Frankly, Lucinschi liked this lovely sociable girl. He was "licking his lips" like a cat with a cream when accidentally met her around the house, the staircase or the elevator. Once Nadia in an elevator accident and for a moment touched his ass to his limber. She was then in a short dress thin, Lucinschi and immediately felt through the light fabric of her smooth juicy ass, hot and exciting. Then the teacher, as if scorched by fire, and the sweet languor covered his head, so it was nice, a member of the mountain reared and did not want to fall off. The mere momentary touch of the teacher so excited that he could not rest until the house is not thin out manually. Since Nadia long and firmly settled in his erotic fantasies: they Andrei studied with Nadia all kinds of sex, perversion and undistorted ways in all sorts, conceivable poses. One teacher saw her with some guy, he came to visit her. Perhaps it was her boyfriend. Lucinschi and only greeted Nadia, were moved a few words or weather or the state of affairs. The teacher tried to close to meet her, but she kept the distance. And then she came to him. And that's why the teacher was surprised and even more pleased.
She looked pleadingly not him.
- Andrew M., help me, please ...
- What happened, Nadia?
- Close the door. I hurried to the store, dressed and left the key on the table. Released - hit the bottom lock, and it will automatically load. And now I do not know what to do. The door is iron, so just do not open. Calling MOE unreasonable if the grandmother finds out about the broken door (it is now in the country) then just banish me to the apartment.
- I understand your problem, Nadia. Well, let's try to get to your apartment.
- I'll be grateful to you ...
Why not help a good man, especially if that person you really like? .. Lucinschi tried to open the door with their keys unfortunate, but to no avail. Then the teacher decided to get into the apartment through a balcony. Risking their lives, Andrew managed to get to the next balcony: since he was not glazed, through the open window the teacher otschelknul latches and opened the window, entered the apartment. And to open the door from the inside proved to be ill-fated Pleven.
Nadia was very happy to favorable resolution of the problem and did not know what to thank Lucinschi. He offered to buy her two bottles of dry white wine, but to drink together. She bit posomnevavshis agreed. She went to the store and brought two bottles of French wine "Buzhele Nuovo".
- I like this wine, we somehow Igor drank it, - explained his choice Nadia, smiling sweet. - By the way, it will come soon. I am sure you introduce him, my savior ....
She laughed loudly. Lucinschi nodded in response, faint smile passed over his lips.
- I also like this wine.
They are located in the kitchen. They drank, ate chocolate, drank, ate, and so several times. Eyes brightened hopes of alcohol and become more expressive. She was sitting very close to Andrew, so beautiful, pleasant, exciting ... It smelled her delicious young body, good spirits. Lucinschi and then looked at her beautiful hips, knees, ankles ... to look into the neckline of her sundress ... There he saw a hollow between two small moles. You could see part of her chest, her red byuzik ... Master strongly strongly it wanted, the blood quickly rushed to the member, and as a member of the indomitable defiant mustang reared. Igor called Nadia, said that even a half-hour late. Time passed ... Lucinschi had to take some action. And suddenly it dawned on him. he used this trick many times when the vending seduce a woman, and this trick has always been triggered. (She did not once used the famous John F. Kennedy in the amorous affairs). It will be at this time Lucinschi. He contrived and allegedly accidentally spilled wine on her sundress ...
Nadia gasped and began to worry.
- It should be faded sundress, and it remains a spot. I'll wait ...
She immediately dashed off to the bathroom ...
Andrew, burning with desire and irresistible Spurred drunk alcohol, looked into the bathroom ... Nadia, leaning over the bath, soaked sundress. She was wearing red fishnet panties tango type and the same color bra. What a twit Mr. Nye ass! He stepped into the bathroom - Nadia turned frightened ... He hugged her slender body half-naked. She actively zasoprotivlyalas protested.
- What do you do, no, no, do not, I beg you, please ...
But Lucinschi did not think to give up half way to the goal. He tried to catch it with his lips luscious full lips, but Nadia turned her head, and Lucinschi could not kiss her. He knocked down several times on the cheek, the ear, the neck, but not in the sugar lips Nadi. He wanted to get into her inner sanctum, but fiercely resisted, squeezed together legs. Lucinschi attempted to force to push his hand between her legs, but the venture did not work: the fortress did not open the gate. Fighting continued in silence.
Nadia realized shouting useless: no one comes to help. She has put itself in a silly situation. Mistaken in people? But this is its puncture. Complaining to a friend? This is tantamount to suicide. He was terribly jealous. Little did he believe that the neighbor was in her apartment by accident. And with alcohol. He will say that she was invited to visit and she spread her legs. It is precisely to arrange a terrible scandal. We can only hope for a miracle.
Lucinschi did not give up. He pulled the edges of the panties, they went down, but then fixed at a certain level: Nadia grabbed them. Cracked matter.
- Heck! - Nadia cursed. - You tore my pants, they are expensive!
- Buy new, - retorted the teacher.
Opponents took second pause, resumed fierce battle. Their fingers intertwined again in hot and unequal fight. Lucinschi stubbornly bent his line - red shorts treacherously centimeter by centimeter inferior forbidden territory, they went down.
And a decisive attack ...
The sharp spurt - and underwear down to his knees. The eyes opened neatly shaved pubis with light blond curly strip runs into the crotch. Nadia markedly snikla. Lucinschi not once noticed that women often give up sharply after the briefs are removed from them. They just feel helpless and unprotected. And here is the case. Palm Lucinschi still be torn between the girl's legs. He felt her hot soft pussy. He began to drive his hand between the labia, clitoris ... rub her hips began to slowly decompress. Now hand felt master of the situation. She prudently sent "his paltsovyh delegates" to crack Nadi. They faithfully reacted to his work that soon finally parted thighs, heard a quiet wheezing and pussy moistened. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a fossilized phallus, from the reddened head oozing natural lubrication.
He forcibly put her quivering little hand on his instrument, and, throwing off with Nadia bra and began massaging his lips and hands her ripe "Grushki". Nadia finally gave up, his eyes half closed, she kindly and gently crumpling his cock.
