The patient was gray with pain face, but he almost groaned. Only a bit thin lips and stroked her stomach. He was seventy-two years. Dry, sinewy grandfather village. Next, with wet eyes, sat grief-stricken woman of thirty-something ... if a daughter, then-whether in-law. Sweet woman with such a lush strong backward and huge udders titek. And on the face, oh how comely ...
Julia jealous vzlyad scalded me, seeing as I look at the woman.
I spend a normal inspection procedure ... questions measuring temperature, pressure, pulse. I can not understand the cause of disease. I feel the insincerity of the replies to the wandering eye and omissions, and the patient and busty. She called Nina.
Please leave me alone with the patient. I ask my grandfather (Peter Mikhailovich), the question bluntly ... - or he frankly tells all, or we leave.
-It's a shame something like son! But obessud old. Nina- not related to me. And the house-her house. I live on the other side of the village ... The old woman there waiting granddaughter ... and husband of Nina in the race, in Moscow in the construction paritsya..Uzhe eight years. Only on leave on mesyachishko states. Pobuhat, little wife beat and back. Skrushno Nienke without a man ... Oh, how ... No skrushno firewood beat or garden plow. At night though beluga howl! Nuzhon Baba man ...
I helped her with the housework, because my husband eyny great-nephew of accounts. And I have a nag, her garden will give the order, will throw firewood, fence will correct ...
Yes happened somehow ...- grandfather winces in pain and something else.
They were silent.
-The first departure godok Mitki, Ninkinogo husband, I had stayed away from her ... That had too much vodka there, then, whether to ustatku ... and stay for the night ... I wake up, and the next she is! Naked! Hot! And there promezhdu us what promezhdu guy and Baba takes place. I'm thirty years younger ... And Nina calmed down. That glazishchi greedy these were, and become well-fed and contented. Where I have the power of men and was taken! A different night eyes did not close, and played more than once struggled under me moloduha, almost fainting from female happiness. After a couple of months, Nina suffered from me, and to hide the shame of her husband went on a date. Born son. Ivashka. Five short years has it .. Balbes Ninkin of Svoge, hehe ... ... thinks so, and lived, but for sin today. But godkov run and forces are not added. In recent years become less meet looking young woman. Dissatisfied began. What can you do if the elastic nature already does not hold ... and send me thinking strengthen eldu something hard inside. I began to ... er ... it means all sorts of twigs into the penis through the head prinachivat ... It was painful, but kanalchiki expanded. One day at church, forgive me, Lord, you libertine sinner, drew attention to the delicate candle and a pair of stuff brought along. Candle came in exactly!
Nina, listed drives me, and then I quietly pushed into the svechechku and elden not bend! Nina was happy. And I, for the fact that she was satisfied. And today there was confusion ... Shybko started up woman, azhno burns. And on top of it zakortelo. I succumbed to greed ... Nina as had fallen on me, but missed, poor thing ... ... aimed the pubic and press svechechku in the stomach. I'm like a pig nedorezanny, yell from the pain! I pierced the gut! She rages more ... Cry for my pleasure felt ... Barely subsided, shameless .. And my insides burning fire and knife cuts ... no ... I Terpezhu sbrehal her that probably inflamed hernia, or penditsit befall ... You better not betray me, and deliver from the infernal pain.
Half an hour later we turned to Julia rural bedroom on the operating room. Old
Zhyli we well, sex excellent, so on Tanya, I just fantasized not thinking about more.
A diploma and as usual decided to mention this case. Fortunately we have his wife was a 2-bedroom apartment. Noted for a long time, have fun, with lots of alcohol. Gradually, people began to disperse: one home, who sleep in our bedroom, where we have arranged with Oksana on the floor a huge bed for everyone. My little wife went through a bit and passed out of the first one. Samimi we were persistent with Tatiana: I on the grounds that it was necessary to at least be the master of the house potrezvee, drinking is not very much, and Tanya always know your limits and drink it to the pig squeal no one has yet succeeded.
