We were good together in our twelve-room with a bathroom at a short end of the corridor. We had a sofa bed in the expanded state where you put a double mattress cotton, which are usually laid on the floor or a guest, giving them a sofa, lay down on his own. There was a large wardrobe, a table, three stools, floor lamp, televizior and music, and if we wanted to buy something else, we would still have to put it was nowhere.
Svetlana sex was experienced and temperamental, and I almost always was the initiator of our joys and their director. In general, it seemed to me that the desire not to leave her, even in her sleep, while eating at work. She flirted with all recklessly, but, strange to say, it did not cause me jealous, but rather liked.
Because of unfulfilled sexual fantasies, she had the desire to try to make love to a woman, but none of her friends she had not seen the role, and therefore a dream come true all the time delayed. Yet she would like to see how others are making love, and make love, knowing that it is also time someone looks at this time.
I thought that there was nothing unusual in these fantasies svetlankinyh no, that probably is the case with virtually all wanting a change. As for the sex together, here we had tried everything.
Svetlana loved the evenings I sometimes wind up in the most unexpected times. Sometimes it just starts to stroke me, gradually descending to the perineum, sometimes arranged damn exciting striptease, often in front of me began to masturbate, received two or three orgasms, and then I could not stand, threw his studies and was connected to her, to her love games.
...The evening we went pretty quickly, Slavik figurative and pictorial talked about his life in the capital, about his work, his adventures, including sexual. We drank quite a lot, pretty drunk, Slava picked up a guitar and began to sing, but to knock on the wall of the neighbors who get up early, and we also began to pack.
While Setlanka cleared the table and washed the dishes, I pulled off the sofa and the bed mattress Slavik on the couch, and we are on the floor to avoid squeaking springs - I suddenly appeared crazy idea to make love when the guests to carry out long-held dream of his girlfriend. This is how I thought it should have been particularly like because it has to happen at her former lover.
Our room space such that the second bed could arrange only between a sofa and a closet, leaving between them narrow even tropochki for cockroaches. When Svetlana came back with our shared kitchen with dishes washed, and Slavik came with a balcony, where smoking, we poured the remains of alcohol, so as not to leave the evil. For Svetlana, this dose was clearly superfluous, because already she moved unsteadily. Yes, and we're both drunk heavily.
Heated by the sun during the second half of the day the room was looking at the open balcony door remained hot and stuffy, and because the street was about twenty degrees. We went as usual: I have cabinet Svetlanka the couch. It was an easy short silk robe thrown over his naked body, covered only a narrow strip of lace panties.
We threw the sheet, Slavik lay uncovered, turned to the wall. I immediately embraced Svetlana and began stroking her desired body through the slippery fabric of her dressing gown, which was a hell of excitatory. We began to kiss quietly, and my hand is already playfully pulling off her panties. Svetlana was opposed, but the desire and hops overpowered, and she lost. Maybe it was not timidity, not modesty, but simply so that the resistance to the order, the desire to go wrong in pristutstvuyut former lover.
And suddenly came into my few drinks crazy idea. And that the former lovers would do if I fall asleep? To resume their previous relationship or do not take anything? I decided to pretend to be asleep, to check it.
I stroked the coveted body of the girlfriend was excited more and more himself, awakened in her the desire, which, he felt, was growing, but my movements became slower, more sluggish, and finally, I stopped completely. I pretended to be asleep, almost burying his nose in her hair and a pillow Svetlana.
For a while we were lying motionless. For persuasiveness I became smooth and noisy breathing, sometimes smacking his lips. My whole body turned into one big ear, which is perceived not just any rustle, and perhaps even stir gyrus.
It took ten minutes. I felt like Svetlana, despite the strong intoxication, can not sleep, do not sleep and Slavik. Even after some time he turned, got up from the couch and went to the balcony to smoke another cigarette.
Svetlana gently freed from my arms, put her hand between her legs and began gently stroking the excited vagina. Very quickly she found herself on the threshold of orgasm and began to very quickly move the fingers, loudly rustling the sheets in the quiet room. The mesh fabric was pushed to the side, and my girlfriend, spreading his legs to the side, soon achieved the desired and lay a hand laid on his crotch.
They could hear Slavik took another deep puff, exhaled slowly and began to put out his cigarette on the lid made at the balcony tin. Though the room was quite dark, but only so as not to see my eyes open but not the surrounding objects and spread out on the bed naked girl's body.
Slavik carefully stepped over the foot Svetlana, and she did not move, not removed her hand from the perineum, sat on the edge of the sofa, hesitated, then lay on his back, threw his legs. Strange, but in me somehow growing excitement, and I was afraid that it will bring the willies my body, knock my man smooth breathing, staying in a deep drunken sleep. Actually, hops, I felt in my head.
After a while Svetlana resumed stroking her vagina. Her light touch certainly much excitement swollen labia were inaudible, but sometimes no, no yes and there were like cautious kisses smack. We felt that she was again close to orgasm, but either wants to extend the time of its occurrence, or is afraid to moan, not wanting to be heard.
Lying on his back on the edge of the sofa Slavik at this time swung his arm, found the touch face Svetlana and began to stroke the back of the palm of her cheek, then ran his fingers through puffy lips. Now an almost inaudible pochmokivaniyam vaginal lips added lip sounds, kissing his fingers.
Some time later, the palm of a person fallen below, stroked her neck, slid open wide open robe tight chest - the subject of my lust and pride. Palm has made some cautious grugovyh movements near the left breast, his fingers touched the nipple, then squeezed. Svetlana whether from pain or from the excess of emotion quietly moaned, her hand became again very quickly ironed vagina, and now the body quivered in the prolonged fit of orgasm.
It was something abnormal in the fact that while the two men passionately desire her, she gets an orgasm own efforts. But this only added to the piquancy of passion.
When the orgasm is over, while Svetlana was lying motionless, resting. Do not stir, and Slavik hand clasping fingers tight breasts girl. I do not know, maybe at the time of observation of orgasm, and my breath hitched, but it seems no one, even I myself did not notice it. I continued to breathe evenly and deeply, did not openly watching the unfolding events in the bed.
Once Svetlana recovered from an orgasm and then began stroking himself along the vagina, Slavik again began to squeeze her tight chest, then clenching, gently touching the nipple. She suddenly threw one leg over the edge of the sofa, immediately turned into a tempting and affordable, exciting. Both her hands gently stroking the inner thighs, the tortured subject neutoloennoy passion between them. Another orgasm strong tremor of the whole body covered Woman. She twisted her head from side to side and moaned.
When it came to himself after orgasm, turned in my direction, I could close my eyes and smacked his sweet lips parched by excitement. I do not interfere with his girlfriend to have fun.
Slavik, meanwhile, turned on his side and began to stroke the second hand to throw on the sofa leg, sinking along the thigh to the vagina, but in the meantime there are not interfering with the girl get pleasure from their own fingers. Less than a minute later Svetlana received another orgasm, though not as strong as the previous one. Apparently, she was required to increase the sharpness of excitement. One hand is taken away from her pussy and held up, held by Slavik swollen panties, she slipped under the gum, took his hard dick and began to move his hand along the solid trunk. Panties clearly hindered, Slavik and immediately threw them and moved closer to the edge of the sofa.
Svetlana toyed a little member, and then sat down on the bed and pressed her lips to it. She is eagerly kissed his head, then he takes in the mouth of all his considerable length. At the sight of this painting I also wanted to have fun, but I decided to continue monitoring. I had no jealousy, there was no envy. Me entirely enveloped excitement. Slavik has leaned on his back, and Svetlana standing in front of him on his knees and made a passionate blowjob. Her rounded buttocks, her excited vagina, clearly visible behind me, attracted, excited, prodded to action, but I remained motionless.
Experienced in sexual matters Svetlana apparently felt the imminent approach of the eruption seed, but still did not want to finish the love of the game. She reluctantly pulled away from the stress member, took up his hand, lay back on the mattress and pulled her lover down the couch. Slavik willingly obeyed.
Svetlana invitingly spread her legs and bent his head guy himself to the crotch. Slavik pressed a kiss to the vagina and instantly brought the girl to orgasm. This orgasm was so rapid that at least a minute Svetlana tossed on the bed as if in a state of unconsciousness. Hardly recovered from this, she immediately received following the same force and duration.
Thereafter Slavik moved forward to put his former girlfriend kiss and easily, without the aid of the girl plunged into her vagina disclosed his instrument of pleasure. She trembled and moaned again, clutching teeth corner cushions.
Two or three minutes if Slavik nails hammered struggling stuck into inflamed vagina, then pulled out a member, moved slightly forward and put it between her breasts. Svetlana squeezed his big hands tight chest, hid arousal between them. ready is about to pour out the contents of their testicles.
Every time a member moved forward, Svetlana tried to grab the pink lips swollen head, but she again slipped between her breasts down to there and then come back and tease, tease, tease ...
And more power to hold back from Slavik no longer exists. He abruptly moved forward, thrusting out his chest to clamp member so that she could take the head with his lips, and began to twitch, repeatedly throwing his mouth in the suffering accumulated thick sperm.
A few minutes later he climbed up on the couch and fell asleep almost instantly, making restless snoring. I like waking up, he reached out, put his arm around Svetlana, pressed it to his erection. Inflamed desperate game, but still not fully satisfied, she turned me on his back, straddled me and strung on my protruding genital organ.
My only minutes had the strength of ten, after which I could no longer hold back and poured in slippery and wet with excitement vagina is probably the largest in his life serving hormones.
Three years ago, when Valentine first time fuck me, I was a virgin and still could not control his passion. For half an hour of our first sexual intercourse I managed to finish three times until Valentine reached orgasm. On that day, I spent the night with their uncle in the morning went to work, and she came to me in the morning in a nightgown. Seeing unequivocal bulge on the blanket, Valentine wondered whether it excites me. When I swallowed saliva, answered in the affirmative, it is without further ado threw off my blanket and straddled me. I was struck by the heat of her dark crotch pressed against my body. And when Valentine, raising back, slowly began to stick his hot wet slit on my dick, I'm loud groan finished even before the member came up to the stop. But Valentine, without saying a word, began to make rotational movements by a basin from which the weakening my cock inside her began to fill with new force. Continuing on me, Valentine began pulling off themselves nightgown. This was a mistake: seeing her big breasts with tight brown nipples, I am shaking as in a fever, and, clutching his fingers in her buttocks, again finished in the wet with female secretions and sperm my vagina.
The next twenty minutes nonstop Valentina fucked me struggling moving ass and pulling her nipples. She's a big plant, feeling my cock harden inside her, and finally a powerful spasm swept her vagina, Valentine twitched convulsively, screamed and fell on my chest, still moving her hips sensually. Driven to ecstasy seizures her vagina, I pulled for the third time in her beating on my body orgasm. Since then, almost all of our orgasms become synchronized. Valentine's taught me everything she knew about sex, and I was a quick learner. She taught me to kiss and to use a condom, but the condom we never needed. As soon pedstavlyalas opportunity, we immediately were given to each other. Whenever I ask, and Valentine was always ready to spread her legs for his ardent nephew, as if she was menstruating, her gorgeous mouth and ass were always at my disposal.
Valentine still love the traditional, oral and anal sex. The number of poses, which she taught me, I probably could not be counted. And the fact that she was almost three times older than me, and come to my aunt, but even more exciting to both of us. And now, in the warm waiting room, our intercourse with Valentina was coming to an end. She cried every time my cock rubbing her womb; its widely spaced legs began to tremble. Valentina's face was covered with tiny beads of sweat. She with a loud slap abruptly put her hands on my buttocks and helping me began even stronger peg a my dick. Soon, her vagina was frantically to decline, and Valentine began to descend, trembling and groaning loudly. In stormy orgasm she frantically clutched me to him and moaned:
This is the only life there is very boring in the entire Soviet military contingent, let alone have ofitsepskih wives ... you know. Babsky gossip, boring pazgovop - everything about their husbands, their kapepe, so that where you can buy cheaply. From any of the normal operating skopee ozvepeet woman.
So I was ppiyatno surprised when one day her husband ppishel home not one, but with an unexpected guest. He was stapyh familiar. Captain Raj learned not-how many months we, the husband, and the crew headed tepep ogpomnogo IL-38 pazvedyvatelnoy mopskoy aviation. Hindus ppidavali these machines Soviet ppoizvodstva ogpomnoe value, admired their merits. Mopskaya aepo-pazvedka for India - an important matter.
My husband taught hoposho Raja in its Quaternary uppavlyatsya with this plane. Tepe.p Raj was considered the best pilot on the west pobepezhe. We drank wine teppkoe lupus in the garden, under the fragrant fpuktovymi depevo, remembered our ppezhnie vstpechi in Riga.
I could not help admiring the Raj. He was younger than me by seven years - thin, with Kurchavov shevelyupoy, with a thin neck in hard vopotnichke fopmennoy shirt is white. It was very dark, almost like negp and even chepny thin mustache on his face barely stood out.
However, I was not thinking about it. I had a long-standing dream. Maybe you'll see me. When a long time, for many years you have something the matter, the more opospedovanno, you begin to want to ppikosnutsya to it. I am the wife of the pilot, all our dpuzya - pilots. All our life ppohod near military aepodpomov. Machinery our husbands - are members of our families. As if it were our children. Plane far pazvedki IL-38 was part of my family, my life. Vokpug stpoit he thought of my husband, his successes and failures, has been linked kapepa with him, and thus family well-being. And of course,
That ended a summer vacation. Julia from their native village to go back to the city to continue their studies in vocational schools. However, greater joy gave her what she can see again with Andrew, with whom during the separation she communicated only by telephone. But to meet him was not to be. Andrew came to her one day later. But there was a meeting with Masha, who tried to separate them with Andrew. However implacable opponents conversation turned to the truce.

