- He can not and does not want, in short all my dacha, until Monday (today, Saturday), waiting for you at home, payment guarantee (laughs).
I must say that the girl is very apetitnye Olya, 5 years younger my wife, 3 breast size, ass - peach, in general, I jerked off on her often, even after having sex with her.
I arrived. Olga in her robe, barely covers her ass, the water in the basin have already poured into the bedroom and brought. Razor ready itself too.
- Well, I say, -Let's see what we have here.
- And not only see - laughing bitch lustful.
Oh, and thickets! First, a pair of scissors, put a large vegetation. Shaving foam gently struck :. Oh, yes, we have already begun to flow! Patience. Razor waved in all directions, touched with a finger, everything seems smooth.
- Let's take a shower. All wash off then another look.
- You're not coming with me?
- Chevo I have not seen! I say.
- Well, just do not go away - winks.
Came out of the shower she was already without anything, I sat down on the bed, legs spread, lybitsya.
Well, then I decided to check the purity of the tongue shaving. I love this thing! I licked every crease of her pussy, getting a reward loud moans otkudato top: But we in fact there is another hole, the object of my long-time dreams. When I accidentally touched her anus tongue, Olga already started. And now, again, already deep: .Olyu strikes female shiver: .ponravilos! Yeah she turns over onto his stomach and buttocks so mischievously up! Well it's all in my possession! Taste funky ass, pussy flowing already from the creek! Oh planted! Pulled off his pants and pulled out a long time already standing dick, driven immediately to the pussy, but it is only for lubrication, twitched a few times, pulled out and put to the ass :.
- Nooo, he screams, and she is fed back and is pushed once almost to the end, that's what it means to a good lick and lubricate the point!
In the ass Olya good! Moderate closely, moderate freely. I started to fuck her, almost pounding dick and almost completely pulling out. Olya lowed only in the pillow, but judging by how she podmahivala she liked it.
I understood that will soon be over, pulled a dick, Olga immediately collapsed on the bed and rolled over on his back and began stroking his freshly shaved pussy. It is not yet finished, but it was on the verge. Well, I put my dick in ass, her mouth. She licked a couple of times and I rapidly obkonchal her all face! She smeared semen on his hands gorgeous boobs and licked her palms.
- Did you like ?, -sprashivaet sly smile.
- Highly!
- I think in a week hairs grow back and it will be necessary to correct prichesochka!
- No problem! Call that something out!
-I Please card to the surgeon ....
-Reception is over, come back tomorrow ... .Talonchiki --- ahhh ... she yawned, with 8-00.
-But I have a sharp pain ...
-I do not know, go to the office themselves negotiate ...
"That bitch ...." I went. Near the office, one is no longer young woman sits alone.
-I have a sharp pain, timidly, I said, just ask, you can ...?
The woman looked at me, nodded ... ...
Listening to him, in the hope that this damned tooth, finally passed, opens the door with the inscription terrible ... "Surgeon". The sharp smell of drugs hitting me in the nose ... really, where that missing voice, trying to say
-Excuse me, I have a sharp pain, you do not take me ....?
In response, I just heard, someone's groan, making a couple of steps, I see a chair, someone's hands gripped, the arms, the young surgeon in a white robe, with a bandage before the eyes. He carried a large metal tongs ... Seeing me, he said ...
-Of course, the card will only take ... With horror, close the door, the Scourge in the registry, take the cotton hand your card go back, strange ..., women do not have ... I sit waiting until the leaves he was sitting in a chair ... Inside, everything is compressed ... whether from fear, whether from the pain ... myself decided not to go ... the door suddenly opened, a guy with a handkerchief pressed to the person who just takes off and runs down the hall. All whitewashed, get in the door, "Mom, why did I come here?". Surgeon is back to me at the sink and washes his hands
-Come in, sit down in a chair.
Trying not to look or where, almost with my eyes closed, climb into the chair. Uncomfortable ... very high ... Physically felt as he came up to me, looked down below the seat, I gave my head comfortably. I opened my mouth.
-Taaakk ... what do we have here, which is holding the metal tool in one hand, he climbed into my mouth. I opened my eyes. He was, apparently, young, about my age, but his touch and hands, I realized very strong. His face was covered bandage on me carefully watched his big gray-blue eyes.
-Taaakk ... he repeated, slightly adjusted the lamp, clicked some sort of switch, a bright light blinded me, I only have his image stayed in his eyes.
-It hurts? He asked me, picking his sore tooth. A sharp flash of pain shot through the whole body. I do not understand what I'm doing, and whimpered tightly clutched the armrests.
He immediately withdrew his hand, the pain receded.
-Calm down, relax, girl, do ukolchik Now, you do not feel anything. And ... please let me go. Only now I realized that one of my hand firmly gripped arm of the chair, and the other I held him tightly, just below the waist. At first I thought it was in my hands on the belt buckle, but slowly, looking at his eyes, I realized it did not buckle ...
At first, he tried to reassure me, saying sweet words, tried to force my fingers to let go, but I think I had a cramp, the more he pressed, the more tightly clenched my fingers. Fear, of course, but nothing could help it, it seemed to me, I let him have a sharp pain pierced my body. His already hardened member, was for me as a bridge between reality and oblivion. Then he decided to change his tactics, I began to stroke, legs, hair, brushed his palm a couple of times the chest, at the same time whispered to me some nonsense. I liked it, but let him still do not like. Then he said:
-Fight fire will knock, and, without asking me, unbuttoned my jeans, forced to sit up, to lower a little easier was their. Very long I praised the lace on my bikini and finally put his hand on my back. I tried to relax, threw her head back, wider spread her legs and closed her eyes. It is the same feeling for my hump, gently began rotational movement. Sweet languor swept over my body and concentrated somewhere in the groin area. A few minutes later, when he stopped to say something, and often just breathed in my ear, I felt that I could move his fingers. Apparently, the drug began to operate, my cheek went numb, my head ringing formed emptiness, as if I had drunk. Jerked toward him, his free hand quickly unzipped his pants and freed for a moment, already numb hand, snatched from her hot, all red from the strain, with small trembling head, his cock. Live Flesh of my palm is strongly jerked and stiffened even more. He groaned, and throwing his leg over the seat, moved up closer to me, moved his hips. Grabbing my ass close to him. I had no choice but to send his penis on the clitoris, let the little rubs, "so nice".
Another five minutes later when he began to make not smooth and sharp jolts, I realized that I can not hesitate and sent a prisoner to my already full mokrenkuyu pussy.
His big, hot cock filled me all, I grabbed it with both hands over his shoulders, tightly clung to him and began what many would call a wild sex.
Our movements were sharp, fast, energetic. It reminded me of a member of a large piston on the wheels of the old steam locomotives. He closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair, I was floating on the waves, slowly but surely increasing orgasm. Another push, more ...
I can not feel my face, the medication completely frozen cheek, his mouth opened involuntarily. All ... I've reached ... ... .PIKA. moaned ....
He pressed and pressed his weight .... I felt filled his sperm .... ... Relax completely. My mind, somewhere near .... For some reason, it puts me in the mouth, a large cotton swab. Clamps my jaw. Gets up, goes to the sink, washes his hands ....
He came up to me, looking into his eyes:
-All woman ... two hours did not eat, he says.

I came out of the office with his head held high, in the hallway sits the woman that greeted me when I arrived. She looks strange, frank read horror in his eyes. Smiling her show thumb.
- The doctor was a miracle .... And slowly, carefully placing the feet in front of him, walking down the hall.