We sat with her for a while, talked about, and then cleaned up the room and Tanya decided to lie down. She looked into the bedroom, did not find an empty seat and was about to call a taxi to go home, but I dissuaded her, saying that she will lay on the couch, and he lay down side by side on the floor.
Having laid it, turned Vidic: someone brought some action, threw on the floor inflatable mattress and lay down to watch a movie. Tanya also decided to look at. Somewhere after 30 minutes I fell asleep, the film was slop. Awakened by touching my leg, I did not realize where I was, who and what is with me, but the form is not submitted. It turned out (it turned out later) that Tanya finished watching thriller and was about to shut down, as the screen went to record a hard porn (I then looked: no wonder that she started up). So looking at these pictures, Tatiana turned off the equipment, the light and lay down on his bed, but the excitement did not allow her to sleep. As she decided to climb up to me, then she herself could not explain.
I lie, I mean, like sleep, but his heart almost jumps out of his chest. Her hands on hips gradually rising higher and higher and finally the cool, velvety fingers crept up to my underpants and a moment longer caress my trunk. Then I broke down and moaned softly.
-Quietly, quietly, I heard a voice trembling Tannin and felt her soft lips on his lips. Pretend then it was stupid and I became eager to respond to her kiss. My hands have gone through her body, a bit of time it has taken to remove the bra and that's in my hands proved its resilient, small breasts with nipples sticking out of touch. No longer able to tolerate a little down and I took her left nipple with his lips, Tanya answered moaned with pleasure. I redoubled efforts, kissed the second breast, his hands already primerivayas to her crotch. Her hands all the time caressing my penis, scrotum and anus. My lips to her breasts fell on his stomach, still kissing her body, I gently but firmly removed the panties Tanya. As soon as the final piece fell off her clothes, I first fingers and then touched his lips to the bud passion tannin. In response, she arched and shuddered. Kissing her clitoris, I introduced two fingers into the vagina, which was already soaking wet and it's also very narrow.
-Carefully, I hurt a little, I heard her whisper.
-Do not be afraid, my dear, all will be well, I said, continuing to caress her.
A minute later I felt her stiffen, held her breath and roughly finished on my fingers. To stifle her moans, I had to break away from her lower lip and cover kiss her faithful lips. Lying on top of her, I felt a wave of convulsions that shook her body.
-Thanks, Rodney whispered through the kiss Tanya-Now take me, just be careful, you're my first. Uslyshanoe and surprised (after all, already in '21) and is incredibly excited.
-Slightly elevated legs and bend them at the knees, I said to her. Sam took his trunk with one hand, his other hand a little opened her lips sex, and spending on them a couple of times, introduced a head in her cunt. Tanya stiffened.
-Do not worry, once I told her, I'll be very gentle.
I felt that she gradually relaxes and no longer able to tolerate the member moved on. Tanya briefly cried out in pain. I just shook four times and finished right in it. It was the shortest intercourse in my life, but the most striking.
Tanya ran into the bathroom, slowly spoofing and returned to me. We again began to kiss and fondle each other. Up in the morning, I fucked her twice more and the night we make love with her all the time. So I changed the wife and mistress bought cool.

To be continued.

Companion of my life is incredibly cheered and she laid them to overflowing me lots of trunks and bags with different metropolitan grocery deficits for Dad. It was in the era of half-starved, Gorbachev's perestroika. My wife was 27 years old, finished a university, had one-spinogryzov Nikolka at the age of 4 years, which often took away my mother to himself, lived in the house next door. This is our similarity and ends. I met her last year at college. Married Larisa we, as usual, out of love. Reared in strogopuritanskoy little family, do me a favor, a sour-faced, surrendered only after the wedding than the last, it is very encouraged by me. However, I soon began to erect erotic-sexual locks our upcoming intimate life. It turned out that sex is interested in it as well as my daily morning route neighbor's Rottweiler Porthos. Pushing the legs, it is at the most inopportune moment could ask the kind of ...