It's time to fuck egg "swollen", "become heavy", "reach for the bottom." Which position to choose? He turned her back to him, put her one foot on the edge of the tub ... and fell in behind. Pushing her buttocks, he aimed and stabbed Nadia "on the most nehochu" ... Kaif! How sweet it is to her vlupil! A vagina in her narrow, like a mouse eye, delightful, sweet and hot.
Then before you finish a teacher, despite the cries of protesters Nadi spudded its swollen, red-hot, ready to explode head in her tight anus and rapidly discharged, barely stay on his feet from the buzz of momentary weakness in the knees. Nadia from the same weakness in his knees sat on the edge of the tub and took a breath. With a smile said:
- Yes, if someone told me that would happen to me today, I would never have believed him, declared him insane.
Lucinschi, smiled, knelt and pressed his head to her hot juicy breasts.
- And if I was told that today would happen to me, it would have rejoiced wildly and anything soothsayer thanked. I have long wanted to fuck you.
- A dream come true - Nadia smiled and gently patted Andrew on the head, patted her hair.
He stood up and kissed her on the lips.
...Lucinschi filled the bath with hot water, bring unfinished bottle of wine, glasses, chocolates. He took from the shelf scented body cream and began rubbing and massaging her back to Nadi. Then he took hold of the chest, abdomen. Again took up the back, then legs, and buttocks. Nadja was thrilled pleasant sensations. Her hand went to the cunt and found the right lobe. Two fingers plunged tirelessly in the womb of depth. Soon Nadia sniffed.
They fucked sweet long ... Someone call five minutes in the door, but they did not open it. Probably came Igor. From the bath, they moved to the bed, then on the carpet, on the table, and again on the bed. Nadia for the first time in my life tried to make a blow to the man. For the first time not bad.
In the morning they went to sleep very strong sleeping.
Before you go to sleep happy and exhausted Nadia whispered to his caressing the officer:
- Well, that's your dream come true.
At that Andrew replied with a grin:
- Well, you're so scattered, and it would be my dream did not come true ...
On the side of the road is closed ball big trees and bushes. But apparently we have not only found it because then looking around between the bushes we found a narrow passage for the car is clearly man-made. In short housed perfectly. Pitch a tent and did everything to zhyzni it became pleasant.
For two days we enjoyed the solitude, the sea and each other. We went to a nearby village to the market to replenish our supplies, swam, sunbathed naked. But closer to the engine, we heard the sound of the evening of the third day, and saw the car to call in, through the bushes, we were in the bay. We are the way at this time naked basking in the rays of the setting sun. Frankly, we were scared because the car were three young men for thirty years. Tatiana covering their charms arms ran to the tent located on our ten meters. While she was running all three of the guys who are already out of the car, some hungry eyes followed her up to the tent. But the most piquant moment was when she climbed into the tent, I think everyone when be climbed and presented. Since water when she climbed it, it is not intending to do it put on display a very nice ass and shaved pussy.
As soon as his wife hid in the tent I was winding the towel, which was lying on the belt itself. The guys went to my side, and as they walked, I noticed that they are very well dressed, clothes sitting on them as though it were sewn specially for them. I also noticed that they were quite tall and nice inflated. At grinding immediately flashed the thought that I am with them with his bare hands and not do it is already prepared for an unpleasant conversation and maybe even worse.
But stepping stone they politely greeted by a queue stretching hands for a handshake. They asked for an apology for the fact that they interfere with our relaxation and explained that every year they go to this place for a vacation. They asked permission will be located in a different corner of the cove and promised not to disturb our rest. I had no choice but to agree to their request, since it was their place.
Scroll to the tent we talked with my wife and decided that now it is too late or stall where tomorrow's look at conditions as we did not want to go from here. In the evening, my wife and I were sitting around the campfire prepared dinner without forgetting glances in the direction of our neighbors. It should be noted that due to the fact that the bay was little between us was no more than 30 meters.
After a while one of the guys came and kindly invited us to their campfire dinner and get acquainted. After such kind invitation we could not refuse. The guys were very friendly and cheerful, and the tension that was in the beginning all was lost. We sat drinking wine acquainted questioned each other from someone. The boys were from Moscow and was called Alexander, Nicholas and Victor. As I uzhu said they were well-built body and look like guys with fashion magazines.
I could not help but notice that with every glass of wine they all looked at the cup of my wife, and I have it still the same beauty to devouring the views of boys she could not get used, and it is probably liked. In my heart there was a feeling unknown to me before, a mixture of jealousy and excitement.
The next two days we have brought together more together we sunbathed swam laughing, dancing evenings drinking wine. I must say straight guys lined up who will be the next dance with Tatiana and her attention from the beautiful boys of course loved it.
In the evening of the third day with the guys soon we will as always sitting around the campfire talking drinking wine. Tatiana citing fatigue went to bed early, I was drinking wine guys the benefit of its sea much. Some time later, Nikolay and Victor too had gone to bed. Left with Alexander, our conversation turned to the women and all that was associated with them. It should be noted that we continued to drink wine and this talk started a little exciting. Alexander casually started talking about Tatiana about how beautiful she was and all that, and also casually asked what I probably difficult with such a beautiful woman and the fact that it probably changes me. Of course, I objected and said that Tatiana is not Patka on the men and that it will not change me. Although he said, and hesitated. Alexander smiled and said he did not know these women, and I bet that could seduce my wife.
I do not know what possessed me to engage this debate wine or a sense of something new that I have recently experienced and continued to experience during these three days. Alexander caught on at once and began to negotiate terms. He immediately asked, as if he still seduce Tatiana then you will not mind taking him to and maybe his friends were engaged in sex with her. I was even a little bit sober but at the same time in my pants started up member. From thoughts of Alexander and maybe his friends are fucking my Tatyanka. I'm a little promeshkalsya but for some reason agreed. Also, we agreed that I would often leave her alone so that he had time to be alone with her and the fact that under no circumstances my wife about this dispute does not recognize. At this we went to the tents. Going into the tent, I looked at the peacefully sleeping Tatiana and really thought she could change me.