"I think I'm more will never be afraid of dentists" ....
She lives in a remote Siberian town, married to a man much older than her, even though she - still a young girl, and in the shower and over the years. She has had experience with peers undoubtedly she was even a little longer married to one of them, but, as often happens, interest in adult men outweighed romanticism. Cosy house, wealth, sense of security, confidence in the future - all this is worthy to become an ornament young seductress life middle-aged men. But, it was something that I was immediately attracted. This unrealized passion. It was a cat in the shower, this female. We openly copied, and I could feel her every sentence in it a desire to show the animal passion, which was lacking in everyday life. She hesitated to open roofing felts, roofing felts her husband could not satisfy all her desires.

Very soon, she wrote to me, that was willing to pay me - unknown man immediately and unconditionally. What she is ready, being alone, to pull off his jeans, pants, remaining in an unbuttoned blouse, approached and pressed into my whole body, putting my hands on her oozing pussy. What she is ready to surrender to anywhere - in a hotel room, in the office, in the entrance .... Drop down in front of me on my knees and greedily fondle my penis. To rest in office desk hands, sticking out her appetizing ass and humbly to wait and beg me to fuck her. Sit down with me in a taxi on the back seat and get me to caress her grudochki wading under a jacket, fondle her excited pussy, making his way under her skirt and pulling her panties, and then exit disheveled, without adjusting clothes to feel that only it was available as real slut. She is sitting at work was absorbed by this state of excitement, and she liked it. She sucked my words so passionately, as if it was my dick. I've read all this and it appears that in fact it is very modest in life a girl, which is your phone does not give anyone other than relatives. Which shy in conversation with her husband words something to say with a hint of vulgarity. Eh. . If it was not the distance. With this it was necessary to do something. And once I flashed the crazy little thought. I - a man not greedy, why should I be a dog in the manger? And because he did not eat and others are ignorant.

In its proposals, I began to hint at the fact that I would be damn nice to hear her story about how she got udovolsvtie and allowed herself to stay with a man who, unlike me, can touch it, it could fuck Therefore really. Me and family life is exciting, and here - to dispose of a girl in the distance - I even became excited by these thoughts. And all with great perseverance began to talk to her about that any man who next to her gladly fuck her, feeling in her slut that she is only lead eyebrow and liked her male happy reversal of her lustful CIMS, bringing her unforgettable minutes of bliss. We played with it. I made her go to the toilet and return to work without any clothes at all to come to work without panties, and surprisingly husband to answer that she is there something rubbed, and such
Vladimir Severin

A bouquet of flowers for his beloved mother in law

Sex story

March 11, 2002

- Tell me, please, how much is this one bouquet? - Roman asked, pointing to the non-large bouquet of red roses.

Today at Tiffany's birthday, and he decided to give her flowers. On a normal gift, he simply had no money. Mature, wrapped in a long coat saleswoman colors, looked at his tired face, not rich apparel, and having estimated that the day is over, and the flowers still smerznut sigh, said: - "For you, young man, fifty thousand."

He grimaced. For him, even fifty thousand, in general, is not very high price for this beautiful bouquet, it was no small sum.

- Well, - once again with a sigh, said the saleswoman, - take over forty. All the same, there is no buyers. And you, as I see it, the bouquet needs. Wife probably going to give?

- No. Not his wife, and her mother - mother-in. She has a birthday today. Forty-five were executed.

- Te-e-School-e! - Surprised woman holding out - then take away the case. I own mother-in-law, but my son-me bouquets of flowers for my birthday does not bestow. For such a good cause, take it for free.

Noticing that Roman hesitated shyly, she pulled out of the vase and flowers, cutting the stalks, handed him a bouquet.

- Take it. Take it. Do not be ashamed. Congratulate her mother in law with all my heart. And the money is better, take a bottle of wine. Arrange woman holiday. Now, our svolochnoy life, holidays are rare.

- Thanks you! Thank you so much!

Suddenly, for himself and the woman, obeying the inner impulse, he stepped toward her, and taking her chilly cold hand and kissed it. She was confused.

- Oh, young man! What do you!

- Thanks again. And good luck to you.

- It is for this wish thanks. Good luck, I would not stir. And that something is constantly unlucky.

She stared after him, touched povlazhnevshimi eyes. And jealous of his mother-who has such a caring son-sensitive.

- You bought flowers ?! What beautiful roses! Give me, I put them in a vase!

- Wait. This bouquet is not for you and mom. She has a birthday today.

- Suck up to his mother! - Olga asked mockingly, derisively looking at his tired face.

- Why I suck? She gave us so much good. The house is sold, helped us buy this apartment, beautifully concerns me, our daughter has grown up. Supports money. See how much? So, on the day of birth is not a sin to give her flowers. I bought a bottle of wine. Let's sit together, drink to your mother's health.

- No, dear! Dismiss me from that happiness. I, it is better to losing my friend. Lucy just called me, begging to come. They have a disagreement with Victor again.

"As if you and I have a better" - sadly thought, Roman, looking at his wife hurried to dress.

After receiving a bouquet of flowers, Margarita V. blushed happily. Roman once again for-admired her beautiful expressive face with black as coal, large eyes. She reached in to him, and gently rising on tiptoe gratefully kissed on the lips. As always in such moments, he broke with emotion, spontaneously pulled her to him, extending a sweet kiss. With effort, broke away from the full lips, he saw her laughing all understanding eyes, which were still something of those things which he could not comprehend. In them was sadness and tenderness to it, and ... something strange, why he always inflates. Next to it, it feels like a real tree-man. He felt that purely feminine mother-in-law understands it. But it does not condemn for it.

Margarita V. liked him since the first meeting, when Olga brought him to acquaint with my mother. Was it that perfection that he wanted to see his wife. Marry him, almost Olga did not change their habits. She continued to live freely and independently, sometimes disappearing for several days, her friend Ludmila. Margarita V. as she could, comforted him, and instead arranged daughter suggestion. But, it did not change anything. Roman suspected that his wife was cheating on him. On it he had reasons. In the morning, when he woke up next to her, then she showed her hips and chest hickey marks and bruises on his fingers.

Living in an apartment with her, sometimes accidentally Roman had to see her in a rather outspoken views. A mother-in-forgotten, slightly open door of the bathroom where she washed at this time, he could sometimes see her clean. It always struck by the beauty of her unusually feminine body, its mature charm. At such moments he would pounce on it to bend under him and selflessly to love, to pain, to cry of pleasure.

He liked her strong commensurate built body of a mature woman. Going once past the bathroom door, Roman involuntarily glanced at her half-open door, and met the smiling eyes of Tiffany, which is spreading her legs, crotch soap. He even threw in the heat of the eroticism of the scene. His eyes in a split second with greed caught the tiniest details of her seductive body. It was then that he felt unusually powerful erections, which had never happened before intimacy with Olga, he realized that he wanted the wife's mother. She craves her as a woman.

Before his mind's eye a long standing pattern of slightly tilted woman seriously saggy swaying hemisphere of her breasts with protruding nipples, narrow palm sliding between slightly spaced legs. He had noticed even fingers buried in the gap between the spread apart the folds of the labia swollen.

From memories of this attractive picture of his cast in the heat, and a member threatened to break through the fabric shorts and trousers.

He had no idea that Margarita V. also not indifferent to it. She appealed to his indestructible calmness under any circumstances. They often had with Olga scandals, and the daughter was always the initiator. Roman stoically endured her arraignment, answering smile on her accusations.

As she tried to persuade Olga to stop any harassing his baseless nagging, her suggestions do not affect a daughter. Olga continued to commit follies.

Her excited and emotionally touched his gift. Olga did not even bother to congratulate the mother and her birthday, and Roman gave a bouquet of her favorite red roses. Margarita V. spore set the table.