Masha offered Julia world. She started to tell her that she has a new boyfriend, and now it makes no sense to fight for Andrei. A, respectively, and they should not quarrel. Of course actually slyly Masha - she was already a cunning plan to eliminate a rival. It only remained to wait to fish, that is, Julia, swallowed the bait. Maria offered a truce and Julia accepted the offer. Just as it accepted the offer to celebrate this event in a cafe.

Julia certainly wondered why Mary has decided to celebrate this event is not in the first got the cafe, and offered to go to a special place across the city. But unfortunately it did not betray it great value. The danger she felt already sitting at a table and drinking juice. It alarmed the lack of visitors to the cafe. Not for nothing alarming. Witness the fact that she was here, was not to be. However, it was too late. Julia sipped from his glass juice and a few minutes later she fell asleep.

Julia woke up in a cold dark room. She could not understand how to get here. Besides her there were several other girls, including Maria. That she faked the kidnapping of Julia, hoping to get rid of rivals, but in the end, and she was the victim. Of course Julia realized that she got here thanks to Masha, but run into it did not. The situation was equally critical of all. About that, what they are, no one knew, but I can guess. Only Mary knew the truth about what they are prepared to sell the sex slavery.

A few hours later came the men and grabbed the girls and sent them to a medical examination. After the inspection they worked hard in the vein injection and recovered from the bus. Girls were crying, understanding the danger. They understood that they are going to most likely to withdraw from Belarus. But they could not do anything. Sitting on the bus, they were forced to fall asleep crying. Excess noise did not need to slave traders. Girls really taken out of Belarus. Exported to Ukraine, through a "transparent" border. And through all of Ukraine they were brought to the Crimea.

Came a girl already at the place of arrival. Now Julia was able to see that there are only nine people. They were all from different parts of Belarus. Who of them will simply stole who is lured. In the room where they were located, it was bright and cozy. Dvuyarusnye beds were placed along the walls. In the middle of the room stood a table with fruit and other delicacies. It's okay first day here they did not foretell. But the next day they waited for the start of training.

The next day the girls started the nightmare called training or just killing will. They were led into the room where a table stood in the middle. In addition, there were five naked men. Julia immediately realized that now they will be raped, but she could not even imagine how it will look. She saw the men smeared their economy which is lubricated. What they did, she realized only after the process has begun.

They stood in front of the desk, covering their charms and fear waiting for the start. That's one of the men came and grabbed one of the girls. It is separated from the others and began to blatantly humiliated. Surrounded on all sides, it twisted in different directions, it hurts schupaya her breasts, buttocks and crotch, and much slapping his palm on the same places, and other parts of the body, particularly the face. She sobbed loudly, helplessly spinning in the hands of monsters, but it was the flowers. Then it tumbled down on the table and began to introduce a member of the anus. She howled in pain. But that did not stop the monsters. First introduced member rude and completely tearing the anus. The girl cried in an unnatural voice, the horror of pain, but she could not change. Men have it in a circle, not allowing prospects to finish ahead of time.

Julia, like the other girls watched in horror as the picture and cried, knowing that she will be the same. Lady fucked in the ass without interruption as long as it just does not stops responding to all. After that, the men went to the front and lifting her head by the hair, finished her face. After this girl as what that thing pulled off the table and threw him into a corner. And on the stage it was a new victim, which was to be tested.

In the end, it turns and Julia. She grabbed and dragged into the middle of the room. She screamed and tried to fight back, but it only amused monsters. They groped her and beat, making it brutally. Julia had never felt so helpless. And now she was suffering the mockery, with great terror of waiting, when it will start to fuck in the ass. That knocked her on the table and she froze in anticipation of the time when a member starts to enter her anus

It was terrible. It is terrible! Such pain Yuliya had never felt. Member entered deeper and deeper, causing new pain. Julia screaming voice not his own, having no more strength to endure. It took roughly in the ass, and she had to put up with it. Monsters constantly turns working with it "hollow". Gradually Julia stopped screaming and just cried. Raising his head for the last time, she looked at Masha, which had yet to go through it all. She had not looked at the table, and sat down against the wall turned away, crying loudly. Julia could not remember the time when it finished, and only woke up when he was lying on the floor. The body ached all, I could not move my arms and legs. But the worst was already behind.

After training the girls dragged me into the shower. And literally dragged. Grabbing the legs, dragged them along the floor like a nonentity. True Julia did not care. It is a different treatment to her already, and did not wait. In the shower the girls no less rudely washed. The truth is that time hardly anyone of them could feel something. They were all so exhausted test.

How many days of Julia was sedated she did not know. But as soon as she felt better, she had to pass a test control. Again, she was brought into the room, but now one. She was forced to undress and get ready. But Julia was not yet ready to ensure that fully expose his body. As a result, her newly fucked until he lost consciousness. The third time was a lesson learned. When he came into the room, without waiting for an order Yulia completely undressed and began to pose. True endure another nightmare ass was not necessary. Now it was the turn of the oral cavity.

There Julius was also alone. Why, she realized soon. The room was a special device to which Julia and were attached. Looking at him, she could not understand what was the meaning. But then everything fell into place. It brought to the shield and forced to stick his head into the hole. Furthermore, by far has been to push the head, her neck wore an iron collar, eliminating the possibility of stick his head back. Of course Julia knew that here it will be taught to do a blowjob, but this she could not imagine.

As soon as she put the collar as soon we began to fix her head in the correct position. Taking small strands of her long hair, they tied the ends of the loops.
Hair fixed on the top and on the sides. Next loops stretched upwards and outwards, thus pulling the hairs. This Yulia head was stationary, and any attempt to move his head now leads to acute pain. The situation is worsened by the fact that in addition to the head were recorded and also the hands with the feet that put Julia in a weightless position. Now, any movement of the body could be painful for her.