I want to describe a story, with the participation of people from whom I did not expect these steps.
A little bit about yourself. I'm thirty years old, I'm a man of normal orientation, love my wife, and not the soul of tea in our daughter. After the wedding, we were left to live with his wife's parents. For the most part, that would be more free at the birth of the child, a girl was born a year after the wedding. My wife is lovely, she 27. After birth, a little plumper, but, as they say, to her advantage. The third breast size, lush buttocks and legs. That's it, there is, for what to be and what to eat. After birth, two months later, she returned to work. The mother-in-law the decree is gone. Mother-in-law I had a teacher with experience. Father in law, great man, beer, fishing. We quickly found a common language. In general, a normal little family, nothing out of the ordinary.

One summer I had many trips. Work, work from morning to evening, and sometimes fall off. Where so cool - about a month. How - in a Friday morning came on the test job, we agreed about the upcoming fishing, scraped away the good work and the time it became more. Before leaving, he asked, when I will. On what he said to him that evening, probably closer to nine. He smiled and we said good-bye.
All work is done, I do not want the weekend to go back and finish the job. The day passed quickly. I do not have time to look back, and on the eighth hour of the clock. Rang his home, learned how things work, I said I would at 9 o'clock.
I put the car. Popped into the shop, I bought all eatables and went home with a great mood. I went to the entrance, my phone rang, rang test.
- Where are you? - he asked.
- Yes, the entrance came, - I said - how are you?
- Do not twitch - he heard the voice of Tiffany!
- Fine. The hare is sleeping, so Bush did not go make a noise!
- Okay, - I said and hung up.
I walked to the elevator.
- Fuck it - I swear. He did not work. On the ninth floor peshkodralit.
Rose. Shut the grille. He went home and closed the door.
Strange in the kitchen or anyone.
- Come on, we're in the room, - mother-in-law said.
I took off my shoes, took the bag to the kitchen with food and went to the room. Going there, I just ofigel by what he saw.
My naked woman, lying on her back, her hands holding mother-in-law, her mother. The legs of his wife divorced in hand and rhythmically swaying in time with the movements in-law, who, when he saw me, smiled and started kissing daughter. She did not answer, but it seems that it is not upset, as he looked up eagerly and immediately glared at the nipple.
- Turn head and look at her husband, - mother-in-law said. Pressing his hands with his feet, she turned her head towards me.
My wife looked at me and cried. The outdoor rotika pulled out a sob.
Tearing himself away from his chest, looking at the father-daughter's tear-stained face and began to increase the tempo. The legs of his wife divorced in hand, but I have enough of that to see how it drives the his brilliant, grease, member on the eggs, I put out and drives the back.
I have not heard of this until now. Squishing sound grew and grew stronger with each movement.
- Make it, my dear, - he said mother-in-law.
Father-in-arms seized by the shoulders, and a fully pressed to the body of his daughter.
- Oh, my God, - he moaned.
Wife, closing his eyes and sobbed more and more strongly.
in-law's body began to shake. Without stopping, he came into it. And then I heard another moan, groan, from the lips of his beloved. Wrapping up this lie listlessly kicking foot-in-law she had finished, and, judging by the expression on her face, quite rapidly.
I looked at my mother in law. Eyes shining, she was sitting contentedly and smiled at me. I have not seen such a range of emotions on the face of anybody. From ecstasy to rapture happening.
All this time I did not move, and looked at all of this under hypnosis, like a rabbit before a boa.
I looked at her, her cloudy eyes spoke volumes.
- I'm sorry, - almost inaudibly she said.
Her legs relaxed and parted to the side. His father in law raised red but happy face. He kissed his daughter on the cheek.
- This is your punishment, he said. Leaning on his hand, he began to pull out his penis. With squelching and sucking sound, he came out of the womb.
