she poured out her vagina fluid. Making a few strong movements that are now accompanied by a soft squelch, he also stopped.
Once again, already voluptuous, Svetlana groaned and fell on his stomach. Member Nicholas, coming out of it, made a smacking sound and froze, exposing the head.
Glancing over her shoulder, she smiled: - Do not worry, now everything will be fine.
Turning to his red-crimson face member, she kissed him right in almost purple from head voltage. Then strongly squeezed her lips the tip and pushed it into his mouth. By stimulating the head with his tongue, Svetlana, at the same time as the member would have chewed his lips. Her hands were busy testicles. She played and amused by them. Rolling onto her back, she rearranged one knee Nicholas on the sofa, then took her farther away, pushing his legs. I took a member of both hands, and with his tongue started licking his crotch gently, gradually approaching the sphincter. It is through the half-closed eyes saw her legs gradually spread to the side, revealing his view it is still wet vagina. Svetlana language already caressed his anus when she held out one hand between her legs and began to rub the clitoris itself, while the other hand was massaging member Nicholas. Suddenly language Svetlana went through a compressed ring of muscle, and he felt it in his inside. Nikolai gave a short groan. Feeling that he was already close to the peak of pleasure, Svetlana abruptly pulled away from him and -under firmly took his penis in her mouth. Her hands were strong at the same time gently displaced the skin on the penis up and down. Nicholas again moaned loudly, grabbed her by the hair and semen powerful shot, then another and another. She swallowed it with relish, his mouth continued to milk Nicholas, squeezing the last drops out of it life-giving water ...
* * * Nikolai was lying on her stomach with her eyes closed. How long this state of calmness and drowsiness lasted he did not know. He was just nice and peaceful with the woman that is so unusual and rapidly entered his life.
Svetlana began to move first. She sat down and looked at the man lying in front of her.
A sympathetic smile, she said: - I'm tired? Where's your coffee? Come on, I'll do it.
Coffee at his home was not drunk vodka, and before it even beer, made themselves felt sleepy weakness, as it is directly and said Svetlana, subtly hinting that it's time to call it a day. She was not offended, stood up from the couch, his hands raised and looking into his eyes, murmured sympathetically: - Now it all goes. Go and take a bath. Only cold. Mash thoroughly with a towel. I will go to him, but I will wait for you. Promise me that you will come.
Nicholas had no choice, as the promise - he could not refuse a pretty woman, especially after what they had just worked.
- Do you know the number of my apartment?
Frankly, it slipped out of his head.
- Oh you! - She called the number and said again: - I'll wait.
Once again, admiring the perfectly built body - she was dressed not just him shamelessly kissed her and said: - Of course, I will come.
After seeing Svetlana, Nicholas sighed with relief, shook his head, saying, wow spent the evening and went to the bath.
Having followed all the advice of his neighbor, he felt better. To go or not to go? - That's what the question was sitting in his brain. I decided to go, especially as promised.
- I give a short call and everything. If does not open, I go away. Suddenly already asleep? - He thought, going down the stairs.
But Nicholas rang, the door opened and refreshed and still wet from the bath Svetlana smiled happily at him: - Well done! And I was afraid that would not come. Come on.
Her apartment was dim. The air smelled of burning Indian flavored sticks. Furnishing the apartment was simple and modest, but it was somehow cute and cozy home. Going into the room, the first thing he saw Nicholas, it was a huge bearskin lying on the floor. Around her cushions were scattered. On a low table and lit two candles in the corner of the room, also on the floor, quietly played the recorder.
Svetlana brought coffee and said: - Sit down directly on the skin.
He sat cross-legged, and uncomfortably, thinking: - Why did I come here? Who I would have drank a beer and went to sleep.
She sat down in front of him on his knees, and Nicholas again thought that what she had beautiful legs. Bathrobe just bared them, and in the wrong flame candles they looked very seductive. Coffee strongly smelled of brandy and was piping hot. Reaching to his palm, Svetlana opened it: - Eat this.
In the palm was a small cylinder of two-tone.
Nicholas was opposed to all sorts of rubbish. He shook his head with conviction: - I'm sorry, but I do not drink.
- Goosey! It's not what you think. Just return to power, and again you'll feel just fine.
He took the pill with a grain of salt.
- I do them myself.
Swallowed and washed down with coffee, he did not notice any changes in your mind, and looked at her.
- That's all. Well done, - said Svetlana - Take a cigarette, let us smoke.
She reached out, took the floor and cigarette ashtray and put them on the skin, in front of him.
They smoked in silence, drinking coffee thick cigarette smoke.
- Let's drink a little brandy? - She suggested.
- Come on. Just a little bit, I do not want to hurt tomorrow.
She jumped up and went into the kitchen. Nikolai suddenly became hot in the stomach. Gradually heat shifted to the groin, and he felt like some glowing tangle found himself in his genitals. Member shuddered and began to gradually fill with force. At the same time, and it awakened a desire that grew with every second.
Svetlana came in with two glasses and a bottle of cognac. Seeing his condition, she smiled and said: - Here you are, and went back to normal. You probably hot? Let's get undressed.
Without waiting for his response, she took off her robe. There was nothing under it. Nicholas threw in the pot by the sight of her chiseled body. He put a cigarette smoldering in an ashtray, and stood up, took off the clothes, put it aside. She approached him and silently handed his glass: - Hold.
Taking the crystal, despite the pouring cognac, Nicholas wondered unreality of the situation. After drinking, they are not saying a word, he sat down and drank some coffee, took up smoking cigarettes. Svetlana leaned his head against his shoulder, and her pert little sticking to the sides, rounded breasts were quite near, in front of his eyes.
- Stop smoking, kiss better than I do. - She said, putting her hand on his thigh.
Nicholas was on his knees, feeling the blood begins to throb in his head. Svetlana took her head and clung to her lips. The kiss was long. Their tongues caressed each other, and through time as though stopped. Who wakes up he bumped into a member of the elastic chest Svetlana, causing her to flinch, she is not breaking the kiss, took him in hand and began to stroke him, occasionally clenching. Nicholas found the touch Svetlana chest and squeezed, feeling the solid bump nipple. Tearing himself away from Nicholas, Svetlana took into his mouth his rebellious flesh, making his hand, did not reach to her breast, she came to the same place and his cock. From unusual and thrills Nicholas, unexpectedly, quietly groaned. Svetlana redoubled his ardor. Gently tear her away from so pleased with both of them affection, he put on the skin Svetlana, glaring back at her lips. He felt the taste of his penis in her mouth, which further excited him. Running a hand along her body bumping on his chest, nipple stone, falling at the waist and lingering on his thigh, reached cropped the pubis, and finally felt her already moistened vagina with clitoris sticks out. Svetlana spread her legs and leaned against his hand. Moving his mouth on her breast nalivshuyusya, Nicholas began to twirl nipple tongue, making her moan.