Well, then took up the Yulin mouth. Injections in the lower jaw and a few minutes later Julia no longer control it. She opened her mouth without any problems, which she now could not be closed. Well, then followed by what she had expected. Its fucked in the mouth, occasionally sticking to the jaw portion of the additional injections. And Julia had to endure all this. Especially hard it was given sperm swallowing - this she could not afford. But I had to.

Having passed all the tests, the girls began to prepare for shipment to Turkey. The psyche of girls and so has already been broken, but it was necessary to completely kill the hope of salvation. Last barrier - exit to the open sea. Exit was not enough, we had to pay more, and border guards, so that they did not check the holds. And the main thing here, so that girls do not squeak, otherwise fail. And girls do not squeaked miss his last chance for salvation. And a few hours later they were sold to the Turks.

In Turkey, the attitude has been good to the girls. They were not beaten, not raped, humiliated. They are prepared for more degrading action - selling in the market. Once a month, the girls were brought to one of the markets of the country and come from all over the Middle East buyers chose their girls. It was certainly a very humbling. Standing naked all day and wait until you someone will buy it. So it was and Julia. Buyers came up, looked at it, touching of private parts, feeling his chest, looking into her mouth. Do not sit down, do not lean on something she could not. And so in my heart I wanted to buy it quickly. But she and another woman were not sold on this day.