Over time, they talk quietly finished off a bottle of wine. A little tipsy from the light wine woman blushed and became even more beautiful. Getting up from the table, Roman approached her and bowed, invited to dance. Relax under the influence of alcohol, she clung to him and wrapped her arms around his neck full. Putting her head on his shoulder, she trustingly, leaned into him hips and chest. Now he felt especially acutely so.

As always, when he was near her, enveloped Roman unusual excitement. Soft, intimate-sounding blues, weak light sconces, created a sentimental mood in his soul. Picking up a woman's face for a long moment happily beam eyes looked into his eyes. Obeying the indomitable spiritual impulse, he pressed his lips to her soft supple lips. They fluttered and opened. Margarita V. fervently kissed him. Passionately trembling, he drank her hoo-like of all the forces of her clutching a flexible body. Covering centuries clouded her eyes, she is responsible under the lip movements on his sensual kiss. Picking up a woman in his arms, he carried her, without feeling heavy body weight. Lowered her onto the bed, he lay down beside her and put his back to her warm lips. She said passionately.

Desire clouded his head. Battened down the hem of her dress, he pulled the panties from her hips. She raised her ass, and he pulled them to her knees. Pushing hairy labia, he sent a trembling hand from the passionate impatience member
its supple, soft crack. Groaned into his mouth, she lifted her hips, and he plunged into her wet womb of readiness disclosed. Their bodies were moving fast and amazingly coordinated if they were his whole life doing it. As a woman's body ran long wave of ecstasy, and the novel with a happy moan of bliss and ease he pushed the shuddering member, releasing heavy sperm jets.

- Roma! Cute! O Lord! You and I have gone mad! What have we done! - She moaned plaintively, understand, finally, that takes place. - I totally lost you mind, I forgot whom am! Do not be cute.

- Shut up. For God's sake shut up. Anyway it happened and did not change anything. Late. Do not think about anything. Let this be our night. Let it will be filled with happiness. Seven woes, one answer.

She did not say a word. Her bloodshot hips continued to move steadily in time with his thrusts.

They are well aware that this evening will make a change in their lives. He was her man and lover. And she was his favorite woman, which, from now on, he will be wanting more than his wife. And they will have to live with it.

Margarita V. no longer start a conversation on this subject, just as he decided not to touch it for yourself. Anyway, neither of which has not changed. Once the Roman let go of her, she got up, and throwing a dressing gown, went to the bathroom. Let the water run, she stood under the shower and substituting face under the warm jets of water, stood a long time, enjoying its gentle warmth. She was good, despite the fact that she stole her daughter owned a piece of her happiness. But even that did not spoil her good mood. After the close of Roman freed her body rested, finding peace. Well it is not the first and not her last. It is not necessary to make out of this tragedy. She's a young woman - full of energy and desire.

Dry with a towel wiping her body, she smiled, noticing the reddened, swollen nipples. These they were when the tiny Olga sucked her breasts. Today, her loving, novel greedily sucking, squeezing her breasts, accentuating her sensuous feelings.

Back in the room, she went to the bed and went into the hands of the ring, which stretched out towards her son in law. Hugged her hips, he showered fast hot kisses her full hips, abdomen and labia. Biting her lip, exhausted from pleasure, Margarita V. passionately writhing in his arms. Pulling her to him, he covered her with his body, and his legs apart full, deep into her vagina moisten with lust. Closing her eyes, she plunged into the waves of pleasure. She was seldom granted such happiness. Now, she was happy with him.

* * *

- Rituyla, I see, you're in love! - Exclaimed girlfriend, barely seeing, arrived to visit her Margarita Vasilyevna. - Who is he?! He is very good-looking?

- Like who?! - Smiling, asked Margarita. - A man, of course. Fortunately you do not know it.

- He is young? Handsome ?!

- Yes. He is young, handsome, and very interesting.

- I envy you! You always knew how to find their amazing men.

- Do not cry the blues Larochka. You rarely visited one. You were excellent lovers.

- That's it. There were. It was all in the past. And now I feel so bad one. Boring and uncomfortable.

- Get yourself a new lover.

- It is easy to advise you. In our age it is not easy to find a good man.

- But, it is still possible.

- There is nothing too hard for thee. But, it's you. I did not work. Although ... I've got some suspicions. Your son-in ...

- What is my in-law? - Embarrass it. = What do you mean?

- He always looks at you waiting for such eyes! - Most with envy than exposing it, Larisa said. - I knew that it just is not going to end. I envy you!

- You are crazy! And here is my son in law?

- Unconvincing. You do not know how to pretend. It is he! I'm sure!

- And why is that?

- Look at yourself in the mirror. Flushed, his eyes shining like a girl in love. It is he? Confess.

- Yes, this is it. - Destined to sigh, Margarita V. admitted.

- Lucky you Rituyla.

- I feel sorry for Olga.

- Fool, it's your Olya. Although your daughter. She and the little finger is not worth it. Changes to him right and left. Even me in your love affair dragged. Forced to lie to you, that I spend the night. More I will not cover it.

- Olya cheating on him ?! Can not be.

- Why can not. Even as he can. Now she just lives in my neighbor Victor. Do you want to go see it, check.

- For some reason I believe you, - said V. Margarita, remembering the frequent absences daughter.

- Your Romka saint. I hate that ... I am very glad that Olga will receive a good lesson.

- But she's my daughter.

- Well, what is she your daughter? She does not realize what a wonderful man she got. Problyad it. Once Roma learns about her antics, immediately divorce her.

- He loves it.

- Do not make me laugh. He loves, as it turned out, did not it, and you. And surely it comes.

- You are quite confused me.

- Do not pretend. You, too, love him. Otherwise, I would not lay him in bed. Or am I wrong?

- Rights. But how can I be?

- All will be settled by itself. You just do not miss Roma. However, this does not happen. He did not part with you. He really loves you. Although not yet fully aware of it.

* * *

Larisa told the real truth. At this time, Olga naked, asleep, was attached to the side lying next to her man.

Victor was her constant lover. But Larissa was wrong in thinking that Olga does not like Roman if cheating on him. It is equally liked both. She liked to have two men at the same time. After all, they were so different. Calm in the novel of love, and insatiably eager Victor.

Having persuaded the wife's mother to stay with him for the night, Victor passionately loved her, bringing sexual caresses to exhaustion. Stoskovavshis for her passionate body, he used every moment to possess it. Even waking up at night, he immediately mastered sleeping Olga, who had not the strength to wake up, and when he had finished in countless times, again fell into a refreshing sleep.

Opening the door, she saw Margaret V. Romana. On his face was such a joy, that a woman's heart beat excitedly, and she rushed toward him, hitting him in a passionate embrace.

- I love you! - She exclaimed, passionately raising trembling orgasm hip.

Muffled growl, Roman pinned her to the bed, furiously hammering cock in her vagina champs, with a groan issued copious sperm jet. Hugging his neck, she eagerly stuck to his mouth and moaning with passion, he hugged her.

With difficulty, tearing frantically serried ring her hands, Roman sat up and looked at the woman in the face.

- What should I do now? I, too, love you. And I do not care that you're a mother, my mother-in-law and Olga. I want you to become my wife.

- Do not rush my beloved. Wait return of Olga.

- Olga, I am more do not want to know. I am sure one hundred percent that it is now basking in someone else's bed. Therefore, I do not consider it necessary to continue this kind of life. She made a choice.

- She's my daughter, - reminded Margarita Vasilevna.

- I do not wanna be a fool and a cuckold. If she likes to travel on other people's beds, for God's sake, let the jumps. But, just without me. Like this to you, or not. I live no more to her.