Svetlana reached out somewhere, and suddenly he felt in his hand double his penis, has a vibrating and beating. Kneeling, held this machine between her legs, feeling spread from his trembling.
- Take the cream. - She opened the jar and handed it to him.
Capturing the tip of the vibrator jelly, Nicholas held them for cutting labia and gently began to push in his vagina. Svetlana pursed her legs to her stomach and clasped their hands. Soon vibrating simulator rested his gutta-percha eggs in her crotch. Nikolai began to gradually pull back and immerse it in a straddling vagina, twisting and leading them from side to side. He felt a drop of liquid passing through the channel of its members, spread out on the head. Svetlana fell silent and did not move, only to hear her rapid breathing, increasing the control frequency of vibration, and making his movements sharply, with increasing excitement Nikolai looked at the voluptuous picture.
Svetlana, suddenly, a little moan and turned over its side, knelt down, they are widely apart. Head down and deeply caved in back, put on display their delicious ass. Nicholas found the finger the anus and began to stroke him, intending to penetrate deeper, but Svetlana suddenly opposed to this, in every way towards removing his sphincter. This puzzled Nicholas, and he removed his finger. Svetlana has not calmed down, it bearing down on the vibrator and lowered his ass below. Nikolai vaguely sensed her desire. He scooped up two fingers and a jar of cream thickly anointed their anus. Svetlana gasped. Then Nicholas smeared his stake standing member and ran it along the perineum. He immediately passed on to the vibration from the simulator, because he was just a centimeter below. Carefully he tried to force the way into the narrow hole, but it would not let him, convulsively clenching and unclenching. To increase the pressure, he felt the sphincter gradually expanded under his attempts, and soon the head of his cock was in the gentle embrace of the narrow and tight rings. It throbbed, open and close, it seemed, it was a living creature, a new and strange. Gently pushing his penis to the end, which took a lot of time, Nicholas gradually began to move them back and forth, watching the Svetlana. She is enjoying, moaning softly, scratching fingernails and hand over hand a thick bear fur. It is widely divorced buttocks emphasized the unusual narrowness of her waist, and red hair like fire burning on a dark skin. It is with this desire and delight to give, that it seemed no happier than her man. And even the pain that was inevitable in this case, only excited her. As well as the apartment of Nikolai, it went through the body convulsions, and Svetlana moaned loudly. But she finished this time for much longer and stronger. Nicholas moved with all his strength as a member, and drives the hand and pulled to the end into her vagina wet with secretions vibrator. Finally she stopped, and he relaxed his efforts.
Quickly turned over on his back, Svetlana lay down so that her face was directly in front of a member of the Nicholas. She took it in her mouth and a familiar way to begin to bring Nicholas. But this time it seemed that was not enough. Grabbing Nicholas's neck, she bent him to her, so he buried his face in her sweaty vagina, from which it smelled thickly liquid. He suddenly felt a staggering except sucking movements that have occurred over the member, cold cream to touch his anus, and soon vibrator finely shaking his crotch, buried in the sphincter. The vibrator was still warm from the vagina and Svetlana quickly warmed cream. Managed experienced hand, he slowly and cautiously entered the anus. Also dull pain Nicholas did not feel anything, but gradually, when the vibrator is fully entered into it, the pain seemed suddenly dulled, and he felt an unusual and new excitement for him. Vibrator already without any precautions in and out of it, a member of his teeth almost tormented, and he, moving his tongue in all directions inside the hot and wet vagina, was on top of bliss, which seemed never experienced. Few came to himself, when Svetlana choked his sperm to his own surprise Nicholas suddenly gushing out of him. He did not control myself not to hear their cries and moans, I felt like all the mouth covered vagina Svetlana, and she choked on her cry again loudly and roughly finished.
Consciousness returned to him gradually. Burying his face armpit Svetlana, Nicholas felt faint smell of deodorant through the smell of her sweat, he said, not even trying to link words into sentences: - Favorite ... barely alive ... well ... how are you ... thank you ...
- Everything is fine, my dear, - Svetlana whispered: - Thank you, you feel that you know how to do it. And you love this business. - She smiled - a long time I had ever experienced!
A dreamy smile, she reached out and sat down.
- Do you live alone? - Suddenly he asked out of place Nicholas.
- Why do you say that? With her husband, he is now just a business trip, will be back in two days. My daughter is, she is now a grandmother - I'm late back to work this week.
- Poor - Nikolai winced.
- Why? - She asked: - If you are about her husband, it will not interfere with us, if you decide to come to visit me, will be only too happy.
- Do not understand.
- It is not easy to understand. And, moreover, at once, you must first think.
Nikolai did not bother with strange reasoning Svetlana. Not until it was right now. He was stretched his lips to her shoulder, but she pulled away: - No more.
- Why? Something is wrong? Or are you tired? So I'll go.
- I'm telling you: everything is all fine. And not tired I do not how much. Just enough. For today. And it burned. I do not like men to suck up to the end, and she always want to leave a little bit of desire.
Nicholas got up, found his clothes and dressed. Svetlana stared at him.
- We'll see you yet? - He asked, trying to be calm.
- Of course! Anyway, I really want this, - she said, also dressing. - For a long time now I do not depart from such a rough sex.
She went to him, hugged him and kissed him. The kiss was long, and gradually they desire to feel again, but Svetlana stepped back and looked at his penis, which is markedly bulged through his pants.
- Good boy. Well, all go. If you want to meet with me, I'll always be glad of it.
Nicholas went to the landing, but suddenly turned around: - Tell me, you gave me a pill?
She laughed: It is a mixture of red pepper and flaxseed, fast and very exciting, and that you can see - she nodded at his pants - only need to pack in a gelatin capsule to dissolve in the stomach. Go.
Nicholas climbed the stairs, thinking about his strange adventure that can be found next to the desired, should look carefully around. I think that all this is only the beginning and much lead, only God knows.
Arriving home, he immediately went to sleep, and sleep came quickly.
And two bottles of beer stood forlornly in the refrigerator.
The authorship belongs to the man who called himself Shooter.