The day passed as usual except of course heightened attention from the guys, I realized that Alexander told about this dispute. The boys now and then wanted to stay alone with my wife constantly hinting to me about it. In the evening I pretended it did not get enough sleep due to last night and went to sleep. And he lay there and listened to the conversations around the campfire. Apparently the day they prepared the soil, and now no longer ambiguously hinted at a more intimate relationship. But in May his wife tried to translate all the talk in earnest. It seems to speed things up Nicholas and Victor supposedly retired to bed. And Alexander suggested Tatiana stroll along the shore, and as nonstrange she agreed. Perhaps it also stirred up all this talk.
I'm not thinking out of the tent and followed them closely. When I saw them, he gently put his arm around her waist with every step putting his hand on her ass. After a while he stopped her reinforced by the fact that Tatiana did not try to resist his caresses, and became brazen, I can even say rude, kiss and crush all her charms, slowly pulling with it the one then the other thing. And when Tanya was already completely naked, he removed his hands from her and dropped his shorts with swimming trunks from which huge dick jumped out. He was not only long but very thick. When my wife saw this tool it is even taken aback and took one step back. And Alexander rather unceremoniously pushed it back and put it on his knees immediately making it clear that he wants to. After a short pause, he put his hand on his wife's head and you can tell propihnul it in her mouth and even so deeply that I think he got into her throat. And he began to smooth movement stick to your huge cock each time thrusting deeper and deeper. I've seen in a completely open mouth Tatiana, who seemed about to tear millimeter by millimeter disappear this club. I wondered what she was breathing. After some time, Alexander quickened the pace of stuffing has the entire length of his penis. And in a minute I realized by trying to escape his wife that he cums in her right in the throat. After standing for a fully tucked a member of a couple of minutes and began to pull out, by the way and remained standing member, from which Tatiana almost even vomited. But sperm which he uploaded it, I did not see it and apparently the glass through the esophagus into the stomach. I caught myself thinking that a flock with pulled out of his pants and a member of Drach.
Without giving his senses Tatiana was happening he threw the remains of his clothes and beating and kneeling wife put her cancer, with bent so that her breasts flattened against the coastal rocks. Like a knife stuck in her bosom disclosed the thumb of his hands and in my own way there for stoke. Then briefly laughed and said that now fuck her so that she will remember for a lifetime, such as the club comes into the cervix. And at the same moment, he replaced the finger member that despite the abundant grease hardly began to move into the interior. Tatiana gave a loud and raucous cry. Hoarse probably from the fact that her throat ached from tolkoshto leave him a monster. But Alexander immediately nachel cram in her mouth their melting and vpihnuv wrapped her hands behind her back thereby pressing it harder to dig into her breasts with stones and strength began to fuck ignoring the moans and Qinghua Three of my wife.
Watching all this, I have twice finished and continued to masturbate because the excitement subsides and only grew.
And Alexander continued to force his wife to fuck. I saw that Tatiana is no longer resists and he let go of her hand and holding the ass began with even greater force to tear it. Then he stopped and changed the direction of the member and I realized that he fulfills the promise he gave to my wife. And as soon as he became a member of the push in this direction I saw my wife ds eyes welled tears and she convulsed orgasm. I once did not see that his wife so violently ended. And I'm not having it all make sense, I saw a new wife shook orgasm. They rolled it over and over again. And it lasted I do not know how long, because I was not far behind his wife in the number of orgasms. Out of all this is the fact that Alexander pulled out a squelch member, turned her to face him and pulled melting with the same pressure drove the most eggs in the mouth of his wife. After a few friction movements issued a moan of pleasure nachel finish in Tatiana's throat. Then he pulled out a cock and pulled a couple of times on the face.
Postayanno Minute asked to wife sucked the remaining drops on the penis. And no wonder it with a smile on his lips began to lick cock and balls Alexander.
For doing this, and they caught Nicholas and Victor. And only now I saw that I had come up and the guys look like before it was my wife's pussy. At this place was obscene proportions hole from which the stream flowed her juices.
Most of all what surprised me is that he saw the children she looked into the eyes of Alexander smiled and continued to lick his cock and balls.
Continuation will hopefully soon
My name is Andrew and his wife Alena, have two adult children. Now my wife of 45 years. We have been together for 26 years and a half years old love before marriage. The term, right ?! It is quite slim, chest and the third room with a very graceful figure of his age. I, on the contrary - very resounded over the past five to seven years a man. The relationship with his wife, my great and only its inactivity in bed with my powerful temperametre just kills me our whole life together. You may say that this is my fault? Anything can happen and I do not even want you to prove anything, although I must say that her relatives in the female line only experienced sexual satisfaction she only with me. True wife says that it has more to our adventures with anyone and was not, but leave it on her conscience.
The story I want to tell you happened in 1995, t. E. In the midst of change in Russia. Along with economic reforms and changes have affected the press. And now on sale at kiosks, we are already seeing names such different media as "Man", "Harmony", "So", "SpidInfo", "More", and others. After a long period when "in the Soviet Union did not have sex," these publications in great demand. I fuse them and me.
In one of these books I once read a story about how two couples relaxing on the south of our country, spontaneously changed partner for mutual dictates hearts. Further more. In subsequent trips to the South in their cars, they met somewhere along the way, the lady changed places and went on for vacation with a strange husband that ultimately gave all derived enormous pleasure from new experiences. And no jealousy!
Needless to say, that during this sexual fiction I have experienced wild excitement and my "boy" was a stake, as the anti-aircraft gun shots ready to shake all of our surroundings. Of course, I decided to talk about read his own half. Her response was magnificent. This excited me and seeks quickly I gave her quite a while have not seen. With the greatest difficulty, sending the kids to bed in their small room, waiting for the night and retired to our bedroom, we rushed into each other's arms as the couple. I covered with kisses all her body hair from the roots to the most beautiful and neat fingers on his feet, and she did not want to let go of my horny body, gently touching it slightly poddrachivaya. Long lingering on the lips in the form of amazing nipples of her breasts incomparable, my hands caressed the slender legs Alenka, gradually approaching to the sacred cave.