As a result, the girls sold in the ordinary local brothel where they work every day to 20 hours, serving up to 15 clients. They were the only ones in a brothel who were forcibly brought to Turkey. The rest of the girls were so the title of "naive fool", went to Turkey for the "big money". One of these "naive" in two weeks and "saved" all who dared to tell the truth to one of the customers tried to accuse "whore" in the wrong lifestyle. Turk turned merciful and pimp handed police. All the girls were deported from the country home, including Julia, who had to spend several years to recover.
The trip did not promise any particular difficulty, and I decided to take Lena with him. We stayed in a new hotel close to the plant, to which we have arrived. Happy with my colleague we were working in the factory, fulfilling the task set before us, and in the evening we walked three, and then went to each other's homes. One evening we were at F in the room at a party. We first had a drink, then began something to watch on TV.
Unlike my colleagues, I drank a little, but he drank Bole than enough. Lena could not drink at all. For she had one glass of vodka is enough to first cheer in earnest minutes of commercials for twenty, and then sleep a dead sleep. What she did after drinking two glasses. I sat on the couch, and Lena was sleeping, resting my head on his knees, facing me and back to F, who was sitting on a chair in the opposite corner of the room. At Lena was wearing a skirt
Hall, remarkably, has appeared complete. Free tables are not turned and Tamara sat down at a table, where quiet conversation two elderly men. Tamara felt that they were both glad her appearance alongside them. When the slow music sounded, they invited her to dance on stage. Especially liked Tamara Sasha, he was of medium height, with slightly protruding belly that does not spoil its appearance, and, according to Tamara, on the contrary, made it even attractive. Sasha appeared gallant, he particularly liked Tamara, and the rest of the evening they were dancing together. Their friend, goodbye, went to his hotel room.
Apologizing, Sasha Tamara left for a few minutes, and after talking about something with his friend, returned to her.
A pleasant evening went on, they slowly danced to the sound of captivating music. Sasha lightly touched his cheek shaved her hair and subtle aroma emanating from it greatly excited him. Tamara could feel his excitement and she liked it.
Gradually to visitors, and soon the hall was empty. Sasha Tamara invited to his hotel room, and because her home no one expected, it is in no hurry to return to an empty apartment.
They walked silently down a long hotel corridor. Entering the room, Sasha lit candles, turned on soft music, and putting on the coffee table with glasses, dark - red wine, I sat on the couch next to Tamara. They talked, slowly sipping wine from glasses.
Then, glancing at the clock, Alexander got up and left the room. Tamara heard the sound of the door opening, and it even seemed that someone walked into the hotel room.
And in this format, plus me and my wife Tanya, with all State-owned equipment and personal property, we had to make a trip across Siberia to the new place of dislocation in the Ural IN.
Handling doing all along, I picked up from the ordinary Starkov all his belongings on a cart to the car, where the other three soldiers under the guidance of my wife was charged with all inside. So rolling the truck from behind a corner, I stopped to rest and wait Starkov, who ran back for me had dropped in the confusion of things. Hence me a beautiful view of the platform, where my wife told three Dembele as the most accurate plunge cabinet with glass door, and they listened to her lazy, occasionally glancing at her fitted by sports tights body.
- Well, let the boys have! And you accept Valera!
Karasev jumped in the car, ready to accept the goods and pay and Zhmerin become awkward to lift the cabinet.
-Oh, be careful! - Tanya cried, rushing to hold the glass suddenly opened dvertsu.- Why are you so!
After most of the cabinet has been lifted into the car, the soldiers relaxed and peremignuvshis surrounded my wife.
-Allow me, here we Lift - said Zhmerin, as if by chance came up behind him and grabbing my wife at his chest, while the pay in a similar fashion paw her buttocks.
-Well let me go! - Strictly Tatiana yelled banging Zhmerina hand.
The soldiers immediately moved away from her, she hesitated.
-Look at your hands to dissolve! I'm not thinking long, and you can complain, and even whack anything!
But she could have sex all night, and the longer we do, the more she had orgasms and they became more frequent. And I have all occurred in the turnover. Although she did in any case it leads up to the finals. I must say that I Lenka just super. The street is constantly staring at her men, and she was dressed very effectively. She knew that I like when she dressed sexy and often bought myself some new clothes or whether or sewed herself. As it is in the internet under Lingerie I found a dress in the style of sexy and showed them to me. Dresses were frank and is more suitable for large celebrations such as New Year or celebrations. She asked me what dress I like the most and what dress she sew the first. She approached this issue very delicately, because if I choose her dress, I put his gun authorize it. But I decided to cheat a little, too, and chose a dress that required the lack of underwear. That is, from the very bottom to the very top of the dress was lace. It began on the hip and on the back curving ended. If you wear a dress underwear that it would not be pretty and spoiled the whole outfit. I thought that it would start to object or zamnetsya, but she just said, what is good and just walked away, probably afraid that I change my mind. After a while, I forgot about this conversation, as I did not see how she sews.
Somewhere a couple of months after this conversation on our new home in the cottage called a friend of his wife. She and her husband, after long suffering completed and aligning it with the birthday of Olga (girlfriend) decided to make a grand outdoor party with an overnight stay at them.
My wife was going to the bathroom for a long time, and suddenly have the corridor dressed in a coat and shoes was calling me. I do not attach any importance to it not boast of what goes. The surprise was waiting for me in the party, when Lena took off her cloak. And turning to me said:
- How do I look.
To be honest I was confused and did not know what to say. The male half of the guests just ate her eyes. I must say it looked amazing, it was the same dress that I chose. It does not look vulgar but at the same time have all seen that there is no underwear, which is very exciting.
After the main celebrations, with an overnight stay were the closest friends of seven. They are two couples and two boys, friends of Olga husband Andrew. All we've seen in the joint celebrations.
Andrew proposed to continue the celebration and to move to the sauna or bath potnashemu well. All but Dmitri (one of the guys who came without the ladies) with enthusiasm accepted the proposal. Dmitry recalled that went over and lay down to sleep. In the sauna all pereoblachilis in sheets and booze continued with even greater joy. The sauna running turns the boys then girls. In between sauna drank and played cards. Only Nicholas refused to play cards, so it was kind of like an extra and got between the girls.
First play the fool every man for himself, and the loser had to perform a task or whether. Usually, it was a simple task such as to get under the table and crowed or hum. But as it turned out this task very much male half since climbing under the desk girl drunk bares its charms. Then he received an offer to play three sodium, boys against girls. Without saying a word against all sat on their wives, and it turned out that a number of others were women. This is where the fun began as basically lost girls. The temperature of the bath and alcohol took their toll, we were getting more drunk and more relaxed. Before the next Cohn received a proposal from Nicholas.
- Stop playing childish games. Let's way the next losers will have to take off the sheets. And play on without it, well, for example, one member of the team clockwise from me. Girls are given a head start, they first lowered the sheet to her waist, and then remove the wheel if you lose them all together really.
All get crushed at each other with their wives but all the peasants wanted to see other people's wives. The girls of course for broken but seeing that their husbands do not mind agreed. Of course the first game lost the girl, first sat in a circle, my Lena. He hesitated and looked at me and pulled the sheets. We're all just devoured her eyes, chest, even me. As if seeing her for the first time. Well and as a result lost. It was the turn to shoot Andrew sheet. He took off his embarrassment sheet and sat on it. And embarrassed the reason, it was a member in full combat readiness. Although probably like all the guys. The girls cheered. Within an hour of the game we all sat naked except for Nikolai. As a result, it was suggested to go to the steam room together, with the condition that Nicholas should also distributed. He did so without delay. To be honest we were surprised and especially girls to its size. His cock stood like a log and almost more of our twice. Girls could be seen as a gazed at his gun. And Nikolai noticing his interest in the instrument, without delay, said.
- Girls if your husbands do not mind it at your disposal.
The girls laughed and shushukayas fled into steam. We immediately without delay followed. Guys seats was not enough, and it turned out that we are in front of a flock of girls, and our members stand as stockade. But the eyes of the ladies constantly stopped at Nicholas. Nicholas because he was one was the most liberated and constantly let go of jokes about the situation over which we all laughed. But suddenly, as if Nicholas half jokingly turned to Andrew and said.
- Andrew made a gift to his wife, she wanted to see how my friend.
And not as strange girls supported him well, too, kind of like a joke. Only Olga silently confused eyes looked at Andrew.
Andrew or what to do but how to respond.
- Yes, I do not forbid it.
Hearing his words, Nikolai took Olga's arm and pulled out of steam. In doubles perhaps five minutes of silence after the door closed behind them. But suddenly my Lenka took my penis and playfully vyvila of the pair. When we walked into the dressing room, in front of us appeared the following picture. Olga lay on the table and Nicholas widely spreading her legs powerfully worked his log. Olga shook with his blows, her breasts swayed to the beat of his movements. We stood transfixed, watching the spectacle. It has been seen as his club literally turns neatly shaved pussy Olga. Nikolai paw unceremoniously Olga chest and twisting her nipples making her moan even more. While we were giving Olga times shaking orgasm, her pussy is so loud slurp when Nicholas completely took out his penis and with all his might drove him back. But suddenly Nicholas stopped and asked Olga.
- As you can?
But she did not answer just started to moan even more. Then Nicholas continued his movement and thin out without removing. When Nicholas took his penis that Olga remained healthy gaping hole from which flowed the sperm. She continued to lie on the table with divorced feet in complete prostration.
Nicholas turned to us and did not seem to notice me, Lena suggested.
- Want.
Keeping deciduous dick in his hand. In his eyes it was clear that he was absolutely drunk and poorly understands what he does. He took Lena's hand and dragging along sat on the bench making it clear that it has worked mouth. And my and I am glad to try. Kneeling took in his mouth balden all in the semen, and Olga's secretions. After some time, Lena got on all fours and turned to me and pleadingly asked me to take her. I'm kind of came out of his stupor and immediately fell in to his wife. I was on long enough and I finished in five minutes. Lenka has not pondered what not and pulling of Nicholas member asked him to take her. Nicholas gladly accepted and crooking cancer Lenka came from all the fluff. Lenka already cried out in pain, but Nicholas ignoring started with sling fuck my wife.
I decided to take a shower and going to the car wash found a hundred and no one was there. bath design was such that from the washing could go outside, but from the changing room in the house. I realized that the rest went into the house across the street. After showering, I returned to the dressing room and found that my missus is itself jumps on a member Nicholas who is no longer trying to figure sitting on a bench and clutched to the chest of his wife squeezes it like dough. I have this picture could not remain indifferent and rubbing the crotch Olga entered her. She almost did not move, just whines to the beat of my movements. I occasionally looked at what is happening next, and I even felt zavistno that I did not have such a big and thick cock like Nicholas, and I can not give such a gift, too, Olga. I do not know why but I got the idea. And I tore a piece of sheet wrapped it on his dick and put the condom on top of that I was always in the fob.
It turned out that my design has turned out much thicker Nicholas member. When I entered my design in Olga spectacle it was even then. I have only one kind of nearly finished. My sizes resulted in a sense of Olga and she began to be supplied to meet me. I do not know how much I fuck her but when Olga was on the verge of orgasm, she opened her eyes and saw that it is I'm working on it. In her eyes was fear and shame but it has not stopped supplied to meet me and his eyes closed finished. I, too, was on the edge and pulled off the design and making a couple of movements ended in Olga. I took the penis and looked at his work and then at his wife, who has just sat on the bench and watched as I fuck Olga.
Lena and Olga, and raised in the shower after washing put to bed. We with Lena slept in the hall.
And awake, and without waking the owners left home.
On the left breast - a small birthmark, but she seemed to signal cleavage flag - "look here and nowhere else!". Above her charming breasts - sharp shoulders, beautiful neck and crown of all - my favorite person with refined forms, small ears and a huge green eyes, pearly teeth in a little plump, sensual lips. Alain-haired, but painted in bright red, then white. It depends on my mood and the time of year. But it is always the same - so it's hairstyle on her intimate place. Almost hairless by nature, her pussy brought to such a perfect state that looking at the sparkling pubis may be shaved. Or blinded by the beauty of the flower, which is made up of smooth and plump outer lips, slightly spaced small, too full and juicy, not too big but perfect, capped a brilliant a button clitoris. This is a button peeking out from under the folds of flesh, as if inviting me to visit ...
Needless to say, I have a loving husband, I can not for a long time to look at all this perfection. Her incomparable pussy licking me every day since the first day of our acquaintance with it that Alain is a very pleasant. At least once a day, she invited me to a meeting with his beautiful, and I gratefully accept this invitation. Every time I choke on her musky smell and mild taste, and by the end of the process - and still enjoy the abundant flow of her juices, drinking every last drop. Often after the kisses, I offer her his "friend", and when they meet, I and Alain suffocating with happiness. Releasing it falls my love, I always drink a cocktail of passion, limping thirsty mouth to the sacred source. Sometimes favorite requests to share this nectar, and then carefully collecting it from the lady's vessel, I fall to her mouth, sharing the loot. In those days, we are particularly happy, and played enough, go to sleep, closely embracing a cozy, fluffy blanket ...
We Alenka work close to home. Walking - half an hour on the bus - five minutes. Sometimes I meet with her work, but often try to arrive early to prepare dinner and bed for her arrival. And at the same time to take a shower, to do what he likes without delay. She goes straight to the shower at work - in their hospital has all the conditions for this. Nurse I have it. For the same reason, that is, taking a shower in his "office", Lena often comes home without panties, and going to the apartment, she goes straight to his favorite chair, beckoning me with a finger and lifting up her skirt in the course. Sometimes I meet her right at the door, kneeling and crouching tongue to barely cool, already wet with anticipation fragrant pussy ...
When Allen first came an hour later, I do not stay in one place - what happened, why the hold up? But reassured himself, he can work on what happened. Medicine still ... But crunching key in the lock and I rushed into the hall by lightning. She stood there, my love, to close the door. CLOSED - and leaned back against the wooden surface. When I came close, she looked at me through half-closed eyes, put a hand on my shoulder and bent down to his treasury. Just being in close proximity to it, I realized - my favorite raped another man. Around the slits it was smeared with her secretions and foreign, cheeky smelling the sea, muddy sperm! My breath caught in anger, but its inexorable hand pressed me to this den of debauchery. Alien moisture touched my skin, and by reflex exhibited tongue felt a little salty taste of semen. Sperm Alien! I do not know what to do with her indignation, but it suddenly gave way to excitement. My Alechka, Alenushka, Alenka, Lena vyebli and obkonchalsya, my diamond admired and enjoyed! For breast unusually hot rolled ball, and for a moment imagining how this hole enters someone else's dick, fat, and Red Heads, I lashed out at her with such fury as if he wanted to eat the fruit ... Wet and hot, it throbbed beneath my lips, shrinking and revealing, and that of the breast zhenushkinoy already broke the first groan, then a second, then she clutched claws into my hair and whimpered softly. Axial suddenly buckled legs, Helen suffered a sweet flour, then pushing, then pulling my head. My fellow member, hard as granite, also demanded attention and rising above the fallen on his haunches Alyonushka, I pulled it out, such a large and resilient, and vzdrochnuv several times, doused her with hot, snow-white thread. The semen got on the hair and face, lips and chest muddy droplets remained on her red satin summer dress, looks like liquid pearls. She looked up at me, his emerald eyes lakes, and we stared at each other, faithful husband and be far from good, shameless wife, watered sperm inside and out, fucked and licked, shiny sperm on the lips and emerging fucking magical glow in their eyes .. .
Since then, she did not just come home in such a state. If she did not appear at six, I already knew that her fuck the one other. It was painful and pleasant - in fact, my favorite has received a double charge of passion and love, her orgasms are multiplied by half, and lustful pussy blossomed bright scarlet and beckoned me with renewed vigor. I even got used to the taste of a stranger, I knew his scent and shades, felt every note of this incomparable bouquet cocktail of male and female juices. Often this guest dropped in the ass and my favorite, opened it, and the way for me, and if at first I was jealous and tormented, now rejoiced every time my unknown friend and his wife gave us a moment of acute passion. I collected the drops of nectar it, burying his nose and tongue into the depths of a hot spring, mentally thanks for the gift of ...
I already knew a couple of months, my secret friend lives in the house next door. No, I have not followed the favorite - she told me. Admits that at first did not want to talk, she told me all the details of their dating. Coming in the first day of his defection from work, she decided to drive up to the house on the shuttle bus. As always after a shower, no panties, she did not go far into the interior, and sat near the door, at least in the cabin and there was no one except a lonely guy in a tight T-shirt-clad tanned, trained body. He looked at her with interest forms only slightly concealed by a light dress, and she looked out the window in anticipation of a meeting with her beloved husband. Already slightly warmed his thoughts, she lost the sharpness of focus, and it came out of the bus - jumping, caught the hem of her dress for the fire extinguisher. Scarlet cloth flew up and turned at the waist, revealing the most delicate skin on curvy hips and a round ass. The guy went after him, and helped her escape. Even when the trap on wheels pulled away, she turned to thank him, but instead of saying she stumbled upon a kiss. The guy (his name was Denis), rather than words, stared at her lips, and after a moment of resistance got her sharp tongue fidgety, penetrated into his mouth, he met with his tongue. Then they went to his home, the benefit at the time of his parents, with whom he lived, was in his summer dacha vacation. Faced on the sexual battle, they have long tormented each other. Lena like a leech clings to his big cock, tiger, he pounced on her pubis mound, gnawing of her moans and cries. Then the two of them staged furious rodeo, in which rose petals were subjected to violent attacks by his bull, the bed creaked and crackled treacherous during the most energetic numbers. And after all this Alyonushka took home all that remains in it and on it. She did not even think it is washed off and hide - she could not lie to me and did not want to. What happened, it happened, and she was ready to take over from me and slap and forgiveness. How then I said - if I beat her for treason, then there would be no resentment, no reproach. But my reaction surprised her and opened. The second time she came to Dennis, and went into the apartment, went down to her knees, taking it a powerful tool in your mouth tender without conversations and greetings. And after all, she told him that she had a husband, and he is aware of this connection. This upset Denis, who had decided to engage with Alenka closer relations, but gave rise to even more than the first day, the abyss of passion ...
... On the day when everything changed, I was sitting at home waiting for six hours. I drew a picture of how my darling girl crosses clinics threshold as to pace the evening sidewalk, writing sing eight, which do not look only to the children, and blind as the bounce to the beat of her steps elastic breast, decorated with speck moles as fluttering in her wind dyed hair to the fire. I imagined it ten minutes after two step over the threshold of defect with Dennis and he will ram her weeping hole his instrument, over time replacing it with another, more closely, turning it into the open bud, bursting with heat crevice bottomless well .. .
I stood at his door, peering in the window during the docking of buses. Here she is, my dear, was surprised, but went not slowing his pace, looking into my eyes wide and his green sparks. A moment - and she understood my intention, stood on tiptoes and touched his lips to mine. She took the hand and led him upstairs to the place of fear and depravity. Going into the first open door, she walked away, and I found myself face to face with his "deputy". He stood in front of me, naked and bronzed by the sun, with the press and worthwhile, trembling muscles under the skin crystallized, but fall off member. Not less than 20 centimeters in length and five in diameter, it is a major crowned conical head on which its tip glistening droplet lubrication. Perhaps warming up before the arrival of Alenka, it flashed through my mind. Alenka is standing to the side of us, before closing this door, ready for any eventuality. But it is not prepared for the fact that her beloved and loving husband, who, of all people in the world only saw her one as a partner, this staunch lover of women suddenly sit down on his haunches in front of her sinful companion, and looked up at the two of them will live toy in his hand, and then into the mouth. She had not expected the shock in the eyes of Denis, who could imagine anything, until the appearance of riot police behind "deceived" husband, but not the fact that he will take into his mouth his flesh, with every second increasing the pace of their efforts. The door remained the half-hiding the sinful theater, but his music ...
Not letting go and giving respite, I caressed the body, the smell and taste of which I have long been familiar. He took me to the throat, causing a spray of tears and unnecessary reflex, I studied the language of his wreaths and head edge, barely placed in the mouth. He then became like a part of me, then flew out, becoming warm and hard ice cream, which I licked and sucked its taste salty fogs the mind and stimulates the appetite. I felt it from the semi-opal, like rubber, he goes back to the martial status, filling my mouth with his stronghold, his pulsation become more and louder as from the breast of its owner pulled the first moans like breathing hard, my little wife, which was not possible previously seen these representations, I heard as loudly slammed a hasty hand Alena door, saw that her hand ducked under a short skirt made of white calico ... But when I hit in the mouth a strong, burning fountain of the sperm, which I have long since only licked pussy and legs of his lover, I stopped to see and hear whatever it was. Under my hand, knead through his jeans suddenly exploded term spread over a huge wet spot, but for me at that moment there was only she - like a small throbbing heart, purple head of his cock, doused a moment ago, my mouth with his nectar. I have not even felt, and soon realized that my beloved is already sitting next to me and licks the remnants of my feast with this huge dick, which are now the property of the family, and my lips trembled after hard work.
When I came to, Alain was standing, and when I got up, it threw my neck with gentle hands. Her face, sweet, gentle and beloved, was a close - close, and here we are merged into an endless kiss, neither inside nor outside which had neither Dennis nor room, nor the country or the world in general. There were only our love, bliss and passion, to engulf us in its depths without a trace, and a trace ...
I'll tell you right away that just because I tell my story, that we are not familiar with you and never see you again.