On fishing Lena did not want to go. Still ... they Igor has not ended the honeymoon, the young love each other and seemed to be their happiness no one and nothing can prevent it, but friends persuaded Igor, as always, to celebrate the fisherman at the lake, and Lena, to no offense, was advised to take with them. "Well, a little, you like fishing -. This is great!" - Igor's wife persuaded, not wanting to ruin the company. In the end, she agreed.

On the lake reached quickly, and Lena was surprised that so close to the city has been preserved as uninhabited, reserved places. Igor immediately going to go with the fishermen on Lake chastise his wife to be a good girl. "Swallow, you then do not be sad, I will be back soon", - he said, pushing the boat from the shore. "I love you!" - He cried already from the water, trying to overpower the roar of the engine. "I love you" - Lena whispered in response, sending their child-plump lips kiss.

Fifteen minutes later, the fishermen were out of sight - had to catch a kilometer and a half from the camp, in clear water. Left alone, she decided the first thing to wash. The dust from the road, huddled by the collar dress, did not give to feel the beauty of nature, its pristine purity. Lena went to the creek runs nearby, squatting became fun splashing, enjoying the gem ice spray.

- Cold water? - Suddenly she heard behind.

Lena startled startled, turned around. On the shore stood a stocky middle-aged man, seemingly, a fisherman. The man was overweight, middle-aged - tipsy, but in general, it did not cause much concern whether a little circle of fishermen. He looked at Lena, smiling, and that smile even more reassured the woman.

- Yes, chilly, - said Lena, shaking off drops of arms, straightened. And then in her heart for the first time flashed some kind of foreboding ... like something strange watching this man - like her, but not in the eyes, but somewhere below. Of course, Lena was a great figure, long legs, and men have always admired her.