During-second breaks between kisses, visualizing their Alenka with other men, I whispered to her kind and gentle words, asking about her attitude toward told me stories about partners sharing and waiting for her involuntary revelations. At first, even the excitement she seemed lost - she almost choked with indignation by my unexpected questions. I reassured her, continuing his kindness and asked me to answer the first impulse of the soul, warning her that jealous of words will not, t. To. This kind of game. Although not immediately, but she agreed to try. What started here ?! I suggested to experience in life read the situation - she agreed, I invited her to the bed of another man - agreed: Her clit madly rebellious himself asked me in the mouth and I did not want to leave it unattended. Quickly find the language cherished point favorite treasures and slightly twisting his nipples, I almost drowned in the juices of my beloved - she had finished very violently. Orgasm after orgasm bore down on her, she moaned loudly and dug into my lips.
Enjoy the amazing spectacle of water and tasted gorgeous fountain, I put it on my knees and easily entered the syrenkuyu cave, slowly began to swing, gradually increasing the speed and power of aftershocks. Breasts were shaking like crazy. Soon voluptuous groans were replaced by guttural cries. She frantically screamed, but it was the cry of the exclusive pleasures. I felt the approach of orgasm, and a moment later was poured rapidly into a magical bosom of my wife. Never before had she so violently did not finish. From untried first sensations at Alenka tears flowed and she was in ecstasy, overwhelms her body, whispering to me the words of gratitude for giving pleasure. I answered it the same. But the final triumph I was still too early. She stubbornly did not agree to the third in our bed.
- What to do? - I asked myself this question. This terrible inferiority complex - the result of sanctimonious education received it from their parents.
But as they say, there would be a blessing in disguise.
Soon Allen sent as part of a small team of professionals from its enterprise on the All-Russian competition of skill in Moscow. The team consisted of the master of different directions, there were six women and two men, but almost all were the same age but two leaders. Place them in a wonderful hotel world in fine and two single rooms. Alenka got a double room for a couple with one of the ladies - the senior group. In the afternoon the team was preparing for the competition, and in the evening they were all on their own. Who slept who wandered through the evening Moscow, admiring the lights of the big city. One of the men, his name was Sasha, only two years older than me and my wife, slender, neat, although with decent receding hairline during these walks all the time held about Alena and supporting her by the elbow, entertained different stories from his life. So they whiled away the evening.
The festival came to an end. The team performed very well and we all, therefore, it was a wonderful mood. We decided to celebrate the success in a small cafe. We sat and drank well, danced. It was time to go back to the hotel. As Sasha always a joker and a genuine delight told how he had to organize a variety of parties at home. How often at these parties, adding pretty girlfriends signature of his wife and her own spirits in the coffee, he'd bring young women to a state of mild intoxication and directed the party in the right direction itself erotic. Women began to kiss. Then, at first joking, and then a sharp movement, prispuskaya straps Dress girlfriend to the elbow, and gently twisting the nipples poschupyvaya rebels gradually brought each other to ecstasy in a short time.
He wrote at the time what is happening on the camera, and when the situation reached its climax and then he included in these intimate game, enjoying the bodies of several women at a time. Who can remain indifferent to these stories of another man in the evening, but still away from her husband? That Alenka, returning to the hotel with Sasha's arm, and feeling light and sometimes very insistent touch of his thigh to his feel her cat becomes mokrenkaya between the legs. And here already soaked panties and start from a strong, irresistible desire to give strong and mighty man lightly shake legs. And breathing is it that - something inexplicable: Alexander, hearing vibrating with excitement voice desirable woman, and feeling the tension throughout her body, offered to withdraw Alena separate suites for the continuation of dialogue and a good rest, but Alenka, fearing condemnation of other women and that "well-wishers" to quickly report back to her husband about her "vicious" behavior, with great difficulty overcoming the desire to agree and totally unsteady voice, all - still refused.
We leave after midnight. He invited her to visit him in his single room, a cup of coffee bought in a certain spetsmage Moscow on the occasion and at the same time, to see what are numbers "LUX" in the famous ...
hotels. All have long retired to their rooms, and Sasha near Alenkina rooms are all not let go of her hand and spoke and said that - something about his sudden outbreak of her love and longing to possess her. And just telling him and vowing to himself that he is delayed only for a cup of strong coffee, she agreed to go to his apartment. Heart Alexander jumped out of his chest with anticipation of victory. They entered the room, he quickly prudently prepared and flavored drink, add a good spoonful of brandy, and it is also full of the famous dessert spoon "Spanish fly", which he is always in such cases carried with him, put a cup in front of Alona. To all this on the table was a bottle of your favorite Alenkina semisweet champagne.
From the tape slowly floated a beautiful, slightly muffled, instrumental melody plays. Raising a toast to the success of the festival, Sasha immediately filled the glasses again: "For a beautiful woman, to share with me tonight"
Feeling light hops, Alenka sipped hot coffee. Wonderful, delicious drink, with some sort of previously unknown and slightly disturbing her scent she liked. Sasha returned to the stories of his adventures and mischievous talking about their erotic eccentricities with friends wife, asked her to dance. I must say that Allen loves to dance. Slow dance with strangers and unfamiliar man, erotic stories, easy to hop on a delicious champagne, wonderful coffee, nice music, we acted on it incredibly exciting. The novelty in sensations and awareness of the coming night ordinances.
His voice gradually moved almost to a whisper.
To hear every word and do not miss the most interesting thing in the story, it is almost completely mechanically pressed against him. The unfamiliar but pleasant masculine scent is very excited her and stirred the mind began to thicken. She felt his strong arms, and the first, completely intuitive, but unsteady desire tried to pull away. She wanted to escape, to run away, to escape.
But his sudden and passionate kiss, holding her mouth, he did not give her a chance, and after a moment she did not even try to force myself to do it. As can be eliminated from these passionate kisses, which he richly covered her delicate neck, rapidly descending closer and closer to the tender breasts, uplifting invitingly in response to his kindness? And before Alenka completely lost control over what's happening she could feel a slight but persistent touch of his hand to his crotch. And on her tender feet trickles already running down the magic juice. Without going into the dance, they are united in a long and passionate kiss. Alenka could no longer cope with the scope of its strong desire, strong and passionate man - it was just above her strength and she is at the mercy of the winner.