After all that has happened, and what I'll tell you, we had to Lida, in the end, to give up and move to another city. It started as a fun and reckless, but then we realized really what we heap. Although the move from city to city and it is unusual for our country form of escapism, but we still had to take it all.

You will understand why ...

Lida We have been married for ten years. Got married in the first year, we have got two children. Thus, by the time all this happened, we were already well established married couple despite our twenty-eight years. We had, yes indeed, and now is a happy family. Nothing can shake one of our love.

We had a decent apartment in the center of our little town, and we both taught at the Pedagogical Institute. In general, except for pedagogical and other institutions in the city and was not. I said that our town was small. Lida taught math, and I - philosophy. That hook we lived, and even brought up our children.

All would be good, if not the salary, which is famous for our country. How many of us get an ordinary provincial high school teacher? Do not know? And I will not tell you. I will not say, because you still do not believe it. So little, that the money is absolutely impossible to survive. Earlier still somehow could survive, but what about it now and say nothing ...

Yes, before, of course, in this sense, it was easier. You got three rubles a day, but then the prices were a match for it. But now there is plenty of extra cart-earning opportunities. We always talk about it on TV. Well, I somehow do not watch TV, but the women ... They look and, out of habit, believe. Oh well.

That's how my Lida looked, looked, and, finally, the behavior-reel in the fairy tale that is now easily possible to earn big money.

First, let it be pure imagination, but at the same time, from a purely theoretical talk, my wife went to the real search for additional sources of income. The fact that she was already a very old winter Pal something, and she wanted to buy a new ...

At first I did not pay attention to the thoughts of my wife-owned, and, in general, the right thing to do, because nothing good is, of course, could not be found. Do not go, she in the dark night to unload cars at the railway station.

But one day, in a dark autumn evening, Lida DELAY-huddled to work and came home quite late and sat in the kitchen and started a conversation with me serious.

She said that being a friend now Wali met there one man. His name was Oleg. Bringing too did not know how to present it, and then, since it is still a single woman, she admitted that Oleg - it is not an old-lover. In this fact there was nothing Note-tary, because a friend of his wife Valya always distinguished neo-buzdannym temperament, coupled with promiscuous.

But now it was the fact that this same Oleg was one of the publishers of erotic newspaper. Bit-of talking about it and intrigued both women reverently listen to him, Oleg shared his serious problem.

The fact was that he was looking for a fashion model for the special issue of its a newspaper. And I could not find a suitable candidate. The whole conversation he gave him a confident and well secured by a young man. Oleg was dressed exquisitely and expensively, and women always nonconstant-extensible way to pay all this attention and a glance at the clothes can determine a lot in man. It is usually quite feminine gift that men are extremely rare. But my wife was not in this case an exception, and it was under the Imprint-leniem Oleg. And then say if you need a lot of gorgeous st businessman from the capital to make a lasting impression on the teacher-provincial vatelnitsu? Yes, even young, and with imagination, but still poor ...

In short, word for word, and Oleg looked otse-field view of the Lido, and offered it a try as a model.

At first everyone laughed and laughed for a long time, but then Oleg explained that he needed to make a series of test shots, and if they come, then all it will cost quite expensive. He told my wife that the risk - no. And you can earn a lot of money.

That's what it is now, and went home and sat in the kitchen, told ...

"But you just think - I said - What happens if you find out about all this at the institute."

"But Oleg assured that the paper comes out very far, in another city, we can say, even abroad, and here, to us, will not get a single instance."

"And how much he would pay for it?" - I asked, MULTI-to calming down.

"He promised that if the first test series will take place, I immediately get ten thousand and fifty -. At the end of filming Just think, because I'm just able to buy a winter coat, but otherwise we will have another year Off-dyval money on it . After only two days povertetsya front of the camera - and I get paid. "

Lida smiled reassuringly and patted me on the arm: "And most importantly, we will not worry about anything 'Cause you do not suspect me of your intention to change No, only a business relationship ... I took off and immediately back home And then just get the money... that we are so necessary - and all.

In the face of his wife, and she did not know how to lie and pretend I understood that she was not lying and really thinks so. I was somewhat reassured, and I thought that, in fact, my wife, of course, absolutely right. In the end, a couple of days you can tolerate and even to shoot erotic cal newspaper. And then we have these pictures and this newspaper has never in our quiet town and not see ... About the whole affair will be forgotten and only occasionally alone with each other with a laugh to remember how easily Lida earned sixty thousand in two days. So we had a good laugh, and Lida gently hugged me before we went into the bedroom, "And do not think about anything then please It's the way it is now, and live Money does not smell And you for me - only me... anyone did not even look, whether all of the surrounding clad in husky and silk from head to toe "...

Such words from my wife, I, of course, and now expect to hear them, finally satisfied that at-nyal the right decision, not to argue with her, and not banning contact with photography.

On the appointed day, as it was Sunday, I drove pro-Lida at the appointed place. Oleg on the phone SOCA-force my wife to come to trial in the shooting of twelve hours at the specified address. It was located studio photographer who worked for him. Lida We decided that the trial will last no more shooting and a half to two hours, and all this time I'll wait Lida on a bench in the park in front of the houses. Especially since the weather was nice, and sit in the park every day manage to ...

Bright red dress wife flashed in front of house, and I was left alone. Almost immediately I regretted not PICKUP-methyl something to read. The fact is that money money-mi, and common sense - common sense, but you will agree, just sit on the bench and think about that at this time your wife turns the bare room in front fo-cam- era - it's pretty stupid to do. I had already regret that generally went to see her home. And what's the point? All the same, I'm here, and Lida - there. All the same, I have not attend ...

That's about all that I was thinking while sitting on ska meechke. And along the way I thought about what just did not attach any significance, has not noticed ... I remember, elk, like an hour ago, my Lida was going to go here. I waited for her, and she dressed and generally led myself up. I recalled how carefully she chose subtle underwear, slowly, as if in the indecisive-ness pulled on his white body panties, then a bodice-chik, as this oglazhivaet his thighs, admiring his reflection in the mirror. Then she chose a long dress, her hair, and absolutely tortured me waiting-tion when imposed makeup. All this was done with such zeal and some slowness. Lida as it wanted to go and did not want to, though, was thinking about something hesitating, as if a presentiment that something ...

So I did not pay attention to it, and now-Chiva-test it all and knew in his mind, as my wife was confused and excited about the upcoming filming as a model.

Meanwhile hour passed, then a half, and finally the two. More I could not languish waiting and unknown Stu.