Even when she was studying at the university, girlfriend jealous ... "With such a bust cribs can not write!". Only here there was something wrong ... It is. How could she not have noticed! that he washed his neck, unbuttoned dress gate and stood in front of a stranger with the half-breasts! Lena was not wearing a bra today, so that the spectacle was quite frank.

- Oh! - Greatly embarrassed, Lena screamed, trying to immediately do something; frozen her, trembling with excitement fingers could not cope with buttons so that it will soon leave these blank attempt just covered herself with his hand.

- And you ... nothing fancy. Frozen or what? - Suddenly something in my own way the man said, watching the futile efforts of women. From greasiness compliment from the ambiguity of his position Lena blushed; however, not to show his embarrassment and fear of the nascent gathered cheerfully replied ...

- Yes!

Around there was not a man of confidence is not inspired, so she decided to get back to the camp in the hope that there it would be more secure.

Hurriedly getting out on the steep bank, wrongly stepped, slipped. Fisher deftly caught her hand, and before she knew it, suddenly, without a word, pulled her to him.

- Let go! - Indignantly he cried Lena, but his voice broke, and got somehow not convincing. - Yes, let the same! - Now quietly and angrily she said, trying to pull away from this bull.

- You like to call that? - Not paying attention to her words, calmly asked the man. Not knowing what to do with calling the woman replied ...

- Lena, what!

- Lena - a good name ... - answered sarcastically boomed fisherman, and not releasing the prisoner from the embrace, wide as a shovel suddenly five fingers stroked her right through the dress fluttered from the brazen touch of shame and left breast.

- Oh, you do! - Lena whispered anxiously, struck by the man's impudence, rushed with all his strength, but he was still firmly held her by the waist, and carefully felt the second breast.

- Nothing tits, milking, - concluded the man who completed the study.

Lena did not know what to do, struck unreality of what is happening to her. Never, no man would touch her like that! The poor woman, trying to get rid of this nightmare, once again struggling twitched, but where there! - Forces the guy would be enough for two. Lena realized that her rape, her voice screamed no.

- Shut up, I will punish! - His father's voice ordered the man, and Lena somehow obeyed.

Feeling like the poor woman was trembling with fear, rather hemmed ...

-Do not be afraid, do not eat! - Drooping breasts by hand, busily squeezed by turns both of her buttocks.

Tears of despair and resentment Lena tears flowed from her eyes, she again wanted to call for help, but feeling hurried lust stranger hands, suddenly realized that it was useless: no one still can not hear, and then decided to agree with the guy Therefore good, presenting that he was just joking, and now regret it and let go.

- Please do not ... - sobbed and stammered it somewhere in the void, hiding her eyes with shame, - I do not want ... do not do it, please ...

- And what have I done wrong? - Ironically the man asked, her face dyhnuv onions and yesterday's stale. He clearly enjoyed the helplessness of the victim and how well-fed cat was playing with it like a mouse, not going to miss the prey from their claws.

- I still do not ... nobody touched - embarrassed woman recovered, finally getting lost, and suddenly seized with despair, pleading spoke quickly, in a trembling voice, even on something hoping ... - Do not! blank ... You probably always with women so I ... my husband ... I love it ...

- For a long time I ran out, then? - Interrupted, not letting poor from the clutches of the stranger.

For a moment Elena hesitated, because it does not immediately guessed what is asked of her; then, keeping somewhere in the depths of the soul a glimmer of hope to soften ohalnika, murmured hopelessly ...

- Three weeks, just ... more honeymoon.

- And before that, you see, was a virgin? - Sarcastically asked that again Being accepted to knead her breasts.

Poor, very depressed, mumbled:

- Yes, - and in a voice cried.

- Well, well, do not roar, - said peaceably man hugging a woman's shoulders. - I just nipples look, and go where you want ...

Immediately, without paying attention to the tears of a woman, he tried to touch sticks out from under the thin material of fright became hard nipple and, obviously pleased by the fact that did not meet much resistance, resolutely opened to the chest. His eyes appeared two extraordinary beauty high wide apart milky white breasts with large nipples, cups saved by the sun, perhaps even too modest swimsuit. The woman stood motionless, like a church, head bowed limply from the drop-down on the shoulders of beautiful brown curls.

After tasting finger gentle firmness of the body, the man held him around the pink nipple, and then several times directly on the nipple, causing it to shudder from Len too strong sensations ..

- Do not you shiver ... promised to let go, then let go - for the first time in a soft voice said the stranger, and suddenly asked, - Are you that ... like, I suppose, when the nipples like that? Or the husband is no respect ?.

Woman beside himself, not knowing what was happening, only sobbed loudly ..

- Okay, do not do not want to say, it is only the women zavsegda like, - he said, imperiously pulling the nipple.