- God, how cool - he said, and lay down beside him.
Before me lay a wife. Her nipples stuck out to the side, legs bent at the knees, on the floor, and from clean-shaven and red dripping pussy juice mixed with sperm of the father.
His wife began to cry again.
I do not know what came over me!
I put the bag, and that in his hands. As a soldier in the look, stripped and standing like a stake, a member went to his wife.
- Do not, - through her tears, his wife said.
- Do not dare to reduce leg - cut short her mother-in-law, without giving thus to do it.
I joined up between his legs and sent a member of this oozing womb. Hot, wet and a welcome. Going on the eggs, I totally went to his wife. He tried to kiss her, but she turned away.
- As you wish, - I said. And he began, with stupefaction, fuck her. The whole scene is seen by me very excited, so that, literally, a few moves, I growled and began to finish in a wife.
For a minute, if not more, I lay and enjoyed this mad sex.
- Its people, - in-law said, slapped me on the shoulder and stood up - I smoke.
- Well done, - repeated mother-in-law, gave me a kiss, let go of the hand that was holding.
Now I squelch pulled out a member. Got up.
- Come to me, - mother-in-law she said.
I went. The hand she touched the eggs, then just sent my still standing cock in his mouth, and with pleasure, began to suck.
God, I have such an aspiration in life was not.
Nearby lay his wife, sniffing and staring at us. Mother-in-law was sucking, hand rolling my balls, the other play between her legs. Only when he had finished a wife, I was ready to do it again, such was my excitement. Seeing that I was on the way, mother-in-law began to masturbate while licking the head and did not stop to fondle himself. I closed my eyes, lips wrapped around cock and I began to finish. As bellowing and the compression of my penis, I realized that, and mother-in-law came. I opened my eyes, no drops, all sucked. In giving, - I thought.
- Thank zyatek. She got up, went to the kitchen and after a time came with a mug in his hands.
My wife got up and staggered, went into the bath. Mother-in-law with her mug.
I went into the kitchen. Test gave me a cigarette. Mechanically I picked up, lit, puffed.
Father-I smiled, but said nothing. I was silent. Five minutes later, he returned to mother-in-law.
- Go to her, soothe her, - she said.
Waving his hand, I went into our bedroom. The child was sleeping peacefully in her sleep and smiled. His wife, buried in the pillow, crying. Turn off the light, I lay down on the bed and hugged her. She turned and clung to me. Embracing, I consoled her, saying sweet words, stroking and saying that I love her, no matter what. Reassured, she slept soundly.
To me sleep would not come. I lay thinking, thinking, thinking.
From the next room could be heard moaning and creaking.
I smiled.
Now I realized what kind of fishing-in-law told me.
Stronger embracing favorite, I fell asleep.
Hand with a jar of gin and tonic froze halfway to his mouth ...
Here is a ass - Yum! What delicious, delicious! Just a work of art, a masterpiece, you know! Lucky some ... fuck do people thing!
Lustful gaze hungrily Lucinschi bored, drilled or rather, a nice, large and round female ass. Teacher leering licked his lips. Barely looked up from the delightful "buns" and thrust it into almost complete and beautiful hips shamelessly protruding from the short sundress light blue. White stripe-rope strings symbolically hidden from prying eyes her beautiful ripe hemisphere. This lace more teachers started.
"Pull to the shnurochik yes to blow in it for most tomatoes! .."
Member prisoner longed closely cotton prison. His relentlessly drawn to the freedom! But he can not straighten his back ... too low vaults of the prison, and did not let his master, overseer.
The stranger, a girl with long, light brown hair and a pink chubby cheeks, leaning on the parapet of the bridge. Feeling the burning attention to its elegant fifth point, she turned to pout. Her pretty face expressed strong resentment and sadness at his blue eyes sheltered crystal tears.
"In like!" - Russian Casanova playful restrain his ardor. - "Yes, she has a mountain!"