- She's my daughter.

- That's the trouble - Roman sighed.

* * *

Olga was furious. Returning home, she was waiting for her husband's violent clashes, and was ready for him. She wanted to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Lover simply kicked her when she said she wanted to stay with him.

But it was nothing like this. Roman was silent. She noted that the mother is silent, does not make it as always, the usual suggestion. They did not care. But why?!

Puzzled their strange silence, she glanced from one to the other and only now noticed that the mother hides from her eyes and seems confused. Olga suddenly engulfed by-aspiration: - Mom took her place! Only this can explain her strange behavior. She became the mistress of the Novel.

- The one-and-a! I see you, too, lost no time to waste. I took advantage of my absence. But, my dear ...

- Shut up slut! - Rough cut her novel. - You have no right to expose us! I love your mom. During the time while you're in the wrong fucking bed, she became my wife.

As he spoke, two women with undisguised amazement staring at him.

Olga did not recognize his quiet, intelligent man always, never raised her voice.

Margarita V., was impressed by his candor. However, he stated bluntly Olga about their relationship. She realized that he really loves her. She was ashamed of her daughter and pleased his confession.

He went to her, and despite her resistance embarrassed, hugged and demonstratively kissed on the lips. Pobagrovev rage, Olga out of the room, then dressed quickly, left, slamming the door.

- Why are you so hard it cost Roma?

- I'm too long tolerated her artistry. This should have been done much earlier. But then I did not have your favorite.

- Do you love me? - Timidly she asked the woman, trembling in his arms.

- I love my happiness.

He picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.

- Crazy. I'm serious - happy woman whispered, clinging to his chest.

- I want you - stranded by the burning desire to voice, he said.

- I'm with you. I'm yours.

- You're my forever.

- Really good, Rommie?

- Forever. You are my wife.

Few povolyniv, Olga still gave him a divorce. Two months after the divorce, Margarita V. and he were married. She agreed to do so after learning that she had a baby.

Margarita V. hoped that after a few years will be able to visit their daughter, when smoothed out their grievances. And while she was happy as happy can be a woman who has a man who loves her.
On this day, Tatiana wanted something unusual (meaning, of course, sex), what exactly, she herself did not know. But she knew one thing: to experience these feelings and emotions that have the most pleasant memories she did just that. Oleg, not to read it like a book, I knew about her desires, learning about them from conversations with her, so that she did not realize what he's interested in.

It seemed that Oleg was not going to make love with her (at least, he is at pains to show it): they were talking, discussing work plans. The room in which they were in was spacious and bright, cozy created: pastel-colored curtains covering the windows, but this did not prevent the penetration of light, a small sofa bed, a desk, and so on - all that can be in operation office. paper were scattered on the table, there were two cups and other mess. They were going to leave, because it was already evening and the workday ended. Oleg took the cup, where they are supposed to be, and Tatiana began to collect paper from the table, laying out and arranging them. Collecting paper, she bent over, reaching for a leaf, which lay at the other end of the table, and suddenly felt the back of her someone was attached: in her ass rested against something hard. Tatiana tried to get up, but Oleg put his hand on her neck to the table so that she could not even move. With his other hand he lifted her blouse, caressing her back, undid her bra and reached her breasts, gently tugging at her. All over her body ran a thrilling trembling lips parted, slowly she relaxed and gave herself to his caresses. This sudden rush so aroused Tatiana that she did not resist, and sprawled on the table, moaning loudly. Oleg, lifted her skirt, already caressed her thigh, then penetrated the edge of her panties, felt under his palm shaved pussy, this time he really liked. It flowed like a turbulent river, tossing on the table. Tatianina ass bulged towards Oleg affection, she will not wait, that he entered into it. But he was in no hurry. Then he picked it up from the table, she was standing with his back to him, he took his handkerchief and tied her eyes. Tatiana turned to face him and pressed his whole body, their lips have merged in a passionate kiss. Oleg again turned her backside to him, caressing his chest with both hands and kissing her neck.

Suddenly Tatiana felt that there is someone else and that someone climbed on her skirt, caressing the inside of her thighs. And then I began to pull off her skirt and panties and spreads her legs. She tried to remove the blindfold, which would see the second, but Oleg, taking her by the hand, does not allow it. From embarrassment and surprise, she felt not very comfortable in this environment, and began to resist. Oleg began to reassure her, whispering in her ear sweet words, but this did not last long.

Then they laid her on the couch, Oleg continued to hold her hand, kissing her chest, neck, lips, and the second parted her legs, drove his tongue over her smooth pussy, first lightly touching the labia majora, got to the clitoris, moving a little bit on his tongue down a small mouth, and then began to pull at the entrance to the womb, it seemed he wanted to drink it and leave nothing to the first. Tatianina pussy flowed so strongly that flooded part of the sofa (the blessing it was leather).

Her growing excitement again, took over, and she was ready to surrender to both of them in all positions. She wanted that to her fucked on the table, putting cancer; suck their members: both the two and that they finished it right on the chest; that she was lying on one of them, the other would still fuck her in the ass. Imagining all this, it has covered just animal passion.

They put it on the edge of the sofa (he was quite low), the second - unknown to her man - continued to caress her pussy, and Oleg has led his cock down her throat and lips. Tatyana tried to catch his cock mouth half open, breathing fitfully, and he deliberately teased her. Finally he took her by the chin and put his penis in her mouth. She is hungry, attacked him (of course, at the end of the day all eat hunting). From such pressure, he could not restrain himself and finished it in his mouth almost immediately. Sperm flowed over her lips and neck. She continued to caress his penis, leading them on his neck, and lips.

Second, seeing that Oleg has had much, he decided to make up for all. He knocked on her belly and into her. The onset of this moment Tatyana waited so long that immediately finished and disconnected, and he continued to fuck her unconscious body. The sight of her ass is so stirred up him that he did not notice her sedated. His body trembled on the coming orgasm, pouring the semen in her womb.

The men brought her to her senses. The second went as quietly as he had come. She was trying to find out from Oleg: who it was, but he told her and said, assuring her that worry about. Maybe it will be easier from this that she did not know who fucked her.

They sat on the couch, leaning on each other, continuing to caress: it gently drove his hand on his back, and then, after moving to his knees, kissed his face and neck. Tatiana sat facing him, her lips sank lower and lower. Here they got to his nipples, gently leading them language. Oleg squeezed her breasts and buttocks and she now and then leans back, closing his eyes and blissfully happy under his caresses. His cock was already erect, rested on her smooth pubis. She slightly naprygivala on his penis and rubbed it on her pussy, pushing the clitoris. Gradually, their desire to become re-grow and strengthen.

Oleg again decided to surprise her trahnuv ass. She bent down to his cock, sucking it all with great fervor and passion. And he, brushing her ass, first gently touched it, yet she did not want that to his caresses became bolder. Realizing this, he began to gently introduce his finger into her anus, afraid to hurt her. She sweetly moaning, moving toward his fingers, so he almost brought her to orgasm. Putting her on her knees to the back of the sofa, he began to enter slowly into her ass, his hand lay on her clitoris, which increased desire. She was fed with passion to meet him. Suddenly, her body shook as if in a spasm, movement became more intense, making him come orgasm. They both moaned and writhed in its death throes. Their moans were heard even in the street, passers-by looked at the window.