Their hands are not attracted to each other, and ripped clothes interfering at a furious pace. Finally, all obstacles removed. Subtle, but very solid long member Alexander pressed against her bosom expires, looking for the entrance to the cave cherished. A swollen nipples Alena like gimlets rested against his chest covered with light vegetation. His hands gently squeezed small breasts with very swollen nipples. After a very long, searing kiss, he gently put his arm around her shoulders, picked up on the hands, gently laid on not tucked, for a bachelor, in the morning, the bed. During the pleasures of love Alena always enjoyed with your eyes closed. And now it is left exposed to the excited men caress her beautiful body without opening his eyes. He lay on his side next to her, putting a stake sticking out a member of her legs, kissing her closed eyes and parted lips in ecstasy, and one hand caressing the rebels nipples, and the other hand caressing treacherously protruding clitoris. Pushing strongly got wet cunt, he gently brought her there first one finger, then another, at the same time taking one nipple with his lips and gently biting it. Gradually picking up speed, he started to fuck my girl with her long fingers. Never Alain did not allow me to do it! But Sasha did not ask permission. Alenka under the caresses of his hands loudly moaning and writhing. She was ready to scream with delight surging, but Sasha was in no hurry to force the issue. Soon he inserted a third finger in the bosom of expiring. Woman quietly gasped in surprise and groaned again. Slowly sinking to her bosom, he covered with kisses her longing for male affection body. And here already excited clitoris, under his mischievous but well knowing the business language makes women big shudder and writhe in ekstaznom, beautiful, irresistible dance.
Oh, how nice to caress Alenkina mysterious a button ?! ABOUT! I know this more than anyone else! Suddenly, with some sort of animal roar, he threw himself at her, leaned over the body and almost giving their impressive size member, a powerful blow completely entered her pussy. The unexpectedness Alenka sharply, like a virgin, scream. He paused, waiting for her vagina, get used to introduce his penis. And as soon as she came to a standstill in the languid expectation of continued now slowly and carefully stick it insanely favorite my body on his instrument, and it began to publish plaintive, like a kitten, moaning in time with his thrusts and loud sobbing when he out of it out. Gradually accelerating their movements and, with the power of clinging to completely wet the pubis, it is just pecked her vagina, then made some movements resembling motion clockwise. Barely restraining himself from being able to not cry, Alenka deeply dug in the back of Alexander, leaving a bloody red band, eloquently telling about the passion of the meeting.
He rocked it long. She managed to finish four times before it with a long howl poured the contents of their eggs in her vagina. sperm jets were unusually strong even for him, very highly experienced men. Accustomed only to a member of her husband's vagina could not yet fully take this amount of sperm, and she slowly poured into new Hotel linens. Alenka smiled with surprise and great pleasure to controlling every man a splash. Water it were both with her husband and at the same time completely different. Languid bliss spreads throughout the body. Soul sings Razdolnoe thoughts ... How pleasant novelty of sensations, and what a pity that all the good ends quickly.
With great difficulty, broke apart and stretched out on the bed, forgot lovers short-lived dream. Waking up in an hour, they hugged each other, kissing again burned their inflamed lips. Sasha tried again to light it, but she deftly persists, picked up her things, rushed into the bathroom.
Just after 2 hours it was necessary to have to get up. It began the last day of the festival. In the evening, the fast train takes them to his hometown. All the way they stood together in a smoky vestibule and talked and talked, said he tried to persuade her to continue and develop started in Moscow relationship, and she said it was impossible, that is, to have had a husband and two children that were very expensive.. and that she was afraid of losing them. So my wife cheated on me the first time. This story I learned from Alenka, and then from Sasha, when he came to visit us on Alenkin Birthday.
So that meeting with Sasha was not the last.
But it is of course another story.
In general, we agreed on this basis, when I helped her to re-take the next exam.
After graduation, we married me, and I, as a Muscovite, received a distribution in one of the capital's most prestigious research institutes. In just a few years has made a good career, he defended his candidate. I got a good apartment:
But then he struck in '91. Institute, where we worked with his wife, slowly began to fall apart. A few years later, after another miserable pay, Larissa decided she'd had enough and quit by going to some random firmochki, which rented space at our facility. By '95 firmochki become a monopolist in the market of long-distance radio communication, my wife was the deputy director of marketing and our institute finally crumbled. I was forced to go under the wing of my better half simple engineer. One of the main conditions that put my wife at the device me to work for him, was that no one should know about our marriage. And later she regained her maiden name when changing passports. We both earn good. Come and she and I go on business trips around the country, but somehow apart. A few days ago I was called and asked Chief, and if I go on a business trip, not as an engineer and as a technical consultant.
- We will send you on a business trip with a very talented manager, but, unfortunately, it is not too strong in the technical details - and by pressing the button on the selector, he said - Larissa S., come to me.
The study included my wife and a puzzled look at me, not knowing what I was doing in the office of the Chief.
Within twenty minutes, chief described our task, making emphasis on the fact that this trip should be sure to complete the conclusion of the contract at any price.