And then for the first time Lena felt something else but disgust and fear. It was not, of course, it's nice, because not come from Igor, but from some bugger, but it was, and she felt it.

- Listen as you did, a young and almost virgin - the man smiled, for the first time loosening the grip; releasing a prisoner from the hands, laughed,
- right, then go to your blagovernomu!
- O Lord! Is that all? It is free! - Lena elated darted away like a bird, which is released from the cell, but at the last second fisherman managed to grab her by the arm.

- To you it was pleasant? - He asked, like softly, looking into her very eyes. - And to me something is nothing ... Maybe even you touch my proschanitse on, eh?

Lena was horrified at the thought that you have to touch someone else's dick, but seeing a stranger in his eyes is not masked, the irresistible lust, instinctively sensed the inevitability of the impending disaster. In her position - one-on-one with polutrezvym Bug already Fingered this shameless guy open chest - it was impossible to contradict. "To hell with you!" - She thought suddenly. Hand touch someone else's flesh seemed to her now is not too big price to pay for liberation, was even a little bit curious, because in reality a member Lena saw only her husband, but in her heart she wanted to justify this curiosity absolute compulsion. Catching women indecision and delay the refusal, the stranger with his free hand unbuttoned pants and then, before she knew it, fell out of his fellow. Lena stared at him from the unusual spectacle of all aflutter. This she could not even imagine ... a solid body as a stick, like a huge ass, brown, swollen with Overexcitation blue veins in the finger with burgundy fist dickhead, overgrown with stiff as wire hair swaying, with his head almost to host Breast .

Poor thing just numb. Is there such! She was not an experienced woman, although married late - in 26, but was brought up in severity, remained a virgin before marriage, sex knew little, and a member of her husband turned out to be small and not thick. And then such a horror!

- Touch it! - Brooked no opposition voice ordered the man.

Lena, blushing deeply with shame and humiliation, a little pause, still braced herself - come what may! - I touched the wrong body with his long thin finger.

- But not so! - A man shouted at her, clenching his fists - you take it into his hand! Not that you get!

Lena was startled by the shout, hunched his shoulders. It has never been beaten, and she is extremely scared that now the rascal starts beating her for disobedience. Overpowering her, she wrapped her fingers a thick hot trunk, and then noticed with surprise that fingers do not come into contact - between the thumb and middle remained free flesh still five centimeters ..

"As he comes back?" - Lena thought, and was struck not so much the member thickness as its out of place in such a situation, thought, wanted to immediately draw back his hand, but somehow again leaned too ..

Seeing the confused woman, man rather cackled.

- Like? - He began to act right ... all five fingers gripped her arm and held the member began to masturbate. - Like this!.

Lena felt a hand, as a member of each second becomes harder, throbbing, but the main thing - it felt horrified, both at the same time another stranger's hand crept under her skirt and panties already directly through stroking her crotch. The next moment, his thick fingers gnarled rough penetrated under her panties and penetrated into the vagina. Lena was hurt and so ashamed that she was ready to sink into the ground, but then a man puffed, rolled his eyes with pleasure osolovevshie and sharply bending the hair of her head, swollen member pressed to the mouth of Lenin, demanding affection. In the unconscious resistance to a woman pursed her lips, tears rolled down streams from her eyes as she remembered how many times asked for the same her husband, but she always refused, unable to overcome the shame. I refuse native beloved husband! And then the huge number of rushing into her mouth, and it is against their will should do it with a complete stranger!

The man continued to press member, and who knows what would have ended if suddenly tight smelly spray is not filled in the face of the unfortunate victim. Lena squeezed as if in a vice, could not dodge - powerful streams of sperm emitted strong shocks prostate muscles, beat her nostrils, eyes, clenched in his mouth, cum dripping down his neck to his chest and lower ... The woman could not tolerate this nightmare and lost consciousness. When the poor thing woke up, the stranger was not there. He touched the crotch, was surprised to find that she was not raped for real. Somehow bringing myself up, Lena wandered into camp. "What do I say Igor - she reproached herself for what happened -.! Whore I did not want this, I love Igor ... I never ... until death ... ever ... I swear!" When he came, he climbed into the tent, it is losing strength, fell asleep.

* * *

- Honey, wake up! - Heard Lena native voices coming from somewhere above. She opened her eyes and saw leaning over her, beaming a happy smile Igor.

- Enough sleep, come to us - fiddling with her husband ,. - Everything has been ear eat and you sleep and sleep, uncomfortable.

-I now give myself up, you go, - she promised.

Left alone, become instinctively correct clothes, thinking about something else. With the awakening brought back memories of the morning meeting at the creek, yes, it is clear, so the person is arranged, - driving on my own heavy thoughts, that Lena - ordered silly memory to forget. "It was a dream, just a dream ... and there was nothing I did not change, Igor, and it is not necessary to think about it ... it's over!" - Inspired herself, getting out of the tent in the evening darkness - to light diluted close to the fire. From there the voice swept discussing successful fishing men. No one else watched Lena sat on a folding chair by the fire and thought about something, looking down dale. By the fire sat a few people ... colleagues and old comrades Igor.