Exhausted, they lay on the couch. Tatiana lay on him, resting her head on his chest. Sleep clouded their heads, and they slept well for about an hour.
Well to me in this respect easier. I earn well and therefore allow yourself to relax sometimes on the side under the guise of what went into the bath with my friends, that in general is not at odds with the words (usually all in the sauna, my friend). But Lenka at all (for some reason) a very negative attitude toward masturbation, citing bad associations with childhood.
Well, there is such a mother caught or worse father. Just imagine: in the juice woman wants to have a good fuck with her husband, which is nearby. But it can not, because their sound emissions can be adequately interpreted by her relatives.
The situation was aggravated by the fact that on the day of departure of relatives, I was sent on a business trip to a nearby town. On the week. When I arrived she began menstruating. There is already, I was against it. I can not stand the smell. In short the end
Let's just say, we are constantly lisp with each other, not allowing the partner to experience even a shadow of resentment or bear the burden of understatement. And we managed to maintain such a careful attitude so far. Our argument could be counted on the fingers.

Faith - close to my ideal of a small, fragile and gentle creature. It's one of those "girls" that are likely to remain even in girls 50. Her ears are always sickened offensive language, I'm not talking about matershiny. I'm in her presence this never does not allow, and even family and friends, while next to it became softer and quieter.
Her features are not different showiness, but rather small, but very neat and feminine. She almost never use cosmetics, but that her face is no less beautiful and attractive. Her figure - to match the face - delicate, feminine and neat. A little below average height, with a small but supple breasts, narrow enough for a woman who gave birth to a child, hips, thin waist and legs rovnenko smooth. In my eyes, Faith has always been associated with an angel, pure and untainted by anything. I truly love her LP is what it externally and internally.

I myself - always-looking younger than his age guy Alas never possessed powerful muscles, but no lower than medium height and physically frail. While many think I'm too slim, but it was such I am. For more than half of the women's environment, I am attractive and nice. I'm so, who among women referred to as "a nice little boy." Faith always said that I - her ideal, and I believe, and my belief was confirmed by the surrounding evaluations to our address. We felt very harmonious and happy couple. It seemed to me - we were made for each other.

Faith never worked - I protected her from it. First birth, then the first years of the life of our son, then all the worries about the house, shopping, problems - all took over half of my tender. She was always busy with something and never sat idle. I even thought at times that she takes on the burdens, because I did not do anything except for daily trips to work and did not even know where it all comes from. I worked selflessly, with love for his work, because earned by the standards of our city is not less than a majority and could provide the three of us.

I often delayed until late at work, but this has long become accustomed. We always had each other for communication, called up and shared their impressions of all the events have occurred since the last call. I knew all about the Faith, and she knew everything about me. We had a whole - family.

In bed, Vera always behaved somewhat stiffly, shyly. She never looked me in the eye, and are always embarrassed by his complete nudity. Everything happened at the years has become a familiar pattern. We took a shower apart, turned out the light, while kissing, caressing each other, mainly on the back, head, neck. Faith throughout the favored missionary position and did not allow me to be distracted from her lips, gently diverting my hands from all other parts of his body. Any of my feeble efforts towards a more diverse and uninhibited sex gently nipped her eyes to those who understand. I was difficult to ask her to do something more, it has always been the way it was and I accepted it. Yes, I would like oral sex and a variety of poses, but faith is always so annoying when I began to tend to this, that I just became sorry for her.

Yesterday an unfortunate accident at the substation of our company made me almost from the morning to break away from your favorite things, and in the absence of the opportunity to take on the job at least something to go home. I got to 11, Vera was not - she took the child to her grandmother and is now probably puts him to sleep. I did not tear off her and lay on the veranda of our apartment, which is located on the 9th floor of high-rise buildings, to dream. It was the end of the week - Friday, and I'm tired of the order. The street was very hot and I had to tightly cover the blinds on the verandah, to face not beat the sun. Without realizing it, through the thoughts crowded upon my head, I fell into a slumber.

I dreamed my workplace, it was flooded, ruined all the documents, the computer is broken .... Suddenly I heard the cotton with which to our apartment door locked. "Came Faith" - flashed in my finally came to consciousness after brain slumber. I'm not in a hurry to get up. All body languished bliss and relaxation. Without opening his eyes, I continued to lie. The street is very dark and exuded moisture. "Rain will ... finally." - Whispered my mind. I barely opened his eyes, on the veranda was almost dark. Bliss did not leave me. The room (we do not have a bedroom, but a children's room and a veranda) fumbled Faith. "Did not she left the child?" - I'm a little upset today want peace and quiet. I continued to lie quietly out of the room came the sound of scuffling Verkin. without getting up, opening his eyes a little wider, I turned my head to the side of the room and tried to see through our glass doors and densely covered with sequins curtain, what does my family. But it was not seen absolutely nothing - just some light rustle. Curtains reflected light sochivshiysya through the blinds. "She does not see me because bylets folding chairs" - is already more consciously it flashed through my head.
Chattering !!! The room lit up all eight of our lamps mirror lamps. I closed my eyes. So much was dark, that the vpyshka artificial light even in daytime painfully blinded me. I wanted to fall asleep again. My heart was sweet and lazy. Slowly, I started to slightly open his swollen eyes from a short sleep. How shaky is the distinction between dream and reality, when we wake up. I slept ... The noise of the rain on the street.

In the middle of my room is a large man. I see his silhouette. Why is he here? Laugh! He pulls off a soft laughter from my eyes captured the come oblivion ... It embraces faith ...
"STOP !!!" - slowly covered my head very cold. "I do not sleep? I do not sleep !? I do not sleep !!!"

In the center of my room is a big man to face me. During his neck hugging my faith. They kiss passionately. Cold. Extreme cold in the head. A little more than a clear view, the light has almost no glare. Complete cerebral palsy. I just lie there ... They kiss. They kiss passionately, much hugging each other. He hunched his shoulders, that she was more comfortable, and firmly holding her waist. In my mind Dialogue:
- It is not faith ?? It is not faith !? This is not the faith !!!
- Who is it?
- This is her friend.
- Why it Verkin sundress?
- I borrow.
- Why do I get home?
- I ask for the key.
- But this has never been, I do not agree to this!

Stone, Verin faint moan. "She's ... she ... she ..."
I can not move, I can not think, I can not perceive. I'm paralyzed. I hear the rain. I can hear the rustle of their clothes. She kisses him. He kisses passionately. Tight, very tight against him. He takes her by the hips. He has a very big hands. It covers virtually all of her buttocks, and tight squeezes. Faith bends and breathes noisily without stopping to kiss him. It is very large, it stands on tiptoes, but barely gets his face. He continued to knead her hips ... What big his hands! What broad shoulders, large head, very dark short hair.

"I KNOW HIM!!" The picture is changing. I am 19 years old. I lean teenager. In front of me stands Vartan. The guy we once went to the same school. He is older than me by 2 or 3 years, and is much larger. We have rough with each other, it is pressure, I feel fear, anger and resentment. We argued because of the collision on the path that runs near my home. I thought, and ran at him. As the wall ran. It hurt me more than him, but he demands an apology! What a smart aleck! He insulted me in front of my friends, I'm ready to fight, but how? I have no chance, it is huge. I hurt my dignity, but I can not answer. I'm trying to bring the conflict to nothing, but it is a word for zlovom provoke an escalation. Suddenly, he says something very humiliating. I hold my breath, take a step back and pushing his fists in the chest. But no, I would rather repelled from the tree. He hit me in the chest. I can not resist. I'm on the ground, and it makes no sense to get up. His friends laugh, laugh out loud. All contemptuous look at me, I quietly snapped. They are going away...

... Vartan raises sundress Faith. Only a moment I see her thigh, arm Vartan, huge hands Vartan close them and start strongly, very strongly to knead, stretch to the side, with the power to compress. Vera moaning. "FAITH moans!" I am not aware of myself, cold and pain, unbearable pain handcuffed me. I will not be here, but I see and hear.