- I emphasize, we need blood from his nose this contract, otherwise we would be left without work. We arrived in the Far Eastern city in the early morning. We met a group bykopodobnyh
With the New Year was held for a month. But I only took the time to talk about the case in the New Year's Eve. This NY we decided to meet at Tiffany. To it were to come to our family from out of town, and we come with his wife and children. I will omit the details of the meeting and the feast NG, I think many of them are practically the same ... remember well only as long as the run out fireworks ... and returned to the table and decided to warm vodka. I can remember walking into the kitchen to smoke ... and there is also drinking. And I was tired in the course, and the nearest room next to the empty bed and the kitchen is free, and I lay down ... When alcohol action has receded, and I kind of woke up, and without opening his eyes, embraced, I thought my wife. Please just hug ... then I began to touch his chest. A member of the stake was ... touched his chest, stroking his stomach ... ... I got to the priests it lying surprisingly quiet, with no response ... and even when I began to stroke in the crotch ... touching her pussy, it is only slightly spread legs. Pussy was already wet, strongly wet, I just smelled it ... and moisture are no longer able to hold back, and I lowered his jeans and underwear and her pants and pajama pants ... and so on and lying on his side began to enter into it. Member stood strong ... and I went well. He moves slowly, slowly. I wanted to enjoy this morning sex, but it eventually became my podmahivat, and fell into a well in tact, holding her ass, I felt like it starts an orgasm ... I accelerated ... and just have pecked her ... we are almost finished together ... I finished right in it, very profusely. After lying a few minutes without removing a member, I then rolled over on his back ... still holding her hand hot ass ... and now ... after quenching sexual hunger ... I felt a strong desire to drink, well, as usual after a fairly drunk alcohol .

He opened his eyes and sat down on the edge of the bed, I realized that I was not at home ... I'm still at Tiffany ... and next to me and fucked tscha ... I just ... mother in law in the course of my did not wake me up and went home, and as the rest of the rooms were occupied by guests, tesch had to lie down next to me ... I did not know what I should do ... I quietly asked her whether she was asleep ... and she calmly replied that I was not ... said that went into the shower ... she said that I should not be long ... and then soon the guests to wake up ... Going to the kitchen and drank about a liter of water, I went into the bath ... I certainly fantasized before I fucking mother in law, but so in real life ... I did not expect ... When I returned to the room from the bath ... and lay on her back ... pants and panties and had just lowered pussy ... it was unreal hairy, and I immediately not understood when touched, it was not his wife ... because his wife clean shave everything ... she told me to find something than to wipe my sperm flowing from her ... I do not know what was in my head at that moment. .. but I stand in front of her on his lap ... I pulled off her shorts and panties ... spread her legs ... and saw her meaty hairy labia ... and the consequent pussy ... my sperm and I strongly lowered head between her legs ... started to lick, suck her hairy pussy ... picking up his tongue as her pussy cum ... smelled ... shameless sex sex ... she started feeding the body to me ... under my tongue. .. I sucked her clit ... hands kneaded her bulky thighs ... it seemed to me that practically drink it moisture peremeshku with his sperm ... she came again ... finished a little moaning ... now I just lay near with her, she quietly said that I have done ... and she enjoyed it ... and asked could I still want to finish ... I was happy to ...

Then she prispustila my jeans and pants ... I pulled out a member and began his podrachivat ... her breasts under the pajama jacket was in my face ... and I lifted up her blouse picked up her slightly sagging, but still about a third the size of a juicy breasts ... nipples ... her large and light brown halos nipple me very excited ... so I sucked her nipples and squeezed her breasts until I masturbate ... I came violently and profusely ... there was no talk of forces ... She wiped me, covered with a blanket, she wore a robe and she went into the shower. I was concerned the only one that will have to talk to her about it later, but even today ... soon woke up the guests, a little later, my back ... again all sat at the table, drank, ate, had fun and now it turned out that went to smoke just me and ... and I tscha courage asked why they say did not stop, did not wake up ... but she said she did not want to scare me, and break off and saying that which is not sorry ... I did not know anything for a loved one-in-law what to say ... Holidays ... we went after the more went to visit her, and she behaves as if there was nothing ... but I want more of her pussy ... lick clit ... suck ... feel the smell of her hairy pussy a bit sweaty after sex ... probably still make up my mind to go to visit her one

I always liked my aunt, I always thought it attractive. Although she was already somewhere in the 40 still she looked very beautiful. She was a little chubby, and had a little bit prispuschinye that I like her breasts. One day we were with her in the village all alone all somewhere departed. She was wearing a top and when she bent over I could see her beautiful breasts. And when I was about to go home mnevzbrila in the head is a good idea, I wanted her to see me naked. So I told her that I would go home and transferred to it has come and I'll give her the keys to the house, I would have said that she went through 10 minutes and I'll be disguised. And he quickly ran home and undressed and began to pull his cock until it snaps. And then I heard the door open. I was about to change his mind but decided that she just turn away and all. She went into the room and as soon as I passed the closet quickly turned to her before she stunned. I stood in front of her naked and I was standing. She quickly turned away but a moment later said that I have nothing very age as I was 17 years old. If only I am a little embarrassed that she said could turn that I do not care. She turned and looked at me and I held his cock in his hand. I saw some excitement in her eyes, and quickly offered to come closer, to which she agreed. Then she looks at me, took a cock in her hand and began to stroke, I thought that ac finish but restrained himself. Then I realized that I had nothing to lose aunt offered to take him in my mouth and I told her then too will do nicely. She silently got up on his knees and gently grabbed it with his lips, it was fine. She licked my head his tongue and sucked it. This went on for several minutes. Then I leaned picked up her breasts through clothes. She offered to take off the top that I have consented. Her nipples were large. Taking one breast in his hand, I felt what it is soft. Then she stood up and said that I sucked them. I licked and sucked her breasts and Nemiga off. I began to flow grease with a member of what she said that it is necessary to proceed with the case. She lay down on the bed and picked up the top of the foot, I pulled her pants and then panties. And finally he saw her vagina. In CIDP my speculation she was shaved and only the top was a bit of hair. I parted reconciled his legs and began to lick her. Aunt start stanat. I dipped my tongue into her pussy is not young but it was very nice. Then he noticed that she, too, began to flow, and very strong. I do not stesnyayasyu began to lick and swallow everything. All this time a member of the dripping and pokryvashka has already become wet. Just then I remembered that lohonulsya and condoms in my non-white. I told her this, and thought that the demise of all but she said that dispense without them. She spread her legs and bent and heat. And I began to drive ponemnogo member in it. It was gorgeous there was so warm so wet I was in ecstasy, her aunt is also very pleasant. After a few minutes, I stopped and polizyvat her pussy which was covered with juice. Her breasts swayed so prilesno top down I was excited more. Then I put her on her stomach and began to fuck since the backside. She had such plump lips. And anal ring and beckoned. After a few minutes I felt that will soon be over and told her she offered to finish the job in her ass if I do not disdain, despite the fact that the village is ehav pretty substitution. Without thinking, I brought his penis to anus. Lubrication is not needed since the term and so was wet and slippery. To the surprise of my penis went very easy, I have not any nonwhite disgusting feeling. On the contrary there was so warm and narrow that I soon realized that the finish. I waited until the peak occurs, put a member until the end as he could and clutched the bridle that would pressure was very high. When it was time I dropped, and three or four powerful jet pulled out of me from this she even cried. Sticking a member of it a couple of times sfinker shrugged and began to leak out my sperm. I decided to enter a couple of times in her ass after a few thrusts I left. At my aunt was very happy face. Aunt got out of bed and out of podne dripping my sperm and its lubricant directly on the floor. She put her hand to her vagina and rubbed the sticky mixture has covered her breasts and asked them to lick that I did. Then I picked up a T-shirt and wiped his penis. She asked her and wipe away, she leaned over and wiped her ass and pussy. She was very happy. Then I went to get dressed.