Andrew gave his face a serious expression. As they say followers of neuro linguistic programming (NLP), to find a common language with a stranger, we should be like him ... to represent his mood, he gestures, breathing it, paste it in the conversation phrases - in general, to enter into his inner peace. You look - Sim-Sim of the human soul and opens!
- Girl, you have offended someone? - I painted part on his face Lucinschi.
- And you what's the matter? Go your way.
Stranger is clearly not going to communicate with him. In any form, under any sauce. But Lucinschi was not going to give up.
- I just like to help people. After all, by profession I am a teacher - healer of souls and mentor lost and fallen spirit. The truth has to deal acquisitiveness ... give private lessons in English.
She raised her eyebrows surprised and softened.
- Interestingly, I was also a teacher. Only the Russian language and literature. And also I do tutoring.
I struck up a casual conversation. Andrew told Inn (a so called stranger) that sometimes likes to walk around the center of Moscow, sipping alcoholic drinks and giving reflections on life. Inna, in turn, admitted that the cause of a girl's grief - her invalid husband. She found him with his mistress, a neighbor-divorcee from the fifth floor, and rolled a huge scandal, proudly left the house.
They descended from the bridge and walked along the waterfront, in the direction of Mosfilm streets. Kiev railway station left behind. Lucinschi bought four cans of gin and tonic, and began telling jokes with overtones.
- He sat a man in the compartment - and there is a pretty woman. They drank for familiarity, talking. And then a lady complaining about her husband, they say, he was unfaithful, animal, reptile and the other. A companion at her ... and my wife also teaches horn. So, we are fellow sufferers. Then the man and offers fellow traveler ... "Let's avenge them?" - "Come on." Razik have sex, the man had finished, the lady calmed down and said ... "It's okay, I supruzhnitsa his revenge." But the lady still wants and says ... "And I would have revenge, revenge, revenge ..."
Ina laughed. Her bad mood completely dissolved in the clear June Springtime. She appealed this hilarious stupid and quite good-looking man. Lucinschi took her hand accidentally touched her breasts and other parts of the body, hugged her waist, touched his lips to her hair. Suddenly the sides hugged, and their lips entwined in a hot, long and intoxicating kiss. He ran a little playful pen on her left thigh and the left half of the buttocks. Inna gently pulled away, embarrassed stopped, went to the parapet and leaned on it.
It is time to act decisively. People can not see anywhere else. Behind the bushes, trees. He went to her and put his arm around her waist. Inna silent. His hand moved gently on the waves soft ass, Gorny, tepid, and stroked. She shivered, but still kept silent. Ina felt between her legs spreads exciting heat and stomach filled with a pleasant weight. Nipples took a horizontal position. Emboldened by the hand of the gentleman climbed striped thong and stumbled on the soft bumps framed by curly hair. Middle finger, going pink wet petals, immersed in a hot and wet core bud. She closed her eyes and began to apply the pelvis toward actively dive into the mouth of the cave finger. Soon to help the flooded soldier came his friend - the index finger. He was previously a dip in the vagina, invaded neighboring hole and began to cultivate it. She moaned softly. Second hand - Andrew managed to caress the side of a gentle fellow sweaty chest.
Inna is now wanted only one thing - to burst a hole in her thick, red-hot, the resilient member and pierced her to the insides, tearing in half! But caressing the officer in a hurry. He saw that she was ready. What was needed was the final chord. This is hardly her husband did. Lucinschi squatted down and pulling her panties down to the ankles, cruelly thrust his tongue in the mouth of a glowing pink. She moaned louder. His rough hot tongue pierced her body electric shock. He easily runs up and down the lye, then plunged into the volcanic lava of the vulva, and coming out of the heat enveloped in the vulva, flew up and braked at the clitoris. Then we take a magic lips bump into captivity and sucked it into his mouth, then released and light fast and gentle touches led him into raptures. I do not forget the language and brown ring. Phase excitation all accrued. The orgasm was not far off. Andrew has accelerated the process.