They are detached from each other, they say something standing in an embrace. It is a bottom-up looks at him and smiles. A show of hands Vartan pulls off her sundress over her head. She raises her arms and "falls" out of it with a laugh. It is with incredible ease picks her up and kisses.
Faith holds on to his thick neck and clung to him all over. It is in his hands, as in a cradle. Vartan suited to the sofa (we have a corner sofa bed, but it is complex) and just throws it down. Vera laughter falls on the sofa, Vartan is on it. It's huge. How it is huge.

Leaning to the Faith, he playfully takes her hips and in one motion rips her panties with her legs straightened. "She straightened them ... straightened.." What's going on? Where I am? This is a dream?
Vartan busily undressing, Vera is folded along the couch and biting her lip looking at him. Her eyes delight. Vartan is really huge. it is more naked than it! Shirt, pants, socks, underwear ... He had no clothes. "Voila" - hear my ears. Faith hangs from the sofa legs, Vartan approaching. His whole body is covered with a very black curly hair, dark skin, facial stubble. Between the legs hanging from slowly rising penis.

Here he came right up to the couch, and, oh! Faith already holds his cock in his hand ... She starts to move it ... ... leans over and takes it in her mouth.
"What's going on It's a dream Reality What am I doing here How did I get here Who's my belief they Why it happens How can this be what is happening??????????" - Cyclically pulsing in my head. I am like a dead man, lying on his side, and through the curtain look at it as my favorite, my dear girl holding in a mouth member. Alien member! A member of the human, which I hate! My whole body throbbing, he came upon a dead cold, I do not feel. I'm dead!

Naked, a huge fellow standing in front of my small, fragile and so innocent wife, and she was slowly moving his head stroked the head of his lips slowly hardening member. "They did not take a shower ..." - somehow flashed in my head. "She always takes a shower ... shower before what ?! Ah, before you make love to another!" The terrible pain in his chest. Complete paralysis.

Vera lowers his hand, is already a member of Vartan. He is short, but very thick. Oh, how fat he is! Vartan Vera takes his huge hands behind his head ... Ah! He starts moving his massive backside. No! Do not backwards. He moves his cock in the mouth of my wife! How can it be that in her little mouth is climbed? Vartan quiet moans. Faith does not move his head, she did not need to do that, he does everything himself. What is he doing? He moves a member in the mouth of my wife! It allows you to do it! It allows you to move a member in his mouth! And to whom it allows? Oh. . Pain.

Faith picks up his legs and kneels. Resting one hand in the edge of the couch she pushes another Vartan and he takes a step back, not lowering his head. Member of the falls ... She smiles, looking him in the eye! What she does? Pushes him a little more, cranes his neck, bends down a little ... Why? Why is she doing this? Vartan lowers his head and looking into her eyes, holding her hands nape inserts a member into her mouth. He presses it to the very nature pubis. O Lord! She craned her neck so that he could enter deeper!

To me back a piece of mind, I feel like my cheek drools, his throat completely paralyzed, I can not swallow it. I focus on how to swallow saliva ... Vera, bending the waist to the beat movement Vartan, makes strange noises. Her lips were severely strained, mouth open, cheeks inflated to the limit. Her face does not seem to themselves, it was not her face, is another ... another ... not my belief. Vartan smoothly but quickly moves backwards, until it stops sticking his penis into her mouth, then taking out almost to the end, insert again. It is seen as the swells of her throat. Unbearable! Her throat swells with each thrust. Sometimes he stops and takes full member, it breathes. .
The cold in my body slowly begins to replace the intense heat, it comes from my face and starts to flow in the neck. The unbearable heat, I can hardly breathe. "How long was it? These sounds are unbearable! I'm going to die?"

Suddenly Vartan repels faith. How rude he does it! Her red face, her wet and swollen lips. I've never seen her these lips! Quickly stooping, he pulls out a condom from the pocket of his pants and jerk tearing the package begins to dress him, he slips and falls. He picks it up off the floor! "God, he's dirty!" And he continues to wear it. "He's short dick! He fat cock! Why is it so dark? Why white head? That's why he was tan? How much skin on it? It's all in the folds!" Vera sits motionless and stares him in the face. "She never looks at me !!! She never made me a blowjob !!!" The attack of fever and pain.

Unceremoniously, ah, how unceremoniously he takes her hips and lifts. "Is it weightless?" Puts on the left, bent at the elbow. "As the towel!" and maintaining a chest with the other hand, puts it (he puts it) to his ass sticking out like a rock cock. Vera shudders all over, barely reaches for the back of the sofa with his hands and barely pulls, there are not even gets his knees up pillows. Vartan slowly begins to approach her to him, but then he stopped. They "hang" motionless. Then he again begins to approach her to him, she shudders again and he stops. Both are very deep and noisy breathing. Vartan makes a couple of steps forward and Faith rests on the sofa and gets his knees firmly on him. Vartan removes his hands and takes her hands over the inner thighs share, raising it now so that your knees and throws up to a horizontal position.
For my whole body there came the heat. Every cell in my body is impregnated with this heat, I can not breathe. It hurts the heart ... the whole chest hurts. Unbearable pain, I want to curl, but I can not.

Vartan, keeping faith in the air lingers clicks on it, but she shudders and groans. While they are stationary. She slowly begins to rotate her hips, arching his back to the limit. Vartan presses and a little closer to her. Legs! Veryny legs tremble, her buttocks periodically reduced, but it continues to rotate his hips. Slowly, slowly, making hissing breaths. Finally, her body shudders and Vartan slightly leans toward her. "He came!" - Blows my mind. A bright flash of light in the eyes and terrible nausea. Untold nausea, coming from all over the lower part of my body.

The flash goes off slowly, whistling in the ears, loud whistle. I can not hear the sounds of the surrounding world. "Where is the world?" Faith kneels strong legs apart and incredibly arching her back, her head and hands on the back of the sofa. Vartan holds her hips and slowly, very slowly draws her to him, she continues to rotate the booty. Slowly he wears it all the way and stops. Vera several times loudly inhales and shudders. He starts to push back your ass. We see how it is all served him, her lips are turned out and crawl on it, like rubber ... "God, he's very fat! How could he enter? How is this possible? It is not designed for this! It's too big! It is too small ! "

Slowly, his movements are beginning to accelerate. It's barely noticeable. Each input bit, a small fraction faster than the previous one. His cock all shiny dark moist sheen. His body, like a rock. It is like a child. They are not compatible, they are too different. He relentlessly accelerates. .
"Vera! Vera Hear me! Is that you !? What moves thee? Why do this to me." Tremors covers my body, nausea and so unbearable even stronger. Heat burns inside me. I swallow saliva ...
"Why Faith? Why is this happening? What have I not given you? Why you were never this to me? After all, I was ready to give you everything! The whole world and all of himself without reserve?". I can move. My body is weak. Very weak. I'm ready to pull out, but I can move. I have a fever. A terrible, uncontrollable. And the pain, it breaks my whole being. Slowly comes awareness. I'm going back into the body.
Faith begins to moan. Very loud, not the voice, whom she communicates with the world, is another, deep and rough voice. I have not heard him ever. "That's not it! This can not be it!" But she and her moan tearing me up inside. I can not bear it.
I get dropped from the reality.

What is it? Faith No: Vartan. He lies on the couch with his back to me. Leg! Veryna leg hanging off the couch. Again, he moves slowly. I do not see it under him. It's huge. Her second leg! She curled on the back! How does it fit under it? How flexible should have her body? It is seen as a couch served under their weight. He accelerated. Again her moan! He was even more rude and loud. He is already moving in a "normal" pace. Every 2 seconds per cutting heard: "Oo-oo-oo-mmm, with-with-a!" "Oo-oo-oo-mmm, with-with-a!" "Oo-oo-oo-mmm, with-with-a!".