She liked it, and sometimes it is the strong winds when her breasts openly and longingly stared representatives of the male sex. Although they are not only staring at his chest, as her panties resemble lace, which discreetly hiding between appetizing buttocks. Its factory when someone specifically located next to sunbathe and devoured her eyes, her nipples strained and stood up on end with excitement. But offer to get acquainted with it, that happens all the time when she was sunbathing alone, Lena rejected. Although sometimes it was difficult to do too much, it starts but my husband did not want to change. But once..
As the morning, after breakfast Helen put on her summer dress on her naked body and went to the beach today, she decided to go to the far, usually deserted part of the beach to read a book. There was such a place, fenced off the bushes on all sides from the rest of the beach, there is no annoying wind blew treplyuschy pages of her novel that she was going to read. Then, later she was planning to go on a crowded part of the beach and show off their bare breasts, provoking men and excited by their arrogant attitudes. From these plans it began to wind up, the more sex she did not have a few days to the weekend, when her husband came. Praed to this place shut off the bushes she just wanted to pull off her dress and put her panties when she heard the crackling of branches in the bush: She pretended not to notice anything, but in fact quietly stared in the direction where he heard the noise, there is clearly I look through someone's silhouette in the bushes ... thought to be completely naked in front of a stranger has got her very much. For a moment she hesitated whether she wear panties, after all this she has never done, to put themselves on display in full: but the excitement and thirst for sexual experience took up ... slightly trembling with excitement hands, she pulled off her dress, her nipples strongly tighten the feeling that all her charms now someone is considering ... But it was not enough and she decided podbavit heat, she stood crustaceans, ass to the audience and became prognuv back and sticking out invitingly ass, spread a blanket: it simply scorching new strong sense , a mixture of shame and have a wild excitement: what it can lead it did not even think. By demonstrating its charms she began to rub suntan lotion itself, of course it turned into a real show. In the process of rubbing the cream she could not help the fact that a couple of times not to touch the pussy, clitoris, and she rubbed her ass cream, one finger is fully planted a couple of times myself in the ass.
Helen loved anal sex, as well as her husband, so her ass easily accepted a finger: very excited and barely a low profile on that would be on someone's eyes, an eye on it, do not start themselves to masturbate, she took up a book and lay down tummy, back to spying and spread her legs. She herself did not recognize what it is doing, but the excitement has taken up: She pretended to read, but really only thought about how someone in the bushes: After some time, she quietly took a mirror and was able to see, is already less vigilant, maybe brazen boy age 15. it was possible to see clearly, as he crept closer to her through the branches of bushes, that would be better seen her charms. Another 10 minutes she pretended to read, while her pussy get wet from her completely naked young man brazenly considering. She then allegedly went to sleep, and she was waiting for that guy will do. After about 15 minutes of her immobility she shadows appeared next to her realized that he walked up to her, as she realized that he was actively masturbating looking at her. From this it was got even stronger: However, less than a minute as her ass poured his sperm, she was surprised how much it was a lot of it splashed on the legs, ass, back, hair: Having finished the man suddenly disappeared, she lay there for a minute, hoping that he would return: and then got up and started himself vigorously fuck with two fingers, one by one in the pussy then in the ass: it's approaching orgasm, she heard the crackling of branches and then lay down again, pretending she was asleep: between the legs all just aching, ass itching and also wanted member Helen could only think of how to finish it. To her surprise, he heard several voices, and then she found out that they were seven. Have not hesitate, though silently they came and surrounded her, she realized that they were all looking at her drochat .. excitement grew stronger: maybe someone of the guys noticed a whisper
Familiar places reminded me of those three summer seasons, I worked in the hotel, serving various weddings and parties. And three years later, I came back here to have your wedding. I remembered about his favorite spot. It was a small closet behind the chapel in which the marriage took place, there were stored the old chairs and different stuff. For all their stay in the hotel, I noticed no one there ever looked. I looked back to rest a couple of minutes from the endless bustle of holiday and relax, Lingering cigarette.

One day after a frantic preparations for a wedding there, I took a moment and slipped into his nook to rest for half an hour before the ceremony, in which I served the bar. Lounging in a shabby armchair and lighting a bong on duty, I suddenly heard voices coming from the kind of the far corner of the closet, cluttered with boxes of them lying on the centuries-old layer of dust. I was seized with curiosity, and crept to the wall, I quietly started can push the trash piled there. It turns out that the sound came from the old auditory holes, located about three feet from the floor. It was discovered on my part, but it is closed on the other. Nevertheless, the voices coming from there, were quite clearly audible. Listen to the conversation, I realized that they came from the bride's room, and of course belonged to her and her friends. They dressed for the upcoming ceremony. And, of course, constantly bulling. On his current and former boyfriends, about which of them was better in bed, the bride gave advice about the wedding night. All this is particularly excited me. For a complete Athas lacked only pictures. After about twenty minutes of this exciting radio show, I heard someone came into the room and said:
Because of covered me tired I fell asleep very quickly ... I was dreaming, as some clearing in the forest I had sex with her husband, and nekontroliruem myself, I shoved his hand between the legs and began to fondle himself a finger, from what my girl much moistened. Through the voluptuous dream, I felt like someone's strong hands confidently pushing my feet as my hand take away from my girls and begin to lick my fingers, licking them with my wine desires. Then, gentle light showered kisses on the inside of the thighs.