They ate soup and drank vodka. Igor drank too much and was already drunk. Lena did not like it, she saw her husband for the first time in this. Igor more hmeleya, spoke loudly, then suddenly began to praise his wife, he poked at her finger, asked to see the face, and she sat dejectedly with his head down, listening to how pleasantly tickles the feet warm from the blue flames, and tried not to pay attention to the drunken husband. Igor Suddenly, as if recollecting himself, loudly yelled ...

- As I forgot! Lenka! Get to Know! It's, you know who - Viktor, our beloved chief! He came back an hour ... When you sleep

- Very nice - woman murmured mechanically, without taking eyes off the fire. Her eyes, accustomed to the bright light of glowing coals, still does not have discerned now gathered around a bonfire dark.

- No! You're on the handle to meet you! - Dissatisfied with the coldness of his wife, piano Igor rustled. - We owe everything to Viktor! If not for him, I would be in my chair is not sitting. He know what kind of person? I Said ... come to the lake, and came and found us! His word - the flint! Lena pretended that all this did not concern her.

- Leave me alone, you see, is not a person to engage in brotherhood, - Igor interrupted Lena which seemed familiar bass. Frightened outbreak guess, the woman raised her eyes narrowed and flickering light of the fire barely recognize the person sitting opposite with large hands, with a wide unlined forehead, who was staring at her with a little smile. "Did he ?!" - Lightning pierced the consciousness. Just dizzy, my mouth was salty from prikushennoy awkward lips and immediately flashed frantically incoherent thoughts ... "... talk soon to tell Igor That he -! Cattle hame But how to say ... Igor drunk, do not understand ... what, Lord, for the obsession that! .... "it really opened his mouth, but the exposure of the words, as if weighed down by a heavy plate of doubt, for some reason, have not departed from it.

- All that time to sleep - the authoritative voice ordered Viktor Petrovich, putting on throwing women bullet. - Another one for the road and go to sleep!

Guys quite murmur, reached for filled circles ... Lena was on fire like a dream.

She reproached herself for cowardice. Angry drunk three sheets to Igor, who in such a difficult moment turned out to be useless ballast, unable to come to the aid of his wife. And so it is now needed it ... "Sleep on it," - in the end, somehow calmed herself and Lena huddled like an oyster in the shell of the tent, cut off her from around the world. Igor dragged a little later and immediately began to snore, his nose buried in a corner of the canvas. The tent was spacious, but, despite this, soon filled with heavy fumes. Lena, berating himself for his inability to drink her husband, had to unzip and open the flap. The freshness of the night air cooled the pleasure to her body under the thin, with lace nightgown purposely stuck to this their first romantic night in nature. Lena sighed sadly, mentally saying goodbye to an unfulfilled dream, resentfully turned away from her husband; However, now it still was not up to sex. She could not sleep for a long time, building up of morning exposure of villain-chief.
However, sometimes creep into her thoughts hard plans that all have to tell Igor ... like her breasts fingered Viktor as touched her nipples as forced to fondle his penis ... And that she felt so bad that he could not like any revelations. In the end, exhausted by these thoughts, she fell asleep unusually hard, as if to give the brain a chance to move away from the leaning misfortune.

Lena woke up from what it was crowded and hot. Around was solid darkness, even if the eye. "That chertyaga drunk" - in the half-conscious, she thought, trying to move away from the body fell on her back. It was a little cooler, but after a couple of minutes on her breast lay a hot, heavy hand, can be seen even in a dream, Igor wanted to hug his wife. I realize this was nice, so she did not resist. "Silly, silly you, so why should you drink" - a tired sigh, Lena thought, and closed her eyes tightly ... "Sleep!". Ten minutes later, she lay with her eyes closed, but sleep was out.

Suddenly, a hand on his chest began to stir, gently penetrated for a deep cut nightgown and rough men's fingers gingerly tickled nipple. Lena decided not to pay attention to it - too much was offended at Igor. But weasel did not stop. Fingers gently slid over the nipple up and down, up and down, from the sweet languor that gradually spread out all over the body of Lenin. Her breasts became hard, swollen nipples, resentment gradually fade into the background, the displaced awakening desire. Lena tried to relax and start to listen to the stomach sensations arising at the bottom. It seems that never it was not so nice. Igor with the wedding night proved too hasty lover ... sought to quickly penetrate it and then finished without letting it get enough sex. Usually she waited for her husband to fall asleep and get satisfied, caressing the clitoris itself. "Here now again come into me, and all end - frightened thought Lena, when caressing the hand of a second pulled away from her chest, but to his surprise she immediately came back, only this time the fingers touch the nipples, were drenched abundant saliva itself weasel of this was a hundred times more tender and active.