Here Inna taut as a string ... trembled, and fired zaohala love juice. At once he went limp. I squatted down - legs tired, and leaned against the A warm stone. It seemed that she was drunk - crazy eyes, dull, and at the same time of bliss, his mouth half open, stood in a sudden cry of a happy, tongue barely stirs, but whispered ...
- Thank you ... Poor, tired - she patted his black hair and gratefully kissed his skillful lips. - You probably want something more? Do you have a condom?
Lucinschi grinned.
- I'm sterile. Yesterday was checked. And condoms, I do not use the principle - we want human contact.
- Come what may - she smiled. - The award must find his character.
After taking a rest, Ina got up, leaned against the railing and widely spread her legs. Light Brown pussy hung down sweaty disturbed wedge. The point of the wedge splits and ran two paths to the magnificent curly crotch. Scarlet, shining transparent moisture flower is fully blossomed and prayed only only one thing ... it urgently pollinate. Lucinschi did not have to beg for it. Andrew sat down under the Innu - and his "furry bumblebee" invaded its huge "sting" in her flower.
...When the "flower-predator" in ecstasy gripped the red head "Bumblebee," ... he suddenly pollinated plant. "Pollen", viscous and hot, turned out to be extremely much. She poured in melliferous flower convulsive flows, and actors melted with happiness. Similar to the seizure orgasm covered them with his head.
So, if I do not very tired, let's get acquainted with the main character of the opus. Lena, 28 years-old girl - charming creature ... huge blue eyes, long wavy brown hair, slightly upturned nose, a small but resilient, high breasts, firm ass as two of the TOE. Slender, always tanned legs can be called a sport. I do it sometimes looked like a young, thoroughbred horse, that it's tempting to ride. It is not a glamorous Description languid beauties on the catwalk run hither, povilivaya skinny ass, it can be called cute, Slavonic Okay, thoroughbred. In sports strong, it combined tenderness and fragility, with endurance (a student could easily stand for one more night sex marathon) and unusual for a girl of her complexion force.
As a friend ...))) Lena's family, I can say that the character is even greater its decoration. At the time of the free student existence, it has been a godsend for men ... preferring open relationship without tiresome obligations, it was inventive and active in bed, I love all kinds of experiments that could easily take part in a mad orgy of sex, but always maintained a bit of naivety and a certain innocence that many males misleading, if her life were that kind of sexually explicit. Any type of antics blowjob in a movie theater or poterebit ohrenevshy lover for the end, climbed into his pants in a crowded train tram or subway - was for her a fun adventure. It has never been a problem for men, but always present.
We found it at the very moment when, already went out in love, married and giving birth to a child, she was resting in the country, situated on the outskirts of a very large (and possibly the largest in Russia ...)) of the city. The holiday village is fortunately was not the misery in abundance scattered around Russian cities, where most citizens

During our marriage was my connection on the side: casual and not casual, free and for the money, but it eventually stopped all by itself. Prostitutes too accessible and therefore interesting, and married and not married women or only fixated on sex or begin at meetings cry on: how they live badly, a husband or a villain is difficult to find a job. No, I am not unsympathetic man, but when sex before or after you start crying and trying to convince them that bastards all around, and one she was so bright and clean, the feel, the instrument of when the woman's degree of greatness. On their troubles, ladies, you can casually say, in between times, but not at the head of all! Did the wife the other men, I can not say - I am not caught - not a thief. there was no direct evidence. If it is delayed at work and comes slightly drunk, it's just an excuse, not proof! Circumstantial evidence I had, when we have a long time did not have sex. When I finally fucked my wife after a long abstinence, it seemed to me that a member into her as something very freely, and as a result I could not achieve orgasm. He sticks his cock in her and felt that feeling was not the same as before. You can say that I'm just used to the other women, but it is not so! Firstly by the fact that during prolonged abstinence I had no other women, and secondly when I had other women, the wife was still the most desirable and the thrill of fucking it could not compare to the trachea on the side. In general, I began to suspect his faithful in infrequent, but still marches