Outside the window it was already Pozdov night and the room - outer darkness. I decided that the trip was canceled my husband and I relaxed, still staying in a sweet half-sleep, half in reality ...
His cool wet tongue began to caress my long been wet girl polizyvat busy and suck the clitoris, tongue dive into the hole again to lick again in the hole.
Ah ... how well ... I could not keep quiet moans, hands I caressed her large breasts, rubbed and squeezed between the fingers and nipples dvigalalas meet this playful tongue. He began to cover my body with kisses, climbing higher. Kissed tummy tickled tongue navel, he began passionately licking his chest, while he wielded his finger between my legs, feeling them vaginal wall and bolshschim thumb significantly massaged my clitoris rather big. All the weight falls on me and puts a member of my wet hole. At last! I'm sick of desire and I can not help myself:
- Come to me, fuck! I finally want to feel your thick cock in itself! ...
Slowly, he held a wet thick head on the lips, pressed down, and began to enter into me and squeezed my fingers wet klitorok. I felt his thick trunk parted the narrow stenochki my vagina and this feeling start to finish, frantically clutching a girl his penis. He put his hands under my ass hoarse voice excitation whispered in my ear:
- I recently wanted to fuck you, baby ... And abruptly pushed me his friend on the eggs and enegrichno moved his butt between my legs, pushing my ass to meet the language fluttered around excited nipples, sucking and biting him.
These words said, no one else like my father in law! The man, who was lying on me and vigorously fucking wet crack is not her husband, and my 56 year old father in law!
Oh my God! - I tried to push, stretch your hands on his hairy chest.
- Uncle Mike ... - I barely squeezed out of myself ... But then it even more nalg at me, her lips clung to mine, his tongue in my mouth and began to kiss passionately, with rapid jerky movements began even faster to drive me your number,
When we met with Lena, she was 18. Beautiful, high 180, slim, short black hair and eyes the color of "wet asphalt", the fourth highest-sized breasts. Three months later, I proposed to her, she gladly accepted it. A week later, we went to her city to get acquainted with her parents. We stayed with her parents in a private house on the outskirts of the city, near the river. Came to him in the evening, we sat met, and that, come evening. Lena said she wanted to go to the disco. They called a taxi and drove off.

At the disco Lena met a lot of her friends, they danced merrily. Then came what the guys. One of them obviously paid a lot of attention to Lena, Lena did not resist the attention. Lena's friend said it - her ex-friend. His name was Igor, a tall, handsome man 27-28 years old with excellent athletic figure. After disco Igor offered to bring us. We have almost reached the home of parents of Lena when Igor proposed to go to the beach to swim, the benefit to the river was 800 meters Lena gladly accepted. I do not really like, but I realized that I can not get away, and we went. We drove as far allowed the road, stopped short meters to 50 near the water.

Lena first out of the car, took off his clothes and ran to the river. Her slender silhouette was visible against the background of the lunar path on water. We undressed and Igor ran after her. I am a very good swimmer and immediately swam to the other side of the river, I wanted to show off. Swim to the other side, I turned around, but saw no silhouettes Igor nor Lena, was not heard, and the splash of water. I swam back, trying not to make much noise. Swam to the shore, I finally saw my bride kneeling in front of Igor in the shade of a weeping willow. Lena was on her knees in front of Igor. Last, looking straight ahead, clutching Lena's head and strong shock skewer her mouth on his instrument. Igor was a member of the considerable size of 25 centimeters, not less. Igor tried as far as possible to introduce it into the mouth of the Lena. Lena's hands never stopped stroking, kneading slim hips Igor and his firm buttocks. I walked over to him. In spite of my presence, Igor continued desperately to hammer away with his cock my mouth with the bride. I do not know why, but I began to be excited. The feeling of jealousy overwhelms me, it had a strange, pleasant, exciting color. Igor suddenly threw back his head and grunted. Lena grabbed his buttocks and pushed with force member Igor in his mouth. His balls pressed against her chin. To my surprise Lena completely swallowed Igor member. A shiver ran through the body of a handsome young man, I realized that his sperm is ejaculated into the throat of my bride. Lena's body was covered with sweat that glistened in the moonlight. She shivered, and I realized that my Lena also kills. At one point, the pair stopped. I clearly imagined sperm Igor powerful jets poured into the throat of my favorite. Igor pulled away from Lena. His cock popped out of her mouth with a distinctive squishing sound. Lena sat down exhausted on the ground.

Even without looking in my direction, Igor became easy to dress. "You will go with me?" calm and even once he casually asked Lena, heading for the car. "I'll do anything you want" - she replied sharply jumped up and pulled on her dress. "Do not stop me", - she said to me, wearing sandals, - "I'll explain everything later." . Lena grabbed my phone and ran headlong to Igor machine. Her panties and left lying on the grass.

Lena ran up to the car and opened the passenger door. Igor said something to Lena. Lena stood up. "Oleg," - she called me. I thought that she decided not to leave, and hurried to her. Lena was standing at the machine. "It's just sex, - she said - I love only you, I'll call you, I tell my mother with the girls, keep my dress." To my surprise Lena pulled her dress over her head and shoved it into my hands, left completely naked in some sandals. Before I had something to say, she jumped into the car and closed the door. Igor stepped on the gas, the car started. Soon, it remains only two red lights winding.

I was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. I rushed to her phone lying on the grass, like to call Lena, but something was holding me. I packed up and moved to the house of Lena's parents. It was late and they were asleep. Proshmygnuv in Lenin's room, I quickly undressed and lay down on the bed. My excitement is gradually extinguished. I began to gently massage his penis, thinking about the events of that night. Apparently I fell asleep. I was awakened by my phone call, the street was already light. I picked up the phone ....

(To be continued.)
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