I got up and walked to the house. On the second floor I found an apartment with the correct number and called. A few minutes later the door opened and in the doorway I saw a man with a small thirty years. Judging by the descriptions, it was Oleg. In fact, he looked quite impressive. He was wearing a light leather jacket bright red color, is losatye slacks and expensive shirt unbutton English-th collar. He looked at me questioningly. Then, when I said that I would like to know, how long will I have to wait my wife, he smiled kindly and courteous of said have to wait just a few minutes. However, he still has not offered me to enter, but only saying that Lida is about to be released, slammed the door.

I had no choice but to wait.

Meanwhile, Oleg did not deceive me, and twenty minutes later, when I began to get nervous again, in the stairwell flashed familiar red dress and Lida has come near to me la.

At that moment, I immediately noticed that now it has become quite clearly embarrassed. Lida was all crimson blush on, zalivshego her face. She took me-nya by the arm, and we walked down the street.

"Well?" - Finally mustered do hamsters, I asked.

"It's okay -. One day they will show MRC-ki, and then, if they fit, I swim-TJT to start ten thousand As promising-if - curtly replied la Lida..."

"Who is this - are they?" - I asked. "Well, Oleg also was not alone, - said sheepishly Lida -. He is not a photographer, photographer takes, and Oleg led" ...

Then I felt that from my wife smelled alcohol. I was unpleasantly surprised. Never Lida was not inclined to drink during the day, especially in unsuitable com pany. I did not expect. Although, in such a situation, what I expected at all?

"This brandy, - said Lida, when I asked her - I'm really embarrassed, and I was offered a drink to relieve eg-zhenie. They wanted me to relax. It's really necessary." It helped you? "- I asked. "Yes, perhaps - thoughtfully said Lida -" You're not nervous Nothing terrible happened just is not so, as I expected, but, probably, as expected, and does not happen ever. "...

Gradually, as we walked home, I fished out all the information Lida. The studio had two - Oleg and photographer - a very young boy of twenty. To begin with, she was offered a seat and Oleg showed his Lida The edition-tion. Seeing the pictures in them, Lida immediately came in for-meshatelstvo. Of course, my poor wife is expecting a naive la completely different. It seemed to her that she will be filming in a swimsuit, well, in extreme cases, in some elegant Mr. beautiful clothes ... Well, at least, she thought, but zazhmurivayas, think about what would have to be removed and naked but in such a position, in which zapechat-county sculptor Venus de Milo.

But what she saw on the proposed pictures, shook her. Never anything like Lida, of course, did not see.

If she showed it all at once, even when the first conversation, she would have refused without hesitation. But now...

Now she sat alone in the studio with two men and was afraid to raise his eyes in embarrassment. It was silly accor- dance-creasing, but it would be foolish to give up right now. For all discussed with her husband, she has dressed up and going all morning. Anyway ...

Noticing her confusion, Oleg proposed a toast to the knowledge-komstvo. Cognac was quite a lot, and even add to this the excitement of an unusual situation, and sieve-ation, so that Lida three ryumochek few drunk. And then it's time to start the trial.

Lida offered to go behind the screen and strip. She did not do it without an internal shudder. When she co-completion stood naked behind the screen, she was approached by Oleg and handed the bundle.

"Put it on, Lida" - he said.

The convolution was underwear, which Lida never seen before. She put it on yourself. Finer pink panties with lace bordered on all sides, in re-presenting the subject rather the discovery and excitement than the opposite. Pants were not only completely transparent in kind, but also very small, so that the whole body, the priest were clearly visible. It was clear that this underwear is specially pre-assigned for seduction. Exactly the same was and bust-galter. He was a thin strip of material, too, with lace, and full breasts literally fell out of my wife out. Bra covered only with a ski.

Here in this form Lida and her husband appeared before the two-ranks. Then start your own photo samples. Snatch la Lida shot standing up, then from every angle.

At some point she was given another drink, so that my head began to spin. She was told to lie down on the wide couch. Shoot as lying. Lida bad then remember the sequence of events. Everything swam before her eyes from the on-voltage and excitement.

Oleg told her to get on all fours. She obeyed, and almost turned around and saw that the photographer back in focus removes her protruding ass, panties barely veiled likeness.

Shooting, apparently, was in full swing, and Lida have become somewhat accustomed to everything, when she was asked to lie down on his back and stretch his legs, bending at the knees. She did it, and in this form it is also removed. She lay on the couch, breathless with excitement and anxiety. Lying like this, in this position, open and spread invitingly co-Lena, as if inviting to take advantage of a ... This resulted in a terrible excitement Lida. She felt a thrill when Oleg hand touched her naked body in order to give completeness to any position.

And Oleg constantly touched her, and this, in addition to the embarrassment, it gave rise to a lot of other feelings. Of course, this is the first time I did not say, but I myself capable of something guess. Especially after everything that happened after, it is not difficult to reconstruct the events ...

"Lida now remove the panties," - he heard the voice of Oleg, when Lida was lying on the couch, scattered in the part of the white shapely legs.

"No, no, I do not" - faltered my wife, blushing.

"But it is absolutely necessary," - Oleg insisted.

"But I can not - I am ashamed," - Lida whispered, Korean-chas from embarrassment under his gaze. Photographer while waiting patiently with camera in hand, probably already accustomed to such scenes.

"Lida, if you do not, everything loses its meaning, said Oleg -. You've seen my products, I specifically showed you in advance ce".

"Yes" - said resignedly Lida and pulled off her panties.

Now, having achieved the main thing for the sake of what, in fact, it all started, the two men began to dispose of the asset-it. Lidochka had no choice, as left completely without panties, getting cancer on the couch and expose their naked charms for the camera. In fact she was lying flat on his back again and photographer leaned in focus shot lo-completed vagina.

Lida with finely trembled. She began to tremble more when Oleg took her hands on the ass, for the full thighs moved apart her knees, put in the right position.

After all this, Lida ordered to stand up and pull the black stockings. She did it and, briefly, hung there looking at herself in the large mirror just marveled at how obscene spectacle it is.

Naked woman with a beautiful body, and only the clothes on her black stockings are thin, sharply contrasting with the whiteness of her skin, and even the red shoes, which she wore at home and she was not allowed to shoot. The feeling of unease intensified by the fact that she was naked one with two clothed men. By the way, along the way, she noticed that the two men - Oleg and photographer boy, and did not think to hide his admiration for her body.

Exposed to the show, on display, and even in polunaryadah obscene, or does his voice, and even raskoryachennoe in various poses, her body really acted excitingly. Both men looked at each other, and even approvingly Oleg smacked his tongue. Especially utter confusion swept Lida, when after a great shot, especially when she carefully bent standing doggy and thrust out all its charms out, Oleg smacked his lips and said, "Good for you, Lida". He escorted approving Encourage word-tive lag slap on bare bottom ... Lida thus unable to maintain even the appearance of calm. She moaned and turned crimson with shame, his head bowed. But for a long time she was not allowed to be ashamed of, because immediately ordered to change the posture and get into another. What had to do it immediately.

All this time it sometimes, but regularly allowed to drink a glass of brandy. First, it has something to furnish, for example, by saying that it is necessary once again to drink for an acquaintance, or a need to keep warm, because it's cold in the room. Then already, and these words do not say, but after the next series of shots before you make the next - even more blatant and shameless, Lee de a glass tray. And she saw her ...

When the photo of the sample over, Lida again went behind the screen and dressed. Oleg told her to come the next day, when they are ready pictures. After that, my wife, still feeling as if naked and feeling on her body clutching fingers Oleg, probe it, came out of the studio.

About all the sensations Lida me in that day, did not speak. Just then I felt it in her voice, in her intonation. Sometimes, in some moments of her story when Lida stammered suddenly fall silent in mid-sentence and did not finish, I felt like she shudders and tightens the whole body. Sometimes it during the story, under the influence of their own memories and feelings clung yanked me into the sleeve of his jacket ...

Lida persuade longer go there would be non-sense. After all, if it does not go - then, then, all that was now - in vain. Lida has certainly not get a dime. So, it is now all the same should be the day after tomorrow to go there, to Oleg for the result, and perhaps fee.

As the saying it was not necessary, because both we and all so well aware, the next two days, we did not return to this subject. Lida sooner returned from the institute, took away from the garden youngest daughter, was walking with her, played. After returning from school senior, and then he came to me, and so today is such that we both had the opportunity to pretend to tell us too much about. However, I always felt anxiety, strange premonitions. As it turned out, elk, similar to felt and Lida.

On the appointed day, Lida again went on the already known address. This time I did not went to see her. I said he was very busy. In fact this was not the case. I just did not want to feel like a fool who sits quietly on a bench in front of the house, where his wife was lying with outstretched legs in front of two hogs the camera ...

That night, I again had to lay youngest daughter to bed and help older homework for tomorrow. When both of them were asleep, quite late, I heard a tentative turning the key in the lock and went out into the hall, he saw Lida on the threshold of our apartment.

Of course, I have several times in my life, in all the years of our marriage, had seen her drunk ... But the fact is that at the time when it happened, she was drunk quite differently. She was badly drunk. No, not that too much. No, that's not it. Lida sly, sidelong look at me and giggled. Shame, confused, and of drunken bravado then mixed in her gaze. That Coy I did never seen before.

When Lida off her shoes, and several times, missing, hung on a hanger her cloak, she went pro in the kitchen. I prudently put the kettle on the stove. I foresee that our conversation will not be short ...

"Why are you so long?" - I finally choked out.

"Is long - Lida did not understand and looked at the clock - yes, indeed."

"And why are you drunk?"

"And unless I'm drunk?" Some time Lida was silent, as if listening to himself, then admitted, "Yes, perhaps it is true."

Again she paused and said: "But I still have not regained consciousness I do not know exactly who is to blame for what happened." ...

My heart sank, ready at the first word of the next Lida jump out of his chest. "What do you mean" - I said, trying to keep my voice was shaking too much.

"You yourself know everything is fine" - said Lida, casting a withering glance at me.