to the left. I'm jealous, but not much. I like it when my wife pay attention and respectable men and young boys. She looks much younger than his years. Her breasts are not big, but very proportionate figure. A dazzling smile and a soft velvety voice makes almost any man covet ee.Kogda upon a time, two years ago, we were friends families with one pair of our years: Arthur and Tatiana. There were, to each other's homes, but then our paths diverged. With Arthur we have met several times - needed advice on construction, but last year we did not even call back. We moved to a new apartment, and had plenty of other worries. And in early August of this year, I faced a very far trip: across Russia and I do not know why I decided to call him before otezdom.On call happy. This and that. He said that he became pope - he was born the second child - a son. His wife and child in the country, and he works from dawn to dusk. I boasted of his new apartment, he expressed his desire to see her. I, of course, invited them to visit, but said that will fly on Monday night, and come back in a week, so guests may come in two weeks. I phoned him on Wednesday. He said that his wife is now permanently living in the country, and he somehow choose the time and be sure to go down. Before leaving, my wife expressed to me not enjoy about my invitation to visit the day before travel. - That'd arrived and called, - she told me. - What are you afraid that he would come to visit, when I will not and you shall not stand before him? Arthur prominent man, but manhood he be healthy, - I tried to pin his wife. - Nothing, I'm not afraid, just do not want without you take guests - losing patience, she said. - Yes, I'm not jealous, if you want something, I understand only a bargain - all honestly tell me then - with a laugh said I fool - she said, - you have all the thoughts in one direction, and have the challenge of a jealous wife added, - you do not forget to take the condoms, I know you travel - all your girls when his wife otryvaetes.Vozrazhat wife I especially did not and, muttering something like

I ran for a second, and the third picked. Continue. I sit, be amazed. Pour the full. And they have them there and then dried. Well, this friend ... and my something, my. A friend should say remarkable.
This fucking Baba grenadier. Meter-85; buffer, it is as a buffer; no waist, but not thick, and so dense, knock; but still a brunette, and naturally curly. Almost Othello, only a woman, and the skin is white and white. And that in this situation with my friends well, I'm his wife all their internal and external life know I have on each of these files. So I open this file, and what we have. Natasha, 37 years old, not married and did not, do not have children, but not the girl who loves sex, tends to be casual affairs. O'k can work. But not now, wife interferes, somehow afterwards. Party moves to an end. I get up. It's time to sleep. His wife, too, rises and then falls. We raise it. She encircles us blearily.
- Why !? Surprised Janka, -You did not like?
- I liked it, but I'm afraid of getting used to, and then betray yourself or you glance or gesture.
But Jan was difficult to confuse, enjoy sex after a long abstinence, she now did not want to lose my dick.
- Here's another! She snorted.
- We find time and you will be satisfied, and I am. She said, emphasizing the last word. I had no choice but to nod his head.
- Come on, eat, tonight you need a lot of energy! He grinned a fucking smirk Jana.
- I'm planning a little debauchery! Do you like what kind of underwear, white or black?
And we went to a lingerie store. There, Ian bought black stockings, a belt to him, open bra
Phone we did not have and, therefore, I called on my friend Kostya, who lived with his wife and daughter Ira Nastya in a studio apartment two doors from us. From Bones we have been friends since childhood: growing in a yard, and sat in the school at the same desk for 10 years. He married a little before me, and Irina, I was long known - she was studying in our school, only two classes under. Since that time it has changed little, though, and she gave birth, and remained all the same glamorous brunette with long curly hair. My wife does not like to walk in guests, but never swear, if I lingered Kostya Ira until almost midnight. Stacked Nastya sleep, we often sat up at them in the kitchen talking about mutual friends and old merry days. We both had VCRs, so the exchange of cassettes, including porn for us was commonplace. The content of porn movies has always vigorously and cheerfully discussed our kitchen. Once at my construction site there was a lull, and so I'm more than a week did not show up at his friends, and then I came across a new porn, and I decided to rewrite it. Taking a video recorder, I went to visit Kostik.