Lena languidly sighed ... "cute" and pulled her knees up to her chest.

Lasky nipples continued, and in addition, the second hand, with his back until the nightgown, revealing a rounded buttocks, made her way back to the perineum. Fingers - thumb and forefinger - first gently stroked the anus, then the labia, and then suddenly took quite unusual for Lena position ... big, obviously, also soaked in saliva began rhythmically to enter the vagina - first gently, pushing the wall from the edge , then deeper and deeper, and the index went on the clitoris and began to make a circular motion, instantly turning a barely perceptible bump into a solid trembling finger. Lena felt unearthly bliss. She was shaking from all sensual convulsions and only murmured softly in a trance ... "Igor, my dear, more, more, You're so sweet to me to do, well, just please do not stop ..." For the first time during their short yet Lena living together to show that it will be able to get an orgasm with the help of her husband. The thought was even nicer, it has long been waiting for this, terribly disappointed that their sex life is flowing properly.

As a young man, masturbating, she learned what an orgasm, but when she married, dreamed about this orgasm, which Igor has not tested even once. It all started with the first wedding night, when the young retired to the far bedroom luxury, specially filmed for the wedding of the mansion. Then Lena shy groom glance, quickly took off her wedding dress and slipped under the blanket, all aflutter with anticipation. Igor slowly undressed next to the bed. What was puzzling Lena when she first saw her husband standing upright member - more like a short sausage than a sexual organ, which she had imagined from photographs in meditsinkih directories. Member was so small that it hardly makes Igor defloration. Then he repeatedly entered her all the way, hitting his testicles tightened her crotch, but Lena hardly felt anything. A member does not penetrate deeply, although she lifted her legs to his chest. And when a few seconds later, Igor, a cry, fell on the pillow, Lena's cheek a tear ran down the first disappointment.

Then she cried more than once, but gradually learned to compress the muscles of the vagina and koe-how to adapt, it was sometimes even pleasant, but an orgasm and did not come. Lena did not understand the true reasons for this - whether tonkovat and a bit short was a member of Igor and too fast had his orgasm, or blame herself - but by loving her husband more inclined to blame in the soul itself, though she was so I wanted to be frigid, inferiority of women.

- Come to me, my dear, - now she moaned, driven caresses to faint and dizzy. Feeling impatient behind wiggling readily cat arched her back, putting forward more and more pressed against her husband sweaty vagina ... When his dick began to penetrate, Lena first experienced some shock. "Probably a little grease" - thought the woman, experiencing incredible thrill. Member advanced deeper widely pushing the vagina. The woman barely audible moan, hoping that the pain will soon pass - she had never been sick, but today for some reason, all the sensations were much sharper.

Meanwhile, a member of the penetrated farther, and gradually - the first time in three weeks - Igor reached its depths; Lena from this pleasure was indescribable. Member began to move at an average pace, firmly gripped the muscles of the vagina; Lena physically feel his incredible thickness, not recognizing her own husband. "How good! My favorite! More ... more ..." she moaned, nothing else is not thinking but unheard-of pleasure. When the first wave of the strongest orgasm already rolled from below to her glowing delirious mind, and that's vot threatened to wash away a woman in a whirlpool of bliss, broad palm clamped over her mouth. And then at the same time the most powerful discharge Lena felt a strong push member, she seemed to burst under the pressure of his queen. Mad cry of pleasure escaped from her throat, but a strong hand firmly tucked it in his mouth. Meanwhile, members of the movement became sharper and sharper, and with every beat Lena pierced her first new currents in the life of the orgasm.

As she was grateful to Igor for the fact that he entered into it now so deeply and brought her these unforgettable moments! In an effort to get enough happy moment and wanting to deliver the maximum pleasure to her husband, she herself began to squirm on the penis, thus shaking the whole body like a fever and could not stop, continuing to receive the seemingly never-ending orgasm. Then Igor had finished himself, filling her womb abundant flow of sperm. The whole pool of semen! All crotch and legs up to the knees become sticky. Lena was just amazed. For the first time in her head crept into question. She spun around - yes, it was not her husband! And where is Igor, really asleep? near here! But most importantly, to his horror, she learned in her Wedding Crashers yesterday tormentor - Victor Petrovich.
The first is the desire to suddenly waking woman had to break out of these arms. But it was not there. The situation was almost hopeless Lena ... sandwiched stranglehold night visitor woman could not do anything. Moreover, not allowing prisoner to recover, obviously not get enough of the male, continuing to clamp her mouth resumed its crazy orgy. It was not difficult, as his cock was still inside the Lena. Trying to escape, the victim of all the forces fluttered obviously delivering this rapist additional pleasure. And he was not going to deviate from the planned plan, he acted methodically, without paying any attention to the hysterical woman. Pierces huge barrel on the incredible depth - so that even Lena Show that during orgasm, he entered into it almost by half - a woman crying out in pain and despair ... "No I do not want Igor cute!!!! Help! ... "It was useless. Minutes ran a minute, and the head of the hated members of all beat and beat inside her. "I do not want .... I do not want to ...", - the woman moaned, losing strength.