"Explain. I do not understand."

"Now I understand -. Lida said, lighting a cigar, the -. And when you listen to, think about what it is you yourself are to blame for everything."

These are all women. They always have to blame anyone, but not themselves. This was also at this time.

Lida first posed in lingerie, which she gave. Then she withdrew it. This was about an hour after the start of filming. Only now, as it has already passed the tests and was shooting a commercial, from her demand that her expression corresponded taken it poses. So now on all pictures Lida was a playful smile. At first she is bad at, but gradually she began to get involved and at-vykat.

At some point, when Lida once again stood on all fours in front of the camera, Oleg went up to her and began to press his hand on the small of the back, demanding that she be bent. She began diligently to sag, and suddenly ... Suddenly Lida felt some foreign object in his protruding vagina. She quickly jerked and looked around. At the same time, she saw that the man with one hand forcing her to bend, close to each of her buttocks and put his finger straight into her crotch. This shameful lips obediently widened, missing an arm of Oleg.

The man was smiling and saying, "That's so clever, clever." However, one behind the other and penetrated finger. Gradually, the whole hand was inside raskoryachishsya Lida. Suddenly, unexpectedly, my wife realized that the man's hand because so calmly and smoothly entered into it, that she was ready for it. Her cunt moisten already own. So she has "flowed", aroused by previous surveys in strange lascivious poses.

Lida, however, did not have time to think about how it is out of place, and how ashamed all turns out. Do not have time, because replacing tossed and turned in her fingers, came long and hard phallus men. He went into it almost imperceptibly, but when he reached the bottom of my wife, she felt its full power.

Lida first screamed and tried to get rid of it vlezshego not application reviews, but it failed. She could not jump off the long phallus, invaded it and immediately began to stoke her poor overheated Mr. vagina.

Oleg stood behind her on his lap and slow rhythmic movements pounded in her his gun. Very soon Lida stopped shouting indignantly. Firstly, it was completely pointless, and secondly, it is felt an irresistible longing.

No, of course, nothing like it in my thoughts are not allowed before. If she said an hour ago that did not exclude such a possibility, it would have never did not believe. But now, when the real phallus tore her vagina, in a businesslike walking back and forth, she suddenly resigned to what happened.

Very slowly, but inexorably, it began to approach orgasm. This was all the more likely when Oleg put his hand under her belly and began to knead her breasts hanging helplessly, twisting her nipples, pulling them.

Particularly shameful was the fact that all this was happening not in an intimate setting, and in the middle of a big studio,

standing on the right floor lamp bright couch, but still under the gaze of the photographer, who has ceased to be removed and is now just looked like Lida twitches, planted by the man's penis. However, she painfully trembling at every blow that fell on her uterus, shook his head and groaned loudly.

Lida always moaned during intercourse with passion, I knew it was good. And now he could visualize how it all happened.

When she first came, it swept a terrible shame. She trembled from gripping her lust and shame, and what could not hide it, and now the two men, quietly laughing at her, watching as she - poor silly woman raskoryachivshis ne-ed man, cums with pleasure.

But that still does not end. While Oleg and he briefly worked with her, and soon he himself visited the orgasm, and he left her. Lida briefly left alone. Shooting interrupted. Both men - Oleg and photographer - calmly, as if nothing had happened, sat down to drink canned beer. Lida is sitting alone on the couch, where she was left completely naked and fuck, and looked ahead.

She was not particularly surprised by the complete indifference of the two men to what happened. It was now clear that all of this - pre-designed program that could not be exceptions. What just happened, and was sure to happen, and no other event could not unfold. It certainly was not to the dala-first on this couch, and indeed in the "creative" life Oleg. And the photographer, as a true performer and co-warrior, no doubt, have seen similar scenes many times for his young life. Lida also occurred to me that all the young women she had seen posing on the pages of newspapers showed her also were given to Oleg.

Lida was given a cigarette and poured brandy. She sat and drank brandy in complete prostration of what happened to her.

But, as it turned out, Oleg was very different plans for her.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang, and Oleg went to open. A few minutes later he brought the young man in the studio brutal appearance, high-growth second, with a long black beard. Seeing him, Lida tried to hide behind anything, but, first, there was absolutely nothing, and secondly, at that very moment, she realized that now it is silly ...

After another moment, she realized something else. According to that view, which gave her came a man, Lida became clear that he feels for her some interest. What kind of interest? There was something besides the usual curious look at a naked woman, koto-devastated paradise sitting in the same room with two men.

No, it was not just that. Oleg introduced them to each other. Man named Renat. It was specially hired a man to be her partner in the shootings. For a decent reward, Renat was photogenic "blow up" her, Lida front of the camera. Yes, "blow up" so strong and beautiful, so that the reader erotic XYZ newspaper excited looking at these pictures.

Renat not undertake to fuck women, who were not ready for this and, therefore, Oleg agreed with him that he would come at a certain time, when the "girl" is already "ready".

It was the most offensive to Lida at the time. Not only is it fucked without asking the consent of the pre se, but merely took it like a bitch. No, it was even more offensive. Oleg even without experiencing interest in it as a woman. He just took her to prepare for further work. It was cheaper to break it yourself than to pay extra for this Renata.

But whatever it was, is now a paid male was already in place and, glancing lustfully at Lida, he began to unbutton his pants.

In another situation, Lida, of course, would be outraged and went, but now ... In such cases, all is thought out. It was silly now with her hand to get up and go somewhere with an air of injured innocence. Now, when she came, trembling under her cancer who took Oleg, when now she is sitting naked on the couch and smokes quietly waiting, what is it subjected to now ...

In the meantime, everything was ready. Photographer loaded a new cassette into the machine and ready to work, Oleg lit a cigarette and sat down in the chair. Renate himself already he took off his all and was completely naked now before numb Lida.

"No, Renat -ulybayas said, looking at the woman -. You guys, it warmed up pretty bad ... so bad it can not be used pictures are, unnatural..

"Well, so what, - Oleg handed displeasure - that's your business Are you a master at it takes, but remember that..


fifteen minutes we have to start shooting. And the daylight ends. This, too, can the quality of ska out to be. "

One movement of the hand, a slight, but unexceptional, Renat Lida knocked back on the sofa. With the other hand he just as easily parted her knees, and then just as lightning entered her.

Strong and resilient phallus entered into prepared before the defenseless disclosed vagina and Lida for-moaned again. She moaned a long, plaintive, jerking the demon-decent partner for nasevshim it. Oleg went sideways and looking into her face, ordered:

"Smile, Smile hear ... Come on, shoot."

Confused and depressed all event, Lida could not resist the commands. Therefore, it is Corno forced a smile and in such form got the shot.

Renat did his job professionally. Inspiration did not prevent him to remember to change the posture and, in general, to work effectively.

He placed Lida cancer and had her in such a way to loosely-long thrusting his weapon is directly guiding him as if in the depths of a woman's body, then up or down. He "developed" Lida so much that it seemed to her that now she will always be with such a huge hollow in the body.

At some moment Renat stopped and took out his gun and said:

"No, you can not. Run to wash, and then squelching the strong-but. Irritating."

Both are present in this man laughed and pointed to poor Lida door to the toilet. She slid off the couch and walked to wash. The toilet was only Rako-wine, hanging high above the floor. In addition, there It turned-las cold water only. I had to stand on tiptoe in front of the sink and splashed the cold water of a handful. Somehow substitution, Lida returned to the room. She could not wait to leave and never WHO-rotate more.

Renat sat down and said to Lida is now Stan-wound on his knees and opened her mouth. That she had to do. Even with about fifteen minutes Lida obsasy-shaft sticking out imperiously to her phallus, feeling on all sides magnesium flare flashes fotoap-Paraty ...

Oleg oPoslyshalsya voice: "Come spread your knees and lower your hand yourself down."

Without taking breath phallus Renata, Lida reached down, took hold of the hair on your pubic hair.

"If you do not want, you can do nothing Just stand so that the picture only all still visible lowered his hand." - Said Oleg graciously.

But it was not there. Lida was so hot that she could no longer control himself. Fingers she found the clitoris and began to caress his own. Impatience grew it with passion. Now she, too, had longed to continue, I wanted to something solid entered into it. Now it is no longer satisfied intercourse in her mouth, which she was subjected Renat. Lida could not resist and put her hand into the vagina itself. At the same time she felt like it hot, all wet down her arm. That she was bleeding from the scope of its animal Stra-sti. It was no more shame, she felt no embarrassment.

The men looked at her and laughed. She heard it and even heard jokes that they are not hiding, holiday, whether at its expense. But it is no longer worried. She even thought for a moment all that enjoyable. She was excited by this even more ...

Finally, when she finally cried out, she was released. Now she was and she did not know whether she wants it. Looking at the men standing over her blankly, Lida was in the strange position in which it wished to throw Renat, when he met and heard the words of the employer that everything is removed.

Lida helped up, gave another drink. She asked to fill the glass again. And then another. She wanted to drink a little more, that at o at least a few hours to think about what was done to her.

Oleg helped her get dressed, she could not do it with shaking hands, and then shoved her out the door, once again goodbye patronizing pat on the ass. However, he said that now after a week she can come for a fee.

Now Lida sat in our kitchen in front of me. She told herself all that happened to her. I looked at her tired face, disheveled hair on, and could not quite believe what she had just himself, he shewed races. It could not be her. Because I knew his wife. It is no matter what is not capable. Decent educated woman, mother and wife, without any violence surrendered two rude and inconsiderate men on the third chap Zech, who did not take it myself only because, probably, did not want to ...

How could you believe it? Lida I helped to get up from the chair and led her into the bedroom. She undressed, and we went to bed. Not knowing what to do, I moved closer to his wife and put his arm around her shoulders. She buried her face in my shoulder and burst into tears. *

Lida's face was in the pillow next to mine, and now I could clearly feel her breath. There were mixed fume cognac, the smell of cigarettes, and something else, a familiar and unfamiliar at the same time ... After a split second I realized that it was the smell of semen. Of course, I also never had to sniff someone else's sperm ... But Lida had not only to smell today!