"I have to, I can stop Slots my mind I strongly raise my head, she was so severe nausea covers my body cloudy eyes:!.!." "Oo-oo-uh-ah," "Oo-oo-m th-a "," Oo-oo-uh-ah "- Faith begins to scream as you exhale. I do not see it, where is my faith? She hugs his legs around the waist. How it manages this? His waist width to the corner of the sofa! "Yes!" - She shouts.

"All that I have strength and will all stop, I get up. Now I will arise. And what ...?" A strange feeling begins to envelop me. It is sharp and strong. It: is the fear !! "God, I'm afraid I'll get up to get up, and I say that in general we can say or do what I'm afraid of Vartan Yes, I am afraid of him, afraid of animals debilitating fear that I can.?????. I tell him? I'll kill you! I'll kill him! I'll kill you? How's that? Vsatnu, will pass them to the kitchen for a knife, come back and kill you? I can do it? no, no, no I can not do it. and do not Vartan I'm afraid. What can he do more? How did he cause me more pain than I already have? it's impossible! What do I fear? "

Vartan gets. Encircling his legs and hands on his penis "hangs" Faith. Her face devoid of every kind of humanity, it is an animal! He tightly squeezes her buttocks with his huge hands. He squeezes them. He is a strong movement "wears" her over. It is loud, too loud screams at every jolt. She was all red and wet with sweat on the back white stripes etched couch folds. Vartan begins to walk slowly around the room, turning the face and her booty to me, his dark and hairy backs.

"What am I afraid of? I have to admit that I'm afraid. I'm afraid ... contempt. This contempt. But do not look after they have me doing this? I can not look into her eyes, I could not tell her anything, I was just petrified with fear. I was petrified, I can not move, but because I'm afraid! "

He stopped near the back of the sofa opposite corner and froze. "Faith! Oh Faith! In you there is nothing human. Who do you like? What do you imagine of yourself now? What do you think and feel?" Slowly, he "took off" from its members and turning in the air like a toy, put on his stomach on the couch byltse. The head of his penis swelled up and became huge, it all throbbed and trembled. Veryny legs and ass were completely wet. She was like a doll exhausted and supple. As soon as he moved toward her, she obediently arched waist, she stuck her ass and lifting his right foot, put it on byltse.
I do not feel anything, I was completely destroyed and defeated. I was put to death by their own fear and pain.

Vartan, kneeling back quickly and strongly put it. She stiffened, but then he went limp. He took the byltse with both hands and began to rhythmically move backwards. There was the familiar "Oo-oo-uh-ah," "Oo-oo-uh-ah," "Oo-oo-uh-ah." Vartan increased pace. He moved quickly and dramatically, only a fraction of a second dwelling on the peak.
"Ah Vera? What are you doing? Who are you? Look, you're an animal. You lustful beast. I hate you! You are not worthy of contempt. What you allow to do with them? And I? I will, too good! I lie and look like my wife, the one that I love is a big guy. And I do not have the will to stand up. "

"A-Ah-xx", "a-a-a-xx", "a-a-a-xx" - could be heard from the room. Vartan, the machine holding byltse couch with great speed to insert and remove from the vagina of my wife and my hard thick cock. It is with such force was part of it, that her buttocks were compressed under the pressure of his body. Sofa began to creak. "A-ah," "A-ah," "A-ah," - louder and shorter shouted Vera.
"God, it's the neighbors hear," - flashed through my throbbing head.

Sofa began to knock on the wall and a very loud squeak. Faith beginning to squirm under the blows of Vartan. Her body is gripped cramp, then pulled a convulsion. "Plyam, plyam, plyam" - was heard a terrible sound limp and stretched Faith vagina. "A-A", "AA", "A-A" - sharply and loudly shouted with a grimace of animal my wife. She came. Ends violently, and as passionately as I had never seen. She was beaten terrible convulsions. His face was contorted grimace. And the cries merged into a single "A-ah-ah-ah." Vartan, had not uttered a sound began to growl like a beast. His strokes became less frequent, but so strong that I felt scared.

My whole body throbbing, mind refused to accept what was happening, the fear left me no hope to give themselves. But what is it? I could not believe it. It's unbelievable. Creepy shame pierced my body ... I was a member. He's not just standing there, he was so tense that it seemed to me that a little more and he just burst. It throbbed in the way of the heart beats, which runs through the whole body, it spoke treacherous excitement.

Vartan issued victorious roar, and fell to the floor near the prostrate Vera. Her limbs occasionally twitching legs flowed moisture. Send painful moments of complete silence. Vera got up first and walked unsteadily to Vartan. He reached out and pulled her to him. Long. they were moving painfully slow.

I turned and my eyes filled with tears at last. I just lay there, staring at nothing, and my cheeks generous stream flowed streams of my pain. The shame would not let me, my cock was still standing, and was so excited that I was afraid to touch him.

I did not see how they parted. But he had the courage to come up with a balcony only when he heard a knock on the front door and the sound of water in the shower.
I went out on the floor has been cleaned and nothing, absolutely nothing, could not stand apart from the pungent smell to say about what happened here. I stood for a few minutes in the middle of the room and felt the strength leave me, nausea, painfully pressed on his throat. I went to the front door and slammed it. The noise of the water in the shower immediately stopped.
- Who's there? - I heard her cheerful voice.
- I - hoarsely heard of my unbearably pulsating light.
- What are you doing up so early? - Anxiously asked Vera.
- Light at the plant there. We released.
- A - which was followed by an oppressive silence.
- I was poisoned, go to bed, I'm bad.
- Very bad? - Sympathetic tone said Faith - Well, lie down.

I make the bed and collapsed exhausted where so recently had my wife. My dear girl: Treacherously was firmly in his underpants: "I'll kill her, I'll kill him, I'll kill them: kill all: the whole world will blow up" - I cried. I was unspeakably lonely, and no one, absolutely no one could help me.

Sleep took me so quickly and was so deep that it seemed to me - I did not sleep at all, but simply opened the eyes of the alarm clock in the mobile phone. For a moment I could not remember what happened. The crack between the eyelids I saw Veryno face. This surprisingly fresh and indescribably beautiful.
- Baby, I'm so worried, even the doctor called from the next floor. You were all hot, you shook almost all day and all night. I'm just worn out.
Memories flooded powerful waves and returned heat and cold. They are simultaneously present in my body.
- I'm not going to work.
- Of course.

Finally I woke up in 10 days. No one at home. My family went to the country - I remembered. . To live is not wanted, I wanted to die right now. I could not help shivering and fever. My cock was still standing. I took him in hand and began tearfully to masturbate. Enough 10-15 motion and I exploded a powerful, even painful orgasm.

I came emptiness. It was deeper than anything I had experienced so far in my life. After lying for half an hour, I got up, smoked, and no breakfast sat at the computer. Aimlessly wandering in the Internet on pages that Yandex found the word "treason", I came across an article of a doctor of psychology, which stated: "The first thing is to take a person (especially if it is a male) survived infidelity close - to express everything, that it is, on this occasion, it is better to write, write in detail, re-living it is still better to read others, and they are living it with you, take away the pain other destructive jealousy can kill if not, then cause serious illness:.. "
In the absence of other recommendations, finishing his medical "story", which was required to write again to be there again to see it and experience it. I catch myself thinking that I can re-typing at high speed, and my body no longer throbs.
How to be further? To live or not? What to do with my wife, because I did still love? And the son?