The door was opened by Irina, as always charmingly-looking in a very brief robe made of translucent material, through which it was perfectly clear that under the robe on her wearing only lacy panties. I was not at all embarrassed, as this was her normal indoor clothing.
- Hey, where's Kostet? - I asked Razuvious.
- And it is not. - I walked into the room and noticed that the apartment we had one.
- What left the Nastyonka walk? - And then I burst into tears, Irina.
I did not expect such a reaction on such an innocuous question, and was a pillar in the middle of the room like a fool. Then, coming to his senses, he rushed over to her, put his arm around her shoulders and held her close to him. She buried her face in my chest, continuing to sob.
- Irishka, what happened? With Bones something :?
- He broke up with me! For two days living with another woman!
No shit myself! This of Bones, I did not expect. He was always the most quiet and calm in our company. Yeah, still waters run deep! I do not remember what I said to Irina, but somehow it calmed. Deciding that in this situation it is better to leave, I zasobiralsya home.
- And why are you come? Maybe you should call? - She asked, when I opened the front door.
- No, thank you. I immediately wanted to tape perekatal. - I hesitated.
- So write it down, I was Vidic. Come on, Ruslan, come, and I'll go put the kettle.
Connect the power cord, and include dubbing, I headed into the kitchen. Irina was busy as usual, covering a table for our evening get-togethers, but now had two cups. During the next hour, over coffee, I learned all that had happened in my absence, and even earlier. It turned out that the life they have evolved in recent years is not as good as it looked from the outside.
- I noticed before that he had someone appeared on the side - the beginning of the story, Irina - more than a month he did not want me as a woman. He had not really been in terms of sex. I have long been bored in bed, so I often asked him to fuck me somewhere else, well, for example, in landing, on the balcony or in the stairwell. In all this, he either kept quiet or angry and started shouting that I was a slut and whore podzabornaya. Tell me, Ruslan, do I really, asked him something bad and disgusting?
- No, Ira, I do not find in it anything. In general, I believe that all sex is permissible, as long as it enjoyed the partners.
- That's what I think, and Kostya, you see, does not think so. I still do not understand why he left me. Am I so ugly?
- What are you, you look amazing!
- Come on. - Ira waved his arms at me, but I noticed that she was very pleased to hear from my lips compliment. - If he said something to me, I explained somehow, and then silently gathered his belongings and dumped, only threw the door that goes to the other and still leaves me. Nastya I sent to my mother, I do not know how to tell her everything, because it is still quite small. So I sit here as an old grandmother one, well, at least you're gone.
Reprimand me Irina fully laid to rest, and even began to smile her sweet smile that she appeared on schchkah charming dimples.
- And what are you write down?
- Yes, that's from a friend porn vytsyganil.
- Good?
- I do not know, I did not have time to see, and it is necessary to give the tape tomorrow, here and decided to immediately perekatal. Do not like it - will erase.
- Come on, let's see - suddenly offered Il.
- Come on.
We came out from the kitchen and placed on the couch, standing in front of the TV. Chandelier not include steel and, therefore, the room lit only by the faint light from operating the TV, the screen is puny blonde sucked a negro huge cock which barely placed in her mouth. At this time, the second black, with no less aggregate, ground it into the vagina. Irina leaned close to me and laid his head on my shoulder. From her hair came a pleasant scent. My heart was beating like crazy, and my throat.
- I like - she said - and you?
- Me too.
- I do love it when a lot of men.
I have not had time to answer, because I began to kiss her lips passionately. As I ventured to this, still I do not understand, everything was a blur. Irina did not resist, and even more her hand began to gently knead my
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