Somehow it suddenly greatly excited me. I lifted the blanket and threw it. Having understood my intentions, Lida, always so affectionate and waiting for caresses, suddenly pulled back and squeezed his body into a ball.

"No, I beg you, please do not right now I ask you, I can not." - Lida muttered, trying to pull away on the edge of the bed. She was so miserable and confused at this moment. But as you know, at a loss-of woman she is always bad service ... So what happened this time. I reached out and firmly took hold of her pubis ...

And here come the moment when I finally believed everything she had just told me. At the same time, I regret that did not listen to her and did not leave alone.

Not every man is ready for such tests. Not every man is inclined to such strong feelings. My hand literally sank into the soft hot mess. There was not the usual my wife's body. What I felt his hand, it could not be called anything but mush. Not a single centimeter of solid, firm, not wrinkled, not istrahannoy flesh. It really was the hollow, which is just gouging mercilessly by all the rules. The edges of all was wet, liquid everywhere Sochi-las, my hand was drowning ...

"I can not right now, my dear, I can not - Lida moaned, wriggling -. I do not feel there is nothing there as if everything was numb ... I told you.".

I still can not explain to myself his act, not what I did was terrible. Despite the moans and pro-poor Lida tests, I took it. I went into it, and went to the very end, to the utmost of their capabilities, pochuv-isting that go deep to where there is no end. It was a bottomless pit. She squelched under my body it parted, parted, she was ready to swallow me whole ...

I will not describe what was happening in our otno-sheniyah then, in the following days. I will not speak to how we tried not to look at each other, trying not to talk to each other. Only the presence of children at times forced us to share some pus-tymi and stupid remarks.

We both felt for each other and now the animals could not immediately accept it. Of course, because we all think that it happens to someone else, but not with us, and that behave like all the other animals. But I had a chance, and now we have learned a lot about themselves and about what dark lustful forces roam in us - before believe we perfectly know ourselves and each other. It is not always pleasant to face nose to nose with the truth about themselves and their closest person ...

I looked at Lida, she learned to cook, and I thought at the same time about ... I thought about that here this ass a couple of days ago, helpfully Provocation-valas under proficient in housecoat hundred Yala bent over the table and helped the elder daughter sticky hands that she bases, under-lyalas alien phalluses, and did so willingly, with a groan of lust. I looked at her mouth Lida - Paint-st, painted, finely delineated, is now saying the right words daughters, and he thought that this rotten mouth-stnye took a member of an unknown man, caressing his tongue, swallowed, and then gratefully Therefore SOM to pour himself. In short, this adorable mouth mother and wife -slivnaya cesspool for different arrogant men. And yet she said she had finished with all this many times ... That was the catch.

A few days later he called Oleg and politely greeted me, asked for the phone Lida. I saw her stiffen, going to the machine as the Bay-Yas paint, intensely talking ... Then he hung up the phone, she was looking away, he told me that the money came, her fee, and Oleg invites her to come tomorrow him to settle.

Of course, oppose this was stupid.

In the end we did and started the whole thing-lyuchitelno claim for the money. How would foolishly and suddenly everything would have turned in the course of this case, to give now the money from it would be quite silly. And I do not, in fact, go after them. Therefore, I did not say anything.

But the next day I had to once again be the pigs-nesses, as my wife is going to Oleg. It does not just go for the money. No, it was again a ritual. I'm chained to the couch in amazement, watching for an hour, as my wife lovingly rubs her body after a shower as she stifled spirits throughout the body, both thoughtfully and dreamily staring straight ahead, combed ...

Then she pulled long underwear every time razglya-dyvaya herself in the mirror, and then chose, and put on otgla-alive hands elegant dress ... She did all this de monstrativno, not at all embarrassed by my presence-it. On the contrary, I even felt that I look at it and what I've seen, even more forced Lida wish to continue ... Love flour, longing appeared in her eyes. She understood that there is a man who sees it not only as Glu-Puiu whore, fun and toy their temporary source of income. He took advantage of her body beautiful and cheap to capitalize, passing even got some fun physics-cal, and now refers to it with all the contempt to which she alone can count on. Her position was enviable, but I noticed that, Vero yatno, that it gave Lida some deep inner dignity, loving attitude to his body desecrated ... She was going as if going to a meeting with someone you love, not in the dirty den, where she had once cynically and brutally used, and may be subjected to humiliation and cynical this time.

She came in the evening is not so late as in the previous-conductive. But she was drunk as much. Actually, at that time we could talk normally, but if one of us was drunk. Otherwise, we have nothing to give elk.

Lida once told me, sitting in the kitchen.

No, it was nothing special. Oleg gave her two-schannye money. Only offered a drink with him for the success of his business. At a meeting attended by the photographer again. This boy looked at Lida not looking up, clinked glasses with her and, in the end, Oleg noticed. He looked around the studio, smiled encouragingly and said:

"And that, Nick, you're staring at Lidochka that now eat. So you do not hesitate. I think Lidochka not refuse. She is no longer the first time. Really?"

The words stuck in his throat Lida. This is still not expected. Give her boy-photographer. But that is exactly what happened. That's just to undress her not ordered. Just ordered to unbutton the top buttons of her dress. She did this and the photographer put it directly on the floor on all fours and then took her on a dog. He wrapped up the hem of her dress over her head, pulled the panties to her knees and behold in this position took her like an animal. And she began to behave like an animal. Lida immediately felt it was an animal, miserable, affordable, she looked at everything that happens from the outside, through the eyes of Oleg.

Two weeks ago, he met her at the home of her friend, and she was a decent woman, the teacher-institution-defined and so on. And less than a MULTI-to weeks, and she is miserable suchonka wrapped in the head dress and driving around the knees on the floor, is a cancer and it is anyone who wants this one lascivious boy, for example ... And she has, unable to control their own feelings, thankfully moved his meetings all over the body, from the howling swept her cope, passion, moans ...

When the photographer had finished and released her, Lida stood up, flushed, panting and adjusting dress. Oleg proposal-lived her another drink and then took advantage of lo mouth, this time also eagerly disclosed.

Then it is no longer detained her and let the money released.

Now she sat in front of me again. Within a week, we realized that more can not continue, and we need to take any steps towards rapprochement. We decided that now that it was all over, Oleg gone forever from our town, the money is received, and even winter coats on them already bought, we are always on-two forget the story from beginning to end. It was the only right decision. We both agreed. It is impossible to live knowing that your wife is in the shower - a whore, and her husband - actually let his wife for the sake of his body, she earned money to your coat. What kind of family ... So we agreed.

But life did not want to leave everything as it is, and at-cooked us a new challenge.

It happened about a month.

Lida went into the audience, where she was to lead oche-anterior session and felt that something was wrong. The audience reigned unusual excitement, all that a ne-redavali each other, and with it the advent subsided and became a strange way to look at her.

In the hands of a clumsy student Lida saw yar-Kie page sadly familiar to her erotic log-la. She immediately understood. Yes, and it was not necessary to see the magazine itself. It was enough to look at the excited face-WIDE students to brazen their views on how the oil and they look unkindly his eyes at her - his teacher. Lida has always been very strict and demanding teacher, and is now more pleasant was this jerk to enjoy what they have just learned about it.

Realizing all and assessing the situation, Lida has nothing else thought. Faster than lightning she flew out of the audit-rii, then ran through the institute corridor Vysk Chila-out and ran to the station. It's not too far.

Our whole town knew that if we are sold, and some objectionable publications - then, of course, Toll-to on the stalls at the station. This is a common place for this kind of publication. Exactly to the station and ran Lida.

Seeking edition she found rather quickly. Protolith-kavshis through the crowd landside masturbators - ordinary-governmental readers like fiction, she grabbed a bright Jour Nalchik, and immediately, on the cover, I saw myself ...

Reaching home, Lida fell on the couch and sobbed. However, tears rolling down from her hail could premises-shat it from time to time to leaf through a magazine, finding it more and more photos. Here she was in underwear and completely naked, exposed the shameless, but their genitals. She was captured and one in computer-NII with Renata, who had tirelessly in all its Cape-limyh poses ...

Every time you see a new photo, she shuddered and began to cry even more.

In our town even more news diverge very quickly, and only such ... Never erotic publications are not at variance with such rapidity as the ill-fated magazine. It seemed the whole city reads it. Oh, the whole institution - that's for sure. Collapsed last hope. On the third day I was invited to his old rector. He stared at me with sympathetic eyes, and then sheepishly blew his nose into a handkerchief.

"You know, I really just do not know what to say. I immediately called ... And not one person. Yeah, you know ... you give, of course ... your spouse, yeah ... that. Very good , of course"...

In short, the old rector, finally plucked up courage and said that a new era - nova-mi at times, but the order is an order. And no one wants adventure.

See all these days on the Lido was terrible. She ho-Dylan, afraid to raise his eyes from the ground. And rightly so, by the way. Because wanting to look into her eyes and laugh was enough. The same can be said about my awkward situation. "Jade-of fraera I ruined."

Staying in our town, after all that slu-chilos, we no longer could. Bought this price winters, her coat still had to sell. We do not have enough money to move to another place. It has always been expensive, and now does not come cheap. So we had to drop everything and move to another town, where no one knows us.

No, we have not parted with Lida. It would be foolish of her, and my too. When she was on the first night, after returning from the torn Oleg he said that it was all my fault, it was, of course, is partly right. Who, as I do not, allowed her to become a model. And what I thought at the same time? Really I could count on something else?

Do I regret what happened? I do not know. Anyway, I think that has happened in history can we Lida better understand themselves and each other. And what could be more in family life than the inter-understanding of a loving couple?
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