Shame, fear, resentment, hatred, complete rejection of life is still strong in me and I feel like they destroy me: What to say to yourself to experience it? No posts yet:

Entirely yours, Netsilterpet.

P. S. I do not read that again, because you'll excuse egregious grammatical and syntax errors, possible gaps and meaninglessness. Forces to think not.
This is having an affair with Arthur a co-worker once and suddenly even without any initiative on his part. Alina took everything in her hands: figuratively and literally. First she met close to Arthur for another mini-party in their department. They worked together for a year and she was very fond of Arthur. Then they were a couple of times to see off home Aline when one such trek ones. storm, but nothing can be done.
Of course Arthur did not much relish the epic novel with the service, but he was seduced by the beauty of the girls. In his thirties, Alina looked great. Have not lost their elasticity bust third size, wide hips and not loose elastic ass. The temptation to have something, and Arthur was tempted ...

And in bed Alina proved skillful lover. Assuming that the first intercourse will lumpy, because of the high excited man, it just is not giving even really get naked in the hallway made Arthur blowjob. For even Arthur was a pleasant surprise that Alina immediately swallowed quite hearty seed. Then they finally moved into the bedroom and continued their sexual intercourse.

The bed discipline Alina Arthur immediately showed all his skill. The abundance of poses and caresses battled man on the spot and made him show all his skill. For an hour, they practiced in bed while Arthur with delight not poured out in the body of his new mistress. Wet and tired, they collapsed on the bed.

Arthur was pleased with skill his mistress and their relationship continued to mutual satisfaction. Naturally, Arthur could not forget about his legitimate wife. Gulnara, was a descendant of the Tatar blood. Colorful, small in stature, but with chiseled figure. Gulnara forms were not as voluminous as Alina, but her temperament was about the same. A man had to work on two fronts, but it is not at all bothered. Health enough, and adventure on the side only ignites the passion of the spouses. Naturally, Gulnara did not know anything about the novel Arthur.

This went on for several weeks and has become a novel approach to its logical end. Alina began to notice that Arthur became increasingly evade her offer. Visit her apartment. Affair tired of Arthur and he began to slowly move away from the mistress. Intuition Alina worked immediately. In one of the already rare evenings with Arthur, she suddenly said:
- Dear, sell me your wife!
Arthur immediately pulled away from the cat lover and stared at Alina.
- Well, I mean fun. Let's imagine that she is my slave, and belongs to me. I will lead you through his slave, you will fuck her like I want to, and so on ...
- I wonder how you see it?
- You close your eyes, lick me, and I am now pofantaziruet ...

While Arthur licking pussy Alina, she piled the whole sexual fantasy. Whether it's Gulnara is now a bed and looks like he licks her pussy. Then she begins to masturbate, and Alina puts her fingers in and fucks his slave, well, so on. To the surprise of Arthur, it is strongly excited. Member stood like a stone, and he immediately let him in turn.

But Alina has not calmed down and continued their fantasies. Now Gulnara settled between the legs of copulating and tries to lick eggs Arthur sticks his finger in the ass Aline and moves in her pussy huge phallus. Fantasy whetted both lovers to the limit, and they quickly finished almost simultaneously. Alinin move was right and extraordinary. Arthur liked the idea. They continued their fantasies, and they led them to another act. On shaky legs, Arthur came home later than usual, referring to Abraham at work.

Now they indulged in such fantasies every time alone met. Alina tying his eyes, he lays on the bed and with a loud voice commanded, and Arthur, portraying his wife, played her orders. Then they changed places. Arthur strong winds that his mistress

For a long time after midnight but partying prodolzhalas.Ya tired and decided a little otdohnut.V one of the distant rooms I encountered an elderly man who is not znala.On appraised at me that I was a little razozlilo.Ya wanted to go further, but the man took me gently hand and silently pulled sebya.Neznayu, what happened to me but I resisted emu.On downcast eyes gently stroked my hair going to sheyu.Zatem his hand fell on my chest and started to knead my grud.Ya stood and did not know what doing what was happening, but I really wanted to, so he took me vsyu.Prizhav me against the wall, he dropped to his knees and put his hands on my lower kolen.Ruki Medley and gently crawled on verh.Vot he lifted my skirt and bared my thighs. I stood in silence and enjoyed while, at the same time there was fear that the koto enters the room and we zastukayut.On pressed his lips to her panties and gently kissing through panties kisku.Ego my hands tied up with my panties, and then he pressed his lips to my wet kiske.On started sucking and licking my clit, to which I replied with light moans and movements beder.V kakieto moments I sinking into oblivion and returned back after orgasm, but tighter I took away the power of enjoying the next orgazm.V some point I felt the, that slides down the wall to the bottom, no one kept me and my legs did not want me derzhat.Prisev I woke up and my face, I saw a man rastgival shirinku.Ya instinctively opened her mouth and took his penis in rot.Chlen was small and I poglatila it all my rotikom.Ya sucked it with gusto until izchez brackish vkus.Posle which I myself got up, walked to the window and leaned in pert lifted her skirt exposing my chubby zad.Muzhik approached and pointed his cock at the entrance to the pussy took me hands for very worn popu.Ya on his cock while getting huge udavolstvie.Kak only his cock plunged into me, we both froze on sekundu.Zatem he began the slow movement accelerating temp.I now in a short time, he stiffened and stopped. The groan he poured semen into me. We stood motionless kakoeto time and hard dysha.No then heard a conversation in the next komnate.Muzhik quickly has disappeared from the room and I went to look for Medley vannuyu.Ya was and was happy, but in Lyashkov flowed sperma.Utrom came home and filled up my husband at once krovat.On was udevln I passionately fucked him.

I told him that his daughter is ready and he can take it in the garden. He quietly closed the door and came up to my mind mne.U ran, well, here now will stick again. I went to brush his teeth, pretending not to notice his words as I am beautiful and he never except in the movies have not seen takogo.On pressed me all over and began to touch me first for the breasts and then on the ass, lifted her skirt, he felt stockings and when touched the bare ass, he walked away from me and lifted her skirt to her waist.
I wanted to drop her skirt, but he grabbed my arm and said he wanted to look at menya.Zatem he told me to continue brushing his teeth and leaned over umyvalnikom.Ya did what he continued to clean hotel.Naklonivshis zuby.On approached began to paw my ass, feet and kisku.Ya stood and waited until everything is over, I knew that I did not get rid of him in this moment.On leaned over and started kissing the ass with something shepcha.Ya spread her legs in the hope that he will lick me pussy, but he spent a couple of times on the tongue pussy, stood up and joined up with zadu.Povodiv member on the ass, he instructed him to my pussy and immediately thrust his cock into me the entire depth.
His large head of the penis penetrated me in the womb and uprlas.Menya broken the wave of excitement and I loudly and languidly prostonala.Rafa stabbed in the ass his strong fingers and began to pull me to his chlen.On tried as far as possible plunge it into me the fact vzeraya that I was hurt, but the pain was enjoyable, I'm a couple of minutes more and continued louder stonala.Tak, but it seemed to me an eternity, the higher a couple of minutes of pleasure
But unfortunately everything was once Rafa ends and pulled me on his dick until the end zamer.V this point, he groaned and his hot cum hit me on the wall of the uterus, I caved in and collapsed on udavolstvie on umyvalnik.V head all turned and spun one thought, why so quickly finished, I did not even have time for him, but it was enough to knock him down exhausted on minutku.Rafa pulled out his penis and closing the door went out of vannoy.Ya remained standing cancer with a toothbrush in his mouth and ass naked.
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