The left hand of Victor Petrovich, compresses her mouth did the trick - not a sound never broke the silence of the tent, but the right, holding the femur unhappy and not allowing it to pull away from the terrible intrusion, continuously caressing the clitoris. Sensations women were so strong that the unsuccessful resistance ceased, and the poor thing again "floated". The eyes themselves conceal and new waves of approaching orgasm finally dashed her feeble attempt to disobey. Noticing this, Viktor redoubled his efforts, his right hand moved on immediately by fondling swollen nipples. Lena excitement was so great that she began to experience repeated, incessant discharge. She had been like a sleepwalker - did not remember and did not realize. It seemed that it lasted an eternity. In fact, was not more than half an hour in this crazy jump. Stallion periodically fired into her sperm, with some reason, without losing hardness and continuing to do the trick.

In the end, she lost consciousness. Lena woke up from what it turned on her stomach and pushed his legs wide. Someone's wet fingers stroked the entire crotch, fingering the hairs from the vaginal opening to the other opening. Wetted with saliva finger gently plunged into the anus. Nothing is wondering, she moaned in anticipation of new sweet minutes already not thinking about Igor, who is not suspected, he was snoring right next nothing.

- Husband or she will tell me to do it? - Muffled croaked in his ear.

This has resulted in a sense. Lena dropped the spell of pleasure and firmly rolled onto her back. It is no longer held.

- What more do you want? ... - Almost inaudibly she whispered, trying not to look at Victor Petrovich - please go away ...

The horror at the thought that her Igorek know how she fucked with this boar next to him in a tent on their honeymoon, paralyzed her will. I wanted only one thing: that all is over as soon as possible. But Viktor did not leave. Instead of answering, he dug his lips in the painful swollen teats, intending to continue petting.

There was no effort to do something. The woman covered her face with her hands, began to weep silently. In more she was not able. The feeling of burning bitterness of everything that happened to her, filled her whole soul, but most annoying was that Lena herself unwillingly, at the same time hating the man, and was grateful to him for giving an unearthly pleasure.

- Okay, so even better - Viktor growled.

Seeing that all resistance broken, he lifted up Lena shapely legs. Clasping hands under cool soft buttocks, he tried to place a female calf on his shoulders, so that it works on rabuhshy member Lena stared directly into the anus, then, moving his hands on Lenin the chest, ready to perform their dirty work. Guessing that now will more than anything else for fear that her husband will hear Lena silently prayed ...

- Well, please do not do that. I can not stand ... You all will tear it !.

- You that your ass never done ?, - asked in surprise Viktor Petrovich. She was once like. On the third day after the wedding, she drank too much, and Igor got his way - drove his slender penis in her anus, however, twitched a couple of times and then finished, the young wife nothing had time to understand or feel.

- No - I lied for some reason, Lena, but then discarding unnecessary affectation at a time, fix - Just once ... you know ... Igor is not such a huge ...

- I know that these do not happen! - Viktor chuckled while squeezing her chest hurt and no longer paying attention to the muffled moans of a woman who is now herself squeezed himself with both hands her mouth, head began to punch the way to the anus. To the great surprise of the Lena huge, hard cock, albeit with great difficulty, but got inside. The woman could hardly restrain a cry of pain, but the fear of losing her husband, who wakes up and sees her impaled on the skewer, forcing her to endure inhuman suffering. Gradually, there was a languor, and as a result, not expecting myself, Lena received another orgasm so powerful that, throwing his hands in the unconscious, cried out loudly.

- What's the matter, little? - Igor asked in surprise, half asleep, without opening his eyes.

- Nothing, dear, sleep ... dreaming something - trembling with fear lips murmured a woman, glancing from side of her husband's broad back. In response, Igor and smacked his snoring. Viktor Petrovich very pleased resourcefulness Lena gratefully patted her on the cheek.

- That's right, albeit a sleep, - he said, hardly releasing member of a narrow, constricted with fear sphincter. When an operation to remove a member from the ass was a success, he put his feet down and Lena, podtyanuvshis on his hands, and sat down on her chest.

- You crush me! - Lena pleaded, feeling the gravity of a man's body. - Have patience ... - proudly said Viktor Petrovich, putting to women bitten lips hot, wide as a hat Borovik, smelling feces prick, ordered ...

- Suck!

Lena, completely demoralized everything happening, slowly opened her mouth. Giant dick barely got into it with every movement of the hips men making their way farther.

- I have come to visit will come, - said Viktor suddenly, even putting effort - let? Not being able to answer, first woman mumbled something incoherent, then nodded his head disheveled, passing the dick in the throat. She realized that he was on the hook.

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